Tales in Taboo: Code 432

Story by minatek616 on SoFurry

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This is a short that features Officer Helena Pinscher and her partner Officer Colleen Heartstone responding to the call.

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It's been another boring night shift so far, even with Colleen riding along. You glance over at the beautiful collie anthromorph as she shifts restlessly in the passenger seat of your battered old squad car. She has a fine long coat with a balance of near white tan and brown. Her fluffy ears droop a bit as she fidgets. Her hands are over her navy blue miniskirt so you can guess what her problem is. You drive slowly down the dark city streets, watching her long firm legs rub against each other before she groans, "Oh, pull over Pinchy, I need some action."

Your name is Helena Pinscher, Officer Helena Pinscher, but Colleen doesn't seem to care for titles, or names. You sigh and slow the car down along the curb before you stop and address her. "Colleen, my name is not Pinchy." You stare at your hands gripping the wheel. You're not in the best of moods today, and this is not helping. "Oh come on, its cute." she bubbles. "Besides, I really need your help with this."

You turn to her abruptly, "With what?" She is smiling innocently, her skirt pulled up as she waves her fully aroused canine cock back and forth at you. You sigh again, "Again?" "Please Hells, you know how I get around you," she whines pitifully. "Uh, what do I have to do with that?" you toss back, pointing your nose at her red tapered dick. Officer Colleen Heartstone is a hermaphrodite, like yourself; as such you both tend to get horny easily, and often. "Ugh, this is mostly your fault!" she complains waving her cock around more frantically. "My fault?!" "Yes! The way you strut around in that tight little miniskirt, with those firm smooth legs." Her register changes from annoyed to suddenly lusty,"Ooo and that authoritative uniform shirt with the top buttons undone, showing off those..." she breathes in heavily, stroking herself, "Luscious melons." Her voice changes again to annoyance, "You really get a girl all hot and bothered you know?"

You sigh a third time, "Ok ok, for that you get five minutes." Colleen bounces with glee and puts the back of her seat down a bit to recline. You unbuckle your seat belt and lean over to her crotch. You take a moment to breath in her musk, strong and wonderfully heady. With one hand you reach under her throbbing erection and massage her moist nether lips, the fur around them is the pale tan of her face surrounded by the darker brown of her thighs. Using just your tongue, you grab hold of Colleens cock and pull it into your mouth. She is delightfully warm and a little salty. With your other hand you reach down and stroke your own growing erection.

The moment your lips wrap around her shaft, Colleen moans her appreciation. And you feel one of her hands gently come to rest on your back, the other on the back of your head. You take her straight back, sucking a little along her veiny endowment. Taking her about three fourths of the way, you pull back and start to build a rhythm. Colleen moans gratefully and tries to thrust deeper, her butt leaving the seat, but you pull back. "Oh yeah, that's it Hells." She moans and you feel the hand on the back of your head get heavier. "Just like that, mmmm." You run your tongue along her length, lathering her with saliva while your press your fingers along the outside of her moist lower lips.

You stroke yourself to full mast just as Colleen cries out, "Oh, shit, a 432, Hells get you lips off my cock, we gotta go!" She slips free from you with a wet pop as she scrambles to get out of the car. "A what?" you've never heard of a 432, but Colleen's urgency is real. She doesn't respond to you as she slips out the car. You right yourself looking around and find no sign of activity down either end of the dead street. Colleen disappears around a corner down an alley, and know you can't let her go alone. "God damn it." You grumble, swiftly concealing your erection as you clamber out the car. You look up and down the empty street once more and then follow after your partner.

Already well after sundown, the shadows of the buildings conceal the alley in near pitch blackness, made all the more foreboding by the silence. "Heart!" you call in a harsh whisper as you make your way cautiously down the alley, cold concrete on your bare feet sends shiver up your spine. "Heart! Answer me! What the hell is a 432?" Suddenly you're pushed from the side and your back slams against the cold brick wall behind you. Colleen is in your face smiling wickedly. You snap your jaws at her as a matter of course and she steps back, "Calm down Officer Pinchy." And you can practically taste the lust in her tone. "A 432 is an officer in need of a rough butt fucking."

Before you can respond, she drops to her knees and pulls free your barely concealed canine prick. "Colleen, what are you doing?!" She looks up at you, her emerald eyes glittering in what little light there is as she takes you into her mouth. You moan, suddenly not caring about much, as her soft lips roll down your length, bringing your cock into her wonderfully warm, slick maw. She takes you straight back, keeping you a safe distance from her teeth. You start to pull back, but she grabs your butt with both hands and keeps you steady as she takes you all the way to the back of her throat. You look down at her in surprise and she winks up at you just before she starts to gag.

She coughs a bit and you try to pull back again, feeling your tip getting lathered with delightfully warm thick saliva, but she squeezes your butt cheeks hard and keeps you in place. Her eyes get watery and you can see her straining as she coughs around you but she refuses to let you go. Just as some spit bubbles up from her nose, she coughs you up, thick clear gooey strands connecting you to her mouth. It feels too amazing to stop and with both hands on the back of her head, you ram yourself back into her gagging mouth. She doesn't fight it, even encouraging it as much as she can. You can feel more of her wonderful spit spurting up from deep inside her and you give her another brief break when she starts making more gagging noises.

Petting her head, you call her a good girl as you ram yourself into her again. You thrust with your hips and pull with your hands, feeling her wet nose on the base of your crotch again and again. Collen's hands fall away from your ass and push on your hips trying to break away. You're tempted to keep going and empty yourself into her stomach right there but you let her go. She falls back, coughing hoarsely and spitting up thick saliva, tears in her eyes. "Ugh, uh huh, ok... ok..." she stammers, trying to clear her throat. Taking a few deep breathes, she turn and walks to the other side of the alley.

You pursue her in irritation, about to make her finish what she started, when she puts both hands on the other wall and sticks out her ass, "Now fuck me like a bitch," she rasps, her long flowing tail lifting to reveal her damp nether lips and fantastically fine butt. At some point she hiked up her skirt and you can also see her fully erect cock dangling between her legs. Needing no further encouragement, you get behind the slut in heat and angle your thickly slickened cock to her tail hole. With no preamble you shove your entire length in to her.

She clenches about half way, unable to stay relaxed, crying, "UhhhhHHHHHH!!!" But you cram yourself in until her warm furry cheeks meet your hips. "That's it, take it all you slut." You growl into her ear, as she clenches hard around you base. "Ah fuck yes," she gasps, her hot soft inners massaging your length. Colleen's wonderful job lubricating your length makes it too easy to pull free of her despite the tight hold she has one you. Her sphincter wrings your cock almost painfully, making it feel like it's about to burst, before you cram it back into her hard. Her body tenses from the pressure, her face flattening on the concrete wall and you can see her grit her teeth against the pain.

You pull back and slam home again and she cries out, "AH! Fuck!" You leave yourself in her for a moment, letting her get used to you as you lick the mostly gag induced tears from her cheek. "You like being a bitch?" you growl into her ear and then kiss her hard. The angle is bad but you still manage to force your tongue into her mouth. You pull back and ask, "How do you always manage to taste so good?" She looks back at you with one eye but before she can respond you ram yourself into her again, causing her to wince and gasp.

She tries to reach down to her cock with one hand but you catch it and pin it to her stomach, she tries again and you get that one too. Now with no support, her cheek is repeatedly mashed against the wall as you pound her ass faster and faster, the tight ring of her anus, giving way under the intense battering. "Ah, ah, ah, AH, AHH, AHHH!" she cries as you pick up speed, her ass slapping against you. "Take it, take it you bitch!" you snarl sending your first shots of cum into her as your knot begins to swell. It forces her wider and wider with each thrust, spurts of cum dripping from her ass.

She screams as you ram your swelling knot past her battered o ring again and again, "Knot me! Knot me!!" With one last thrust you stretch her wide one more time before hugging her close and kissing her. You dump semen deep into her bowels as you knot plugs her completely. You feel as well as hear her cum against the wall, the ricocheting drops of warm batter sprinkling your hands at her tummy. She moans into your mouth as you fill her and suck her tongue. Once you're spent you grab her cock and jerk, feeling a few more spurts get free.

You're both breathing hard and Colleen snuggles back against you, wrapping her arms back and pressing your butt close to her. You stand there for a while huffing and tied. You lean on her, your legs weak and she falls to her knees, tugging painfully on your cock. You follow her down as necessity demands and rest you head on her shoulder as she rests hers on the cum dripping wall, both too exhausted to move. "I'm liking this code 432." You huff. "I thought you might," she smiles back. Just then the car radio goes off.

"Calling all available units, calling all available units," the radio squawks. "Oh fuck me hard," Colleen growls in irritation. "Done," you breath on her cheek. She smiles back, "We're going to need to respond to that." "Yup." You return, making the enormous effort of trying to rise on your nearly numb legs while not yanking too hard on Colleen's ass. She winces anyway, "Easy, easy, just take it slow." You both manage to stand and turn awkwardly toward the car. "Right foot left foot." She calls to you. "Yeah." Walking in sync, her anus still tied to your knot, she pears up and down the street, "Clear."

You make your way to the car and she answers the radio, saying you're on your way. She looks back at you, "Are you planning to let me off any time soon?" "Nope," you reply, "Probably still have a few minutes at least." She rolls her eyes and you both get into the driver's seat. She sits on your lap and crouches low so her head doesn't hit the roof. You've had to do this a few times before. And after a few moments of adjusting, you take off, sirens and lights ablaze.

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