Sarah and Josh 7

Story by PrettyPanther on SoFurry

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#10 of Sarah and Josh

Sorry but no promises on being here a whole lot, however I am still always open for any requests and will check in often enough to see said requests. To make a story request is completely free so no worries there! XD Also I was wondering if anyone out there who who would like to self advertise would like to possibly draw a few pictures for my stories? I would include your page info and such, in exchange for you drawing an image for each story rather than me having to google XD Anyway, enjoy!!

You really are rather boring." she teased, sitting back in her chair. He smiled. "Oh hush." he replied. She giggled and glanced at the clock to be sure she still had time to be on the phone. "It's true! You're so- linear." "And what's that supposed to mean?" He chuckled. "Ohh nothing." she smiled, then sighed. "Sorry, I gotta go, my break is about to end. I'll see you when I get home. Love you." "Love you too." he called, before she ended the call.

Later that night she sat next to him on the floor with a slice of cake in hand, watching him play on his gaming system. She took a bite as his character got shot. She giggled, jokingly calling out "Wow you suck!" through her food. He smiled and bumped his shoulder against hers, continuing to play. "Like you could do any better." he retorted. "I bet I could!" Her tail thumped against his leg. He paused his game and looked to her, smiling. "You can't though, you're too busy eating." She frowned and put her treat down. "Then I'll stop and prove to you how well I can slay those wannabe fuckboi's." He raised his eyebrows. "Oh really? How about you finish your food like a good girl, and then show me your skills, hm?" She shook her head, ears back.

With a sigh, he leaned in and buried his face in her neck, his lips hovering just above her skin. "C'mon, be a good girl for Master." She shivered as he lightly nibbled her neck, the fur on her tail fluffing a bit. "But whats the fun in following the rules?" He smiled and slid his hand between her legs, rubbing teasingly. "What if Master rewards his Kitty afterwards? Or better yet, reward her as she eats." Slowly he slid his hand under the waist of her sweatpants and down, rubbing the seam of her panties. With a soft blush, she moved one of her legs so he could access her better. "Oh, but Kitty has to eat to get her reward, doesn't she?" he asked, pausing. She lowered her ears. "But Master.." With a shrug, he began to pull his hand out.

"Fiiinnneeee." she dragged, taking a bite of the dessert. As she began to chew, he pushed past her panties and began to lightly rub. She paused and moaned softly though her food. Just when she stopped chewing, he stopped rubbing. "I can't chew like this.." she mumbled. He grinned. "Learn." His fingers moved a bit more and she shivered, then he paused. "Keep chewing baby." Listening to him, she again began chewing. Her lips quivering as she held back moans from his busy hand, she swallowed. "Keep going.." he muttered, his voice deep with arousal. Ears back, she took another bite and continued to try and eat.

Two fingers slipped inside and she moaned out loud, a few bits of cake crumbling out of her mouth. "You aren't very good at this, are you?" he asked. She blushed. Pulling his fingers out, he allowed her to finish chewing. Then he pushed her to a laying position by the shoulders and ripped her pants and panties off, then did the same to her shirt and bra. "Get on all fours." he ordered; she instantly obeyed. "Now, without your fork or hands, eat your cake until its gone." One ear lowered in slight confusion, she opened her mouth to ask a question. "Now." he ordered.

She nodded and lowered her head, taking a bite of the cake. Behind her, he slid two fingers deep, a slight sound of her liquids coming before her strained moan as she attempted to keep the food in her mouth. Curing her fingers into the carpet, she continued chewing as she felt around inside of her. As she got wetter, he was able to add another finger. Using his knee, he pulled her legs out so her stance had better balance, before pulling out and slowly pushing four fingers in. She grabbed the carpet, gasping as he stretched her. "Jesus you're tight, I can't get all four in." he groaned. Through her food, she attempted to beg but could only moan more. However, he stopped on his own.

"Not sure if you're ready for me to stretch you out there yet, and you're only a few more bites from finishing your cake, so I'll just-" His voice trailed off, and before she could look to see what he was doing, a hand grabbed her ass cheek and spread her, two wet fingers pressing on her entry. She tried to shake her head in defiance, but he only told her to shush and finish her cake. "But Master I-" she began, only to have him interrupt with "That's an order." She lowered her ears and as she took another bite, he pressed both fingers inside with a slow but hard push.

Adjusting her hands to steady herself, she closed her eyes and tried to not moan. Shakily, she swallowed. "M-Master, I can't finish like this~" she tried. "Yes you can." he grumbled. "Do it for me." he told her, pressing his hard-on to her thigh. She flushed red, realizing he was skin to skin. Lowering, she took another bite, only two remaining. Using his thumb, he pushed back into her dripping slit while keeping his two fingers in the top. He then rubbed the wall separating the two places between his thumb and pointer/middle fingers. With a deep shiver and a moan, her elbow's went weak and she dropped from her hands to her elbow's, her nose inches from the cake. Forcing her mouthful down her throat, she panted at the head-spinning feeling.

"Such a good girl.." he panted. Questioningly, she glanced behind to find that in his other hand, he was pleasuring himself as well. "You can finish, almost done." he urged her, returning her glance. She angled her ears back and made herself take another bite. One more to go. As she chewed, he pulled his thumb out and pushed it slightly in with his other fingers. Her body shivered in pleasure, then tensed as she tried to keep quite when he spread his thumb farther from his fingers, opening her. She shook her head, nearly loosing her last bit of balance to the swaying feeling inside.

With a grin he closed her again and removed his fingers, allowing her to swallow. She looked at the last bite of cake, then bit it. As she began chewing it, he changed his hands and used his wet fingers on himself, his dry hand thrusting deep into her welcoming silky liquid, forcing three fingers deep enough to come upon her back wall. She gasped, loosing her last bit of balance and falling forward, her breasts landing in the plate of the frosting that remained.

She forced herself to finish chewing and swallow, feeling herself come close to release. She continued to gasp with each movement he made, with both pain and pleasure as he pushed against her farthest reaches within. With one last gasp, she gripped the carped as she climaxed, moaning loudly. With a quick glance, he looked at her face as she released, and upon seeing her lips and chest covered in cake and frosting, he pulled his wet hand out of her and placed it on her lower back, releasing down the back of her thigh. She remained head down, rear up, panting with him as his hands rest, one on her and the other on himself.

He slowly pulled his hand off her and wiped up a bit of his mess, offering it to her. She licked up one of his fingers and let her back end drop to the side. "Ah-ah, no. Kitty has to clean up before she can nap." he told her, his voice light. She lowered her ears and mewed to him tiredly. "Yes, Master." Once she finished cleaning the room and herself, she decided she no longer wanted to play his video game and instead took a nap. He smiled as she slid onto the bed and pat her head. "Maybe tomorrow, if we do this again, you can try and show me those skills you mentioned."

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