Netherhiem 09

Story by Arkham_Beast on SoFurry

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Another sleepless week for Hydrus and the other members of W.A.

It was now almost 3 weeks since Hydrus received the call from his secretary telling him that they found the runaway master thieves Hansel and Gretel, but the two have been eluding them ever since, but the W.A. memorized there thought pattern, so they know where to go and where the two will strike.

It's only a matter of time now.

Hydrus' phone, began beeping as he was going through some files and reports about the new supers and their progress.

He picked up the phone, "Hello?"

"Hi honey" it was Jim, "Are going to be home late again today?"

"I'm afraid so sweetheart" He rubbed his eyes as he spoke, staying impossible hours, and going home late, getting little to almost no sleep.

"Well, we will leave you some leftovers, we made you favorite today, meatballs and gravy"

"Lovely, thank you babe"

"Just take care of yourself, please"

"I will sweetie, I will" and the phone call ended.

Hydrus slammed his fist on the desk, "Right after I wring those filthy thieves' necks"

At the training halls.

Toby and Nobu's training began showing progress.

Toby now could go a few minutes without the special gloves, and his combat skills increased drastically, almost giving Nobu a hard time.



Toby was once again thrown to the training mat.

Him and Nobu were panting slightly, with Toby not much as they first began, the yoga practices and combat training built up his stamina.

Nobu straightened from his stance, before walking to the still laying human, "You're becoming quite the fighter, a few more sessions like this and you can take on opponents almost ten times your size"

He extended a hand to help Toby up, Toby took the hand.

Before pulling Nobu to the mat and straddling his chest, pumping his arms in the air triumphantly, "YES!! Finally payback baby "

He leaned to face his mentor with a wide smile on his face, "Eat that mister martial arts master, HA"

His victory was short lived.

Nobu managed to catch him off guard, flipping him on the ground as well, and laying on top of him, "You're still years from pinning me to the ground"

"Oh yeah!?" Toby once again threw his mentor to the ground.

And the two began wrestling, both laughing with goofy smiles on their faces, before stopping with Toby once again, on his mentor's chest.

When the two calmed down however, both realized their position, but neither made a move to get up or straighten themselves.

Both looked at each other with shock, but those looks turned to longing with a slight hint of lust.

Unconsciously they began leaning towards the other.

Their lips were mere inches apart.


The alarm signaling the end of their training sounded, waking them from their daze, giving both the chance to untangle themselves from the other, and straightening themselves.

Nobu went over to turn off the alarm, before hesitantly looking back on Toby, "So..... um....w-want to grab a shower?" He mentally smacked himself for sounding like a desperate perv.

Toby didn't look at him, "N-no I-I-I'll shower later, going to do some more meditation"

Nobu nodded silently, before going to the locker room, luckily no one was there to see his growing bulge.

He grabbed his shower equipment and stood under a shower head, turning the knob, releasing the warm water.

As he stood there, different scenarios played in his mind regarding how things would have went if the alarm didn't go off.

His own red rod began appearing out of its hiding place.

He looked down, his breath becoming heavy, he grabbed his balls, massage them to spur his erection on, no reason to go to bed with blue balls.

When his knotted rocket appeared, it was almost 11 inches, with a wide girth.

He grabbed it with one hand, pumping softly, the images from before came back to his mind, but he managed to concentrate on only on.

He was with Toby in the training hall, at that sweet and lovely moment before the alarm, this time the blasted thing didn't go off, their lips were tightly locked to each other.

Toby took the initiative, running his hands under Nobu's shirt, caressing his pecs and nipples.

They released the kiss to allow them to take off their clothes, before returning to their tongue wrestling, this time Nobu was on top.

After a few minutes, he released the kiss before going down Toby's smooth body, kissing and licking all the way.

When he reached his white rod, he engulfed it in one go, taking it in his muzzle and throat.

Toby moaned loudly, bucking his hips weakly, unable to control his body due to the pleasurable assault.

A few more minutes of licking and sucking, Nobu got off the Toby's cock, only to grab his thighs, and lift the up and over Toby's head, almost bending the human in half.

Nobu wasted no time, sniffing and licking around Toby's hole, before pushing his tongue inside.

Toby almost screamed with pleasure, but the he could not find his voice, instead silently, surrendered himself to the pleasure.

Nobu had had enough, he put Toby's legs down, before lining his cock.

Just as he was pushing inside, his imagination popped bringing him back to reality, "N-no, not n-now" he was very close to his climax, he wanted the images to last, but he couldn't himself in time.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!" he released a loud scream as he released his jizz on the shower wall, almost painting it whole.

He didn't know how many loads he shot, and he didn't bother counting, as he stood there panting and enjoying the afterglow.

He leaned his head on the shower wall, watching as his own cum was washed away by the water.

But what was really getting to him was the images in his head, felt to real to be mere imagination.

Back in the training hall, Toby was sitting on floor already finished with his meditation.

And a streamline of cum, a few centimeters in front of him, with his own, 7 incher in hand, biting down on his shirt, to keeo from making any unnecessary noises.

His imagination felt real to him as well.

Since he and Nobu daydreamed of exactly the same thing.

Back at the Lonebloods residence.

Hydrus' friends, Jason the golden retriever and the twin Siamese cats, Dave and Kevin, were sitting in the garden, admiring Hydrus' choice in flora.

Jason suddenly stood up from his seat, "I'm going out for a while, you guys want something?"

The twins shook their heads silently, Jason then made his way to his room for a change of clothes.

He passed by the other rooms, which were occupied by the other members of their group, only to hear soft sobbing from one of them.

one of his floppy ears rose up a little to hear properly.

It came from Sanji's room.

He opened the door slowly, but the sobbing stopped.

He stepped into the room, "You okay Sanji?"

Sanji turned to him, with slightly red eyes, but a weak smile, "Yeah I'm fine, did you want something?"

"Sure didn't sound like your fine" Jason pressed on, leaning on the door.

Sanji's smile faded, and looked back at a picture of him and a leaopard.

Jason saw the picture, with anger suddenly rising in him, he went over and swiped the picture from akita's hands.

"Hey, give it back" Sanji tried to reach for the picture, but being in a wheelchair had it's downsides.

"I thought we all told you to forget the fucking asshole, or did you not remember what he did to you?"

Sanji calmed down, but only to cry openly this time.

Feeling a little guilty, Jason kneeled in front of him, offering a hug, which Sanji immediately accept.

The panther was Sanji's ex.

At the beginning, the two were going steady together, the panther was from a wealthy family, which allowed him to get some authority.

But with time, things began going downhill, Sanji would come with bruises, cuts and a black eye, and when asked about where he got those, he would just come up with some weird excuse, or simply change the subject.

But Hydrus knew better.

He was living with one of his uncles at the time for the duration of highschool, with the said uncle being a private detective, Hydrus picked some stakeout skills from watching him, and found exactly what was wrong with Sanji.

Sanji's boyfriend, who he found out later his name was Kenichi Sawatari, was cut-off from his family's influence and money, which really pissed him off.

And began using Sanji as a stress reliever, beating him up, raping him and generally treating him like shit.

Hydrus didn't want to want to start talking until Sanji himself decided to, but he still confronted Kenichi about his treatment of Sanji his reply simply pissed Hydrus off, "I can do whatever I want with what belongs to me, since he is my boyfriend, he is my property, so you can't tell me how to treat him, I own him, so he better be grateful that someone of my stature would even look at a worm like him"

It took all of Hydrus' will power not to murder the guy, tear him to pieces and throw the remains in a volcano.

Cause Hydrus despite his 'morals' he is easily tempted.

Hydrus tried to convince Sanji to leave the guy, but the akita refused, and to the point, of telling Hydrus to leave him alone and get out of his life.

Which Hydrus silently agreed to.

Since then, he stopped staking out Sanji and his boyfriend, if you can even call him that anymore.

To make matters worse, the guy discovered drugs.

Going to impossible lengths, to obtain money to buy whatever poison he wanted, even began selling some himself.

He of course had to drag Sanji with him.

Making him 'sample some of the aphrodisiacs he buys, a ridiculous attempt to 'spice' their sex life.

Then came the last straw of Hydrus' patience.

Sanji managed to refuse taking anymore drugs from Kenichi, angering the panther into rage.

He began beating him to an inch of his life, finishing his rage by pushing Sanji over the stairs, breaking his legs, which caused his paralysis.

When the police caught them the suspected Sanji of being an accomplice, due to the amount of drugs in his body.

But Hydrus came to his rescue, telling them of his stakeouts, and witnessing what the big feline did to the poor canine.

Sanji's charges were dropped, and Kenichi's increased even more.

The incident is what tipped Sanji's father, a well known lawyer to his son's sexuality, which he didn't take to lightly.

He disowned Sanji on the spot and infront of his friends and the doctors.

But Hydrus' uncle, took him in raising him as Hydrus' cousin.

Since then, Sanji lost every known contact with his whole family, throwing him into depression.

But he woke up from it with time with Hydrus and his uncle's help.

He was in rehap ever since, and was released from the hospital, two years later.

Sanji released the hug with Jason, with some remaining tears falling down his cheeks, which he rubbed them out.

"Don't worry, you will find someone better who deserves you" Jason gave him a soft smile before leaving.

A few minutes later.

Hydrus returned home, late again, stumbling and swaying with total fatigue.

He had a severe case of baggy eyes, barely seeing in front of him.

He made his way straight to his room, flopping down on the bed, not bothering with taking his clothes off.

Raymond and Luminai looked inside with worried faces, afraid that Hydrus' body won't be able to handle the stress.

They closed the door, afraid of leaving Hydrus alone.

The next morning.

It was close to the afternoon, but Hydrus was still asleep.

The family were lounging around the living room, with the kids at school, Raymond and Lex playing some video games, with Luminai and Wataru watching them.


The doorbell signaled the arrival of other members of the family.

"ALOHA my lovely family!!" A happy voice called from the doorway.

The others, got up quickly to the door, to find the remaining two of the family, Terrance Andrews, the hyena and Lucien Sears, the fox.

"HELLO!! How are you my darling family" before they could say anything else, the group grabbed them, covering their mouths, "SSSHHHHH!!!"

Terrance and Lucien both tried to remove the hands from their mouths to speak, but Watari managed to whisper to them, "Hydrus is asleep, he is very tired and have been for a few days, so please keep it quiet"

the two nodded furiously, everyone knew that a tired Hydrus is a force to reckon with.

The two began unpacking and giving out souvenirs, just as the boys came back from school, greeting the returned travelers with hugs.

A few hours of talking and memory recollecting, a loud bang came from the front door.

"Now who could that be?"


At the S.H.A Lance Burton, a.k.a Star Bolt, sat in his office still in depression of slowly losing his boyfriend: Rudolph Adams.

And to make matters worse, they lost contact with the agents they sent to keep taps on Hydrus and his family.

He wasn't in the mood to do any kind of work, his secretary doing his work for him, to relieve him of some of it.

Every time he tries to call Hydrus he either decides against it, or the line cuts before connecting.

He got up from his desk and made his way to Rudolph's room, his depressing aura repelling anyone in his way.

He arrived at the room, looking at his boyfriend, who was withering away slowly.

A doctor came into the room, doing some check-ups on the coyote.

When he left, Lance followed him out, on his way back to the office, he heard a two other employees talking.

"Heard what happened to professor Adams?"

"You mean the queer doc?" disgust was in his voice, perking Lance's ears, "What of it"

"They say he got some kind of parasite in his body, think it's contagious?"

"Hope not. Bad already that he is a faggot, now he got some weird germ in his body. He they don't release him any time soon"


An electric bolt struck one of them in the back, throwing him to the ground.

The other looked back at the source of the bolt.

And came face to face with Lance's furious face.

He charged at the other guy, a cat from what he recalled, grabbing him by the throat, and slamming him on the wall hard enough to crack it.

The other a lizard of sorts, managed to regain his balance, he charged at Lance, grabbing him from behind, pulling him off of his friend.

Their fight attracted the attention of many others, drawing the attention of one of the higher ups, a tall sheep with big horns, "What's going on here!?"

The fighting trio got off of each other before the cat replied, "This crazy asshole just attacked us for no reason"

The sheep turned to Lance, "Is this true?"

Lance remained silent, but still fuming with anger, breathing heavily with his nose.

"You know we don't tolerate fighting among employees" He called for a few security personnel, "Take him"

They cuffed Lance with special cuffs, built to suppress any kind of super power, taking him to a holding cell, until the higher ups decide what to do with him.

He sat in the corner, before holding his knees and crying softly to himself.

Back at the Loneblood residence.

The group went over to the front door, and found the rude visitor pushing Masamune aside, Luminai's eyes widened at recognizing the figure, "Asura!?"

Hydrus' oldest brother walked nonchalantly with his hands behind his back into the house.

Luminai stomped towards him, "What the hell are you doing here?"

"I came to take you and the kids back home" He noticed the kids in the back, with Solas hiding behind Victor and Lex.

"Well we're not coming back to you, you wouldn't care if we were there or not"

"As your husband, you have to listen to me"

"And if I don't?" Luminai crossed his arms angrily.

Asura silently walked past him, aiming for the children, only to have Lex and Victor block his path.

"Please move aside gentlemen" No response.

He then used his powers to throw them aside, with no one standing between him and the children, he grabbed Solas roughly by the wrist, Jiraya having unconsciously developed a fear of his father, remained stiff and silent, with his little brother crying for their father to let him go.

Luminai, shot a light bolt at his back, causing him to stagger a little, but he still had an iron grip on Solas' wrist.

Luminai this time tried a direct approach this time, only to be pushed aside.

Just then, vines erupted from the ground, wrapping around Asura tightly, forcing him to finally let go, allowing him to run for his mother, who held his crying form.

He was stunned at the vines, they were the cause of a very powerful and advanced elven spell.

He looked over at the source, only to find Tyron the mouse boy with his hands glowing and aiming at him, "Leave them alone you bully"

The spell was on an advanced tier, but if the user was weak then the spell will be as well, Asura broke free of the bonds releasing a shock wave that threw everyone away, before shooting a light orb at Tyron's feet, blowing him away as well.


A very loud mix between a screech and roar sounded throughout the house, shaking the very ground.

When Asura regained his senses, he felt of a murderous presence behind him, but he wasn't fast enough to dodge it.

He remembered a shadowy figure staring at him with the clear intent of murder, before engulfing him in darkness.

When the others regained their own senses, they looked around to find that Asura had disappeared.

"What happened?" Lex asked while rubbing the back of his head.

"Don't know bro, but glad that A-hole is gone" Victor replied with annoyance.

Luminai didn't care, he just held the crying Solas in his arms.

He hated how Asura treated their kids, but to hurt Solas like this, he didn't want anything to do with the Netherbeast anymore.

Asura began slowly waking up.

When his eyesight steadied, he looked around.

He was not on earth anymore.

And he was definitely not on Eizeldarm.

The place he was in, was like a void, with many kinds of ruined buildings, some broken into pieces, and other kinds of debris.

What caught his eye, was that most of said debris was floating in the air.

He was in a dimensional pocket of sorts, it was something very few Netherbeasts could do.

He heard loud footsteps behind him.

He turned around to Hydurs, but his form was different.

Instead of his normal black furred form, his fur was white with black tips, black hands and feet a black skull, that was engulfed in blue and red demonic fire and skeletal wings covered with the same flames.

Chains covered his body, acting like harnesses on his arms, legs and chest.

Asura stepped back slowly, "So the murder intent was really there?"

"Ditto" was Hydrus' only reply before he disappeared from sight.

Asura looked around frantically, but noticed Hydrus behind him a little too late and received a round house kick, that sent him flying to a piece of debris floating around.

Hydrus stood calmly in his place, waiting for Asura's move.

A large field of light surrounded Asura.

When it dispersed it revealed Asura's own Nether Form.

It was of a anthro lion, built with the same robot like body as Luminai, but with more muscle and six arms, even his mane was metallic in appearance.

"Let finally end this runt"

Hydrus didn't reply, but simply charged at his brother, who did the same.

Their collision caused a massive shock wave.

They began exchanging blows, with Asura receiving most, if not all of them.

When they broke off, the dashed away from each other, charging for big attacks.

Asura released a large beam of light, while Hydrus released a strong blue fire breath.

The two attacks collided, sending a series of shockwaves.

The two continued until Asura began to tire out, weakening his beam.

He was engulfed in Hydrus' flame attack a few seconds later.

He managed to kill the flames, but not without leaving some burn marks.

He again dashed at Hydrus, the two again exchanging blows, with Hydrus slowly gaining the upper hand.

Their fight continued for what seemed hours, but were truly a few minutes.

When they finally broke off again, Asura was heavily bruised and fatigued, while Hydrus remained literally untouched.

"Looks like great grandfather was right about you being a monster" He panted heavily, "But this will be the end of you" As he said it, he began gathering all his remaining powers into one fist.

Hydrus began doing the same, but instead of his fist, he began channeling his powers to his claws, wanting nothing more than to rip Asura to shreds for hurting his family.

Brother or not, Asura will fall by his hands.

Both gave out a battle cry before dashing at each other.

There attacks connected, sending an energy pulse around them, that destroyed half the debris around them.


At the Dune Riders' city of Sahhra.

Aladdin jumped from his bed, waking up from a nightmare of sorts.

He managed to catch his breath, before looking around his room.

Seeing nothing out of the ordinary, he released a sigh of relief, but heard a soft snore beside him.

He turned to find his pup servant sleeping soundly, with a soft smile on his face.

"Well he seems to be having a better dream" He got up and off of bed, waking to his wardrobe to choose his clothing for the day.

He chose to go shirtless, but wore his white scarf, and red pants.

As he left the room, he found his younger brother, Masrour a cobra naga waiting for him, "Good morning brother, how are you this fine day?"

"All is good brother, and how are you, and the little boy you keep around" Masrour licked his lips sarcastically.

Aladdin laughed a little, "Now now brother, he is still a young child, so he is off-limits"

"I know, I was just teasing. I was thinking of taking a walk around the city, would you like to join me brother?"

"Sure, I had nothing to do anyway"

A few minutes later, they were at the bazaar, walking around just to waste time, with Aladdin admiring a few by passers.


The turned to the commotion to find a few street guards chasing after a young looking figure in a tattered cloak.

The figure managed to pass by them, but Aladdin and Masrour gave him a head start.

Before the thief bumped into them a few minutes later.

Masrour managed to grab the thief before he tried to run again.

The collision caused the hood of the cloak to fall, revealing a human boy, almost 14 years old, "Now what is a cute thing like you doing here?"

The young boy was trying to get away from Masrour more than ever, but the guards managed to catch up to them, "Sorry you had to waste your time helping us my lord"

"No need for that, helping the subjects of our kingdom is the royal duty of a ruling family" Aladdin replied with a proud smile.

The guards took the boy and were on their way to lock him up, "Wait"

They turned back to Masrour, who was eyeing the young boy, "I will take him"

The others looked stunned at his request, except Aladdin, he knew that Masrour had a taste for young men and boys.

"But sir, he is a petty thief, he won't be of any good to you" One of the guards tried to reason with him.

"But I believe that wasn't a request"

The guards looked at each other briefly before complying to their princes wishes, and handing over the boy, keeping the cuffs on.

With the boy in hand, the trio returned to the palace, with Masrour going straight to his room, dragging the young boy behind him.

When they arrived, the boy managed to slip from his grip running to a corner taking a fatal position in it.

This confused Masrour, since he wasn't even being rough with the boy.

He slithered towards the boy slowly, and tried to touch him, but the boy simply whimpered and tightened his position.

"Are you by any chance afraid of snakes my boy?" The boy was surprised at the genuine concern in Masrour's voice.

"No sir" The boy managed to sniffle, "I'm afraid of reptiles in general"

Masrour released a deep sigh putting his fists on his hips, "Well isn't this just lovely"

Back with Hydrus and Asura.

They managed to break off for the final time.

Despite their final clash, both seemed relatively unharmed from it.

Asura was growling at something, while Hydrus still had the uninterested expression on his face.

"Get out of the way Harlequin!!" Asura yelled loudly at the figure standing between them.

The figure had a weird form.

It looked like a original jester, but without the weird colors and makeup.

Instead, this clown was metallic in appearance, with sleeve-like arms, which were longer than it's body, with large claws coming out of the end.

It's face was a metallic structure, resembling a grinning fox, but was actually almost engraved on its face, with the back of the head showing golden blonde hair.

Its overall color was silver with red and golden trims.

"Too bad master Asura, his great majesty clearly ordered me to stop you from killing each other, or master Hydrus from killing you to be precise"

"I said get out of my way"

The jester's toothy expression remained, but his face, fazed and shifted into a frown, "Sheesh no need to be hostile, after all, it was orders from you great grandfather"

Asura stiffened at this, "What?"

Harlequin's expression again fazed into a surprised smile this time, "Oh, which reminds me" He pulled back his collar in an almost cartoonish way, rummaging around for something, before pulling out a disk relic.

"A message from your great grandpa" He then threw the disk right in front of Asura.

A few seconds later, the disk began floating a few inches from the ground, before opening to smaller pieces, and glowing faintly with arcane energy.

A few seconds after, the image of the Overlord himself appeared.

"Great grandfather" Asura whispered slightly with admiration, then proceeded to kneel.

Hydrus however didn't imitate his brother but simply crossed his arms, waiting for their grandfather to give Asura his slap in the wrist.

"My child" the Overlord addressed Asura, with a slightly irritated tone, one that Hydrus rarely heard him use, "You truly disappoint me"

Both Feral and Myth beasts looked at their gr. grandfather with stunned expression, but it was Asura who spoke, "My lord, I don't understand"

"DON'T, play dumb with me boy" His voice turned from irritation to disgust in an instance, "You know very well what disappointed me in you"

Asura's gaze fell on the floor beneath him, his gaze shooting in all directions, hoping to find the reason his gr. grandfather spoke of.

"Is that a way to treat your family?" The Overlord, gave him the answer, "I thought I raised you better than this"

Asura tried to talk back, but his gr. grandfather cut him off, "You don't just mistreat them, but you expect them to give you respect you don't deserve, scaring your children into submission, and hurting your mate emotionally"

Asura hung his head with shame, but the Overlord continued, "Can't you be like Mephisto or Hydrus, they treat their mates with love and care, and Hydrus treats his children, all of them like they were his own" The Overlord put his hands behind his back, "But I have the solution for all this"

Asura looked at him, waiting for his words, "From here on out, your mateship with Luminai is brocken, and you are forbidden from pursuing another. Until you fix this mightier than thou attitude, then I will think about convincing Lumianai to come back to you"

Asura was stunned beyond words, but managed to talk back, "What!? You can't do that"

"I can, and just did" he snapped his fingers, the band on Asura's finger, cracked before breaking completely, the pieces falling to the floor.

Along with Asura's broken heart.

Back in Hydrus' home.

The family and Luminai were looking for Hydrus and Asura around the house.

Before a very bright light came from the garden.

Everyone made their way to the garden, Lex, Victor and Watari remained to watch over the kids.

Jim, Sanji and Luminai, arrived to find Hydrus and Asura standing there in the middle, back in their mortal forms, both with grim expressions on their faces.

Jim and Sanji, quickly made their way to Hydrus, Jim hugging his husband close, while Sanji patted his back.

Asura raised his head to look at Luminai, who had tears falling down his cheeks.

Luminai ran in their direction, Asura spread his arms slightly, Waiting for Luminai's warm embrace.

But he only got the deathly cold reception, since Luminai ran past him, almost tackling Hydrus down.

With that, Asura felt the destruction of what remained of his heart.

"I thought we lost you, we couldn't find you anywhere" Luminai stated with teary eyes.

"Don't worry, had something to talk with my brother about" He replied with a wide smile on his face.

"What is he still doing here anyway" Jim asked Hydrus, with hate and disgust, aimed at Asura.

The slim raccoon was about to go and ask him to leave, but Hydrus placed a hand on his shoulder, stopping him, "Don't worry babe, he was just leaving" He turned a hateful gaze to Asura, "Weren't you brother?"

Asura just nodded weakly, before opening a portal in thin air, looking back at Luminai.

Luminai when he looked at him this time, saw only sadness and sorrow, and two more emotions he didn't feel for a long time: love and longing.

He wanted to say something, but instantly remembered how Asura treated him and his children for the past few years, turning his head away and holding Hydrus in a tight hug, the latter accepting it immediately.

When Asura walked back through the portal, everyone released a deep breath of relief, making their way back inside the house.

Hydrus was greeted like a soldier who came back from war.

After receiving countless hugs and kisses, he turned to Tyron, "And is there something you want to tell me Ty?"

The little mouse held his hands behind his back, looking at his feet, "I'm sorry dad, I was reading some of your magic books and practicing their spells without telling you"

"Any reason you did so and didn't think to tell me?"

"At first, I was just curious, wanted to see what I can do, but when I saw you fighting the bad guys in the news, I wanted to be like you, and use my powers to help others"

Hydrus extended his hand, Tyron flinching expecting a scolding from his adoptive father, but instead received a pet on the head, when he raised it, he saw a wide smile on his father's face.

"I'm proud of you Ty, you learning gave you the capability to protect someone indeed, your family"

Ty had a proud smile on his face from Hydrus' praise.

Everyone made their way to the lounge for a little break from all the action today.

Hydrus however excused himself, going to his den.

When he arrived, he sat at his desk, calling his gr. grandfather through the crystal ball.

The Overlord answered with a wide smile on his face, "Hello son, how are you? Hope Asura didn't give anymore trouble"

"No he didn't great gran" That was Hydrus exclusive nickname for him, "But was it necessary to do that?"

"Hydrus, it wasn't just for Luminai, Asura's attitude is rubbing everyone the wrong way, it even started getting on my nerves, he is lucky that was all I did"

Hydrus dropped the matter since it was clear that his gr. grandfather's mind was made, then it clicked in his head, "Hey great gran, about the Festival of the First Hunt this year?"


"How about we make it bigger than usual this year?"

"How?" This should be interesting

"How about, we send invitations to all Netherbeast collectives? we could meet old friends and make new ones, you can even invite Nobu's family"

The Overlord's eyes bugged out of their sockets, "That's....not a bad idea, it's perfect, this year will be big, no huge, no HUMONGUS. I'll get to those invitations right away. Ooooh, this will be very exciting, talk later, tata for now"

And there link was cut.

Hydrus left the den to join his family with an even wider smile.

At the W.A. it was in the early times of the evening, so the trainees were all either in their rooms or walking around the training facility.

Toby was in his room, pacing around thinking deeply about something.

He was remembering his last training session with Nobu.

Concentrating on the feelings he got when they wrestled, how their bodies rubbed together and how hot it seemed.

But what he also remembered was the feelings of content, happiness and safety, like nothing could touch him as long as Nobu was near.

Then he realize it: the simple crush he had had turned to absolute love, it had for a long time.

And now, he can't take it anymore, he had to tell Nobu, or at least make sure he liked him as well, if the moment they had after training was any indication.

He stopped pacing with a determined look on his face, he was going to his room, and make sure once and for all.

When he opened his door, he was stunned at who was there, ready to knock on the door.

"Instructor Nobu?"

"Hello To- Parker, can I come in?"

Toby simply stepped aside, allowing the tall jackal to come in, closing the door behind him.

"Is there something you wanted to talk about sir?"

Nobu turned to him, looking confused, but he straightened himself before speaking, "Toby, what happened last time, was probably a mistake, we both were high on adrenaline and weren't thinking straight" Toby's heart sunk at what he was hearing, "But despite that, I just couldn't get it out of my mind, and I know I will sound like a creep now, but here goes"

He took a deep breath, "Ever since we met in that alley, I had a crush on you... no, no it was love at first sight, ever since then, I wanted to be close to you, and hold you, and never let you go, but I knew that me being older will cause some question that neither of us want to answer or even think about, but I can't take it anymore, I can't get you out of my mind and deep down I didn't want to" He took another deep breath to calm himself, "What I want to say is: I love you Toby Parker, ever since we met in that brief moment, and I hope from the bottom of my heart, that you would feel the same way about me"

Toby was lost for words, every time he opened his mouth to say something, nothing came out.

Nobu let out a deep sigh, "I'm sorry for dropping all this on you suddenly. I'll just leave you for now"

As he was making his way to the door, Toby's hand grabbed his larger arm tight, not daring to let go.

"Toby? You okay" he turned to him, holding both shoulders in his huge hands.

He didn't know what happened next, but he was clear of one thing.

His lips were locked to Toby's in a hot passionate kiss.

After regaining his senses, Nobu was absorbed into the moment, wrapping his arms around Toby, but not tightly as to not hurt the smaller human.

When the broke off, they looked at each other with nothing but love.

Toby was the one who began, "Nobu. You just said what I was thinking for a long time, word by word, it was exactly how I was feeling, but every time I wanted to tell you, I feared that you just think of it as childish lust or something and just tell me to forget it" His eyes began getting moist, "But thank you, for saying what I wanted to hear, I loved as well, from the moment you saved my life, I admired you, and that turned to the love I now have for you"

Nobu then kissed Toby's forehead lightly, "So? When do we get married?"

That caught Toby of guard before he got the joke, and laughed along with Nobu.

After their laughing fit, the newly formed couple, laid down on Toby's bed, just staring at each other.

Toby then had a sudden worried look on his face, "Wait. Won't anyone ask if they didn't find you in your own office?"

Nobu sat up slightly, "Don't worry, the W.A aren't as tight-assed as the S.H.A, we are quite accepting, if not encouraging the idea of coupling, of all orientations. So even if they found us here, they will only see a happy couple sleeping together"

Toby's smile turned seductive, "Well in that case" He pounced on Nobu, pinning him down gong for another kiss.

But Nobu put a finger to his lips, "How about we take it slow for now?"

Toby then took Nobu's same hand, planting a kiss on it.

Nobu after a few seconds did the same, and then they both laid back down on the bed, both with wide smiles on their faces.

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