Legend High-Chapter 18

Story by The Bloody Seje on SoFurry

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#22 of Legend High

Warning: There will be M/Solo.

That is all. :P

Welcome back to the drama!

As I said, I was gonna continue my other stories once September came-considering I spent a whole August making smut.

So now, let's continue the chronicles of LH.


Tanner Volsorate-Human(Mine)

Peter/Py-Shan-Lugia/Shadow Lugia(Mine)

Vanessa Condria-Ho-Oh(Also Mine!)

Aurora(Ro)-Mew(Koraru Kinomoto's OC)

Kevin Enderson-Dialga(Mine but someone can have him)

Jackson Hellinger-Palkia(Mine but someone can have him)

Gaius-Groudon(ChronosSplicer's OC)

Mia Anderson-Kyogre(ALSO MINE!)

Jake Excher-Virizion(Mine for DAYS!)

Kyle Excher-Cobalion(Mine but someone can have this jerk-wad!)

Natalie-Shaymin(Mine but someone can have her)

Andy Bellington-Latios(Mine but I hate having him around. :P)

Morgan Banks-Raikou(Mine. Someone take this cat from me!)

Alegaesia Bellington-Latias(Mine but she can be someone's bae. :P)

Sol Verecunde-Reshiram(Solopuppy's OC)

Athena-Human(Mine but no one's knows her. :P)

Yvonne Jills-Yveltal(Related to Jethro, but has a special relation with someone.)

Jethro Jills-Yveltal(Mine but I hate his guts!)

Donny Anderson-Kyogre(Mine since he's a drama factor)

Last time on "Legend High"...

Tanner stared at Peter, expression stoic and unnerving but it didn't faze the determined Lugia. "You really just ran all the way here, expecting to sway me with a monologue about how much you care and love me, and dare to think I'd just say "Yes" because of what you did to right your wrong?"

"To be honest...That came up on the spot." Peter rubbed one of his wide hands against his head, feeling Mareephish for such spontaneous actions.

"Hmmm..." Tanner closed his eyes, deep in thought. Peter got off the floor and sat next to him, still hoping for a straight answer.

He waited...

And waited...


"...I'll think about it. Now's not the time for an obvious reason..." Tanner answered after several grueling minutes. He stared into the room's window, staring at his unconscious mother hooked up to vitals while Nelson watched over her.

Peter smiled; at least he didn't say "No". He got up, shaking his feathers before...giving Tanner a quick peck and running off.

"Don't forget about me~!" And like that the Lugia morph was out the door, leaving a slightly blushing yet still somber Tanner and wide assortment of stares from passerby...

Chapter 18: Those Goddamn Urges...

"Friendship is like a flame; it'll never burn out unless you snuff it out yourself.


One Week Later...

Peter walked down the street, humming his content as the sun bathed him in therapeutic heat. Despite his species, he preferred land over the sea; you'd find better fish up here than down there. He rounded a corner and saw his destination not too far from him. Filled with sudden energy, Peter dashed towards the house.

A moment none too soon, he was knocking on the door almost eagerly.

"Just a sec Pete!" Tanner's voice called from inside. Peter's heart fluttered at the sound, making him impatient.

_ *"Calm yourself Peter...He'll be out soon..." * _Py-Shan interrupted his thoughts, reminding Peter once again that the Season was coming and the first signs were already starting.

"I know but... It's been too long of a wait!" Before the Lugia morph could say more, Tanner opened the door, dressed in some regular day clothes.

"So...Sounds like big boy Pete can't be kept waiting for a simple minute. Am I right?" The human teased, snickering after he was done speaking. Peter snorted-which felt like a mini Aeroblast to Tanner as it ruffled his hair greatly-before replying,

"Not my fault; I just care about and love you too much for my own good."

"I guess you have a point." Tanner closed the door behind him, locking it so no one would break in and steal anything. Not like there was much; even though Mary was still in the hospital, the house was relatively empty due to Tanner taking advantage of her absence and Peter's drop-bys. "So...Where are we going Pete?"

At this, he blushed, rubbing his wide hand on the back of his neck. "U-uh...I kinda thought that...y-you knew a spot we could g-go to."

"Alrighty then. Tanner to the rescue, I guess. Come on, let's go to Rocho's." Tanner nudged Peter onward so they could go. The latter sighed before wrapping an arm around Tanner, enjoying the contact of another against him. He had missed this feeling. The human on the other hand feel flushed at this and nervously chuckled.

The walk to the cafe wasn't too long;the only thing that slowed them on their trek was street traffic. And just to check, they went along the side of the building first to see if the hole was still there. They were given a laugh as it only seemed to be covered by something wooden from the inside so patrons wouldn't notice.

"You know...if you look really closely, you could really see how much of an idiot he looked." Tanner and Peter jolted and turned behind them before seeing the creator of their amusement-Gaius.

"Oh hey Gaius." Tanner greeted, extending an arm to shake which was not left hanging.

"Hey guys...I really didn't want to come here...but everywhere else is closed so...I have to deal with it."

"Why's that?" Peter asked, head innocently tilted in confusion.

"Donny...That's all you need to know..." With that, Gaius went around to the front of the building to go in. Tanner and Peter followed suit not long after. It was relatively empty, save for themselves, Gaius and the daydreaming bartender known as Donny.

"Guess this could be a date...right Peter?"

"Y-yeah, let's go with that..." Peter hurried to get the subject away, his uncomfort noted silently by his Tanner, who simply didn't pursue it and sat at the bar table. Donny was staring through the glass he was cleaning, rubbing it over and over until it squeaked each time. It was obvious what he was doing considering it was pointed at Gaius.

"Uh...Don? Can you take my order please...? To go...?" The Groudon morph's question roused the Kyogre from his stupor.

"O-oh! Right, uh...Could you repeat it...?" The obvious blush on his navy blue face coulda been anything to Gaius, but he ignored it since he wasn't in the mood for it.

"I'll take a latte...to go." Gaius laid his head down on the table with a flop, making the wood of said object creak.

"Right. What about you guys?"

"I'll take a Mint!" Peter answered, rather enthusiastic for the atmosphere.

"Well now, someone's developing good taste. Since when did you like Mint?" Tanner commented, playfully raising an eyebrow. Peter blew a raspberry in his direction and didn't answer. Donny chuckled a little before sighing and giving them their orders. Getting his, Gaius left the cafe with his shoulders slumped.

"...Awww..." Donny moaned pitifully, putting his head in his arms. Peter took notice to it immediately-even if he was slurping his shake a bit too lewdly for normal.

"What's wrong Donny?" the Lugia morph sat down in front of the Sea Basin Pokemorph, hand over hand to show his support. Donny just sat there at first, so Peter sat there with him. Tanner slurped the last of his shake just as Donny looked up.

"Guess you're not gonna leave me alone?"


"[Sigh] Fine, I'll spill..." He sat up straight for this. "I...h-have...feelings for...G-gaius."

"Awww~! That's so sweet! Tell me more!" Now Peter was interested, holding his head up with both hands to show just how much of a gossiping schoolgirl he really looks like. Tanner drifted away from reality, so he didn't hear.

"It's like this...Even though I was...drunk off my ass...the kiss we had was...special.. I felt sparks I never felt before and...seeing him like that just makes my heart break piece by piece...I wanna be the one to make him smile...but I don't want to scare him away... Plus, Mia's been hounding the both of us since then and she won't leave me alone about it. Probably thinks I'm gonna get hurt by him or something..."

Monologue finished, he flopped back down on the table, but Peter stopped him, serious look on his face.

"Look here Donny, it doesn't matter what the conditions are. Love is a powerful thing and it will drive us up the wall, pun not intended. The fact that your sister is being paranoid and that Gaius is being mopey should not sway you from what you feel. Don't tuck your feelings away under some mask...it'll just break at the wrong time and make you say things you'd regret..."

Donny wasn't sure where this was going to be a good thing, considering it took a little bit of a dark turn, but Peter went on. "All you have to do...is throw those inhibitions down the loo and just say it. Or at least that's how Mom told me." With that, the Lugia morph sat down, drinking the rest of his shake. Donny was speechless, just sitting there looking lost in thought.

Then, with speed that almost made Tanner jump, he stood.

"I have to go do something..." And like that, he left, grabbing his jacket. Since they were the only ones there and Donny was the only worker, the couple had to leave with him. Donny locked the door with a snap and zoomed out the parking in his decently-modeled car.

"So...Where next?" Peter asked, tail waving nonchalantly.

"Hmm...I'm not sure where really. I only come to the cafe for things I want to do or for someone to talk to..." Tanner thought for a second...Then, an idea struck.

"My place?" That sent some scenarios into Peter's head, but he put those down. That's all for some time in the future...if they get that far.


"Oh, this'll be good..."

The human and Lugia walked up the main road to the house, watching the day drift off in the distance as the sun started to set. Peter watched the reddening orb of sunlight slowly drift further down the horizon with a slight hum. Then he felt it- a slight tingling on his arm. He looked and saw the feathers of his left arm-the one he had draped over Tanner darken to a inkish purple, spreading slowly like a sickness. He thought that not visibly seeing it would help, so he simply flipped his arm back so no one would see it. But he still felt it.

So much so, as when they got to the house several minutes later, he could feel that half his arm was a tingly mess. He fidgeted in place as Tanner dawdled a bit with the keys.

"Come on, where is it?" Tanner grumbled to himself, trying to get the last key in before it got too dark for him to see. His guest behind him bit his bottom lip to suppress a sigh that surely would have sounded like a moan.

_'Come on...Hurry up...' _His affected arm began acting like it had a mind of its own and settled itself onto Tanner's back, getting a huff out of the human. It rubbed slowly, not really feeling suspicious but to Peter it was slightly panic-inducing. Just as it got more brave and started drifting downwards...

"Ah, there we go." Tanner pushed the door open, the cool feeling of house-insinuated air hitting the troubled Lugia morph. As best as he could, he "casually" walked into the house behind him, closing the door and locking it.

"Make yourself at home Pe-."

"Can I use the bathroom?" A rather random question to ask, Tanner thought, as he stared at Peter confused. His constant leg shifting suggested he may needed to "let loose a golden shower", so to speak.

"Down the...hall..." Not even halfway through his response, the Diving Pokemorph had already gotten to the right room and locked the door as he slammed it shut. Tanner shrugged and turned the TV on, seeing if they had missed anything while they were out.

Meanwhile Peter was flustered beyond belief. He stared at himself panting in the mirror, groaning in what could be described as need. He shakily looked downwards, eyeing his tighter-than-usual jeans... He tore them off, surprisingly saving them from noticeable damage. A navy-blue and rather thick member of five-sixths of a foot in length jutted free from its clothed prison, twitching freely in the air.

"I-it's been...a whil-le..." Indeed, Peter can't remember the last time he jerked it, since he had been depressed lately and the thought of getting off with his hand sickened him. But now that the Season was drawing ever-so near, he couldn't really help himself as he reached down and clamped down on it firmly.

A watery shot of pre immediately hit the mirror, making Peter panic a bit before he started drowning in pleasure. He applied more pressure and some pre oozed down his length. With his lube ready, he started the gentleman's ritual of release. He stroked sparingly, making sure he got his cock nice and slick. This led to more imagery of what it could feel like...rutting~...-

No!...He's past that...Peter would never...gape a hole~...

_ *"Yes~...Don't hold back...Just let go...Relax~..." * _The sound of Py-Shan's voice had made him shiver in desire, his stroking becoming full-on pumping. The wet sounds of flesh being rubbed together upwards and downwards filled the small bathroom quickly, and Peter could feel a stir in his loins. A scenario began playing in his head, diverting his vision to his subconscious.

In it...was Tanner...naked...bent over...and ready...If there was a better description for how fast Peter was giving his member the royal treatment, it would be here.

_ *"Look at him~...Willing...All for you to take~..." * _This wasn't like Py-Shan to be so insistent on mating but...The imagery really showed its purpose. His blue balls-literally-were scrunching up, signaling his impending release...So close...Just a little more~...

_ *"Let's give you that extra push, shall we~?..." * _Then, the whole image changed, making the poor, pent-up teen whine in desperation. But...the hold-up would be worth it as the next image was...him and Tanner...mating...Just the sight of himself having intercourse with his mate sent a signal to his testes, his throbbing cock shooting voluminous ropes of semen onto the bathroom sink, floor, and even the mirror.

His afterglow was rather short, since the rational part of his mind came free of its lustful prison and reminded him of something...cleaning up. So with a rush, he turned the sink on and used whatever he thought he could to get rid of his past, naughty misdeed. Only using a few towels, the cum was mostly gone, save for a rather stubborn stain on the floor. Then-

"[Knock Knock Knock] You okay in there Pete? It's almost been an hour." Tanner's voice had almost made his heart drop to his stomach, especially when he heard that he's been in here for a while. Time really does fly when you jerk off. Washing his hands, he came out the bathroom as casual as he could.

"I'm alright Tanner. Just daydreaming on the can is all." Peter explained the spontaneous lie. Tanner nodded his understanding; everyone can't help but get lost in thought in the privacy of a lavatory.

"I guess that's a good one. But now that you're out, what're you gonna do? It's almost 9'O'clock." Tanner pointed at the grandfather clock down the hall, minute hand near the twelve while the hour hand was practically fingering the nine.



Peter tapped his fingertips together in nervousness and anticipation at this, "I was wondering if we c-could...s...s-s-sleep together..."

"Okay." That answer was not on Peter's list of possibilities, so his shocked stare was lost to the human in front of him.


"Sure...I mean, mom's not home...And I'm sure your parents would understand, right?"

"Yeah, they should." _"They'd KILL me if they knew I was here of all places..." _Peter kept that thought to himself, even as the two of them walked up the hallway and into Tanner's small den. Since he was familiar with it, Tanner immediately began getting ready for bed while Peter stood awkwardly at the door. By the time Tanner had gotten shirtless and clad in some sleeping pants, Peter had already adorned another hard-on and a blush to complete it.

"Uh...Pete?" Prior to that, the Lugia morph had been fantasizing Tanner in the bent-over position, so he practically did a bunny-hop in surprise.

"H-huh!? What?"

"It's...bedtime, buddy." Tanner took the stutter as just shyness and invited the Diving Pokemorph to his bed. Despite having the most innocent intentions, the gesture had made Peter throb. He silently took off his jeans, being his only article of clothing present before slipping into bed next to Tanner. "Feel better?"

"Mhm..." Feeling generally tired, Peter yawned before instinctively hugging Tanner to his chest, snuggling into the covers. Tanner had his mouth open to object, but it felt...nice...almost right to him. He just shrugged in the end and went to sleep.

In the middle of the night, everything was quiet, save for the only occupant's residing chamber. Peter was shifting back and forth in his slumber, unable to quell his yeast-like-rising lust. He groaned out loud before unconsciously hugging Tanner to him again, back-to-chest. His member poked back out from its hibernating cave, already at full-mast in seconds. Without a single inhibition, Peter began grinding against Tanner, pants providing a good, pleasurable friction to the sensitive organ.

Tanner was a deep sleeper, so he didn't shift or grumble as he was non-anally raped by his "bae". Hugging him closer, the Lugia morph began full-on fucking Tanner with the only barrier being his lower garments. His member hot-dogged between the human's posterior, feeling like a rough sock with air circulation. His breathing grew erratic, along with his thrusting as his earlier orgasm had left him tender still.

It wasn't long before the familiar throes of a climax claimed Peter again, making him jizz watery strands of cum onto Tanner's lower back and thighs. He slumped in his sleep and went to dream land...

The next morning, Tanner woke up to a rather interesting feeling...being wet. He looked down and saw some dry, flaky spots on his arms. He flicked them off and made to get up...only to feel the other spots.

"What the...?" He was confused. Where did all of this come from? Not even fully awake yet, he collected a slightly damp sample of the mysterious stain and detect a hint of saltwater and musk...

Dried cum...and who else could it have been than-

"Peter! Wake up!" Almost immediately, the Lugia morph was up and at it, meeting the unamused face of his "mate". He felt like he was on the spotlight, so the first thing he said was the first thing that came to mind...

"I...didn't do it...?"

A good way to revive something that has only collected little dust compare to other stories of mine.

As I've mentioned before, updates are erratic for me as school has started, projects will hold me back, and the countless numbers of scholarship essays will take away some of my writing time.

But enough about my life about being a senior, let's talk LH.

Peter and Tanner got back together! Gaius and Donny seem like they could become a thing! And Peter has a problem involving "Him"!

What will become of this "lust" Peter tries to contain? Is Tanner safe anymore? What if next time...it actually happens...instead of simple grinding?

Well, that's for me to plot and for you to think about as you read the last of this A/N. And for those who tune in to my lemon series...

You see what's in the lead...


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