Squeak Show!

Story by Fyreworks on SoFurry

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#5 of Pump Up The Jams

Another little short contained with in the Squeakeasy universe, which I wrote up at the end of last year. Figured it was about time I uploaded it here as well. Enjoy all the wacky fun of an inflatable game show!

Squeak Show

"Lights! Camera! Action!"

The collected voices of the studio audience whooped out their joy and cheered as the house lights came on, revealing a large circular stage in the centre of stadium seating. Over ten thousand individuals were on their feet, clapping and pumping fists in the air, eager for the spectacle to begin. Many more were watching from home as well, practically vibrating with anticipation.

A lone figure wearing black pants and matching vest took the stage, flicked large ears in the general direction of the cheering masses, and spoke up into a handy microphone worn on the side of his head.

"Welcome friends, welcome! Who's ready for the Squeak Show!!!"

As if on queue, the cheers only grew in volume, before slowly quieting down to allow the announcer to get on with things. He was a relatively tall and slim horse of all things, with thick tufts of hair poking out of his trouser cuffs, draping over large hooves. With both hands clasped before him, he bowed once and waved over to the other side of the stage, where several other figures had been standing in shadow.

"You all know how this works! Our contestants are getting strapped in to the studio compressor system, and will be off to the races in just a moment. As always, the one who outgrows them all wins! And as an added bonus this evening, please take a look up where the spot lights are pointing."

A small bag was dangling from a cable, strung from the highest guide-wire masts at the apex of the stadium turned studio. All in all, it was around 30 metres up, give or take. It lit up well in the glow of the spotlights for a few moments, then slipped back into the evening gloom of the outdoor sky.

"That's right, we've deployed the bonus bag once more! Inside is a card containing 50,000 credits, and the first person to grab it, gets it! Provided of course, anyone can reach that high. Adding to the existing 50,000 credit grand prize to tonight's victor, that's a hefty pot indeed! Consider the bonus bag incentive not to drop off too early, even if you've won the first pot. We want a good show, after all!"

More cheering and clapping, as everyone became quite excited to see this twist unfold. Nights with the bonus bag always wound up having people push themselves to the limit, and then some! With that the announcer waved a large hand and the lights came up further, illuminating the entire stage, and the dozen individuals populating it in a long line.

"Give a big round of applause to our contestants this evening, then we'll get started after a brief introduction!"

In order there was a pot-bellied boar, a muscular gecko, a trio of wolves, two tigers with a well rounded build, and a rather tall yet slim elephant. There was also a quadrupedal blue dragon of impressive size, a woodpecker who obviously liked hang out at the gym, a buff yet tubby raven, and finally a slim, and average sized pink dragon biped. All of them were wearing loose fitting track suits which hid other portions of their anatomy quite nicely. The crowd was still cheering, and calling out the name of various contestants, but most notably the huge blue dragon.

Going by the nickname of "Thor" more often than not, he had won the game show several times before, and was back to hopefully make even more money, and even more fans. 50,000 credits wouldn't make you rich, but it would certainly pay the bills for a year, and let you live in relative luxury while you were at it.

Stage hands were busy hooking up hoses to all of the contestants, clicking them into place upon their various nozzles. Each individual bore the signature shine of the inflatable sort, and look quite proud of themselves. Some had been born that way, others had managed to get converted into squeaky types via one means or another. It was a normal enough thing these days that you could walk into a clinic and take the plunge, much like gender or species re-assignment therapies.

Introductions were wrapping up, and finally got down to the two dragons on stage. They started in with the pink fellow, and held a microphone up to his somewhat shocked looking face.

"Um... I'm Kale. I'm actually pretty new to the inflatable world. I just made the change a few weeks ago. I got talked into coming onto this show by some friends of mine. I'm pretty nervous to be honest..."

The microphone was yanked away, and the equine announcer moved along the row to finally rest at Thor, who was towering over everyone else on stage.

"Thanks for sharing, Kale! And good luck to you! Now then, I'm sure our final contestant needs no introduction..."

The big fellow snorted twin gusts of blue-tinged smoke, and leaned his long neck down with a squeak.

"That's right, you all know me! I'm back for the tenth time, and I'm going to win! That bonus bag is mine! And when I'm done, you can all take pictures of the biggest, most bloated dragon around! Ha ha!"

The announcer applauded along with the audience for a while, before launching into his routine once more.

"Well spoken as always, Thor. Well, lets get this party started, shall we? The pumps will start automatically, and after a 10 second delay, you'll all have free access to use your foot plates. Ready? Begin!"

With that the soft hissing of air filled the stadium, as a dozen squeaky bodies began to shift and slowly expand, with the onrush of filling gasses. The pressure plates introduced an element of chance to the game, as they opened a dump valve and spilled large quantities of air into the individual user. The amount of air went up as time went by, so participants could very well wind up bursting themselves, or out-gassing in various ways. It had happened many times before, and added quite a lot of spice to the night.

Each contestant had their own strategy in mind, but most decided to stomp on their pressure plates as often as possible, to leap ahead in size and bloat. This caused quite a lot of loud squeaking to echo through the stadium, and much stirring amongst the audience as they were treated to the glorious sight of so many expanding bodies. Bellies bumped into distended rumps and torsos, and everyone on stage was forced to shuffle and move about to avoid getting too far from their pressure plates, or knocked off the stage.

Thor was busy taking up a good chunk of the stage all by himself, flanked on either side by the two large tiger blimps. Each one nodded at the other and continued to bloat and stomp on their plates, expanding up larger by the moment in increasingly large bursts. As the stretchy felines began taking on parade-float like proportions, they rounded out into total immobility.

Their creaking and groaning bodies looked as if they couldn't take much more, and they were far too round to reach their plates. Thor however was still doing just fine, and reached out with large forepaws to press the plates of each tiger, grinning widely all the while. The over-inflated felines tried to struggle as a new gout of air flowed into them via their hoses, but it was all for not. With one final loud groan, both exploded into huge shards of stretched out rubber, and splattered into the audience below.

Cheers went up with the blasts, and Thor took a little mock bow, while also stomping on his own pressure plate, inflating even larger still, and rumbling his pleasure out to the gathered audience. Even without the huge dragons help, there were other casualties in this strange contest they were all partaking in. The musclebound gecko had ballooned into a gargantuan titan of expanded muscular flesh, but ultimately got too tight and reached his limit. Rather than exploding however, he went zipping around the stadium with the air rocketing out of his mouth. His over-stretched body flopped over an entire row of seating, a deflated mass that was quickly gathered up and passed along to stage crews who were gathering the fallen contestants for patching and re-inflating, as needed.

The trio of wolves stretched out to very large parade balloon like sizes of their own, before ultimately exploding and showering the stadium grounds with rubbery confetti. Meanwhile the porky boar was being treated to repeat blasts of extra air from his pressure plate, as Thor continued to eliminate the competition. There was nothing in the rules against it, so he exploited the fact for all it was worth! The huge boar ballooned up nearly as big as the gigantic blue dragon, hugging giant arms into his massive stomach as if to somehow hold it together. Eyes squinting shut, both bulged out wide as the increasing pressure caused fingers and toes to distend, followed by his tusks of all things! All of it was too much to bear, and the huge fellow went rocketing off as he out-gassed. All were surprised to see the jet of air flying out of the big fellows backside however, causing everyone to laugh and take pictures as the huge boar farted himself back down to size again.

He landed in a semi-deflated heap on the stadium grounds, obviously quite dazed, and was soon helped back-stage by several crew hands. No doubt he'd have a lot of embarrassing video to remind himself of the evening before the night was through. What was left of the open stadium grounds was swiftly being filled up with Thor, the formerly slim elephant, a gigantic woodpecker, blimp of a raven, and a large but tiny in comparison pink dragon. The huge quadrupedal monster of a dragon balloon turned his attention to the raven, and went to work on yet another pressure plate. It took mere moments to push the gigantic black mass of rubber over the edge, and before long a quarter of the stadium grounds were covered in huge sheets of exploded bird.

The woodpecker did his best to flex massively inflated arms at the massive blue dragon as some sort of mock threat display, before one bicep ruptured and sent him rocketing this way and that, ultimately plopping into a heap off in the parking lot. Thor was surprised to find himself suddenly distending rounder and larger all over, and turned around to find a giant elephant stomping on the big dragons pressure plate with one huge foot, while reaching up high to try and grab the bag of credits. It was still out of reach, however, and seemed to be staying that way for now. If anything, it seemed farther away than it had been before, as the remaining blimps were getting rather large...

Thor responded to his blimping by stomping on the elephants plate in reply, causing the large pachyderm to lose his balance and tumble over. A few more huge blasts of air caused the massive elephant to swell up so large that he loomed over one side of the stadium seating, before ultimately detonating and knocking many spectators flat under the rush of released air and splattered rubbery hide. That left two dragons contending for the prize bag, and one that was easily large enough to just reach up and pluck it out of the air.

Thor turned his attention to his remaining opponent, and was briefly taken aback by what he saw. The formerly small pink dragon was busy stomping on his own pressure plate, rumbling with obvious pleasure, and growing larger by the moment. Within mere moments, there was barely enough room for the two huge beasts inside the large stadium, and various spectators began to retreat away from the close-in seating as the squeaky giants ballooned ever closer.

Thor snorted out twin stacks of smokey gas and realized he'd made an error in ignoring this final challenger to his rightful prize, and stomped on his own plate to keep up. By this point, both were so huge that they couldn't stand on the stage anymore, and were rising head and shoulders above the roof of the stadium. Claws, tails, and other appendages stuck out to stab at the pressure plates whenever they could, causing each giant to briefly loom over the other, before losing out once more to the onrush of squeaky flesh.

If either had cared to look below their own immense bodies, they would have seen the credit bag being pulled out of the way for now, and kept out of reach until they both got just a little bigger... always a little bit bigger. Audience members were fleeing the stadium by then, outrunning the advancing walls of flesh that were spilling out into the seats, and rising up above the roof line several times over.

Thor struggled against the impressively soft and obviously very aroused pink hide of the other dragon, and was surprised to see the look of sublime pleasure on the huge fellows face. It seemed as if the credit bag was the last thing on his mind, he just wanted more air. More size. More everything.

He must have missed hitting his plate a few times, as soon Thor had a face-full of pink balloon belly, as the other dragon gained on him, and passed him completely. Whimpering, he felt his own body growing taut, limbs rounding out to nubs that couldn't possibly fight back against the wall of pink rubber hide that was outperforming him and then some. Finally it was all too much for the huge blue dragon, and he burst right down the middle, blanketing the parking lot and a few surrounding buildings in his massive deflated hide.

With that, automatic systems kicked in, and air stopped flowing to the pink titan looming over the area, and rising up out of the stadium like a bubble blown from some novelty child's toy. It took a moment for the massive creature to come to his senses, blinking and looking around at the state he was in. Blushing a deep shade of purple, all he could do was wait for somebody to come and get him, and get him back down to size.

Wriggling around, and blushing all the more, he felt that he could stand to stay like this for a while, if things might take some time. There was no rush, as it felt so amazing. He'd never been this big before, and he intended on enjoying every single moment of it.

* * *

It took some time to extract all the air out of the huge pink dragon balloon, though he asked that they leave him somewhat pumped up at the end of it all. He rather liked being a big squeaky beast, and enjoyed the new curves put on his frame by staying a little inflated. In a wrap-up interview he admitted that he'd only been inflatable for a few days, and this was his first real super-sized experience. The studio accused him of cheating, as he was still soft as ever even when blown up to giant proportions, and showed no sign of bursting anytime soon. Simple tests indicated that somehow he'd wind up being one of the more rare unburstable types, able to stretch as far as their imagination cared to take them.

It was swiftly ruled that the pink fellow couldn't possibly have known that his transition to a rubbery state had left him unable to be popped, so the studio was ordered to pay up the grand prize as promised. He was barred from entering competitions of the same sort in the future, however, as being unburstable was definitely an advantage.

Weeks later, with a hundred thousand credits burning a hole in his pocket, the large and bottom heavy pink dragon was out and about looking for an interesting place to live. By chance, he rounded one corner and entered a public shopping plaza, and there was Thor. The large beast was still taking up the space of several large vehicles, but was currently flopped down reading a novel with a careful grip, and sipping tea out of a large mug.

The two caught sight of one another and locked eyes, and Thor waved the big pink blimp over with one big pontoon of a wing. Setting his book and beverage down, he found that he didn't have to look down to lock gazes with the fairly large pink blimp.

"So! Look at you, strutting around town all large and well rounded. It definitely is a good look for you, I must say. By the way, I never did get your name..."

The pink fellow was surprised to find a large forepaw thrust out in his direction, which he grasped and shook, smiling all the while.

"Xander. Though everyone just calls me Xan."

They sat and spoke about things, and Xan soon realized that Thor wasn't such a blowhard after all. Sure he showed off on stage, but it was all part of the act. Besides, a hundred thousand credits is a few years living wage, if you're careful. The pink fellow mentioned that he was looking for a new place to stay, as his old apartment was far too cramped for any... amusing activities. Thor smiled knowingly, and stuffed his book away in a little torso-mounted bag of sorts before standing up.

"I know just the place for you. It is nearby, between the various city districts in the area. Ever heard of the Squeakeasy? You likely haven't, as I've never seen you there before. Boy, you're going to love it. Plus they have rooms to rent, properly sized for folks of our impressive stature..."

With that, two plus-sized dragons went stomping off down the street, rumps and tails waggling this way and that as they went. It was likely the start of a wonderful new friendship, and a vastly larger life for a huge pink dragon named Xan.

-Tombfyre 2014

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