Roommates: Chapter 3: Sweet Tooth

Story by DolledWolves on SoFurry

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#3 of Roommates

After a whole week of planning an entire weekend, two college friends, Yasmin and Lin, couldn't wait for the time for them to spend together as friends. Even though one of them wanted something more.

Story & Charterers (c) DolledWovles

Cover Art (c) CreamyGravy On DA

A few moments later...

Pacing around Yasmin's bedroom with only her oversized blue t-shirt covering her body, Lin listed to everything her mother had to say to her while she chewed on a king size chocolate bar, While Yasmin sat on the bed, wrapped in a fluffy white towel. What happened in the shower had both of the hounds worried about what was going on with Lin, but on the other side of the phone, Lin's mother seemed less than so.

"Now Lin-Lin, you shouldn't be worrying so much." Lin sighed at her mother's calm and almost distant tone of voice, wishing porcelain-white dragoness would show some kind of concern, but this is as good as it was going to get. "How about you explain everything again without something in your mouth? It's quite undignified for a lady to rush explaining things."

Lin broke off a piece of the chocolate bar out of her mouth, quickly swallowing it so she could properly explain things in a 'dignified' manner. "Mommy, I've explained it as best I could. Me and my... uh, girlfriend were in the shower when suddenly I just started to lose control over myself. As I was apologizing to her I suddenly just shot out fire! Mommy, my throat hurts and I'm really hungry right now what's going on?"

"Okay dear a few things." Lin rolled her eyes as she came to stop in front of the bed, knowing what was going to come next from her mother's mouth. "One, you really must calling me 'Mommy,' it isn't good for a girl your age, and I told you many times before to call me mother or mom. Secondly, you shouldn't shout over the phone, it's rude. Thirdly, a lady must stay calm in every situation, despite the rapid change of events. Understand me, young lady?"

Lin forced herself to stop a sigh leave her lips as she sat down next Yasmin. "Yes...Mother," she briefly sighed before getting back to the task at hand. "But can you please tell me what's going on? I shouldn't be breathing fire right? All the magic in the family went to Neva and Sin, and that was dad's magic. So why am I-"

"Because dear," the dragoness suddenly cut in, something Lin never thought she'd do in her life. "I knew one of your three were going to get my dragon's soul. And when I saw that Neva and Sin got your father's magic, I knew that you and Min were the ones that would inherit my magic." A sigh came from the dragoness leaving Lin confused. "Listen Lin, my magic is very powerful and dangerous. So I had your father place a hex on the both of you to keep your dragon heritage- at least the magic -suppressed until you became full grown."


"Don't interrupt Lin-Lin, it's rude," Lin's mother scold. "Anyway, I had planned to have your father undo the hex when you moved out on your own. Seems that your girlfriend- who is magical I'm assuming- beat me to it. No matter." Everything around Lin started to go blank as she tried to comprehend what her mother was saying, failing to do so. "Now what was this about you finally moving out?"

"Wait don't change the subject like that!" Lin shouted at her mother on the other side of the phone, standing up as she snorted out a small pink embers out of her nose. "You could at least tell me how to control this. I almost got my girlfriend hurt because of this, please Mommy,"

A small sigh came from Lin's mother, sounding displeased with the tone her daughter was taking with her. "Very well, but you don't have to yell," she said with another sigh while Lin sat back down on the bed. "That hunger in your stomach right now, that feeling of a bottomless pit inside of you, that would be a sort of never ending burning and they're two ways to keep it under control."

"Lemme guess, eating food and stuff right?" Lin questioned before taking another bite of the chocolate bar, making sure that her mother could hear her over the phone. "What's the second way?"

"Well..." Lin went quite, simply nodding her head blankly as she listened to what her mother had to say to her once again. By the time she was done, Lin was brightly blushing with the bar of chocolate in her mouth and as she tugged lightly on her slightly wet hair. "And do that for about a month or so, and you should have full control. Now about you moving out..."

"Uh, actually could we talk about that in the morning?" Lin asked in a calmer tone of voice that was near polar to what it was moments before. Her mother said a few more things, all of which Lin obediently nodded her head to as Lin glanced her eyes over towards Yasmin. "Y-yes ma'am, I'll talk to you and dad in the morning. Yes, in person, of course. Thanks Mother."

Lin hanged up the phone quickly after her mother had wished her a goodnight. She then placed the phone on the table in front of her before plopping down onto Yasmin's arm with a greatly defeated sigh.

"You ok Lin?" Yasmin asked as she wrapped her arm around Lin pulling her closer. Slowly Lin nodded her head. After, a few moments of silence Yasmin started to pet Lin's head. "So, what do your mom say about your fire breathing?"

Lin nuzzled further against Yasmin to find comfort from the conflicting emotions that was going through Lin's head. During the time, she thought about away to answer Yasmin's question some way that would make some kind of sense, soon sighing in defeat. "Okay so...when that discharge thingy hit me, mom says that it 'awoken' my dragon-blood a bit more. Which is changing my biology, sort of...I guess." Lin let out another sigh before she wrapped her arms around Yasmin's body, still unsure what to really think. "And there's only two real ways for me to control it."

"Well it doesn't seem so bad," Yasmin said with a hopeful smile as she ruffled Lin's still damp hair. But as Yasmin looked at Lin she still had the same defeated look on her face. "Are the two ways really that bad and what about your new 'friend'?" Yasmin asked with a raised eyebrow.

Another sigh left Lin's mouth again as she started to sit up before she lifted her shirt up over her waist to reveal that her shaft was still sitting in between her legs, almost looking thicker than it was before. "Yup, still there. Might have to just sit in the shower in the morning until this thing is gone," Lin said with a small laugh as she dropped her shirt back over herself in a lazy manner.

Lin then stood up from the bed to walk over to her duffel bag sitting on its side, dragging it by the straps over to sit on the floor in between the two hounds. "As for the two ways, mom said that I either eat until I'm not hungry. Or..."

"Or...What?" Yasmin asked. But after a few moments of Lin not saying anything to her. Yasmin was starting to get a little annoyed. 'With all these pauses, I feel like I'm in a soap opera,' Yasmin thought to herself as she sighed. "I'm not a mind reader Lin. What the other way you can get control over it?"

Lin's blush returned full force as she looked deep into Yasmin's deep purple eyes for a moment. "Okay," Lin started as she reached into her bag, fishing around inside of it until she felt she the whip cream can she had in there. "Mom also said that dragons have a natural physical desire that is linked with the internal fire inside of them." Lin moved her hand onto Yasmin's thigh, lightly squeezing it. "Meaning...Yasmin, I-I need your help 'relaxing' if you know what I mean."

A faint blush appeared on Yasmin's face as she feel Lin's hand slowly slid up her inner thigh. 'Lin getting that look in her eyes again,' Yasmin thought to herself as she slowly crawled back from Lin. "I-I-I get that Lin," Yasmin stuttered as Lin's hand keep sliding up as she moved away. Yasmin glanced at Lin's eyes seeing a soft neon-pink glow around her iris, which Yasmin is now noticing had turned into reptilian like slits. 'Lately, anytime she get that look in her I feel like I'm a just snack for her to enjoy,' Yasmin thought to herself as she blushed increased. "But, don't you think that you can just do it the first way." Yasmin nervously chuckle as she bumped the headrest of the bed.

"But Yasmin," Lin started as she began crawling towards Yasmin, her tail wrapping around the straps of her snacks filled duffel bag. Still unknown to Lin, her eyes again pulsed with a neon-pink light. "This way we could do both of them at the same time. You trust me don't you?" As Lin placed her hand back onto Yasmin's thigh while her purple and gray hair fell over her shoulders, Lin quickly snaked up to Yasmin's lips. "I promise not to bite...too hard."

A shiver traveled down Yasmin's spine as she felt the warmth of Lin's shaft rest on her thigh. "Y-yea, it does," Yasmin said. Her towel fell open as Lin leaned in closer to her. "L-Lin," Yasmin whispered before Lin slowly pulled her into a kiss.

Lin quickly pushed Yasmin down to her back, running her free hand over every inch of Yasmin's body. As Lin slid Yasmin over to the middle of the bed, she felt a fire grow inside of her chest, causing her to become more forceful in the kiss as she straddle Yasmin's thighs before pulling her down away from the headrest.

"S-sorry if this seems weird to you Yasmin, but it's for a good cause," Lin said as she stared down into Yasmin's purple eyes. She quickly wrapped her arms around Yasmin's legs and back, lifting her off the bed. The hound gave a squeal as she quickly took hold of her towel before she was carried off into the bedroom. Pushing the door open, Lin carried Yasmin all the way to the bed before placing Yasmin down.

She crawled on top of the hound's legs after lifting her duffel bag onto the bed. Lin used her the claw on her thumb to pop off the top of the whip cream can, sending it flying into Yasmin's wall, bouncing off the corner. While the sound of the top hitting floor reached the two hounds' ears, Lin began staring down Yasmin with growing hungry look.

"But I promise that you're gonna love it. I know I am," she said, licking her lips as she moved the top of the whip cream to Yasmin's exposed chest and began spraying. The white cream started to cover Yasmin's breasts while Yasmin moaned from the warmth of the cream. When Yasmin's chest was covered, Lin moved straight down the middle of the hound, going all the way to her nether regions where she covered much of Yasmin's lower belly.

With the cream in place, Lin dropped the can onto the bed in a careless manner, but she still wasn't done with the hound as she looked into her duffel bag to pull out a bottle of chocolate syrup she brought for ice-cream. Just like with the whip cream, Lin flipped up the cap of the bottle before squirting it over Yasmin's body, going in a zigzag pattern over the whip cream.

"Almost done Yazzie, and I have to say you are becoming the most delicious thing I've ever seen before," Lin said with a trail of drool going down her jaw as another trail of small purple embers left her mouth. The longer Lin stared down to the half-helpless look on Yasmin's face, the more desirable the hound became to her, and the more Lin wanted to toy with her. "J-just a few more and then the real fun can start."

"It seems like that stereotype is true." Yasmin said with a nervous chuckle as is looked at the hound on top of her. Lin, still rummaging through her duffel bag, soon stopped to look down at Yasmin with a curious look on her face. "You really don't know do you?" Yasmin asked in a disbelieving tone as she a raised eyebrow.

"Yasmin, just like you I'm not a mind reader. What is it?" Lin asked as she returned Yasmin's raised eyebrow, slightly miffed that it was interrupting her preparations for her 'snack.' "Wait a minute, is this some rip about me being half Chinese again?"

"Well, you are about to have a dog for a treat." Yasmin said coyly. Lin deadpanned at Yasmin as she turned back to rummage through her bag again. "So, what else does little Lin-Lin want to top her dog with?" Yasmin asked teasingly.

Lin didn't answer Yasmin for a moment as she reached for the box she was looking for, wickedly smiling. Turning back to Yasmin with the same wide smile on her face, Lin pop open the box of chocolate sticks called Pocky. "Everything."

And Lin quickly processed topping her hound with virtually everything she could find inside of her duffel bag. Vanilla sprinkles and bits of chocolate bars covered over Yasmin's chest along with two large strawberries Lin got from the fridge. Thin sticks of Pocky trailed inside of the whip cream trails on Yasmin's body, leading down to her nether regions that was sprinkled with sour bits of candy and a cherry placed right above where Yasmin's flower would be.

The sight left Lin a drooling mess as she began to have a hard time picking where to start her meal. "Y-Yasmin, I don't know where to begin with you," Lin said with a hungry growl as she was playing around with her stiff shaft, looking down at her masterpiece. Both Lin's mouth and shaft were beginning to be coated in lines of saliva and pre-cum while her tail was wagging furiously behind her.

'Me and my big mouth.' Yasmin thought to herself. "I feel like a cake," Yasmin deadpanned as she looked up to the ceiling. "I don't know, w-" Yasmin gasped as she felt Lin licked some whipped cream off her stomach only to stop and eat a pocky stick. A shiver ran up her spine as Lin licked up the whip cream from her navel causing a soft moan to left her lips. Yasmin looked down as Lin picked up a pocky stick and slowly crawled towards up towards her.

"Here Yazzie, you've got to try this. I was gonna share with you anyway," Lin said as she moved her head down towards Yasmin's open mouth to feed her the cream coated chocolate treat. When Yasmin took the threat in her mouth Lin was forced to break it in half when she saw that her shirt was getting too close to her treats.

"This gotta go," she said, sitting down onto Yasmin's thighs as she reached to the hem of her blue shirt to whimsically throw it off her body. With the fabric gone, Lin went back to licking away at Yasmin's body, determine to clean the hound up with her tongue. Lin pressed down on Yasmin's belly to lick up the chocolate syrup, causing a shiver to travel up Yasmin's spine.

After swallowing the mass of chocolate in her mouth, Lin went back over to the middle of her platter of sweets to lick up to another pocky stick, picking it up in her mouth, and moving up to feed Yasmin the chocolate coated treat.

Yasmin opened her mouth and slowly started to eat it. Yasmin hear a crunch, she looked at Lin to see that she took a nimble out of the treat. 'Is this a game?' Yasmin thought curiously as she took another nimble looking at Lin to see what she'll do. A grin spread across her muzzle as she took another nimble. 'I wonder how this became a game?' Yasmin thought with a giggle as she quickly took two nibbles catching Lin off guard.

Giggling, Lin copied Yasmin's double bite, closing the gap between them quickly, and stealing a kiss from the hound. Lin slipped her tongue inside of Yasmin's mouth to give her a taste of everything she had licked up.

After parting, Lin quickly moved back down to the rest of Yasmin's body, briefly returning to Yasmin's lips with another Pocky stick so they could play their game again. All the while, both Yasmin and Lin continued to become excited from the food-play as the both of them began leaking more of their juices.

When most of Yasmin's midsection licked clean of the white cream, all that wasn't Lin's pre-cum, Lin moved to the two strawberries on the hound's chest, picking one off just for Yasmin, and taking the other for herself.

"Mm, almost finish, and still not fully stuffed yet," Lin said as she moved her hand over her still virtually flat abdomens before reaching down to her bulging shaft to give it two good strokes, forcing it to twitch as she shot out fresh gobs of pre-cum that landed onto Yasmin's belly. Without wasting another moment, Lin moved over to Yasmin's breasts, quickly munching happily down onto the chocolate bit covered cream.

"H-Hey, c-careful with your snaggletooth," Yasmin moaned as Lin bit her nipple. Yasmin stared angrily at Lin who had an apologetic look on her face, but before she could say anything Yasmin silenced her but pulling her finger on her lips. "Báich? (idiot)" Yasmin said in as quickly flicked Lin's nose.

Lin giggled at Yasmin as she stuck her tongue out at the hound before moving over to the other breast to finish that off in a similar manner as she did the left. However this time, after finishing much of the soft breast up, Lin scooped up a chunk of the whip cream with her tongue before she moved over to Yasmin. Lin then began raising her eyebrows towards Yasmin, making sounds that could best be described as inviting sounds.

Yasmin smirked as she leaned to partake in Lin's 'treat'. As Yasmin just got close enough to Lin's tongue to take the whip cream Lin darted in taking Yasmin by surprise. She felt Lin's tongue swirled her as she slowly leaned back onto the bed. After a few moments, Lin pulled away from Yasmin, licking her lips while Yasmin tried to catch her breath.

"Now comes the best part," Lin said as she moved her way down Yasmin's body, keeping her eyes locked with Yasmin's. Lin had purposely saved Yasmin's nether regions for last, knowing by now that it had to have been soaked with some of her juices, adding that extra kick that would make this one more savory.

With her mouth directly above the finally piece of her midnight treat, and her hands on Yasmin's thighs, Lin licked off the drool from her lips as she gazed at the thin bikini bottom of whip cream. "Time to eat your sour bits Yazzie," Lin joked before she drove straight into the creamy mix.

"T-That s-sounds so w-wrong," Yasmin deadpanned with a stutter as Lin's tongue licked up the cream and candy from her nethers.

"But this taste so good~" Lin said after took a long lick of Yasmin's nethers, starting from the left side moving to the right. A shiver went down Lin's spine from the sour candy giving her tongue a jolting kick. When she got halfway done, Lin purposely took a longer time to lick up the whip cream, giving Yasmin's flower a flick.

Lin's tongue flicked Yasmin's clit causing her to yelp. "H-hey! I'm still s-sensitive there," Yasmin whined as Lin gave her flower another long lick. Yasmin gasped as Lin's tongue darted in her wet muff, swirling and spreading her pussy to lick up her leaking nectar. After, a few minutes of Lin's eager tongue lapping up most of her juices, Lin pushed her tongue inside of Yasmin's walls. Yasmin cooed as Lin's tongue slid out her cunt and continue to finish the rest of the whip cream and candy.

Lin eagerly finished off what was left of the cream that was on Yasmin's lower regions before taking one finally lick up Yasmin's flower, again flicking her clit and causing her to yelp. After sitting up on the bed, Lin began stroking her swollen shaft as she looked down the messy body of Yasmin, moaning as fresh beads of pre-cum leaked out of the tip.

"That was de-" Lin was cut off by a large burp leaving her lips, sparking into a flare of purple and white flames for a moment before she closed her mouth with a blush on her face. "Heh, excuse me. Anyway, that was really delicious Yazzie. Now why don't we move on to the main course," Lin sad as she began to mount Yasmin, grabbing her knees to lift her legs off the bed. She then sat up on her knees to get better leverage on Yasmin, causing her to tease Yasmin with the tip of her shaft.

"Lin please," Yasmin pleaded, "You've been teasing me the whole time," Yasmin whined as Lin's cock rubbed her clit. "So, just fuck me already!"

"Well since you asked so nicely..." Lin moved her hips back from Yasmin's flower, directing the tip right at the entrance of Yasmin's walls. "How can I say no!" Lin dove straight into Yasmin's quivering folds, pushing halfway in before pulling her shaft back out to the tip to slam back inside of the yelping hound.

A wide smile was place on the hound's lips at the look of pure bliss on Yasmin's face as her purple eyes began rolling up into her head. With all the teasing and licking, Lin knew that Yasmin had to been closer to the edge than the other times. So she kept up with the rapid thrusts into Yasmin, determined to push the hound over the edge quickly.

Yasmin gripped the headboard as Lin's thick bone spread her tight core. "Oh f-f-fuck, yes!" Yasmin screamed out as Lin's shaft hammered her wet cunt. "H-harder! Lin! H-harder!" Yasmin moaned out, her legs wrapping around Lin's waist as she felt herself right on the edge of cumming. The sounds of the headboard hitting the wall and their moans filled the room.

'So close,' Yasmin thought to herself as Lin gripped the headboard making her cock go deeper into core making it touch her womb. A few more hard thrusts from Lin's cock Yasmin came, hard. "Fuck!" Yasmin moaned from her toes curling orgasm. Her nails digging to the headboard while her cunt tighten like a vice on Lin's phallus.

With her hands free, Lin wrapped her arms around Yasmin's back, holding her tightly. Her body shivered as she was caught off guard from her suddenly reaching a peak, but forcing one more thrust into the hound that reached around her knot. It was then Lin turned her head upwards to let out a small fiery roar from the heat burning inside of her chest as she released volumes of her cum into Yasmin's womb.

As she continued to fill Yasmin's core with her seed, Lin's body froze where it was as her shaft continued to spasm inside of Yasmin. The hound was quickly filled with the hot cum before it squirted out around Lin's hips. After moments of pure dived ecstasy, Lin slowly fell on top of Yasmin, her muzzle landing in the crook of Yasmin's neck.

After taking that moment to breathe, Lin slowly moved her hands down Yasmin's thighs that were still locked around Lin's waist. "No-now that was a game finisher," Lin slowly breathed out after placing a kiss on Yasmin's cheek. "I know th-this is early to say but...I love you Yasmin."

Yasmin lazily smiled as she looked back at Lin's droopy eyes. "I love you too, Lin," Yasmin said as she kissed Lin's forehead. A small snore left Lin muzzle causing Yasmin to shake her head with a chuckle. After a few moments with a small yawn, Yasmin hugged Lin as she slowly drifted off to blissful sleep.

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