FWL: Cumfall - Nightshade Vs. Bulldozer

Story by powerplayer on SoFurry

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Thought I'd post this up here too.

"This is the place?"

"609 S. Pauper, right by the docks."

The first guy, a grizzled-looking cougar, takes a long drag of his cigarette before turning to face his partner, a massively-built silverback gorilla, "That all you need," he asked, gesturing towards the small duffle-bag the gorilla had in his lap.

"Yes. The less I have on me the easier it is to move around."

His partner nodded silently as he stepped out of the black SUV they'd used for their stake-out. "You'll take care of yourself Clark?" There was an element of concern to the cougar's voice, one which made the gorilla pause. Smiling to himself he leaned back into the window and gave his partner the toothiest of grins. "Greg? Seriously? I've been going undercover at this place for over a year now. Why are you still so worried?"

"Maybe it's because you never say anything about what goes on in there."

On instinct Clark snapped his head back, trying desperately to hide his blush. "D-d-don't worry about it," he said, "Y-you just keep up the pressure on your end."

The massive cougar sighed in defeat, knowing when the conversation was over. "Okay then," he sighed, "Just be sure to check in as soon as you're able to." And with that he drove off, leaving behind a friend who silently stood there, watching him leave.

"Sorry Greg," he half-whispered, blinking after him for a few moments before shaking himself up and stepping out of the streetlight. He walked briskly towards the warehouse, keeping out of sight of the large crowd that had gathered in front of it, blazing up the steps and entering the building with a swiftness that belied his massive build.

He slammed the door behind him and leaned against it, sighing in relief. "Phew... made it."

Clutching his duffle-bag he ran towards one of the nearby storage closets and changed out of his khaki pants and over-stuffed button-up shirt and into his wrestling attire. He made sure that his mask was nice and snug before stepping out. He made his way through the warehouse, grinning and grunting at anyone who passed him by, working to get into character as he made his way into the locker room. He was careful to screen all those who'd spoken to him, not knowing who among them if any were complicit with the owner's shadier dealings. It had taken both time and considerable resources but they were able to trace him to this warehouse, which had become the front of one of his more legitimate, if adult, businesses.

Bulldozer, as was what he called himself when he got into character made his way through the locker room, exchanging pleasantries with the other wrestlers; or at least those who'd bothered to look in his general direction. In the course of his investigation he uncovered that while he could rule out a number of his "co-workers", they all seemed to have an odd quirk to them. None of them shared a common history, with backgrounds ranging from ex-military to former lumberjacking. There were even a couple of alleged sorcerers in the mix. He and his department were more than a little skeptical about stories pertaining to magic, though his experiences with the FWL were beginning to open his eyes a little.

A little.

"Good evening Bulldozer."

Bulldozer turned towards the voice and did a mental double-take at the light-brown bat that had walked up behind him.

"Good evening Mr. Perez," he responded with what he hoped was an appropriate amount of humility. He wasn't expecting to see him here tonight.

Mr. Perez blinked behind his designer glasses. "Please no need to be so formal," he said, flashing Bulldozer with a great big smile, "Just call me Sebastian." It always irked him when a performer was formal with him, especially this one; he wanted an open relationship with his performers, all of them, and the type of wrestling that they did created an air familiarity and trust that made it easy for him to read them. Any deviation to the status quo was not acceptable, even from delicious silver-furred hunks like Bulldozer.

"I'm sorry Mr. Per - Sebastian!" Sebastian watched the silverback stumble over his words with a small smile; it was the little victories like this that made the bigger ones so much more enjoyable. "I'll be sure to remember that."

Sebastian cut him off with a wave of his hand and a gentle smile, "Quite alright. There is no need for fuss, for I am sure that we will have plenty of opportunities to get better acquainted with each other in the near future."

It was Bulldozer's turn to blink. "What do you mean?"

"Well I am planning on expanding my little operations overseas. As it runs out there a really big market over there for what we do here, and, this is just between you and me," His voice dropped a couple of octaves as he leaned in closer to Bulldozer, "There is not nearly as much overhead as there is over here."

Sebastian had leaned in close enough for Bulldozer to catch a whiff of his scent. He couldn't put his finger on it but there was something about it that made him a little bit dizzy. It wasn't a bad scent and in fact was actually rather pleasant but was so overwhelmingly potent that it started to cloud his mind.

"I was hoping to expand our network," Sebastian continued to explain, his voice dropping lower still, "Add some more types of matches to our roster."

The mental haze started to grow stronger. And on top of that Bulldozer could feel himself growing hot under the collar; his shiny lime-green trunks began to shift as the heat made his bulbous cock stir.

"But I suppose that all of that is moot, considering that I cannot seem to get the city to leave me alone. The pressure they have put on us has made it extremely difficult to get anyone to look at us without suspension."

The heat in his cock began to travel down to his balls, which began to squirm with need, making it hard for him to think straight. He knew that he'd have to rub one out before the match started; it wasn't uncommon to walk into the locker-room and find one of the performers jerking on off before their next bout. Those that didn't do it typically found that their fights were over before they really began.

The real question, however, was if it was okay to do so in front of the federation owner. Bulldozer was surprised to find how agreeable the thought of letting him watch him jack-off was to him. But he squashed that thought almost as soon as he had it; Sebastian was not only his 'employer' but a chief suspect in his investigation. It would do to let him get any closer than was absolutely necessary.

"Do you know any way for me to get around that Bulldozer," Sebastian surprised him by asking. It took a lot of willpower on Bulldozer's part to stamp down his raging lusts enough to give an adequate response.

"N-No I don't sir," he managed to stammer out, mentally chiding himself for the stutter in his voice, "I-I wouldn't know anything about that s-sir."

Sebastian narrowed his eyes a little. "Hmm..."

"Attention," said a voice from the intercom, stopping the conversation between performer and federation owner, as well as having a mitigating effect on the heat the former was struggling with, "It is now time for tonight's main event. Would performers Bulldozer and Nightshade please take your places? I repeat it is now time for tonight's main event. Would performers Bulldozer and Nightshade please take your places?"

"Well it looks as though we will have to continue our conversation another time." Sebastian turned to leave, but not before giving Bulldozer a solid pat on the shoulder, "Give me a good match, will you?" And before Bulldozer could ask him what he'd meant by that he was already on his way out, texting something over the phone.

Bulldozer made his way out of the locker room and got into position, waiting for his name to be called, adjusting his swollen bulge. He figured that, with a little luck he'd be able to pop one out during his match, and still be able to win. It didn't help that his mind constantly wandered back to his talk with Sebastian.

There was more to him than meets the eye, that much was certain. And it was real shame that he wasn't able to pop one off in front of him. He was surprised to find himself thinking about that; and even more surprised to find himself smiling. He'd have to wait

Bulldozer didn't get to finish his thoughts as the lights started to dim, signaling the start of his next match. He waited until the announcer finished introducing him and stepped out, playing the crowd with roars and hand-slaps, pumping his bright-green bulge into the air and sometimes at the crowd, driving them wild. He climbed into the ring and bounced past the ref, leaning against one of the corner posts, arms behind the ropes, bulge out, looking something fierce.

The lights went out again, just as the announcer began to call the name of his opponent. A pair of strobe lights flew out over the crowd, converging at the center of the platform opposite his own. He followed it just in time to see a large purple bat with a periwinkle mane step into the light, the strobe lights reflecting quite nicely in his bright golden trunks and mask. Bulldozer couldn't help but be attracted to the bulge the bat made in his trunks.

Bulldozer snapped up when Nightshade meet his gaze and favored him with his own, staring at back at him with an intensity that bordered on unsettling; Bulldozer couldn't sense any malicious intent, but had the sinking feeling that he was being picked apart by those eyes.

Nightshade's eyes remained fixed on Bulldozer's body, even as the lights returned; he broke his gaze only for the fans, who he greeted amicably as he made his way to the ring, where he bounced over the top ropes and climbed the corner opposite of Bulldozer's to wave again to the crowd. He stepped down and turned back to Bulldozer, fixing him again with that same gaze.

The referee, a massive brown bull in a black-and-white striped tie face-mask and trunks, stepped into the middle of the ring, gesturing for both Nightshade and Bulldozer to join him. The two wrestlers pushed themselves out the corner and joined him there, stepping up to each other and pressing their chests against each other, their bulges grinding together.

"You know you're going to lose," Bulldozer said, trying to hide how much this was turning him on behind a screen of bravado, "This," and he bumped his bulge into Nightshade's, smirking as he watched the bat wince, "is gonna go into you one way or another. And it's gonna pump out your little bat's spunk."

Nightshade winced but collected himself enough to smirk up at Bulldozer. "Don't make promises you can't keep ape-boy. By the time I'm done with you this," and he returned Bulldozer's bulge-bump with one of his own, "Is gonna be limp and empty. And as that's happening you'll be loving every minute of it."

Bulldozer's nostrils flared. "We'll see."

The ref stepped between them and pushed them apart. Nightshade took a few steps back, his eyes never leaving Bulldozer's. Bulldozer followed suit, giving Nightshade a similar breadth as he shook himself out.

The referee asked them both if they were ready to go and once they both said yes signaled the start of the match. Bulldozer made the first move, zipping behind Nightshade quicker than the latter could react and wrapped his arms around the bat's chiseled abs. A shift in his stance gave Bulldozer a face full of Nightshade's brightly-colored hair, and a huge noseful of his musk.

Bulldozer moaned as a barrage of images assaulted his mind, each one more enticing than the last. He saw Nightshade riding his fat dick; he watched Nightshade as jacked him off; he smiled as he saw Nightshade sucking him down. His mind was overloaded with images depicting hot and enticing scenes with the bat he was currently holding.

A small smile crossed the Bulldozer's masked visage, his hold on Nightshade slipping away.

Noticing that Bulldozer's attentions were elsewhere, and feeling the big ape's bulge starting to press itself against his gold-clad rump, Nightshade bent over and rubbed his butt into Bulldozer's bulge, while simultaneously pushing at the big lug's arms. He felt Bulldozer's bulge shift against his ass and grinded against it a little bit harder, smirking as he felt it harden. "You feeling that big guy?"

Bulldozer groaned as he felt his bulge being ground against Nightshade's ass, his bulbous cock stirring within his shiny-green trunks. Nightshade's words echoed in Bulldozer's head, awakening his higher-thought processes and reminding him that he was in the middle of a match.

Thinking quickly he picked Nightshade up, turned him around and flipped him over, and then slammed him into the mat. While still on the ground he reached around and slipped his hand into Nightshade's trunks, grabbing hold of his cock.

The massive hand on his cock made Nightshade pause, with little moans slipping out of his mouth as Bulldozer stroked his cock to hardness. Not wanting to cum Nightshade slipped his legs around either side of Bulldozer's head and snapped them together.

Bulldozer responded by picking him up and slamming him back down, the impact dislodging Nightshade's legs.

Nightshade didn't miss a beat, springing off of his back and onto his feet in one fluid motion. Then, just as Bulldozer was turning around to face him he turned around and took off, running right into the ropes. He threw himself into the ropes, springing off them and launching himself back into the ring. He ran up to Bulldozer and jumped up, throwing his legs around the silverback's head and rubbing his bulge into his face.

"Go on big boy. Take a deep breath."

He struggled in the hold, owing more to the way the bat's potent musk made his own dick stir than to the hold Nightshade had him in. Bulldozer moaned into Nightshade's bulge, the thick musk coming from Nightshade's bulge made Bulldozer's head spin, the images from before returning en masse, with more layers and detail, and even the stray thought entering the fray.

Beneath them Bulldozer's bulge began to stir, his cock tenting the fabric of his all-too-tight trunks.

Nightshade stole a peek downward and grinned at the tent in Bulldozer's tights before he spun down and flipped the unsteady Bulldozer over his head and onto the matt.

Bulldozer flew across the canvas, landing on the other side of the ring, rising to one knee. He braced himself on one of the ropes as he struggled to regain his breath. He didn't have to look down to know that his big cock was sticking straight out; Nightshade's musk had really done a number on him.

Nightshade's voice broke through the haze that had enveloped his mind, drawing Bulldozer's attention back to him. Bulldozer took a deep breath before launching himself towards Nightshade. But the mind haze rendered him too unfocused to get Nightshade, who promptly sidestepped the rampaging ape and sent him tumbling back onto the mat.

Bulldozer's hunky body bounced off the mat one time. Not wanting to let this chance slide Nightshade ran over to him and kicked him onto his back. Then he stepped between his legs and kicked them apart, before dropping to his knees right in front of the big ape's massive man-pouch. Grinning to himself Nightshade reached down and grabbed Bulldozer's trunks, pulling his man-tool out of the shiny green satin. He did the same to his own cock, pulling it out of his trunks and placing it against Bulldozer's. Placing both hands on their cocks he started to rub them together, his hands going up and down both his own meaty dick and Bulldozer's own snout, using pre from the latter's dick to make it slick.

Bulldozer roused with a moan, the bat's mighty strokes making his hips buck. A particularly fluid stroke of Nightshade's hands saw Bulldozer's sitting up, moaning deeply as he rose from the mat. He moaned as he felt his balls, pressed snug against Nightshade's, swell and pulsate.

Desperately he reached for Nightshade, pulling at the bat's hands around his bulge, trying to pull them away, to which Nightshade responded by stroking him, stroking them both, even harder than before. With a savage grunt Bulldozer threw his head back and started to pump his hips into Nightshade's grip.

The new movement against his dick made Nightshade moan, signaling his own ensuing orgasm. He jerked once more, twice more, before tilting his head back and moaning as thick streams of jism fired out of his mighty cock. Bulldozer's cock fired off at the same time, with thick glob of glorious monkey spunk shooting into the air. Nightshade continued to jerk them off even more, wanting to weaken Bulldozer as much as possible. As it started to taper off he tilted his grip downwards, showering Bulldozer with the last remnants of their mutual cum-fall.

A loud bell rang throughout the arena. And as this was happening the referee came over and pulled Nightshade off of Bulldozer, holding him back.

Bulldozer fell back onto the mat with a large smile on his face; Nightshade's cum smelled even better than his musk did. He could feel it seep into his brain, filling him with visions of him plunging his meaty dick into the bat's fat ass and pumping him full of his thick and creamy love spunk.

Reluctantly he pulled himself to his feet, remembering that he had a match to finish. He felt himself hit something hard and looking down he saw that his cock was still hard. He took several deep breathes, wiping the leftover cum off his face and chest. Tucking his semi-hard cock back into his trunks he looked to Nightshade, anxious to finish the match as soon as he could.

Nightshade grinned at Bulldozer. "Whenever you're ready big guy."

Bulldozer didn't wait for the referee, and launched himself at Nightshade, thoughts of fucking the bat ass till it was raw filling his mind. He swung and missed, swinging again with his other arm. Nightshade stepped out of the way of both swings, snagging Bulldozer's arm in the middle of the second swing and flipping him over his shoulders, flinging him to the mat. Nightshade ran into the ropes and bounced off them just as Bulldozer had sat himself up, jumping up and delivering a devastating dropkick to the side of the head of that big ape, sending him once again sprawling onto the mat.

Bulldozer groaned as his bounced onto the mat, clutching his head as he rose to his feet. Nightshade was there to meet him, clamping his hands around of both of the gorilla's jutting nipples and twisting.

"Yeah," he said as he pushed Bulldozer into a corner, "That's it. Moan for me."

Nightshade forced Bulldozer further into the corner, pressing his body into his own. Dropping a hand down to clutch Bulldozer's breadbasket Nightshade leaned down and sucked a nipple into mouth, suckling deeply on the mighty ape's man-teat.

The mighty Bulldozer roared as he felt Nightshade suckling his teat. His legs started to wobble from the hand grabbing and pulling at his bulge. He sank further into the corner as the barrage of sensations threatened to overwhelm him, the bat's three-pronged assault bringing him very close. A small part of him called out to him, asking him if letting the bat have his way with him was really a bad thing, especially since he'd proven himself so skilled at making him feel good.

A brief smile flickered across his mind as he entertained the notion of following through with that, before another voice reminded him that he was in the middle of a match and that if he did that he'd lose. Temporarily revitalized he tried to push Nightshade off, his unsteady hands trying valiantly to push and pry the invasive bat off and away from his body.

The purple-furred Nightshade felt the push, smirking at how weak it was, and took a few steps backwards, his eyes never leaving Bulldozer's face. He watched Bulldozer struggle to regain his breath, then saw him try to stand on his own. Not missing a beat Nightshade spun around and pulled Bulldozer's head across his shoulder and spun forward, flipping Bulldozer over his head and sending him flying across the ring, landing on his back not too far from him. Nightshade then turned around and started to climb the post he just flipped Bulldozer out of, gesturing to the crowd when he made it to the top. Then he jumped off and spun in the air, landing flat on Bulldozer's chest. Then he spun around and pulled himself up so that he was sitting on Bulldozer's chest, homing in on the growing damp spot in Bulldozer's trunks.

"You like this huh? Well there's more where that came from."

Reaching forward Nightshade grabbed hold of the belt around Bulldozer's waist. Once he'd gotten a good hold he started to pull, bringing Bulldozer's lower body off the ground, stopping only when he was staring the gorilla's enormous bulge directly in the face. Drawing his face forward he bit down on the fabric, being careful to avoid the prize inside, and pulled out his gigantic ape cock.

"You're pretty big. It's gonna be fun sucking a fall out of you."

With a small chuckle Nightshade stuck his tongue out and sucked the meaty organ into his mouth, sinking his hands into Bulldozer's trunks and grabbing hold of the swollen orbs inside. Bulldozer's cock went hard as soon as he touched it with his tongue so he knew that the big ape didn't have far to go.

He took his time suckling on the massive man-meat, going up and down the prodigious length with a calculated slowness. He timed his suckling of Bulldozer's man-tool with the squeezing of his meaty orbs, working over his overstuffed bad-boy; and while he did this he made sure to rock back ever so slowly, making sure that Bulldozer caught a huge whiff of his musk as he worked him over, knowing that it would make things so much easier.

Bulldozer gasped as he felt Nightshade work him his cock and balls, taking in deep mouthfuls of his incredible musk. The voice returned again, telling him that it was okay to let him take him, to worship him, to drain him. He was so cold, and the bat's mouth was so warm? Was it really a bad thing to help him relieve some of his stress? No, no it wasn't.

The heat made his balls shiver in the bat's grip, squirming with need. He pounded the mat on either side of him in an effort to relieve in incredible pressure, his pounding growing weaker as the need for release started to overwhelm him. Grasping at the bat's swinging hips he moaned a warning into his ass before his cock began to bellow, shooting thick globs of his primal self deep into the bat's greedy gullet.

Nightshade drank hard and heavy of Bulldozer's mighty man-cream, so thick and rich that he almost couldn't swallow it all, with some of it spilling out of his mouth and pouring down the sides of his face, landing on Bulldozer's chest. Nightshade managed to give his fat balls a few more squeezes before the bell rang and the referee told him to stop. He pulled his hands out of Bulldozer's trunks and rose to his feet, letting the latter's body fall to the mat with a mighty wham.

Bulldozer laid on the mat for a good moment with an even bigger smile than before. His eyes glazed over as the scent of Nightshade's musky ass overloaded his senses. He saw the referee come over to him but couldn't hear him speak. It was only when Nightshade spoke up that he heard something other than the voices in his head yelling at him to let the bat take him so he could pleasure him some more.

He heard Nightshade say get up and he did, the voices telling him that it was right to follow and obey the bat, pulling himself off the ground and rising onto his feet. He stood wobbly and lopsided, doing nothing but chuckling stupidly to himself, his mind lost to images of Nightshade dominating him, claiming him, working him over. As such, he didn't realize that Nightshade had crept up behind him; not that sneaking around him was required at that point.

Once he was behind him Nightshade reached forward and pulled Bulldozer's trunks down to his ankles. He stepped away to inspect his work, smiling at Bulldozer as he bounced around the ring, trying to regain his footing. Stepping in front of him Nightshade reached down and grabbed hold of cock, stilling the gorilla's rocking. Grinning wickedly Nightshade pulled Bulldozer around the ring, waving to the fans as he made a show of squeezing his fat man-pouch, forcing the Bulldozer to bounce around after him. After which he leaned in and started to press the Bulldozer backwards, leading him into the corner, forcing him backwards by applying pressure on his ball-sac.

The Bulldozer moaned as he felt Nightshade's hand on his balls, shaking fiercely on criss-crossing knees. When Nightshade released him he slid down the post with a sigh, falling onto his delectable bubble-but. He saw Nightshade step over him and pull down his own trunks, which he placed onto his head, his world swimming with Nightshade's scent. Then he saw him crouch down and grab hold of his meaty dick, holding the leaky rod steady enough for him to clamp down on it completely with his ass.

Nightshade winced as he sucked Bulldozer's cock into his ass; it took a lot more to accommodate it than he thought it would. He wiggled his ass around it, working his way downwards until he could feel Bulldozer's fat balls throbbing against the crack of his ass. Once he was down he leaned forward and grazed his lips against Bulldozer's, smirking as the action drew a shuddered gasp from the silver-furred slammer, his fat cock twitching within his ass.

"Ohh you like that, Bulldozer? You like it when I rock my tight little ass? Squeeze your fat gorilla cock with my soft hole? You wanna plow me don't you? You wanna plow my little bat hole?"

Nightshade slowly rocked his ass as he continued to cajole Bulldozer, grazing his muzzle with sweet kisses, twisting his ass around his fat cock, working non-stop to make him blow his load. It wasn't until he reached down and grabbed both of the big ape's jutting pecs did he get what he wanted.

A moist sensation started to flood the inside of Nightshade's ass; the big guy had released his final load. He could feel Bulldozer's fat cock twitching in his ass, spewing thick globs of his mighty man-milk deep inside. He continued to squeeze at his ass, wanting to drain him completely.

Bulldozer was also of the same mind; he started to pump his cock into Nightshade's ass, grunting weakly as he pumped his hips, depositing load after load of gorilla jizz deep into Nightshade's hole, wrapping his arms around the bat's chiseled back and holding him still while he pumped his fat cock into him.

The voices returned en masse, encouraging him to shoot out as much of jizz as possible, to empty his fat balls. That there was victory in defeat.

And as the voices overwhelmed him Bulldozer felt himself cumming even more, humping Nightshade's ass more forcefully as his captivated cock shot off thicker bursts of his rich spunk deeper inside of Nightshade's ass. It felt far better than he thought it would, and he found himself chuckling. To think that he ever wanted to top this bat. This was the way it should be, with him on the bottom. This was the natural order. This... was right.

Smiling to himself Nightshade stopped twerking his ass, letting Bulldozer do all the work for him. He just sat there and rode out the storm, gently massaging the captive phallus within his ass, smiling as each gentle touch induced a stuttered bellow from the captive behemoth and fresh load from out of his balls.

Bulldozer's humping started to taper off, a low moan signaling that his balls were just about empty. Nightshade twisted Bulldozer's nips a few more times and twirked his ass some more, drawing out the last vestiges of the gorilla's energy, the softening cannon from which they shot out falling out of his ass, hanging flaccid over his equally depleted balls.

The bell rang just as Nightshade started to rise to his feet, bracing himself on the ropes. He stepped back so that the referee could assess the damage but he knew that wasn't really necessary: limp dick hanging over fat empty balls; mouth hung open, eyes glazed, arms limp and unmoving on the mat, trunks tied around the ankles; Bulldozer was finished.

It took the referee all of two seconds to make this decision; signaling the end of the match once he reached the conclusion everyone else had already come to. He walked over to Nightshade and hoisted his arm upward, proclaiming him the victor.

Nightshade ran over to the turnbuckle and jumped atop it, shouting his victory to the crowd. He managed to get exactly what he wanted. He cast a glance back at Bulldozer, who was just now starting to stir.

Bulldozer sat in the locker-room, alone with his thoughts. He had his trunks back on, and was fresh out of the shower. He wanted to wait a while and meet with the owner again before leaving. As such his thoughts turned back to tonight's match, and the outcome.

Going in he was sure that he could have beaten Nightshade; his stats didn't line up with his performance tonight, though admittedly that was mostly his own fault. He wasn't upset about losing; just a little bit confused. And not in a bad way either. Whatever happened out there tonight was good, he was sure of that. And while he couldn't exactly remember just what took place, he knew that he made the right decision.

A smile crossed his lips as he tried to think about what made exactly it was that happened. He couldn't remember clearly; no matter how hard he tried, whenever he tried to look back all he got for most of the night was a haze. A big, fat, delicious haze. He tried to go back to when it all started, when his night began to get hazy.

Switching tacts he tried to think back to when the haze took place, back to before everything got jumbled up. It was then that he remembered: it was when he met the owner that everything fell apart. It occurred to him that Sebastian and Nightshade might be connected in some way. And if he wanted his investigation to go anywhere it was in his best interests to find out how.

"Ah Bulldozer, I hoped that I would find you here." Sebastian's deep voice cut through his thoughts, rousing him out of the funk he'd set himself in.

"Right back at ya Sebastian." Well he did say that he wanted things to be a bit less formal between them. "I wanted to continue our conversation earlier. You know, about expanding your business?"

Sebastian cocked an eyebrow at Bulldozer. "Then you know of a way to help me in that endeavor?"

"Well get to that but first I wanted to ask you about Nightshade." This wasn't the way he wanted his conversation to go but he felt that this was the best time to ask. "There was something going on with him tonight. You see, during the match -"

"Because I could really use your help," Sebastian cut him off by saying.

Bulldozer stopped talking and stared up at Sebastian, watching the bat as he saw down gingerly beside him. "Will you do it," he asked as he looked at the ground, "Will you help me?"

"Well that depends sir, there are a lot of things to consider but first I'd like to get back to the mat-" Sebastian cut him off again, only this time with a kiss; A deep, soulful kiss that shook him to his core. Bulldozer found himself leaning into the kiss, eyes fluttering shut in supreme bliss, slowly surrendering himself to all sensation.

Sebastian leaned in just as Bulldozer sank into his kiss, dipping his hands into his trunks and pulling out his fat cock. He gave the depleted beast a few good strokes to get it nice and hard again, distracting Bulldozer with some good tongue action. He jerked out several good loads from the big beast, pointing the jisming cock away from his nice suit. It was good to see that his plan was coming along so nicely.

Bulldozer didn't feel himself going off, so lost was he in Sebastian's kiss. He felt the bat pull away and press his hand gently against his face, forcing him apart. "You do not have to give your answer right now," Sebastian started to rise, hiding his cum-coated hands from the gorilla's eyes, "Take some time to think about it. And when you do reach a decision, let me know. I will be okay with whatever you decide to do."

And with that he turned away and walked out the door, leaving a bewildered Bulldozer alone with his thoughts. Once he was out of sight Sebastian snuck his hand up and started to lick the cum off his hand. "Mmmm."

Back in the locker-room Bulldozer sat alone in his thoughts, confused, scared, and horny. That last one surprised him; cold showers were the norm after matches like his. Looking down he saw to his everlasting surprise that his cock was hard and leaking, with a trail of cum going all the way across the room. It didn't take him long to realize that Sebastian was behind it; it took him even less time to draw the connection between Sebastian and Nightshade, the bat who had so skillfully dominated him. And a smile crossed his face as the voices returned.

"Well I'll be dipped."

Property of the Executioner

He couldn't wait until he entered the ring. He'd been looking forward to this night for quite some time. Ever since that man had come he'd been forced to change his nightly routine. Well if he thought that he was gonna just walk in and order him...

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Orc Milkings

Complete and utter darkness greeted El Macho when he awakened, groaning and groggy. Whatever it was that was in the draught he drank must have been stronger than he thought. Or else... somebody must have deliberately spiked his drink. "Oohh...," El...

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The Adventures of El Macho Ch3: Enter Surgin The Demon Knight

To say that he'd seen this coming would have been an oversimplification. Certainly he'd seen the signs. There wasn't much that anyone could have done, especially in his position. "You're gonna love your new cell, demon." The only real tragedy, at...

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