Luna Chapter 18 - Things You Wish You Didn't Say

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#18 of Luna

Luna Chapter 18 - Things You Wish You Didn't Say. Oh, dear. Poor Luna is so in love with Ethan, she's in such a delirious haze of passion and lovemaking, that she accidentally said what she was thinking out loud. How will Ethan react to this minor blunder?

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Ethan closed his eyes and kissed her. She returned his kiss urgently, desperately. She needed him so badly, she needed him on top of her, holding her, kissing her. She needed every long inch of his dick inside her, she needed his sweet mouth touching hers. She couldn't bear for them to separate right now, and she knew at that point she would not ever be able to live without him.

Ethan lay on top of Luna, unaware of the passage of time. He didn't know if he had been lying there seconds or minutes or hours. He only knew that Luna was beyond mere fantasy. She was everything he had ever wanted, even when he didn't know what he wanted, and she was real, in his arms, kissing his lips. He could feel his dick deep inside her pussy, slippery and tight, he could feel his pelvis pushed up against her perfect ass.

He lifted his right arm to reach backwards, and started stroking her ass gently. He moved his paw downwards under her ass to feel her pussy surrounding his thick cock, and he took some time to massage her pussy lips while rubbing his dick at the same time. Then he moved his paw upwards to the base of her tail, gently brushing against her tailhole between her luscious butt cheeks on the way up. He felt Luna shiver and moan quietly as he kissed her again.

His paw touched the underside of the base of her tail, and he felt her push gently backwards into his touch. He ran his paw along the underside of her tail, following its curve up and over her back as he licked the side of her muzzle and kissed her.

Luna's eyes were closed, she was awash in sensation and ecstasy. As if it wasn't good enough that Ethan's big dick was inside her and he was lying on top of her and kissing her, now what he was doing to her tail... it was almost too good, Ethan was too good to be true. She didn't think this kind of all-encompassing bliss even existed, to feel like every part of her body was lit up with sexual pleasure at the same time, it was more than she could ever have prepared herself for.

Ethan moved his paw back onto Luna's ass, using a finger to lightly trace around her pussy lips, getting his finger wet with his cum and her vaginal fluids. He slid his finger deeper underneath her body until he found her clit, and started rubbing it gently as he felt Luna unconsciously beginning to buck backwards against his dick.

He continued to rub her clit as he slid his tongue inside her mouth. He felt her ass moving backwards as he gently rubbed, and he started pushing and pulling softly in time with her movements, his cock sliding easily in and out of her pussy.

Luna grabbed the bedsheets hard, and continued to kiss Ethan as he rubbed her clit and fucked her at the same time, his hips pushing into her ass with every stroke. Her paws trembled as she whined quietly into Ethan's mouth, unable to put words to what she was feeling.

When she came this time, it was more like a wave breaking across the shore than an explosion. It was a wave of intense, indescribable pleasure radiating from her vagina all the way through her body. She gasped and trembled as Ethan continued to fuck her gently through her orgasm, still softly rubbing her clit at the same time.

She could feel his hips pushing into her butt with every stroke, and in her orgasmic haze she wished she could see it from behind them; she wanted to watch his cute butt as he thrusted into her. She wondered if Ethan would be okay with recording a video of them fucking, once they were back at her house, so she would have something to watch and masturbate to in the long nights between his visits.

Her orgasm died down, and her death grip on the bedsheets relaxed a bit. She began to melt into Ethan, licking and kissing his mouth as she continued to whine softly in pleasure. She was still unable to put into words what she was feeling, but she was able to get one thing out.

"I love you so much," she whispered as she kissed him.

Ethan slowed down his thrusting as he gazed at Luna's beautiful face.

"I love you so much too, beautiful," he whispered back to her as he returned her kiss and began gently thrusting into her again.

Ethan was nearly overwhelmed by what he was feeling for Luna. He had hoped he could find a good relationship someday, but he didn't expect to find it here and now. But as he got to know Luna, he realized she was the one. At first he thought she was gorgeous, and having sex with her was beyond incredible, but he was not prepared for how she would make him feel. He wanted to give her every part of himself, he wanted her to have all of him. He had never felt this way about anybody before, and he was positive he never would again. There was no other word for it; Luna was perfect.

He would do anything to be with her now, and he was going to feel the pain of separation when they had to go to their respective homes after this weekend. He only hoped her parents' offer was genuine, and that he would be able to go to her house as often as he could make it over there. He thought at this point, it would be the only way to keep him sane.

Their lips touched again as he made love to her, and the act became a passionate embrace, not just the satisfaction of their carnal urges. He brought his arm back up and placed it around her shoulder to hold her closer, and centered himself on top of her. His dick was still going all the way inside her tight pussy, but it was smooth and gentle. Luna was so aroused that Ethan could feel her lubrication leaking out around his shaft, and it felt amazing.

Even though he had just orgasmed a little while ago, the pleasure Luna gave him was so intense he knew he wouldn't be able to last much longer before having another one. He was trying his hardest to last longer than he usually did, because he thought he was depriving Luna of the pleasure she deserved when he came too quickly. He wanted to give it to her for a longer period of time, and he was giving it everything he had to try to delay cumming for as long as he could.

He found himself starting to pant as he continued to ravish her from behind, and he knew he was finally lasting longer than he normally did with her. They kissed, and he heard Luna moaning quietly as he continued to push his hips into her butt, sinking his thick, hard cock into her soaking wet vagina. He felt his dick starting to harden slightly and he knew it was coming.

Luna could feel it too, and she wanted it. "Cum inside me," she whispered.

"hah... hah... here it comes," Ethan panted.

He pushed as hard as he could inside her, then kissed her. As they kissed, his cum began to shoot out of his dick deep inside Luna's pussy.

Luna grabbed the side of his muzzle and trembled as she kissed him, then began to shake as she came. She loved that Ethan could make her cum seemingly at will, and she loved cumming as he was ejaculating inside her. Oh god, she just wanted his dick inside her all the time. She wanted him on top of her all the time, she wanted him all the time.

She whined softly into Ethan's mouth as her pussy gripped and squeezed the cum out of his cock, and she felt the hot streams of semen hitting her vaginal walls. She had always wondered what that would feel like, and now she couldn't get enough of it. She knew she had to get more of that temporary sterility supplement, because there was no way in hell she was going to let Ethan wear a condom when he fucked her. Not when it felt like this.

Ethan's dick finally stopped pumping cum into her pussy, and he lay on top of Luna panting hard. He kissed the side of her face then continued panting, trying to get his breath back.

Luna kissed him back. "That was incredible, foxy," she breathed. "You went for so long, I thought I was just going to keep cumming over and over. God, you're amazing."

"Not as... hah... not as amazing as you, beautiful," he panted and pushed gently into her ass again. "You make me capable of doing things I never dreamed I could do."

"Oh, baby," Luna whispered into the side of his mouth. She was delirious with pleasure, and before she could stop herself, she heard herself saying what she was thinking out loud.

"I want to move in with you."

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