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Story by Natsuru on SoFurry

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Every now and then, a dragon doesn't just want to continue being a top; maybe he just wants to be take, and become someone's bitch. And what better way to do that, than to have a friend help with that need. In this new story, the dragon Natsuru Drake visits his monkey friend, Yesul Wonsung-i, and to the two get it on like true friends.

Natsuru Drake and story idea ©

Yesul Wonsung-i © Siriusandpyri

The knob on the door twisted and turned; a clicking sound signified that the door was unlocked. The door slowly opened and walked in was the dragon, Natsuru Drake, and following right behind him was his monkey friend, Yesul Wonsung-i. The two stood within the latter's own apartment, and Natsuru looked around in amazement of how spacious and nice looking the place was. He gave whistle, "This is one good looking place you live in, Yesul. And looks quite expensive to boot." The monkey chuckled, "Well, I did work really hard to get enough money to buy this place, before someone else could." The smile on the simian's face had switched over to a look of smugness, "But let's get to the point; you're not here to just check out how great my place is."

The dragon chuckled for a minute before turning himself around to face the monkey; a smirk now present on his face. "You caught on quick there, monkey boy, hehe. Where's your room?" Yesul pointed to the right to a door, with a sign on it that said 'Privacy: do not enter unless given permission.' Entering the room, Natsuru took a moment to look around within it, until he spotted a box on the bed. Walking over to it, the dragon opened the box and sported a big grin on his face upon doing so. What he saw within the box were many different dildos, a ball gag, handcuffs, anal beads, collars, and many more. "Oh wow, so many sex toys", the dragon started to drool; "I want to use them all, hehe."

"Hehe, well somebody sure is eager", Yesul snickered as he watched his friend stripping; "But now that just leaves who will be taking the dominant role." Pondering a solution to decide who would be the top and who would be the bottom, Yesul suggested they should have a sing off; his k-pop versus Natsuru's j-pop. "I'll be the bottom", the dragon said suddenly. Yesul was surprised by this; he didn't expect for the dragon to be one to bottom for someone. "Well, usually whenever I'm banging another man, I'm always the top and that can get old at times", Natsuru explained as he'd gotten out of his pants. "So I figured I should let my sexy monkey friend tame me, hehe. Besides, if we would've done that sing off, I would've lost anyway since I'm tone deaf." Yesul snickered as he started to strip out of clothes, "Well with that said, that just makes me feel special."

As the monkey was removing every inch of clothing from his body, the dragon was rummaging through the box to see what toy they could start with. Before he could actually pick one out, everything had suddenly become dark around him, "What the...did the power just suddenly go out?" Instead of getting a proper answer, Natsuru felt his arms get pulled behind his back, and his hands being cuffed. He tried breaking the cuffs off from his wrists by pulling them apart, but stopped once he felt himself being pulled down to his knees; his face was brought over to Yesul's cock. "This is what you wanted; to be tamed by me, right?" The dragon had come to realized that this was all Yesul's doing; the simian blindfolded him and cuffed his hands behind his back. "Since you're a dragon that would mean that you have a serpentine-like tongue. How about you use that tongue of yours to please your master?"

The tone of Yesul's voice was different than before, as it sounded a lot deeper and menacing than before. Natsuru felt intimidated and even fear from the monkey's sudden brooding personality, but those emotions quickly vanished. The dragon smirked as this was exactly what he wanted; the chance of being taken as someone's bottom bitch, and he honestly liked how sinister Yesul sounded. The dragon sniffed along the monkey's cock; the musky scent wafted its way through his nostrils. The smell was intoxicating to him and it was turning him on, as his flaccid cock started to become erect, "Whatever you say, master."

Bringing out his tongue, the dragon licked up along the monkey's shaft; snaking his tongue up and down around the flesh. Natsuru brought his mouth around the side of the shaft, as he started sucking on the base, while his tongue continued to vertically stroke along the meaty flesh. "Mmph, good boy", Yesul remarked; with an eye closed and grin on his face, the monkey tilted his head back, and let out moans of pleasure. The dragon sucked upwards along the base, until he was directly sucking under the head. The reptile retracted some length of his tongue back; leaving whatever length that was out to snake around the head, and sent the tip of it into the piss slit.

"Ngh", Yesul's grip on the dragon's head had tightened; he'd never been stimulated in that way before, and it felt so good to him. Moving himself up to the head, Natsuru's lips were placed on the side of the head, rather than taking it all into his mouth; giving off the impression that he was kissing it. That action of his was brief though, as he immediately engulfed the whole head and continued his sucking from there, but only focusing on the head. His sucking combined with the licking and the tip of the tongue still within the piss slit, caused Yesul to produce more blissful moans, and even though it couldn't be seen, Natsuru was being smug through his concealed eyes. The monkey, however, could tell that the dragon was teasing him, and decided to "punish" him.

Grasping one of his horns, Yesul forced the reptile take all of his length; deep throating him all the way down to his balls, "Ngh...consider this...your punishment for...daring to tease me." With every inch thrusting through his throat, Natsuru gagged and moaned around the shaft; sending vibrations to course along it. Natsuru's tongue had completely retracted back within his mouth, and even the tip of it was removed from the piss slit, but it was still used to lick along the harden rod due to the forced bobbing. Despite being forced to deep throat the entire length, Natsuru didn't mind it at all and seemed to be enjoying it.

Picking up the pace, Yesul made the dragon suck his cock faster, which in turn made him choke as the length went further down his throat. Being taking in such a manner was such a thrill to Natsuru; his own hardened cock throbbed and twitched, and as much as he wanted to jerk himself off that was impossible for him to do since his hands were cuffed behind his back. To achieve some pleasure for himself, the best option the dragon could think of was to use his tail to jerk himself off. As he sent his tail out towards his cock, Yesul used his free hand to grab ahold of it; being mindful of the spikes on it, and kept the dragon from achieving extra ecstasy.

Not being able to tend to his cock was torture to the dragon; there was nothing he could do, but just leave it to throb. The only thing Natsuru could do, was just endure having inches of cock thrusting back and forth through his throat, and tasting precum that was emitted out onto his tongue. With his orgasm built up and pre shooting out, the monkey became aware that he would ejaculate soon, but needed the extra satisfaction to cum. "Hey dragon should use...your tongue...again. Just because I'm...deep throating you...didn't mean you...had to stop." Natsuru hadn't noticed until now that he had stopped licking his friend's cock, as he instinctively stopped upon being deep throated. Following the monkey's order, the dragon snaked his tongue around the shaft, and motioned it to move up and down along the length in time with the thrusting.

With the added stimulation, Yesul moaned out louder through his gritted teeth, and more pre was seeping out in quantities. The warm breath, motions of the tongue, and vibrating moans of dragon really helped the monkey just about reach his peak, and with the simian's hold on the horn tightened, Yesul shoved Natsuru all the way down to his balls; nearly making the reptile engulf them. "NGH", the monkey moaned out, as he ejaculated a stream of his seed; rushing down his friend's throat. Natsuru choked from how much seed was shooting down his throat, and as much as he tried to swallow it all, it was just too much for him to handle; semen was already spilling out from his mouth and down the monkey's balls. The dragon attempted to pry himself off from his friend's cock, but Yesul kept him pinned down; making sure that every drop of his seed was guzzled down.

With his orgasm dying down and feeling that the dragon was fed enough of his seed, Yesul stood on his feet as he pulled Natsuru away from his cock; the reptile coughed upon be free. The monkey briefly smirked down at his friend, before walking over to the other end of his room, where he placed the dragon against the wall; releasing his hold from Natsuru's horn. "Now I suppose you know what's to come next", the dragon's ears twitched as he listened to Yesul's sinister sounding tone; he could almost even hear an evil sounding chuckle. In response to that, Natsuru simply smirked as he presented himself and wagged his tail to the monkey behind him, "I eagerly accept for you to take me...Master, heh."

"Heh, someone's been a really good pet. And a good pet deserves a gift." Natsuru's ears had twitched once again upon hearing a clicking sound, and then realized that his gift was a collar placed around his neck. "Now this should make things more interesting", Yesul grinned as he held onto the leash. The monkey grabbed ahold his friend's tail; once again being mindful of the spikes, as he positioned his cock at the dragon's tailhole. As he sent his cock forward, Yesul teased the dragon by poking the entrance, which caused Natsuru to gasp out, "The safe word is apple." Yesul started to slowly penetrate through the dragon's entrance; Natsuru groaned as he gritted his teeth upon feeling a bit of the head enter him. Taking notice to his friend's expression, the monkey's grin grew as he decide to give a little shove; allowing the rest of the head to enter, "GAH, CHERRY!"

Yesul was unsure if his friend accidentally or intentionally said that, but that didn't really matter too much for him. For not saying the correct safe word, Yesul thrust every inch of his cock inside of the dragon; fast and hard. Natsuru moaned out loudly from sudden and quick intrusion, and he felt his neck get yanked back from the leash being pulled back. The monkey pulled himself out to the head, only to immediately thrust himself back inside, and did the same way he did it the first time. Thrusting his shaft through the dragon's tight passage; stretching the anal walls apart. With every pump hard pump gave, Yesul would yank the leash back, and be rewarded with his friend letting out more moans.

Natsuru was lucky for two things; the first being that it was a good thing that he lubed up Yesul's cock, which made the hard thrusts inside him feel less painful. The second was having his eyes covered up, so that his simian friend wouldn't be able to see the tears he emitted from the slight pain he felt, but aside from that he really like being "taken" from someone he was close with. Despite the fun he was having, Natsuru couldn't help but feel torture as his own cock throbbed, and with every thrust of the monkey's shaft going deeper inside him, only made the dragon's shaft throb more and more. Natsuru wanted nothing more than to jerk himself off, but with his hands cuffed and not being in control of himself, that left him with only one thing to do.

" dick...please...jerk" Yesul's grin couldn't get even bigger; hearing Natsuru beg to him made the monkey snicker. After giving another hard thrust and pulling the leash back, Yesul got within ear level of the dragon and whispered, "Not sure if I can comply with that request of yours, as you know, both of my hands are full at the moment." The monkey simultaneously yanked the leash while he gave another hard thrust, causing Natsuru to release an even louder moan; Yesul licked his own lips afterwards. "Although, since you've been a god pet, I guess there?s some other part of me that I could use to satisfy your need." Yesul's expression changed to that of a smug, as he sent his tail out to tie around the dragon's cock tightly; giving the meaty flesh a squeeze, "Ah aaahhh!"

With his tail, Yesul started to stroke up and down along the dragon's shaft at a medium pace, and from there he started fucking the reptile's ass faster and harder. The somewhat loud slapping sounds of his balls smacking against the dragon's ass echoed throughout the room. Natsuru's tongue was hanging out from the side of his mouth; releasing more moans of pleasure from such sensation. For his cock to finally have some much needed attention felt so satisfying to the dragon, as his cock already started to emit some pre from being so pent up; if Yesul had his tail jerk him off faster, then he would've cum right then and there.

With how far Yesul's cock had thrust, the dragon could feel the head nearly poking at his prostate. Every fast and hard pump would cause his anal walls to close against the simian's cock in defense, causing Yesul to grit his fangs and shut one of his eyes tightly. It didn't take long for him to started emitting pre as well, but the little bits of semen did make for some good extra lube. More hard pumps forward and eventually the head made contact with Natsuru's prostate; causing the dragon to squeal out as he received more pokes to his sensitive spot. The reptile gritted his fangs and proceeded to groan through them, as his body was rapidly thrust back and forth. More pre emitted from the dragon's cock, due to not only getting fucked fast and rough, but also due to the fact that Yesul's tail was jerking him off faster; almost in time with the monkey's humping.

With his grip on the both the leash and Natsuru's tail tightened, Yesul gave his one last, hard thrust at the dragon's prostate; with the walls closing tight against the monkey's cock afterward, and his own tail squeezed tightly around the dragon's cock. "NGH", they both grunted as they simultaneously climaxed; the monkey coating every part of the reptile's inside with his seed, while the dragon's seed shot out onto the floor and the wall in front of him. Within a few minutes, their orgasm was beginning to come to an end; Yesul removed himself from his friend's ass, and watched as some of his seed dribbled out from the dragon's tailhole and down his legs.

With his friend out of him, Natsuru gave a sigh of relief and allowed himself to fall onto his knees. He gave a few a pants before smirking, and briefly chuckled while Yesul started to uncuff the dragon's hands, "So, I take it you enjoyed being taken for the first time." With the handcuffs removed, Natsuru rubbed his wrists as he got himself back up on his feet, "Heh, yeah I did and from how you were acting, you really seemed to have enjoyed it too." The monkey gave a snicker as he walked over to his bed, while Natsuru started to untie and remove the blindfold from his eyes, "But alas, as much fun as that was, the fun is now over."

"Well, who said the fun needed to end?" Bringing his attention to the monkey, Natsuru saw Yesul holding in his hands one of his dildos and ball gag, as well as the handcuffs he removed from the dragon's hands, "We could...go another round and make use of these, hehe." Yesul's tail moved out from behind his back, with a video camera tied to end of it, "We could even record it this time for...memories and maybe even share with our friends." Natsuru stood speechless for only a minute, before nodding his head as he gave a smug look. "Sure thing, but since we're going to change things up, I think now would be a good time for me to change my form."

After a few minutes had gone by, Natsuru was lied down on his friend's bed, but now he had shapeshift into his dingo form. His hands were cuffed once again and tied around the bed headboard, and the ball gag was in his mouth; apparently Natsuru volunteered to be the bottom again. The collar was still around his neck and the leash was being held by Yesul, who was riding up and down the along the dingo's cock, while his free hand was thrusting his vibrating dildo through his tailhole. The moans that Natsuru released were muffled, while the monkey moaned and grunted through his teeth. And behind the two was Yesul's camera; recording everything that was being done, and for all those they were close friends with to see in the future.


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