Shower Time

Story by White66 on SoFurry

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A little idea that had been playing around in my head and, as opposed to most of my recent writings, something that actually turned me on as I was writing it. So I just had to share it will you guys here. Really just a one shot that turned out hot and steamy. Most likely wont have a sequel.

I'm still open for commissions if you guys want to grab something like it. Prices start from £10. For full prices and to apply, see my journal.

Eth slipped his head around the locker room door. Hesitantly, pushing it open to stare through the crack. It looked empty. Sounded empty too. No sounds of running water or voices. Cold too. Well, cool. Cool enough to make his fur ripple. But empty. He breathed a sigh of mixed relief and frustration.

This was meant to be a new start. But nothing changed. He'd graduated high school, got his place at college. That was supposed be the year everything changed. Yet here he was. The shy guy, still as shy as he had ever been. Not that he has anyone to blame but himself. No. The dorm is actually pretty cool. Kitchen cum lounge on the ground floor, games room, study rooms. Communal showers too.

So...Nothing to stop him going to the lounge and meeting a few guys right? But no, he just feels he couldn't. Heck, he doesn't even feel he can shower with the others in the dorm. Which brings us here; the young Dalmatian having snuck down to shower early while the others are still asleep.

And it seems to have worked. With one last look around him, Eth made his way to the far corner, draping his towel over the rail in front. He had been hesitant about removing it. But he had no choice. Not that he is ashamed of his body. Just nervous about showing it off. Good reason to get up early and shower before all the other guys. Worked in high school..hanging back in gym, waiting till the others had gone. He'd gotten pretty good at it.

But not here apparently. Eth was just convincing himself to stop beating himself up when he heard something that made him freeze. Even under the warm water he felt that shiver. His ears strained over the running water. ''

Whatever plea he had been going to make it didn't work. The door opened and he heard the sound he feared. Voices. More than two at least. Eth fought the urge to run, stuck like a rabbit in headlights. He couldn't stay. He couldn't move. His mind couldn't choose.

Then it was too late. Four guys, four canines swaggered in. All buff, all naked, towels thrown over their shoulders in a casual, unselfconscious air he envied. Tails and butts swayed as they all stepped into the main shower area, nothing covering their modesty and they didn't seem to care.

They hadn't seen the puppy yet but what could he do? Nowhere to hide, nowhere to go. He had taken the furthest stall but that wasn't enough. There was only one stall between him and them. If he moved they would see him, if he stayed, they would see him. Even the steam from the showers, the heavy rolling clouds wouldn't be enough to hide him. He pressed up against the tiled wall, clutching his towel to his crotch. But it was too late.

The tallest of the group, a husky with a cool spiky Mohawk and grey fur already darkened by the water stopped and grinned. 'Hey guys. Look what we have here.'

Eth blushed and his head dipped. But he couldn't stay looking away long, not when another canine spoke.

'Oh yeah. He's cute. Bout time we got a cute one huh?' That was the Doberman next to him, leaning casually on the smooth tiles with a grin on his face, partially teasing, partially lustfully.

'mmhmm. Yup.' The third, a boxer nodded, his eyes filled with the same lust as the Doberman, his arms crossed over his chest casually.

Eth was frozen, his heart pounding in his chest, unable to move as they surrounded him, stepped so close he couldn't slip away. The three guys were so close he could smell their scent, the smell tickling his nose. Their cocks so close they brushed his fur, bobbing as paws ran over his shoulders or trailed softly down his thighs. Eth was mortified, his towel starting to tent as his cock slipped from his sheath, making a bulge that couldn't be ignored. He squeaked as a paw slipped under the towel, the husky rubbing his sac softly.

'Let's see what he is hiding hmmm?' He grinned as the others chuckled.

Eth had no time to react, the towel snatched away, his paws futilely covering his hard manhood, his head still poking out over his sac, soft flesh above sweet soft furred swell. It was there the husky touched him again, running his fingers softly over the edge, teasing and caressing. Eth shuddered, his breath catching in his throat. His ears dipped low, flattened to his head.

'Sensitive huh?' The husky smirked. 'We like the sensitive ones.'

Eth was torn. Part of him wanted to stay, this being the culmination of his fantasies. Of what he wanted to happen. But the rest of him was scared, nervous. Like a puppy surrounded by three very horny dogs. Who would like to do who knows what to him.

'I bet we could show you a good time. Right guys?'

The tone of the Huskies voice was almost irresistible, like his paws. Before Eth could react, he was pulled close and held, tugged down to the floor before the husky, kneeling right before his cock, flared tip pointed at his face. Eth's eyes ran over his length from balls to tip, his eyes lingering on his knot as another shiver hit him. His cheeks burned. All he could see was the husky's cock, nearly brushing his face. He knew what he wanted but needed that one bit of help. A nod from the husky was all he needed.

Tentatively he took his head into his mouth, closing around it. The taste assaulted his senses. As did the smell, warm, sweet and musky. The girth filled his mouth. He started to suck as slowly as he had taken him, keeping his lips wrapped tight, using his tongue. It was all he had imagined, his cock achingly hard.

The husky wasn't moaning, but a soft murr was building in his throat. Eth could feel the ripples in his body, the tightness in his hips as he tried not to move, fighting the urge to drive his cock deep into his mouth. Or he hoped so anyway.

He didn't want to rush it, to go too fast. Until the husky moaned for real, the first sign he was doing right. Encouraged, Eth went further. Sinking down slowly then back up, testing the rhythm. Getting used to the length in his mouth, starting to work it.

The husky moaned his approval, his tail flicking and thumping against the tiles. He felt him start to move more urgently, knowing what that meant. Eth slowed, tipping his head up to look at the husky as he growled.

'Don't you dare.' The husky whispered with eyes half closed, his legs half bent and his tail still swinging slowly. Eth used this moment to take in the sights around him. It wasn't just the husky he was having an effect on. The other two canines had their cocks in their paws, jerking slowly as they watched him. The audience made his cheeks burn more.

He didn't stop though, bobbing his head back and forth, doing the best he could to take the husky's meaty length. He had no warning, his head dipped low to brush his knot with his lips, the husky howled softly and he came. Eth felt the swell in his cock and he unloaded into his mouth. Spurt after spurt of jizz filled his mouth and yet he managed to swallow it.

He had barely gulped down the last trickle, when a paw grabbed his head, fingers curling into his fur and tugged him off the softening cock onto a fresh hard meat. It was the Doberman, Eth could just make that out as he was held onto his cock. Not being made to suck, but unable to move away. Not that he wanted too.

'Hmmm....eager aren't ya?' Eth just about heard those words as he started to suck the Doberman off, more confidently, his mouth slurping over the firm length, tasting salty pre on his lips. Wanting more he kept his mouth over the head, working it as best as he could with his tongue..

'I didn't say you could stop.' The Doberman growled, his paw forcing the Dalmatian over his cock again, guiding him back to sucking. Another growl showed how close he was, his paw driving Eth's mouth along his cock until with a shuddering groan that echoed around the shower room. Caught off guard, Eth choked on the salty load that flooded him, a little trickling over his mouth as he tried to take it all.

'damn, this pup is tight. You are gonna enjoy this.' Eth, still gasping, was pulled to the boxer, his shorter cock pressed to his muzzle, the head nuzzling him, smearing pre around with the cum already on his face.

'I'll bet that's not the only place he's tight.' The boxer grinned as Eth was forced to take and suck his cock, the boxer already face fucking him softly. 'Ohhh yeah. I bet he has a sweet Virgin ass hmm?'

'I think so too.' Warm breath brushed his ear, the husky behind him, toned and furry chest pressed right to his back. But it was the paw that closed around his cock that attracted his attention, delicate stroking along all of his length, taking his time.

Eth moaned around the length in his mouth; he couldn't help it. The husky really knew what he was doing, his paw moving in time with the pace of the boxer as he ploughed into his mouth again and again. His cock, already hard, was trembling now, a swell growing in him.

'Looks like our little pet is ready for the main event.' The husky grinned, lifting Eth so he was placed in his lap, his cock nestled against his ass. Eth started but didn't pull away. He was filled with desire, with need and anticipation of what it would feel like to be penetrated. Then he knew. He groaned as he was filled, spread and stretched by the firm length entering him, pressing deeper and deeper, inch by hot inch. How could he help squirming, his breath hot and panting, his cock leaking a drop of pre. Eth writhed beneath the canine taking him, his ass clenching and squeezing with each inch he went deeper.

The husky chuckled. 'I think he likes it. Show me how much pup.' Eth didn't resist, willingly, wantonly sucking on the cock presented to him. Lewd sucking and slapping filled the shower, trying to keep pace with the furious face fucking and the husky who fucked his ass hard. The whole shower reeked of sex and sweat, the smell hitting him with a heady wave of dizziness.

A paw had his cock, he couldn't tell who's it was any more. So many sensations bombarded him, the ripples of pleasure from his filled ass made him unable to follow what was going on. Stroked and sucked and filled he had no choice but to hold on.

Not as much as the canine in his mouth. He came then with a shuddering groan, hot seed pouring into his mouth. Eth gasped and groaned, drinking all he could. He had barely swallowed it, expecting another cock to take its place. What he felt next stole his breath. Sudden rough yet soft contact brushed his sac. His cock jumped in its furry cage, two wonderful tongues lapping over his balls.

He couldn't see it, but the Doberman and the Boxer had made use of the wide shower space, their mouths pressed to his nuts, pawing their cocks as they licked and sucked, both teasing his boiling sac.

He was right on the edge, almost drowning in pleasure, his climax so close. He shook, needing it, wanting it. Relief came with a new sensation, the two furs sucking on his sac at the same time, drawing him into their mouths. He couldn't take it.

That thought only lasted a moment, his ass suddenly clenched by another ripple of pleasure, the husky driving faster into his tail hole, pounding him hard. It only took that one thrust before he lost control, his seed filling the air with his moans. He came first but the husky wasn't far behind. He couldn't tell who came first, but cum splashed into his ass, over his face and down his chest, hot and sticky and mingling with his fur.

Eth's whole body was limp. He sagged in the huskies arms, spent and weak, trembling with aftershocks of his orgasm, a small trickle of spent cum running down his shaft. That didn't stop a smile rising to his face.

'You guys do this a lot?' He asked shyly.

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