The Ocean

I yearn for land, but the sea has a grip. i yearn for water -- clean water -- to grace my lip, yet i drift in water poisonous to me ... i guess it doesn't matter with what happens, i guess it doesn't matter with what happens.

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The Duck Quacks Twice (teaser) - Will of the Alpha 3

**The Duck Quacks Twice** My bill clamped down hard on the wet cigarette as I pulled my fedora further down over my brow. Couldn't keep anything dry in this damn rain. A crisp breeze picked up, ruffling my tail feathers. Too chilly to stand here all...

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The Black Fang's Bite (teaser) - A Menagerie of Heroes

The taste of charred meat and spices sizzled on Lex's tongue. The hungry black wolf chomped down and tore another piece of flesh from bone, chewing loudly. Looking around, he stared past his other pack mates and into the reaches of the inky blackness...

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Ferret Chess

Ferret Chess Oh is this seat taken? Thank you, thank you, I really needed to rest my feet. It really is a beautiful day today isn't it? I tell you it's quite wonderful living here this time of year, almost magical. Oh my! Is that one of the pastries...

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The Long Haul

The Long Haul Chester waited for the hatch to open. He whistled to himself as he leaned against the steel wall. The door finally slid up to reveal Hudson, arms crossed waiting impatiently. "What took ya, hot stuff?" he said, tapping his toe...

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Between Gods and Gentlemen

**Between Gods and Gentlemen** "Spare a few coins? C'mon, just a few mon? Buy a drink for a guy who's down on his luck." Placing a hand on the man in the blue robe's shoulder, the beggar accosted him further. "Hey pal, help a friend out?" The blue...

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The Chair

The chair ocean tigrox the first thing that hit cooper was the smell. the stinging sense of sterilization and fluoride shot up his nose causing it to twitch and wrinkle.

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Afterglow ocean tigrox i shouldn't be here. even though the luxurious black leather couch was soft enough to sleep on, it still felt like sitting on a bed of nails.

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Draw to the Heart (teaser)

Sammy exclaimed, eyes wide, taking in the sea of stars. the millions of tiny lights danced over him, filling the vast saskatchewan horizon as far as the eye could see.

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The Price of Admission (teaser)

The Rottweiler's stubby tail flicked with anger as he shoved open the door and growled. "What is it? Where am I looking? Paige?" "Heston, sir!" The short corgi hopped out of her tall seat at the main console and addressed the security coordinator with...

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To the Victor the Spoils (teaser)

#9 of teasers in to the victor the spoils (by ocean tigrox, illustrated by shinigamigirl), coltrane has trained his whole life for one race that will win him the hand of the lovely rainee and free him from his father's iron rule.

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Food, Feuds and Fake Flora (teaser) - Roar 6

Itemid=788 food, feuds and fake flora (teaser) by ocean tigrox monday "it was a..." sandra trailed off as she consulted the stack of papers on her desk.

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