The Twofold Tribe

Story by FakeMan on SoFurry

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A commission for the ever-chipper Ochropus

An explorer searches for a lost civilization and traces of his long deceased father. What he finds changes everything.

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Disclaimer - Know what this story contains! Five hundred gallons of digital ink, the collective caterwauling of a hundred felines, a bevy of ideas that would make your mother blush, four dozen improper innuendos, and sixteen thousand joules of pure frenetic energy went into its creation. Be forewarned that such a literary cocktail may be too powerful for the mortal mind to comprehend! (This is a work of pornographic fiction. Please do not read if it would be unlawful for you to do so.)

The Twofold Tribe

Claxton Thorne firmly decided that he was getting too old for this nonsense, padded footpaws sinking into the loam of the forest floor. He'd lost funding a long time ago, but he still had enough money left from his father's estate to spend half the year hunting through this particular stretch of nearly uninhabitable jungle. Somewhat disheveled orange tail hanging behind him, he ascended the slope with a grim determination, thinking over all the signs, all the hints and clues that his father had come across.

There were certainly historical reports of an amazing civilization built between two peaks, however that was like saying that your favorite sandwich shop was between two streets: technically true, but not at all helpful in an area as pocked with hills and cliffs as this one. In all of the old records, that he still firmly believed were true, they were described as being very long and very tall, twice the size of any of the surrounding tribes. Some accounts even became very confusing as they referred to them in the plural, calling them something along the lines of The Double Folk. Having seen the locals in the small cities at the edge of the forest, it was hard to imagine any particular anthropoid peoples that were quite that large. Even the Soviet ursines would balk when confronted with some of the other natives he'd met tapping rubber in the lowlands.

Sighing, he took a long pull from his canteen, water leaking from the edges of his black vulpine lips. At the very least it was cooling down a bit as he increased in elevation. Scanning the endless tangles of brush and baobabs, he let the cork padded bottle drop back against his worn khakis as he continued to trudge on, worn footpaws treading heavily on the forest floor.

There were old accounts of miracles of nature, roots that would weave themselves into huts and fishing nets that grew fully formed. If this unknown civilization's reliance on the purely natural was true, then of course it would be difficult to find any trace of them, as none of the accounts mentioned metal or any real lasting materials. There were some traces though, obsidian arrowheads and the stones used the chip them, and of course his late father's most prized possession, a wooden amphora with no marks of ever being carved, made from a hardwood that no one could seem to identify.

Yes, the old man had been called a charlatan, a fraud, and simply crazy by the archeological world, but he had persevered, pressing deeper and deeper into the jungle with every expedition, convinced that he was on the right track, every time his topaz eyes beaming with the certainty that he would finally find what he was looking for. Fifteen years ago the old man simply didn't come back, leaving all of his research for Claxton to sort through as he finished university. The impressive sheaf of sketches and journals logged all of his theories, and the tantalizing idea, just on the verge of proof, that the Twofold Folk were more than a myth.

Admittedly, Claxton himself thought it slightly improbable that the tribe was still around in any way that he would find recognizable, they probably mixed in with the general populace centuries ago, but they had to have left something he could use to show that his father hadn't wasted his life out here . . . not to mention his own.

Images of the past bubbled up in his mind: the mantle over the old fireplace with the black and white pictographs of his father and his crew, all smiling at the edge of a broad sandy river, but he was brought back to the present by something quite peculiar. His black tipped orange ears twitched through the slits in his pith helmet as his foot caught on something embedded under the leafy litter of the forest floor. Expecting just another tangled root, he was surprised to find a thin green creeper that his claws had caught on, but not any particular kind that he'd seen before.

Looking closely, he observed the strange plant, tugging at it slightly, pulling up a little mound of earth in either direction where it was still buried. There were faint yellow streaks that he could see under the plant's thin skin: A peculiarity to be sure. With almost instinctual practice, he retrieved his sketchbook from his oiled leather case, losing himself in sketching a faint copy of the plant with a soft lead, adding closeups and notes about the odd coloration.

After finishing, he tried to take a sample for pressing, tugging sharply at the subterranean vine, but unable to break the strand. It reminded him of the ivy that his mother kept at the front of their estate. With a shrug, he produced his knife, bending the strand double and running the honed edge along it. To his surprise the vine remained with but a nick, forcing him to saw away with the serrated base of the blade before the recalcitrant flora was finally divided, leaking out a pale whitish sap that smelled of vinegar. It was really quite an ordeal to hack off just a small section without mutilating it.

He was closing the fragment up in his book when an odd query hit him. He had no idea how large the system of subterranean roots went, and so he grabbed one of the frayed ends of the vine and tugged, pulling it up out of the earth and following it along, coiling it up in his paws as he went. It was amazing, after fifteen meters it was still going, and he was leaving a furrowed wake as he continued to yank the seemingly endless vine out of the ground.

Although he fully intended to follow the strange plant to its source, his quest for knowledge was suddenly interrupted with a woosh, a heavy shafted arrow thunking into a tree mere inches from his muzzle with a quivering twang. Claxton immediately dove for cover, kneeling behind the same broad tree and shouting the word for peace in as many local languages as he could recall, eyes darting around wildly as he looked for the source of the threat.

But oddly, there was no response, his ears flickered but he could hear nothing save for buzzing insects and the distant crying of some agitated birds. He hazarded a look out from behind his tree, half expecting to see an army of enraged tribesmen, but instead the jungle was just as he had left it.

"Hello?" Claxton hazarded. "Is there anyone there?" He rose slowly, raising his paws into the air in the universal sign of going unarmed. "I'm terribly sorry if I've offended you . . ." He cycled through Mezoamerican as he spoke, hoping that his message was clear. "I bear you no ill will, and I come here simply as an observer." He stepped from behind the tree, senses straining for any sign of who had shot the impressive sized arrow at him.

He waited for a moment that felt like an eternity, circling slowly, but seeing nothing. Soon, his curious glance fell on the fletching of the arrow though, which was nothing like he had ever seen. It was much more drab than he expected: The tribes that he had met tending to use brightly colored feathers that they blended to make a sort of local tartan, so that one might know who had killed them when the plumage suddenly sprouted from their chests.

His amber eyes fixated on the end of the arrow as his inquisitiveness began to combat his terror. These weren't feather's at all, it looked more like some kind of serrated leaf, or perhaps the edges of a seed pod, dried, but still unusually supple under his prodding paws. His tail flicked behind him as he examined the shaft, looking down the length . . . there was something oddly familiar about it, something that he couldn't quite put his leathery finger on . . .

"You couldn't just leave it alone, could you?" The voice rose from the jungle behind him with a sigh, heavily accented, but quite articulate.

Claxton turned around, wide eyes looking towards the source of that oddly husky voice.

"It's been quite some time since we have seen a fox enter the valley . . ." There was a sudden rustling as something stepped forwards. He couldn't quite make it out at first, but as the striped form coalesced his jaw dropped.

Her fur was white and a creamy brown, mixed together in a twisting blend of scintillating stripes. At first, he assumed there to be more than one person, but as she padded forwards, he was proved wrong. From the front, she seemed to be an almost normal humanoid with full breasts and a rather stern expression, but from the wait down, she was like a different animal, a long powerful body with four wide paws braced against the ground and a long twisting tail whipping back and forth behind her irritably.

"I . . . buh . . . I . . ." Claxton stuttered, eyes looking at the simple bags hanging over her feral half and the quiver hung over her shoulders. This was impossible . . . Twice the size. . . could this be what his father had been searching for for such a long time? He reached in his bag for his sketchbook absentmindedly

"Hmm . . . certainly not very bright." She padded forwards, four-pawed gait making her body sway gently from side to side. Claxton looked up to her face, eyes fixing on the odd three-lined pattern between her almost luminous emerald eyes. "I'm afraid you're not supposed to be here."

"No, no. You don't understand, I've been looking for this place all my life! Even my father . . ." He began hurriedly, stumbling over his words like an atheist suddenly confronted by a quizzical god. "Nobody believed that this . . . that you . . . _your people_existed!"

"There is a reason for that you know." Her tail curled up, undulating behind her as she walked towards him. Claxton couldn't help but stare at her rather full bust, pink nipples standing out in contrast to the plush white fur of her chest. "The outside has time and time again proven itself to be . . . infantile." Her voice dropped to something approaching a growl.

"We . . . You mean, there's more of . . . you . . . A village? A city?" His whiskers twitched with excitement despite the imminent threat of the situation. "This is amazing!" He started wildly marking down notes in his book, pencil flying across the page.

"Perhaps you don't understand, stranger." She approached, resting a paw on his shoulder and squeezing with surprising strength. "The reason that this . . ." She ran a padded finger tip over the protruding arrow with a twang. "Is not here . . ." She poked his chest. "Is that you were supposed to run. Now you've gone and made this difficult."

"But, the arrow, this fletching." The fox continued as if he had completely missed the underlying implication. "This is purely vegetable, you _grew_this, didn't you? That's completely fantastical! This whole thing, I mean, you're a miracle of nature Miss . . . uhh . . ."

"Chengse," she replied automatically. "We were growing a fine rope as well until . . ." She shook her head, vibrations continuing down her banded body to the tip of her tail as she caught herself. "But I don't think you understand the situation that you're in Mr. fox."

"Please, call me Claxton. Uhh, Thorne. Claxton Thorne." The excited vulpine made a short bow, still pouring over his notebook, sketching the end of the arrow.

"You can't enter the village as an outsider, and now I can't let you . . ." She paused. ". . . Thorne . . ." The tigress's tail twitched. "Any relation to Kain Thorne?" She stared at his furrowed foxish brow quizzically, verdant eyes glinting in what sun was filtering through the canopy.

"Err . . . yes. The late great explorer. Died a good fifteen years ago I'm afraid. Lost in this very jungle . . . Looking for you I suppose." His fervor died down as he looked up from his notebook, the gravity of the situation making his shoulders sag as he considered the likelihood of making it out of this alive.

"Well, outsiders are expressly forbidden. And now that you know about our lands, I can't let you leave alive . . ." She chewed on her lip, whiskers twitching as her thoughts bubbled.

"Please." Claxton looked up. Oddly, he didn't feel nearly as afraid as he felt that he should have. "I've spent so long looking for this place, for you . . . I don't really have anything left . . . Just, before you do whatever you must . . . Please, just let me see: See what my father spent all his life looking for . . . what _I_spent my life looking for."

The tigress paused, looking down as her padded fingers twitched at her side."You're a philosopher, right?" She asked rather directly, scratching the side of her chin as she thought.

"Well, I've attended various schools of archeology, and of course, would consider myself well versed in the liberal arts, but . . ."

Chengse's front paws groped at the leaves beneath her as she thought. "I can't let an an outsider into the village." Claxton's head drooped as he saw her reaching for one of her pouches, possibly for a weapon. "I can't believe I'm about to do this . . . the council's going to hang me." She produced a small wooden vial, roughly the size of a finger.

"And what exactly is it that you're . . ." He was interrupted as she uncorked the small wooden vessel, tilting the white powdery contents into her mouth with a grimace before suddenly grabbing him and shoving him back against the tree next to the arrow. Chengse's mouth surged forwards, and the fox let out a yelp as he thought she was going straight for the jugular, but instead, she forced her muzzle against his.

Claxton's head banged up against the tree as her tongue slid into his shocked jaws, his pith helmet falling on to the leafy litter of the forest floor with a rustle. As soon as her tongue carried that strange substance into his mouth it began to fizz, making his eyes widen at the bitter musky effervescence. Her own eyes were screwed shut as if the taste was terrible, but to the stunned fox, the flavor was lost as the sensation of warmth began to spread through his muzzle while her rough tongue scraped against his fleshy gums and palette. He almost gagged at the strange feeling as the bubbling mass seemed to dissipate, some sliding down his throat and the rest seeming to simply soak into him as he writhed in her grasp, not sure how much to resist as her ample plush white breasts were pressed right up against his chest.

Chengse knew that she wasn't supposed to be doing this, but she was positive it was the right choice. She felt his initial surprised struggles die down as the potent substance worked its way into his system, mixed with both of their spittle as he leaned back into her kiss, vulpine tongue flickering around her mouth at first, but then slowly catching against her own, bristles forming on the top as it widened. A perplexed look of pleasure blossomed on the explorer's face as his mouth began to feel more and more sensitive, a bubbly effervescence building up and tickling his nose from the inside, his tongue feeling prickly and weird as his jaw creaked in a tight painless way.

He gasped for breath as her tongue slid from his mouth, pulling up his thin black lips and licking up over his leathery nose. "Wh-what was that?" He asked, body feeling at once light and particularly heavy.

"That." She licked up over his nose again with a smug smile. "Was a huge favor." His nose twitched as she lapped at it again, a thin coat of gray velvet covering the top as the front brightened into a huffing pink. "I'm going to get in a huge amount of trouble for this . . ." A rumble built up in her chest as she slathered the outside of his creaking muzzle in her attention, a deep rumble building up in her chest as her breasts jostled against him. "So we both might as well enjoy the process while it lasts."

He opened his mouth to respond, tongue dragging against the top of his maw and surprising him as he reached up with a paw, licking the back of an orange furred finger experimentally. "Thrth somsing wrang wiff my tsung." He couldn't quite seem to focus his thoughts as he looked up into her vibrant green eyes.

"Nope. Just your face." She shifted her orange and brown furred body, tauric lower half sitting on her haunches, raising her up about a foot as she pulled his pointed vulpine muzzle against her plush white chest. Her caring fingers massaged over the top of his head, coaxing on the thick gray fur as it seeped into his foxish orange, feeling his bones and muscles condense and creak while his hot breath huffed against her soft fur.

Claxton wasn't sure if the heat rising in his cheeks was a blush or something else entirely as the tingling heat washed through them. Her hands stroked his ears as the silky warmth of her breasts pressed against his face. She squeezed the flickering tips between thumb and forefinger as they rounded out slightly, becoming a fuzzy mix of slate and snow colors. His muzzle felt better and better as it creaked and pulsed, pulling back slightly and becoming broader, canines thickening as his whiskers grew out into feline prominence, twitching against her soft furry bosom.

She watched as he pulled back, shaking his head and looking up at her as bright azure washed into his yellow eyes. Staggering slightly, he asked, "What's happening? I feel . . . a bit off. I . . ." Paws windmilling, he fell backwards onto his rump next to his pith helmet. His pink tongue traced over his now feline lips, bristly surface brushing over his now pink huffing nose.

"Trust me. This is a lot better for you than the alternative." Chengse reached down, looking at where his now plush gray fur was bunching up around his collar. "You might want to get out of those clothes though. They're just going to cause trouble, besides I don't know when the last time you bathed was . . ." She reached down and helped him shrug off his heavy rucksack.

"In Achelo . . . I passed through not so long ago." His voice was changing, becoming slightly more throaty and taking on an almost dreamy quality as he wriggled out of his vest.

"That's more than a hundred miles from here . . ." She wrinkled her nose and tossed the dirty jacket to the side.

"Give or take." He shrugged.

Chengse was slightly taken aback. She'd rarely seen outsiders on her patrols, but they almost always came in packs, with some trumped up leader and ten hired hands to simply carry their supplies. To think that this seemingly fragile being had been wandering around this area for years by himself was impressive. He also seemed to be taking the whole process rather well . . . although the drug itself may have had something to do with that. She didn't know exactly what was in it, only that it took about four years to manufacture a single dose.

She stepped over his prostrate form, leaning back and sitting on his legs with her fuzzy bulk, tail batting behind her as he looked up at the tigress, eyes panning down her brilliant orange and white body. When his gaze fell between her hind legs though his head cocked to the side as if trying to comprehend a piece of some difficult puzzle. "

"Is that . . . normal?" He asked, brilliant blue eyes staring directly at the plush white feline package nestled between her legs, just a hint of pink showing at the tip of her animal sheath.

Chengse was a little confused as well until she remembered that outsiders were all only half-complete.

"It's exactly what it looks like." She crossed her arms.

"So, are you a boy or a girl? Err. Excuse me, male or female?"

"No. I'm not." She shrugged, watching the gray fur slowly covering his shoulders, leaving small charcoal colored rosettes.

"Ahh . . ." The changing fox took a second to consider. "So it's as if you were . . . two people."

"No, I'm pretty sure it's more along the lines that you're only half of one." She leaned down, fingers tracing along his collarbone before she let her claws slide out and gently trace down his chest. One of the reasons they didn't let outsiders into the community as that they seemed to lack empathy, feeling only half of what they should and blatantly disregarding all other emotions. She slid back a bit, resting her rump against his foot-paws as she reached down and tugged at his pants, trying to get the odd garment off of the contemplative fox.

"I suppose that makes a certain amount of sense . . ." He blushed as he darted a glance at her hefty package again, noticing the hint of a pink feminine slit nestled behind her rounded feline balls. His paw reached forwards to help as she tugged at his trousers. "Uhh, here. It's a clasp." He pulled the small joiner to the side with an awkward laugh. "Why exactly am I taking off my pants again?" His blood felt like it was fizzing inside of him as a heat prickled against his skin.

"It'd be pretty painful otherwise, I'd think." She pulled the garment back along his legs, revealing his canine maleness, already pressing out of its white furred sheath. "And anyways, it looks like your glad to get out of those things. I don't know how you can stand them really." She stood above him, four legs flanking his body.

"It's not so bad, honestly." He wriggled a bit on the leaves below him. His stomach felt strange, not distressed exactly, but more like something was shifting around and against his insides. "It helps with thorns and insects . . . and . . ." As he looked down he saw that his fur was beginning to change color on his chest, from a thin white to a plush furry light gray, blue eyes widening and looking up at the creature towering over him . . . "I'm . . . changing?"

Chengse sat back slowly, grinding her furry rear against his crotch, heavy testicles sliding against his belly. "Well, what did you expect? I couldn't let you in as just half a person . . ." She could feel his maleness beginning to swell under her warm fluffy rear. "And I'm not going to kill you . . ." She grinned down at him, showing her fangs. "So yeah, you're changing. And I think . . . " Her body shifted, grinding down against his crotch and making him moan. "That you'll be _pleasantly_surprised."

Claxton had so many questions that he didn't even know where to begin. How was this possible? Was this a normal part of their culture? How long had they been here, and how many lived in their society . . . But as all of these ideas rattled around in his mind, the bubbly warmth seeping around inside of him made them seem less important than the immense sensitivity radiating through him. One of her massive front paws reached up and rest on his chest, pleasure making his head stretch back, exposing his furry neck as he moaned. The sensation was unlike anything he had ever felt before, a pressure building up as she kneaded at his pectorals. His throat tickled as he purred for the first time, a deep thrumming resonating through his body as she pawed at him coquettishly, his flesh beginning to swell out, becoming soft and supple as his chest fur turned a light chalky gray. Nipples hardening, his areolas swelled out as her front claws teased across the widening pink flesh that became more and more prominent under her insistent mischievous prodding, plate-sized paws pushing in against his now budding breasts.

"Ohh, how cute . . ." Chengse pressed in harder, oddly dextrous forepaws massaging the nipples of his burgeoning chest. Her own hands were cupping her own breasts almost subconsciously, rubbing small circles against her nipples as her tail batted about behind her, tickling the prostrate fox's writhing toe-pads. As she squeezed, her pink feline prick crept out of her sheath, barbed point becoming more visible against her snow white crotch even as her femininity began to glisten with twinges of desire.

"Are you coming onto me?" The fox asked, gasping for breath and staring down in wide eyed fascination at the hefty paws groping his full gray furred chest, teasing the sensitive pink fleshy nubs of his changed nipples.

"Didn't you notice?" Chengse cocked her head to the side with a throaty laugh, shifting her sensuous weight as she felt something odd underneath her rump. "Well, this is . . . a little different." She lifted a hind paw and stared down at his fully erect canine cock, carmine knot pulsing as the chiseled tip leaked out a dribble of clear pre that clung to her fur for a second before snapping. "Is this normal? It's so . . . smooth . . . " She leaned down and stared at it like some kind of foreign work of art.

"I don't think any of this is normal . . . but yes, that _is_my penis." He coughed slightly at the awkward statement, azure eyes fixed on her own maleness as his changed nose twitched. He could smell her heady masculinity, deep and acrid, but it was undercut by her feminine odor, a smokey musk. Their combined potency made his pink tongue scrape out across his black lips subconsciously.

"That looks . . ." She leaned down with surprising sensuous flexibility, running a suede padded finger over his turgid knot. "Interesting." She rumbled with surprised eagerness as Claxton bucked his hips and moaned. "You wouldn't mind if I . . ."

"Please do. Dear god." Claxton huffed. He'd never been so horny in his life, one hand raking through the underbrush as his other pawed at his breasts. His plume of an orange tail beat a wild tattoo against the dried leaves as she shifted her weight on top of him.

"Well then, if you insist." Her legs tensed as she maneuvered her rear end, brown and orange striped tail wriggling behind her as her testes dragged along his belly, coaxing the gray fur down further. The soft jostling flesh grinding against Claxton's cock made him grit his teeth as she licked her lips, feeling his member's slanted tip poke in at her full furry testes before she adjusted herself. She arched her lower back gasping as the pulsing tip slipped past the edge of her slick feline labia, prodding at her clenched passage.

Claxton's breath halted in his throat as she looked down at him with a wild grin before grinding backwards. His cock was suddenly enveloped in her hot, impossibly tight passage in a searing rush of muscle, and he mewled out a wordless note of bliss as his maleness was squeezed around with wild pulsing pulls. His vulpine tip leaked out jolts of pre inside of her as slick feminine lust dripped from the edges of her torrid tigerish pussy. His mind was racing to catch up with the sensations, hips bucking up of their own accord, butting against her slick labia with his bulging knot again and again, both of their breasts jostling as she rocked her heavy body against him.

Her arms reached down, paws leaning in against his tender breasts as she pulled herself against him, balls patting against his belly as her powerful thighs tensed. It was just such an unusual feeling, the completely smooth shaft gliding inside of her as her own barbed member extended to its own sizable length, pulsing in time with her pussy writhing as she rammed back against that oddly tempting canine bulge.

Claxton's body lit up with sensation, a molten liquid warmth pulsing in his belly as her paws wandered down, rubbing tight circles sensitive against his abdomen, each slam staring to sink down infinitesimally over his knot before pulling back. His belly felt tender in the strangest of ways, like some never before known muscle was flexing for the first time, making his spine creak as her padded fingers groped his now gray furred flesh. The odd feeling increased in intensity until it almost felt like his stomach was writhing back against her grasp as she kneaded at him, feral lower half pressing back further and further, making her tail flicker about as her twinging passage was spread wider and wider.

Moaning and licking his lips with his rough pink tongue, he looked down , blue eyes widening in shock as he saw the flesh on his belly straining, rising up in twin writhing pillars in her grasp. He instinctively tried to pull away, but all that happened was his back creaking out, his abdomen seemingly far to large as it began to bulk up rapidly.

"Wh-what's going on?" He panted out, entire lower half of his body on pins and needles of twisting bliss, muscles bulging and stretching under his increasingly tough supple skin.

"Like I said." Chengse panted out. "I couldn't just leave you . . ." She huffed, deft wide fingertips massaging his gray spotted growths as they developed an obvious joint. "Half of a person . . ." She raised up her rear and then pressed back in one hard shove, knot straining against her, squeezed and contorted just enough as she growled, sinking down as it slammed into her, locking them together in a way she'd never considered possible. "Dear god . . ." Her emerald eyes looked up as her breath caught in her throat.

The embedded canine length both tugged against her torrid snatch and slammed into her furry bulk as Claxton's increasingly powerful hips bucked underneath her. She found the foreign sensation to be quite amazing, even if it was missing a certain roughness that she had come to expect from copulation.

"Is that . . . Are those?" Claxton couldn't even form a coherent sentence as he felt his two limbs begin to take shape, every muscle stretching, every fresh new tendon straining in completely foreign pleasure.

"Forelegs." She purred, weaving her fingers between the forming leathery digits on the rather stocky ends as they began to twitch and swell, Claxton mewling in new-found bliss as heavy suede pads bulged and he clenched them instinctually against her clever paws, snowy gray against her orange and white. "I really don't know how you lived without them." His hips bucked up into her, making her purr as she felt his new lower torso barreling out beneath her, bones creaking under his flesh as he became larger and yet more flexible: powerful and sleek.

"R-right . . ." Claxton conceded, moving the new appendages, writhing his new toes together as the limbs swelled with supple feline strength. They were slightly more dextrous than his hind paws were, and he moved them forwards, new claws extending and combing through the light adobe and orange of her sides with tentative eagerness. It was hard to focus on his new limbs though when his cock felt like it was smoldering as she clenched around it, small poking sensations prickling in, first at the tip but then around the entire length, causing him to groan out and writhe his lengthening and oddly flexible spine against the leafy jungle floor.

"Even your hind legs are correcting themselves." Chengse leaned back, sitting up on his cock, feeling his hips creak and splay out, pushing his legs into a more upright position as they continued to swell.

Claxton groaned out in reply, a wordless kind of affirmation as his pink nose huffed in their acrid feline lust, his own scent becoming oddly vivid as his thickening hips bucked into her torrid pussy. His sleek orange fur was puffing out into a thick plushness of gray and blackish spots, seeping down his thighs and creeping closer and closer to his tight tensing balls and tortured shaft as she wrenched around him. It was odd though. He felt like he should have came eons ago, but it was almost as if there were something missing, that prickling sensation driving him wild, but not quite enough to set him over the edge.

She could feel his cock changing inside of her, bulge starting to diminish even though his shaft only throbbed thicker and tighter. The sensation of his forming feline barbs made her growl despite the fact that they were barely brushing against her searing sensitive walls, contained by their turgid tie. The hot thrumming sensation of him rocking up again and again made her femininity drip in anticipation, leaking out clear need that matted the fur of his testes as they plumped up, swelling into rounded spheres that churned with changing feline seed, even as her own heavy orbs patted against his belly.

He couldn't quite comprehend it, but he felt his cock swelling into a different shape, knot shrinking as the rest bulged and lengthened with animal intensity, stretching to fill her insides as if he were made for her. His hind-paws popped and cracked, pushing up to either side of her and pedaling in the air in a needy feral way as her fingers absentmindedly ground against his widening heavy hindpaws, claws catching against his own as they both tensed up. Those myriad pin pricks along his length ached, smoldering with foreign need, barely catching against her insides as she rode him mercilessly, kneading his cock into a smoothly tapered feline spire. With one colossal heave, she pulled up with her hips, straining against the last vestiges of his knot before their tie broke and she slid electrically up on his shaft.

The changing fox's eyes flew wide open, pupils dilating as his barbed cock caught against her for the first time, each spine scraping against her insides with impossible sensitivity, combining into an overpowering wave of pleasure that made his hackles raise. They both yowled out, screaming in feline bliss as her heavy orange furred body sank down over him and pulled up again, supple breasts heaving as her face screwed up in animal bliss. The feline feeling of grinding against her was all he could take, and his breath caught in his throat as his heavy testes clenched, cock straining as she slammed down and he erupted inside of her with thick crashing gouts of animal seed.

Her back arched and her breasts heaved, her own pink barbed member pulsing as her feminine orifice began to contract wildly, muscles tensing in random bursts of wrenching pleasure as she slammed into him. The hot essence spilling deep inside of her drove her wild as he rammed his changed heavy hips against her hindquarters, new forepaws reaching up and latching onto her hide as they fucked with wild unbridled passion.

With every pressured spurt, his vulpine tail creaked, pulling out longer and beginning to lash this way and that. The bushy orange was haltingly replaced by a thick fluffy grayness that rose from the base to the twitching black tip, each tug pulling at the muscles of his exposed anus as it gained a subtle feline suppleness, straining in time with the body-wide wrenching pulls of his glorious orgasm. His four legs pawed at the air around her as her insides wrapped around him like velvet soft steel, coaxing him on as he writhed underneath her bulky weight, body twitching with muscles that he had never stretched before.

As his climax tapered off, there was an odd lingering warmth that resonated through his groin, an inexplicable slickness that only smouldered hotter as she pulled herself off of him,her own pink feline member bobbing, slickened and glistening with pre as his spent cock slapped against his fuzzy gray lower belly. He just couldn't take his eyes off of her maleness as she stood and shook her striped orange and earth colored coat, heavy testes still pulled tight in their furry sack while her shaft bobbed and leaked below her.

Chengse smiled down at him, offering him a hand up as he clumsily rolled over, limbs straining oddly as he rose on four legs for the first time. "Is everything alright? You look distracted." She said mischievously as she began to circle around him, tail batting as her ears flickered with excitement.

"Besides the fact that this doesn't seem possible?" Claxton panted, looking down at his forelegs, reaching down and feeling his new body with quizzical fascination.

"Yes, besides that . . ." The tigress purred, combing her fingers through the fur on his lower back, claws sliding down to rake impishly against his flanks,

Richard shook his head, trying to collect his thoughts as he twisted his surprisingly flexible hips to face her. What they had just done was by far the most pleasurable act he had ever even considered in his life . . . but there was still something missing, and it only got worse as he moved his feral thighs. "I think there's something, but . . . but, I don't know exactly what." His pink nostrils flared as he took in her scent almost automatically, the rich dusky aroma of her more masculine side sticking to his senses like darts into corkboard. "It's missing though. . ." He mused aloud, still panting as he tried to catch up to the present.

"Oh really, you don't have any ideas?" Her paw ran down to his furry posterior, making him purr as she rubbed in at the thick fur suggestively. "About why you might be a little hot, and wet, and needy?" Her cock pulsed underneath her as she crooned, leaking out a bead of odoriferous pre that dripped onto the forest floor with a heavy plap.

"I, uhh . . ." He scratched one of his arms as his cheeks fluffed up into a snow leopard's blush.

"Let's see here. It's certainly not this." She reached under him and grabbed his wet receding cock lewdly, brushing along the barbed tapering length. "No, no, and these already helped with your wonderful performance." She squeezed his exhausted plump feline testes in her palm. "Hmm . . ." She ran her clawed fingertips through his dense fur in mock contemplation. "Maybe it has something to do . . . with this?" Her leathery padded finger slipped against something nestled just behind his balls.

His tail fluffed up, standing straight out behind him in shock as all of his claws came out at once. A mewling gasp of pleasure escaped his muzzle as she gently pressed in at the edges of something incredibly sensitive. Slowly turning, bending his supple body in a gentle arc, he looked back, shining blue eyes widening in shock as he saw his hindquarters, focusing in on her fingertip as she gently teased the edges of his freshly formed feline femininity that pulsed with a wet sheen just behind his spent testicles.

"Oh, dear lord." The changed fox panted out, hind legs tensing and shifting his weight from paw to paw. "I'm a woman?" She gave him an exasperated look. "No, no. Err, I'm like you?"

"A whole person." She purred, leaning in against his haunches, bass rumble resonating through his spine. "And a beautiful one . . ." One paw followed down the length of his tail while her other rubbed against his fuzzy rump teasingly in brusque strokes, pressing in to either side of his glistening needy female cleft, making him pant and raise up his rear almost instinctually, breasts heaving as he panted.

"I just feel so . . ." He searched for words as she rubbed closer and closer to his femininity.

"Needy?" She queried, letting a padded digit brush against the sides of his tight slick feline labia, making the pink flesh quiver, causing his entire body tense as his tail pulled out of her grasp and batted around wildly.

"Yes." He squeaked, as she pressed in slightly harder, slickened suede finger pad spreading his labia gently and pressing in at the inner orifice revealed there. A buzzing purr built up in Claxton's chest as she wriggled her finger, other paw petting down his back, ruffling up his thick pelt and then sliding it smooth. She grinned as he balled his hands into fists and simply wriggled, not knowing exactly what to do with the powerful new sensations.

"You should learn what a complete body can do . . . How it can feel . . ." She slid her finger down, brushing over his plump nub of a clitoris, causing him to growl out a miniature roar, thick cock halting in its retreat as the white hot pleasure lanced through him: each one of her motions magnified a hundred fold as his wanting fleshy cleft tensed and leaked out clear slickness that ran down and matted the light fur of his tight rounded testes. "Would you care for a lesson?"

"A lesson?" Claxton chuckled. "In all my time in university, I don't think I've ever been offered a lesson like this." He let out a halting gasp as she stroked up and down the edges of his labia before circling his sensitive pink nub. "But you have my undivided attention." He spread his hind legs as best he could, looking over his shoulder with needful icy blue eyes.

"Good, good." Chengse's legs folded underneath her as she flopped to her side behind him, fire and mahogany pelt blazing in the light that seeped through the trees. "Let's see if I can help divide it then . . ." He felt her breath huffing against his backside in warm puffs as she licked her chops, emerald eyes beaming as she lapped out with her tongue, scraping up the length of his torrid pussy starting with its sensitive crown, rough tongue making the thick gray spotted fur on Claxton's back and neck puff up as his claws dug into the forest floor.

The new feline's ears folded back and his tail twitched around wildly as the tiger attacked his femininity from every imaginable angle, circling his folds, nibbling at his clit, and finally letting her practiced fingers spread him wide, heel of her hand resting against his plump testes as his shaft bobbed below him. She rest her tongue against that exposed inner orifice, pulsing, pressing in harder and harder before she slid inside of him, causing his muscles to twinge as she ground out, making him yowl at the rough contact.

Chengse smiled, reveling in his raw passionate reactions as she slid her pink tongue into his virgin folds. His female scent hung heavy in her senses, making her cock pulse and throb below her as she twisted around inside of him. His fluffy tail batted against her face as she huffed and teased, ears flickering while she kneaded in at the sides of his taut feline labia with firm undulating pressure.

That rough tongue scraping at his clenching passage made Claxton's own tongue flicker up, lapping out across his nose. He would have thought that such abrasive contact would be painful, but instead it just made a sweltering heat rise up inside of him. He leaned back against her panting muzzle, tail raised to give her better access as his own cock jostled against his furry belly almost unnoticed. It wasn't enough though, the prickly contact only exacerbating his need, failing to scratch the itch building up deep inside of his loins. "Please." He panted out. "Harder."

She chuckled, opening her fanged jaws wide and slamming into him with her tongue, grinding around his insides as his pink needy snatch writhed around her with twisting desire before she pulled back with one drawn out rasp. Tongue circling her lips noisily, she rose to her feet. "There's only so much a tongue can do, my sweet." She grabbed the tip of his tail and held the twitching appendage teasingly. "Somethings simply call for more _specialized_tools." She nibbled at his tail suggestively as her turgid cock throbbed, musky scent calling out to the changed vulpine. "So what do you say?" She let his tail tug from her grasp as she walked to his side and rubbed her own warm furry flanks against his own. "Should we see how well we fit together?"

"Chengse." He turned to face her, still slightly awkward on his ashen paws. "I don't know how any of this is happening, or the exact reasoning behind it." He looked into her emerald eyes with a sincere cerulean gaze. "But I know you've put it upon yourself to do me a favor, and . . . and I appreciate it." He finished somewhat lamely, rushing forwards and wrapping his arms around her, drawing her into a hug that she returned as their furry breasts pushed together.

"I no longer have any doubts that I've made the right choice." She beamed as she pulled him forwards into a passionate kiss, her muzzle turning to the side as their fangs clacked off of each other and their raspy tongues entwined.

Claxton could taste his own powerful femininity on her lips, and his insides were tight with knotted need as he purred, pulling back with a sly grin. "Then please, I'd love to uh . . . return the favor." He said with a blush, turning around and lowering his front paws, looking over his shoulder bashfully as he bared his slick feminine cleft, tail flickering about invitingly.

"I thought you'd never ask." The auburn tigress said with a predatory smile, sauntering up and squeezing at his rump playfully. "What's the use of being a complete person if you don't explore the benefits?" Her rear legs tensed as her forepaws grabbed in at his haunches, making him lurch slightly under the weight before he caught his footing, able to bear her surprisingly comfortably as her soft belly fur slid over his feral back.

His heart beat in his ears as his tail wriggled frenetically out from under her powerful thigh. Her warm body pulled so close to him made every fluffy follicle of his thick loose skin tingle as he braced his paws against her. Chengse's hands fell on his shoulders as her breath rang heavy in his plush ears, her lower body arching as he felt the slick wet tip of her member brush against his fluffy thigh, smearing it with a string of clear pre as she jostled herself into a better position on top of him.

The more experienced tigress felt her protege's whole body tense up as her maleness brushed against his velveteen testes. His reactions were so wonderfully authentic that it almost felt like it was her first time again as she pulled her hips up, cock grinding against his soft jostling flesh, making her grit her teeth to avoid rushing forwards with undue haste. It was adorable how his ears perked up and he moaned while her cock poked past his tender clitoris, sliding between his labial folds, feeling him quiver as she rested ever so precariously against his quivering inner orifice.

Claxton's breath caught in his throat as he braced his hips and she rocked forwards, pointed tip of her feline member sinking halfway into him in one smooth push. His insides clenched and his whiskers twitched at the smooth contact before she pulled back and sparks of pleasure blazed inside of him as her barbed cock scraped against his vaginal walls. The sensation made his entire body go wild, hind legs tensing up, hide shivering, pussy spasming with brute animal strength before she slid forwards again, spreading him a little wider as her cock throbbed, hot and full inside of him.

Gradually building up a steady thrusting pace, Chengse grit her teeth and hissed out a huffing stream of breath. He was just so tight, insides clamping around her length like a torrid silken vice. Her tail curled about behind her like a snake while she slid in deeper, taut furry orbs tightening against her body, her own pussy beginning to drip and glisten almost sympathetically. With halting heavy breaths, her forepaws wrapped around his barreled out lower chest, heavy leathery digits kneading at his tough loose skin through his plush gray fur.

Growling out a throaty purr, Claxton began to rock back against Chengse's heavy body, pangs of pain dissolving into heady pleasure as he was stretched out from the inside, tiny spines scraping and driving him mad with pleasure as the girthy base of her cock strained against his entrance a little further with each thrust. Her arms slowly wrapped around under his shoulders, sliding up to cup around his breasts, teasing his fleshy pink nipples between her deft fingers as her own warm mounds pressed against his back, sandwiched between them as they bucked together.

The snowy pelted leopard leaned back into her embrace, panting as he bared his fangs, growling out at the straining pleasure of her cock stuffing him fuller and fuller. His own member swung wildly about below him, leaking out beads of hot pre as her heavy testicles began to pat against his own. A bubbling warmth tingled in his feral belly as his insides tensed and pulled, spreading the effervescence through his body as his breaths began to come in ragged panting moans, head pressed back against her cream colored chin.

Their scents intertwined in the air around them: a lusty ever-present haze of musk and spice that filled their lungs as they rocked together. The dull green glow filtering through the canopy shone off both of their coats, ashy gray spots and orange cinnamon stripes pressed together into one writhing mass, tails twitching as each matched the other's wild enthusiasm.

Chengse's hind paws dug into the ground under her as her other limbs squeezed around Claxton's body. The once-fox spread his stance wide and braced his front paws as she shoved in, slick member sinking all the way inside of him, her furry sheath tickling his labia as her thrusts became smaller and faster. The buzzing tickling of her barbs catching again and again along his entire passage made him yowl out a wordless feline ululation of bliss as his insides tugged and then halted for a second, his entire body waiting on the precipice for some unheard caesura before crashing into the wildly clenching throes of his first female orgasm.

The more practiced tiger didn't stand a chance against his wild fervor, his torrid inner walls gripping around her in halting undulating pulses as she slammed in for the last time. Her testes writhed against his own as she strained, firing out hot pressured gouts of seed into his wildly needy insides, claws on her front paws prickling against his skin as her whole body tensed on top of him. Chengse growled and strained, filling Claxton with waves of heat as he clenched and wriggled in her grasp, chest heaving as her fingers groped against the jostling flesh of his breasts.

It was simply too much for Claxton to bear, his insides boiling with bliss, stretched perfectly wide and filled to the brim with molten love. He mewled out haltingly as his own furry testes tightened against her own before a lance of heat flashed up through his cock and he began to spatter out glistening musky dollops of hot feline jizzum onto the forest floor. The extra stimulation made his pussy go wild as it clenched and crushed in time with Chengse's thick cock as well as his own, all muscles wildly milking her length, overwhelming her senses until her own feline cleft glistened and dripped, pulsing as she came, balmy slickness dribbling down her balls and seeping onto Claxton's own as both sets twisted and churned.

Cascading waves of bliss crashed over their two writhing bodies, egging them on and drawing out their glorious coupling for what felt like a miniature infinity. The slick fullness and tight wrenching pulls were complimented by the feeling of their soft pelts rubbing together and their heavy dual-natured scents hanging redolent in the air amid the guttural growling cries of howling ecstasy.

After every last mote of energy had been coaxed from her body, Chengse pulled backwards, spines tickling Claxton's insides in a teasing goodbye as she slid off of him. She stretched, forepaws reaching out and raking at the ground as she raised her arms over her head and cricked her neck from side to side. Claxton shook his body as well, catching his breath, tail twitching as he turned to face the grinning tigress.

"So . . . what happens now?" The once fox asked curiously, watching as his lover picked up her bags and slung them over her back just behind her hips.

"Now we have a long walk ahead of ourselves." She slowly padded forwards, grabbing her bow and beckoning him to follow.

"Right . . ." He grabbed his bag, pausing at his discarded clothes before leaving them behind, padding along behind her, slowly getting used to his new oddly fluid gait, echoes of pleasure tingling as his pink cock receded. "So . . . how to put this . . . Why me?"

"Hmm . . ." Chengse pondered with a low purr. "To put this simply, ours is a tribe that lives in isolation, but we don't wish to live in ignorance of the entire world. Once in every generation or so, we invite an outsider, usually a natural philosopher or great thinker, to join us so that we may learn from them."

"But surely there are greater minds than mine in the world!" The snowy leopard protested.

"Possibly . . ." The tigress acquiesced. "It's not really the greatness of the mind we care for, but how they might help us to live better, more peaceful lives. And . . . we have made great progress after meeting with a certain foxish gentleman some fifteen years ago. A scholar of sorts who was determined to find our village."

"Wait, you couldn't mean that . . ." Claxton's icy eyes widened in disbelief.

"Let's just say that I'm sure at least one person in the tribe will support my decision to let you in." She smiled back at him, laughing at the strange look of wonderment that crept over his features.

"I . . ." Claxton began hopping from paw to paw like an eager kitten. "How far away are we going? Could we . . . Oof!" His paw slipped from beneath him and he fell to the side, landing with a crunch.

"We're more than half a day out." She laughed as she helped him up. "I've heard it can take some time to grow used to a complete body, so let us just take our time."

"Sure . . . Right, sorry. I got a bit ahead of myself." Claxton smiled sheepishly. "This is all just so unbelievable!"

"It's fine." Chengse walked beside him, tail batting against his own. "Besides. With such a journey ahead of us, we may have time to take a little _break_together." Her hand rubbed over the fur of his flanks suggestively.

Claxton's fuzzy cheeks brushed out into a blush as he reached down and squeezed her paw in his own, walking with her as he slowly arranged all of the questions percolating in his mind. For now though, he simply remained silent, enjoying the sublime feeling of a bright future spreading out before the both of them.

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