24 Hours (Part 2)

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When Daniel arrives at the beach, he comes across a group of dolphins, including a young female. He and the dolphin fem play together, both casually, then sexually.

By the way, in case you've been wondering, Part 3 was finished a long time ago and I'll eventually get around to posting it here. I don't know when, but it will happen at some point in time.

24 Hours (Part 2)

Human M + F Dolphin

NOTE: This story picks up where part 1 left off where Daniel travels to a beach to watch the sunset over the ocean.

When Daniel arrived at Sunset Beach around 7 PM, he decided to go into the water and relax for a little bit, seeing that it would be about an hour before the sun would go down. He took off all of his clothes except for his boxers and placed them on the sand while walking into the water up to his chest, feeling the warm ocean water against his skin and feeling the waves going past his body as they broke and crashed on shore.

The water felt good to him and it made Daniel feel more relaxed about what was going to happen to him tomorrow, still there was something that he wanted to do in his life that he feared he would never get the chance to do, have sex on the beach with a female. Daniel looked around to see if there were any females nearby, but he didn't see any. At that point, Daniel pretty much figured that he probably wouldn't be able to fulfill this dream and just stood in the water and relaxed for a while as the sun got lower in the sky as sunset drew closer.

Meanwhile, coming from another end of the beach, a group of 5 terrestrial dolphins came over to the part of the beach where Daniel was, ready to play some beach volleyball before sunset. In the group, there were three female dolphins. The oldest two, Paloma and Marina, were walking with their boyfriends while their younger sister Tami (who had just recently turned 18 and was still a virgin) was all by herself. Since she had no partner to play volleyball with, Tami had to watch as her two older sisters played volley ball against their boyfriends. Tami would be more than welcome to join in the game, if she could find someone to play with.

As her sisters and their boyfriends started playing on the beach, Tami looked around to see if there was any one around. Normally at this time of the day, the beach was relatively quiet and Tami didn't have much hope of finding someone today. However, just as she was about to give up, she saw Daniel in the water nearby and thought that he was kinda cute. Being a young dolphin fem, Tami was very playful and friendly...especially around humans. She smiled happily and thought to herself, "Maybe I can convince him to come over to play with me".

At that point, Tami walked into the water and disappeared under the surface, trying to surprise the young human male while being playful with him. Daniel didn't notice what Tami was doing and continued to relax in the water, waiting for sunset to occur. Tami stealthily approached him underwater, thinking to herself how cute he was and already imagining letting him take her virginity. As soon as she was close enough, she breached out of the water in front of Daniel, catching him by complete surprise.

Daniel immediately fell over and started back towards shore, a little nervous about what Tami had just done. Once Tami was completely above the water, she noticed that Daniel was afraid of her for some reason. She immediately feared that either he might've mistaken her for a shark or (more likely) she came on a bit too strong. However, Tami was determined to play with the cute human male and tried to win his trust. "Please don't run from me...I'm a playful dolphin fem, I didn't mean to frighten you, I just saw you from another part of the beach and thought that you were cute, so I came over to say hello", Tami explained calmly, wanting Daniel to come back into the water.

Daniel immediately stopped and turned back around so that he was facing Tami, looking at her with considerable interest. She was completely nude and seemed very cute to him. He eventually came closer to Tami, walking out to meet her as she stood in the water in front of him, not being able to resist becoming horny for her as his cock got stiff in a hurry and created a bulge in his shorts.

Tami giggled at that and thought that she might be willing to let Daniel take her virginity, but not until he proved himself worthy of it. When Daniel finally came back over to Tami, she came closer to him and gave him a gentle hug as she rubbed her crotch against the lump in his shorts. "I see you've noticed that I'm completely nude", she told him playfully, using her tail to splash him a little bit. Daniel felt Tami splash him with water and chuckled a little bit at that reaching around Tami's back and hugging her gently. She simply nuzzled and hugged him softly while stroking her crotch against his, trying to fuel his fire.

Eventually, Tami looked back over to her older sisters and their boyfriends, waving to them as they played volleyball, she then looks over to you and smiles. "My sisters and their boyfriends are playing beach volleyball over on the beach, I'd join in but I have no one to play with. I was wondering if you'd like to come over and play with us for a little while", Tami asked him politely. Daniel thought about it, wanting to watch the sun go down, but also wanting to play with the young dolphin fem. However, seeing Tami completely nude, Daniel sensed that he should probably play with her and maybe he would get a chance to have sex on the beach with the dolphin cutie later on.

"OK Tami, I'll come over and play with you", Daniel responded, giving her a gentle kiss on her cheek and hugging her close, feeling their bodies touch softly. Tami happily nuzzled him back as she hugged him, holding Daniel around his tush and pushing him closer to her while they embraced. After a few moments, Tami let go of Daniel's body and took one of his hands, ready to walk back to the beach with him. They came out of the water together, walking over to where Paloma, Marina, and their boyfriends were playing some beach volleyball, with the two older sisters quickly noticing the cute human male that Tami just found.

Paloma, Marina and the two male dolphins welcomed Daniel and offered to let him join in for a males v. females game of volleyball with the winning team getting one thing that they wanted to receive from the other team. The teams decided if the females won then the males would have to take them out to dinner, but if the males won then the females would let their partners mate with them after the game was over. At that point, the females went over to the one side of the net while the males went to the others. The two dolphin males were both taller and stronger than Daniel was, but they both treated him well, as if he was like their younger brother. Before they started the game, Tami waved back at Daniel and winked at him, wishing him good luck as she hoped that the males would win, though she wasn't sure if her sisters were as eager to mate as she was.

As the game started, the females jumped out to an early 5-0 lead as the two male dolphins played in front of the net while Daniel was behind them. Many of the balls that came towards Daniel landed out of his reach, no matter how much he tried, where the other males could've used their tails to give them added reach. The two dolphin males eventually realized this and decided to switch places, moving back while Daniel moved up. As soon as the males switched places, they began to get back into the game with the dolphin males being able to use their tails to help defend their side of the net and send the ball back over.

Once they switched places, the males scored 10 straight points with the two dolphin males doing most of the work. However, Daniel did manage to stop a couple of serves and did score a couple points as he put the ball out of Tami's reach. After falling behind 10 to 5, the females decided that they weren't going to be beaten so easily and changed their plan, sending Tami to the back while the older females went in front. As a result, the game once again tilted in favor of the females as they outscored the males 9 to 4 over the next little while until the score was tied at 14. Before they began the game, the two groups had agreed that the first team to get 15 points would be the winner, so whichever team scored next would win.

Tami looked over to Daniel and smiled, hoping that the males would win since she really wanted Daniel to mate with her. However, she didn't know if her older sisters would be so enthusiastic about it. Tami thought about intentionally missing a play so that the males could win, but decided not to since her sisters might get mad if they lost that way. So, as the males served the ball for the final time, Tami figured that she'd try her best to please her sisters while hoping Daniel could win for her. The action went on for a couple of minutes with each team trying to get the final point. Eventually, Daniel suddenly leaped as high as he could as the ball came towards him, spiking it over the net and straight to Tami. She dove down and bumped the ball back up towards the net, trying to get it back over. However, the ball didn't go high enough and hit the net.

Once the ball hit the net and dropped to the ground, Paloma and Marina looked down at their little sister and helped her back up, with Paloma hugging Tami softly. "It's OK Tami, you tried your best, we still love you", she told her little sister as the males had won the game. After helping her little sister, Paloma and Marina went over to their boyfriends and congratulated them as the dolphin males hugged and nuzzled the females while Daniel walked over to Tami, wanting to comfort her. She saw him approach, knowing that his side won the game, which meant that she would let Daniel mate with her, becoming excited about having her virginity taken by him.

Tami hugged Daniel tight and nuzzled him sweetly when he came over pulling him close to her as she dropped back onto the beach with her new boyfriend. "Well sweetie, your team won the game, so that means I'm all yours", she told him playfully, rubbing his back gently and nuzzling him as she felt his cock becoming hard once again and bulging into his shorts. He touched her gently as she seemed to submit to him, allowing Daniel to touch her wherever he wanted to, including her breasts and her warm and wet dolphin slit. Tami moaned happily when Daniel touched her pussy, slowly fingering it as he felt how wet and warm she felt inside, beginning to imagine what it would be like to have his cock buried inside Tami's pussy.

Tami moaned softly as she felt him touch the inside of her pussy as it felt warm and wet, her pussy walls quivering inside as she nuzzled him softly. "Mmm...I've never been yiffed before and I'm very eager for you to mate with me", Tami explained as she held Daniel close to her, sensing something unusual about him. "I can sense that there is great emotional pain inside you...I hope it's not because I'm being too playful towards you, because if that's the case, I'll settle down some", Tami explained calmly to him.

Daniel looked down at Tami and nuzzled her softly, planting a kiss on her nuzzle. "No, it's OK Tami...you're not being too playful, I like this...it's just that, after tonight we won't be able to see each other again", Daniel told her as he began to cry, pulling his fingers out of Tami's pussy and hugging her close to him.

Tami started to cry along with him, thinking that maybe he didn't love her as much as she thought he did, but the way that he was hugging Tami seemed to prove otherwise. "Why can't we see each other anymore after tonight? I'd love to spend more time with you honey, get to know you better and maybe even become your mate if we got along well enough", Tami explained, trying to convince Daniel to stay with her.

He quickly kissed her on the cheek and held Tami even closer to him. "No, it's not like that Tami...I do like you and if I could I'd love to get to know you better, the problem is, I'm not going to be around anymore after tomorrow morning", Daniel explained to her as he turned around to show off the bite mark, which was now pitch black and swollen, making Tami gasp and whimper. "I was bitten by a doom bettle earlier to day and now I'm doomed to die in less than 24 hours", Daniel told her with tears in his eyes.

When Tami saw this, she began to cry as she held Daniel very close to her, not wanting to let him go as she softly nuzzled him. "Oh, that is so sad honey...*whimpers*...but I'd bet you'd like to go out with a smile on your face wouldn't you", Tami told him, giggling a little as she reached for a baggie with a couple of contraceptive berries in it. "Mmm...please take me sweetie, take my virginity and make me feel very happy while I give you one more pleasant memory to enjoy in the remaining hours of your life. If you'd like, I'll let you cum inside me and knock me up...I'm sure my sisters will be willing to help me raise our calf", Tami explained to him, as she contemplated taking the berries, not wanting to do so if he wanted to try to breed her.

Daniel thought about this for a few moments and thought while he would've liked to pass on his genes before he dies, he preferred to do it with a more fertile female as he knew that female dolphins only had one calf at a time...though he didn't tell Tami that. "It's OK Tami, I would like to breed with you, but I don't want to burden you with a calf right now", Daniel explained to her politely as he nuzzled her softly.

Tami understood and opened the baggie, taking the two berries out and eating them to supress her fertility. "It's alright sweetie, you don't have to breed me if you don't want to...but I'd still like to feel you fill my insides with your cream, if that's alright with you", Tami explained as her pussy craved Daniel's cock, wanting him to take her virginity and make her feel very happy.

Daniel looked down at Tami and smiled, rubbing his stiff cock against her slit as it felt even warmer and wetter than before. "Hehe...sure, I'll be more than happy to fill you with my cum", Daniel answered, continuing to rub against her slit, moaning softly to her warmth and wetness as she did the same to the feeling of his bare shaft touching her body.

Tami began to moan lovingly as the inside of her love hole contracted and quivered, eager to Daniel to penetrate her eager dolphin pussy and take her virginity. She looked up at him as she lay on her back and smiled. "Mmm...yes sweetie, please put your cock inside me. Make sweet love to me and let me feel your warmth while you still have time on this planet", Tami exclaimed eagerly, her legs spread apart as she pulled her outer lips apart, showing off her pink dolphin pussy. Daniel immediately accepted her invitation, grabbing his cock as he pushed it towards her slit, feeling the wetness of Tami's dolphin pussy as she giggled. He climbed on top of Tami, looking into her eyes as his cock slowly pushed down into her pussy as Tami moaned happily to the feeling of her first yiff partner inside her lovely body.

Daniel moaned happily and surprisingly as he felt just how strong and powerful Tami's pussy walls were as they surrounded his member upon entry, squeezing it firmly. "Oh my...WOW...oh Tami, you're pussy is so tight", he exclaimed happily as he started to yiff the young dolphin fem, pushing his cock through her tight vaginal walls as the head tickled Tami from inside, making her giggle to the feeling she was experiencing.

"Mmm...I'm glad you like it sweetie", she moaned happily, holding his tush softly as she tried to help him yiff her. "Mmm...go ahead sweetie, mate with me as fast as you'd like...I'm very strong and I can handle it", Tami added as she felt like Daniel was holding back since he knew that she was a virgin. Gradually, Daniel started to speed up, pushing his shaft through her tight pussy as it surrounded him on all sides, quivering and contracting as she felt aroused by Daniel, moaning softly to the ticklish and warm feeling that he was providing for her.

His cock started to get thicker inside her love hole, pulsating a little as it seemed to react to the feeling of being inside Tami. Her pussy walls massaged him in all the right spots, helping to make him stronger while she also made Daniel want to cum inside her even more. However, Daniel wasn't ready to cum yet, his balls hadn't begun to tingle yet and the tip of his cock had only grown slightly since penetration and was no more sensitive than normal. So it would be a little bit before he would be ready to fill her.

Meanwhile, as Tami and Daniel yiffed together, the other two dolphin couples did the very same not to far away with both males yiffing with Tami's sisters in the same manner that Daniel was yiffing Tami. As far as their sexual encounters were concerned, each experience didn't last very long, with the males only lasting about a minute inside their girlfriends, but what they lacked in duration, they made up for in frequency and quantity.

Each time the dolphin males came, they exploded inside their partners, rapidly filling them with their seed and then stopping. Then, a few moments later, they'd start up again until they felt their sexual appetites satisfied. As for Tami, she knew that Daniel wouldn't be able to give her an orgasm as powerful as the dolphin males were, but he could go longer in a single session than the dolphin males could be yiffing their partners multiple times giving them quick bursts and then stopping before they reloaded.

Daniel continued to plunge deeply into Tami's love hole, feeling her tight pussy walls caress his shaft as it moved in and out of her, making it throb with desire as he felt excited. Indeed, Tami's love walls were very tight and muscular, designed to grip and massage a male as they yiffed her and also making sure that the climax would be powerful enough to reach deep inside her womb once he was ready to do so. He continued to yiff her faster and harder, pushing his shaft deeper inside as he moaned passionately to the feeling of Tami's tight pussy walls massaging his member as it thickened inside of her.

Daniel began to let his feelings show for Tami as he pushed inside her, leaking precum into her tight canal while she held him inside her. "Yes...ah yes...you're doing good baby...keep going...*moan*...pump my pussy with your big, strong cock", Tami moaned as her love walls began to quiver around him, dripping with her juices as she got closer to climax.

The tight feeling of her love walls around his member made Daniel moan loudly as he drove his cock deep inside her love hole, his shaft was throbbing intensely and leaking with precum as his balls were tightening, preparing a fresh load for Tami once he was ready to cum inside her. Tami used her tight vaginal walls to massage Daniel's cock as it moved through her canal, feeling his warm precum drip into her as she got excited. Tami was eager to feel the explosion of Daniel's spooge flood into her canal as she held him close to her and nuzzled him softly. "Do you want to cum in me honey?", she asked him lovingly as she rubbed her nuzzle against his cheek.

He gave her cheek a kiss and smiled. "Mmm...yes...yes I do...I want to fill you with my cum", Daniel exclaimed passionately as he drove himself deeper into Tami, massaging her clit and pussy walls vigorously as she tightened further around him as her pussy walls quivered excitedly as she prepared to climax. Meanwhile, Daniel's cock continued to thicken inside her love hole as his climax approached as well. Both individuals were clearly into each other as they moaned loudly to the feeling that they were experiencing. Tami held Daniel close to her as she felt him plunging deep inside her as his cock thickened more, the head of his cock now nearly twice as big as it normally would be as he felt his climax getting very close.

Tami could sense that Daniel's climax was very close and contracted tightly around his member, feeling her climax about to hit as well. "Ah...yes...let's cum together honey...ah...I want to feel your warm cream deep inside me while you enjoy my warm juices", she moaned passionately as she clinched her pussy tightly around his member as it throbbed intensely inside her. Tami's tight grip on his cock drove Daniel wild and made his balls contract from the inside.

With a loud and satisfying moan, Daniel shot gobs of his cream deep into Tami's love hole, sending it as far as possible into her so she could enjoy the hot and sticky feeling. As she felt his cream shooting deep inside her, Tami gasped and then moaned passionately as her pussy walls contracted as tight as possible while she climaxed, sending her warm dolphin juices flowing through her reproductive tract, drenching his member in them as Tami continued to hold Daniel close.

Daniel continued to hold Tami in his arms while he put his seed into her pussy, shooting it as far as he possibly could into her reproductive tract. Tami continued to hold him firmly inside of her as her pussy walls remained very tight around his member, squeezing it firmly from root to tip, as if she were milking every drop of cum he had from his swollen nuts. Daniel continued to send fresh seed into Tami for about a minute as the feeling of the hot and horny dolphin fem made him produce a lot of cream.

Once he was finished, he remained inside of Tami for a little bit as her pussy walls began to loosen and his cock softened. During this time, Daniel and Tami continued to cuddle, holding each other close as Paloma and Marina were relaxing with their boyfriends after having sex with them. Meanwhile, Daniel looked down to Tami and kissed her lovingly. "If I wasn't doomed to die tomorrow, I would ask if you wanted to be my girlfriend", he told her sweetly, kissing her once again.

Tami nuzzled him softly and gave his back a gentle rub. "I know sweetie...it's too bad that you are because I think you would make a very good and loving mate, as well as a father", Tami answered sweetly as she continued to ease her grip on Daniel's softening member. After another minute or so, Daniel's cock had softened enough that he pulled it back out of Tami as a little bit of his seed dripped from her opening. When he pulled out, Tami looked down to her pussy and noticed his seed leaking from her vaginal opening and smiled.

"Mmm...thank you sweetie", she moaned happily as she placed a finger into her hole and played with herself a little, taking small amounts of Daniel's cream onto her fingers and then licking them clean. The sight of this made Daniel giggle as he came close to Tami and cuddled with her. By this time, the sun had gone down and it was beginning to get dark outside, but Daniel didn't care anymore, he had just yiffed with a young dolphin fem by the beach and felt that this was better than watching the sun go down over the water.

Daniel remained with Tami until it got dark, relaxing with the young dolphin fem on the beach until it was time for the dolphin couples and Tami to return to the water for the night. As much as Tami didn't want to leave Daniel, she had no choice, it would soon be too cold for her to be on land; plus she knew that even though Daniel wanted her, she could not have him since he was doomed to die the next day.

Before Tami left, she gave Daniel one last nuzzle and kiss as he hugged her tight. "I hope you're able to fulfill your dreams in the time you have left sweetie", she told him sweetly, nuzzling him one last time as he let go of her, watching as Tami slowly went back into the water and then disappear from sight. At that point, Daniel went back to his car and drove back towards Victoria where he had another date scheduled for later in the night. He had about 15 hours left to live by this point of time and wanted to make sure he made the most out of this time as he possibly could.

End of Part 2

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