Showering Siblings

Story by TITANOSAUR on SoFurry

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A short Erotic story I wrote staring Rena. I will say Right Now, I am NOT a good writer. however I may have some friends look it over and proof read it atleast in terms of grammar as you all know, Grammar I am not the best at. Anyways.

This story contains Incest, Full Detailed Sex situations. and explicit language and quite descriptive. again I'm no writer. I did this cuz I wanted something to do with one of my characters so enjoy.

In a large city, in the inner ring where the more wealthy of people live, sits a mansion built of ivory stone with Marble floors with gold trimmed walls. a home built with a dinosaur themed design, using Parasaurolophus heads at the top rim of the pillars to the entrance, a Compsognathus Fountain.

In the main room lived the mistress of the house, a green eyed, red headed Girl in a long ponytail by the name of Rena McThald, next to her sat her brother Andrew McThald, like Rena he also had red hair, though shorter it was rather unkept, with stubble whiskers. however he had their father's grey eyes as opposed to the green eyes their mother had. the two despite being siblings, only lived a few years of their early lives together before Andrew was sent off to the middle east by their father to take school there.

The two were in the room watching Voltron Defender of the Universe, as they eat, as she enjoys her burger, the sauce and juices of the burger spills all over Rena's shirt and lap, she gave out a groan of annoyance as she continues to watch the show.

"Your making a Mess." Andrew stated in amusement. "I thought rich people are sophisticated."

Rena Pouted before she finished her burger. "Your the one who wanted take out. besides I never liked the whole "I got money so I'm better then Thou!" It's bullshit."

Andrew smiled, "well you best go clean up that sauce is making your shirt see through."

Rena gave out a little squeak as she looked down at her chest, and indeed her shirt was failing at it's job. "Pervert! looking at your own little sister like that. should be ashamed of yourself!" she growled.

Andrew snickered enjoying the view. "what can I say? we barely got to know each other as kids. and you are a cutie. besides who doesn't like redheads?"

Rena couldn't help but blush and failed to hide her smile. " Well I best go take a shower. "I'll be back in a bit."

"take your time." Andrew replied as he went back to watching the show.

Rena got up and walked through the hallway giving her messy cloths to one of the maids, they were used to her nudity at this point, though Rena really wished there were more men working around the house.

"I wish I had more eye candy around the house." She said before giggling. "The work uniform will be speedos and bow ties!" her mischievous grin grew across her face.

Getting excited from her own perverted thoughts Rena made her way to the bathing room, it was built to be large for her Brachiosaur boyfriend Toryk. living in a world where dinosaurs still lived alongside humans, a lot of homes had to be designed to cater to their size. sadly Toryk was out of town, he had to see about some personal business, though he hasn't been gone long, she really missed him. she went to the shower room and and began to shower.

The soap suds ran along the curves of her body, cleaning the grease and sauce of the burger from her warm soft skin of her breasts down her belly washing down her smooth legs, cleaning her of the burger mess.

"Well may as well do the rest." She said as she put on water broof ear buds and began to play some music as she showered, the wash rag glided along the curves and contures of her body, the soap soaked her skin fighting it's little war against whatever form of dirt and grease occupations dared to stain Rena's body. it was obvious they were no match.

As she showered, Rena knew nothing of the visitor she had in the bathing room. they were careful to be as silent as possible and snuck into the shower with her, when she finally felt the presence behind her she pulled the earbuds out.

"Wha---?" was all she could say before a hand ran along her back, she gave out a squeek as she looked behind her.

Behind her was Andrew, washing her back, her eyes glanced down and she noticed he was naked.... which of course made since. who wears cloths when they are showering or bathing? she shook her head and leaned back, she did remember they used to share baths as kids, back then it was cute. he was taller then her, she was only five feet tall, though she was no wimp, she was still tiny compared to her classmates and the boys towered her, Andrew made no exception either. he was fairly muscular but a buff man he was not.

"figured you can use an extra hand to get your back?" Andrew stated was his excuse "Besides I kinda got that burger sauce on me too. damn things are messier then they should be."

Rena couldn't help but let out a giggle. "Well no since in wasting the water."

She let him scrub her back down and wash out her ponytail, she always liked her ponytail to be long, never liked to cut it either. she gave out a sigh and began to relax up against him, she had to admit he was good with his hands and....

"EEP!" Rena froze as she felt something warm, long, and hard press against her back. she knew all too well what it was but she couldn't help but ask. "What's poking me?"

She looked down and saw Andrews erect cock sticking straight up at her, his balls pressing firmly against her rump. she blushed bright red as she whimpered

"Y-Your hard....." She said rather bluntly.

"come on Ren-Ren. you seen a bunch of them by now. your not exactly the most modest of girls." Andrew replied, despite his erection he was good at keeping his mind on scrubbing his sister's back.

Rena couldn't help but admit she's a Nymph, and is in no way a virgin. she was always a tease and even in school she'd give the boys oral before the big game in the locker room. though for some odd reason this was weird to her, as society has still sunk it's claws of taboos and what sins it could in her mind. she couldn't help but whimper even more as his scrubbing made his cock and balls press and rub against her rear and back, her pussy began to grow wet, begging for the throbbing shaft that pressed against her.

"maybe I should punish my little sister for being such a slut?" Andrew said with a grin as he rinsed her off with the wash rag.

Rena couldn't help but gasp at what she realized he was gonna do.... and she wanted it. Bad. she looked back at him with her big green eyes with such need as she spread her legs for him.

Andrew glanced down at her rump and smirked, mirroring Rena's own perverted grin in his own way.

"but first...." He started taking out some body wash and putting some along the length of his cock rubbing it until the foam and bubbles formed as the body wash mixed with the water around his shaft creating a hard warm fleshy loofah. "let's be sure that cute ass of yours is 'Properly' Cleaned."

Andrew slid his cock between Rena's buttox, she squeaked, blushing even more. her heart raced as he began to hump against her, his member pumping between her rear cheeks rubbing the soap in as she feels his shaft rub against her anus exciting her more, she couldn't help but moan from his teasing her, her pussy leaked of fluids as though drooling, hungry for it's gender opposite sibling.

"AH! Andrew you fucking tease! your so mean to your little sister!" Rena moaned.

Andrew chuckled and gave her rear a firm slap causing his little sister to squeak once more. "oh I'll get to that in a bit, but lets be sure it's not....ahh... too short... nnngh!" he moaned as well as he thrust his cock between his little sister's buttox, the pleasure was as good as it was with any girl. "AAAH!"

Rena heard her brothers moans as she felt his hot cum shoot up across her back, and in between her cheeks, the feeling was brief as the shower streams rinsed the cum off her back.

"NNnnngh! don't tell me your done already." Rena pouted, disappointed his brother would excite her so much only to cum during a mere frotting with her ass.

However she gasped as her rear was lifted, her feet being propped up on the tub's rim to make her vaginal lips level with his still hard cock.

"Oh don't worry, Ren-Ren. I just wanted this to last a lot longer." He said leaning over her as he gropes her breasts.

Rena moaned from the groping of her breasts, she nodded accepting her brother's advances as she pushed her hear into his lap, eager for his member inside her, and he didn't disappoint as she rubbed her clitoris with his tip, rubbing them together a bit teasing her further, enjoying the teasing he gave his little sister, no different from any big brother would tease his little sibling. no matter how perverted it's become now.

Rena squirmed in Andrew's arms, while she didn't like the teasing, it still turned her on even more. so much so her body couldn't help it'self. as the next rubbing of her clit caused her body to convulse, making her squirt in a gushy watery orgasm.

"AAAAHHH! Nnnnngh! Dammit Andrew!" Rena screamed in pleasure as her pussy quivered.

Andrew wasted no word as he slid his cock into her, delving as deep as his member's length allowed. his member throbbed in her a few seconds before he began to hump into her.

"NNNGH! Damn Your a tight little thing aren't ya?" Andrew moaned thrusting into his little sister. holding her body close against his.

Rena moaned and humped back against him, they were both quite sensitive from their initial orgasms, but neither one wanted to stop, the pleasure was too much for their urges to withstand. with each thrust they both felt closer then before.

"AAAH I'm Gonna...." Andrew started as he humped into her.

"Me Too!" Rena interrupted

they both yelled out in pleasure, Rena felt her brother push in deep as his cum filled her full, her own orgasm wrapped around his cock increasing the pleasure making him cum even more as she squirted in his lap. with a few twitching thrusts they panted, Andrew began to go limp as he pulled out.

Rena's legs quivered as she stepped down from the bath tub's rim and stood upright, the fluids in her began to leak in a drizzly creampie.

"I need to clean up again." Rena said as she took a wash rag.

Andrew smiled. "I think we both need another shower."

Rena blushed she knew this wasn't the end of it. and already he was getting hard again and she knew she wouldn't be able to resist.

"Alright, but I get to tease you this time!" Rena said as she gave her infamous Mischievous grin.

Andrew's smile disappeared. "Oh shit....."


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