Tales in Taboo: Jenna and Gilly

Story by minatek616 on SoFurry

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This is another little story from the wild wonderland of Taboo. In this one I have the reader in playing the part of a female red fox who's about to discover there is more to her dear friend than she thought.

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After a long day of foraging, you (a female red fox anthro) and Gilly, your mare antho friend, cool off in a fresh mountain waterfall. Gilly is noticeably taller than you, even though you're the same age. And though your people aren't enemies, they aren't really friends either, but the two of you have shared an easy relationship for many years. Even with you tending to be more playful, while she, a bit more reserved. As you rose in years, you've noticed Gilly becoming more so and have yet to understand why.

Having the responsibility of gathering in the mountains, you both tend to find each other whenever possible and spend the day foraging for nuts, berries, fruits, and edible grasses for your respective families. As the day nears its end, you then tend to bathe together at your secret little spot under the small waterfall, much as the two of you are now.

Gilly, having been always the modest one, has her back to you as she washes the day off. Looking over at where she stands, you take in her tall, strong, but still very feminine body. You know males have shown interest in her, though you've never seen or heard of her showing any back. As you look at her vulnerable back side, a rather devious thought creeps into your head and you smile wickedly at your unsuspecting friend. You creep up on the chocolate colored mare from behind as she runs her long slender fingers through her lush silver mane, head cocked to one side. Your approach is completely drowned out by the falling water making it a complete shock to Gilly when you reach around her waist with both hands. Intending to hug her, you instead grasp on something thick, solid, and cylindrical just in front of her.

She jumps at the touch and what sounds like the beginning of a high pitched yelp catches in her throat. She slips on the round stoned bottom of the shallow stream the fall feeds into and you both go down with a splash. You manage to let go as you fall and end up at Gilly's side, while she's fallen square on her butt. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," you blurt half choking on your own laughter. Gilly is completely frozen. You put a hand on your friend's shoulder, "I'm sorry Gilly, are you ok?" you get out still giggling. Then your eyes catch something near Gilly's groin and you peer at it in wonder. A massive chocolate colored equine penis, flaring and fully erect juts up from your friend's crotch like a tilted flag pole. Your mouth drops open.

Recovering from her initial shock, Gilly looks to you and sees you've already seen it. She turns away from you lifting a thigh to cover herself and pleads, "Oh god, don't look!" Mesmerized by what you saw, you try to climb over your friend for another look gasping, "G-Gilly, what..." "No stop!" she cries, curling into a ball. You stop and fall back onto you bottom in the shallow water, "I'm sorry, I... I..." you trail off, unable to find words. You've heard of hermaphrodites before but have never seen, or at least knowingly never seen, one before. Gilly stays curled in her ball and you start to hear her sob. You place what you hope is a comforting hand over her arm, "Gilly, I'm so sorry, I didn't..." "I didn't want you to find out this way." The mare blurts through her tears, "But you're just so, and... and I got so..."

You cock an eyebrow at this, made uncertain by her words. But then it starts to make sense. She's always been so reserved, always so careful to face away whenever you bathed. You did catch her looking at you more than a few times but never thought anything of it; after all you watched her plenty too, and now this massive erection. You knew you had some charms, several young men have shown interest, but never did you even think that Gilly would... You blush, the train of thought going somewhere new and interesting. You try to dismiss it but curiosity has always had a strong influence over you. Slowly you run your hand up and down Gilly's slightly spasming arm and her sobbing begins to quiet.

Next you lean in and kiss her on the shoulder, slowly and gently. Gilly look over at you confused, tears still glittering in her blue eyes. You smile at her and ever so slowly lean over the larger woman. She doesn't move and her right thigh covers most of her impressive cock, though the flaring head is still visible. You place your hand over her firm butt giving her a reassuring look and move your hand along her thigh to her bent knee. Gently you push on it and Gilly slowly moves her leg, bringing her incredible endowment into full view. You can't help it when you blurt, "Wow." Gilly turns away and tries to cover herself again but you keep pressure on her leg and she stops.

Her cock is nearly two feet long, far larger than any of the few you've ever seen. She could probably suck on it herself if she... You stop THAT train of thought... but save it for later. You reach for it now and Gilly cries, "No, don't!" Freezing, you coo to the larger woman, "It's all right, Gilly, I would never hurt you, you know that." She quiets, watching your hand carefully as it approaches her massive growth. You touch it, just with your fingertips, and she stiffens, taking in a sharp breath. "Shhshhshshshhh, its alright." you whisper to her as you move along its veiny length. Heat radiates from its surprisingly hard surface, and you're not sure, but you feel like you can feel Gilly's racing heart beat through it. "You have a really big cock." you declare without thinking. Looking at it she sniffles, "No shit." And you both start to laugh a little.

A bit more relaxed now, she lets you place your entire hand one it and you know you'd need both just to barely reach around her girth. Just thinking of holding it is making you incredibly aroused and you gently put some pressure on Gilly's leg until she lifts it away, revealing her genitals in their entirety. She has no testicles and her massive cock seems to have grown right about where her clitoris would be. A rather lovely pair of chocolate nether lips glistens directly below the base of her sheath. You're look at her groin in amazement and wonder when you feel Gilly kiss you on your neck, just a peck really. Your eyes go even wider and she watches shyly for your reaction.

A flood of unknown feelings washes over you and you're not sure what to do with them all. Gilly has been your friend for many years, you love her but have never considered being IN love with her. Then you look down at the mare and her flowing silver mane, glittering sapphire eyes, obvious affection, long slender but strong limbs, full large breasts both tipped with erect dark chocolate nipples, untouched nether lips, a sliver of unblemished pink peaking from them, and of course, her massive cock standing patiently erect just for you. All in all she is very beautiful, sexy even. You think of your own body's reaction to her, your nipples stiff, your nether region tingling, warm, and wetting by the moment. A strong thought smashes through the chaos screaming, you want it, she wants it, just do it!

Mind made, you look into her eyes and begin jerking her off with one hand. She gasps, reaching for your stroking hand but you grab her wrist with your other and hold her still, smiling warmly. Her eyes look to you and then her cock and you lean in, kissing her on her cheek. She looks back in surprise and then leans in and you kiss each other's lips for the very first time. It's gentle and sweet, lasting only a second, but far from the last. After the first you both seem ravenous for more and you eagerly press into her mouth still stroking her incredible shaft. She places her left hand on the back of your head and pulls you in closer and you taste her tongue as it reaches into your mouth. She's wonderfully sweet, gentle, and moist. You let your tongue dance with hers, feeling the warm soft width rolling about across your teeth and gum line.

She stops suddenly, pulling her mouth away as she groans. You feel her cock jerk under your hand. You pull away certain you've done something wrong, "Are you alright? Did that hurt?" You notice a thick semitransparent glob of ooze now slowly rolling down her chest from a spot between her ample breasts, a thinning web still attaching it to her flared head. It smells strong though not offensively so. "Oh no," Gilly moans, "That was wonderful. Do it again." You smirk at your friend and grasp her cock, but hesitate for a moment before shoving her erection aside. She looks down at you and gasps as you lick the descending glob of precum off her belly. It's salty, but not terribly so, warm, and very very thick.

Gilly looks at you one part shock and one part amazement. "Not bad," you tell her, "you should try some." You lap up the rest of the salty deposit and stick your tongue out to Gilly. Hesitantly she licks it off your tongue. After tasting herself she gibes, "You're weird." You mock offense and wave her cock a bit, "You have a dick as thick as my arm and I'm weird?" You smile at her and you both resume kissing. But you break it off almost instantly and blurt, "Oh! I have an idea!" She looks at you quizzically and you tell her to lay back. She hesitates then does so, lying in the shallow running water. Her dark tear drop ears pointing forward to avoid going under.

You push her knees down flat and she tries to rise, but you gently place a hand on her shoulder and she lowers back down slowly, cocking an eyebrow. Once she is flat in the slowly running water, you lift your right leg wide over her thighs and straddle her, your knees and feet in the water at her sides. She looks to you uncertainly, her silver mane flowing up over her head as the current takes it. "Just relax. I'll take care of everything." You coo to her as you lean down, letting her erect cock brush up and rest between your breasts, her wide flare blossoming just over them.

You don't tell her how hot and wet you're getting as you press your breasts around her length and begin massaging them together. Gilly's mouth parts as she watches you in astonishment and pleasure. She steadily relaxes, losing herself in bliss as you rub your soft wet breasts over her warm hard cock. You move your chest up and down, just under her flare, enjoying the look on your friend's face. At the same time you rub your moist labia along the base of her shaft, letting her girth part you just a bit, a delightful tingle running up through your body.

The warmth and pressure of her rubbing against your engorged clitoris is making it hard to stay focused on your task. It surprises you when you feel Gilly tense and another glob of precum forms on her flared head. You look at its milky surface for a moment before licking it up, but don't let it enter your mouth. Instead you let it drip off your tongue into the space between her cock and your breasts. Gilly watches you do this and rolls her eyes as you smile fiendishly back at her. You feel the warmth of her goo slowly making its way down your chest as you continue to breast fuck your equine companion.

Your nethers beg for more stimulation and you begin moving your hips more aggressively against Gilly's large shaft. She notices and watches you losing your hold on her cock with your breasts as your wet lips slowly climb the base of her penis. Gilly's cock angles more acutely with her body as you rapidly rub your groin against it, her veiny hard dick providing a delightful tickling sensation along your sensitive labia. She tentatively reaches up for your breasts but before she can cup them, her hands drop back down to her stomach, so you grab them both and mash them against your chest forcing her to fondle you for a moment before she begins to do so herself, and eagerly. You aren't aware, but as you climb her cock, causing it to angle nearly parallel to her, your tongue is hanging out of your mouth as you pant.

The hands groping your breasts are gentle yet enthusiastic, as if she had been wanting to feel them for some time. You relish the wondrous sensation as she glides her fingers over your erect nipples, a feeling like lazy currents of electricity flowing into and all throughout your body. At the same time, you unconsciously clench your ass as you rub your lower lips as fast as you can along her thick sturdy pole, your natural lubrication slickening you both though you can still feel the delicious heat building from the friction between you. Your sensitive clitoris rubbing over each vein on Gilly's amazing cock is carrying you closer and closer to orgasm.

You want to grab her large heaving breasts but your shorter arms aren't able to reach her as long as she is fondling you, so you settle for latching onto her forearms as you hit your first climax. A thrilling hot shutter flows through your entire body causing muscles to flex of their own accord and you feel yourself releasing your feminine nectar all over Gilly's cock as you continue to rub yourself against her. You don't realize you're moaning loudly as you cum, your legs squeezing around your larger lover's hips.

She watches you, her mouth open in an expression somewhere between pain and pleasure. She suddenly squeezes your breasts, not hard enough to hurt, but plenty noticeable. At the same time she tenses under you and you feel her massive cock expand. You look down at it just in time to see a thick white rope fly out of her urethra and splatter hard all over the bottom of her chin. You mouth falls open in a strange burst of joy as her own cum plasters her face so hard it ricochets off and sprays you in wet warmth. Her cock pulses under you again as another thick long stream of pent up love geysers free. She lets go of your breasts and tries to block the shot with her hands and the splash back is even more intense as it coats you along with her palms, stomach, and breasts.

The intense pulsing in her cock sends you over again, your body flexing all over with a mind fogging tingling warmth before you suddenly feel very weak and tired. Gilly is still firing powerful shots as you fall forward atop her chest. You purposely place your face in the next blast's path and delight as the viscous warm liquid coats your neck, muzzle and cheeks. Gilly moves her hands to watch what you're doing and manages to get some splashed on her face. You laugh at her and take the next in your mouth, tasting your friend's salty yet somewhat sweet seed. You swallow it and feel the thick liquid coat your throat and warm your belly.

Gilly tapers off, her next few shots only hitting her chest and stomach. She lays back her head in the slowly moving water breathing hard. You feel the wonderful fatigue of orgasmic bliss slowing your thoughts and body as well and snuggle right between Gilly's large cum coated breasts. She is very warm and soft. Her legs are parted and you put yours in between hers, and smile, feeling how wet her vagina had become on your thigh. She rubs her thighs against yours in smooth gentle motions. You grab hold of one of her arms and lay it over your shoulder like a blanket. Gilly puts her other arm around you too and you both lay in the slow stream under the waterfall enjoying the company of an old friend, with new benefits.

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