Lonna's Play Session

Story by Rick Coona on SoFurry

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This is a little sexy "play session" between three of my characters.

this deals with light D/s, BDSM and nipple piercing

all parties are Concenting, this is a play session

if this does not interest you than skip it,

otherwise... Enjoy

it was a fun little scene to write


"So Kenny, feeling ready to put Lonna through her paces?" Anna asked as they made their way up the stairs

"Well I will do my best love are you going to sit in on this session or will it just be a one-on-one with the sexy little housekeeper" Ken asked Anna grinned.

"Let's find out, shall we?" she trilled stopping at Lonna's door giving her special knock.

"Anna! come in, Oh hello Ken please, do come in..me" the dormouse finished with almost a whisper as the two skunks entered her room.

"So, Lonna. what did you have in mind for our little session?" Ken asked seeing the blush pinking Lonna's ears.

"Well, um actually, I'd love ya to tie me down and just have yer way with me sir, Ya see that large metal ring above the headboard? I'd like ya to bind my wrists to it then, perhaps flog me a bit? it gets me so worked up it does..." The Dormouse said bringing out a lovely high quality leather flogger with 40 straps of soft leather at least a foot and a half long secured to a stout elegantly carved wooden handle that resembled a rather impressive phallus. handing it to Ken who took it hefting the weight and giving it a snap over his head to thwack resoundingly across his shoulders.

"Nice and thuddy, this." he nodded approvingly Lonna wiggled her hips feeling herself suddenly getting very wet, the aroma of her arousal starting to waft into the room from her steamy loins.

"Lonna, would you like this to just be a one on one with Kenny here or would you like me to be here too?" Anna asked "I could just watch if you liked?" she added

"Oh Miss Anna! it would...it would add so much if you would stay! I think it may get me off all the more knowing someone was watching." the mouse said hugging her friend.

"Wonderful. I know Ken will do just what you wish. just tell him and remember your safe word." Anna advised

"Ach, tis Cheddar!" the blushing mouse said grinning at the skunks

"Of course it is." Ken chuckled "That is one thing you will never forget no matter how deep into subspace you go. well done Lonna. Ken grinned drawing the housekeeper into a full body hug, Trilling Lonna melted into it.

"Now then, how would you like this little play session to unfold?" Ken asked kissing her on the top of her head.

"oh!... let me think here." Lonna said starting to pace "Now let's see... should it be punishment? Or perhaps a 'capture the wench' session, or...." Lonna got pensive grinning as a blush scampered across her cheeks.

"Would you be up for doing me a real solid Ken? and incorporating it into the play session?"

"Possably, what did you have in mind Lonna?" Ken asked looking at Anna a moment.

"Well...I have always wanted ta get one of me nipples pierced. I got the kit and everything, but haven't been brave enough to do it to meself as of yet.... I was hoping you could do that for me as part of our play session. It would make it ever so much more special and memorable if you could see your way clear to do this for me, kind sir?" Lonna asked going down on one knee holding one hand to her heart and one out to the handsome skunk.

"oh I opted for a nice fourteen gauge ring surgical steel with a faceted amethyst bead closure. I think it would look very pretty though the kit also comes with a standard stainless steel ball as well."

"well..okay, let me see what's involved. wow that's a big needle.." Ken said holding up the sterile packaging, then reading the step by step instructions "Which side would you like it on Lonna?" he asked

"Me Left Tit, if ya please, sir?" the saucy mouse winked with a grin. She began by.opening her house robe and cupping the breast in her hand. Ken leaned in to examine the target area, teasing it with his finger and thumb to stand proud and stiff. He brought the ring up to see how well it would match.

"You know this is going to hurt, right?" he asked. Lonna grinned.

"What's a bit of pain between friends? I think it sharpens me release but if you are worried about that, don't--I can do it meself if you are not comfortable doing it, just thought it would make the experience more memorable."

"No no, we can do this if you want, besides, you have given this enough thought and were planning on doing it anyway--so why not give you something to remember me by?" Ken grinned evilly; the look made Lonna's knees weak with excitement.

"Ach, thank ye sir! I always knew you were one of the good ones." Lonna said, hugging him tight.

"So... where is your rope?" Ken asked. Lonna handed him some very soft and pliable half-cm pure hemp rope--it was dyed a vivid scarlet that looked very striking against the mouse's grey fur

Ken deftly started with an overhand knot leaving the loop open and laid it over Lonna's wrists then looped the rope under her wrists and through the loop binding her wrists over and over not drawing it tight but keeping it loose enough he could slip a finger between the coils and her wrists. After seven or eight loops he pulled the short end of the loop closed the knot cinched. He could binding the mousey's wrists without discomfort, finishing the knot with a square not securing the binding and making a hitching loop on the other end of the rope to slop through the ring on the wall.

"How is that you nifty wench?" Ken asked as Lonna pretended to struggle.

"Ach! I'm bound! I--I can't get free, I am at your mercy good sir!" Lonna cried getting into the scene.

"Indeed you are sweet little mousey, but never try and appeal to a person's better nature..." He chuckled reaching for the flogger. "They may not have one!" he declared, cracking the flogger to land with a meaty thud across the mouse's back.

Lonna let loose with a throaty moan, arching her back and struggling against her restraints as the flogger fell over and over, getting the mouse wetter and wetter her rising heat burning in her loins Ken reached out to fondle his captives sex finding it drenched.

"Well well well, seems the little mousey likes a good flogging; she must have been a very naughty girl to deserve a visit from me." Lonna moaned at his touch. Anna grinned, enjoying the show.

"Ach, please sir, I'm innocent I tell ya, a case of mistaken identity it must be!" Lonna begged "Oim a good girl sir, I--I was just on my way...to see me poor old granny!"

"Then why were you brought to me?" Ken asked delivering two rapid swats to the mouse's ass cheeks causing her to squeak in both shock and delight.

"I"ve never done anything...oh yessss" Lonna trilled as Ken stroked the handle of the flogger between her wet, dripping lips, sliding the shaft between them.

"A good girl would not react this way, now would she my dear?" Ken asked as Lonna shuddered

"Um yes sir, unh I mean No sir, uh... I don't really know sir!" she begged. Getting lost in her arousal this was far more delicious than Lonna was anticipating.

"I swear, I'm innocent!"

Ken delivered four more thuddy whacks to her left and right side, the straps wrapping around her ribs to lightly slap her nipples. Lonna shrieked, shivering all over. Gods she was close, she thought to herself..

"You are only 'innocent' because I haven't had my way with you yet!" Ken said, leaning down before gently nipping her closest ear . Lonna howles as her first orgasm of the session unexpectedly broke over her like a rogue wave smashing her senses as she writhed in her release.

Turning to Anna, Ken grinned "Well, that's one" he chuckled. Anna silently applauded. as he turned back to his captive.

"It would seem that this is no pure innocent girl, but a hot wanton wench I have before me. isn't that true my dear?" Ken asked lifting her muzzle with the handle of the flogger. Lonna's eyes were glazed with lust despite her unexpected release.

"Not as innocent as she protests, would you say?" he asked, leaning in to kiss her. Lonna tried to pull away to no avail for she was well secured to the ring and had to endure the forceful kiss. She managed to hold out to the count of five before submitting and kissing the handsome skunk back with a passion. Ken broke the kiss with a chuckle.

"Ach, oy have never been kissed like that in me life!" Lonna gasped, breathing hard as her arousal ratcheted up a notch from her earlier plateau.

"Well don't worry my dear. I am sure that won't be the only thing you haven't done in your life by the time I am done with you. For tonight you are my play toy, please me and you may yet leave this chamber a free woman...for the other choice is...unfortunate for one such as you. So sweet and succulent you would fare poorly I suspect, in the colony. For the beasts we send there, you wouldn't last a week." Ken chuckled at the fear in her eyes.

"No! I beg you sir! I--I'll do anything ya can't send me to that god forsaken place I'll do anything you ask, please! Not that! I beg you for the love of god...," Lonna begged in such heartfelt sincerity it almost knocked Ken out of character.

"Then do your best to please me wench, or come the sunrise you shall be sent away never to be seen again." Ken said patting the mouse girl between the ears as he walked around the bed appraising her.

"Could... would it be permitted to know what oy am accused of?" she asked.

"Oh, I suppose I can make an exception in your case, being I think you have some talent, " Ken said, stepping over to the desk and picking up a piece of random paper, a grocery list, and 'reading' the charges

"You are accused of seducing and abandoning the lord mayor's son, seems the poor lad is said to be dying of a broken heart, or some other malady contracted in the company of low women." Ken chuckled at the look of shock and outrage that played over Lonna's features.

"What?! That halfwit moron accused me of that?" Lonna spat. "He couldn't find his own ass with both hands and a puppy!" she raged, "I told him one day iffin he knew the difference betwixt his ass and a hole in the ground?" Him being born without a clue didn't know, so I enlightened him. I said Stick yer finger in the hole and walk away; if it follows you, it's your ASS!"

Despite himself Ken chuckled.

"...and then you spirited him away and stole away his innocence for your own carnal pleasures, and went on to suck the life out of him, is that it?" Ken asked.

"I wouldn't give that idiot so much as a by your leave, sure, he tried to put his grubby mitts on my tits, ripped me blouse open right there in the town square no less! But oy was having none of it I slapped him right proper I did, and the moron just sat there and cried like a baby! No sir, I'll have none of that so I walked off in a huff. ask Mary Stewart, she saw the whole thing she was standing at the well drawing a bucket of water." Lonna said as she sat up resting on her haunches.

"Mary Stewart you say?" Ken asked picking up another random sheet.

"Ah here we are, testimony of one Mary Stewart says she's a tavern wench. Not the most reliable I suppose, let's see here..." Ken paused pretending to read the account "Ah, here we go "Lonna approached the lord mayor's son and exposed her bounteous bosom to the poor innocent lad and placed his hands upon them, making the most lewd and wanton suggestions right there in the town square. When he rebuffed her, she slapped him and stormed off, her pink-nippled ta-tas on full display to god and everyone."

"What! That scheming conniving Tart! and I thought she was me friend!" Lonna declared indignantly

"Well, at least your claim of slapping him matches up.

"Please sir, I don't know why she would speak untruly but Gavin is such a crude beast perhaps oy am the only lass in the town that would not submit to his pawings, if that is a crime than..." Lonna fell silent.

"Is that a confession?" Ken grinned "or do I have to flog and fuck it out of you.!" he demanded.

"If taking your brutish carnal pleasures with me is the only way I can exonerate myself, than good sir, I say bring it on." Lonna snarled with a hunger Ken had never seen in a femmes eyes.

Oh, and what would such a supposedly innocent slip of a girl such as yourself know of my carnal desires?" Ken asked running his hand over her breasts and down her belly.

"Oy'm no moon-eyed Virgin, if that's what you are implying! Oy have had me fun in the fields on mayday." Lonna groaned, not as 'innocently' as she had before. "So I am not entirely ignorant in a man's embrace." Lonna trilled

"Well than let's just see what you are capable of shall we my dear?" Ken chuckled removing his robe and exposing his rampant cock to the mouse's view.

"Lord and Lady, tis a monster you planning on attacking me with?" she asked not seeming able to take her eyes off Ken's impressive penis. he reached out and touched her on the nose. Lonna immediately looked him in the eyes a huge grin on her muzzle

"you doing okay hon?" he asked the concern in his voice evident.

"oh yeah, this is going ever so well. oy am really getting into this one.tis the most fun oy've had in a while."

you remember your safe word?" Ken asked

"Cheddar, sir."

"Good girl, shall we get back to it?" Ken asked. Lonna nodded and Ken removed his finger from her nose. The game was afoot once more.

Ken knelt on the bed reached out drawing the mouse's head to his crotch Lonna wasted no time showing her oral skills frankly taking Ken by surprise the girl seemingly had no gag reflex!

After five minutes of this onslaught Ken pulled her back a moment.

"Hope you are thirsty, girl, get ready to drink me down. Ken roared, tapping her on the back of the head. Lonna drew in a deep lungful of air and Ken hilted himself in her muzzle. A moment later he erupted. Lonna's eyes went wide from feeling the powerful ejaculation. Swallowing rapidly, the dormouse housekeeper almost orgasmed at the volume being force fed down her throat. Ken pulled her back, his last few spurts painting the light grey fur of her breasts.

"We are truly thankful for the gifts we received, Master inquisitor." Lonna panted, recovering her breath.

"Well done, wench!" Ken exclaimed,seeming very impressed with the mouse's performance "From what I am seeing, you already have one foot out the door..." Ken saw the delighted smile on her face.

"my thanks you fed me well, twas getting a bit peckish I was, you are very kind to this poor lass."

Lonna bent her head and kissed the head of Ken's cock.

"Well, let the record show the lass knows her place. you have several more 'examinations before you win your freedom girl and then there is the proof of exoneration to perform, but we shall discuss that if and when you get there. for once presented with proof of exoneration, no one shall ever again accuse you quite a prize wouldn't you say?" Ken asked placing two fingers under her chin to rase her muzzle looking in her eyes Lonna gasped--Ken's features looked as hard and

impassive as stone! had she done something wrong?

"...Sir?" she asked suddenly uncertain.

Ken reached out roughly cupping the mouse's soft Tits in an uncomfortable grip leaning in to look first at the left, then examined the right breast he head in his firm grip just this side of painful the rough treatment was fanning the flames of Lonna's arousal once again before Ken's grip on the left increased rubbing his thumb over the erect nipple stiffening it almost painfully he leaned in and licked it once, twice, three times before latching on to suck it hard as if trying to draw water from a dry well. Ken bit down, not hard enough to draw blood, but hard enough to make Lonna yelp Ken drew a breath through his mouth chilling the hot wet nipple and sending waves of electricity jolting to Lonna's crotch.

Lonna moaned deeply rocking her hips if only she could touch herself...

drawing back Ken examined the tasty tit in his grip. and nodded to himself.

"Lay a grip on the headboard wench, tis time to examine your more _feminine_qualities." Ken leered as Lonna quickly complied.

"Good to see you are both quick, and compliant, all good qualified on a femme." he said getting in position behind her reaching out he cupped her breasts rolling her stiff nipples between his thumb and forefinger Lonna rocked her hips against the skunks crotch moaning softly, before receiving a painful pinch to her sensitive buds.

"Behave yourself or I will have to flog you again." Ken instructed. Lonna once again rocked her hips against the shaft of the inquisitor a lusty grin playing across her muzzle. Ken suddenly released her breasts, the sharp thuddy thwack of the flogger played across her back in rapid deliciously thuddy strokes Lonna yelped in surprise then moaned as each stroke brought her arousal higher and higher

"You will learn to be obedient and compliant wench." Ken snarled really laying into her "Or face the consequences of my disapproval!"

"Mercy!" Lonna begged under the high speed assault of the flogger Ken had stood holding it by the strap and using a figure eight cross body stroke laying the straps from right shoulder to left hip, then right hip to left shoulder in one continuous set of strokes.

after five more Ken relented Lonna was shivering all over with unbridled lust.

"Will you do as you are TOLD?" Ken asked

"Yes..._ master _." Lonna breathed her whole body slumping in her admission.

"So... Am I to be your master now?" Ken asked with a sardonic chuckle.

Aya...Sir, Do with me as you will. I'll not be disobedient for ya." the dormouse said sounding dejected.

"Chest down, Rump up. Tail high, Put yourself on display!" Ken ordered.

Ken openly admired the mouse's haunch on full display for his pleasure her sex was drenched, the lovely furry globes of her ass like fine peaches Ken dropped to his knees patting her rump fondly.

"Well than lets see what my new property tastes like?" he chuckled. Gripping the base of her tail with one hand, slowly rhythmically tugging then leaning in delivering a loong slow lick to lonnas nethers lonna bit into her ropes to keep herself from betraying her ecstasy at being licked. for she Loved being licked and from what she was witnessing '_master'_Ken was very good at it!

"ooh gods sir, oym gonna cum again.." she moaned in a deep throaty voice.

"Not Yet you won't." Ken said stipping to deliver a stinging slap to her left butt cheek lonna yelped in surprise, the slap only pushing her quicker towards her release. Ken rubbed the stinging flesh lovingly

"compliant and obedient girls, don't get sent to the colonies to be raped to death by the slavering savage beasts who have no place on civilized society..." Ken cooed as if talking to a young child. Lonna shivered as a wave of fear raced down her spine chilling her blood to ice water.

"Yes Master, I'll do what you wish, only please..." the fear in the mouse's voice was palpable. Ken chuckled deep in hes throat.

"Good... Good little mousey. Please me and you will earn freedom from the colonies..." he purred. then hilted himself in her quivering sex wit one quick thrust the shock of the sudden assault combined with the fear and arousal sent her sailing over the precipice of a titanic full body orgasmic release.

Turning to Anna he grinned "That makes Two."

"I think she's going to need some water." Anna whispered standing next to the bed watching the dormouse shiver as the last of her orgasm washed away. "I'll be right back." Anna said as Ken grunted, pulling free and laying next to Lonna, caressing her breasts and belly as she recovered.

Anna returned with a bottle of sports drink, handing it to Ken before taking her seat for round three.

"Lonna...Lonna," Ken crooned as the Dormouse was roused from her post orgasmic stupor.

Lonna looked at Ken and smiled. "thought ya had kilt me there master, inquisitor."

"Welcome back Sweet Wench," he said. "I have something for you." He handed her the bottle she gave it a strange look

"What sort of mystical alchemy me this?" she asked sniffing the open bottle.

"Drink it wench, twill restore your vitality for the last part of the examination and determine your fate." he said as she looked down.

"Aya master..." she said meekly and compliantly drank it down

"Aah, thank you twas just the healing draught me poor abused body needed to get me through your, wonderfully carnal examinations." she grinned, despite herself.

"Well then it should please you that you have made a very favorable impression on me and you are correct in your assessment of the lord mayor's son; Gaven is a simpleton and pitched a fit to daddy when you rebuked him in such a public forum. Which was why I was called in they want you gone from here for you stood up to him and are thus deemed a danger to the status quo. All that is needed is my seal on your documents and you are off on a one way trip to rape town..."

"No! Sir...Master I beg you, you said I pleased you and haven't I done enough to win my freedom?" the dormouse cowered, begging for her life.

Ken just looked at her impassively.

"...Sir?" Lonna pleased in a voice barely above a whisper, voicing her last hope.

"You have performed admirably in all the examinations put before you, but for you to truly be free, you must freely accept the proof of exoneration. Once accepted it may never be removed, do you understand? It shall forever remind you of the pain and pleasure you have endured during your ordeal under my examination. But, as all things in this life you have a choice..." Ken paused dramatically

Lonna scarcely drew breath.

"You may choose to wear the proof of exoneration, or if you fear the pain to be too great, then you may choose to be exiled to the colonies.

"W--what is this proof?" lonna managed to ask.

Ken brought out the piercing kit and Lonna's eyes went wide.

"You will submit to having your left nipple pierced and wear this ring as proof that you have been exonerated from all charges, or you may choose the colonies... what shall it be my dear? Are you strong enough to have your delicate flesh run through with a searing needle? I'm told the pain is...exquisite."

Ken leered, reaching out to ever so lightly run a finger over her left nipple that crinkled in response.

Lonna hissed as her arousal spiked

"Oy...oy'll wear the proof for oyme innocent and would be proud to wear the badge if it will keep me free of the colonies...master." she said, lowering her head.

"Very well prepare yourself for the final ordeal, and may god have mercy on your soul. For you are about to endure a pain unlike any you have experienced in your life..." Ken declared ominously as he freed her from her bindings seating her on the edge of the bed.

Following the instructions, Ken soaked the nipple in alcohol causing Lonna to hiss as the sudden cold stiffened her nipple. Turning to face her he held the piercing needle, Next, he made an arcane sign over her breast then placed the tip of the razor sharp needle against the side of her tender flesh.

"By the powers vested in me as inquisitor general I declare this wench exonerated of the charges against her," with that he slowly pressed the needle into Lonna's nipple. The crunch of flesh was audible. Lonna's eyes went wide as a strangled scream erupts from her maw as Ken shoves the needle out the other side. Lonna moaned loudly her arousal almost pushing her over the edge once more.

"And now for the badge of the exonerated!" Ken announced as if he were in church.

Placing the end of the ring on the tip of the needle, he threads the ring back through the hole as he pushes the needle out. Rotating it he douses it with peroxide; the wound foaming as the antiseptic ensures the wound remained clean. Snapping the jewel in place, Ken grins at the mousey.

"Wear this symbol of all you went through proudly, Lonna, for you are now free." Ken said kissing her on the forehead and ending the scene. Anna applauded, coming over to see the new addition to her friend.

"Oh gods Ken, That was better than I could have ever hoped for!" Lonna said hugging the stuffing out of the big skunk.

"glad you liked it, it was a lot more fun than I was expecting, thank you for the opportunity to really play with you Lonna," Ken added.

"I tell ya oy almost creamed myself when you stuck me with that needle" Lonna admitted and doesn't it look so lovely?" she asked as she stood before her dressing mirror admiring her jewelery.

"That was an amazing scene Lonna I almost wish I would have thought about filming it it was an incredible turn on." Anna gushed.

"Thank you Ken, this is a gift I shall treasure all the days of my life." Lonna said drawing the two skunks into a loving embrace.


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