Sand in your Shorts

Story by Jake-Rabbit on SoFurry

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So I took a new job back in December. Ever since then, it's been really hard getting in the mode to write. The new job isn't exactly great for me, and by the time I get home, all I want to do is relax and turn my brain off. Unfortunately, this is not good for creativity.

I have been trying to modulate how I go about writing, to see if I can find a new way of working that both works for me, and allows me to maintain a level of creativity while being mentally exhausted. This is a short little story that came hard - it was something that didn't flow easily. But it's my first finished work in some time. I hope you all enjoy it; it's not meant to be a smaller part of anything.

I've a few ideas brewing in my head that I hope to get to paper soon!

Sand in your Shorts


Author: Jake-Rabbit

Twitter: @DamnDirtyFurry

| |

"Come on, Lin! The water is absolutely perfect. You won't freeze! I promise!" The thin veneer of insistence to Erkki's voice betrayed his dishonesty; the water was frigid bordering on frozen.

"Lies. I dipped my feet in earlier when we were on the raft. It was freezing cold! My toes about fell off." With a defiant grunt, Lin settled into a faded orchre camp chair, perched atop the sedimentary, flat rocks at the river's edge. Had the mouse the capability, he might have even grown roots right then and there; clutching to the earth and planting himself firmly in place, arms held across his chest in defiance. He and Erkki were college roommates, and over the four years they'd grown to know each other, he had long ago figured out the rabbit's true calling; professional trickster and shameless rogue. It was best to take anything Erkki said with a grain of salt, any disbelief was usually well rewarded.

Lin's fine, ivory white fur and pale pink skin was not going to do him any favors when it came to staying warm by the river's edge. Even in the best of circumstances, he was often cold, and his fur rose just thinking about taking a dip in the slow currents. His speed was more often a temperature-controlled pool back at the commons, beer in hand, and the warmth of a sun-bathed deck chair for when he wanted it - and the option of just going inside and drying off to warm up. He clutched his jacket tighter about himself and huddled in his chair.

Erkki hunkered further down in the water, until only his head and long, grey, black-tipped ears stuck out of the water. Delicately balancing a beer in the water in front of him, he held steadfast, determined to not let Lin see through the facade. Every part of him recoiled protectively in response to the lazily churning ice water in the eddy of a boulder.

"Your loss, man! It's great. Perfect for swimming." His teeth chattered.

As Erkki recoiled upon himself for warmth in the currents, a large, black shape floated slowly by him, like a giant log stuck in the same lazy current. This particular river passenger wore only mirrored sunglasses, a tattered straw hat that was pulled over her face, and her fur; black and luxuriant across every full curve of her body.

Micha, another of the crew that had joined Erkki for the trip down the river, was a picture of serenity; the black bear's pelt shimmering while soaking up the sun's rays as she floated by on her back. Her arms were crossed about her belly, holding a beer can that balanced precariously atop her navel. She'd let the slow currents catch her, riding the eddy out in a slow circle as she napped, sunglasses perched over her eyes, and the rest of her naked black-furred body exposed to the sun. Erkki swore he could even hear her snoring.

"See? Look? Even Micha's comfortable. Floating like a log. Sound asleep. Not even her nipples are standing at attention!"

With her serenity disturbed, a large, black paw lifted up from the bear's belly, and a singular finger extended directly at Erkki. She rounded the currents without a word, and her arm lowered, crossing back along her rounded belly.

Lin kicked his sandals off and sat back in his chair, absorbing as much of the sun as he could. "Maybe later...this is really nice right now. I don't want to disturb you two, anyways. You're getting along so well."

Erkki rubbed along one of his ears, and felt Micha bump into him on her way back around. "I know that translates to 'maybe never' with you."

"Maybe so."

"You're a total wet blanket."

"Dry blanket. Intend to stay that way."

Defeated, Erkki sunk further into the water, until only his ears poked from the surface as if snorkels or perhaps periscopes. He took pleasure in digging his toes into the silt at river's bottom, enjoying an unexpected warmth in the earth beneath the surface as cold water rushed across his face and through his dreadlocked hair. He inched forwards against the current, and shortly found his head bumped on both sides by soft flesh. Shortly, a large hand wrapped about his ears and pulled upwards, forcing him to emerge. As the water cleared from his eyes, he found himself staring down Micha's rounded belly and towards her heavy chest. The beer that she'd balanced on her belly had tipped over and spilled into the water. Her head lifted, and he could clearly see her brow cocking even from behind the sunglasses. He paused, then spoke.

" for another beer, bear?"

He could scarcely take a breath before, with a grunt, she pushed his head back underwater.


In the waning hours of the evening, Erkki had laid himself out upon the raft, sprawled haphazardly atop a cooler that had been strapped into the raft's frame. He was more than content soaking up the last of the sun's warmth, and drew from a small, brightly decorated pipe, holding smoke in in practiced measure. He made an attempt to blow rings before launching into a coughing fit which echoed off rust-streaked canyon walls. There was a certain serenity to just observing the river, listening for the varying rhythms of the water, how it would surge, and then exhale. It was if there was life to it, a breathing on a geological scale.

Erkki wanted to share this experience with everyone he knew, and this weekend had convinced his friends from college to come along. It was their last summer before all of them had to decide to stick it out in school for a few more years, or put what they'd learned to use out in the real world. For what it was worth, he'd rapidly found out that this was the real world, among the canyons, with friends, and out in nature. At least, he felt the most real here. It was hard to turn that love into a source of income to support yourself, however, but he figured he could finish a couple more years of school, and then have a go at being a river guide. At least he could fall back on his degrees if needed.

As he started to doze, he felt someone sit on one of the raft's tubes, upsetting the gentle bobbing rhythm the raft had settled into as the water rolled along the back.

"Gonna share that, or hog it to yourself?" He opened his eyes, and Micha leaned into his sunlight to prod him along the belly. She'd put her ratty denim jeans and flower-print bikini top back on in a nod to modesty. He smiled at her, admiring her face and how she'd pushed her sunglasses up; it bunched her short, crimson red hair up, affording a clear view of the bear's emerald green eyes.

Erkki held his gaze for a drawn out moment, and gently passed over the pipe to her, letting his hand caress hers fleetingly. "Careful, it's pretty good this time around. I know you don't partake much. It'll just put you to sleep if you overdo it."

Micha sat up, admiring how the setting sun cast color over the rocky cliffs nearby, splashes of red, orange, and a fiery glow in a stark line across them. She lifted the pipe, took a long draw, and coughed almost immediately.

"No kidding. Mmph."

She covered her muzzle and coughed again before handing the pipe back. She set her paw on Erkki's belly and set into a soft, circular rub, letting his downy fur sift through her fingers. He arched into the attention while he took another draw. They had been in a on-again, off-again relationship for years, since they met as freshmen. Both started out school as typical type A personalities; high strung and destined for success. Often, that resulted in their relationship to be more off than on. But, as time often does, it changed the both of them; they relaxed, and had started to learn that there was so much outside of their control, that it was often best to let it happen; indeed, it was even curative to let the world happen around you. Once they'd both relaxed, they started spending a lot more time listening to each other, and their current "on" period was a year and a half running.

"Come on. Charli has dinner ready. I'm going to be starving after that hit." Micha snapped the waistband on Erkki's shorts, then hauled herself up, walking back up the beach.

He rolled his head to the side, solely to watch her walk away, appreciating the way the bear's jeans rode low on her broad hips. The denim waistband rested a tantalizing inch or so south of her stubby tail, perched low atop a set of chubby, rounded cheeks. In his mind, he must have watched her go for a good fifteen minutes, appreciating how each thick cheek rolled with each step, and how that tail twitched from time to time, her muscular back flexing as she hauled herself up the beach.

"Mmmhmm. I'm just going to enjoy the scenery here for a bit more, then I'll be right up."

Without pause in her motion, Micha reached back and pushed down one half of her jeans, flashing him quite a bit of her plump, ebony-furred rear before drawing the denim back up quickly.

"What, only a half moon tonight? I thought this was going to be a moonlight rafting trip...." He took another hit from his pipe and coughed with a smile.


Up at the campsite, Charli was busily fussing over the fire pan, plating up skewers of roasted vegetables, sweet fruits, and browned meat. She was in near constant motion; her large, red bottlebrush of a squirrel's tail in constant motion behind her. Her pointed and tufted ears swiveled around in advance of her dashing for another camp table. She moved with grace, her russet fur brushed back out into a fine sheen from an earlier swim in the same icy water that Lin still steadfastly refused.

She handed one plate to Lin, whom had planted himself as close to the firepit as he could, He'd put on a jacket and long pants, and was nearly too busy swatting at insects to see the plate being handed to him.

"Thanks, Charli." He set the plate on his lap and swatted a gnat off his arm. "Anyone have something for bugs?"

"Sure, I've got a tender, young, white mouse, right here. Surveys say that bugs love it. Keeps them all away from me!" Charli flashed Lin a cheeky, bucktoothed smile while she fussed with her hair, fastening it into a long, red ponytail. She pulled on a jacket over the athletic shorts and tee she wore; now that the sun was going down, the temperature was diving.

"Oh haw. Okay, funny, I get it. No, really...I'm being eaten alive here."

Micha sat down in the warmed sand next to the fire pan. "Maybe go for a swim." She accepted the plate handed to her by Charli with a kiss to the squirrel's cheek. "Thanks..."

Lin waved his skewer at Micha. "Not you, too..."

"Actually, it might help a little bit. You'll smell less like fresh meat." Charli offered helpfully, as she sat in her own camp chair.

"Come on. Spray? Incense? Anything?"

"Maybe something in the cargo box on the raft? It's Erkki's, you'll have to ask him what he's got in there." Micha delicately nibbled off a piece of pineapple from her skewer, then gestured back to the rabbit, who was currently making his way up the beach.

"Her Erkki, got anything for bugs in the raft? Lin's getting eaten alive."

"Yeah, got some spray in the bottom of the cargo box, I can grab it for you when we're done with dinner." Erkki grabbed his plate and sat down on an old log that an earlier camper had left for firewood.

"Thanks, Erkki." Lin bit off a piece of bell pepper and chewed on it slowly before speaking up. "So out of the four of us, I guess only you two are going to stay in the area?" He looked towards Erkki and Micha.

"Yeah, come on, how'd you plan that, huh?" Charli asked.

Micha spoke up. "Well, I'm going to continue working on my Physics Masters, and Erkki was planning on staying a couple more years for another degree." She turned to Erkki. "This is what, your second?"

"Third." Erkki swallowed a bit of his dinner. "Masters in Electrical Engineering, Major of Fine Arts, and Ph. D in the finer art of being a bum."

" other words, he's shooting for faculty." Charli quipped.

"Hey, can you blame me? It's a good deal while I'm working for my Doctorate. And I'm sort of getting attached to this part of the country."

The four of them ate in mostly silence, each of them taking moments to look around as the sun set, kissing the very tops of the cliffs around them. Lin waved a hand in front of his face, warding off a few gnats that had starting to make bombing runs on the exposed pink of his nose. Erkki took a big bite off his skewer, then sat his plate down before standing.

"Fear not, young and fair maiden! For I have the instrument of your salvation!" The rabbit made an exaggerated run towards the beach, kicking his legs up high, sending sand flying in every which direction.

Lin sneered at Erkki while the other two laughed. After he'd gone back into his sulking, Charli set her empty plate aside and smiled to Micha while setting about cleaning up. "Are you going to get a place together?"

Micha peered up from behind the last of her kebab, saving a large, sweet piece of pineapple for last. "What? Well, no... I mean we hadn' know, discussed it, I guess? Why?"

The squirrel danced about, picking up. "Oh, no reason, I just thought that with the both of you going to the same school...better than rolling the roommate dice, I mean you already know him, he knows you, you both get along..."

Micha fished the pineapple off its skewer with her lips, and let it roll in her mouth, savoring the sweet taste before swallowing. "I guess we should talk about it. I just hadn't thought about it, and he hadn't brought it up."

Lin leaned in and waved an empty skewer at her. "What Charli's so cautiously skirting around is, after four years, are you two going to finally shack up?"

Charli nearly spat the water she was sipping on, and even under all her black fur, it might have been possible to see Micha blush, if you looked close enough. Slowly, she sat back and turned her head, watching Erkki come trudging back up the beach with a long glance. "I don't know. He never really seemed like the type that would commit to anything. We sort of, you know, orbit each other, mostly." Inside, she knew that it felt that they'd been doing less orbiting as of late, and had started to fall into each others' pull.

The rabbit came back, tossing a can of bug spray to Lin, who nearly fell out of his chair trying to catch it; legs kicked out, and toes spread wildly. He then dropped a little velvet bag into Micha's cleavage, feigning an accident.

"Oh my, I seem to have dropped something, here, let me..."

Micha held up the baggie in her hand before he could go diving for it.

"...spoilsport." He snatched the bag from her hands.

Erkki looked up to Charli, caught her eye, then made a feigned tossing motion with the baggie. Quickly, she cinched up her jacket protectively and shot him a cheeky grin. He sighed in resignation and then sat down, digging into the bag and proceeding to pack the end of a small pipe with leaf from within before tying it off again. "Both you girls. Total spoilsports. Say, Lin..."

Lin paused, interrupted in ensuring the liberal application of bug spray over the thin fur around his face and hands. Erkki made a gesture to his shorts, then dangled the baggie as if going to make a shot.

"Oh hell no you aren't. Go make a free throw off someone else."

With a grin, Erkki turned and laid back, putting his head in Micha's lap, smiling up at her. After lighting the pipe's contents to a dull red cherry, he took a long draw, and held the pipe up to her. "Join me, honey bear?"

Micha responded first by flicking his ear, then took the pipe in her large hand. "Call me that again, and I will crush you." She drew a long, deliberately savored inhale from the pipe.

"Hopefully with your hips, honey bear." Erkki was able to smile only as long as it took for her to upend the pipe, letting the cherry drop into the sparse fur about his navel. He came to his feet with a leap and ran towards the river.

"Oh gods! Mad bear! She lit me on fire! Help!" He ran up an outcropping of rock and leapt, performing a perfectly executed flailing cannonball, plunging into the river.

Lin had stopped swatting at the bugs in the air long enough to watch the spectacle unfold, frozen in position as the rabbit flung himself into the river, and his shorts floated to the surface before he did. "I had no idea rabbits could leap quite that far", he remarked.

"Or run that fast." Charli chimed in.

"Certainly no surprise at how quick he lost his shorts." Micha smiled, laid out on her side, and watched Erkki emerge from the water stark naked. He looked about in a panic, then started to bolt down the riverbank to catch up with his clothing.


Sleeping under the stars wasn't a problem for Erkki anymore. He spent more and more of his leisure time outdoors, and felt at home with less and less. He enjoyed not having the constant hum of machinery around him, or the stale feel of air conditioning. He could easily stretch out on just a blanket, laid out on the soft sand of a beach. It was doubly easy if he had someone to share it with. Micha had accompanied him on quite a few excursions down the rivers or into the woods, and he was beginning to grow quite fond of her presence.

It was, however, another matter entirely sleeping under the stars with a jittery mouse, out of his element, and being eaten alive by sand fleas. In fact, it was rapidly proving to be an impossibility. But it was an impossibility he was determined to manage. Even if he did have to reluctantly stuff earplugs in. He'd started to drift off, finding that perfect moment at the very end of the slide into unconsciousness, where your body feels as if it was floating away from you, and your limbs feel larger than life as the welcome paralysis of sleep takes over.

In that glorious, nearly zen moment of peace in which any monk would recognize Enlightenment, he was shaken awake by Lin, who was frantically pushing at his shoulders.

"Erkki! Wake up, man! There's something in the camp!"

Erkki groaned. "Probably a dingo. Go to sleep."

Lin pushed again. "It's no dingo. Dingoes don't rumble and growl."

Erkki rubbed at his face. "Then it's a big dingo. Fuck off and go to sleep, Lin."

Lin hunkered down against the sand. "You don't have to be a dick about it."

"I'm not being-" Erkki sighed and relented. The moon was on the wane, and the actual campsite was too far away to see clearly in the dark before it hit its apex. He could hear some rattling and the occasional animal grunt from where the fire pit and food was. "Do you want me to go check it out?" He plucked the earplugs from his ears, tossing them at Lin.

"Yes! You're the resident outdoorsman! You'll know if you should, uh, curl up into a ball..or make yourself look big and scary..."

"Fine. Just...wait here, okay?" Erkki hauled himself up to his feet and cracked his back.

"I'll just wait in my tent, okay?" Lin started an army crawl back towards his tent, and Erkki watched in disbelieving silence for a moment.

"Thaaat's right. Back me up. From your tent. Just, you know, hide in your sleeping bag. Dingoes only go after babies, anyways, but you sort of look like one, let's not chance it...."

Lin scowled back at him as he unzipped his tent. "Oh shut up, and go check it out."

Erkki grinned widely, then popped his back again before scratching behind an ear with a tired yawn. Ambling through the deep sand was only slightly clumsy, but he thoroughly enjoyed how the sand was still warm at depth, despite having cooled on the surface as the evening progressed.

He could hear noises coming from the campsite a bit clearer. Something digging through plastic bags, shuffling around against the coolers and dropping utensils off the tables. Certainly some sort of wild animal. Or maybe a pet from one of the other campsites. Whatever, he knew there weren't any big predators out in the canyonlands, stories of dingoes be damned.The most he'd have to do is startle off some sort of large rodent. His mind flashed to Lin, cowering his tent.

As he walked closer, he could make out some simple shapes; the white coolers, and the bushes that hid some of the campsite from view. He shifted his weight onto his toes, inching closer as his ears picked up feral grunts and rumbles, his experience conflicting with an instinctual drive to be careful, and a healthy dose of adrenalin. Small scavenger or not, he didn't want to corner them, just scare them away.

He dug his toes into the sand, inching out a wide circle around the campsite until his eyes could adjust to the meager light, and he could get a clearer view of his prey. It was big, dark-furred, standing on its hind legs, and rummaging through a bag obviously pulled from a cooler. It had opened a bag and stuffed its muzzle into a sack of pretzels. It sported a short outcropping of brilliant red hair and he soon suspected it wore nothing but a faded purple band T-Shirt.

Erkki stood up, laughing silently to himself, watching Micha pilfer the food stocks for a few moments longer. He found it greatly amusing how her lack of flashlight caused her to fumble about, grunt, and rumble in frustration. She could barely see what she was doing, and had knocked a few pans to the ground. Obviously she wasn't able to see very well in the dark, and he took full advantage of it, watching her clumsy motions, as well as her bare, cheeky backside.

After he'd had enough. he dug a small flashlight from his shorts' pocket and aimed, turning it on at full power. He lit Micha up, and her bare ass confirmed his earlier suspicions about this camp invader wearing just a tee.

"Come out with your hands up, we have you surrounded!" he barked.

Micha startled, and pretzels flew in an arc as the bag went flying. She spun, grasping the table behind her with one hand, the other held up in front of her face. The faded shirt dipped dangerously low down her cleavage, and the tattered hem just barely hung past her hips, offering a clue that red was not her natural hair color.

"What the...hell....Erkki, what are you doing?" Micha flinched away from the light. "Get that out of my face."

Erkki kept the light up. "Sorry ma'am, I got a report of a prowler in the neighborhood, matching your description." He lowered the light pointedly. "But we were advised that she was a natural redhead. Obviously a mistake. Pardon the intrusion."

Micha grumbled and tugged down on the front of her shirt, trying to hide the thicker, dark fur between her thighs. "You dick. Stop that."

Erkki laughed, then turned the flashlight down before tugging on the casing to turn it into a small lantern that he placed on the table. "Sorry. Lin woke me up, said there was a wild animal in camp. At least he wasn't lying."

Micha grinned, resting her rear against the edge of the camp table. "Not wild. Hungry. Go figure. If I don't get sleepy on that leaf of yours, I get ravenous. So I stumbled out here to make a sandwich."

Erkki palmed a pretzel from the table and nibbled on it. "Funny sandwich."

"You try making a sandwich in the dark."

"Touche. Didn't bring a lamp?"

"No, it was hidden in my bag, and I didn't want to wake Charli." Micha turned, and, now that she could see, kneeled down, fishing out the makings for a sandwich from the cooler; Rye bread, preserved meats, and some greens.

Erkki thought better of it for a second...if he was being honest, a half second perhaps, then reached down to palm Micha's bare rearend openly. "Apparently pants were hidden, too?"

The bear startled only a touch, then laughed and dug further into the cooler, shifting her rearend into his hand slightly.

"Something like that. Who's going to see, anyways? Aside from some raggedy pervert rabbit."

"Your raggedy pervert rabbit."

Erkki shifted his fingers only slightly, letting the fingertips brush delicately at the backs of her thighs. She stood before he could let them get too much more friendly. Resting her hands on the table, she looked over her shoulder at Erkki, not moving as he caressed his hand along her broad hips.

"That so? Can I stick a tag in your ear with my name and number on it?" Micha let a playful grin spread over her lips.

"Why, afraid I'll wander off into someone else's pasture?"

"Afraid you'll get rustled."

"Better tattoo it on, then, more permanent." Erkki was immersed in caressing her rear, fingers teasing the deep cleft between her thick cheeks. She slowly arched into it, her stubby tail twitching in pleasure.

"Fine then...nn..drop trou. I'll tattoo it on your ass." Her teeth showed in a wide grin.

Erkki feigned insult. "My word... I don't drop my trousers on a first date...."

Micha simply glared at him, then smiled.

He shrugged with a smile, and then untied his shorts, shuffling them down. From where she'd rested against the table, Micha looked back, taking in the sight of him disrobing, the rabbit's grey and black pelt given over to a shock of ivory white about his belly. His shaft hung in front of him, thicker with a half-erection, with ivory-furred balls beneath. She rumbled, and idly nibbled on a pretzel as she admired the view.

"....good thing this isn't our first date, huh?" she quipped.

"Damn good thing." Erkki stepped out of his shorts, kicking them off to the side. He stepped forwards, hugging the bigger girl from behind with his long, skinny arms, cradling her thick frame against him. His hips came to rest and press into her thick rear, and he let his hands caress along her sides and soft belly, circling both around her girth before slipping under her shirt to slowly pull it upwards.

"You got this shirt on our first date, even." He leaned in, delivering a warm, lingering kiss to her neck. She tilted into it with a smile, eyes lidded.

"Mmmhmm. Mesa Music Festival. You basically tricked me into a date." One of her large hands slid back to grasp at Erkki's hip, nearly palming the rabbit's slender, smaller frame. For his part, he groaned, then smiled before nibbling at her neck.

"I did not. I mean, I asked if you wanted to go to a music festival with some friends of mine. I just, you know, omitted that the "friends" part was ten thousand other ticketholders."

"Slight omission."

"Hey, they were all friendly, right?" The rabbit's hands caressed Micha's soft belly again, eliciting a gasp and whine from her. He felt over her rounded curves before letting his hands go their separate ways; one cruising further up her shirt to caress the underside of her soft, heavy breasts, the other nudging down, fingertips catching in and tugging lightly at the thick fur about her pudgy mound.

"They were all drunk as lords - of course they were..nnh...friendly..." She laughed and groaned again, rolling her hips into the fingers tangling in her bush, and then grinding back to press her rear end into his hips; her thick, soft cheeks mashing up against the rabbit's burgeoning erection. "You sure Lin won't come trodding over that hill to save you?"

Erkki busied his fingers about his lover's lap, combing through that coarse fur before letting his fingers sneak down further, tracing the thick, soft lips of her sex. Increasingly, he was losing concentration, feeling her insistent push back against him, those soft, furry globes teasing and stroking gently along his bare shaft, making it thicken even more in anticipation.

"Mmmh. No, I think he won't dare come out of his tent until I tell him that I've slayed the beast." He hunched his hips back to her rear, driving his cock through the bare cheeks of her ass. His paw caressed further up into her shirt, deft, curious fingers seeking out the bear's thick, ebony nipples; and upon finding them, gifting them a gentle roll and firm tug, eliciting a soft moan from her lips, her eyes lidding slowly.

" least tamed her..?"

"Fat chance of that. I know my lady bear, and I wouldn't want her tamed anyways."

"Good boy...nnh." Micha groaned, clasping her hand atop Erkki's through her shirt, clutching it to her breast. She felt him grow fully erect against her, and as he shifted, she felt him ride the belly of it between the cheeks, dipping between them and thrusting upwards, only to nudge her small tail this way or that. It sent a delightful shiver up her spine and made her hackles rise in pleasure.

The rabbit busied himself, nibbling lovingly upon her nape, clutched against her soft body and breathing in her scent, letting himself be carried by it. They danced erotic, familiar dances; a ritual that was always different in its thrill and draw. Every movement, every pointed grind and loving caress was as if they experimenting with different combinations used to unlock each other's passions every time, each approach having a uniqueness that wound the other up further.

She was bigger than him by a fair amount, but he loved that about her. He could fill his arms with her, and that still wasn't enough to sate him. For her part, she seemed to love having a lover that was smaller than her, and she'd gladly let him just worship every inch of her body until he feared she might maul him. He could spend hours nibbling about her every thick, soft curve, and still have some left. He felt very much like an explorer, and she loved to be explored.

There was a communication between them, wordless and primal now, and when he drew his hips back, the tip of his cock lightly brushing down the cleft of her rear, she knew, and simply dug her feet into warm sand, arching back for the movement that came next.

" don't think anyone's going to wander in for a midnight snack?" Micha was all smiles, her slight protest only playful.

"I think you're the only wild, hungry animal about tonight."

"I can think of one other..." She let a quiet gasp, feeling his cock brush the backs of her thighs.

Erkki could only barely spare one of his hands, too much enjoying feeling Micha all over...caressing along the subtle, inwards line from her soft belly to her hot lap, or enjoying the feel of hefting one of her heavy breasts and rolling the fat nipple about. She was all too wonderful to him to stop, but he reluctantly left her breast, using that hand instead to grasp his shaft about the base. He guided his tip down the cleft of her rear with deliberate, languid motions, making her shudder and growl back at him. When his length came to rest between her thighs, the touch of her thick, hot vulva about his tip made both tense at the contact. Before long, he pressed forwards; a steady and gentle pressure applied as his shaft rubbed between her ebony lips, drawing that soft flesh about him. He found purchase, and slowly sunk his bare, pale length into the bear's thick, dark sex, easing forwards only to stop as his ivory furred pouch came to rest against her black-furred mound.

They both held each other, Erkki's hands coming back to rest against her chest, pulling that shirt up past her breasts to expose her round, heavy chest to moonlight. His fingers lightly captured her thick, ebony nipples, his lips and teeth applied in measured doses along her collar. Micha's hips shifted sinuously from side to side, stirring her flesh about his cock, making the rabbit moan out and arch to her, rising onto his toes. His tail flagged up behind him, a white spade above his narrow, muscular rear, the ivory pouch of his balls visible just under, pressed tight against the bear's mound.

He held her tight, an arm wrapped about her waist and clutching onto the soft of her belly as his hips held still. He stirred to action only when the caress of her large hand along his hip urged him on, the bear's thick claws dragging through his fur, and scratching lightly along the tender flesh beneath. With a soft nuzzle to her nape, his hips drew back, and quickly he found himself in a steady, firm rhythm with her. His hips clapped against her plump backside, urging it into a bounce, sending her slightly against the table she'd precariously balanced herself upon.

Their combined motions drew a breathy groan from the lady bear, and her dark flesh rippled around his length, a greedy tug and clench aiming to keep him within, adding to the exquisite, slippery resistance he met. Increasingly, she found herself close to knocking the camp table over on its side, her heavyset body bouncing with each thrust, a pace that only picked up as they kept at each other.

Micha lifted a hand to her chest to steady her breasts as they bounced, colliding with Erkki's for a moment as he reached to do the same. Their fingers intertwined as their muzzles met, sharing a deep kiss that proved difficult to keep by virtue of how the both of them had quickly worked the other into bliss.

Their breath came in quick, heavy, and pointed gasps - an underlying rhythm to the increasingly wet and frantic sounds of lovemaking that their bodies made against each other. Micha paid little attention to steadying her chest; settling for clutching Erkki's paw to her breast possessively. She relished in the subtle whines she drew from his lips whenever she twisted her ass back into him, and when she beared down on the rabbit's slender, eager shaft, encouraging him to thrust deeper. It made him shudder, and, quickly, his motions against her became a series of long, deep, and steady thrusts, his length nearly slipped clear of her before he pushed back in once more, hips again loudly clapping that broad ass of hers.

His motions gradually came with more abandon, less a conscious movement now, and more one driven by instinct, feeling pressure welling up inside him. She thought for a moment that perhaps she might get him to slow down, but she was grinding back eagerly as well, humping into his motions and moaning out loud enough to make her blush, hoping the rest of the camp hadn't heard.

Erkki clutched Micha tight, holding her against him, sinking his hands into her bulk, his own loud moans muffled only by how he kissed and nuzzled along her neck and shoulders. He felt his cock swell and throb; she must have felt it as well, as the following clutch and squeeze she gave his him brought him past his peak, and the rabbit bucked against her, holding his breath as he came, his cock pulsing his seed deep into her sex. His hands caressed up towards her chest, holding her close. Her hips pushed and ground into his lap, not letting him draw back, her body shuddering in his arms.

Erkki relaxed just enough to start breathing, panting against Micha's neck, rubbing his muzzle to her. One last buck and grind against her chubby rear, and the rabbit could feel a sticky, hot trickle from her sex that rolled down his balls before her hands came to rest on his hips. They were both panting by now, both hazed and hot; before long, their muzzles met again, and they shared a long kiss, hands caressing the other's in post-coital bliss. It was Erkki that spoke first.

"So, uh...mmh...when I pictured myself slaying the beast, this isn't exactly what I had in mind." Erkki grinned, before kissing at her shoulders.

"I'll remember that you think me a beast next time I wake up at your place, and you've forgot to make coffee." Micha smiled back at him, then slowly drew her hips forwards so she could turn to face him. A soft gasp passed her lips when the rabbit's length slid from her sex, her cheeks staying warm when she turned to him.

Erkki leaned in to kiss her on the lips. "Hey, I keep saying you need to bring over an actual coffee maker. You know all I have is the old percolator in my camping supplies."

"Mmmhmm. You're the wake and bake type, I know."

"Damn straight. But you could leave something at my place, that'd be juuust fine. I promise I won't drink all the good stuff."

Micha bit her bottom lip, and she let her hands caress his chest. "Maybe a change of clothes, too?"

Erkki laughed and smiled. "Of course."

"A few toiletries? Some shampoo and whatever, you know..." She felt conscious of how she was looking him straight in the eyes.

"...I'll clear a cabinet or two for you, sure!" Erkki leaned in and rubbed his cheek to hers. "The obvious retort now is 'Why don't you just move in?'"

Micha shuffled her hips and held on to him tightly.

"It's okay. If you want to. I mean, I wouldn't mind." Erkki smiled, and she looked up at him. "Actually, I'd been meaning to ask if you wanted to. I know your lease is up at the end of the summer...."

Micha nodded to him. She felt her bottom lip quiver, and for a moment, the big, punkish bear felt herself a little girl. "..I'd really like that."

Erkki picked up on her shyness, and nibbled at her bottom lip. "Me too. We've had a lot of good adventures. I think I'd like to have a few more."

Micha barely gave him time to finish before she had her strong arms all around his lithe frame, squeezing the breath out of him. She kissed at his lips and tucked her head in against his neck. He squeaked, caught unaware, then caressed his hands across her hips, arms held immobile by her grip.

"...erk..and you know, having my own big teddybear to curl up against all night isn't a bad deal. Yeah, a big, stuffed animal, with cute eyes, big knockers, and a pretty, pink bow tied about her neck..."

Micha squeezed tighter. "I could snap your spine right now, you realize."

Erkki squirmed. "...point blue bow, then?"



Erkki and Micha cleaned up the campsite and made their way back towards the beach. She'd fixed a sandwich for the both of them, and they were snacking happily, arms wrapped about the other. The blanket that Erkki had laid out was close by, and the flashing of light inside Lin's tent caught his eye. Lin was probably still up, and still paranoid. He looked to Micha, whom had an ever-increasing smirk on her lips. She leaned in, whispering into the rabbit's ears.

Erkki grinned and nodded, taking Micha's half of the sandwich, watching her wander towards the tent, bare feet starting to stomp the ground. He straightened his back and cleared his throat. Micha smiled back at him and let out a titanic roar, right at the tent.

"OH GOD! GET TO THE RAFT! Lin, save yourself!"

Micha continued to roar, stomp, and started to shake Lin's tent

A squeaky, panicked voice spoke up "Aah! What is it? Some sort of predator? What do I do, Erkki? It's trying to get into the tent!!"

"RUN YOU FOOL. GET INTO THE WATER." Erkki made a strangled sound. "I'll hold it off, RUN!"

Lin nearly flew out of the tent, leaving a rooster's tail of sand in his wake as he ran, full sprint in just boxers, towards the shoreline. By the time his feet hit the first waves at the shore, Erkki and Micha were buckled over each other, and when he lost his balance and flew face first into the river, the bear and rabbit were laughing, doubled over.

"What's going on out here? You guys are gonna wake up the entire river...." Charli had come out of her tent and was standing by Micha and Erkki.

Micha had lost it and buried her face against Erkki's chest. He was on the verge of crying from laughter, and one glance at Chari, clad in flannel pajamas, crosseyed without her glasses, and clutching a stuffed wallaby to her chest threw him back over the edge. The bewilderment and confusion on her face matched only by the confusion and building embarrassment in Lin's face, arms crossed over his chest and knees bucked, soaked head to toe in ice water.

Charli lifted her glasses and put them on.

"Lin....why in the world would you go for a swim now? Are you daft? You'll catch cold."

Lin just glared, then laughed and shook his head...

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