The Ape Tamer: In Deep

Story by Hundaro on SoFurry

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#11 of Adult Male/Male Fetish

Marcus finds out that it's not just him who loves big apes. The big apes love him. But that doesn't mean he won't have a hard time coming to terms with that. Especially when the gorilla that loves him is ten feet tall and owns him.

This was a wonderful commission I did for Ridley -

Also, the cover art was done by the fantastic Ridley -

There was something about saying, "I take care of gorillas at the zoo." It just didn't bode well with the ladies. Honesty was never the best prescription for companionship. At least, that's how Marcus understood it, and it certainly felt that way.

He was out on a date. There were still high hopes she'd be a woman who'd be able to see past his profession. She was twenty-five and mighty gorgeous, at least to his standards. Well - to be honest - most women looked good after working with primates all day. Overall, though, she'd be quite the catch if his honesty didn't ruin it. Again.

Yet, she did what most women did after hearing what his line work. Her nose curled with revulsion. It was a quick thing, too. They were always fast in hiding it a millisecond after it reared its ugly head. Marcus knew. He was always on the lookout for it. And it usually meant a date's disaster.

"What can I say?" he told her. "I've wanted to work with apes since I was a kid." A nostalgic grin curled on his lips. He recalled when he was seven years old and playing with his action figure of Gorilla Grodd. Most other kids preferred Superman or Batman, but Marcus had a keen liking for that giant gorilla. "It was inevitable," he chuckled.

But - damn - he never really thought how his career would affect his social, and dating, life. Very few people viewed his current occupation with high regard. The mere mention of his job seemed to be a conversation killer with most of them, especially the women. And it was just as effective as ever with his current date.

"That must be a dirty job," she said. Hell, she even smiled as she said it. But Marcus knew better. He knew she was cringing with disgust inside, and her more subtle body language gave it away.

Supposedly, it was the smell, because every potential girlfriend would mention it. Marcus was so used to the odor; it didn't even register with him anymore. They were sure to remind him whenever he came within smelling distance, though. It didn't even matter - apparently - if he'd changed his clothes and taken a shower.

Women must have had some kind of super sense of smell. That or it was some kind of sensory projection from the mere mention of his occupation. Regardless, Marcus never imagined that a sharp olfactory sense would be the death of every relationship. Well, except for his relationship with gorillas.

And even though he'd curse the apes and his job for ruining his social life, he still wouldn't give it up. He loved it. And he loved those gorillas, especially the silverback.

He watched over all the apes, but the gorillas were his favorite. At the zoo, they had a small group of six, and Marcus was their caretaker. There was the silverback named Gamba, two females, and their children. They were such a big happy family. He envied them.

"So - like - how did you even get that kind of job?" his date asked. "It sounds dangerous."

It was a lengthy story, but she'd asked for it.

"Well," he started. It was a long shot, but he was hoping to impress her. "The interview was supposed to be any normal interview. But that's not how it happened..."

He explained to her that the zoo's new gorilla went mad. Or that's how his interview got interrupted. One of the zookeepers rushed in, screaming about the new silverback going on a rampage.

"So I offered to calm him down," he went on. "It was the perfect opportunity to show them my skills."

He told her that they escorted him to the gorilla exhibit, which at the time only had Gamba in it. The young but huge silverback was relocated from another zoo after his previous family basically exiled him. That or Gamba really wanted to start his own clan. The zoo always wanted a gorilla exhibit, and Gamba seemed to be the perfect candidate. They just weren't ready for all that that entailed.

When they arrived they found the rampaging gorilla tearing down one of the tree-swings in his exhibit. He was far from happy with the current state of things.

"I had a good idea what the problem may have been," Marcus told her. He felt he may have been losing her attention already, but he went on regardless. "I went through the double set of doors and into the habitat, making sure not to look him in the eye. I wasn't there to challenge him. That would have just been stupid."

"Mhmm..." she replied. Her eyes were already starting to stray. It was like she was uncomfortable with the story.

"I got down on all fours a moved like him. I wanted him to believe I was a gorilla. He hadn't even noticed me yet, but I still kept my eyes away from him and focused on something else."

Ugh, he thought. She was twirling her hair and stirring her drink with a straw. He fought through his annoyance, though. He went on to explain that he'd grabbed a stick and drew pictures in the ground, scratching the dirt hard, waiting for Gamba to find him. And then Gamba's grunts had turned into a short and low-pitched roar. That was how he knew the silverback finally noticed him.

"So he charged at me!" Marcus exclaimed. He raised his voice and hit the table with a fist, trying to regain her attention. It was hard to tell if her blank stare meant that she was enthralled with his story or just bored out of her mind. "But I didn't move a single inch. I just kept digging with the stick and ignored him."

His date pulled out her phone, poking around on the screen. The moment she saw something, she smiled and let out a single, stifled laugh. "I'm sorry," she said. "My friend is - like - such a goof. She sent me this picture of a cat with bread on its head. Isn't that - like - funny?"

"Totally..." he replied, scrunching his brow. Things were not going well, but Marcus was intent on finishing his story. He loved the tale as much as he loved hearing himself tell it. "Anyway, I was just saying that Gamba started pounding the ground next to me. But he didn't touch me. It didn't take long for him to realize I wasn't a threat."

"It was like there were things he wanted to do to me, but he held himself back. Even though he could have easily injured or killed me, he didn't. Maybe there was a violent side to him. All I saw, though, was frustration," Marcus went on. His voice was growing a little more serious as he carried along. "So after a while, he snatched the stick from my hand and started drawing, just like I'd been doing."

"Do you think it's - like - cold in here?" his date asked. The question came out of nowhere, interrupting him. She wrapped her arms around her sides. She was shivering a little, but that was perhaps because of how skinny and furless she was.

The thought kind of made Marcus grin in amusement. Gamba would have been just fine with the temperature. He knew that big ape had enough meat and fur on him to keep him and another person - er - gorilla warm. Marcus often did that. He often saw Gamba as a person more so than a lower primate.

"It feels fine to me," Marcus finally replied to her after imagining what she'd look like as a gorilla. There was a short moment of silence. It was as if she was waiting for something from him.

"...anyway..." he continued, "....Gamba really started to calm down. He was no longer puffing or grunting. After a little while, I offered him my hand and he took it. It was quite nice, too. You don't realize how much their touch feels almost human and pleasant until you experience it."

Her face was scrunched up in discomfort. "Because - like - I feel a draft or something." She was still complaining, making Marcus roll his eyes at her. He didn't know how much more of her dismissal he could take.

"Ahem," Marcus cleared his throat. Her constant interrupting was irritating him a lot. "I realized then that Gamba wasn't violent at all. He'd just really needed some company. And that was my instinct from the beginning."

Telling the story always made him feel better, especially the next part. He smiled as he went on. "I knew he felt neglected, so I gave him what he needed for so long." Marcus lifted his hand, recreating the motion as if he could feel it on his fingertips. "I ran my fingers through that gray fur on his back, scratching him." His smile grew wider. "And he let out this kind of grumble and comfort and satisfaction. It was so awesome to see the big guy feel loved. Everyone else outside the habitat felt it, too. They'd even started clapping quietly, because they'd know that I'd done it."

"But that was the easy part. I still had to get out of there safely," he continued. "That's always the hardest. I had a trick up my sleeve, though. I worked my other hand onto his big belly. He was cautious at first, but he allowed me to touch him there. It turned into the best belly rub he'd ever had, because it ended up putting him to sleep in a matter of minutes."

"Waitress!" his date called out for their server. Marcus didn't even hear her, or catch the fact that she really wasn't paying attention at all. He was caught up in remembering just how great it felt to rub Gamba's round gut.

"I'd never touched a live gorilla before that," he added. "And it was a silverback for that matter. It was such an awesome experience rubbing that big belly of his. So once he was asleep and snoring, I slipped back out of the habitat."

"And that was my interview for the zoo," he said. But - rather - it was his interview with the silverback, Gamba. And that was what ultimately got him the job that was easily ruining his social life. Well, in all honesty, he had a social life. It just wasn't with very many humans.

He explained to his date, who still wasn't listening, that his friendship with Gamba had only grown after that day, which made the silverback a very happy camper. And it only got better when they found two females to introduce to the exhibit. Because of Marcus, Gamba became very well socialized and immediately took to the new gorillas. He was well on his way to forming his very own clan, which was what he wanted from the beginning. It just took Marcus's overconfidence - and slight bit of thrill-seeking - to get that started.

"Gamba ended up being one of my best friends," Marcus revealed to his date.

The big ape saw Marcus as part of the family, and because of that he was able to spend a lot of time inside the exhibit and interacting will all of the gorillas. It also became quite a thing at the zoo. His relationship with the gorilla had garnered even more visitors as they'd come to watch the man who was friends with a silverback.

But that was also the reason why Marcus stunk to high heaven of big apes.

That smell of gorillas, probably from all the back scratches and belly rubs he gave Gamba, must've seeped into his skin. It'd proven to be one of the best deterrents for women, and no amount of deodorant seemed to cover it up. That was the excuse he gave. But he still didn't believe it entirely. He had it in his mind that most people just thought they could smell it, and Marcus often wondered if it would be wise just to give up on humans completely - especially the women.

Still... he hoped - somehow - his thrilling story would entice his date. But the cat was now out of the bag, and it was most likely all downhill from there. It was good reason to order a few more drinks. At least he could enjoy his night that way, because he never remained too hopeful.

"That's how I got my job..." he finished telling her. His fingers coiled around the handle of his beer mug and he took another big gulp.

Her eyes darted to the left. "Like - that's totally interesting," she replied.

Typical. In truth, that actually meant she wasn't at all interested. And had she even been listening? Probably not. She probably zoned out around the fifth sentence. He really wasn't that great at telling stories. Marcus took another swig of his beer and followed her gaze, finding her sights locked on a different man seated at the bar.

"So..." he paused, trying to think of what he could possibly say to her now. He spent enough time telling her about his job. "...What do you like to do for fun?"

Her eyes shot back to him and her lips pursed. They were covered in thick red lipstick. There was also a thick black line around her eyes, making them stand out much more than they would otherwise. Marcus didn't care much about makeup, especially heavy makeup. He saw it mostly as a lie or a distraction from a person's real, authentic beauty. It was another red flag in his opinion.

"I'm kind of - like - your average twenty-something. I like to visit malls on the weekends, or go out to movies, you know?" she went on. Marcus took a deep breath in and kind of let his mind shut down. Gamba would have been more interesting to talk to than her. He gulped down some more beer as she continued. "And - like - I like... UG!"

He snapped up to find her slamming her fists into the table. Her originally plucked eyebrows turned into a singular, broad ridge, which extended about an inch over her eyes. His eyes went wide. Marcus had no clue what to think as her jaws started to protrude well past any normal position for a human. Just like he'd tried to imagine earlier, she was turning into a gorilla right in front of him.

"Oo... umph... ugh... ugh..."

Marcus's eyes went wide as he examined the beer mug that was still in his hand. Did someone drug him, or was he already that drunk? He set the mug down and slid it away from him.

"Hello?" She reverted back to her original face. But she was now glaring at him. "Are you even listening?"

He sighed, thankful he must have just had some kind of hallucination. Maybe his brain was trying to tell him something. The gorillas were probably better company than her.

"What's the point if you're not even going to listen to me? I listened to _your_boring story."

"Oh, really? My story was boring!? Well, if you - hic..." Yep, he was already starting to feel the effect of alcohol on his body. "Were more interesting than watching the ice melt in Antarctica then maybe I'd have something worth listening to. And you didn't even listen to my story anyway, bitch!" Alcohol tended to make him a little more foul than usual, even though he had quite the mouth on him anyway.

"Ugh," she scoffed and stood from her chair. "You're an ass."

"Right - says the person who's even less fascinating than the gorillas I take care of."

She stomped away from the table before turning back to him. She tossed her purse atop her shoulder and snapped, "Then maybe - like - you should go date them instead. I'm sure this 'Gamba' would - like - love to fuck you, because not a single girl on this earth would even come within five feet of that dick. You certainly won't be getting any from a human."

"M-maybe I will!" he spat. His voice was degrading into a slight slur. "I'm sure he fucks way better than you, anyway!"

All eyes of the restaurant were on him as she stormed over to the exit. She passed him one last, icy glare before trying to slam the door behind her. The door just happened to be on those hinges that don't allow it to be slammed. She struggled for a number of seconds looking like a fool before she finally gave up.

"Hah! Gamba's even - hic - smarter than you."

"Like - have fun paying the bill, asshole!" she yelled at him as the door shut at last.

Marcus slammed his head on the table. There was one thing to be thankful for and that was the fact that they hadn't even gotten to order their entrees. It was just their drink and an appetizer that sat in front of him.

"I'll just set this here," the waitress said. She slid the check onto the table. "Take your time, though. I can take care of it whenever you're ready."

He shrugged and grabbed his mug once again. "Well, you might as well take that back because it's going to be a while. I want another beer. And make it frosted mug, please. I need one - hic - that's as cold as most of the women I deal with."

"Do you really think you should be drinking more?"

His head didn't move, but his eyes certainly crept upward to glower at her. That was enough of an answer for her. She took a few steps backward before started toward the bar to get his next drink.

Three drinks later, Marcus stumbled out of the restaurant to everyone's relief. He got quite boisterous and was asked to leave a few times. He also went on about how he was going to go visit Gamba, because gorillas understood him better than any human. Marcus was dead set in his mind that he was going to the zoo after leaving the restaurant.

And he did just that.

Even though it was well past open hours at the zoo, he was intent on visiting his best buddy. Through a bit of luck - and some past experience - he was able to drive with minimal swerving. He did, however, drive a bit slower to make up for the swirling feeling in his head. It took longer to get there, but he still made it less than half an hour. It was nearing midnight by the time he got to the employee's entrance of the zoo.

That was another thing that frustrated him. His date had _insisted_they have dinner so late. And it had to be miles from his house.

He shifted through the myriad of keys on his chain, swaying in front of the small gate. It took about five separate attempts, but he eventually unlocked the gate and slipped through the opening. He neglected to close it behind him. He was intent on heading straight to Gamba's habitat.

Casually, he strolled through the zoo. His body still wavered as he walked, but he was starting to sober. The moment his eyes caught sight of the gorilla exhibit, he smiled. Gamba was such a good friend, and he needed someone to talk to about his frustrating and horrible date. He knew the big silverback would lend him an eager and earnest ear.

The first door into the habitat slammed behind him. It was loud enough to wake up the gorillas and some of the other apes. Marcus fiddled with his keys again and unlocked the second door. He slid backward through the opening, his butt bumping up against something soft and furry. It was no surprise. Gamba was waiting right there for him. Marcus shut the door and turned to give his buddy a hug.

Gamba turned out to be a highly intelligent gorilla. It was something Marcus discovered early on. He was able to teach the silverback a few complex tasks in addition to basic human language. The big ape wasn't able to speak a word of English, but he was capable of a little sign language. So when Gamba tapped his chest twice, Marcus knew his friend was greeting him.

"T-thank you, bud," Marcus stuttered. His speech was slurred. He let out a belch that startled one of the younger gorillas who was still in his den with his mother. Gamba was the only one who greeted the drunk human. "Boy, do I have a lot to tell you."

He stumbled across the uneven ground until he came to a patch of grass closer to the center of the habitat. Even though it was in the middle of the night, the warm summer air still lingered about him. It was a wonderful feeling as he plopped down, lied back on the grass, and stared up at the clear sky above him. He took in a deep breath of the humid air through his nose and held it for a second. It did smell a bit musky. Perhaps, that was the aroma all the women complained about.

Speaking of musky aromas, it reminded Marcus of the reason he was there. "Ugh," he exhaled. "It was so horrible, Gamba. She was such a bitch. I don't even know why I keep trying."

The grass rustled behind him. He figured Gamba was taking a seat next to him, and that was proven by the gorilla's thick fingers raking through his short, brown hair. Marcus buried his brow a bit in confusion. Usually, it was the other way around. More often than not, Marcus gave the big guy such affection. He wondered if Gamba sensed his distress and was doing what he knew best to help out with that. Marcus certainly appreciated it.

His eyes fixed on the stars above him. A few of them sparkled, and the sight of it made him smile. "Heck," he started to chuckle. Gamba wouldn't have understood the humor, but Marcus thought his buddy should know anyway. "I'd even said I'd come back here and have sex with you. Can you believe that?" He let out a loud, singular laugh. Apparently, he still wasn't convinced that he said such a thing. "I said you'd probably fuck better than her anyway. Can you imagine that I'd say I'd fuck an ape over a woman?"

Gamba's fingers ceased from scratching Marcus's head, and a shade of embarrassment blossomed on the young man's cheeks. "Should I not have told you that? I mean..." he paused, letting his lips fall into a feeble frown, "...I really don't have anyone except for you... and your family, of course. It just seems utterly impossible for me to find any kind of companionship other than you. But I'm a man, and a man has certain needs. I'm sure you understand that perfectly well. Don't you, buddy?"

He heard nothing but the sound of the leaves dancing with the wind. The silence was unexpected. Gamba tended to be quite a vocal guy, but there wasn't a single peep the entire time.

"Gamba?" Marcus called for the gorilla. He finally broke his gaze from the sky to look behind him. No one was there.

But that was the least of his worries. Marcus was no longer in the gorilla habitat.

His heart leapt out of his chest. He clambered to his feet, stumbling a few times. The stone walls, the tree swings, and the cave-like dens - they were all gone!

Everything was replaced by a perimeter of trees he didn't recognize. The air had even grown warmer, which seemed impossible, and the scent of large apes had vanished. The new aromas, which snuck up his nose, were far from identifiable.

His pulse hit hard and heavy in his chest as he tried to figure out what the hell had happened. The vegetation around him looked almost tropical. He toyed with the idea that he passed out while Gamba was scratching his head and he sleep-walked to the rainforest exhibit.

Except that was a fool's notion. The rainforest exhibit was indoors, and there was clearly no roof above his head, unless the zoo had spent an exorbitant amount of money on some kind of projection screen for the ceiling. It was a silly explanation.

He took a bit of skin between his fingers and squeezed hard. Pain carved his face. It obviously wasn't a dream either.

"Where the hell--"

"GET HER!" a voice boomed, cutting him off. It came from somewhere not too far within the forest, and it sounded infuriated. Someone - or something - was hidden within the shadow of the tall, verdant canopy.

Marcus started in the direction of the voice. Somewhere in his brain, he found it an appropriate idea to approach such a deep and threatening sound. He had high hopes that whoever it was could tell him his whereabouts.

However, his confidence faltered the moment he saw the large, heavy ferns start to stir. Something big was coming right at him. And it would be breaking out into the grassy clearing at any moment.

His legs trembled as he took a few steps back, but he held his gaze on the rustling plants. Something snapped, the ferns gave way, and a dark figure burst out into the clearing. It was charging right at him. But it was smaller than he expected, so he held firm until he got a better look. He still had about sixty feet between it and him.

The figure was clearly bipedal, and the body movement was similar to a human's. Its hands and arms flailed forward as it sprinted through the tall grass, carving a trail right to Marcus. Then it all made sense the moment the creature came within thirty feet of him. It was a human.

"Hey!" Marcus called over to her. It had been a fairly androgynous shape at first, but the shadow rapidly transformed into a woman as she grew closer. "Can you tell me where--"

She dashed right by him. He glimpsed a sight of mixed terror and confusion on her dirtied face. His arms flung after her in a last, frustrated attempt to get her attention. It failed; a lot like many of his other attempts with women. She let out an unintelligible grunt as a response. That was it.

Meanwhile, the ground at his feet started to quake in the slightest, but it was only growing more intense. His eyes crept back to the spot where the woman had broken through the perimeter of the clearing. This time, a great deal more of the vegetation started to stir. He'd thought the woman was going to be big. This time he had no doubt that whatever was about to break through the lush, green wall was absolutely monstrous.

"Oh, shit..." he uttered. He was now more sober than ever.

The enormous creature split the greenery in two as it exploded out of the forest and into the clearing. Marcus didn't look. The moment he caught sight of those two glowing, yellow eyes, he darted in the opposite direction. He was no longer fully conscious of what was happening as the long grass brushed his sides. Instinct took over.

The only things lighting his path were the moon and the stars, which disappeared the moment he slipped through the large plants and under the canopy of the forest. It was all shadow. There were just different shades of it. The darker ones had to be the trees, or so he thought. He really didn't know. He was running for his life, and all those dark shapes whooshed past him.

It was a horrible thought, but Marcus couldn't help but pray that, whatever it was, it continued to chase the woman. He'd hoped the monster had completely forgotten about him, or maybe it hadn't even seen him in the first place. The quaking and the sound of branches snapping died down. It was reason to be hopeful, so he slowed his pace to take a glance behind him.

There was nothing. Well, nothing was moving, except for a few big leaves he'd disturbed in his terrified flight. It was also silent. And the sounds you'd expect to hear from the creatures of the night were woefully absent. Marcus had a gut feeling that the silence wasn't entirely a good thing.

He came to a complete stop and turned around to watch the tiny path he'd carved within the dark foliage. Still, there was nothing. The monstrous shadow that had charged at him must've decided to chase the woman instead. He let out a short sigh, trying to catch his breath. That was a relief.

There was still the problem of trying to figure out where the hell he was though. And he didn't necessarily believe he was out of danger yet. His eyes shot around his shadowy surroundings. They were on the lookout for a way to climb one of the nearby trees. Not only would climbing a tree put him in a safer position for the moment, he'd also be able to get a good look at his current whereabouts.

Most of the trees around him had thick trunks that would have been impossible to shimmy. And none of them had any low-lying branches to grasp. His feet carried him a bit farther in his search, and that was when he found a shorter plant resting next to one of the tall ones. It was thick and bulbous, and it was tall enough to get him to a portion of the tree that he'd be able to wrap his arms around.

He tiptoed over to the bulbous plant, being sure not to snap too many twig under his feet. Everything was nearly pitch-black and he was unable to make out very many details. His hand inched forward until it made contact with the dark plant. Immediately, confusion struck his face. The plant was extremely hairy. Almost like a fuzzy kiwi but much worse.

His fingers raked through the soft fur of the plant as he tried to get good measure of what kind of exotic species he may have been dealing with. Even the bark underneath the fur was supple and yielded easily to some pressure. Never before had he encountered such a thing in his short but extensive study of botany.

He leaned in close and took a short whiff of the air around the curious plant. The moment its smoky and musky aroma hit his nosy nostrils, he froze. He knew that smell. It was a stench he worked with every day.

Marcus felt his heart drop down into his belly as the former plant started to move and crept forward, looming over him. The top of it came within a foot of his head and let out a puff of hot air. The humid and malodorous breath shook his short hair as it ran past his crown.

"Oh, f--"

"Get your filthy hand off of me, human!" the beast spat, spraying a few slimy splats of drool onto Marcus's face. The creature's huge palm and fingers coiled all the way around the human's face and skull, lifting him from the ground. Marcus screamed with horror into the coarse flesh of the thing's hand. It didn't carry far, muffled by inches of meat in front of his mouth.

"Thought you could slip away from us, huh?" the hairy creature taunted. Its fingers dug deeper into the back of Marcus's head.

The human's size paled in comparison to the beast that captured him. His legs flailed underneath him, many feet away from kicking the monster.

"Stop struggling, you dumb fucking animal," it barked. It was clearly male. That's what Marcus would have guessed if he hadn't been thrashing about, trying to get some air. The voice was deep, bordering the low rumble of a long, rolling thunder. "I have no problem waiting for you to pass out. Either stop struggling or I wait for you to run out of air."

Marcus didn't stop. He rocked back and forth and threw his legs atop the creature's arm. The position gave him a little more leverage as he tried to pry his face out of the monster's grasp. It was no use. The thing's arm had to be about just as big as Marcus's torso. It was also wearing some kind of clothing on it upper arm. Or was it armor? He couldn't really tell at the moment. And frankly, it didn't matter. He was already starting to grow lightheaded.

"I don't even know why I try convincing stupid animals to calm down. I can't believe some say these things are intelligent. I've certainly never encountered a smart one," the thing went on, not even fazed by the fact it was strangling someone. "You've got quite the endurance, though. I'll give you that. And what are these weird clothes you're wearing?"

The monster pinched a portion of Marcus's shirt between the tips of his big fingers. It stuck another finger down his shorts, running it down his ass crack. All of Marcus's muscles tightened with the unexpected violation, but they were growing weaker by the second. A static also started forming at the edge of his hearing. Ten more seconds. That all he had left.

"That's odd," the beast observed. "Are you a runaway slave?"

The rumble of the beast voice vibrated from his core, down his arm, and into Marcus's face. That was the last thing he heard before passing out.

* *

Marcus woke with a massive headache. Ugh. How much did I have to drink last night?

He would have uttered those words if it wasn't for the fact that something was in his mouth. Only an incomprehensible mumble vibrated deep in his throat. He also tried to pull whatever it was from his mouth but his hands were tied behind his back. This was not how he normally woke. Not even after a night worthy of Dionysus's honor.

His eyes inched open to find an orange glow. It was the first sliver of the sun rising on the horizon. A dim, red moon was resting just above it in the sky. It was a beautiful sight, cast over the fields of large crops that lay before him. All of it was quite stunning, except for the cage of black iron that surrounded him.

And he was moving, too. His arm was pinched between his side and splintered wood, which was rocking back and forth. He was on some kind of wooden cart or wagon, rolling across an uneven, gravel path.

The air around him smelled horrendous, filled with a musky sweat, and that's when he noticed he wasn't alone in his cage. Several other people, grimy and with unkempt oily hair, were gagged and huddled up in the corner opposite of him. They all wore a look of terror.

It took some effort because of the shackles around his ankles, but Marcus was able to work his way to his buttocks. His shoes and socks were even gone, probably to put the shackles on him. He sat and stared at the other people, who looked like feral animals cornered by their worst predator. This would have been cause for major concern in him. However, he was more confused than anything else. Everything that had transpired the previous night had escaped him.

To him, it must've been some kind of joke. Those punks who worked at the petting zoo were up to pulling pranks again. Although, Marcus would have to admit that this one was much more elaborate than their usual repertoire. And to go so far as to grab passed-out coworkers and gag them was a bit too far this time.

He just shook his head and waited for the "Hah! We gotcha good!"

"Last night ended up being a good hunt," a deep voice rumbled from the front of the cart. It was blocked by a number of crates and wooden planks. Marcus couldn't get a good view of the driver.

The voice sounded familiar, though. It wasn't one he knew right of the bat, but he was sure it was someone he'd heard recently. It was new. Almost like he'd just heard it last night, but couldn't put a face to it. Was it a new hire at the zoo, and they'd already got him involved in the pranks?

"Plus, I think we caught a runaway slave," the voice continued. Marcus couldn't see who he was talking to either. And what was this about a slave? "He's wearing some clothes I've never seen before. At least, it wasn't made by any tailor in Hunter's Reach or the Southern Vale for that matter."

"Odd," another, higher, voice chimed in. "Do you think it ran all the way from the north? How could it have evaded detection for so long? These beasts aren't intelligent enough for such things."

The other shrugged, or at least that's what Marcus imagined. Boy, these guys weren't giving up the act.

"I'm not sure," the first voice replied. "Care to take a look at it yourself?"

There. Marcus smiled. Or, at least, he _tried_to smile with the leather gag still tight in his mouth. Finally, they were coming to the end of the charade and they'd all have a good laugh. He'd try to laugh, but his hangover was still mashing his brain to pulp. He was currently more likely to give the first face he saw a nice, hard...

...FUCK, he shouted into his balled-up gag.

The voice he'd heard hadn't come from a human. Neither of the voices had. Staring at him through the thick iron bars were two hulking gorillas!

He reacted instinctually, finding himself curled up in the corner with the other people. Their awful body odor was stronger up close to them, but it didn't really register on any level anymore. They all trembled with fear as the gigantic beasts examined them from outside the cage.

"See what I'm talking about?" the one with the deeper voice inquired. He had to have been close to eight, or maybe even nine, feet tall. It was hard to tell because they were both slightly hunched like a normal gorilla, but standing on two legs instead of their knuckles. He was wearing reinforced and painted leather armor over his core. It extended only to his upper arm, and it was worn atop his bare, hairy chest. There was a symbol of crossed shackles etched into the breast of it.

The other stroked his furry chin with one of his massive hands and fat fingers. "You're right. I've never seen such odd clothing. And it's rare to find humans with much clothing at all." He paused and thought a bit more about it. His dark brown, almost black, eyes were taking in every inch of Marcus. "Be sure Harod sells that one at a much higher price. It's not every day you come across a slave like that."

Marcus swallowed hard the best he could. The panic, appropriate for the situation, was finally starting to settle into his core. His memory of the previous night was, at last, starting to return.

"Open the gate!" one of the gorillas shouted while the other returned to drive the cart.

His ears caught the sound of clanging metal chain and creaking wooden beams. They started to move again and soon enough passed under a wide and tall portcullis. It was somewhere near twenty feet high and built right into a thick stone wall.

The cart hit a larger than expected rock, and the bump threw Marcus into one of the other humans in the cart. She was nude and covered in splotches of dirt and mud. A portion of her grimy sweat was added to his arm and cheek. His nose curled as he glanced up at her. It was the same girl he'd just seen the night before, and she was still wearing the same fearful face. It was no lie. The terror in her eyes was authentic as ever.

All of it was real. It was actually happening. He'd been captured by a slaver gorilla in a land, or world, or even universe way beyond his own. The same terror started to fill his eyes as his denial began to fade.

"No," he mumbled into the gag, "this can't be real. It can't be."

The cart drew deeper into the town, passing by other giant gorillas. Most of them were acting very casual as if a cage full of humans was an everyday sight. They were all going about their day. One was plucking feathers off of a chicken, another was beating dust off of a leather jacket, and others were haggling with a street vendor. Around them were buildings, which could have been houses or stores. Marcus had no clue as to which, but he guessed the latter.

They rolled down the street for another few minutes until they came to a halt in some kind of courtyard. Marcus stuck his head out between the iron bars and took it all in. They'd stopped in front of a building that looked very similar to what he'd call a gothic-style church. The pointed stone arches and flying buttresses protruded farther than normal, but he assumed it was made by giant gorillas with giant purposes.

"Get back in there, vermin!" the driver spat. With his enormous furry hand, he shoved Marcus right back into the cage and straight onto his ass.

"Looks like you had quite the haul last night." Another gorilla passed by the cart, inspecting each human inside. He was dressed much more comfortably and stood with his arms locked behind his back. A light, green tunic stretched over his belly and was tucked into a pair of woolen pantaloons dyed a golden brown.

"Yes, Harod. It certainly was," replied the other gorilla. "I hope you are pleased."

"What of the one with the clothes? Is he a runaway?"

"That's my guess, sir, but I've never seen those kinds of clothes before. Do you think he ran all the way from the north?"

Harod shook his head in silence and stroked his hairy chin, which had a bit of silver on it. Marcus gulped as he watched the giant gorilla examine every inch of him.

"No," he finally answered. "Something is different about this one. I don't think he's a runaway. Perhaps he belonged to a sympathizer. Grab him for me." He waved a languid hand at Marcus, and the other gorilla hardly waited a single second before doing as he was asked. "I wish to inspect this one much closer before we put him up for auction."

"What!?" Marcus exclaimed into the gag. He scrambled to keep his distance from the monstrous beast, shoving his back into the front end of the cart. The gorilla clad in leather armor had only to stretch a mere foot to grab Marcus's foot. His ankle was so skinny in comparison to the fat fingers that slithered around it and clenched tight, circling his entire calf.

The gorilla pulled the human from the cage and promptly slammed the iron door behind him. Marcus dangled upside-down in the giant's grasp, his head and shoulder slamming up against the thing's fat gut a few times. His shirt fell down to his face and blocked his view as Harod approached them.

"He's clean." That was the first comment Harod made. The huge gorilla leaned in close and pressed his cold nostrils against Marcus's bare belly. The human didn't have much of a gut. There was a little fat there, but nothing like a silverback sported.

Harod took in a deep breath of the human, running his nose up to Marcus's crotch where he buried it and took in an even stronger whiff. Marcus jerked, annoyed by the fact that the pressure on his junk felt somewhat pleasurable.

Harod took a step back. He let the smell of the human settle in his sinuses and gather whatever information he was seeking. "It's as I suspected," he started. "His aroma is familiar. This human has definitely been with gorillas before. He may already be well domesticated and worth much more money. Just the fact that he's clean and smells a little like us is a big bonus. That's all that matters. People will pay high price for a human that's already broken in."

"Does that mean he is a runaway?" the armored gorilla asked again. He, too, sunk his nose into Marcus's crotch and gave a good sniff, trying to figure out exactly what Harod had discovered. The human writhed in his grasp, clearly uncomfortable with their violation of his private parts.

"I already told you 'no,'" answered Harod. He was growing a bit irritated with what Marcus was assuming was his subordinate. Or maybe even just a hired goon. "It's clear he belonged to a sympathizer. Maybe even in one of those free cities in the north where they only have 'servants.' My guess is that his master was killed in a raid, and he was lucky enough to escape. He just made the idiotic decision to run south. It is a surprise, however, he made it this far. He may not be as dumb as most. Another reason to raise the price on him."

"So I did good, right?"

"Yes - yes, you did well." He pulled a few coins from a satchel that was cinched on his waist by a leather belt with a silver buckle. They flew into the air and the armored gorilla caught them with his free hand, beaming. It must have been a fair bonus for the slave hunter. "Just get them all up on the auction block. We're saving that one for last."

Marcus was unable to see anything except the faint mesh of light that broke through his shirt. His body swayed wildly as the gorilla escorted him up a small wooden staircase. He was at least able to see the ground and his captor's humongous feet that sat flat on wood, almost like a palm pressed firmly against a flat surface. There was no footwear, but he glimpsed some kind of leather shin guard or greave around the beast's ankle.

The brute swung him around and the shirt finally fell back to its normal position. Marcus breathed heavily through his nose, trying to yell at the monster in front of him. If fear wasn't going to do anything for him, perhaps some anger would do something.

"Quit your stupid grunting, beast," the gorilla barked. He bent Marcus's roped arms upward and slid him down along a wooden post.

Marcus saw an opportunity and kicked the giant right in the chest with both shackled feet. It did nothing. The beast didn't even wince.

"Hah!" he spat. "You want to fight? I'd crush you beneath my foot, pest."

The moment Marcus's feet touched the ground, he jumped forward, stomping on one of the gorilla's toes. That one worked. The brute stumbled back on one foot, raising the other to nurse and rub it with both hands. Once the gorilla regained his composure, he raised a fist, ready to pound Marcus into the wooden planks below him.

"Maro!" Harod scolded, stopping the nine foot tall gorilla from bludgeoning the human in front of him. "What are you doing? You can't have him up there with clothes on. Strip him."

"Are you sure, sir? I thought the clothes were part of the selling point."

"Yes, they are, but the customers still need to see all of him. Just set the clothing down next to him.

Maro's gaze returned to Marcus. He was still seething with rage. The slaver knew he'd lose his bonus if he gave the human as much as a single bruise. The gold was much more important than revenge for a swollen toe.

He looked the human over and shortly found an obstacle to his task. With the rope and shackles, it was going to be impossible to get the clothing off in one piece He just shrugged, grabbing the side of Marcus's pants and ripping them straight down. His huge hands tore through the fabric like it was paper. He did the same down the other side and tossed the torn shorts to the wooden auction block, despite the human's defiant struggles.

The brute groaned the moment he saw another piece of clothing around the human's crotch. "What the hell is that supposed to be for?" Apparently, underwear was somewhat foreign to them, or at least this particular gorilla.

Marcus mumbled something in response, but Maro ignored the unintelligible grumbles. The gorilla slid his finger down the front of the human's underwear, his meaty fingers rubbing against his junk. Marcus shuddered at the feeling of being fondled so freely. There was no modesty with these creatures. Maro ripped the underwear in two as well, tossing it down beside the shorts.

He was now fully exposed and there was nothing he could do about it. He wasn't even allowed the decency of cupping his hands to his crotch.

Meanwhile, as Maro proceeded to tear off the human's shirt, the rest of the humans were being forced up to the auction block and placed against the same wooden posts. Some of them struggled to the point of exhaustion in order to try and escape the gigantic apes. None of them succeeded.

Maro stepped away with a devilish grin stretching across his black lips. All except the gag had been stripped from Marcus. The naked human looked down to the wooden stage beside him to find all of his tattered clothing. He was also quite white compared to the other humans. They were all covered in what may have been months, or even years, of filth. So that's what Harod had meant by "clean."

A large group of gorillas was starting to gather in the courtyard outside the big stone building Marcus thought was a church. He was wondering if that was actually the case, because having a slave auction outside a church didn't seem to be the most reverent of things.

Marcus still pulled his arms against the post, seeing if he could wiggle his way out of the rope, but it didn't work. It was way too tight and was starting to scrape away the first few layers of skin on his wrists.

There was a band of about six armored gorillas that stood by the cart in which they'd rolled into the town. He assumed they were Harod's slave hunters or something of that ilk. There were also other gorillas with much heavier, iron and steel armors. Their breastplates had a completely different crest etched in the center, but they were too far away for Marcus to make out much detail.

Most of the gorillas, which started to congregate in the courtyard, were dressed with much simpler clothes. A few of them stood out of the crowd. They were wearing what had to have been more expensive clothing as well as jewelry around their neck or on their fingers and toes.

The most surprising thing, however, was that fact that nearly all of them were male. Just five or six female gorillas were out in the crowd. Marcus, of course, knew right away how to tell the difference, even with the much younger ones that hadn't necessarily grown some silver on their fur yet.

There was one that stood out above the rest and quite literally, too. His head held above the rest in a lake of grayish-black fur, even though he stood near the back. He had to be the tallest one there. Marcus put the behemoth somewhere around ten feet tall.

The tall gorilla was wearing a red, button-down tunic that exposed a fair portion of his chest and stretched firmly over his large gut. His pants were the same bronze color that Harod wore, and if Marcus saw correctly, there were pieces of expensive jewelry that seemed to set him apart from the crowd.

Marcus examined him for quite a while. He thought that, out of everyone in the crowd, that gorilla may have been the wealthiest. And if everything he'd heard Harod mention was true, he'd only be sold at a high price.

That gorilla's gaze fell upon Marcus, and the human shot his eyes away at once. Sure, the brute was intimidating, but something about him made Marcus curious. He couldn't help but glance back at the big guy every few seconds, and each time, the gorilla's eyes were still on him.

"Damn it. Look somewhere else," Marcus murmured into the gag. The gorilla squinted in response as if he was examining the human harder. Marcus scrunched his eyebrows. "What is his problem? Is he really that interested in me?"

He was ignoring the fact that most of the other gorillas were looking at him, too. Marcus was, after all, the only clean one up on the auction block. His nearly spot-free body was going to generate a lot of interest from all of them. But something about that gorilla along the rear of the crowd was drawing all of his attention.

"We'll start today's auction with this fine young thing right here," Harod began, stepping up to the block, addressing the large group of gorillas below. He held his right hand above the female human farthest from Marcus. She was cowering below him, almost flat on the wooden planks below her. In fact, most of the other humans were cowering. Marcus was the only one who remained standing against the post behind him. That was probably another reason why everyone was looking him over more than once.

"What about_that_ one on the end?" yelled a well-groomed and well-dressed gorilla off to the right side of the crowd. Many of the other gorillas nodded their heads. Some of them even voiced their agreement, but the tall gorilla in the back remained still and silent. He just kept staring at Marcus, watching him like a predator would lock its eyes on its prey. Marcus averted his eyes again after noticing nothing had changed.

"Why..." Harod stumbled, trying to calm the crowd, "...that's a special deal. Let's save the best for last, shall we?"

"Sell him now! Get it over with!" a few other gorillas chanted from within the congregation.

Harod frowned for a second before curling the same over-stretched smile on his face again. An auction was a show as much as it was a business. He needed to keep the crowd pleased. "Alright... alright..." he conceded, wandering over to the other end of the block, "...this one here we found like you seem him today. Isn't he a feast for the eyes? He's sparkly clean and he smells delightful."

Harod grabbed the clothes next to Marcus and held them for all to see. "And he came to us fully clothed in this fabulously fine fabric. He was pre-owned, and due to the unfortunate death of his previous master, he's in desperate need for a new one. But that's good news for all of you! He's already house-broken and ready to work!"

"Then why does he still have his balls?" a voice came from the crowd. Marcus and Harod didn't catch from whom.

The auctioneer cleared his throat, clearly buying himself some time before he spoke. Marcus knew all of it was bullshit, but Harod was good at his job, which was to sell lies to an unsuspecting crowd. Most of them didn't know better. But Marcus gulped. The mention of his dangly bits meant that they most likely neutered majority of their slaves.

"Does that mean he was owned by a breeder?" another shouted before Harod could answer the first. Again, neither Marcus nor Harod caught from whom. "Because if he's breeding material, I'm sure a few of us would like to know. That makes a big difference."

It was something Harod had clearly neglected to consider before putting Marcus up on the block, not that he'd notice, nor had Maro told him about it. Marcus caught Harod glare at his armored goon before clearing his throat once more.

"Now - now, everyone," he started. A sly smirk curled along the right corner of his lip. Only Marcus noticed it. The scheming bastard saw it as an opportunity to make more money. "Let's not get ahead of ourselves. You all know that I like to offer reasonable prices for my slaves." Even Marcus didn't buy that one. "I was going to keep that little piece of information unmentioned in order to allow this wonderful deal to be available for everyone to purchase. But you've caught me in withholding information from you. Yes, he was owned by a breeder and he's prime breeding material."

"I knew it!" a voice spat from somewhere near the middle of the crowd.

"Now shall we start the bidding?" Harod beamed. The bastard had worked them well.

"Get on with it!" the crowd cheered. The auctioneer truly was a showman.

"Let's start the bidding at twenty silver. Do I have twenty silver?"

Marcus had no reference to figure out how much twenty silver was worth, but it certainly had to be a decent amount. He let his eyes drift back to the tall gorilla again, and as expected, the big guy was still staring at him. However, this time his brow was entrenched with an inquisitive look, and he was stroking his chin. A lot of these gorillas seemed to have that mannerism.

"Forty silver!" another bid came in from the left side of the crowd. Already, the price had doubled, which shocked Marcus. He was quite the catch, apparently.

"One hundred silver!" That time it came from the right side. It was the same gorilla that had first inquired about Marcus. He, too, appeared quite wealthy.

The whole crowd shifted to see who had raised the price so much and so quick. Harod's eyes went wide at the bid and he repeated it for everyone to hear. Some of the potential buyers shook their heads. Marcus caught them grumbling, which had to mean that they'd already been priced out of the auction.

"This is still quite the deal, everyone!" Harod pulled the crowd back in. "Do I hear one hundred ten silver?

The crowd remained still and silent. Marcus also noted that some of the gorillas wore a hint of trepidation. Something about his current bidder was intimidating them. He had to be an ape with some degree of power or influence in the town.

"One hundred silver going once..." Harod paused, hoping to squeeze out a bit more money. "Come on, my friends. A slave like this doesn't show up every day. Heck, one doesn't even show up every year!" He waited for another bid but it didn't come. With reluctance he continued, "Going twice... and--"

"Two hundred silver!" a deep voice boomed from the rear of the crowd. Marcus's gulped when he saw who it was. It was the tall gorilla who'd stared at him the entire time.

"Oh, wow! That's two hundred silver for - ah..." Harod faded out the moment he caught sight of the bidder. A hush also rolled over the crowd, originating from the back. "Magister Gorath. A-are you sure that wasn't a mistake?"

"It was no mistake," the new bidder replied.

The previous bidder was glaring at the Magister, and the apes near him took a few steps away from the glowering gorilla. "You never bid on slaves, Gorath!" he exclaimed, and the others took a few more steps back. "How dare you decide to do this now when he was clearly mine!"

"I do apologize, Sir Komo," he nodded and looked over to Harod. "Was the bidding done?"

Harod's eyes darted back and forth between the two, and Marcus caught him swallowing some kind of thick lump that had formed in his throat. He was torn between something. Marcus assumed - correctly - it was between intimidation and money.

"No, the bidding was not over," he finally answered. Like usual, money won.

Sir Komo began to lift his hand for another bid before Gorath interrupted him. "I wouldn't raise the price any more if I were you, Sir Komo."

Both Komo and Harod growled at him.

"Why not!?" the other wealthy gorilla barked.

"Were you here before the auction started?"

"I was not. But what of it?"

"Well, I was and I saw what had transpired between the human you're so willing to buy and the gorilla who had put him up there."

Komo lowered his hand, curious about what Gorath may have seen. He may have disliked the other gorilla, but it appeared that his word was highly respected and trusted. Harod continued to seethe.

"The human seems to have a bit of a violent and rebellious nature to him. So much so, he kicked the gorilla in the chest as well as stomping on his toe."

"It's true," Maro piped in, waving his hand. The slaver definitely wasn't very bright. Harod glared at him, his head nearly bursting into flames. "My toe still hurts," the armored gorilla added, whining a little.

Sir Komo ran his tongue along his upper lip and teeth, thinking about what that may have meant to him and if it was worth more than two hundred silver. "Then why are you so interested in him?"

The tall gorilla inspected Marcus once more, running his eyes up and down the human's naked form. "Because you know as well as I do that I have the means to make him docile. And you wouldn't have much purpose breeding a human that's prone to violence. The last thing we'd need is more rebellious slaves among us. Besides..." he turned and faced the crowd, shrugging his broad muscular shoulders, "...we all know it's about time I bought a slave, correct?"

Marcus could tell there was something Gorath wasn't revealing. There had to be some other motive behind his excuse. As to which gorilla Marcus would prefer to be with, he didn't quite know. If being bought by Gorath meant that he'd lose his balls, then the answer was obvious. But there was still something about the larger ape that drew Marcus to him.

"I will not argue with that statement," Komo added. "The gods know you've waited long enough to join the rest of us. There have always been whispers that you were one of those misguided sympathizers. I will allow you the honor this time, Magister Gorath."

"I am very much obliged. Thank you, Sir Komo," he did a half-bow toward the other gorilla. "You may continue the bidding Harod. Although, I am fairly certain that there will be no more bids."

Harod clenched his fist harder, clenching a wad of his pants. "Sold!" he announced and the hush over the crowd disappeared. Everyone was clapping for Magister Gorath as he made his way over to the auction block. "Maro! Get over here and prepare the slave for the nice Magister," Harod ordered.

Gorath stood off to the side as Maro pulled Marcus back up along the post. Marcus had half a mind to run, but he wouldn't have even made it two feet. "Step on my foot again, human. I dare you," the brute taunted him.

Marcus was escorted over to a table, where there was another gorilla dressed in a white, stained apron. The stains resembled the color of rust - or dried blood - and the gorilla was sharpening a knife on a small whetstone. There was also a flat piece of metal resting on some coals. Marcus was smart enough to figure out what all if it had meant. He pushed back against Maro, trying to escape.

The armored ape shoved him forward into the table where the other gorilla pulled him up onto in and strapped him in. "I'm going to enjoy watching this," Maro grinned.

Magister Gorath was just about to hand over his money to Harod when he noticed what was happening. His hand and the money pulled back before Harod could grab it. "Just what do you think you're doing?" he asked. He stormed over and interrupted the gorilla who'd just brandished his sharp knife, pulling it dangerously close to Marcus's junk.

"You know the rules Magister," Harod explained. "It is highly recommended that humans who are not used for breeding are neutered."

Gorath cleared his throat. He spoke frankly. "I am well aware of the standards, my dear Harod. However, if you wish to receive full price for this human I suggest that you keep him in the state in which I purchased him. That means I want him completely intact."

"But Magister--"

"This is not up for negotiation. You sold him to me under no pretense that he would be neutered. Or do you wish to go back on an implicit contract. I certainly wouldn't like to see you lose business because of a poor review from _one_customer."

Gorath was playing his cards well. He knew very well that Harod didn't have the best of business practices, and he was going to exploit that fact. Marcus, more than anyone there, was very appreciative of the huge gorilla's adept and artful skill of negotiation.

"Fine," Harod replied, defeated.

Maro undid the straps around Marcus's upper and lower half. "Consider yourself lucky, human. You have no idea what the good Magister just did for you."

But he did. Marcus was well aware of what his new master had done for him, but he was also wondering why. He wondered what nefarious purpose the gorilla may have had to break social convention and keep his slave whole. It couldn't have been for breeding, because from what Marcus had learned, the other gorilla was the breeder. Gorath was not. It also crossed his mind that this gorilla society seemed to rely on some kind of system of guilds and mercantilism. It was only a guess.

Magister Gorath's actions hadn't gone unnoticed either. The other bidder, who'd been so eager to buy Marcus, stared with a slight look of contempt. It was as if Gorath's refusal to have the slave neutered was a violation of some kind of business ethic. The gorilla must have assumed that the Magister had ideas to start up his own breeding business. Marcus didn't think that was the case, but he had no clue what was in store for him.

Gorath paid Harod and waited for him to count the coins. After the slaver nodded to confirm all the money was there, Gorath twisted around to face Marcus. The armored gorilla had his gigantic hands wrapped around the human's sides, holding him in place. Marcus still struggled a bit, but that was mostly because of how tight of a grip the gorilla had on him. Plus, there was still a part of him that would not accept his current reality. He still wanted to refuse that such a thing could actually be happening.

"Do you happen to have an extra leash?" the Magister asked. Maro grabbed a short strap of leather that hung from a clamp on his belt. He let it slip around Marcus's neck and handed the other end to Gorath. "Thank you," he nodded, pulling the leash tight.

"Oh," Maro tossed something to the Magister, "here's the key for the shackles around his ankles."

The moment Maro let go of him, Marcus lifted his hands to try and remove the leash. His new master didn't allow it. He tugged on it, which jerked the human straight into his fat gut. Marcus's face disappeared into the gorilla's red tunic, sinking a few inches into his supple belly. Gorath held his hand on the back of the human's head and held him there. He bent over to speak to his new slave.

"The more intelligent you act, the more suspicious they'll become," he whispered. Marcus froze, drawing in the smell that lingered on the gorilla's loose clothing. It reminded him of that first step into a greenhouse, flowery with a tinge of bitterness. His master apparently knew much more than all the other gorillas. "Play dumb and we can get out of here without raising any red flags," he finished and finally let go of Marcus.

He swallowed hard, understanding that he still needed to be very cautious. All the other humans he'd encountered so far were nonverbal and fairly unintelligent. Somehow, his master knew he was different, but that didn't mean it was prudent to let every other gorilla know of his intelligence. So far, Gorath seemed to be the only one that had some of Marcus's best interests in mind. He decided to take his chances with his new master... for now.

Marcus pulled back, struggling against the leash, but not enough to cause a scene. Gorath passed him a subtle nod in response. It seemed to be just the right amount of struggling to make things seem proper or authentic. That and those few years of drama class in High School helped him out a little. He just didn't think he'd ever be using that skill in such a situation. Part of him even wanted to chuckle. There was some humor in all the irony, as grim as that may have been.

They shuffled through the crowd. Some of the gorillas leaned in to get a good whiff of him, and he'd growl at them in response. He was selling it. Marcus continued to put up his fake struggle for the meantime. The moment he did get a chance, however, he'd run for his life. He'd take his chances with freedom rather than whatever this gorilla had planned for him.

Eventually, they'd made their way out of the courtyard. They were out of the crowd and Marcus calmed down a bit. It was his first opportunity to take in a bit of his master. Well, at least the back of him. He couldn't make out very many details of Gorath when he was up on the auction block, but now he was up close and personal.

The Magister walked on two legs like all the other gorillas, which was a very odd sight for Marcus. Most of them didn't wear any footwear and Gorath followed that rule. His feet were flat on the cobblestone pathway and bent elegantly to each groove below it. Much like the gorillas Marcus had worked with in the zoo, he was sure these ones had the same level of dexterity with their feet.

Gorath's red tunic was quite long enough to cover all of his back. The bottom rim of it sat about a foot above the gorilla's wide buttocks, revealing a portion of his silver back and hairy ass crack. Marcus's heart knocked somewhere up in his throat. He shook his head after his eyes had lingered a bit longer than they should have on the gorilla's slightly exposed rear.

The leash tugged at his neck as he started to fall behind. Gorath had a tight grip on it, suggesting he still thought that Marcus might dash at any moment. But the human was too engrossed in taking in as much of his master as possible.

Marcus snuck an arm up when he had a chance while no one was looking. Even with his arm stretched all the way skyward, it still didn't reach above the gorilla's head. He also stretched his arms to the side and found that it would have been impossible to wrap his arms around that giant gut of his. Gorath's height, as well as his girth, was incredible.

And for some reason, Marcus couldn't help but appreciate the giant gorilla's majesty. Never before had he encounter such a beautiful creature. Gorath was almost exactly like his favorite action figure of Gorilla Grodd - life-size and all!

A short and warm flush of hero worship flowed through Marcus's veins. It was almost like one of his childhood dreams come true. But this was a serious situation. He shook his head, returning to reality.

"Here we are," stated the huge gorilla. He turned to face his slave. "Home sweet home. It's also my business, though."

Marcus squinted in response. Not only was the sun just starting to inch over the stone wall, but he was skeptical of the gorilla's amiable demeanor. He mumbled something into the gag, causing Gorath to make sure no one was looking.

The Magister swung open the huge, wooden door and ushered Marcus inside. He let go of the leash, but pushed on the human's back, forcing him through the doorway. The moment they were inside, Gorath twisted around and locked the door behind him.

"I apologize for having to put a leash on you, but I couldn't take any chances," Gorath explained and wrapped one of his massive hands around Marcus's shoulder. He spun the human around to look at him. "Here, let's get this out of your mouth." The leash came off first, and then he finally removed the gag.

"What the fuck is going on!?" Marcus cursed. It probably wasn't the best choice of first words with his new master, but it was the only thing on his mind.

Gorath stared at the irate human for a few seconds, beaming with a bright smile. "I knew it!" he exclaimed. "I had a gut feeling you were intelligent. And you can even speak!"

"Of course I can, ape!"

The giant gorilla stumbled backward in a weak gait until he fell back into a cushioned chair. His eyes were wide, and Marcus figured he was utterly nonplussed, considering the gorilla's current silence. Gorath's eyes wandered all over the human's naked body and locked onto his exposed crotch. It was probably an involuntary reaction, but the gorilla lick his lips with an eager glimmer in his eyes.

Marcus twisted around as he couldn't cup his hands around his genitals. "Ahem," he coughed. "Some clothes would be nice. And could you - you know - get this shit off of my wrists and ankles?"

"Incredible..." Gorath uttered. He was still stunned.

Marcus bent down to make eye contact with the huge gorilla. "Hello? I'd appreciate it if you stopped staring at my junk and did something about this." He held his arms forward so Gorath could see the rope around his wrists. "Please? It's not like I'm asking for much, considering the hell I just went through."

The Magister snapped out of it and finally met with the human's hazel eyes. "Y-yes, I suppose I could do that. I do want to warn you, however. Do NOT try to run from me."

"No shit. Where would I go, anyway?" Marcus mumbled. But he was thinking of exactly where he would escape to.

"Why do you use such foul language, human?" Gorath asked. His nostrils curled with a hint of disgust on his heavy brow and nose.

"Let's just say it's pretty common where I come from."

Gorath strolled across the room to a large desk. It was made of some kind of wood Marcus didn't recognize. Not that he was knowledgeable about such a thing. The big guy seized a small knife that rested on the surface.

"I am quite curious about that, human. Where exactly are you from?"

"Get the rope off, first, and then maybe I'll tell you."

"Do you misunderstand your situation, human? You're still my slave, and you're hardly in any position to continue such insubordination. I suggest that you choose a different tone by which you speak to me."

"Or what?" Marcus replied. He was pressing his luck.

Gorath let out an annoyed sigh. "I hardly have a wish to use force against you, but I will not refuse to do so if I find it necessary." He took in a deep breath to calm himself. There wasn't too much emotion that ever came from the gorilla's voice. It was always matter-of-factly. "Now, do I have your promise to speak to me with respect?"

"If that means freeing my arms and legs - sure - I'll change my 'tone' for you," he replied, but he still rolled his eyes.

Gorath undid the shackles first and then used the knife to cut the rope around the human's wrists. Marcus got a good chance to see just how much the gorilla towered over him. The upper portion of Gorath's gut was about eye level, and that was while his master was bent over him, cutting the rope behind his back. The hot air poured out from the gorilla's wide nostrils and down Marcus's neck. The heat made him shudder. It was almost pleasant, which made him quite uncomfortable.

What was also uncomfortable was that fact that he could feel some blood start to shift down into his nether region. He shut his lids tight and tried to get the image of Gorath's towering height and girth out of his mind. The fact that he could still feel his master's presence didn't help. The static coming off of the giant ape tingled Marcus's entire body.

His legs started to tremble, but only in the slightest. Gorath took a deep breath in, almost like he was sniffing him, smelling his fear. Yet, it wasn't fear. It was confusion and shame.

"There," his master finished. "Now where were we? Oh, that's right. Where exactly are you from?" The gorilla's huge hands caressed Marcus's bare skin as they returned to his sides. Marcus didn't know what to make of it. He just tried to ignore it. He was trying to ignore a lot of things, especially the growing feeling in his private parts. There were no visible signs of arousal, but Marcus was doing his damnedest to stop it.

"I don't think it's a place you'd even know about," Marcus answered, pulling the rest of the rope off of his wrists. He let it drop to the floor.

"Try me. I know a lot of--"

"Earth," Marcus coughed, interrupting him.

Gorath continued to process the word that escaped his slave's mouth. "I must admit. You've got me on that one. I've never heard of such a place. Is that across the Boundless Sea?"

"More likely it's across the boundless sea of big, black space," Marcus shook his head. There was a hint of pleasure in the fact that he was speaking about things about which his master had no idea, and it was helping him get his mind of other things. "My guess is some kind of freak, trans-dimensional travel or wormhole anomaly. I have no clue what else could explain how I got here."

Gorath fell back in his chair, again. "I find it so intriguing that you just happen to speak our language, too." Delightful curiosity and inquisitiveness seemed to be the only emotions the gorilla tended to display. Gamba had also been quite a curious ape. Of course, that was after Marcus helped him establish a troop. For some reason, Gorath reminded him a lot of the silverback he took care of at the zoo.

"Well, I'll agree with you on that one," Marcus nodded. "It makes me wonder if there's some truth to parallel universes."

"Your degree of intelligence is utterly fascinating! What is this arcane knowledge you speak of?"

Marcus beamed. For once, someone had finally given him a compliment about his intellect rather than calling him a nerd or geek like most of the woman he dated.

"Thank you," he replied. A cool draft flew in from the crack underneath the door and tickled his feet. He was quickly reminded that he was still naked. He cupped his hands onto his crotch, something he should have done the moment his hand were free. He just kind of got caught up in the conversation. "I'd appreciate those clothes now," he requested, more polite than usual.

"That's right. I do apologize." Gorath rose from his chair. "If you would, please follow me down to the basement."

As Gorath brushed past him, Marcus took a short glance at the door. It was locked, but it was a simple latch he could undo in a second. He just needed enough of a head start to try and escape. He had no clue where he'd go after getting outside, but he was willing to improvise if it meant his freedom as well as a chance to get back home.

For now, he followed the giant silverback down into the basement. The large, underground room had a hint of mildew in the air, but the floors and walls were dry for the most part. There was a large, iron furnace in one of the corners. Next to it was a small stack of wood that would feed the flame inside. A plethora of different herbs were strung from iron racks around it, drying from the extra heat. It made Marcus wonder if Gorath ran some kind of apothecary. However, drying herbs may have just been a common practice.

The most noticeable thing in the basement was the smaller room, which had been built into the stone foundation. A small bed was nestled into the far corner, and the only entrance was a door made of thick, steel bars. It was a cage, and Marcus had a good feeling what it was used for.

"I'm sure it doesn't take much explanation, but the small room with the bed is yours," Gorath pointed as he made his way over to a dresser that was flush with the wall next to the cage. "For the most part, it stays fairly cool down here. In fact, I like to sleep down here every now and then on the particularly hot days." He first grabbed a key off of a hook next to the cage and opened the door. "Perhaps one day, when I trust you, I'll keep it unlocked. But for now, at the end of the day, I'll be locking you in there for my safety as well as yours."

"Fuck that," Marcus spat. "I've already told you I wouldn't run away. There's no need to keep me in a freaking cage for Christ's sake."

Gorath glowered at him for a moment before returning to the dresser. Again, he spoke plainly. "It's not up for negotiation." He started digging through the drawers, looking for some clothing for the human. "I could have sworn there was a pair of slave's clothes in here."

His master's back was turned to him. It was the perfect opportunity Marcus had been waiting for, so he tiptoed backwards on the icy, stone floor. He had an easy time remaining silent with his bare feet until he reached the wooden stairs. The first step creaked. He gulped.

"Where in the gods' divine realm are those clothes," Gorath continued, mumbling and tossing various tattered leathers and other fabrics aside.

Marcus wiped the clear sweat from his brow, turned around, and made a furtive climb up the stairwell. He'd returned to the first room and dashed over to the door. He stretched to reach the latch, twisting it with a sharp clacking sound. His fingers coiled around the long handle and he pulled hard. It didn't budge. He tried again. Not a single inch.

"So you wouldn't run away, huh?" The gorilla's deep voice rumbled behind him. It growled with the low boom of thunder. It was the first time Marcus thought he'd heard a hint of anger or disappointment in the gorilla's voice.

Marcus's gaze inched upward until he found Gorath's massive hand planted on the upper portion of the door. "Shit..." he muttered.

His master's gigantic hand fell down upon his shoulder and squeezed tight. The other hand soon joined the first, and he was being lifted off of the floor. He struggled and kicked in the gorilla's grasp. But Gorath wasn't at all fazed by it. That was until Marcus was able to twist at his waist and throw his foot right into his master's nut sack.

The swollen balls shifted to the side and absorbed the blow as the human's ankle sunk into the yielding clothing and tissue. For that fleeting moment, Marcus felt all of it: his master thick dick, his bloated balls, and his furry fat crotch. It all caved in to the pressure by a few inches before his leg fell back down below him.

Marcus shot his eyes up to look at his master, afraid to see the ape's reaction, afraid of the consequences. However, Gorath was biting his lip with - now, Marcus may have interpreted this incorrectly - pleasure. The huge ape simply tossed the human into his armpit and pinned him between his arm and chunky side, hauling him back down the stairs.

"You're going to have to kick much harder if you want to hurt me," the gorilla chuckled a bit. His other hand had made snuck down to his chubby crotch, which looked like it was protruding farther than before Marcus had kicked it. His big hand rubbed back and forth along it, but Marcus figured he wasn't trying to nurse it.

They reached the bottom of the staircase, and Marcus glimpsed the cage again. It was ready for him. "You can't do this," Marcus protested, punching Gorath's chubby belly. It had no impact. The soft fat would just yield to the pressure, his fist sinking in a few inches before being thrown right back out. "I have rights."

Marcus glanced at Gorath to gauge his reaction. He was biting his lip harder, and when Marcus's eyes crept down to observe what his other hand was doing, he found the gorilla fondling an even bigger wad of flesh in his crotch. Marcus's struggles seemed to be arousing the giant ape, which scared him to no end. But that wasn't because the giant gorilla was getting a boner. It was because he felt the same thing happening to him.

"I can understand why you wish to escape. I truly do not blame you for it. However, I don't think you understand the gravity of your situation. You are much better in my hands than you would be with any other gorilla in this town," Gorath explained. He was speaking with stoicism again.

"In my world, you don't have rights. And that's a lesson you're going to have to learn if you want to survive here, human." Gorath set him down and gave him a gentle shove into the cage. "Calm back down and I'll think about letting you out of there. Oh. And here're the clothes you requested. You wouldn't want to run around the town naked, would you?" He threw the simple, woolen clothing to the human's feet and closed the steel door. A key twisted in the lock and Marcus heard the click.

Marcus kicked the clothes aside and charged at the door. The bars shook from the force of his arms, but they were never going to break or bend. "Let me out of here, ape!"

Gorath stared down at him shaking his enormous, furry head. "You may smell like a gorilla, but you certainly don't appear to have any respect for us." Gorath twisted around to leave his slave, but Marcus saw that small portion of silver on the gorilla's back again. The image of Gamba flashed before his eyes.

"Yes I do!" Marcus spat back at him, surprising himself.

The Magister stopped mid step, his lids falling over his eyes in a squint. "Now this I'd like to hear," he started as he twisted back around to face Marcus. He bent down to meet with the human's eyes. "I caught you examining me at the auction. Obviously, something caught your eye. So tell me what it is that you admire about me."

The human's hands slid down the metal bars until they flopped back at his side. He was not expecting that. His chest grew warm as his eyes darted back and forth between the gorilla's wrecking ball of a gut and his face. Gorath wouldn't cease eye contact until he got an answer.


Marcus's fingers tapped on his legs. They had an itch. They wanted to reach between the bars and plant themselves and that furry belly of his. He wanted to rub it just like he always rubbed Gamba's big belly.

Gorath shook his head. "That's what I--"

"Your size," Marcus finally answered.

"...My size? What do you mean?"

The human's throat visibly rose and fell, pulling down a large lump. His eyes fell to the floor. "I just - um - I mean I really like how..." he paused, making a few gestures with his hands, "...big... you are."

The gorilla's brow fell a good inch into his eyes. It must have been an odd compliment for Gorath to hear. Marcus knew it was certainly odd to say.

"I still don't think I understand you, human."

Marcus grew a bit impatient. "You're tall; you've got big hands, big feet, broad shoulders, and a fat gut. I work with gorillas. It's a body type I really like." His hands shot up to his mouth in disbelief. That was the last thing he'd wanted to say, but he said it anyway. Some desire within him made him do it.

Gorath's hint of a scowl turned into an amused grin. "Humph," he puffed. "That's the first time I've ever heard of someone being attracted to my particular... physique. If only that was the case with the graybacks instead of the humans." He paused for a moment as he stared deeper into Marcus's eyes. "Thank you for the odd compliment, human. However, I think I'll go get a few things to help us - both - relax."

Women troubles. Marcus could relate to that. It kind of made him feel sorry for his master. He put his hands back onto the cold, steel bars. "Wait," he started.

Gorath passed him a weak hand. "Hold that thought," he said. "I'll be back in just a minute."

Marcus paced between the bed and the door, watching the stairs in earnest. The soft crackling of the fire within the furnace was the only noise that filled his tight chamber. The near silence got to him quickly as it all started to sink in. The time to himself was the worst thing he could have imagined. Before, he was just being forced from one thing to the next. Now, he actually had some time to think. The gravity of his situation was finally starting to weigh down on him.

He fell down into a squat and put his hands up to his mouth as he let out a stifled cry. It was all real. Even a few tears that fell down his cheeks and rolled onto his hands - they were real. His eyes and nostrils grew red and he sniffed some of the salty liquid that dripped from his nose. He shook his head. He was a man. He wasn't supposed to break down like this.

But the worst thing was how alone he felt. He'd always felt alone, but this was an entirely different kind of isolation. It was kind of a last man on Earth type of feeling. And that pain made his chest constrict like a snake around his heart.

"No," he fought it, "I can't give in like this. I will get back home. I know it." He swallowed hard and crawled over to the clothes Gorath had given him. After wiping the water from his face, he proceeded to put on the pair of pants first and then the shirt. That's all that he'd been given.

"I hope you're hungry." Gorath's deep voice carried down the stairwell as the steps expressed their high-pitched complaints beneath his weight.

Marcus wiped the rest of the tears off of his face and rubbed his eyes in a hurry. He wasn't going to let his master see him like that. He crawled back up to his feet and strolled over to the door.

Gorath was carrying what looked like a bamboo tray. It had two, large ceramic cups and big bowl on it as well as a piece of what Marcus assumed was a type of bread. And now that his master had mentioned it, he was actually famished. He didn't even know how long it'd been since he'd last eaten, or even had a drink for that matter.

"I am," Marcus replied.

His master approached the cage with a faint smile. "And I see you've decided to use the clothes you asked for."

"They're definitely not a fashion statement, but I guess they'll do."

His joke made the big guy let out a short laugh. "I'm glad you're getting a sense of humor back. Does that mean you've been able to calm down?"

Marcus nodded in response, hoping he understood what that may have implied. Gorath first set the tray down on a table near the furnace, pulled the key from a pocket on his tunic, and unlocked the door to the cage. He inched it open and allowed Marcus to step out.

The smell of the food twirled into his nostrils as some kind of vapor. Whatever was in the bowl must have been some kind of soup, and it smelled delicious. Maybe it was just the hunger getting to him, but the aroma was crisp with tantalizing spice. Marcus was drawn to it.

He climbed onto the tall chair, which clearly wasn't made for seating humans. There was still enough room for him to reach the food though. It was a bit awkward, like he was a small child again, but it worked out, especially after Gorath brought over a wooden block to place under Marcus's rear.

The gorilla's huge hand slipped under the human's buttocks and lifted him up a good foot. He slid the booster underneath and set Marcus back down. He could have sworn he'd felt Gorath give his ass a good squeeze, but he let the thought pass by, thinking it was just his imagination. Or at least he hoped it was just his imagination. But the sly smirk on the gorilla's lip suggested it may not have been. His master seemed to be a frisky type.

Gorath grabbed one of the mugs from the tray and sat opposite from Marcus, staring at his slave with curiosity as well as a smidgen of admiration. Neither of them knew what it was, but something drew them to each other, in regards to a base level of respect, anyway. Even a degree of attraction was there, whether or not they'd admit to it.

"So..." his master started, taking a quick sip of his drink beforehand, "...where - or what - is Earth?"

Marcus finished chewing his first piece of bread. It was a large loaf, too much for him to finish in one setting. "It's a planet full of humans. And much like you guys..." he took a quick swig of his drink, "...we're the dominant species in our world."

"Then why is it you smell like gorillas?"

He swallowed another large piece. "I work with gorillas."

"So you aren't the only intelligent species in your world, then?"

"Well, I wouldn't necessarily say that. The apes in our world a lot like the humans I've seen here."

"Gorillas are slaves in your world?" Gorath's voice increased a bit in pitch. Marcus could tell there was a bit of surprise there.

"No, they're not slaves."

"But you said you work with them."

"That's because I'm a zookeeper. I take care of them and their habitat at the zoo."

"Excuse my ignorance. What is a zoo?"

Marcus frowned. He was guessing Gorath wasn't going to like what his slave had to say next, but he wasn't going to lie to him. "It's where we keep animals in cages as an attraction."

"That sounds immoral and dreadful. How could you do such a thing to gorillas?" his master scowled.

"And slavery isn't?"

Gorath huffed, "Fair point. I won't disagree with that, but at least slavery is useful. At least we're putting humans to work rather than just putting them up for display and amusement."

It was kind of nice to hear that Gorath didn't fully support slavery. That was Marcus's impression of it. A short hush came between them as they took another few sips of their drinks.

"So what do you do... um... what should I call you?"

"When we are out in public, you must refer to me as master," he paused and smiled. "But when we are in private, you may call me by my name."

Marcus took in a deep breath and nodded. "I understand."

"What about you? What is your name, human?"


"An interesting name, for sure. Thank you, Marcus"

He smiled. "So what is it that you do, Gorath?"

It was almost surreal to be having this conversation again like he had with so many women. But this time it was easy. The person across from the table had eyes full of authentic attention and curiosity. It was a new feeling to have someone so interested in him.

Gorath leaned back in his chair, letting his gut press up against the edge of the table. Marcus couldn't help but let his eyes sink down to catch a quick glimpse. A few inches of the gorilla's big belly poured over the table, engulfing a large portion of it.

"I produce and sell potions and poultices. Antidotes, elixirs, medicines, and many other things are my business, and it's been quite profitable. In fact, you're actually living in one of the largest houses in town." There was some pride in his voice. Marcus could tell and that made him smile. It was good to see someone who enjoyed their work just as much as he did.

"You must be a hit with the ladies then..." he joked but didn't smile, "...unlike me."

"You'd be surprised," Gorath replied. "You remember that compliment you gave me about my size?"


"Contrary to the gorillas you may work with, our size doesn't put us at any advantage with the graybacks. My height, as well as my - well - heftiness, is rare." He planted a hand on his belly and shook it. Gorath chuckled a little. And Marcus bit his lip, watching the gorilla's fat gut jiggle. It made him tingle down below again.

"Sure," his master went on. "It's helped me secure my wealth and influence. However, I've yet to meet a female that hasn't found my size intimidating and unattractive. That's just how it works. I've grown very used to it. So it doesn't bother me anymore."

"I'm sorry," Marcus frowned. "But if it's any consolation, I really do find your size - well - completely awe-inspiring. I've always found the gorillas I work with to be such majestic creatures. You're a whole new level!" He had a hard time believe what he'd just said, but it was the truth. Something about Gorath's enormity was stunning and spectacular.

"You truly are a different breed of human," his master replied. A smirk curled onto his lips and the way he stared at Marcus changed. There was some kind of longing in his eyes. It was the first time Marcus really held eye contact with him. The gorilla's eyes flickered with the flame of the furnace, glimmering with the color of amber.

Marcus scrunched his brow and his eyes fell back down to his soup. "I've - uh..." he cleared his throat, "...never really had much luck with the ladies, either."

"I find that hard to believe. You're such a fascinating human."

"Well, none of them seem to think so. The moment they hear I work with gorillas, they scatter and run."


Marcus spat out some of his soup as he let out a loud chortle. He was not expecting to hear that from his master. "You're telling me!" It was so awesome to have someone sympathize with him. "Can you believe I'd told the last one that I'd rather fuck a--" He stopped himself just as his heart leapt up into his throat, forcing his sentence to end.

He stared blankly at the giant gorilla with his eyes wide. The sight of Gorath made him realize that there was some truth to his near slip-up. He felt it. Something in him wouldn't have minded getting used by such an amazing beast.

Gorath continued laughing despite the horror that infected Marcus's face for a microsecond. "Fuck a what?" he beamed, enjoying the moment with his human.

Marcus's body was shaking, especially his legs. "N-nothing," he answered. His throat and voice fluttered a bit. "Let's move on to something else. Talk about women just annoys me."

Bemusement snuck onto the gorilla's face. He really wanted to know, but he didn't want to press the issue too much, especially if it was going to ruin what had been such a good conversation thus far. "Very well," the big gorilla agreed. "What else can you tell me about your world?"

"There's definitely a lot I could tell you that you wouldn't really understand. There is no slavery in our world," he said but paused for a second. "Well, it's not a public institution at least. Any form of slavery is looked down upon."

"Then who do you use to work the fields? It seems to me like your people would starve without slaves to harvest the crops."

Marcus scratched his head. Never before had he had such an odd conversation. Never before did he think he'd have to explain why slavery was immoral. To him it had always been wrong. However, his master grew up with it. He saw it day in and day out.

"I know that this is going to sound crazy to you, but we have machines that plow the fields much more effectively, and at a much cheaper cost, than any number of slaves could."


"Think of a plow that is about the width of ten of your arm-spans and runs on its own. All it needs is just one person to steer it. We also have the same type of machines to harvest crops, too."

"That sounds ridiculous. How could something run on its own?"

Marcus assumed Gorath didn't know much about steam power or combustion. He quickly thought of a way to explain it to him. He looked over to the furnace. "We use a type of fire of which there have been many ways of going about it." He tossed some of his drink onto the scorching metal. It evaporated instantly into a cloud of steam. "I'm sure you know about steam, right?"

"I do," said the gorilla, raising an eyebrow.

"If you get enough of it in a container, the pressure will build and have enough power to move what you want it to. You just need enough fuel and enough water to keep the process going. But that's just one example. We also use tiny explosions with varying types of fuel to force pressure changes and move multiple pistons at once. That's how we spin an axle and a wheel without someone or something pulling it."

Gorath was speechless. Marcus was sure some of it went right over his head, but he hoped it made sense for the most part. "Are all humans as smart as you?"

Marcus couldn't help but laugh at that notion. "I'm probably only slightly above average when it comes to intelligence. There's a good deal of people much smarter than me in my world." He gave another short laugh. "And there are people much dumber."

"Like the women?"

He pursed his lips and held back that chuckle. The sexist part of him wanted to appreciate that question as a joke, but he knew better. "No," he shook his head. "There are plenty of women who are smarter than me, too. I just haven't had the grace to date any of them." He stopped himself there, realizing what he'd just said. Did he really only date dumb women? Maybe that was the problem.

"There aren't very many females to go around in our world. Is it the same in yours?"

"No. There are just as many women as there are men on Earth. And actually, there are a slightly higher percentage of females than males."

"The way you describe your world. It's kind of growing on me."

Marcus gritted his teeth. He was going to be honest - the same virtue that killed all of his other relationships. "That's why I want to return. Can't you see I don't belong here? I have to get back home."

The big ape grunted. "I definitely understand that, but what would we do? I'd have no clue where to start. Do you?"

"Not exactly. But returning to where I'd first arrived would be as good a place as any, don't you think?"

"And where exactly was that?"

Marcus was growing irritated with his master. He wanted to trust the big ape, but every time they'd had a moment to connect it'd go south again in no time. "I don't know. A forest somewhere."

Gorath passed him a sardonic and skeptical look. "That's so helpful."

"What about Harod or Maro? They should know."

"And raise further suspicion as to why I bought you?"

Marcus's brow was entrenched deep over his eyes and he was leaning a bit over the table. "Why did you buy me?"

Gorath licked his teeth and slouched back in his seat. "Because I knew you were different. I saw the intelligence in your eyes. And like I'd said, it was about time that I got a slave of my own."

"I'm calling bullshit on that one. Maybe all of that is true, but I think there's something you're still not telling me."

"Why do you insist on being so rude and rebellious? Must this persist the whole time? I thought we were having a wonderful conversation until you decided to get sour." Gorath chugged the rest of his drink and set it back down on the table with a bit of a bang. It startled Marcus a little.

"Well try to imagine how I feel right now. Can you sit there and think for one second that I even want to be here? Yes it was a nice conversation while it lasted, but that doesn't change the fact that you're keeping me here against my will. I want to get the fuck back home!"

"I'm keeping you against your will? I own you. You're my property," his master spat back. Marcus detected a hint of a slur in his voice. Whatever was in his mug, it wasn't without some kind of intoxicant. "While you're in my world you don't really have a will."

"I don't care if this is your world or not. Morality doesn't change from one planet to the next."

Gorath's jaws were clenched tight and his thick lips were pursed. Marcus was starting to irritate him. But Marcus thought it was a perfectly reasonable request. It wouldn't have been that difficult to ask Harod or Maro where they found him. He knew that his master had some other intention of keeping him. He just didn't know what it was yet.

"I've seen enough in my past to know that people just use morality for their own selfish desires. It's a great way to manipulate people if you can get them to believe something is right," Gorath replied. There was some weight to his speech, as if it was drawn from an encumbered past.

Marcus let out a sigh. Some part of him felt he wasn't going to be able to get anywhere with Gorath. He caught that his master's statement seemed to be weighted down with a rough history. "But some things are black and white," Marcus added. "Some things are wrong no matter what. And you refusing to help me return home is one of those things."

"Fine," Gorath growled. The giant gorilla got out of his chair and started for the stairs. He turned back around with a sordid smirk. Apparently, he thought he'd come up with a way to settle their dispute. "You want to leave? You want to go back home? Then let's play a game, shall we?"

Marcus hopped down from his seat and stood before his master. He was suspicious of his master's intentions with whatever this "game" was. But if there was a chance to leave, he'd take it. No matter what that may have meant. "Alright..." he replied, swallowing a hard lump in his throat. "I'm game. Tell me what you were thinking."

Gorath stretched his arms out and bent his knees, resting his knuckles on the floor. He would have been football's best center or guard. "If you can get past me and make it out of this basement, I'll let you go."

The human squinted at the gorilla. He didn't know whether or not his master would stay true to his word. But that didn't matter. He had a chance to escape and he was going to take it. "You promise?"

"I promise." His master nodded. "Let's see just how bad you want to leave, human."

Marcus had no clue how he was going to get past such a gigantic ape. His body was wide enough to block the entire opening to the stairwell. At first, he tried to lead his master away from the stairs, but the gorilla wouldn't move. Gorath would swipe his hands at Marcus in a broad arch, attempting to grab the human. Marcus was able to dodge all of them except for one.

He'd messed up when approaching Gorath from the side. He'd hoped to slip by between him and the wall. The gorilla had given him an opening on purpose. It was a trap Marcus should have seen, but he fell right into it. Marcus had actually made it past his master. However, he'd neglected to watch his feet, tripping on the gorilla's massive foot.

He fell to his belly, grasping for the first step, trying to pull himself to it. But that's when one of Gorath's meaty hands wrapped around his ankle. Marcus flew backwards in the air, lifting off of the floor.

"Got you," the huge ape said. He lifted the human farther into the air until he was hanging upside-down near the gorilla's armpit. Marcus could smell the ape's powerful and masculine body odor. It was a bit overwhelming. He tried not to breathe too much of it in.

Marcus shook about in Gorath's grasp at first. He had to think of some other option. Something he was forgetting.

"Give up yet?" his master asked.

Marcus glanced downward. He found the gorilla rubbing his crotch again with his free hand. The fondling of his genitals made more of the gorilla's aroma sneak up into the human's nose. That smell reminded him of Gamba again. And that's when he thought of what he could do against Gorath.

"Not yet," Marcus said. His abdominals scrunched together as he lifted himself upward into Gorath's armpit. His arm stretched forward and he dug his fingers deep into the muscles between two of the gorilla's upper ribs. It was a spot that was useful when getting Gamba to release something or someone. He'd only had to use it once before. Now, it had become even more useful.

He pushed harder into the pressure point until Gorath had no choice but to release him. The gorilla's giant hand unclenched and Marcus dropped to the floor.

Gorath rubbed his armpit as he winced. "That was odd," he said.

Marcus didn't respond. His eyes were locked on the perfect opportunity. It was risky, but his master was distracted enough that it might just work. Gorath's legs were spread wide enough that he could crawl right underneath the huge ape and onto the first step.

He didn't even look up. He just started crawling. And for a moment, it seemed like he was going to make it. The stairs were getting so close. He threw his feet forward, ready to stand and launch himself onto the first step. But then a shadow grew over him, darker and darker until it blocked his view entirely. Marcus got a mouthful of the gorilla's crotch.

The bottom of Gorath's wide, supple belly engulfed Marcus's crown and forehead, forcing him downward. The weight of the gorilla pushed him down until he felt Gorath's gigantic ass pinning his entire torso to the cold stone below him. His face was sunk deep into his master's crotch. He even felt one of the gorilla's big balls roll down around his neck.

It was clear only part of his master's weight was on him. He would have been outright squashed if that wasn't the case. "Hah. I figured you might try that. But let's see you get out of this." Gorath rocked left and right, spreading his cheeks farther around Marcus's sides.

Marcus mumbled into the fabric that saved him from having a mouthful of gorilla genitals. He squirmed beneath the giant not even able to wiggle his arms out from Gorath's fat butt cheeks. But the more he struggled the harder something pressed against his lips and cheeks. There was no more denying it. His master was aroused by his struggling.

The gorilla's scent was completely unavoidable. That musky and smoky aroma filled his nose all the way down to his throat where he could taste it, making him gag. He pushed with his legs, trying to at least get his face out of his master's crotch.

But he enjoyed the feeling of having such a huge creature on top of him, squashing him with his immense size and weight. It was filling him with arousal he'd never before experienced. His body grew warm. And before he could even realize what it was trying to tell him, he had an erection poking into the gorilla's huge ass.

He grimaced as his master's cock also grew, poking harder into his face. Both of them were aroused by this. Marcus didn't want to believe it. It couldn't be true.

With a good chunk of the gorilla's junk in his mouth, he took the next logical step to try and get the giant off of him. He bit down hard on his master's cock. He did his best to get a good chew through the fabric and hit the sensitive flesh. But all he felt was the gorilla get harder. The flesh swelled and stiffened, filling more of him.

Gorath groaned at first and then he chuckled. "That hurt a little, but have you seen just how big I am compared to you. You're not going to get anywhere with those small, flat teeth. Unless, of course..." he paused and Marcus could feel him grin, " wanted to turn me on. Because I _like_it."

What the hell was this gorilla made out of? Marcus had bit as hard as he could and not even as much as a flinch from him.

Gorath leaned back, his butt swallowing more of Marcus's lower half. If he hadn't felt the human's cock before, he felt it then.

Marcus took a sharp breath in the moment the gorilla crotch was out of his face, but the strong odor still filled his sinuses. Gorath used his right hand to force his growing erection as well as some of his big gut aside. He stared at the human with a lewd smile.

"Well, this is new for me," said the gorilla, giving his balls a tender squeeze through his clothes. His speech had grown a little slurred. And along with Gorath's potent body odor, Marcus picked up on a hint of alcohol wafting from his hot breath.

"Get off of me!" He tried squirming again only to find himself deeper into his master's ass crack. It had swallowed some of his pants as well as most of Marcus's chest and belly.

Gorath ran a finger down his own buttocks until it made contact with the human's bent and throbbing boner. "I see you're just as aroused as me, Marcus." The fat finger stroked the length of Marcus's cock as he clenched his ass, teasing him. He wiggled his butt in a circle playing with his human.

"Fuck you! Stop that! Stop touching me there." His jaw clenched as he fought against how good it felt. However, he'd convinced himself it was wrong.

His master glimpsed the pleasure hidden behind his denial. "Oh, come on, Marcus! Why don't we help each other out? Weren't we both talking about our poor luck with the ladies? I think both of us are overdue for some loving," Gorath offered. He moved his right hand down from his crotch and brushed Marcus's brown hair out of his eyes with a single finger. This time he pulled the human's head forward and shoved it against his bulge. He groaned with pleasure.

Marcus could tell his master was a bit drunk but sober enough to know what the hell he was doing. He knew where things were going. And he couldn't let it happen. He couldn't let the titanic ape fuck him, even if he was turned on by all of it. The worst thing - and what Marcus kept staring at - was his master's enormous boner. It would tear him apart!

"Get off of me!" He kept struggling and sinking deeper between the gorilla's fat ass cheeks.

"As much as I love your struggling, you need to learn to relax," Gorath said. He reached into a side pocket on his tunic and pulled out a tiny, leather bag. His thick fingers snuck inside, pulling out a pinch of white powder.

"W-what is that!?" Marcus was powerless to do anything. He turned his head away as Gorath leaned forward again.

The giant gorilla held his hand out with his palm facing upward. With his other hand, he shushed Marcus right before he blew the powder off of his palm and straight into Marcus's face. Some of it flew right up his nose.

"This will help you relax, Marcus. Just take some deep breaths in and let it go to work."

His body started tingling and his senses grew fuzzy in an instant. It was some kind of drug or something. He grew lightheaded and all of his muscles started to relax. And despite the situation, he felt quite good.

"That's it," Gorath smiled. "Let it calm your nerves."

The gorilla ran a finger along the human's lips, licking his own. He lifted off of Marcus and pulled his slave up with him. Marcus's body was limp. It did whatever his master wanted. He again found himself right between the Gorath's chubby side and strong arm. This time, however, he didn't resist it. He didn't have the energy to do so. Whatever Gorath had used on him rendered him numb and complacent.

Marcus's head swung to and fro as his master climbed the stairs. His eyes were half shut. It felt like his could fall asleep at any moment, but something was keeping him up. Some part of him wanted to fight back against the inevitable. His master was going to use his body in every way he wished.

"No..." Marcus mumbled. Gorath was climbing up another set of stairs.

"Saying 'no' is not going to change anything, human," said his master. "I suggest you accept this opportunity for intimacy and enjoy yourself."

They entered what had to have been Gorath's room. Apart from a desk, a wardrobe, and a mirror, the only other thing in the room was an enormous bed. At least to Marcus's standards the bed was huge. It looked like four king mattresses lined up in a square. The thing made the entire room look more spacious than it probably was. But a ten foot tall silverback gorilla needed the room.

Gorath tossed Marcus onto the bed right on his stomach. The sheets were soft and warm and smelled of the gorilla's smoky odor. It was enough to lull Marcus into a more content, secure, and aroused feeling. But his body still knew what was going to happen. Fear and anger still infected him.

He grabbed at the sheets, attempting to pull himself across the bed and away from his master. He didn't make it very far. Gorath seized both of his ankles and pulled him back, and with his left hand, the gorilla held Marcus in place. With his other hand, he started to undress him. The pants slid down his legs easily until they slipped from his feet. Gorath tossed it to the floor and took a long gander as the human's bare ass.

Marcus bunched up the sheets in his palms as his master's big hand ran up between his legs. The moment Gorath's fat fingers reached the human's ass he gave both cheeks a good squeeze. The gorilla let out short groan of satisfaction, biting his lip.

"No..." Marcus repeated. He made another attempt to crawl away from the gorilla. Gorath put more pressure on the human's back ensuring he was going nowhere. One of his master's meaty fingers slid down his butt crack until it found his hole. Gorath fondled the human's ass for a few more seconds before he pushed his finger forward. Marcus's hole was unreceptive at first but his master just added more pressure to it. His flesh spread a few inches and the gorilla's fat finger slipped inside.

His entire body tightened from the pain. It burned so much, but Gorath inched it in deeper inside him, spreading him wider. Marcus drew some of the sheets into his mouth and bit down. He let out a short grunt. It hurt. But his swelling cock was telling a different story.

Gorath held his finger inside Marcus as he pulled his shirt off with the other hand. It came off just as easily as the pants. Now, Marcus was completely nude and vulnerable. Yet his muscles were so relaxed. He couldn't fight back.

The gorilla's fat finger started to rock back and forth inside him, stroking his prostate. "S-stop..." Marcus grumbled into the sheets, breathing heavily.

"Shhsssshhh," Gorath hushed him. He silenced Marcus with his free hand, placing it over his mouth. "I'm just loosening you up. You saw - and felt - how big I am. In fact, I thought you said that's what you admire about me. So you wouldn't want me inside you without stretching you first, would you?"

Marcus let out a soft whimper. That confirmed it. He was going to be fucked by a giant ape. And the sound of Gorath's pants dropping to the floor proved it even more.

Gorath undid each button of his tunic until his hefty belly was free. He pulled it off his left arm first. And after removing his finger from Marcus's ass, he pulled it off the other arm and tossed it to the floor. Now he was naked with his slave, his fat boner resting just below his generous gut.

Without the gorilla's heavy grasp restraining him, Marcus was able to pull himself a few feet away from his bare assed master. He just needed to make it to the other side. Then he could slide off and run away, even if his muscles weren't going to do the work. He had to try. Otherwise, his master was going to break him.

"Where do you think you're going?" the gorilla asked. He slid his right hand between Marcus and the bed. And with a gentle pull, he forced the human onto his back.

Marcus's eyes went wide. His master towered above him by six feet, even while on his knees in the bed. Those tree trunks for thighs rested on each side of him.

Gorath's heavy gut hung a foot above Marcus. It stretched out over his slave's entire chest. The big guy leaned forward, placing his hand above his Marcus's head. His fat belly descended upon the human, engulfing his entire torso. The supple flesh gave way and spilled over his slave's sides. The gorilla's hard cock fell down between Marcus's thighs and pressed against his growing erection.

His master crawled over him another foot. The big ape lifted his gut up with his left hand so Marcus could get a full view - and whiff - of his genitals. The gorilla's massive balls dropped down onto Marcus's stiff dick. The furry scrotum was big enough to swallow his entire crotch. And Gorath's monstrous cock stood straight out, curving the slightest bit upward. He pushed it down with his right hand.

The thing had to have been about three or four inches thick and a little over a foot long. It pressed deep into Marcus's belly as his master stroked it on top of him. He also let his left hand slip down to his balls and rolled them around the human's erection. Marcus bit his lip. It felt so damn good. But he didn't want it to.

"My... my... you're just as hard as me," Gorath said. He squeezed his sack tight around the human's boner and stroked it harder. His other hand stroked his own cock faster.

The smell of Gorath's sex hit Marcus hard. The gorilla's fondling of his genitals was sending his potent musk into the air and right up Marcus's nose. He couldn't help it. He took in a deep breath of the silverback's aroma and shuddered.

"That tells me everything I need to know," continued the gorilla. "Your body is giving me all the signals I need to continue. You're going to love this just as much as me."

Gorath pulled back and straddled Marcus's legs one again. He bent forward and let his belly swallow up the human's torso. It pressed his slave's dick forward and into his own gut. The gorilla's stiff cock also inched back in between the human's thighs, caressing the sensitive, inner flesh.

The weight of his master's gut swallowing his chest and belly made it a little more difficult for him to breath. Marcus brought his hands up to it. He pressed forward, trying to get some of the gorilla's belly off of him. But his hands just sunk into the soft, hairy flesh.

"Oh, yes..." he groaned, "...yes, keep struggling. It's turning both of us on."

Marcus gulped and pushed harder. It was true. He felt his erection growing harder and throbbing between his crotch and the bottom of his master's belly.

His master's boner poked forward, inching closer to his hole. It was already dripping loads of pre, which oozed out onto his ass and the sheets below. The wet stains on the bed would only get worse as the night progressed.

Gorath bucked his hips and Marcus felt the lubricated tip of his master's cock press against his tight hole. Just the head alone was wide enough to take up a large diameter of Marcus's ass crack. He had no idea how it was going to fit. But the giant gorilla was intent and eager to fuck his slave. It was going to be going in no matter what.

The giant silverback leaned back and Marcus got a short opportunity to try and back away. It didn't work. The gorilla reached down below his gut and grabbed his slave's leg. He pulled them up and positioned them between the bottom of his fat gut and his thighs. He bent forward and pinned the legs there. He was trapped with the gorilla's heavy belly rolling back down over him. It went all the way up to his chest.

The gorilla put his right hand on Marcus's left shoulder and grabbed Marcus's right side with his left hand. He pulled the human farther along his fat gut until the wet head of his cock was once again pressed against his slave's puckered hole.

Marcus's heaved hard against his master's chubby but muscular middle. But all it did was cause more of Gorath's belly to spill over him as his hole pressed harder against the gorilla's fat erection. It was already starting to spread him. He could feel the head of Gorath's dick pulsing against his hole, his taint, and his balls.

Gorath smiled right before he gripped the human's shoulder and side. Marcus closed his eyes. He knew what was coming next, and he did whatever he could to prepare himself.

The giant gorilla pulled the human into his crotch. Marcus's tight ring spread to the pressure. The head of his master's thick cock sunk inside and the silverback let out of howl of pleasure. He pushed his hip forward, spreading Marcus more, filling the human with his hard, intimate flesh.

Marcus felt his insides get stretched beyond their limit as Gorath crammed his throbbing dick into the cramped space. It burned like a thousand suns. And with each inch, he felt more of the gorilla's warm pre ooze out of the fat cock and lubricate his insides.

He felt the bottom of his belly expand and his boner was pushed deeper into the underside of Gorath's fat and furry belly. The gorilla's monstrous cock was large enough to cause Marcus's belly to bulge outward and upward. It was a somewhat gruesome feeling, but it was highly erotic to Marcus. Just the thought of having something so huge inside of him was pushing him toward climax so quickly.

Gorath pulled his slave over the last few inches of his erection. His big, swollen balls finally made contact with the human's bare ass, and more of his hot pre spilled out into human's ass.

Marcus's eyes were still shut and his jaws were clenched. He grabbed some of the gorilla's flab in his hands as Gorath leaned forward, making sure he was all the way inside his slave. The fat gut swallowed him up again. This time the top of it pressed all the way up into his chin.

"Oh..." the giant ape moaned. Marcus winced. The pain and the burning were overwhelming. "You're so tight. It feels wonderful!"

Gorath slid his left hand up to Marcus's right shoulder so both hands were gripped on the human's shoulders. He held him there as he pulled his hip back. His gut went with him, stroking the entire length of his slave's boner. Intense pleasure started to mix with Marcus's pain.

Marcus belted out a long grunt. It hurt like hell but it was also a satisfaction he'd never experienced. His body loved the weight of the gorilla's massive and marvelous gut on top of him just as much as his inside's being stretched by such an enormous erection. But his mind would not be convinced otherwise. He didn't want this. He wasn't ready for this.

The big belly slid back along his cock as the gorilla pushed his fat member back inside of him. Gorath grasped Marcus's shoulders tighter as he started to hump and pound his human's ass. Marcus continued to grunt with each pounding. It was quickly growing numb while the ape's huge balls slapped against his butt cheeks.

Gorath's sex filled the air, taking over Marcus's sense of smell. And the wet sounds of the gorilla's hard thrusting inside of him echoed between the walls. Marcus didn't want to admit it, but all of it was stimulating him in ways he'd never thought possible. Nor did he want to think it was possible.

He tried struggling again, but his master held him in place. After pushing hard into the fat gut that held him down on the bed, he gave up. Instead, he let his fingers comb through the gorilla's thick fur, tickling his fingertips. He loved the feeling of Gorath's soft and hairy flesh covering him, dominating him.

He stopped himself there. His brow furrowed and he went back to resisting. He'd almost succumbed to the pleasure, and he wouldn't let that happen. He _couldn't_let that happen.

"Yes," Gorath said. He was starting to pant between his moaning. "Keep squirming beneath my belly, human. I love that feeling."

Marcus felt his master' cock swell even more inside of him. It pressed hard against his prostate. Back and forth, the gorilla's thick boner massaged his insides, pulling and pushing against his wet flesh. The sensation made Marcus begin to feel quite warm, especially down in his crotch. He struggled even harder as he felt his cock start to tingle. That fat gut was stroking his boner to the point that he felt an orgasm coming at him with full force.

He let out a stifled cry, afraid of his body's next course of action. But there was nothing he could do to stop it. His back tensed and arched upward into Gorath's fat belly. It only made things worse. His cock sunk even more into the soft girth, rubbing the head of his dick harder. The stimulation was just too much.

His entire body seized up and his cock swelled. His lungs let out a howl of immense pleasure, his back arched more into the big belly, and his toes curled as far as they could go. He wrapped his arms in a tight embrace around Gorath's belly. And that sealed the deal. Hot, white goo shot out from his cock, filling whatever space remained between his crotch and the gorilla's fat gut.

Gorath saw - and felt - all of it. Marcus's insides had constricted tighter around his swollen erection. It was all an incentive to fuck the human harder.

"Mmmm," he groaned. "It's so warm inside of you, and you're even tighter now." He sped up, using his arms as well as his hips to pound Marcus faster and deeper. He bent more over Marcus, resting his head just above his slave's. His hot breath poured out from his mouth as he grunted with each hard bucking of his waist. Marcus's hair ruffled with each intense blast of air coming from the ape's lungs.

Marcus continued to howl with delight as much as he moaned in agony. His orgasm continued along with the gorilla's fierce and relentless humping. He'd even pulled Gorath in closer, letting more of his body get consumed by the ape's giant gut.

His master's jaw clenched and his body jerked. It was about to happen. Marcus wasn't prepared for it. But he hadn't been prepared for any of it. Gorath thrust one last time as deep as he could get into the human. His body twitched, his cock swelled, and his seed gushed forth, dumping a huge load into the human's ass with the first burst.

Marcus felt the hot, sticky semen fill him. His belly bulged even more as the gorilla continued to pump out the cum inside him. It stretched him way beyond his limit. And the pain went way beyond the pleasure with each new load his master squirted into him. His body could no longer handle it.

He felt even more lightheaded as Gorath started to collapse over him. They were both spent. The giant gorilla's fat cock slipped out with a squelch, and a fair portion of the gorilla's seed oozed out with it in a loud slurping sound. Gorath rolled down next to his human. His arm was still wrapped tight over Marcus.

But Marcus's vision started to fade to black. It'd all been too much for him and his body. It was quite a shock, frankly, and in many ways. The last thing he felt before passing out was his master rolling him onto his side and pulling his back into that huge belly once more.

* *

The pain in his ass was the first thing that woke Marcus. And he meant that in more ways than one. Gorath still had his huge arm wrapped around him with the furry gut and chest of his pressed against Marcus's bare back. The giant gorilla's hand covered the human's crotch as well as part of his stomach. Some part of Marcus wanted to stay right there. It was warm and he felt too much like shit to go anywhere. But that part of him was an overwhelming minority.

He still wanted to escape. He wasn't going to admit it, but despite how rough Gorath had been and how much it hurt to have that giant cock shoved deep into his ass, he'd actually enjoyed it. It'd been difficult to pay attention at the time, but he could have sworn that was one of the best orgasms of his life. He still felt the dried jizz pulling at a few of his pubic hairs. However, it just added more to the pain - both physical and emotional.

The giant gorilla, even though he was lying down on his side, still had a good three feet or so on Marcus. His broad chest kept expanding and deflating with each shallow breath. And his heart pounded strong against Marcus's shoulder blades. Marcus didn't dare turn to look at him. He couldn't risk waking Gorath. Not if he wanted his chance to escape.

Inch by inch, he eased himself toward the foot of the bed. He slid along his master's belly, making sure he didn't move Gorath's arm and hand too much. Something hard poked into his ass. Of course the gorilla had morning wood. Gorath's body jerked a bit and squeezed Marcus harder, his back sinking a good inch into the silverback's gut.

"Damn it," he whispered. Getting out of the bed wasn't going to be an easy task. Gorath grumbled something incomprehensible, and Marcus waited for the big guy to settle back down.

He slid a hand between his chest and the gorilla's hand. With the lightest pressure, he lifted it a few inches away. The extra space gave him some room to wiggle his hip forward and away from Gorath's surprisingly hard erection. The tip of it slid up his butt crack like a fat fingertip until Marcus was finally able to get his legs bent into an awkward position in front of him. Gorath moved again. Marcus froze.

He stayed still until the giant stopped wiggling. The gorilla's waist had inched forward and his stiff cock pushed against Marcus's ass again. Marcus's brow furrowed. He was getting tired of having that huge thing pressed into his butt. But he had a fleeting thought about having it inside him again. He wanted to feel that thing give his insides a good rub down. That thought, however, disappeared the moment the burning feeling in his ass returned.

He pushed the gorilla's hand once more. This time he gave himself closer to a foot of room. It was more than enough to slide out from under Gorath's arm and out of his grip entirely. He was free. And since he was no longer touching any part of the gorilla, he finally turned to look at him.

Gorath looked very peaceful in the bed. Marcus was reminded of just how majestic gorillas looked, especially this one. The light from the rising son had just started to crawl into the room through the white blinds on the window. The soft rays blanketed the back of his arms and legs. They crawled just an inch around the side, giving the silverback a bit of a golden aura. A weak smile curled onto Marcus's face. Gorath really was a gorgeous guy. It was tempting to not crawl back between that bulky arm and big belly where he woke.

But he was certain that that was the crazy part of him urging him to do so. He shook the thought away. He needed to escape. He needed to get back home. This wasn't his life. And as much as his body and his subconscious may have desired otherwise, he didn't want it to be his life.

He let his feet slip down from the bed as he lowered himself a good foot before they hit the floorboards. The moment his toes touched the floor, he realized just how much pain had been absent. His insides starting twisting in agony as he felt muscles he'd never known existed down in his ass. He bit his teeth together hard, trying not to make a single sound. But he let out a tiny whimper. He curled over and clasped his hands to the bottom of his gut. It was like everything inside of him had been thrown about like a tossed salad and now it was all starting its attempt to settle back in place.

His entire body quivered and writhed as he took the first step forward. The floorboard complained below his weight, letting out a long high-pitched cry. Marcus stopped on the ball of his foot. He was afraid to let the rest of his foot down or even put any more weight on it. He heard some more grumbling come from the gorilla. That or it was the big guy's stomach starting to rumble with hunger.

He took another step. The floorboard continued to creak and his leg shook chaotically as he fought even more of the pain. He lowered it gradually. It was his hope that the next portion of wooden floor wouldn't cry like the last.

His hopes were answered. The floorboard didn't cry, but he did. A sharp, intense pain shot from his crotch up into his gut. He let out a short wail, bending over more. He kept one hand on his belly. The other rose to his mouth, and he bit on one of his fingers. The pain was going to keep him from escaping if he couldn't keep his mouth shut.

Marcus waited for the pain to subside before he lifted the next foot. He got it about three inches off the floor when he heard the bed sheets start to shift behind him. A great big yawn escaped from somewhere low in gorilla's throat. Marcus felt Gorath stretching his arms and legs out from his tremendous torso.

"Oh, shit," he cried. He quickened his pace. It didn't matter if the floor whined anymore. His time was running out if he had any hope of getting away from his master.

But the miserable anguish of his bowels doing contorted somersaults in his gut was too wrenching. He could hardly move another foot without falling over.

The bed started to groan behind him. The huge ape was moving. He just knew it. He glimpsed Gorath's meaty hand coming around him from the side.

"And here I thought you didn't like me," Gorath said. "Come on back and give this gorilla some more affection." His long arm stretched around Marcus's belly and pulled him back. It had to have been only about three feet. Marcus could have sworn he'd made it farther than that. "I'm not a one-night-stand kind of gorilla." Gorath was already joking. At least he was cheery in the morning.

Marcus still writhed with pain as his master drew him back onto the bed. The gorilla pulled him right back into that chubby gut of his. With his left hand he held Marcus in place and with his right hand he combed through the human's hair, scratching his scalp. The big guy hugged Marcus tight and nuzzled him with his chin.

"Last night certainly was amazing, don't you think?"

The gorilla's huge hands travelled all over Marcus's body. He had the human pinned with one of his legs wrapped around his side. His finger traced a line all the way up Marcus's inner thigh where he met with the human's crotch. The two balls slid into his palm where he gave them a tender squeeze.

Gorath's other hand and fingers continued to caress Marcus's chest. With all of the silverback's sensual touching, Marcus started to spring another boner, which rubbed up against Gorath's knuckles. The gorilla's other hand ran down Marcus's belly and engulfed his growing erection.

The gigantic silverback was effectively wrapped around him in the world's largest spoon. There weren't very many parts on Marcus's body that were without a gorilla touching them. Gorath continued to rub the inside of his slave's thighs and tease his balls.

"I really enjoyed taking control of you like that last night. Your body is so soft and tender. It was wonderful touching and manipulating every part of it. And feeling you squirm under my belly like you did... it was..." he paused. His cock was growing stiff and pressing into Marcus's back again. "...quite erotic," he finished, grinding his hip against his slave.

"I just couldn't help myself after seeing how much you were enjoying it." Gorath moved his broad forehead to rest it on the top of Marcus's head. His hot breath rushed down the human's neck and back. "I was so pent up. I couldn't quite believe how much I needed that release last night."

His bulky arms and leg wrapped tight around Marcus again and he squeezed tight in another warm embrace. He let his lip pressed against the human's shoulder and he gave him a quick kiss. It made Marcus quiver.

"Thank you for that, Marcus. And I do apologize for being so rough with you. I just had an urge my body was begging for me to take care of. I will do better to control myself in the future."

Marcus squirmed a bit in the silverback's tight embrace. He was starting to overheat. "Rough?" he replied. "You basically raped me. It hurts so much right now. I can barely move an inch without feeling like my insides are about to explode."

Gorath chuckled in response. "Well. I am quite big. Even for a gorilla."

"This isn't funny." Marcus struggled some more, trying to jab his elbow into the gorilla's giant gut. "You can't treat me like I'm some kind of animal."

His master didn't reply. Instead, the huge gorilla slid his leg farther along the human's side and rolled halfway on top of him. The bottom of his hard, enormous cock snuck in between Marcus's ass cheeks and he started humping. One of his hands was still wrapped around the human's cock, stroking it between him and the bed. Marcus could hardly resist. He let out a soft moan of pleasure.

"You're right," Gorath said. "This isn't funny. This is sexy." His gut wrapped around the human's back and he shoved his hips harder into him. He let his bucking of his hip push Marcus's boner back and forth inside his palm. Marcus squeezed the sheets in his hands and bit his lip. His face was full of the carnal anticipation of sexual delight. "You can say whatever you wish. But I feel it needs repeating. Your words do not match what your body tells me. I can feel your arousal the same way you can feel mine."

The hard head of Gorath's cock slid down between Marcus's ass cheeks and pressed once again against his hole. It pressed hard into the soft flesh, but the gorilla did not enter him. The swelling boner was already leaking and lubricating him.

Gorath bent downward, swallowing up the rest of the human's back. He started to nibble on Marcus's neck with affection. His slave nearly disappeared underneath his massive amount of muscle, fat, and fur.

Marcus shuddered and groaned again. So much of his master's weight was on top of him, crushing him, but he loved it. It was so much. He couldn't hide the expression of pleasure anymore. His body was betraying him again.

"No..." he mumbled into the bed sheets. He bit his lip and let out a long sigh through his nose. "It doesn't work that way. Don't do this again."

"Shall I prove it to you?" asked Gorath.

Marcus felt the gorilla's fat fingers slide along his ass cheek until the silverback took hold of his own cock. Gorath worked it a bit, spreading his pre cum around Marcus's hole with the tip of his cock. It was smooth like softened butter over bread.

He held his erection there for a number of seconds as he continued to taste Marcus with his tender bite, running his tongue all over the human's neck. More of the gorilla's pre poured out onto and into the human's ass. The thick coat of slippery liquid was the perfect preparation for what Gorath wanted next.

"Don't..." Marcus uttered. He knew exactly what was coming. He closed his eyes and got ready for it.

"It's okay," Gorath replied. "I'll go slowly this time. That way we can enjoy it more."

Gorath brought his knees forward a few inches to give himself some wiggle room. He leaned back and pulled his belly off of Marcus to position his hips a bit closer. His tongue crawled across his top lip as he pushed forward. With Marcus's anus well lubricated with his pre cum, the human's hole spread with ease and the first inch of his cock slid inside.

Marcus let out a howl as the giant silverback entered him. But there was a stark difference this time. Instead of the intense pain he'd felt before, it was now filled mostly with pleasure. And it was showing. His expressions made him even more of a liar.

Gorath pulled his hand away from his cock now that he was inside. He repositioned his hip again and another inch of his stiff boner sunk into the human. He leaned forward and let a good foot of his gut fall onto the human's back. Marcus let out another long groan, muffled by the bed sheets he was now biting.

"With an expression like that, there's no way you're _not_enjoying this," Gorath observed. He leaned forward and placed his hands a foot or so above Marcus's head. The human's arms trembled as they reach forward and he latched onto the gorilla's wrists. He tried pulling himself away, but Gorath just pushed forward again, sinking another inch of his cock into Marcus and pinning him below his heavy girth.

The giant gorilla let his weight fall down into the human again, and the rest of his throbbing boner inched into Marcus's ass until all of it was inside. Gorath's huge nut sack rested on top of the human's balls. Marcus clenched hard around the gorilla's wrists. His master was filling his belly again, and he could feel the monstrous cock inside of him make that same protruding bulge like the night before.

Gorath brought one of his arms back. He tilted Marcus more on his side, twisting his human's hole slightly around his cock. He bit his lip more as he took Marcus's erection into his palm. Their odors started to mix as the smell of their sex filled the air. The concoction of pheromones, with a tangy and smoky scent, was enough to turn both of them on even more.

Marcus ground his hips into his master's palm. He was growing less ambivalent about the whole thing. He was starting to figure that, since it was going to happen anyway, he should get as much pleasure from it as possible.

He finally opened his eyes again. He found the giant gorilla's massive and majestic body towering over him and into him. It was a wonderful sight and feeling.

Gorath started to hump him with a more tender approach. He slid his cock back and forth with a much slower pace than the previous night. Marcus extended his arm and pushed his hand into the gorilla's gut. He let it sink a good three inches into the muscle and fat. His fingers combed through the gorilla's fur, making the big guy purr.

"That's more like it," Gorath said. "I don't know why, but I love when you rub my belly like that." He returned Marcus the favor and caressed the portion of the human's back that didn't have his big belly on it. Marcus moaned with delight. And for the first time, he pushed himself into the gorilla's crotch swallowing even more of his master's giant cock with his ass.

Gorath started stroking the human's cock faster, and Marcus could feel an orgasm right on the edge of his senses. It was surprising that it didn't take very long. It had to mean something that this huge gorilla could get him to cum in such little time.

His back arched and sunk deeper into the big ape's gut. Gorath's cock also filled him up all the way again as he thrust his hip father into his slave. Marcus's insides clenched and constricted as his cock throbbed. It swelled within Gorath's grasp and started to shoot out all the seed he'd built up during the night. Marcus closed his eyes tight and let out a loud moan. He humped his hips harder into Gorath's palm and continued his orgasm as long as possible.

"That look on your face as you climax is quite a turn on," Gorath said, panting a bit. Marcus felt his master's other palm starting to get sweaty as it wrapped around his neck. Gorath took hold of the human below him and quickened his pace just a little. "And your insides wrap so tight around me. I... I think I'm going to..."

Gorath jerked as more of his weight fell over Marcus. His cock shoved deep inside him. It throbbed and swelled right before letting out the first big squirt of his seed into the human. His teeth bit together and he let out a loud groan between them as he shot out a few more loads. Marcus rubbed his master's gut as it happened. He glimpsed his own belly expanding even farther with the gorilla's seed filling him.

Gorath let himself slip out of Marcus. He rolled onto his side next to him. He held his slave close and spooned him again. This time he nibbled a bit on Marcus's ear with the tip of his lips. "Are you sure you don't want this? Because it certainly felt like you did."

Marcus scrunched up in the Gorath's embrace. He let the big ape's fur warm him. "I'm not sure anymore," he replied.

Gorath smiled. He rubbed the human's ass with his huge hand. "I am glad to hear you're at least considering it. There really is no reason to deny something that brings you so much pleasure. Trust me. I had no idea at first that this would happen. But I'm growing quite attracted to you, Marcus," he continued to whisper into his ear, nibbling and licking more of it. His thumb also traced gentle circles around Marcus's belly button.

"My body still hurts." Marcus winced, his ass rubbing harder against the gorilla's palm.

"I've got some healing cream for that," Gorath explained. "It'll take care of any damage that may have been done, and you'll be able to walk again in a few hours." The giant gorilla chuckled. His big gut shaking against the human's back. "Which means you won't really be going anywhere for a little while."

A weak smile curled along Marcus's lips. There was some comfort and joy in that thought. But he didn't know what to think anymore. His world had been flipped upside-down.

* *

"I see you're walking just fine again," Gorath observed. Marcus strolled into the room with a bit of grog from being able to do nothing by lie in bed for so long. The cream Gorath had used, by sticking another finger up his ass, had worked wonders. The gorilla really was an intelligent fellow, which Marcus could at least admire and respect. "If you need to wash up or anything, I already have a soaking tub filled with some warm water."

Marcus shook his head. Even though he felt extremely dirty, it wasn't the kind of dirty he could clean with a bath. Plus he'd already put his new slave's clothes back on and he didn't want to take the time to remove them. In fact, he didn't have much motivation to do anything at the moment.

"No? Alright," Gorath said and returned to what he was working on. He was grinding some kind of herb in a huge, stone mortar.

Marcus massaged his forehead and temples. A massive headache had replaced the earlier pain in his ass. He swallowed a relatively thick lump in his throat as he approached his master, who was leaning over a table that was almost as tall as the human. "So is this what you do for work?" he mumbled.

Bright light was shining into the room through a particularly large window near the entrance. Marcus looked around the room and discovered that many different shelves lined the walls. And each shelf held a number of different vials, bottles, or dried plants.

"I run my shop during the day, as well as replenish any of the stock I've run low on," he said. He pointed at what he was currently working on. "This is one of the main ingredients of the cream I gave you this morning." Gorath twisted around to take another gander at his slave. Marcus was still squinting and massaging his head. "Headache?" he asked.

Marcus nodded. It just wouldn't go away.

The giant gorilla slid by Marcus, and his clothed gut pressed into him for a second. Marcus bit his lip. He wasn't going to be able to avoid how much he loved that sexy belly, especially when Gorath had no problem teasing him with it. It probably wasn't intentional. But Marcus wouldn't put it past the big guy. He knew he loved giving Gamba belly rubs. However, he never knew that that playful delight would transform into such a lustful desire.

Gorath bent over to inspect a line of vials on one of the lower shelves. His ass crack sucked in some of his tight pants and made a fairly defined crevasse on his rear. Marcus gulped and felt himself getting hard with the provocative sight. He cursed at himself in his mind. It was hard to believe that the sight of a giant gorilla's enormous ass would have ever turned him on in less than a second.

"He we go." Gorath broke the silence and turned back around to find Marcus shooting his gaze to the floor. The human gulped and the gorilla raised a single fuzzy eyebrow. Both of them cleared their throats. "This should help get rid of that headache for you." He passed by Marcus again and handed him the vial. "Drink about a quarter of it and it should go to work right away."

Marcus grabbed it but kept his sights on the wooden floorboards. "Thank you," he replied. He pulled the cork out and raised it to his lips. It remained there for a few seconds. He was still suspicious. There was no way he could know whether or not his master was drugging him again.

Gorath saw the human abstain from drinking the substance in his peripheral vision. He shook his huge head. "I promise you it's only for taking care of the headache, Marcus. I won't ever do that to you again."

A short sigh escaped from Marcus's nose. He tilted his head back and let the liquid slip down to the back of his throat. He held it there for a few seconds before sending it down the hatch. It warmed his throat as it made its way down to his stomach.

"It'll take about a minute, but you're headache should start to disappear soon." He grabbed the cork and vial from Marcus and set it aside. The pestle twisted in his strong grip as he returned to work.

Marcus's fingers tapped on his legs. An awkward hush had rolled into the room, and he couldn't really stand it. "So what - um - got you into this line of work?"

Gorath's gaze remained on what he was doing with his hands but he spoke freely with his slave. "It's a bit of a long story..." he paused and stopped grinding the pestle for a moment, "...but I needed something that was much more relaxing and peaceful than my previous work."

"What was your previous job?" Marcus was able to open his eyes a bit more. The headache was starting to wane.

"I'd much rather not discuss that right now. Not because I don't want to tell you, but I think it's a topic for another day when I'm not as busy."

Marcus scrunched his lips and brow. "Alright," he replied. "Is there something that you would like to talk about? I figure we should get to know each other better if I'm stuck with you."

"Stuck with me?" Gorath shook his head, chuckling. He pivoted to look at the human below him. "Excuse me, but didn't we settle the fact that you enjoyed my company just as much as I enjoyed yours last night and this morning?"

Marcus bent his head downward and rubbed his neck and shoulder with a bit of a shrug. "I guess," he replied. "I'm still not sure about that one though."

Gorath returned to his work. "I don't know why I must keep repeating this. But ignore it all you want. Your body will continue to tell you otherwise. Which must be why your eyes had a mind of their own when you were staring at my butt earlier, huh?"

"I didn't do that." His eyes shot to the left, searching for something that would help him avoid looking at the gorilla's ass again.

"Right..." the gorilla continued to chuckle. "Speaking of which. Staring at my butt is something you should probably refrain from doing while we're out in public. It might end up getting us some unwanted attention. In fact, we should probably go over everything you shouldn't do when we're not alone."

Marcus sighed. "Alright. I guess I'll have to play along for the meantime."

"I'm glad you agree." Gorath pointed over to a big broom in the corner of the room. Marcus intuitively understood what he was getting at. "First of all," the gorilla started. "Whenever my shop is open, you'll have to make it look like you're doing some work. You are my slave after all. Plus, since I am providing you food and shelter, doing a few chores for me would be greatly appreciated."

He didn't move, even though Gorath kept nodding over to the broom. "What?" Marcus spat. "Right now?"

"Well, my shop is currently open. Someone could walk in at anytime," his master explained.

Marcus rolled his eyes and started toward the broom, snatching it with a bit of an attitude. He started sweeping mindlessly. He was only making it seem like he was cleaning the floor.

"And that brings me to my second rule. You can't speak when other gorillas are around. The last thing you want them to know is that you are as intelligent as us. That will create a whole host of problems for you and me. And they're not very good ones."

"Then what do I do? Just zip my lips?"

"For the most part, yes. However, you can make grunts or other simple noises like the other humans do if you'd like."

"I'd rather just keep my mouth shut if that's the case."

"It's up to you, but some gorillas may try provoking some response from you. Just remember not to say any words."

The entrance to the shop started to creak and they both hushed in an instant. Marcus shot his eyes to the floor and started sweeping a bit more attentively. Gorath returned to his mortar and pestle, grinding the herbs to a very fine powder.

The large door swung open and Marcus heard the customer stroll in quite casually. He glanced up for only a second to find a very familiar gorilla. It was Maro - the one whose toe Marcus stepped on. After getting a glimpse of him, Marcus dropped his eyes to the broom and concentrated on actually cleaning the floor. It was his first test as a slave. He needed to make it look good.

Maro, who was another big gorilla but still not as tall as Gorath, waltzed over to the counter where Gorath stood. His eyes, however, were locked on Marcus. He was examining him with earnest and perhaps a bit of remaining contempt from the sore toe. His gaze on the human broke after putting his giant hands on the counter.

"Good morning, Maro." Gorath greeted the ape with a calm and cheery demeanor. "What can I do for you?"

"The usual," he answered. "The boss needs all his regular stuff." The slaver's gaze shot right back to Marcus, looking up every inch of the human. "Looks like you've got him broken in quite well." He gave a weak gesture over toward Marcus. "Must've been right about him being a runaway, huh?"

Gorath nodded. "Yes, he took to it right away. Once we got back to my place here, he went right to work as if it were home. Doesn't surprise me though. They get comfortable in their habits. I think he was out of place in the wild."

"Heh," Maro chuckled. "Some of 'em still belong in the wild. Or better yet - dead."

Marcus gulped. He could still feel that gorilla's eyes on him. Gorath made his way around the shelves, grabbing many different vials and salves for his customer. He even brushed past Marcus for a moment as he squeezed by him. Marcus just kept his head down and swept the floor. He'd been sweeping the same spot the whole time.

Maro leaned into the counter on his elbow getting comfortable. "I still don't get why you chose this boring life over what we used to do together, Gorath. We were a pretty good team."

Gorath hung his head, concealing his discomfort by reaching for something on a lower shelf. It was obvious to Marcus that Maro just brought up a bit of sore subject. Gorath bent back up and made his way to the next item. "I had my share of death and killing, Maro. And I'd much rather learn from this world than destroy it. I'm not the same gorilla I was then."

The other gorilla's fingers started to rap on the wooden counter. "I get it. But it's really a shame. You know full well your size isn't going to be getting you any mates anytime soon. You might as well put that kind of strength to good use and join the military again."

Marcus's brow dropped over his eyes, and he swallowed something hard in his throat. That was what Gorath had refrained from telling him. He didn't want Marcus to know, for the meantime, he'd once been in their military.

Marcus couldn't understand why that would have been something to hide, though. He wondered if Gorath was ashamed of it or something to that effect. He noticed that his sweeping had paused. He gave his head a subtle shake and returned to pushing the broom along the floorboards.

"Well, my size gets put to good enough use around here, too," Gorath mentioned. Marcus looked up at him quick enough to glimpse his master winking at him. The human's cheeks grew a new shade of red as he pushed the broom faster without even realizing it. Maro's gaze fell upon Marcus again.

The brute opened his protruding mouth with a wet, smacking noise and licked the top row of his teeth. "Whatever you say, Gorath," he said. Marcus heard his wide, heavy feet making their way toward him. He kept his eyes on the ground, but felt the gorilla looming over him.

"I still have a bone to pick with this human, though. Hey you!" Maro poked Marcus in his side, making him flinch as well as letting out a painful grunt. Marcus ignored him and took a large step away.

Maro closed the gap and took a long whiff of the human's hair. "He does smell quite good, doesn't he?" he said. His fat fingers inched forward and coiled around Marcus's arm with grip like a vice. Marcus clenched his jaw and tried to pull his arm away. "Oh, no you don't, human." Maro raised his heavy foot and slammed it down on top of the human's foot, forcing Marcus to let out a short howl of agony. The broom fell from Marcus's grasp. "That's payback for earlier."

Gorath dropped everything and charged over to them. His face was carved deep with intense fury. He pushed the other gorilla away from his slave with a single arm. "Please refrain from touching _my_property, Maro."

Marcus dropped down to nurse his foot. The whole thing was throbbing with a pain that resembled a thousand needles poking it repeatedly. When he was able, he looked up to find his master holding Maro away from him. Maro had his hands up. He was able to see the anger behind Gorath's polite words.

There was a fair silence between them before Maro lowered his arms. "Alright. I got my revenge."

"Good. Now go pick up the stuff I had to drop all over the floor because of your revenge. That's everything your boss usually gets." Gorath removed his arm from Maro's chest and stepped to the side to let him pass.

Maro huffed before sauntering over to the pile of items on the ground. He grumbled as he put them all back into a basket Gorath had been using. "I miss the way you used to treat humans, Gorath. The old you would have been fine with what I just did, even if he is your property."

"The key words being 'used to.' I already told you I'm not the same gorilla you knew back then."

A few silver coins clanged on the counter as Maro slammed them on the wood. The wicker basket was nestled between his arm and side. He had everything he needed, and Gorath as well as Marcus were quite ready for him to leave.

Maro shook his head and let a booming laugh rumble from his belly. "If you think what I just did is bad, then I can just imagine what you'd think about how I treat the human's I own. They're meat. That's all they are. And I treat them as such."

Marcus knew what that entailed. The mere image of what that beast did to humans was grim and sick. His chest felt heavy. Gorath may have been very forceful with him, but he was damn lucky not to have been bought by a different gorilla, especially one like Maro.

"That human may be a runaway, but we found him out in the Misty Clearing like nearly every other one of those wild vermin. You should treat him as such, because their nothing more than filthy animals. Each one of them," Maro said just as he pushed the door open. He turned back around once more, squinting with contempt. "They're weak, pathetic, and lowest of low on the food chain. There's a good reason why they're nothing but slaves, Gorath. Hopefully, you'll remember that and return to the way you used to use them." He slammed the door shut as he stormed out.

"Good riddance," Gorath sighed. He bent down to take a look at his slave's foot. It was turning a shade of purple close to ripe prunes. With a salve he grabbed from a nearby shelf, he started spreading a thick coat of white cream over it. "You're lucky you're with me otherwise your foot would be in very poor shape very quickly."

His foot became numb within the first minute. Marcus hardly cared about that anymore. Something else was much more important to him. "Where's the Misty Clearing?"

Gorath frowned. "You heard that, huh?"

"Of course I did. We should go there right away!"

"I think you should let your foot heal first."

Marcus thought about that. He looked back down and his foot and saw just how swollen it actually was. Sullen, he felt inclined to agree with Gorath. "Alright," he said, "but I expect to head out after the swelling comes back down."

Gorath didn't respond. He stood back up and returned to the counter to retrieve the silver coins Maro had left. It was clear he was bothered by a number of things, and the silence quickly got to Marcus. He always hated too much silence. It usually meant something was wrong when it came to taking care of Gamba.

"Are you really considered ugly or unworthy by other gorillas?" The moment he heard the words escape his mouth, he felt bad. It was probably a painful subject to bring up.

The gorilla's hand slid under the counter where he slipped the coins into a lockbox. His head remained hung with his hands and arms resting on the counter. "My bloodline is far from pure," he explained. His lips were still frozen in a solid frown. Marcus wondered what exactly that had meant.

"I'd already mentioned before that graybacks are rare in my world. Because of that, they are mostly reserved for high-class or royalty. Children are also rare, so blood is best kept among the purest of gorillas."

Marcus's lips curved downward with Gorath's. He felt very sorry for his master. It was difficult for him to imagine just how awful that must've been for a gorilla that would've been considered prime alpha material in his world. "That would be extremely frustrating. It reminds me of just how frustrated Gamba was when he didn't have a companion."

"Gamba?" his master asked.

Marcus grinned, which made his master return a weak smile. "Yes. He's the silverback that I take care of at the zoo." With those words, he realized just how much Gorath was like Gamba. The lack of companionship, the frustration of isolation, and the ostracism from his peers: the resemblance was uncanny. It brought a whole new light to how Gorath had acted up to that point.

Their eye contact broke as Gorath hung his head again. His broad, muscular chest expanded as he drew in a slow, deep breath. "I hope one day I'll understand why our world and our culture are like they are. The savagery I experienced in war taught me some reasons why, but it still remains a mystery to me."

Marcus didn't know how to respond. Gorath knew much more about his world, and yet he didn't know enough about it to explain why things were the way they were. What luck would Marcus have had? He limped over to his master and placed a hand on the gorilla's warm back, combing his fingers through the thick, silver fur. It was the only think he thought he could do for Gorath.

"I don't know if this will help or not, but I love how big you are." Marcus immediately cleared his throat. It was odd hearing it vibrate in his throat. "And - uh - wow, that sounds bad. I mean I've just never encountered someone as grand, magnificent, and as beautiful as you..." he paused, "...ugh. That sounds even worse."

"No, it sounds perfectly alright. It is a fine compliment, Marcus. And thank you," the big guy uttered. Marcus caught his chest stretch with another deep breath. His heavy brow was furrowed just a little over his eyes. His throat pulled down some anxiety swelling in his throat. "Do you really wish to leave me?"

Marcus's hand came to a halt. He stared blankly at the gorilla's salt-and-pepper-colored back. He had a hard time believing that he truly had ambivalence toward that question. If Gorath had asked him that the night before, his answer would have been clear.

Gorath turned around to face him. "Does your silence mean that some part of you wants to stay with me?"

"No!" Marcus snapped. He shook his head. He couldn't look at his master. "I mean - maybe a little. But that would mean leaving everything and everyone I've ever known. That would mean completely abandoning my world. And I wouldn't exactly have that great of a life in this world. Who wants to be a slave?" He started to belt out a nervous chuckle.

"I think you know my feelings about this. I've grown quite attached to you, Marcus. And that means something, considering I've only had you for a day."

Marcus's gaze inched up to meet with his master's intensely brown eyes. "A part of me feels the same way, Gorath. But being here, cooped up in this house all day, just isn't going to work. And when I do go out with you, I have to be quiet and act like an animal. It's not something I think I can do or for very long."

He paused. He was unaware of the fact that he was rubbing the gorilla's big belly. "I guess what I'm saying is that I need to be free... just as you are. If I could have that... then maybe..." Marcus closed his eyes and shook his head, "...but not like this."

"I can provide everything you need, Marcus. Food, shelter, a warm bed." Gorath took a step closer. His eyes had a bright gleam of longing and, also, a hint of lust.

"You don't understand. I--"

"I don't think you understand, human." Gorath raised his voice, his back straightened, and his shoulders rolled back. It revealed the silverback true height, standing over Marcus with his ten-foot, bulky body.

His slave didn't respond. The human backed away from him until his back was pressed against the wall, flush with the wood. Gorath pressed forward and placed his huge hands on the wall. "In this world you are an animal. Just a sad, pathetic, low-life, bottom-of-the-food-chain, good-for-nothing animal."

He arched his back and his big, muscular gut sunk into Marcus's upper half. The human started to disappear into the fur and fat. "You have no rights, and no one will protect you. But I can, Marcus. I can protect you. And I can _please_you," he continued. His fat gut pressed harder into Marcus, pinning his back hard against the wall.

Marcus grumbled. He felt his cock grow hard the instant Gorath's bulging belly pressed into him. He didn't have a response. It was clear that the truth was exactly as his master saw it. He had an intense attraction to the giant gorilla. And with his face and chest sinking into that enormous, supple belly, he couldn't deny it much anymore.

He gave up and embraced Gorath's gut, giving it a tight hug. It made the big guy beam as he lowered a hand and ruffled Marcus's brown hair. The pressure on Marcus's entire upper half grew as his master started to hump, swallowing more of the young man's body with his belly.

"Marcus, I can't say it often enough. You're just as attached to me as I am to you. I can see it in your eyes. And I can feel it more and more as I spend time with you. Is that truly what you want? To leave?"

"I don't know what to think anymore," Marcus sniffed. He was breaking down before his master. "This is way too much. And it's way too fast. But I can't just shrug off my life and my world like nothing. I still want to return."

"Doing such a thing will be very dangerous, Marcus."

"So what? I just give up and accept this as my new life?"

"Would it really be as bad as you make it out to be? Is your world truly that much better than ours?"

"Well we don't have slavery. That's a really big plus. You think it's alright because you've lived in this world your entire life. You don't even know what my world is like. I have very good reason for wanting to return. Is it that hard to imagine? That I don't belong here. That I don't belong with you."

Gorath pulled his belly away and forced Marcus to look up at him. His other hand started to work his crotch. "That's impossible for me to accept. My body - just as much as my heart - wants you so much. It's hard for me to even think for a second about letting you go."

He let out a low, playful growl. "UGH! I'm tempted to grab you and ravage you again, right here; right now." He rubbed and stroked himself harder, pressing his gut into the human once more. Marcus abandoned his hug and tried to push the gorilla's belly away.

"I'm just..." Gorath started. He leaned farther into Marcus, shoving his slave's head deep into his belly with his hand. He was pressed forward enough that Marcus felt his master's hard cock digging into his stomach. "I'm torn. A part of me wants to let you go as you wish. But another part of me wants to strip you down to nothing and force you down to your knees. There's a deep desire to feel your tight flesh around me again. Mmm..." the giant gorilla continued. He continued to hump and grind against the young man's body.

"But as much as I'd love to do that to you, I won't," he said. He relaxed his back and sucked in his belly, giving Marcus some room. His slave slid out from between him and the wall.

The bulge in Gorath's pants had enlarged to a particular size. Marcus knew it was a completely erect boner for the gorilla. It was easy to notice.

But even worse was the big tent Marcus pitched in his pants, too. His body always told him the truth, whether he wanted to deny it or not. He craved his master and that huge, gorgeous gut of his. He was - in that moment - tempted to throw himself right back into it. It took all of his willpower not to.

Gorath knew it. It was a simple endeavor to figure out the human. He caught that longing in Marcus's eyes - the same as his own. But he did not want to force it like he had before. "I - um..." he paused and swallowed hard, "...I get very lonely here sometimes." His brow made a frustrated trench over his eyes.

"And it's difficult for me to consider letting you go when our attraction to each other is so obvious. I've never had someone look at me the way you do. I've never had someone make me feel the way you do. You've tamed the big ape's heart, Marcus. And I know it in my gut that it's the same for you..." he took in a deep breath and let it out in a long sigh, "...but you're right. I cannot keep you here forever. I can't take you by force, hold you prisoner, or do things to you against your will. It's not the way I want this to happen. And that's not the kind of gorilla I want to be."

Marcus's eyes lingered on Gorath's belly for quite some time. Eventually, he glanced up at his master for a second before shooting his eyes down to the floor. He rolled his shoulders back and gulped. "Thank you..." he offered, speaking softly. He understood how hard it must have been for his master to fight such an intense temptation.

Gorath couldn't look at him. He knew that if he looked at the small human below him he wouldn't be able to push back against his desire anymore. He swallowed hard and started toward the entrance of the shop. "I'm going to close shop for a while," he said, flipping the sign in the window. "If you need me, I'll be taking a bath."

Marcus stepped aside and let his master pass.

The gorilla stopped underneath the doorway into one of the hallways, without turning back, without looking at Marcus. "Just - please - promise me you won't leave."

His slave's eyes were still locked on the floor, but he nodded. "I promise."

Gorath stepped out of the room and made his way down the hall. It was wide, but the huge gorilla took up most of its space. And the way he moved made Marcus feel worse about himself. His eyes couldn't stay off of his master. The truth was starting to settle in.

After Gorath turned the corner and was out of his sight, Marcus stood there in silence. He examined his foot and saw the swelling had nearly disappeared completely. It was such an amazing thing. They didn't even have such medicine in his world. But the fact that the swelling was gone also meant that he was in perfect shape to escape. And he also had the perfect opportunity for it.

But he couldn't.

Marcus shook his head, and he felt his eyes starting to swell. It was enough to cause a short laugh. It was such an absurd thing. But the tears forming in his eyes meant that he was crying over Gorath. He was crying over a gorilla.

If he didn't have feelings for him, there was no reason to shed any salty water. But the opposite was true. In such a short time, he'd grown to respect and admire the gorilla.

He wiped his eyes and massaged his head. The medicine was still active in his body, but he felt like he should have had another massive headache. He still had no idea what to do. His mind was in a battle with his heart and his body. So much, he wanted to give in. He wanted to give himself to such a wonderful, powerful, and beautiful beast.

Without realizing it, he started pacing. His legs had no trouble expressing his turmoil as they carried him back and forth across the room. He was so torn between his thoughts and his feelings. He wondered why his body hadn't quite split in two at that point.

"This is so damn stupid," he began, shaking his head. "Falling for a gorilla? And one that I was so certain just yesterday that he'd basically raped me?" He let out a short, singular huff of a laugh. There was much less amusement and much more incredulity in his tone. It wasn't that he couldn't believe it. It was that he didn't want to believe it.

His crotch was aching. He was hard just thinking about Gorath and his strikingly magnificent body. The fact he'd been sporting a boner for so long was even more evidence to the truth he didn't want to accept. Marcus was crazy for the silverback.

He clenched his hands into tight fists and placed his forehead onto the wall next to the doorway. His eyes were closed and his head continued to shake with disbelief. Beyond the thoughts that infested his mind, he had a hankering to just whip out his cock and jack it right there. With his lids shut, he couldn't see anything other than Gorath's awesome gut. The urge was strong but he fought it.

He twisted around and let his back fall into the wall. "Ugh!" he uttered, letting out a brief growl. There was so much pressure from his erection that he couldn't help but grab it with both hand and massage it.

He stared up at the ceiling. But even with his eyes open, he still saw Gorath's big, beautiful belly and burly body in his mind. He still saw that gigantic cock and recalled how great it felt when it was inside him, grinding his smooth inner flesh and prostate. He bit his lip and groaned.

"Why?" he stopped, catching himself stroking his boner beneath his pants. "Why is this happening to me? Why do I love his body, his belly, his ass, his cock? Why do I love it all so much? I thought I was straight. I thought I liked humans. This isn't natural. It can't be natural. Can it?"

He was stroking his cock again. This time he felt an orgasm approaching right before he stopped. "Fuck," he went on. "Just thinking about that huge belly pressed hard into me is enough to get me to cum within seconds. There's no denying that. As much as I'd like to... I can't deny the fact that everything about him turns me on."

His brow furrowed with desperation and he whipped his hands against the wall and leaned into the wooden frame of the doorway. "I want him," he admitted. "It's like a craving that will never be sated until I feel him inside of me with that fat gut grinding and humping my whole body. It feels like something I've always needed, and I never even realized it. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Ugh. I want him to just grab me and fuck my brains out so much. Just do want you want to me you sexy beast!"

He grasped and squeezed a small portion of the doorway with his left hand while his right hand scratched the wall. They were itching to rub his cock again. His body wanted release more than anything else.

"God damn it," he chastised himself. The wooden frame creaked under his weight as he leaned up against the doorway. He stared down the hallway. It was as if gravity had somehow broken the laws of physics, pulling him down the hall. But he held on to the doorframe, afraid to let go, afraid of where it would lead him. "I don't fucking know what to do. Why is this so hard?"

He wasn't one to talk to himself often, but Gorath made an exception to that rule. The silverback had done to Marcus what no girl, or even person, had ever been able to achieve. Gorath made the human's heart flutter. The hot blood, filled with longing and lust, coursed through Marcus's swelling veins and pounding arteries.

He gave up. He couldn't fight it anymore. The temptation was too strong to resist. His fingers slipped from the doorframe, and he let the gravity of attraction pull him toward his deepest desire.

His brain continued to fight, but his feet wouldn't let it win. They continued to take each unwavering step down the hallway and closer to his master. His lips were dry and his licked them. He was already anticipating the sight, the smell, the taste, and the feeling of Gorath holding him close. It was an erotic thought, which made his heart pound harder and his limbs grow warmer.

At the end of the hall, he heard the bath water splashing. The hallway took a turn to the left and continued all the way to the washroom. The foot of the bath was partially visible in the doorway. It was a simple stone basin built partially into the floor. To Marcus it was as large as a small pool with an eight foot width. And Gorath's legs were positioned up on the sides of it, his toes wiggling.

Marcus tiptoed down the rest of the hallway until he was able to position his back up against the wall just before the doorway. One hand he rested on the wooden frame, and the other he rested over his mouth. His mind was pushing back hard. But the sexual anticipation had already got him hard and willing. His body had already decided what it wanted. And there was no extent of willpower that would overcome it.

He inched around the doorframe until his left eye could see all of the gorgeous gorilla's body. Gorath had his eyes closed. His burly arms were resting up on the edge of the bath just like his legs. He was relaxed, but Marcus sensed that his master was still ruminating on what had just happened. Marcus swallowed hard. He felt quite sorry for Gorath, and he hoped to make it up to him.

With a short step under the doorway and into the room, he cleared his throat. Gorath's eyes shot open to noise and he raised a curious eyebrow right away. "Marcus?" he said. "Is something wrong?"

Marcus bit his lip and twiddled with his fingers and thumbs. His entire lower half was tingling with so many different feelings, and his heart was now knocking up high in his throat. There was a bit of silence before Marcus met with his master's eyes. "May I join you?" he asked.

Gorath dropped his legs back down into the water and sat up. Confusion was still carved into his strong face. "Do you think that's a good idea? Having you next to me in here is only going to turn me on, and you know where that is going to lead. I do not want that temptation if it isn't what you want."

Marcus took a few steps closer to the bath and grabbed his crotch. His cock was still as hard as ever, especially with the sight of Gorath right in front of him. A fair portion of the gorilla's belly was bulging out of the water. Marcus felt the urge just to dive right on top of it. Gorath quickly noticed just how aroused his slave was, considering how far his pants stuck out from his legs.

"This is what I want," Marcus finally answered him. "I... I just couldn't stop thinking about you and how sexy you are to me. You were right from the very beginning. I don't know what it is. But I can't shake the feeling that I need you... that I want you."

The flat, grim line that had ran across Gorath's lips earlier rapidly curled into a bright smile. Marcus's words made him beam. "At last your words have finally lined up with your..." he paused, his eyes crawling down to his slave's swelling crotch, "...body." He licked his top lip and bit it. One of his fat fingers twirled in a circle on the surface of the bath water. "The water is still warm," he added with a wink. "You may want to get in before it gets too cold."

The moment he saw that beautiful gorilla's smile, a tall grin lined Marcus's face. He whipped his clothes off in a flash. He felt good. He felt excited. Accepting what he liked removed a huge weight from his shoulders. It even felt odd he didn't allow himself this pleasure from the beginning.

Marcus slid down into the water between Gorath's broad, muscular legs. His back rubbed up against the gorilla's inner thigh, making him let out a soft purr. The water was still warm and slightly steaming. The vapors curled up Marcus's nose and had a hint of the silverback's masculine odor. It made Marcus melt as he waded forward, slipping his arms along the underside of Gorath's belly. He dropped his weight and let his upper half sink into the gorilla's layer of fat, which sat over his powerful muscles.

Gorath moaned with delight. He put his right hand on Marcus's back and started massaging the human, pressing him deeper into his gut. "I'm very glad to hear you've come to accept this," he mentioned. His voice was deep and soothing, which lulled Marcus into even more of a warm and aroused state.

Marcus caressed the gorilla's fur with his cheek, digging his face deep into the yielding flab. Gorath grabbed his head and pushed him in the rest of the way. The supple flesh wrapped around his head with ease.

"And you know what?" Gorath teased. "Do you hear that rumbling down there?" His stomach was growling and vibrating against his slave's face. "I think my belly is glad to hear it, too."

The silverback's cock was growing at a rapid pace. Marcus found its huge head pressing into his stomach in as little as three seconds after Gorath forced him into his belly. Gorath leaned back forcing Marcus's head to disappear between his hand and his large gut. "I think its saying something. Can you hear it?" he asked.

That lustful hunger was returning to his voice, and the grumbling in his gut grew louder. But this time, it was exactly what Marcus wanted. "How disappointing..." Gorath continued. "My body is feeling quite deprived. It needs some extra affection and stimulation. But this human isn't even moving."

Enveloped by fat, flesh, and fur, Marcus smiled and obliged. His arms were trapped between Gorath's thick thighs and the underside of his belly. They snuck forward and grabbed hold. He started to twist and grind against the gorilla's massive torso. He struggled without any intent to escape. And he loved it.

"Mmm..." purred the gorilla. He took in a deep breath, pushing his wide, strong diaphragm down. It expanded his belly, which swallowed up even more of Marcus's face and head. "That's it, human. Squirm as much as you like and explore every intimate inch of my body, especially if you're hoping to feel more of your master. I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for eventually."

Gorath released Marcus's head. Marcus tilted it to the side and took in a sharp breath. The silverback's erection was already at its full length, and it was no surprise that his was as well. Wanting to feel more of the gorilla's belly on him, he slipped his arms out and crawled farther up the ape's middle. The giant cock teased his ass crack as he slid along it, his butt cheeks and inner thighs straddling the stiff erection.

His master clenched and Marcus felt the boner swell below his taint and balls, separating his crack another inch. The gorilla's belly swallowed his entire upper half as he wrapped his arms around it and embraced it tight. Gorath locked his hands around the lower part of Marcus's back, pulling him another few inches into him. The fat on his belly spilled over the human's sides, eager to have more of his slave.

Marcus let out long moan. His hips started to grind against the underside and overhang of the gorilla's gut. The pubic fur and fat enveloped his throbbing cock, stroking it for him. One of Gorath's hands slid down underwater and grabbed Marcus's entire ass. He cupped both cheeks in his hefty hand and squeezed. Marcus groaned again and thrust deeper into his master's crotch.

"My... my... is that something hard poking me?" Gorath said, coyly and playfully. His hand gripped tighter on Marcus's ass and pulled him up along the middle of his belly. "Let's examine things a bit closer."

The water dripped down Marcus's body as he was lifted up toward his master's face. The gorilla's furry belly and chest tickled every inch of his skin it happened to touch. Eventually, he was just millimeters away from Gorath's lips. They were thick and had smoky kind of color.

"Your lips look pretty dry, master," Marcus observed. It was the first time he used that word - master... it sounded delightfully erotic. And it surprised Gorath a little, catching him off guard. But the sound of it aroused the giant ape even more. The gorilla's tongue ran along the top one and then bottom, getting them nice and wet. Marcus did the same.

One hand stayed on Marcus's ass and the other Gorath moved up to his slave's head. His fingers combed through the soft hair. Marcus started to close the tiny gap between their lips as they stared into each other's eyes. The glimmer of longing was in both of them. The tips of their lips met in a sensual caress and their lids shut.

Marcus melted into him and let Gorath take over. The gorilla's broad, protruding jaws separated in the slightest as he pressed forward, holding his slave in place. He drew in more of Marcus's upper lip and sucked on it.

The feeling made Marcus shudder. He wanted more of the gorilla. He climbed up the gorilla's chest and slipped his lips upward, twisting his head. His tongue slipped from his mouth and he ran it along Gorath's upper lip.

The giant ape grunted with pleasure and pulled Marcus's ass deeper into his belly. He opened his mouth wider and accepted the human's tongue with fervor. Pulling it in deep, he massaged it with his tongue. It went up, down and all around. Such kissing was an entirely new experience for the silverback.

He tilted his head in the opposite direction of Marcus and reciprocated. The gorilla's tongue pushed Marcus's tongue back into his mouth. Gorath's fat, thick, and wet licker filled his slave's mouth, even pressing near the back of his throat. Marcus's eyes went wide for a moment due to utter surprise, but he quickly melted back into it. The tongue was twisting and rubbing every fiber inside his mouth and it felt delightful. He mumbled a long groan as Gorath also worked, sucked, and rubbed his lips.

Their saliva mingled, but most of it belonged to the gorilla. The large amount that dripped into Marcus's mouth couldn't be stopped from trickling down his throat and deep inside of him. He loved the taste of it, too. His master's breath had been pleasant enough, so his spit was smooth and sweet enough for him to handle. But the way Gorath was giving it to him, he wanted more of it. He craved it enough that he started to suckle on the gorilla's big tongue drawing more of it out of his master. He swallowed every warm ounce of it.

Marcus snuck one of his hands along Gorath's broad neck. He examined it with his fingers until he found the exact spot he'd been looking for. There was a sweet spot he knew about from his work with Gamba, and he was hoping that it would work with Gorath, too. Right below the base of the skull, where two muscles ran down the neck, he started massaging him. Gorath's shoulders rolled forward and he curled deeper in Marcus. It had worked. His giant body jerked and he sucked on the human's lips harder, writhing with erotic pleasure.

Gorath pulled away with shallow panting. "That was a wonderfully new experience. What exactly did you do?"

"Oh this?" A sly grin crept along his wet lips, slippery with gorilla spittle. He pressed the same spot again and Gorath started to squirm and grind with pleasure below him. "Just something I'd learned when working with Gamba."

Gorath's jaw hung open as he let out a long sigh. He was squeezing Marcus's ass even harder. Marcus let go and let his master relax a little.

"Do you know any more delightfully calming and arousing moves like that?" he asked.

"I know quite a few."

"Oh you do?" Gorath's eyes went wide, and his pupils dilated with anticipation. "More of that magnificence of this body you crave? I wonder just how willing you'd be to explore even more of your master's giant body."

"I'd love to," he replied, excited with eagerness. He could already feel all of his blood diverting to his crotch. "But it'll be easier if we do it in your bed."

"Then what are we waiting for?"

Gorath was beaming with lustful hunger and that made Marcus smile. He was starting to contemplate a life with his master. In that moment, it felt like an option worthy of consideration. He was falling more and more for the giant silverback.

He held Marcus in his arms as he crawled out of the bath. The water cascaded down from the thick fur on his belly, his ass, and his legs. His lower half was drenched, but he didn't seem to care as he strolled down the hallway to the back room where the wide staircase was.

And as Marcus dangled in the gorilla's arms, he glimpsed a second when his master looked down at him. Gorath's eyes were filled with love. It was clear. But this time, it made Marcus smile. He curled up and snuggled against his master's furry chest.

"I guess I'll keep the shop closed for the rest of the day," he mentioned, chuckling. "It's been a while since I've had a day for myself. I figure this is a better day than any."

He was still dripping with water when they arrived at his bedroom. He set Marcus down on the foot of the bed and crawled onto it beside him. Both of them were still hard as ever, their boners standing tall from their bodies. Gorath proceeded to lie flat on his bed with his arms and legs stretched out. His cock was long enough to rise just above his large, rotund belly.

From his position, Marcus got a good look at his master's genitals. The gorilla's gigantic balls hung low enough that they almost touched the bed below him. His cock stood erect at an angle but still curved upward toward his belly. And just below those big, juicy balls was a good five inches of his taint and ass crack. With his leg spread, the smell of his sex overwhelmed the air and twisted up Marcus's nostrils like tendrils of smoky and erotic musk. Its potency coursed though Marcus's body like a toxin, infecting him with lust. He was drawn to Gorath's crotch. He wanted to experience every inch of it.

"I give you permission to explore anywhere you wish, human. Every dark nook and cranny on this body of mine is at your disposal. So show me these spots you speak of, Marcus," his master demanded. He shoved a few pillows below his head so he could observe.

Marcus crawled along the bed between the gorilla's huge legs. They were like large, fallen trees by his sides. And even on his knees, Marcus's chest barely made it over the giant hill that was the silverback's gut. He inched forward until Gorath's erection was pulsing against his bare belly. Instincually, Gorath started humping and rubbing the underside of his cock against Marcus. He groaned, already being pleasured.

Marcus's hands slithered along the top of Gorath's thighs until he reached the bottom of his belly. From there he raked through the fur and down the lines that surrounded the gorilla's meaty crotch.

Gorath bit his lip and ground harder against his slave's belly and chest. Marcus's fingers continued to slide down along Gorath's crotch until he reached the sides of the gorilla's huge scrotum. There, right below the ball sack, he massaged the muscle and fat. Gorath's back arched as he jerked. His cock slid all the way up to Marcus's chest. The tip of it even tickled his slave's chin.

"Oh!" he grunted with satisfaction. "Yes, that's a splendid one right there."

"Yeah?" Marcus echoed, beaming with a sly grin. "Then you're going to like what I do next."

His master's lids were shut tight with pure sexual bliss. Marcus pushed harder with his finger. He started descending to his belly, approaching the silverback's taint with his face.

"This was something you did with Gamba?" Gorath asked.

"No," Marcus replied, holding back a chuckle. He lifted the gorilla's enormous scrotum and balls above his head. He fondled them for a few seconds before letting them fall. They were large enough to swallow his crown and forehead. That pungent, musky aroma that had intoxicated him earlier was now all that he could smell, and the heat that radiated from the giant ape's crotch added to the erotic appeal.

"But I watched him enough to know how he liked to pleasure himself." His voice rumbled within the hot flesh that surrounded him.

He pushed forward, closing his eyes. His tongue slipped from between his lips and slid with ease into the dark crevasse between Gorath's plump butt cheeks. His master twitched from the sensation. The movement forced more of Marcus's tongue deep between the cheeks, and his lips pressed up against the hot, yielding flesh.

His tongue ran upward along the length of the giant gorilla's taint, savoring the salty sweat that came with it. The base of Gorath's nut sack came quickly and ate Marcus's face. Each of the gorilla's huge balls rolled down the side of his head. He reveled in the feeling of vanishing inside the walls of hot, musky fur, fat, and flesh.

Gorath continued to writhe with pleasure as Marcus put his tongue to work. His human shoved his face deep into his taint and massaged the sensitive and arousing muscles underneath. The silverback started panting and grunting, and he couldn't stop. He loved every second of it.

"This is amazing, Marcus!" he exclaimed, clenching the bed sheets below his hands. He craved more. His right hand moved between his legs on its own accord. It soon found the back of Marcus's head and shoved him in deeper. His supple taint eagerly accepted more of the human's face. "Mmph..." he moaned. "Get in there and lick me hard, human." The way his voice changed meant that the urge to dominate Marcus was taking him over again.

His other hand soon joined the first and he was bending his legs up at the knee, exposing more of his ass and taint. He bit his bottom lip hard and shoved Marcus even harder into him. The curves and ridges of his slave's face were the perfect shape to massage and pleasure himself down there.

"Bless the stars! It might have been a poor choice for you to introduce me to this, Marcus." He started to chuckle with hot lust. The temptation was overwhelming. The gorilla gave in to it. He ground his crotch harder against Marcus, humping him. "I want to hold you here forever. It feels so wonderful."

Marcus mumbled something into the gorilla's wide ass. His eyes had taken a trip toward the back of his head, and his hands raked through the fur on each of Gorath's ass cheeks. The humid, musky smell had conquered his nose, the taste of the gorilla dripped down his throat from the bathwater that remained, and the feeling his Gorath's soft, flabby cheeks swallowed his face. It was a sexual paradise beneath the gorilla's enormous, swollen balls and ass cheeks. And even if Marcus was to stay there forever, he wouldn't have minded a single bit.

Gorath was still breathing heavily. One of his hands left the back of Marcus's head and coiled around the base of his bulky boner. He could no longer hold back. He started stroking it, pushing out a fair load of pre.

The gorilla's balls started flopping over Marcus's head, and he felt each short bounce. It let him know just how much his master was enjoying it. The gorilla's taint was still soaked, but this time it was mostly drenched with the human's saliva. Marcus had lapped up most of the bathwater that contained a large dose of Gorath's sweat and oils.

"It would seem..." the gorilla paused to let out a short, soft grunt, "...that a new part of my body is in need of your expert attention, Marcus." He removed his other hand from the back of Marcus's head.

Marcus sucked up the rest of the bathwater that remained within the gorilla's ass crack. Gorath purred to the feeling of the human's tiny lips as well as the slurping sound, which vibrated so close to his anus. Marcus held his tongue out and ran it all the way up to the base of his master's nut sack. He stayed there for a few seconds and let the gorilla's giant bag and balls smack against his face a number of times.

The same sweat he'd found in Gorath's taint was on his scrotum, too. It coated his face with a thin line of the testosterone-rich and oily liquid. The taste and smell of it made Marcus shudder. He'd never thought that a silverback's pungent and smoky odor would have ever infected him with lust. But something about his master's scent was sexually intense, profoundly hot, and worthy of craving.

He still held his tongue out. This time he ran it up the crease that line the gorilla's scrotum and inner thigh. It had to weave through thick and tight portions of fur and fat until he arrived at the base of his master's humongous and throbbing cock. Gorath's large hand was massaging the head of it.

"I wonder what you'll do next..." Gorath said, examining Marcus with eagerness.

Marcus buried his nose deep into the thick bush of fur that surrounded the gorilla's erection. The top of his head sunk into the underside of the gorilla's big belly by a few inches. He drew in a long breath, admiring each pheromone that attached to the receptors in his nose. His body went limp with pleasure.

The silverback's hard cock loomed over his head like a curved tower. He opened his mouth and drew in a portion of the base of it. There was a hint of saccharine bliss in its flavor. Some of the gorilla's pre had dripped down the side and dried exactly where Marcus decided to take a taste. It drove him to want more.

He forced his tongue back out and ran it up the length of his master's shaft. Gorath pulled his hand away. Marcus repositioned himself right below his master's boner, teasing the underside with his wet licker. It took both of his hands to wrap around the loose skin at the bottom.

The feeling of the human's hands around the base of his cock caused the giant gorilla to jerk in approval. "If you rub it right, there might be a surprise for you," he teased. "But perhaps you should put that tiny mouth of yours over the tip of it first, lest you want to miss the gooey goodness."

Marcus grinned and slid his tongue up the middle until his lips wrapped right around the very end of the meaty member. His tongue tickled the slit inside his mouth. It tasted even sweeter, getting soaked with the gorilla's pre.

He pulled up with his hands, bringing the loose skin and fur all the way with him. The heat hit his hungry tongue right away. And then it was the flavor. He gave it a good suck and even more of the creamy substance oozed out onto his tongue. It crawled to the back of his tongue and throat as he continued to stroke the huge piece of meat in his hands.

"Mmmhmm..." Gorath moaned, holding Marcus in place with one of his hands. He felt his pre emptying from his cock right into his slave's eager mouth. "Be sure to appreciate every little thing your master gives you, human. You wouldn't want it to go to waste, would you?" He added more weight to his hand and forced a little more of his cock into Marcus.

Marcus shook his head in agreement with his master. The gooey liquid tasted salty but it retained a hint of that honey-like sweetness. He sucked it all up until it was mingled in a large glob with his spit. His throat rose up and pulled it all down in a hard swallow. It tingled all the way down until his stomach accepted it graciously.

"There you go," said his master. He was biting his bottom lip hard. "If you're ever hungry, I've got plenty more of that for you. All you have to do is ask."

Marcus lapped up the rest the rest of his master's pre, smacking his lips on the tip of Gorath's cock. He passed the big ape a hungry smile.

"I sense you already want more..." he grinned and repositioned the pillows behind his head.

The human's eyes locked with his and he nodded with a sly smirk. Marcus's grip was still hard on the gorilla's boner and rubbing up and down the entire throbbing shaft. The twist on his lips suggested he wanted to move on to something... deeper.

"Hmm..." Gorath stroked his chin. "What could this human possibly want now?" He was enjoying the coy play with the human. However, he was on the verge of taking control, grabbing Marcus, and sliding that tight ass over his impatient cock. But he held it back for now.

Marcus climbed aboard the giant gorilla's waist. Each foot of his slid along the underside of the ape's big belly and down to the bed. His ass cheeks straddled the top Gorath's boner. He leaned forward, grinding and sinking his belly into the lower half of the gorilla's chubby gut.

His fingers combed upward through the fur on Gorath's fat abdomen until his face fell into the gorilla's belly button. The supple meat ate a few inches of his head as his forehead, his chin, and his cheeks sunk into it. Loud gurgles continued to roar inside the giant ape.

He drove his erection into his master, tickled by the fur and fat. He continued to hump the giant ape tenderly for a few seconds. His ass went up and down Gorath's cock. It was lubricated by thick amounts of pre that continued to ooze from the very tip of it. The hot pulsing of blood through the gorilla's hefty member teased his anus, which yearned to be stretched.

Gorath breathed hard and fast as he licked and bit his lips. Every few seconds he let out a short grunt of approval, especially when Marcus's puckered hole circled the head of his cock. His human was making it hard to resist the urge to ravage him. The teasing was too much for him. He had to give in. He just had to.

"I'm sure you know what happens when you tease a silverback in such a way, human," he growled. He ran his gigantic hands up Marcus's legs until his fat fingers were coiled around the human's hips. Slowly, he forced his slave's ass crack back up the length of his cock. "And I assume you wouldn't tempt a giant ape, unless you were prepared for the dire consequences." The tip of his cock gave Marcus's hole a wet, slippery kiss. The load of pre cum that poured out of his boner had increased two-fold. It was just the right consistency to lubricate the human's tight ring of flesh.

Gorath kept one of his rough palms wrapped along Marcus's ass, with his long thumb down the crease of the human's crotch. His other hand he brought up to his slave's left shoulder. "Now reap what you have sown, Marcus." He leaned forward. The bottom of his belly swallowed Marcus's crotch, and he put weight on his right hand.

The pressure on his hole was instant as the gorilla's boner pushed into his ass. It didn't give way at first, but Gorath continued to add weight to his hand. The very tip spread his anus and the ape's pre cum oozed inside of him. Marcus could feel the warm liquid all around his ring, seeping down and around the gorilla's cock.

Millimeter by millimeter, the head of Gorath's throbbing erection entered him, spreading his hole as far as it would need to go. Marcus let out a loud howl, but there was no pain this time. It was pure pleasure to have his insides spread by the great and magnificent ape.

With the head of his cock inside the human, Gorath held his slave in place. And with a very controlled thrust of his hip, he slowly pushed the rest of it into Marcus. The warm walls of flesh clung tight to his shaft. His slave clenched and they hugged it in a snugger grip.

Marcus exhaled a long breath with all of the gorilla's hot meat inside of him. He opened his eyes for a moment to glimpse the defined bulge his master's cock was making within his belly. Gorath twisted his hip back down and he watched the bulge disappear as the monstrous member ran down and massaged his insides.

Gorath held the human firmly in place. His strokes started off slow as he went back and forth inside his slave's ass. Marcus's cheeks grew a deep shade of red, flush with a satisfaction of lust. His nose and throat were filled with nothing other than the scent of his and his master's sex. And only the wet sounds of the gorilla's fat crotch smacking against his ass echoed in his ears. Each sensation ruled him like venom would rule the bloodstream of a viper's victim. It was a paradise of sexual pleasure.

His master pushed his cock all the way back in and pulled Marcus forward. The gorilla's big gut accepted him eagerly and easily, engulfing his whole front. Gorath locked his hands on the human's back with his fingers crisscrossed. He hugged him, and Marcus started to squirm for good measure. He knew just how much his master loved it.

Gorath smiled and groaned as he pulled his slave even deeper into the bottom of his furry belly. He watched as the entire front half of the human disappeared into his fur and fat, squirming and grinding even harder against him. He let out a long growl as he increased his pace. The bucking and humping of his hips were forceful enough to make Marcus rock back and forth along his gut as well as bob up and down on his cock.

Marcus let out multiple, muffled moans into the gorilla's chunky paunch. And each time Gorath's hip slammed into his ass, he let out a short grunt. His cock was pushed to the side and rubbing back and forth between his master's chubby belly and crotch. It was enough stimulation that he felt his orgasm approaching like a wildfire across the savannah.

He stretched his arms out around Gorath's huge gut. It was impossible to wrap them all the way around, so he just grasped whatever muscle or fat he could. His master was pounding him as fast and hard. It was hard to hold it back. His body seized up and the bolt of pleasure shot all the way to his toes and fingertips. He held tight to Gorath's belly, pulling himself even deeper into it. The flesh inside of him constricted and choked the gorilla's fat, swollen cock just as it was all the way in.

The giant ape noticed and realized that his slave was about to cum. A hungry grin slid along his lips and he went even faster, his balls bouncing and slapping against his own ass. Marcus screamed with an intense howl of ecstasy right into the gorilla's belly, which sent both of them over the edge. White, hot goop spilled out of Marcus's cock and Gorath felt it. It continued to spurt onto the underside of the ape's furry belly.

And with that, Gorath lost all control. The temptation to dominate his human overwhelmed him the instant he felt Marcus's jizz pour out from him. Marcus continued to twitch and writhe against the gorilla's belly when Gorath pulled him back into his huge hands. "I can't resist it anymore..." he said, shaking his head. His deep palms pinned the human's arms to his side and his strong fingers wrapped around his back. He forced Marcus's ass all the way back down his long, thick shaft. "I need to have my way with you. I need to take full control."

Gorath's jaws clenched tight together and he leaned forward. Marcus was unable to move at all as his master used his powerful arms to use him like a fleshy toy. He was thrust up and down the gorilla's massive erection at a rapidly accelerating pace. And at the same time, the big ape started humping deep into his ass. Marcus sunk well into his master's fat crotch with each new shove. Soon enough, Gorath was penetrating and pounding his ass like a well-lubed jackhammer. His master's thrusting was so hard Marcus felt his inside starting to shift and rearrange in order to accommodate for the cock's sheer girth.

"Fuck!" Marcus screamed and bit his lip with his eyes shut tight. He was starting to feel the burn. It hurt a little, but it also felt amazing at the same time.

"Oh, yes..." Gorath let out a long sigh of satisfaction. He increased his pace, using his hips more than his arms to hump the human's ass. "I do believe... I'm... getting close," he said. "But I need a new position. I need to pin you down again and feel my weight on you."

Gorath pulled Marcus right off with a loud suction sound as the gorilla's giant meat slid right out of his ass. The gorilla's hands shifted around his back, and when Marcus opened his eyes, he found the bed coming right at him. His master pushed him deep into the mattress, holding him there with both hand on his bare back. Instinctually, Marcus tried to wiggle into a more comfortable position, but the pain of his insides being stretched in less than a second stopped him. Marcus let out loud groan of pain and pleasure. It was muffled by the bed below him

Gorath had driven his swollen and hungry cock all the way back into the human's loosened ass. It slipped right in without effort. His weight fell upon the human below him. He took a second, holding his boner all the way inside, to readjust his gut and pull it up onto the bottom of Marcus's back. He dropped down over his slave and let his body swallow up most of him. His cock pressed even deeper into Marcus, and the human tried to crawl away. Tried but failed.

Gorath pulled Marcus's arms up above his head, pinning them against the mattress. The giant ape fell down onto the human's back. The weight was intense, but Marcus could still breathe. All of his body was engulfed between the gorilla's fat belly and the bed. Even his head was overtaken by the top of Gorath's gut. Plus, the burning in his ass was worse with the gorilla's enormous erection throbbing even harder against his tight ring of flesh.

Once he felt the little human squirming beneath him, Gorath went to town on his ass. His hips teetered and swayed, stroking his whole length inside Marcus. He went fast and hard. There were close to about two or three deep thrust with each second. It became painful quite rapidly for Marcus.

But he figured that his best option was to get as much enjoyment out of it as possible. He wouldn't have been able to stop his master now, even if he wanted to. But feeling the gorilla's massive gut overwhelming and squashing him from above was enough of an erotic delight for him. He concentrated on that feeling as the fur and fat shifted to and fro on his back. Also, the way his master's big balls repeatedly slapped against his ass was another wonderful feeling he took pleasure in.

Gorath started to grunt each time his drove his cock all the way back in. And, every time, it made Marcus clench his tight flesh around the gorilla. The wet smacking sound of the gorilla's crotch on Marcus's ass, the pounding of the headboard on the wall, and the gorilla's groaning and growling mixed together to turn both of them on even more. Gorath's sex still filled the air, and it was the only thing Marcus could smell. He couldn't believe it, but he was still just as hard as when they'd started.

"I apologize, Marcus..." Gorath continued panting and moaning, "...but it just feels... too good... to stop... " The gorilla twisted his head down. His mouth hung right next to Marcus's right ear. "Your tiny, vulnerable body, and the way you tempted and teased me... it just..." he growled again, " just makes me want to take control and do what I want with you. And now I feel it coming again. My body wants nothing more that to find release inside of you. I'm going... I'm going to fill you up, human."

Gorath spread his jaws and wrapped his mouth around Marcus's shoulder with a tender bite. He sped up, fucking Marcus harder than he imagined was possible. It now burned hotter than a supernova to Marcus. He let out a howl of pain, but his prostate was being worked hard enough that a familiar feeling of throbbing and swelling shot down his cock. His flesh clenched tight around Gorath's stiff shaft and he came a second time right into the bed.

The giant gorilla's body seized up and his brow furrowed after feeling the human's smooth muscle clench around his excited erection. It was too much stimulation for him to hold back anymore. Gorath bit a little harder on Marcus's shoulder and jerked. He dug his cock as deep as he could into his slave and the first enormous load came pouring out.

Marcus felt the warm seed fill him, pushing his belly harder into the bed. Gorath emptied out a few more large spurts as his body twitched from above, sinking more and more into the human. Eventually, he went a bit limp and most of his weight was pinning Marcus into the bed. His body was flush with the hot feeling of pleasure as sexual satisfaction flowed through both of their veins.

Gorath kept his meaty member inside of Marcus. "I'm sorry," he whispered, pulling some of his weight back off of his slave. "I got lost in what my body craved. And it told me to take full control of you and pound as hard and fast as possible. I must admit, though..." he paused to chuckled, "...that was one of the best orgasms I've ever had. So thank you for allowing me the pleasure, Marcus."

He snuck a hand down between Marcus's belly and the bed, feeling the wet spot below. An amused grin stretched along his lips. "And I see you enjoyed it just as much as I did."

"I'm not going to lie," Marcus said. "That hurt, but yes, it felt just as wonderful."

"Good," Gorath replied.

He and Marcus both realized - and this was a bit new for Gorath - that his cock wasn't going flaccid at all. Marcus didn't feel it soften at all inside his ass. His tight hole was stretched just as wide as it had been the whole time. Slowly, Gorath started grinding and twisting his hip against Marcus's ass again. His slave moaned. The burn was still there. "Ready for round two?" the gorilla insisted.

Marcus pulled the sheets into his fists. He wasn't sure if he was ready, but his master went for it anyway. The gorilla started to speed up again, letting the human's tight flesh rub and massage the sensitive head of his cock with a little more attention.

"Oh!" Marcus gritted his teeth, biting some of the bed sheets. Gorath's cock had gone all the way back over and over again. And just like before, he felt his erection growing again. He just didn't believe it. It didn't seem possible.

Gorath worked his pace back up to where it was before, grunting once more with each deep hump. His stamina was amazing, and Marcus couldn't help but marvel at his master. There was just so much to love about the giant ape. But it was really wearing him out. He felt on the verge of passing out. Perhaps it was because of all the blood that kept returning to his crotch instead of his brain.

The increased rocking of the bed and the pounding of the headboard on the wall filled the room again. It was hard to make anything else over all the noise they were making. So neither of them even heard or felt the rumbling and quaking of Gorath's entire house and shop.

It wasn't until the roof was ripped clear from above them that they'd even realized what was happening. What had just been the noises of hot, wet sex turned into a cacophony of tearing, cracking, and grinding wood and mortar. The early evening sunlight broke into the place, and Gorath felt it on his back as well as the dust and debris that fell around them.

The air was clouded with a thick shroud of dust. Marcus had no idea what was happening or why his master had stopped humping his ass. Gorath twisted around and held a hand up to protect his eyes from some of the flying debris. His fat cock was still all the way deep inside Marcus.

When the dust cleared, Gorath glimpsed a beast like none other. Standing above the two-story house was what had to have been a fifty foot or so gorilla. Marcus did his best to twist below his master's huge belly. And then he met with the monster that had caused Gorath to stop.

The utter titan tossed the roof aside and fanned the rest of the dust away with his monstrous hand. He found them just as they were - with Gorath balls deep in his human. The epic creature eyed them over and licked his lip with a ravenous hunger and desire.

The bits of light that entered the room from the missing roof faded into a huge shadow. There was no time to move, and Gorath was still hard and deep inside of Marcus. The enormous beast's hand descended upon them. His humongous fingers coiled underneath Marcus until there was nothing but utter darkness around him.

Gorath's cock finally plopped out of Marcus's ass as they were shifted within the titanic, rough palm. Marcus felt an intense pressure on his front as the ape squeezed them, getting a good grip. The air was getting thin and he couldn't stand the weight on him as he was swallowed up even more between the giant's fingers and his master's belly.

He passed out before he could even contemplate exactly what had happened.

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