Border of the Jungle

Story by Sub Rosa on SoFurry

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Jake the trapper doesn't like dealing with people. CIty slickers are loud, farmers are stupid, and savages will usually kill you just as soon look at you. But what happens when Jake finds a savage trapped with no way to escape him, and nobody to help her?

Jake was a trapper. He didn't like people, human or otherwise.

City-folk were always too loud, and rude to boot. Always off in a hurry, but never getting ahead. If he wasn't out to make some money, he wouldn't bother talking to them. Country folk were too stupid to hold a conversation with, usually. Bartering with them to get the tools or seed he needed was always a headache- most of them didn't even accept money. Savages didn't try to talk to you or barter goods, they just tried to take stuff. Those, he just killed.


He was making his rounds and checking his traps when he heard an unusual noise. It sounded like someone grunting, and it was coming from up ahead where his clamp trap was. A clamp trap was just a large clamp with big, rib-like bars designed to catch critters instead of kill them. The holes at either end meant the small ones wouldn't get caught, and the less lethal nature of the trap meant he didn't have to worry about killing some endangered animal and getting the king's britches in a knot. The trigger for it was an apple. Critters love apples.

He arrived at his trap. Inside it, there was a small spotted cat folk trying to get out. She was one of the savages- her lack of a top meant she wasn't of marriageable age yet, but he wasn't sure what all the scratches were. He walked out of the brush to the clamp.

She froze when she heard the bushes move, and jerked her head back to see what it was. She calmed down when she saw he was a human, but she was still wary. Jake looked on the ground. Large pawprints- wolf prints, probably- circled the clamp trap. Teeth marks were etched in the wooden ribs, but they never got it open. The latch on the outside required thumbs to open. Unfortunately for the trapped cat- girl, those thumbs had to be on the outside of the trap. From the inside, you couldn't reach the lever.

She tapped her chest and said "Galdes," but Jake ignored her attempt at communication. When she saw this, she pouted, but he wasn't hurting her, so she wasn't too upset.

He unchained the cage trap, She peered from inside it, trying to figure out what he was doing. Then he put the chain over his shoulder and began dragging the cage through the well-made path back to his home.

When she realized he wasn't going to let her out, she tried every way she could to escape. She screamed for help, she tried to rock the trap until it fell over, but none of it worked. Nobody came to her rescue, and Jake kept pulling the clamp no matter its position.

After an hour of dragging his prey through the jungle, Jake arrived at his house on the border. It was impossible to see from a distance, and almost impossible to see up close. Even the spotted cat girl didn't notice it until Jake opened the front door and went inside. Left alone with her last chance at freedom, she put her feet against one side of the trap, her back against the other, and pushed as hard as she could. Since the trap was made of ironwood that had locking bits, it was a worthless attempt. A few seconds later she stopped, gasping for breath and wondering why she couldn't escape. She was glaring at the door when Jake opened it back up, but when she saw what he had in his hand, her expression changed completely.

Jake came back out, steak in hand. Her mouth watered, and Jake put a piece of the steak in his mouth, nibbling on it. She tried to look sorry and hungry, putting both hands on her stomach. She was in the trap for a long time, and was not able to eat for any of it. Jake looked at her begging for the food, then shrugged and handed her the steak. She reached through and grabbed it, then messily devoured it. It was one of the most delicious things she ever tasted. There was a strange spice he used to cook it. She was still trying to figure out what it was when the sleeping drug took effect, knocking her out.

She woke up some time later. She tried to move, but could not. She tried to see why, but she could not see. Her neck could not bend, her eyes could not see, and her arms were bound together behind her back. She tried to scream, but something was lodged in her mouth- a ring of some sorts. She felt a draft on her nethers, and she knew she was naked. She tried to close her legs, but they were held open by a bar between her ankles. She tried to kick her legs out, desperate for some kind of freedom, but cuffs on her calves were chained tightly to cuffs on her thighs.

She heard the door shut, and she froze. She could hear the human breathing. She struggled, but in vain. Her bindings were strong. She tried to sit up, but her thighs were connected to the tight leather piece around her belly. She was stuck.

She jumped as a finger tapped her nose. Gently, it went up to her ears and rubbed them. She couldn't tell them to stop- she couldn't say anything with the ring in her mouth. Still, it felt good, so the more they rubbed, the less she protested. Then they started rubbing the bases of both ears, massaging the muscles deep down on her scalp. She relaxed more as they dug deeper, breaking loose tiny knots in her muscles she didn't realize were there. Waves of relief washed through her head as the stress was rubbed away.

Jake's hands went down to her neck, and continued massaging her. She was worried- she could feel that she was naked, and the human had to know she could smell him. But he didn't mean her harm, did he? What was he doing? Surely, nobody would give a massage to someone they hated. Thinking this, she relaxed, letting his hands work around the base of her neck. She even curved it to expose more to him- maybe she couldn't escape yet, but that was no reason to turn down a free massage.

When her neck and shoulders were nice and loose, he moved down again, this time to her back. She could feel his hands against her arms bound behind her. He still hadn't said a word about the bindings, not that she would have been able to understand his language, anyway. He went from her upper to her lower back. She moaned when he squeezed her sides and hips. The more she moaned, the harder he squeezed.

Then, he pulled his hands away. She felt refreshed, but was creeped out that the human was keeping her like this.

"He has to let me out of these when I go to the bathroom, right?" she thought to herself. "I'll escape then- I think I can find my way back home. Just have to find the river OH MY-"

He interrupted her thoughts by putting two fingers on her pussy and tracing downward. She mumbled loudly at him, protesting his touch. Jake grinned, and slipped his finger inside. She shook her head no, but she was powerless to stop him. Slowly, ever so slowly, he began rubbing his finger up and down just inside her. Beads of moisture dripped down his finger, and she whined. Still he kept doing it. Eventually, she quit shaking her head no and quit making sounds of protest. Her ears were both pointed backwards. Jake knew that for her kind, it was usually a sign of stress or anxiety. When it came to matters like this, though, it could also mean submission.

By now, his finger glistened with her moisture and she was dripping onto the mattress. He stuck his finger deep inside her, and she squeezed in surprise. Her protests began anew as he pulled his finger back and forth, pulling his finger into a hook shape and spreading her apart inside. Her noises went from consistent panicked groans to sporadic moans interrupted by high pitch whines. He sat back in his chair, continuing to probe her with his finger.

Galdes screamed as loud as the ring would let her as she hit her first climax, muscles twitching and squeezing around his finger, sucking on him. As she squeezed, juice squirted out from between her lips, soaking Jake's hand in her cum. He raised an eyebrow as he examined his hand. Were all of the locals like this? He'd have to do a few tests and find out. For now though, he'd focus on this prey.

After her climax, her tongue hung out of the ring gag and her body was limp. Tiny spasms jumped through her, making her shiver. Jake wasn't tired at all, though, so he moved on to the next part. He pulled off his pants and climbed onto the mattress from behind. Immediately, she tensed up.

She was having difficulty thinking. That feeling- what had he done to her? It was like honey and fire racing through her body. She didn't know words for those feelings- only that they were very, very good. Now the human was behind her again, and she felt afraid. Was he going to do that again? Why was he doing this? She wanted out, but at the same time, she didn't. She wanted him to put his finger back in her and make her feel wonderful again. Why did it have to feel so good?

When he saw her tense back up, he reached forward and began massaging her ears again. She whined a little, but after a few more minutes, she pushed her head into his hand, begging him to rub harder. He obliged her, and soon she was craning her neck as far as her restraints would let her to get her ears rubbed.

When she wasn't so tense, he put two fingers in her pussy. She jumped, but didn't look nearly as afraid as before. Whether consciously or subconsciously, she began lowering herself against his hand, trying to pull his fingers deeper. He took that as a sign she was ready.

He pulled his fingers out, and she whined. He smiled- she was begging for more, but she probably didn't even know what it was she was begging for. He lined up his cock to her pussy, and he drove forward.

She panicked. That was not a finger, that was something else. It drove into her, pushing her walls to the side as it slid forward in painful pleasure. She hollered when it hit something inside of her, but her yell came out as a gargled moan. Still the human did not stop, even though it hurt. He shoved it in, deeper and deeper. He was far inside her. She could feel it moving around, pushing against another wall as the rest of his body finally came to rest against hers. She felt his pelvis, and she understood what it was he put inside her.

When she was younger, her parents explained the world. The fathers have penises, and use them to plant their seed inside mothers' bellies. It was how children were made. She then considered what he was doing to her- he was trying to give her babies?!

Desperately, she tried to pull back and away, but he wasn't having it. He leaned over, grabbed her breasts and started squeezing and teasing them. The pain turned into something else- it became that feeling he made in her earlier with his finger, but moreso. And it kept growing. And growing. It grew past the pain, and she couldn't feel pain. Then it grew so large that it was bigger than her worries, and she forgot about getting pregnant. Finally, it grew bigger than thought itself, and she moaned moans whose only meaning was the sweetest pleasure.

She made cute noises as Jake railed her from behind, sending small shock-waves into her ass, through her body and to her breasts. Her moans rose as his speed increased, and as he started humping harder, she started humping back. Jake knew he was going to cum soon. He angled down and started thrusting harder, then reached a finger around to her clit and began tweaking it.

When she came, she let the world know it. Her screams filled the hut as her pussy clamped down around Jake's dick. He slammed home one last time, dumping his load deep inside her. Rope after rope filled her up, and she could feel every one. Drool overflowed from her mouth into the mattress as she lied there, taking it all in, spasms still jumping in her body making her twitch.

When Jake was done, he sighed in relief and pulled his dick out. Her pussy wiped it mostly clean on the way out, sealing back together to keep all of his seed locked inside. He wasn't done, though- now that she had her fun, it was time to clean up.

She felt her head being lifted, but couldn't find the energy to resist. Then she felt his cock enter her mouth. Normally, she might have fought it off. She might have shaken her head and tried to hurt him. Now, though, she was just too tired. He stuck it in, letting it lie on her tongue. The last thing in her life that ever felt like this was her mother's nipple when she was a tiny kit. Though she didn't remember it, her body did, and she started sucking.

As she milked his cock, he ran his hands over her head, rubbing her ears as he praised her for a job well done. The soothing tone in his voice and the wash of feel-good chemicals in her brain were hypnotic. She lost focus on all things except sucking as the rest of the world faded into pleasure and ear-scratches. Such dedication to milking his dick quickly had its desired effect, and Jake grunted as he shoved forward into her face. The head of his penis slammed into the back of her throat. She swallowed, pulling the head down into it, and then she continued to swallow, pulling every drop from his dick she could. Even after his semen was gone, she kept swallowing and sucking.

Jake pulled out with a schlurping noise and smiled. If she was going to be like this all the time, there was no way he could let her go. He could loosen her bonds, however, letting her stretch out to her full length. He put a plug in her ring so her mouth wouldn't dry out while she slept, unhooked most of her leg bindings, and pulled her against him, putting her face into his sweaty chest. What better way to get her to learn her master's scent than while she slept? With that thought, he drifted into sleep, wondering what he might do to her the next day. Galdes, however, had no thoughts to drift off to, except for the terrifying and wonderful feelings she just felt. Utterly tired, she finally succumbed to the deeper darkness of sleep.

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