Labor Day Work

Story by Grizzled Bear on SoFurry

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Everyone loves a monday holiday, it's a time to sleep in and enjoy the day. You can look at the clock and think "I'm not at work" with a grin. could spend that day catching up on other labors you might miss throughout the week

Hello all! Been quite a while I know! So, I'll say more at some other point but for now, here's a little story I thought would be nice for the holiday!

"So, whatcha going to do today?" a smooth voice asked in Bruce's ear, warm air caressing over him compared to the chill of the bedroom.

"Guess I'll just thing to do for a long weekend" he replied. The cougar must have noticed Bruce steering just a little to have decided to go ahead and wake him up. Glancing over at the clock he couldn't help but let a sense of warmth flood through him at still being in the bed at a cozy ten in the morning. He never got to sleep in. But it was the blessed Labor Day and the company had closed for the day.

"Hrmmm, that sounds nice," Seth hummed, hugging up next to the bruin and nuzzling into his thick muscled shoulder. The grizzly wrapped an arm around him and pulled him close, the result being a purring feline staring down at the bear. He rubbed himself over the larger male--though not much larger than himself. The bear never forgot to mention how glad he was that he'd met the cougar at the gym, nabbing one of the more buff cats in the city. Still, that didn't make Seth less envious of the bruin's natural size.

Bruce leaned up and planted a quick good-morning-kiss on his lover's lips, letting it grow for a few seconds before pulling back and smiling at him, "I guess you know what a late morning can mean,"

Seth smirked and rubbed down the bear's arms, "I--"

"An actual breakfast!" Bruce interrupted with a big grin.

Seth didn't have time to feel defeated or disappointed with the bear's response as he was pushed off of his boyfriend and left in the bed. Although it did give him a nice view of the bear's ass as he got out of bed, big and round and a bit matted--the cougar grinned, "You've got some dried cum on your butt honey-bear," he announced, seeing that bit of blush on the bear. He ignored it and continued, "How about you get a nice shower, I'll start up breakfast, get evertthing prepared,"

"Hrmmhmm...OK...I was thinking a nice breakfast in bed for you,"

"Sweet, but it's past time to be up," Seth said, throwing the covers off himself and showing off his muscled body--nothing hidden by another layer like on the bear. He was all physique to show off, always getting plenty of stares wherever he went from ladies, and even some dudes. He reached up and grabbed the headboard of their bed, stretching nice and well, knowing it'd usually get him a stare. One such was the bear's gaze, though over the years he could ignore his physique at least a little. His boyfriend only gave him a small ogling stare before moving off to the shower.

With that they began their abnormal morning routine--the cougar pulling on some sweats and going to the kitchen while the sounds of the shower (and the water moving through the pipes you could hear in their house) played in the background. It was just one of the many charms of the house they'd bought a few years ago--the deed under both their names. The place needed love and attention, they were working on it, but took it one piece at a time.

He made his way into one of the nicer parts--a place they both put love into--the kitchen. It was renovated by the bear's own hands; Bruce hadn't allowed him much say in it. His boyfriend was more than defensive about the kitchen; it may be the only thing the bear shared with him slightly grudgingly, still calling it 'his' more times than not. He'd always been convinced the bear should've been a chief or something instead of working a desk job as an auditor; even if jokingly more so than anything else.

As Seth moved through the kitchen, pulling out all the little appliances and gizmos the bear had accumulated over time, he purred. He got caught up in the mindless task, a good way to try and wake his mind up. The lack of sound from the pipes didn't come to his mind until a pair of still damp arms wrapped around his waist and lips found their way onto his neck.

"Don't think I said morning to you Love," Bruce said, much more articulately than he could ever manage from waking up. He dotted his cougar's neck with kisses, rubbing on his boyfriend slowly and rather sensually. It got him what he wanted soon enough, a happy, deep purr from the feline. He kept it up, starting to leave lingering kisses on the cat's neck.


Bruce growled happily, moving one paw to cup his boyfriend's growing package. He rubbed the nice thick tool and played with the cougar's orbs for a few moments, "I know what you were expecting this morning...and I'll make it up to you in spades,"

Seth mewed and pressed himself back into Bruce, ready for whatever the bear was going to let him have, which he found out a moment later. He was pulled around into a lewd kiss, the bear holding him tight and close. He moaned into it, not wasting time to buck his hips against the bear's hips--feeling the bear's own member starting to come out.

And then it ended.

Seth opened his eyes in a mix of annoyance and surprise to see the bear grinning at him in a way he only did when he was about to cook something. The bear hadn't bothered to put on much aside from a pair of sweatpants--though he thought he caught a glimpse of a jock as well. "You....I hate you sometimes,"

"Awww, you love me and you know it," Bruce said, squeezing the cougar's needy member through the sweats as he pulled away, "And you love my cooking more--you're gonna want some energy for a nice day filled with...well, not work, of a sort," the bear said smoothly, winking at his boyfriend as he began to cook.

***** *****

It was more a brunch than breakfast, and despite his promise of a day spent lewdly, Seth found himself curled up with the bear watching a movie rather than the sexual frenzy he'd hoped for after their meal. Sure, this wasn't bad either, but he'd been hoping after all. They were married, in a way, since the sex wasn't quite as frequent as the cougar wanted--and that was what married men complained of all the time, right? Once you move in the sex becomes rarer? Still, Seth knew he couldn't really complain too much about anything.

He enjoyed himself being near the bear, he'd certainly not moved in or decided to spend the past four years with his lover because of, well, lovemaking. No, he stayed cause of everything else the bear had; personality and maybe just a bit of his cooking too. A purr ran from his chest as he cuddled into his boyfriend, holding onto one of the arms draped over his chest.

The movie wasn't of much interest to him, he'd been passing in and out of sleep anyhow. One of the times he woke was nearing the end, and he could feel even Bruce was getting restless, though perhaps th bear was just wanting to move from holding him the past few hours. The cougar moved to let the bear up, but found himself pulled back quickly. He glanced over his shoulder at the bear, whose eyes were still on the screen, but he gave him his indication by pressing himself against the cougar's rump just a little more.

Bruce tried to pay attention, but the atmosphere of the movie was hurt just a bit by that soothing purr from his boyfriend--it didn't take much to play Seth into your hand, he was a simple man to please. As the credits began to roll he gave more attention to the cougar, hugging and nuzzling on him while rubbing himself against the cougar's butt. He was starting to get hard--though a quick grope revealed his boyfriend was more than there already.

He was glad the cougar stayed near him--he knew he wasn't quite as active as the feline liked; sometimes needing a blue pill to help himself. Still, that didn't mean there weren't times that he couldn't give his man what he needed. He grinned and rolled the cougar to face him, cupping his cheek before giving him a kiss.

"I. Know. What. You. Have. In. Mind," Bruce announced each word with a kiss on his boyfriend's lips, grinning as he pulled him tight against him. He eventually wasn't allowed much room for talking, instead making the most of the kiss as they fought each other for dominance.

Their tongues were busy playing, exploring already familiar muzzles with light playful bites from the feline every so often. The cat sure knew how to push his buttons and soon Bruce was rolling his hips into the feline's arousal piqued till he had to stop to give themselves room for what was to come.

"To the bed?" Seth purred, rubbing his bear's stomach and giving him a more than sultry look.

Bruce looked contemplative for a moment before he shook his head, " bed will be just one of many places we're gonna have fun today Hun," he replied, gripping the hem of the cougars shirt and pulling it up. Soon the toned body was revealed for him and he let out a happy growl, "Love taking off your clothes; gets me every time,"

Seth purred happily at the praise--the bear knew he loved to be complimented, perhaps even to a fault at points. Still, he let the bear praise him, kissing along his body and removing his pants as well, leaving him bare before his bear. He took Bruce back into his arms for another kiss, humping against the still clothed bear. It wouldn't be that way for long. He slipped his paws into the bear's pants, feeling that nice ass and growling in pleasure to find he'd been right, the bear was wearing a jock for him. His bear moved off the couch, pulling off his pants and throwing them abandoned for the rest of the day with the cougar's clothes. Not letting the bear escape entirely he put his legs around the bear's back, frotting his cock against Bruce's chest. The bear slowly pulled from the kiss.

"You're making a mess of my chest,"

"Gonna make a mess out of more than just that,"

The bear growled eagerly at that, pressing his paws against the cougar to let him know to lean back and enjoy himself. Seth didn't say anything more to him, just let out a cocky chuckle and let him do what he wanted. He kissed down the toned body until his lips met with the drooling barbed cock--unable to stop himself from licking it clean. It was nice, musky, thick, and though not quite as big as his own, the six inches of meat had given him many hours of fun before--and considering the difference of species he was impressed how large the feline was too. He gave a long lick from the base till his tongue teased those barbs and he wrapped his lips around the member, beginning to sink down.

The tanned male let out a shudder, while Bruce didn't bother to hide his moan of enjoyment at the taste--which only made Seth harder; a male loving his dick was a great compliment too. He didn't react, letting the bear do as he wished, having no trouble getting all his meat into his muzzle. The bear was a pro cock-sucker, his tongue wrapped around the tool in a way that only came with much practice as he bobbed his head up and down up and down, one paw rubbing his chest while another stroked himself through his jock.

He wouldn't have minded a bit of meat between his own lips, but instead complimented the bear with moans of pleasure at having his cock taken care of so expertly. He placed his paws over Bruce's head, setting them into motion. He would buck his hips lightly into the bear's muzzle, giving his love a smile whenever Bruce opened his eyes to look up at him--which got him close to shooting once or twice. He held off for as long as he could, enjoying that warm tongue pleasing him.

"Ooooh Bruce, keep that up....hmmm, gonna give you something just as good as honey,"

The bear moaned eagerly despite the cheesy line, sucking more intensely now. It was what he wanted, to taste his love on his tongue, have him in his muzzle and drink him down. He'd been impressed with his love's stamina so far--especially knowing how pent up he was. The cougar got off quickly and even quickly recharged. He worked hard for that first load though, feeling the cock pulse in his muzzle a few times before the first splash of warm seed flooded into his muzzle. It was moan worthy and he let Seth tug him down till he was deepthroating the cougar, suckling obediently on that cock, letting a few shots of cum down his throat, until he couldn't take more and needed off. He coughed around the cock, being released immediately but never pulling off, instead letting the rest of it pool in his muzzle.

"Daaaaaamn," Seth moaned for his bear.

Bruce stayed where he was for a few moments more before pulling off, grinning up at the cougar. Cum leaked from his lips, some from where he'd lost control and coughed. He was sure he looked a bit of a mess--not that the feline minded cause looking down the cat just purred all the heavier. Bruce thought he looked good with some cum on his chin; at least Seth told him he did. "Doing a good job of making a mess of me so far babe,"

"Well," Seth said, grabbing his now semi-hard cock and smacking the bear's muzzle with it, "Looks like I'll need a bit to recharge...sooo,"

"Lift your legs,"


"I said," Bruce said, smirking up at the cougar and grabbing his legs, "Lift 'em,"

With that he exposed the cougar's ass. Bruce pulled on Seth a little, though the feline was flexible, and he took advantage of that. He smiled at the winking pucker before diving at it, wasting no time. He liked foreplay, but that had been the blowjob. By now he was primed and ready for action. Bruce kissed and lapped at the ass with vigor and enjoyment, not minding the slightly odd taste of the other male--it'd grown on him over the years where he now moaned for it.

Seth moaned at that too, rimming being something so different in pleasure to having someone lap at his cock--it was just as good and left no doubt that he enjoyed it very much. The bear didn't need the proof, but at the moan he felt the bear increase his efforts, using all that broad tongue and passing it over the hole many times, matting the furs there and lapping it. Soon that tongue pressed against his ass, he mewed at that, the subby response revving the bear even more.

Bruce growled while moving his muzzle to attack the hole more vigorously. He let his tongue begin to mimic a real fucking for the cat. The hole resisted a little at the intrusion, but Seth's defenses fell as the pleasure increased his body craving more attention. He left a trail of saliva in the cougar, getting him ready for more. "Good kitty needs it bad,"

"Hrmmmrrr, yes yes," Seth purred, eye closed and enjoying the sensations. He was never ashamed to show how much he enjoyed this--even if many figured the bear to be on the subby end most times, which he often was. His cock hadn't regained its hardness but it lay against his stomach, throbbing happily as his ass was eaten. He was beginning to even crave something more.

But tongue filled the hole for now, the bear content to keep up eager pace, and even increase it. He seemed desperate, growling and moaning as he lapped at Seth's ass, his face buried into the offered rump. Probably good to keep it up, but as usual the bear didn't meet his expectations and after a wet, parting kiss with his ass Bruce pulled away. He was pulled down, and found the bear had pulled the cloth of his jock aside, his ass meeting the warm member that pulsed happily. The bear grinned at him, cum smeared into his chin fur now that was wet with the effort of rimming.

"Gonna fill you up," Bruce growled, keeping the cougar above his cock as Seth adjusted to the awkward position, half squatting, half laying agasint the couch.

"Fuck me good Hun," Seth husked, letting the member be angled agasint his hole before slowly putting his weight on it. The tip popped in, the act coming with a moan of pleasure from both sides--his hole accepting the thick cock eagerly; his hips guided by needy paws pulling him gently yet firmly down. Inch by inch the cock was taken, the pleasure of fully taking the big cock making Seth tilt his head back and moan at it. His cock was beginning to harden again, "Feels fucking good,"

"We haven't gotten to fucking part yet," Bruce said, rolling his hips agasint the cougar to let him know he was ready to start whenever the cougar wanted.

"Well why not?"

That was all Bruce needed. The bear pulled out a little before pushing back in. It was work from both sides, as he did thrust, but Seth helped as well, using his powerful legs to rise and fall off that wonderful cock. The cougar huffed with effort, sitting himself till he was about half off before he fell back down, being pulled in tandem to meet that cock.

Seth let his mind fog over with pleasure, fucking himself nice and hard on the cock embedded deep in his ass. He let those paws work his hips, using his legs to bounce up and down as needed, and however he wished to. Being used was always hot to him--complimented and used for his body, the bear could always do that to him. He held Bruce's neck for support, also letting the bear know his cock was hard and leaking again just for the fact that he was being fucked.

They kept the effort up for some minutes, both moaning happily in the dance before it began to become faster, needier. Bruce bucked his hips up against the cougar's ass, going faster and faster. His cock being milked so nicely by the cougar--almost enough to get off. He was getting close. Closer. He wanted to cum, he needed to. He humped desperately into his lover.

"Ugh! Ugh!" Bruce grunted, slamming Seth down on his cock and biting his neck, so close yet so far from cumming still. He panted against his lover's shoulder, slowly releasing him and giving the cougar a look, smiling just a little, "Think...I'll need a bit more to get off,"

Seth smiled at the fact the bear hadn't managed to cum yet--pulling away and stretching from the awkward pose they'd kept the past few minutes. "Heh...OK...can't say I woudlnt' have minded a load in my ass,"

"Maybe in a few hours, OK?....but...I really need to be fucked,"

"OK...let's get to the bedroom," Seth said, grinning and taking his lover's paw to help him up. He loved the bear, even if he needed a bit of help to get off sometimes. He knew how much Bruce tried for him--and he knew Bruce did enjoy their intimacy. They were beyond feeling insecure. IF the bear got off on his ass, he got off, but Seth couldn't deny a bit of pleasure in the fact that more times than not it took his cock planted in the bear for that to happen.

They didn't waste time getting to that point. Soon Bruce's legs were on his shoulders and Seth was sinking into that familiar nice hole--filling it like the bear loved. From the expression on Bruce's face, he knew exactly how much his lover enjoyed it all. Still, he made sure to go nice and slow--till his balls brushed agasint the bear's fur, signaling they were joined to the fullest. "Like that?"

" Love it ," Bruce growled happily, his cock pulsing in confirmation. He was too pent up now. While he had trouble getting off, now that he was hard and leaking, he needed it; badly. Still, he knew to keep his paws to the side and enjoy being fucked to the fullest as well. Times of being fucked, even while not in the mood, had made him appreciate the joys of such play. Some nights it was nice to just be fucked, even if he didn't get off. Now was not such a time though. They both needed this--Bruce more so than his cougar. He moaned that need, and let the cougar take care of him.

The first thrust brought only pleasure, as would all the others. He tossed his head back and moaned, his ass squeezing around the cock as those barbs teased his prostate in ways nothing else ever could. They settled into a quick pace, balls slapping agasint flesh and the bed creaking in the room. Both panted and moaned, sweat beginning to accumulate, and musk filling their noses. Bruce settled in, loving the thick cock going in and out of his ass, his own jumping and leaking as he was fucked. He tried to move his own body slightly with the fucking, pressing back against the cock till the cougar's fur was kissing his ass too.

As the rhythm was built they groaned and moaned, purred and growled, and were thankful for their own house instead of an apartment like years back. Now the cougar didn't have to worry about fucking his bear into bliss, leaving the bear loud and begging for it wordlessly. Seth could feel his own orgasm slowly growing in him again; knowing it wouldn't be long for him.

"Ready to cum?" Seth huffed, breeding the bear hard and rough like he wanted after so long.

"Yes! Yes! Let me cum," Bruce moaned, still keeping his paws on the cougar as he was fucked. A paw soon encompassed his cock and he let his legs fall from the cougar, moving to wrap them around his waist, "Kiss me, please...please Seth,"

Leaning down, Seth engaged his lover in a kiss, fucking him eagerly as his cock began to throb in the nice hole while he jerked the bear. He thrust deep and hard into the hole, arms wrapping around him so that even as he jerked the bear his furry stomach stroked the hardon too.

They kissed eagerly, tongues playing and dancing as their bodies rocked in lovemaking, the pleasure building up in each party. Fat cock slamming into an eager hole, causing the cock in paw to jump and throb eagerly, each bit making the kiss muffled moans grow more and more. Bruce loved every second of it, pulling tighter and tighter on his love, wanting to feel him take him entirely.

His kiss-muffled moans became needier after a few short thrusts, a paw darting to pull Seth's head even deeper into the kiss. He sucked madly on the tongue as well, wanting everything of the cougar could give him as his cock throbbed so close to the edge. It was more than needing to cum though, he loved being fucked now too, he wanted it, he needed to have the cougar fuck him just as much as he needed to cum. Seth didn't disappoint, picking up his pace and fucking him soundly, until it finally happened.

Cum shot from the bear's cock, splattering against his chin, the next shot against the cougar's, his moans desperate as he shook with bliss. That sent the cougar over the edge, as he bucked his hips wildly into the bear, moving his cock faster and faster, beating the prostate and foretelling his own ending. Bruce could feel the throbbing of the cock in his ass, the balls contracting as more of his lover's seed was shot into him, this time in his ass instead of muzzle. His speed continued to shoot between them, making a mess of them, cum connecting their chins.

That trail of cum connected them after they broke their kiss sometime later, before breaking as the cougar smiled at him, "Damn you must've needed usually cum a lot but...damn, maybe we'll need to shower," he said, the bear just chuckling a little.

"How was that for your first session?" Bruce asked, patting his boyfriend's chest and grinning at him, "That's right, just the first session...funny I'll be doing a good bit of work this labor day it appears,"

"You know...for that line, I think I won't take it easy on you next time,"

Bruce chuckled and pulled the cougar near him, licking the chin clean of his own seed, "Please....don't,"

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