Luna Chapter 17 - You Do What You Gotta Do

Story by Hundredfold on SoFurry

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#17 of Luna

Luna Chapter 17 - You Do What You Gotta Do. Unfortunately for Luna and Ethan, the nature of the Fuck Room is to be placed on display when you're in it. There's really no getting around it, so when you need to do the deed, you do what you gotta do.

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Without a word, she lead him by the paw into the Fuck Room.

When they entered the Fuck Room, Luna immediately scanned for an empty bed, not wanting to be placed in the position of either her or Ethan having to acquiesce to any sexual advances from anyone in the room. She saw what looked like an empty bed in the south end of the room. It was right in the corner, but unfortunately the south end of the room was the side that had the two way glass.

She started walking towards it with Ethan right behind her. She was too horny at this point to turn it down, and it looked like it was the only available bed, but it meant that she and Ethan would practically be on display for anybody walking down the hall outside. She thought this may actually be the bed where they saw that couple fucking when they were on their tour yesterday, when Brandon jacked off onto the glass.

Luna was not an exhibitionist and she didn't really want people to see her fucking her boyfriend close up, but it looked like she wasn't going to have a choice. She wanted Ethan inside her, and she wanted him now.

"Crap... I guess this is the only bed, huh?" Ethan said as he looked around.

"Yeah, I think so. Are you okay with doing it here?"

"I... yeah I guess so. I guess I just prefer having you to myself without the whole world watching."

"Me too, foxy. But I need you right now, and I don't think I can wait," she said as she moved towards the bed.

"That gives me an idea," Ethan said, watching Luna's ass as she crawled up onto the bed. "Lie down flat on your belly, here's a pillow for your head."

"You don't want me to get up on my knees?"

"No, I think this will work, and if I leave my tail down it should block a lot of what's going on from the viewers outside. Just spread your legs apart."

Luna spread her legs and lay face down on the bed with her head on a pillow. She lifted her tail and tried to angle her pussy upwards as much as she could while lying there but she couldn't angle it very much.

"That's perfect, beautiful," Ethan said as he straddled her and placed his paws on her ass. He moved upwards along her body until his dick was pressed up against her perfect butt, then he lowered himself down, and used his paw to guide his dick underneath her ass and into her pussy. He could feel how wet she was through the head of his dick, and he pushed it between her pussy lips and into her vagina.

"Nnngh," he gasped as the head of his dick penetrated her wonderfully tight vagina. He pulled out, then slowly pushed back in to make sure her vaginal lubrication was coating as much of his dick as possible. Her vagina gripped his dick like a vice, and he kept pushing inside her. Then he pulled out again, and pushed back in. Everything was nice and wet now, and he started a slow rhythm of in and out as he kneeled with his knees on either side of her.

As he suspected, his bushy fox tail was obstructing the view of his ass and his dick and balls underneath it, so even though furs walking through the hallway would be able to see them fucking, they wouldn't be able to see any of the juicy details.

He heard Luna moaning into her pillow, and he gripped her ass a little harder and started to increase his speed and depth inside her. He looked down to watch his big dick sliding in and out of her pussy, and he still couldn't believe how lucky he was to have her.

Ethan pushed his dick all the way inside her, and he heard Luna moan loudly. He leaned forward all the way, and laid down on top of her with his head right next to her head on the pillow. With his dick still all the way inside her, he kissed her and slid his tongue inside her mouth.

"Oh fuck, foxy," Luna gasped. "Nnnngh," she panted inside his mouth as Ethan began to pump his dick in and out of her pussy while he lay on top of her. With each thrust his pelvis pushed into her ass as his dick penetrated deep inside her vagina, and she could barely control herself.

She felt the weight of Ethan's body on top of her, she felt his big dick buried in her pussy, firing off every erogenous nerve she had, she felt his sweet tongue inside her mouth, she felt his strong pelvic muscles driving his pelvis into her ass, and she was about ready to pass out from sheer unadulterated pleasure. Not even in her hottest, wettest fantasies did she ever imagine it could be this good, and she was desperate for it to continue like this forever.

"Don't stop," she cried weakly as she kissed him. "Oh god don't stop."

She knew she was going to orgasm soon, just like she did every time Ethan started fucking her. As he settled into a steady rhythm, pushing all the way into her with every thrust, she could feel the heat rising between her legs and she continued to kiss him.

"I'm cumming, baby," she whined into his muzzle as she began to climax. "Nnnmmmmmgh," she moaned into his mouth as she came, and her pussy tightened around his dick.

Ethan pushed his dick all the way inside her and stopped, letting her orgasm run its course. He pushed his hips into her ass as her pussy convulsed on his cock, and it was sublime. It felt so good he didn't think he was going to be able to ride it out, and he felt his own orgasm making its way up from his balls and down the length of his dick.

"Haahhh", he breathed into Luna's mouth as his dick erupted with hot cum deep inside her pussy.

They didn't move, they just breathed and trembled as Luna's pussy tightened and contracted on Ethan's dick, which was pulsing and spurting his cum into her vaginal canal.

"Foxy..." Luna whined and kissed him. They orgasmed quietly together, breathing hard and losing themselves in the sensations, and each other.

A million years later, Luna opened her eyes. She felt Ethan's weight on top of her still, she felt his big dick inside her pussy, and she could see his face right in front of hers. She watched as Ethan slowly opened his eyes and focused on her. They looked into each other's eyes for eternity, and then Luna broke the silence with a single word.


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