After Dessert Comes Dishes

Story by Picklessauce69 on SoFurry

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#28 of Power to the Players | Nick and Skye

A very late Thanksgiving themed story for the lovely Awesome Greg~ Enjoy!

"I'm, honest to God, going to explode!" Skye's voice ebbed with dramatic flare as she turned to Nick with wide, crazy eyes. Her thick, brushy tail gave a hard flick behind her before she turned to him with a little grin. "I don't think I've ever cooked so much stuff in my life!" Her hands waved out across the entire expanse of their relatively small kitchen. Their table was covered in pans, some filled with pies, and others just dirty with the grime from cooking. For a second, her demeanor lingered on playful and teasing, but then quickly slipped into a look of exhaustion.

Nick just stared around the kitchen. A sense of disbelief filled him as he tried to count up just the amount of baked goods she'd managed to make throughout the week leading up to this evening, the final evening of preparation before the big day itself arrived: Thanksgiving.

"Honey..." He took a few steps towards her, swearing to God that she seemed to waver in the air as she tried to stand still. Her head looked wobbly atop her neck as she peered around the room.

"Huh?" She squeaked out, turning to him with a dazed smile. "But... I think I did it all!" She gave a little breath in, gathering up the oxygen she needed before she started to wave a finger madly around the room-"

Starting at the far edge of the counter, she jabbed a finger at the sink's edge, which was surrounded by pies one with a traditional fork-pinched edge and a smooth amber orange surface, the other covered in a intricate lattice of dough, and the third covered in a delicate leaf pattern of carefully stamped crust. "We have pumpkin for Ted, blueberry for Jolene, and baked bourbon banana for Francis..." She sucked in another breath, shifting her finger to the microwave, which hung open so it could fit two pies precariously leaned and stacked together. "Then, for my mom we have pecan and for my dad we have traditional mixed berry-" She spun a full circle, pointing her finger into the living room where the mess had spilled onto their coffee table which was blanketed in still cooling goods. "Then we have sugar cookies decorated cut into pumpkins, turkeys, and fall leaves... Plus peanut butter cookies for Amber because those are her favorite, then we have jam thumbprint cookies because that's what Josh's mom always made and she passed away last year, but we also have lemon shortbreads because those are his actual favorites. We have a zucchini loaf in case my cousin does stop by because she loves it- especially with the miniature chocolate chips I used. Plus, I made a banana cream because I couldn't pick whether Francis would like like a cream pie or a baked pie better. I made an apple, peach, and sweet potato pie too because those seemed traditional..."

For a second, her chest swelled as she drank in the air like a fish searching for water over its gills. "Besides that, we have a sweet potato casserole prepped on the table- it won't fit in the fridge. In the fridge, we have the turkey which is brining and just has to be put in the oven tomorrow. I chopped everything for two kinds of stuffing- one traditional and one with apples and walnuts... more Pinterest-y? I have buns rising inside the oven. Write a note will you so I don't forget them in there when I go to pre-heat at 4:30? Oh, and I cut up some apples in the fridge too and spread them with caramel and made those 'healthy' appetizer cookies. I bought seven kinds of cheese: brie, a cave-aged gouda and smoked gouda, a manchego, a camembert with cranberries, a goat cheese with herbs and spices, and a classic cheddar. I cut those into cubes and organized them with little picks... They didn't fit in the fridge, they are in the office. I cranked the air conditioning. I also prepped the potatoes, they are already in their pan with the seasoning and the garlic... in the fridge and-" Nick finally lunged forward and curled his arm around her waist.

"Sssh... it's perfect. Come on, let's get you into bed, at this rate, you're going to get a whole three hours."

She spilled into his side, letting him half carry her into their bedroom, which was freezing, and Nick tucked her in carefully just before she slipped into a deep, silent sleep.

"That poor girl..." He thought to himself, watching as she twitched against the body pillow lining the edge of the bed, without her even saying it, she knew that her dreams were plagued with graphic pornography, just like his had been for days.

"What's it been now? Two weeks? Three?" He struggled to even remember what record time they were breaking now, since they hadn't had a single moment to themselves for weeks. First, it was just work that kept them waiting for a better night, but then all a sudden Thanksgiving was upon them and, to their disbelief and surprise, every friend they'd offered an offhand invitation to agreed to come. So, a full blown Friendsgiving was underway, with their families each promising to stop by for desserts after their own traditional dinners.

"Skye's been slaving for nearly a week..." Nick recalled, glancing with horror at the growing pile of grocery receipts on the bedside table. She'd realized that every coworker at Gamestop, every acquaintance, college roommate, and past friends all suddenly found the funds to travel home nearly impossible to scrounge up so Skye's Thanksgiving was all they had; so she'd taken it upon herself to call each one's family and borrow recipes, chatting for hours over Skye to learn what each ones traditions were, which pie graced the tables, and which recipes were cherished. Then, for the past week, she baked, prepared, and studied to cook everyone's favorite part of Thanksgiving.

Of course, all that left not a minute free for sex, let alone sleeping.

"Well, tomorrow will be the day." Nick thought to himself, leaving a final kiss on the girl's furry cheek before he'd laid his head down onto his pillow and instantly fell asleep.


Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. BeepBeepBeepBeepBeep! BEEP BEEP BEEP BEE-

"Agh! Dammit!" Skye awoke with a guttural scream, unloading her frustration at being welcomed into the waking world just short of 4:30am. She slammed a hand down on the alarm clock beside her, grunted once more, and took into the bathroom to ready herself before she fell onto the kitchen next.


"Oooh... God... What time is it?" Nick groaned to himself, stretching his arms blindly up till his knuckles thumped into the headboard as his eyes scrunched shut in a waking yawn. He could feel the cool emptiness from Skye's side of the bed, meaning she'd already slipped away to prepare for her epic dinner.

Slowly, his eyelids began to flutter as he tried to prepare himself for the sharp beams of sunlight that were sure to blind him the moment he let those protective curtains part from his eyeballs. "Ugh... Maybe it would have been better to get up when it's dark out!" He groaned, but he let his eyes tentatively part open so he could see the glowing room around him, curtains thrown open.

"Sneaky girl.." He muttered. "Leaving the curtains open so I couldn't sleep in..." He glared, but it didn't last as he let his feet finger the familiar path to the floor, then onwards to the cold tile of the bathroom. Distantly, through the house, he could hear the roaring music of the kitchen's stereo system blaring: "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!" while Skye's voice challenged it in a battle of volume.

"How did I even sleep this long?" Nick asked himself as he briefly glanced into the mirror before he headed into his typical routine to get through the shower and eventually into some clothes.

At last, after a short half hour or so, and five more repeats of the same early Christmas song Nick plodded out into the hallway to the kitchen.

He didn't even make it to the kitchen before he started to see the fruits of Skye's labor. The entire living room had been transformed into an expanded dining room.

Someone, by herself, Skye had hauled their massive coffee table out of the room and replace it with three pop-up tables draped with her long table clothes. Down the length of each table ran a long runner to match with her centerpieces. At each table were nearly ten chairs with settings already laid out. "Oh my... gosh..." Nick muttered, walking like a man who'd stumbled onto a war scene with a look of disbelief plastered across his face.

"Uh... Skye?" He asked, though his voice didn't carry past the blaring sound of holiday bells chiming through their kitchen. He rounded the corner, staring at the sight of their typical dining table covered in all her baked goods, each cooled now and set on various height levels using pedestals to create enough space to house her dozen some pies.

Then, when he made it to the actual kitchen, he just stared. Skye was stood in the middle of the kitchen leaning into an opened oven. She held a tray of biscuits in one hand while her other hand was clutching onto the spoon that she attempted to mix something in a bowl with and her foot held the door of the oven open by its handle.

"What... are... you... doing?!" Nick blurted, eyes going wide as he suddenly realized what she was doing. She just turned to him, mouth falling slightly open. "Huh?"

"What are you doing!?" He repeated, his voice rising as he stamped off the volume on the speakers. "Like... are you trying to hurt yourself?"

"What? No! I've been doing this all morning! I'm fiiine!" Skye assured him, giving a small kick to the oven door to close it before she spun around and set her biscuits down and began to rapidly dust them with a brush dripping with butter.

"The turkey needs just three hours more and then everything else can go in shifts." She paused, suddenly looking to the clock on the oven. "Shoot! I have to go check the other oven!"

"Other oven? We don't have a-" But Skye had already charged out towards their front door, slipping out of the apartment with a holler, "Mrs. Robinson said I could use hers since she's with family in Michigan! Also, can you go check Mr. Vazik's oven too? He's in Ohio!"

Nick rolled his eyes, gave a soft sigh, and headed into hallway to his neighbor's kitchen to check on another batch of dishes cooking. "This is going to be a busy, busy morning..."


Hours laters, the turkey had come out of the oven and various bakes, casseroles, and side dishes all one by one were finished in one of the three ovens Skye spent the entire morning running between. One by one, each dish made it to one of the tables. Biscuits were piled into baskets and covered with tea towels. Then, just as the last oven was turned off and Skye brushed her hair back from her face, the doorbell rang.

"And so it begins!" Skye blurted, flashing Nick one last glittering smile before they were lost into the rush of friends arriving and taking to the tables. For awhile, Nick's mind was pulled into stories, recollections of childhood Thanksgivings, and tearful thanks to Skye's generous dinner; but eventually, as stomachs began to reach their fullest points and people started to sit back in their chairs, his mind wandered back to the same topic the night before.

"I love these people... I love them so... but now I want them to all leave because I might actually die if I don't have sex soon..." Nick thought to himself, and, as if she could read his mind, Skye suddenly looked up with a cheeky smile spreading across her face.

Her eyes slowly dipped down until she looked down at her own chest where she'd let another button of her top slip loose from its noose so her shirt yawned open a bit more. He could see the thick, downy fur of chocolatey brown that led down into her the swell of her breasts. He could see the sparkling glint in her eyes, the silent invitation from her to him to look, to truly look at the way the twin orbs pressed to each other, creasing into the deepening line of cleavage in the v of her top.

She smirked a second longer, then glanced away back into the surging conversations. Nick's eyes lingered a second longer, longingly staring at the shadow as her breasts hinted at their presence from beneath her top.

"As soon as these people are out of here..." Nick thought, his mind wandering away with impatient anticipation. "She's mine."


"Okay! Bye! Enjoy the pie! Of course we have enough leftovers! Oh hush! Haha! Yeah! Bye now! Byeee!"

Finally, after nearly an hourly of goodbyes, the door clicked shut with a solid thud. Skye swiveled back from the entry way, her eyes meeting to Nick's instantly.

"Oh my god." Nick breathed.

"Are we finally alone? Free? Without work? Without cooking to do?" He asked, slowly inching closer to her as his fingers spread out over the girl's soft, wide hips.

A grin spread out across the girl's muzzle and a sparkle shown in her warm caramel eyes. "Mmm... not so fast, mister." She countered, running her fingers down his chest as her breathed washed across his chin, teasing him with her closeness.

"What do you mean?" Nick whimpered, peeking down for a brief, fleeting second at the line of her breasts kissing together within the V of her shirt before he met her eyes again with a pleading expression.

Skye chuckled, running her eyes out across the room in front of them with a long, passing glance that traveled from the living room where the three tables still sit littered with stacked dishes and scraps of paper plates and saran wrap used to send treats home with everyone into the dining room where crumbs coated the floor with a gritty rug and last to the kitchen where the sink was piled high with 'soaking' dishes. "We have... some cleanup to do."

"Oh come on... No..." Nick whined, his fingers gently squeezing around Skye's hips, starting to massaging along the gentle curves of her body while his eyes begged her to forego the chores. He squirmed in closer, putting less space between them till her thighs grazed into his and the warmth of her shape slowly kissed to his form. "The dishes will wait, nothing is going to go anywhere... We have all night to do that..." His head tipped to the side, whispering as his lips found the gentle crevice of where her neck met to her chest. His lips followed upwards, leaving soft kisses in an arc towards the girl's perky ears. "Be bad with me... forget the dishes... I know how long it's been, I know you need it..." Nick crooned into her ear, playfully grinning as he spoke.

Skye grinned, flashing him a glimpse of her sharp teeth glinting white against the backdrop of her pink mouth. She squirmed into him, pecking at his cheek with a kiss before she pulled back away from him. "But everything will just get more stuck on... and it'll be more work later..." Her eyebrows rolled up, a cheeky grin spreading wider across her face as she struggled to keep up her charade of wanting to do the dishes, but the tiniest smile broke through and she grinned at him fully.

"God damn, I thought I could actually get you!" Skye whined, laughing as she let Nick pull her back into his chest. Her warm, soft body squirmed up to him. Her felt her tail, as bushy and lush as ever, curled around the backsides of his thighs like a hug while her breasts grazed into his chest.

"Like I would ever fall for your trickery..." Nick grinned back, but his mind was quickly starting to wander down to the crease of her cleavage spilling out beneath his chin and the heat radiating from beneath the line of her waist.

"Mmm... I believe it..." Skye chuckled, pushing her hand against his chest to turn him slowly around to face down the hall as she brushed past him. Her tail lingered behind, giving a short flick of her tail against his thighs before she started down the hall with her hips swaying side to side to a soundless beat.

Nick lingered back for a moment, watching her entrancing walk before he rushed behind to follow her as she rounded into the bedroom.

"It has been so long..." Skye said as she turned, her fingers falling to the buttons of her shirt as she started to slowly lose each one from it and let the two sides start to fall open around her bosom. One by one, more of her full chest fell into view, then her slender stomach, and finally nothing held the veil closed and the shirt slipped off from atop the mounds of her breasts.

The small nubs of each nipples peeked out at him, appearing out from the edge of her top. Nick started to step forward, but a finger raised in the air stopped him. "Nuh uh uh... You've waited this long, you're not rushing me now."

"Bu-" She shook her head, silencing his voice in his mouth as she stepped away from him, turning her back towards him as the shirt fell away from her shoulders and spilled in a flow of satin down her frame, revealing the smooth drop of her back.

Then, slowly, she looked back over her shoulder. Her eyes met his for a brief moment before she shifted back, tilted her head to let her hair spill freely down the line of her spine, and bent at the waist.

Nick watched her in a fluid drop down till her fingers had reached up to her hips. Her thumbs curled into the waistband of her skin tight pants, slowly, she pulled the elastic out from her body, starting the long fluid draw of the band down the back of her thighs in a fluid motion down her thighs.

Second by second, more of her full, rounded ass came into view. The full arc seemed to take ages before the fabric of her pants slipped beneath the juicy curvature of her rump. Staring at her, with a dumb expression, Nick could feel his jaw slipping loose as he stared at the faint shadow between her ass cheeks where the thin layer of her panties covered the mound of her sex.

Nick gulped. He could feel the front of his pants already swelling, almost painfully as he watched Skye's slow motion tease in front of him. "God..." He muttered to himself, feeling the heat on his cheeks flaring them a hot shade of pink. "Skye-"

She turned, just as she stepped entirely out of her pants. With a pivot, she turned so he could see all of her garbed in just her skimpy bra and panties. The cups that covered her breasts were entirely sheer, just holding onto her natural, jostling breasts rather than covering them with padding. Each cup stopped just beneath her nipple, leaving almost all of her breasts out for him to see as she smirked at him. Her eyes glittered with her classic mischievous look that Nick knew oh so well by now.

"Are you laughing at me, huh?" Nick asked, grinning right across the carpet back at her. She shifted her weight, jutting one hip out. "So what if I was?"

Nick raised a brow, fighting the urge to grin entirely at her. "That's a dangerous gamble."

"Oh really now?" She chuckled, her breasts jostling against her chest. "What are you going to do about it?"

"What am I going to do about it?" Nick asked, his face breaking into a wide smile. "What? Am I? Going to do about it?" He asked, voice rising in volume as he rushed towards her, arms spreading wide as he scooped her up and drew her onto the bed. His fingertips found the soft sides of her stomach with rapidly, wiggling tickles.

His head bent at the neck, dipping in towards her soft neck with nibbling, playful kisses up the entire length of if her tender throat. "This is what you get for teasing me and laughing at me!" He laughed into her ears, feeling the short fur covering them tickling against his own skin. "You like laughing now? Wanna keep laughing, hmm?"

Her shrieking giggles bounced off the walls of the bedroom, echoing and bouncing back until she finally hollered out her surrender and her lips found Nick's.

In a moment, their playfulness was transformed into passion instead. Their lips pressed together roughly, almost like a fight between who was kissing who. Nick's hands roamed up her body, sliding up the thick fur of her stomach until he could cup the underside of one warm breast.

"I have been waiting for this..." Nick crooned, purring into the girl's ear as she rolled her hips up against his.

"Mmm... prove it, because you seem pretty patient right now.." She smirked at him, mischief still playing across her face as her tail tickled at his hip and her warm body rolled up to the bulge in the front of his pants.

"Is that a challenge?" He grinned, grabbing for her soft hips and pulling her up to him. Her fingers squirmed down between their bodies, writhing into the line of his pants, searching for the button to free his stiff cock out from the denim. Her toes squirmed up, pushing against the jeans to kick them off the bed.

His boxers and her panties quickly followed in a fit of squirming until Skye's thighs squeezed around Nick's side and the hot, dripping wetness of her sex hovered above him. "Ready?" She whispered, her eyes locked onto his as her fingers splayed across his lower chest, using his belly to stabilize herself as he nodded and she lifted up.

For a second, she lingered there in the hovering distance just above his cock, letting him feel the wash of her body's heat without the grip of actually being inside her, but then, finally she started to push down against him.

The heat of her instantly hit him. Nick's lips sputtered apart, a long moaning gasp escaping him as the heat of her pressed down onto his throbbing, impatient cock. "Ohh.... I think..." Nick moaned, his breath hitching for a second as he grabbed for Skye's sides, pulling her further onto him with a sigh of relief. "I think I might have forgotten how good that felt..."

Skye hunched over him, her breasts bouncing within her skimpy bra as her body slid entirely over him. Her own eyes were fluttering, lashes spasming with the rapid twitches. "G-god... You feel huge..." She gasped, squeezing around his cock with a hard clenching motion. "I-it's been so long..."

Nick groaned in agreement. "You're fucking tight..."

Skye pushed her hand against the headboard, anchoring herself as she started to bounce on top of him. Her body jostled, breasts bouncing rapidly atop him as her sex clenched and squeezed around him with every motion.

"Oh.. Oh.. Fuck... Nick..." She gasped, moaning over him as her eyes fluttered shut. For a minute, she didn't even speak. Nick, laid out beneath her wondered for a fleeting moment, if she remembered it was him beneath her of if all she knew in that moment was a disembodied penis.

But, soon after, the thought flitted away as her eyes dipped down to meet his and her lips sloppily crushed against his own, eagerly kissing him as her hips fought to keep their rapid pace on top. "I-I... Fuck... Trade?" She said at last, finding a single word easier to blurt out as she breathed in ragged huffs than a full explanatory sentence. Nick grinned, grabbing onto her sides and rolling around in a jumble of limbs until Skye laid splayed out on the bed with the glistening pink of her sex staring back at him.

Nick grabbed for her waist, holding onto her as his body closed overtop of her own. His tip slid against the silken fur of her thigh, finding its way back to the welcoming wash of heat at her entrance before he pushed in.

"Oooh...." Skye's head pushed back into the pillows propping her up with a groan of delight while her hips pushed up to meet his stretching, filling thrust. Her fingers grabbed at his sides, trying to pull him in deeper.

For Nick, Skye's enthusiasm translated into tightness.

Simply having gone so long without sex, she already felt tighter, but when she was moaning and squeezing her sex seemed to go into lockdown, gripping down on him with every fiber of her walls as he tried to push in.

It was starting to wear on his self-control.

His cock was twitching. The dribbly ooze of precum was smearing out from his tip as he started to pump into her, steadily, hunched over and grabbing at her shoulder so that her breasts jostled into his chest and the hot moaning of her breaths filled his ear on one side. Skye clung to him, her nails grabbing at his skin and her legs curled up and pulling him in deeper.

"God, Nick.." She whimpered, voice breaking. "Fill me. I want you to fill me up. I wanna feel all that... saved up cum.."

Nick grit his teeth, momentarily trying to last a bit longer. "Not yet, you've gotta... cum..." He muttered, voice cracking with his ragged breathing as he slammed harder into her. Her whole body started to slid on the bed, the top of her head threatening to meet the headboard behind, but she clung harder.

"Ooooh.... Then... just... keep... doing THAT!" Her voice gave a squeak, mutating in a shrieking, almost giggling cry of delight as her entire body locked down on him. Nick's eyes popped open wide feeling the wrench-like grip she had on him.

His hips quivered, trying to move in or out, but it wasn't an option; so instead, he let go.

In a chorus of broken moans and harsh, thirsty gulps of air, they came.

Skye's whole body thrust her hips into him, trying to get that tiny touch deeper as her head pushed down into the pillows with a hollering moan. Nick's eyes threatened to close, but he held them open enough to see the tension of Skye orgasm tearing through her and then releasing. He loved the moment where her orgasm began to taper off and her breath came out in a hard huff, like she'd held it the entire time.

At the same time, Nick's own orgasm tore through him. Stream after stream of thick, pent-up goo filled the squealing red panda before, with a slight moan, he pulled out through her clenching walls and aimed himself over her belly. An arc flew through the air, streaming across the entire expanse of her lush body and landing onto her soft furry cheek. Another streaked across her muzzle.

The following sprayed onto her breasts, oozing down the shape and gathering up on the peak of her nipple before they'd drip, slowly, onto her belly below. Finally, the weak finish leaked onto her belly, pooling in the natural dips and contours of her body.

"Huh-holy shit..." She mumbled, meeting Nick's eyes with a playful grin.

"S-sorry..." He mumbled, on instinct. But her smile quickly told him that wasn't necessary. Then, with a grin, her long tonque slowly flicked out. The very tip hooked on a glob of creamy cum that dangled off her muzzle before she guided it back into her mouth. At the same time, her fingers moved to her breasts, starting to swirl the gathered globules around her nipples together, watching how it stuck to her fur and oozing away from her guiding nail.

"You made a mess of me..." She scolded him, grinning.

Nick just grinned back, finding it hard to keep up any banter with her as she languidly played with the spray of cum all over her body.

"Clean up.. Is very important.." Skye said, lifting a gather glob of cum up into the air above her nose, grinning as her tongue slowly unfolded to catch it as it oozed back down away from the nail that held it. Then, with an audible gulp, she swallowed.

"It's a shame to leave anything messy..." Her fingers were tracking through her belly, searching out more gathered pools while a glob escaped over the edge of her muzzle only to be pulled in with her quick tongue. He could see webs gathering in her mouth as she let the glob shift between the sticky roof of her mouth and the grip of her bottom fangs.

"Wouldn't want anything to sit for too long..." She added to the mess in her mouth, briefly letting him glimpse at the game hidden behind her teeth as strings of cum stretched from tooth to tooth like streamers hung for a party.

"It'd get crusty... harder to clean..." Skye continued, grinning as Nick nodded.

"Which is why, we are going to go to dishes now!" In an instant, her game stopped. She swallowed down all she'd put into her mouth, rolled off the bed, and headed back to the kitchen, leaving Nick staring at her with a look of dumbfounded confusion. For a long moment, his mind struggled to even comprehend the empty space on the bed where Skye had been lounging before.

But then she hollered out from the hallway, "Come on, babe! After dessert comes dishes!"

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