The Cadet and the Writer

Story by jjob71 on SoFurry

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another of my stories from my account from with Nog/Jake of Star Trek DS9

The Cadet and the Writer

This is a work of fiction I do not own any characters of Star Trek Deep Space Nine this is just the workings of my own twisted mine.

It is amazing how life turns out thought Jake Sisko if he was told how he would find his true love as a kid he would have laughed at that person. It all started when his father Commander Ben Sisko had been placed in charge of a space station in the outer area of known space named Deep Space Nine. Jake went along as he was an only child and not wanting to live with his grandfather on Earth only to find he was of the few humans on the station and the only one who was still a teenage.

After a few days of wondering the station he ran into a young Ferengi named Nog, the nephew of the station's bar owner, and being the only guy on the station close to Jake's age he tried to start up a friendship only to be rebutted at first, but after a few days they began to hang out. As they became friends Jake learned that they had something in common they both were raised by single fathers. Jake lost his mother during the Battle of Wolf 365 while Nog's mother was still alive but had divorced his father after their five year marriage contract had expired. After getting into a bit of trouble with Constable Odo the pair was sent to the new school. Jake's father did not like their growing friendship and told him to leave him alone shortly after Nog was pulled out of school by his father. The two than began to meet in secret as Jake began to teach Nog how to read Federation Basic as well as some Bajora. This became the first time that the two spent alone without causing mischief. Jake was always amazed at how fast Nog picked up how to read and was more amazed as his dad convinced Rom to let Nog return to school.

As they grew up the pair hung out all the time weather it was in school or just hanging out outsides Quarks even once or twice going on some double dates together. For a reason Jake did not understand at the time the dates never felt right to him and he would come up with reasons why they fell through, like Nog treating his date like a he would a normal Ferengi female even when she clearly wasn't. Like normal friends they did have their fights with each other some of the times based on their cultural differences but they usually made up their biggest fight was over a young village leader who was on the station to settle a trade dispute but they each managed to help the girl in their own way.

The biggest change to their relationship came a few years later when Nog had decided to join Starfleet while Jake had decided to become an writer. With Nog out of the picture Jake spent a lot of his time just hanging around Quarks and began to date a Dabo girl just to waste some time while he worked on his writing. Nog would send him letters ever once and a while about how life was at Starfleet Academy while Jake would tell about his dating of the Dabo Girl and would laugh as Nog would send him advice on how to woo her. When word arrived that Nog would be spending his practicum term at Deep Space Nine the pair decided to share a room when he arrived.

Their sharing of the room lead to the next big change in their relationship after a rocky start as they got used to living with each other as Jake was a very messy person who got so focused on his writing that he would mess would spring from nowhere while Nog had become a very straight laced clean freak who tended to love working out. As they got used to each others quirks Jake found himself checking Nog out as he worked out in the main room as he worked out a story getting lost in thought as his eyes roamed over the tight muscles of Rom's back and would even sneak peaks at Nog as he came back from a hard workout his cloths dripping with sweat. Jake found as he wrote during this time his writing became more homoerotic as his mind ran away with his fingers and he wrote about all the things he wanted to do with Nog. Jake was so embarrassed about his writing at these times but found he could not bring himself to erase them.

Another changed happened when due to one of the normal malfunctions on the Station broke Nog's Sonic Shower forcing them to both use Jake's Sonic Shower. Now this would not be much of a problem but Chief O'Brien was visiting family on Earth so it lasted a few weeks in that time Jake finally caught sight of Nog's nude form. The first time he saw it Jake's mouth dropped open in surprised as Nog was hung well for his size Jake always thought he would be bigger due to their size difference but while Jake was six inches long when he was erect Nog had to be at least nine inches and he was flaccid. Nog was also well muscled with a full six pack due to his constant physical fitness routine. Jake found his eyes roaming Nog's body before a cough from Nog made him realize he was just standing there blocking Nog's path blushing Jake moved aside letting Nog pass as he got out of the way Jake shoot a discreet look at Nog's well toned ass. Jake felt himself start to drool as he watched Nog walk back to his room his eyes never leaving those delicious mounds of his friend's ass. From that moment onward whenever Jake would fantasize about Nog it switched from Jake being on top to being under his best friend.

It was at this moment that Jake realized that he was both gay and was seriously crushing on his best friend. Jake did his best to hide his new attraction from Nog though after his return from his mission with Doctor Bashir were he experienced war from the front he had a hard time getting back to normal. When he finally confided in Nog what had happened he was glad as Nog just joked around with him and not made him feel bad. "Well don't feel bad Jake not everyone is Starfleet material," Nog said but ruined the put down as he stroke a heroic yet funny pose making Jake laugh as Nog began to flex Jake stopped laughing as his eyes once more combed over Nog's taught body and licked his lips Jake quickly excused himself from their quarters saying he was going to stroll the Promenade, something he did as he worked off his writer's block, but just wanting to hid his growing boner from Nog. A half hour later having calmed down Jake returned to his room only to find Nog laying on the couch stroking his ears. Seeing Jake, Nog blushed and quickly stood up.

"What's up Nog," Jake said wondering what had caused his friend to blush.

"Well ... um... I was sort of expecting you to take longer," Nog said avoiding Jake's eyes. Seeing Jake did not know what he was causing his embarrassment, "Well you see I was ... um ... performing Oo-mox." Jake finally understood it would be like Nog walking in while he was jerking himself off.

"It's okay Nog everybody does it," Jake said aware he might be thinking just of humans not knowing if it was true of Ferengi s.

"Is that true so you do it as well," Nog said eyeing Jake's ears.

"Well not Oo-mox but humans males have an action that they sometimes do when alone," Jake said and ending in his own thoughts "or with a good friend.

"Really what do human's do?" Nog asked never hearing of this while he was at the Acadamy it was Jakes turn to blush.

"Well it involves ... um... jerking off ... pulling a their cock," Jake said feeling himself getting hard again as he talked to Nog about jerking off.

"Really is that all there is to it?" Nog said clearly not getting it.

"Well not many humans don't have great endogenous zones on their ears but some do enjoy to play with their nipples as they jerk off," Jake said trying not to look into Nog's eyes. Jake than turns to him as he heard the zipper of Nog's uniform being tugged down. Jake is astonished as Nog pulls out his cock.

"Like this Jake?" Nog asked as he began to jerk his cock off right in front of Jake.

"Um yeah," Jake said not able to take his eyes off Nog hands running along his cock making it semi-erect.

"Why don't you join me, Jake?" Nog asked surprising Jake.

"Well it is not normally done with other people," Jake said trying to to convince himself as well as Nog this should not happen.

"Ah normal is not a common thing here why not just join me," Nog said and Jake found himself moving to the couch and pulling out his cock which was already fully erect at his normal six inches while Nog was only semi-erect was now twelve inches. The two of them sat in silence as they jerk themselves off every once and a while Jake would throw a curious look at Nog who had become full erect and was around a full fourteen inches and was as thick as a glass from Quark's bar. As Jake was erect at the start he was the first one to climax while Nog took another ten minutes before he climaxed. "Well that was interesting not as good as Oo-mox but okay we should do that again," Nog said putting his spent cock away and leaving Jake still on the couch in a post-climax haze.

After that event Nog would convince Jake to do a jerk off session at least once a week before he started to teach Jake Oo-mox. While Jake was a quick study he did not really get off from stroking his ears and most of his lessons involved him giving Oo-mox to Nog. Their relationship went through a drastic change as Jake learned Oo-mox Nog became more dominate towards him and began to force Jake to join him in working out as well as interfering with other aspects of Jake's life.

Their true relationship did not truly begin until Starfleet was abandoning the station to the Dominion. "Come on Jake we got to leave," Nog said as he grabbed his bag.

"Sorry Nog, but I am staying here," Jake said.

"No you can't if you stay you could die," Nog said dropping his bag and turning to Jake with tears in his eyes surprising Jake who had never seen his friend cry.

"I don't think so I am the son the the Bajoran Emissary they could not hurt me with out alienating the Bajoran people," Jake said having given this a lot of thought.

"But... but..." Nog said looking like he was searching for the words. "I can't let you stay I .... love you," Nog said making Jake's mouth fall open.

"I love you as well Nog but someone has to get an inside view of the Dominion and get the story out an I am a writer and not associated with Starfleet so technically I don't have to leave," Jake said as Nog came forward and gave him a strong hug and Jake leaned down and gave Nog a kiss on his mouth. Neither of them wanted to break the kiss but as the message of the last call to get to the ships for evacuation they finally break the kiss and part from each other and let their finger tips slide out of each others hands as Nog goes to his ship and Jake heads to a table in Quarks to hide from getting made to leave the station.

A few days later Jake was depressed he had wanted to stay on the station so he could write about life under Dominion occupation but Wayoun was was stopping all of his stories, and though he would tell no one he really missed Nog. As he just sat in Quarks he felt a tap on his shoulder he looks up and sees Morn handing him some ribbon he looks confused before he notices some writing within the ribbon. Jake heart swelled as he read the message in the ribbon.

"Hey baby hope all is well at Deep Space Nine everyone made it off the station but as I had not heard from you I used Morn to send a message hope to hear from you soon," -Nog

Jake hugged the ribbon to his chest and smiled as he went to compose a return message to Nog. For the next couple of weeks Nog and Jake correspondence via Morn until the resistance found out about Morn and used him to pass the message of the Dominion about to destroy the mine field.

A short time later the Allies were able to retake the Station and Jake and Nog were reunited in public they did a friendly hug but once they were back to the quarters their real reunion took place for it was the first time the pair had sex with each other. As soon as the door to their quarters both stripped off their clothes and Nog pushes his small form into Jake's larger form and plants a deep kiss on his boyfriend's lip as he pushes Jake into their shared room. Breaking the kiss Nog pushes Jake onto the bed which causes Jake to splay out for his dominant friend with his six inche cock on full display. Nog gives Jake a predatory look as he licks his lips before having Jake hold his own legs so as to give Nog access to his ass. Leaving Jake like that Nog lube up his fourteen inch cock not wanting to hurt Jake.

When his cock was fully lubed up Nog returned to Jake and began to stretch and loosen Jake's hole to get him ready for the main event. After about ten minutes Nog though he had done enough so he took hold of Jake's legs and placed them on his shoulders and he got his cock into position. Giving Jake a nice smile Nog gently entered his friend for the first time. Even after all his preparation it was still not enough to accommodate for his large size and Jake screamed a little in pain as his anal virginity was taken by the large member. Nog made sure to take it nice and slow with frequently stops so to allow Jake time to accumulate to Nog's size and girth. Even goes as slow as possible Nog was only able to get about six of his fourteen inches into Jake. When he got as much as he could into Jake, Nog stood for a second and looked deep into Jake's eyes and sees a look of pure love and contentment. Leaning forward Nog gives Jake a deep kiss and feels Jake reach and perform some Oo-mox on him to get Nog better in the mood.

The Oo-mox help Nog along and fond out why as both Nog and Jake climaxed at almost the same time. After both had finished climaxing Jake shooting his loan onto Nog's toned chest and Nog into Jake's tight ass , Nog than pulled his cock out of Jake's ass with a loud and wet "Pop" as Jake moves so as to get his legs off Nog's shoulders and began to clean his own cum off Nog's chest by leaning in licking the cum off. Nog smiled down as Jake cleaned him off like a good mate should. When Jake was finished Nog put him to work on cleaning his cock forcing his mate's head down so he was level with Nog's cock and used his cock to impale Jake's mouth. Jake did not even struggle as Nog used his mouth to get his large cock clean. When Nog was finished with Jake's mouth Nog brought him up for another kiss before he fell asleep with Jake in his arms.

As life at the station went back to normal it became a daily occurrence for the pair to have sex usually doing the same as the first night with Nog taking complete control of every coupling. The only snag the pair hit was the night of Dax's party before her wedding to Worf. Nog went right from his shift to the party while Jake who had been working on a story had arrived late to see Nog dancing with a pretty woman and even grabbing her ass. Jake soon left the party his heart a little broken as he made his way back to the pairs room when he came with a delicious idea.

Having no idea Jake had even gone to the party and seen him dance with the young ensign Nog arrived back at their quarters to find an amazing sight. Jake was completely nude sitting on the floor next to a chair sitting like a throne and a small table packed with Nog's favorite Ferengi foods. "What's all this Jake?" Nog asked as he hurried into the room so as to let the door close.

"I thought you would like a mate that was more like a Ferengi than a human so I thought I would treat you like one," Jake said as Nog smiled at the idea and went to sit down in the chair as Jake began to eat the food so as to feed them to Nog. Nog just sat back and enjoyed it while he might not a typical Ferengi it did feel good to be treated like one every once and awhile by his loving mate. After feeding Nog, Jake than climbed onto Nog's lap and began to perform Oo-mox on him expecting nothing in return. When Nog was satisfied with the Oo-mox and told Jake to stop, Jake showed his complete submission to Nog as he pulled out his life savings as well as a contract that said any money made from his books would go directly to Nog. Nog was touched but felt Jake was going to far.

"Listen Jake you don't have to do this," Nog said.

"But I want to Nog I want to be yours forever," Jake said giving a look of both honesty as well as submission.

"That is well and good Jake but still you don't have to do this do you think that my dad had Leeta do this for him she almost called off the wedding when he wanted this," Nog said.

"I know Nog that is why I am giving it freely," Jake said.

"How about a deal than you can keep your money, wear clothes if you wish, though from now on somewhere on it with be a mark of my ownership, and you don't have to chew my food. Sounds good to you?" Nog inquired.

"If that is what you want, I guess it would raise some eyebrows if I walked naked around the station, but I will stay nude in here. I agree," Jake said holding out a hand.

"Agreed," Nog said shaking Jake's hand to seal the deal.

The End.

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