An unexpected twist.

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#6 of Friends to lovers.

I had the day off today so chances are the other stories will get a new part. Anyway enjoy this one and have a good day y'all!

It had been a few days since Belle had been attacked at the school library. She had been given two or three weeks to recover and heal from the attack, the school and most of the students sending her cards and flowers. Even with being sore and becoming a bit more fearful of being alone Belle kept up with her school work even finishing the last of the project she and Andy had to get done. Andy had been the one to give the presentation at the class when it was time but wouldn't know the grade until later on. Andy ignored Selene as much as he possibly could. With Belle being out of school Selene seemed overly happy about it, almost always following Andy from a distance or walking beside him and trying to talk to him only to be given the cold shoulder. The boys that had attacked Belle were arrested later on the night of the attack, the Doberman and Tiger claimed they had no idea what the cops were talking about but it was all thrown out the window when the husky told them everything starting with the video that had been sent to them that weekend up until the end of the attack.

That evening even Andy came home from school he leaned against the front door with a heavy sigh coming from him. He looked to see his mom stepping out of the kitchen, smiling softly to him. Andy was glad she had taken time off work to keep Belle safe during the day. Andy smiled to her as he moved to her, hugging her softly for a moment while she gently pet his head. "Belle is asleep in bed. Go ahead and get your homework done. I will get some dinner started after I get back from the store." Andy nodded after she kissed his forehead before grabbing her purse then heading out the door. Andy went into the kitchen getting started on his homework after grabbing a can of drink and getting his books out. As he sat there working in silence his phone buzzed several times with messages. Andy ignored it until he was done. He put his homework and books back into his backpack before grabbing his phone and unlocking it to look at the messages. All of them were from Selene. He had made it a point to let her know more then once to leave him alone. Selene had sent several nudes to him as well as a video of her playing with a vibrator. Andy growled but began saving the texts and video to use against her if he needed it. He turned his phone off, put it on the charger before heading upstairs to his room.

When he walked into the room Belle shifted in the bed with a soft groan coming from her. Andy kicked his shoes off and climbed into the bed with her, gently wrapping his arms around her and holding her against him while licking the back of one ear gently to make her murr softly. Belle woke up a few minutes later and turned her head to look at him over her shoulder with a small smile on her face. Andy smiled back and nuzzled his nose against hers before kissing her softly then laying his head against hers as she relaxed once more. Andy gently hugged her a bit more and closed his eyes thinking of what to do about Selene and wondering who had taken that video of the two on the roof.

That night when his mother returned from the store and fixed dinner Andy gently woke Belle and walked with her downstairs to the kitchen. Belle was still sore from the claw marks left by the tiger and sat slowly beside of Andy while his mother handed her a plate of food. Belle smiled a bit and thanked her softly before she began eating slowly. Andy was eating after getting his own plate and watching his mother join them as she spoke softly. " I have to take Belle back to the hospital in the morning so they can check her over and make sure she is healing alright. Do you want to skip school tomorrow to come with us or no?" Andy looked to her with a small smile before looking to Belle who was just eating in silence like she was trying to forget what happened. Andy looked back to his mother and nodded some. " Yeah...I can call my teachers in the morning and let them know why I won't be in class." his mother nodded some and began to eat her own food.

The rest of the evening went well for the two. Andy helped with the dishes while Belle was working on her own school work and listening to the little bits of banter between him and his mother. When Belle was done she slowly stood which made Andy stop and look to her and watch her head back upstairs. He helped finish cleaning up before going to his room and looking at Belle as she laid back down on her side. She looked to him and gave a small smile. "Medicine still making you sleepy?" Belle nodded as he moved to lay down with her, reaching over to gently pet her ears and down along her neck, massaging gently to make her murr and relax until she fell asleep.

The next morning Andy got up with Belle, calling his teachers and leaving a message that he wasn't going to be in class that day. He then took a shower with Belle, helping her get cleaned off and being as gentle as he could like he was afraid he would cause her more pain. Belle stood there wondering how the hell she got lucky to be with him and smiled as she looked at him before he nuzzled his head against hers, holding her gently for a few minutes before he got himself cleaned up and helped get her dried off afterwards. When the two were dressed they left the house with his mother, heading to the hospital with Belle yawning in the backseat.

Once they got to the hospital Andy walked Belle inside while his mother parked the car before joining them inside. Andy sat outside the examination room on the nurses request while his mother remained inside with Belle. Andy leaned back in his seat with a yawn coming from him and his eyes closed. When he opened them he looked across from him to see Selene sitting across from him. Andy folded his ears back and growled softly as Selene grinned to him a bit before standing and moving to sit down beside him. "What are you doing here Selene? I told you to stay away from me." Selene rolled her eyes as she leaned back in her seat, crossing her legs and toying with her nails as she spoke softly. "I had to drive my dad here for a few tests...And we both know you want to be with me your just to hesitant to realize it and admit to it." Andy growled, realizing this feline was nuts as he stood up to get away from her when his mother grabbed his shoulder and pulled him into the room, closing the door while Selene let out a huff of annoyance.

Andy let out a sigh of relief when he looked at his mother who smiled to him and motioned to Belle who was getting the last of her clothing back on and oddly enough she was blushing brightly. His mother left the room, standing there with the door cracked and listening while Andy moved to Belle and looked at her with worry. Belle looked to him and smiled a bit before she took one of his hands into hers. "My wounds are fine Andy but uh...they done a test on me..." Andy stood his ears up and gave her a confused look as his head tilted to the side, his confused look rather cute that it made her giggle which caused him to smile for a moment until her next words hit him. "Andy...I'm pregnant."

Becoming his pet.

Dean stood his ears up and stared at Celeste who was still straddling his lap with a bright blush and small grin on her face. The wolf was floored by what she had said to him and couldn't hide nor deny the fact he was hard as a rock now. He blinked...

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There is no safe place.

A few days passed since Crystal had gone into heat at work. They made up for the missed day of work by going over time which Crystal didn't seem to mind and she seemed to enjoy having an actual job. She was sitting in the break room at the store...

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Can't hide forever.

Crystal shifted a bit in the bed with a soft sigh coming from her. It had been a few days since coming to the cabin with Jason and Bonnie was sending them updates on Dale flipping out and demanding that she be found. Crystal didn't pay attention....

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