Royal Ass Tease

Story by Gruffy on SoFurry

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#5 of Raunchy King Smaragdos (Master/Slave Themes)

The Royal Ass Tease


Hehhey there!

Another raunchy adventure by the kinky monarch Smaragdos, commissioned for avatar?user=8759&character=0&clevel=2 Heru , naturally. *chuckle* I hope you'll enjoy this story, and tell me how you liked it!

Nisabu appears courtesy of avatar?user=329143&character=0&clevel=2 FoxyJ whose character he originally is.



Chamberlain Danir floated into the antechamber in a rustle of robes, golden chains and decorative frills, quite the sight when he entered past the carefully guarded doors and then into the small room that was mostly decorated with pillows upon which the King's most personal servants could rest during the times when they were not required to be in immediate attendance. Right now the tiger whom appeared into this room just outside the King's private quarters found Joshua, the cheetah, resting upon one mound of pillows.

The slim cat stirred as he heard the arrival of the tiger, got up, and bowed deeply to his superior servant, the Chamberlain being the leader of all the servants that attended to the King's whims. Danir nodded graciously to the younger, smaller male, and smiled.

"Good evening, Joshua," he said.

"Sir," the cheetah spoke respectfully, upon his paws, clad in only a loincloth in sharp contrast to the tiger's extravagant opulence.

"Is the King available?" the tiger asked.

"He is asleep, sir," the cheetah replied, "he is napping after dinner."

"With Nisabu?" the tiger asked with an amused tone.

"No, sir, just himself now," the cheetah smirked as well.

"I have a matter for his consideration," Danir said. "I must speak to him. Will you rouse him for me?"

"Yes, sir," the cheetah nodded politely. "A moment, sir."

The cheetah slipped silently into the King's room through a narrow door that led into the very private inner chamber. The large black panther was asleep upon a divan couch, a magnificent, nude piece of manhood he was, sleeping relaxed on his back, all limbs and tail spread to different directions. A soft rumble escaped from his lungs with each breath, and his whiskers wobbled with the flow of air coming from his maw.

Joshua crept along the carpeted floor and knelt by the bed, in a position showing his deference for the King, in this very physical way. With his eyes averted to the ground, he cleared his throat.

"My precious Lord," the cheetah said, softly.

An ear flicked, but that was the only visible reaction to the quiet words in the King's private chambers.

"My precious Lord, will you wake up?" the cat spoke again.

"Hhmmmmhhh..." replied Smaragdos in his slumber.

Now Joshua cleared his throat.

"My Lord..."

"Hmhmhhmpph!" the noise was louder this time, and his tail made a definitely bounce against the leather of the divan.

"My Lord!"

The King's brilliant green eyes snapped open and he looked about the room, to find the source of the curious noise which he found out to belong to his loyal servant, whom was sitting on his haunches on the floor and smiling as he watched the couch with its royal occupant.

"My Lord," the cheetah bowed.

"What is your business?" the King asked.

"My Lord, your Chamberlain awaits you, and wishes your counsel," the cheetah spoke respectfully. "He is in the next room."

The black panther's ears flicked curiously, but he did not make a move yet.


"He did not explain, my Lord," the cheetah added.

"Hmmmph," rumbled the King. "Bring me my robe."

"Yes, my Lord!"

The cheetah scurried to his footpaws and padded over to fetch the splendid silk robe from its shelf, and returned it for his King. He was not tall enough to properly assist the black panther in dressing himself, but the King did not seem to mind, but attended for his own dress for once. The robe was expansive and covered his broad body, from the neck to the ankle line, by the time he pulled the silk cord about the waist and thus created a certain amount of modesty about himself.

"Bring him in, now," the King said as he sat upon the divan, legs folded, and now attaining the relaxed appearance of a carefree Monarch.

"Yes, my Lord!"

Joshua hurried to the door and out to the antechamber, to tell the Chamberlain that he had been now summoned into the King's room. Danir appeared with more pomp than the lesser servant, with Joshua opening the door and bowing for him when he entered, and the Chamberlain gave the black panther a very courteous, courtly bow in his ow greeting.

"My grace," the tiger spoke in a soft murmur. "I hope you are well."

"I am," the King said.

"Gods be blessed!" the tiger declared cheerfully.

The King smiled, but remained somewhat stoic, observing the exuberant tiger.

"What is your business, Chamberlain?" the black panther questioned directly.

"I would inquire whether you would be present at the royal bedroom now, my Lord," the tiger spoke. "There is a matter of interest for you there, my King."

The black panther's ears perked curiously.

"Matter, you say?" he mused.

"Yes," the tiger smiled, "a little matter that should be brought to your attention, my Lord."

The King quirked his brow.

"Does this has something to do with Nisabu perhaps the King suggested.

"Ah, no, My Lord," the tiger chuckled. He was well aware of the young fox's cheeky ways and was amused by the very implication stated by the King in his reply, "he may be summoned, if you care, however."

Smaragdos rose from his divan, stretched a little, and let out a rumble.

"Show me to it, then," he said, "I am always interested in any distraction my servants stage for me."

"You shall not be disappointed," the Chamberlain replied eagerly, "my Lord..."

"Follow me," rumbled the King, "you too, Joshua."

"Yes, my Lord!" the cheetah yelped.

The King moved out into the antechamber with his entourage and stalked through the hallways, lit in afternoon sun, with guards and lackeys snapping into attention whenever the monarch passed them. Doors were opened for him as a rule, of course, and he would pass them gracefully, tail swinging behind as he made his way up the stairs, past halls, galleries, everything on his way into the rooms of the royal bedroom suite. The sheer size of the palace meant that it took several minutes for him to reach the wanted section of the royal residence, and even then there was a matter of passing through the antechambers, before he finally reached the double doors into the bedroom.

Danir stepped over to the door, and gave it a singular knock, and then bowed to his King.

"Everything shall be ready, my Lord," he said, "you may enter now if you like, my Lord."

The black panther let out a soft snuffle.

"The King being kept away from his own rooms..." he mused, "this better be worth the promise."

"You shall not be disappointed!" the tiger yelped. "I assure you, my Lord...please..."

"Go on, then!" Smaragdos waved his paw somewhat impatiently.

The striped Chamberlain unlatched the doors and pulled them open before he stood to the side and bowed once again in deference for the King, followed by the cheetah.

"My Lord."

Smaragdos stomped through the open doors and into the bedroom, bedecked in much splendor, and its centerpiece being a huge silk-sheeted, four-poster bed that served as the King's primary playground when it came to sleep and proper bed romps with his various companions. He wasn't entirely surprised to find that there was indeed an occupant on the bed, yet the sight of the stranger there, accompanied by the presence of his precious Nisabu standing near the bed and smiling softly,

"My King," Nisabu bowed, his tail wagging eagerly.

"A little special pleasure for you, my grace," Danir murmured, having followed the black panther into the room along with the cheetah.

Smaragdos was by now mostly concerned by the large, very comfortable bed that crowned the entire room. The red silk sheets were usually made to be perfectly level and unruffled, but now little ripples had appeared due to the weight of someone crouched upon the bed. His shapely body was curled into a pose that particularly appealed to someone with tastes such as Smaragdos, and he instantly suspected that his servants would have given such advice for the fur whom now presented himself on such a manner. He laid down with his paws spread, muzzle on the bed quite restfully, knees tucked close to his chest with his footpaws poking out from behind him and decorated by the presence of a swinging tuft-tipped tail by them. The best was yet to come, and drew the King's eyes intently. The raised ass was round, muscled, perfectly shaped, a truly handsome specimen of the male rear, the King thought, with the blood rushing instantly to fill his sheath and coax his shaft out of its fuzzy home.

"You have brought a lion into my chamber," the King noted, still staring at the sight of the ass being displayed in the perfectly wanton, simple pose for the King's eyes.

"Yes, my Lord," Danir murmured by his monarch's side, sounding very pleased with himself. "And he has something lovely to show you..."

"I imagine so," Smaragdos rumbled approvingly.

"Nisabu! Joshua!" the tiger snapped his fingers.

The two young servants appeared, carrying a large high-backed chair in the black panther's considerable size. They placed the chair into a suitable vantage point and retreated to its sides demurringly.

"If you would seat yourself, my Lord, and the show begins," Danir spoke.

The King didn't pry his eyes away from the golden rear in front of him, not for the purpose of sitting down to the chair that had been provided for him. The tenting on the front of his robe was more than evident, although the guest of the leonine kind did not see this from his position, face down on the bed.

"Well..I suppose I am waiting now..." the King murmured once he was settled onto his makeshift throne that allowed him a perfect view at the handsome butt raised into the air ever so sluttily in front of him.

"For your amusement, my Lord," spoke Danir, "a little.display of male beauty and talent from a loyal subject of your crown."

Smaragdos chuckled and rubbed his paws together, knees resting on his thighs while his eyes remained on the arousing sight upon his invaded private bed.

"Consider me piqued, Danir," the King mused. "Carry on."

Danir clapped his paws together, which seemed to be the que for the so-called show to begin. The tiger withdrew to one side of the King's seat, to give the ruler an unobscured line of sight onto the bed and the charms it entailed.

What a sight it was for the King who was ever so appreciative of the male posterior. The lion's long, beautiful tail swayed back and forth over the golden buns, to reveal more and more of the creamy-colored taint underneath his muscled tailbase. The hole itself was perfectly pink, recessed into a pursed wrinkle that rested sweetly among the fuzzy covering of the sensitive skin formed upon the crevice of the lion's rear.

The thick tail hiked up and curved aside, to remove the final intrusion into the field of play. The spread posture of the lion's legs meant that the muscled globes of his butt were shown off in a more pronounced way, with a perfect view to the hole that nestled upon the curved apex of the taint that was crowned by the round ball sack on one end and the wrinkled anus on the other. The lion's spine curved further ever so slowly, and with this gentle motion, the ring-muscle undulated, puckering in and out while the muscle worked under careful control of the leonine performer.

"Ohhh, so sweet, my King!" Nisabu whispered to the King. The fox had taken a position, sitting on his haunches by the King's feet like he was accustomed to do while serving the black panther monarch to the best of his ability. The young fox found comfort in this proximity to his ruler and master, and watching this splendid show he knew to amuse his King a great deal made him into one happy fox.

"Hmmmmm..." rumbled Smaragdos, who was quite unable to take his eyes away from the pucker that seemed to be speaking to him, practically, with its subtle pulsing dance.

The nameless lion's paws grabbed his ass cheeks and spread them apart, to wantonly display himself even more blatantly for the King's viewing pleasure. The paws fondled the globes of the golden rump and added to the pleasant spectacle of the lion's highly sexualized hole performing for the King. Little yawning, winking, carefully controlled movements of the sexy pucker Smaragdos was bound not to be able to resist. Close, yet tantalizingly beyond the King's reach, he could only imagine the sweet pleasure of pushing his cock past that tight hole and into the tunnel of secret delights hiding beyond its playful muscled guardian.

The King's erection burgeoned, hard, massive, barbed flesh that pulsed under the silken hem of his robe. He played idly with its length while he watched the purring lion make a great show of wriggling his rear so that his balls swung from side to side ever so subtly.

"Hmmmmhhrrrr..." rumbled the King.

A change, happened, with the lion assuming a new position. He laid on his back, legs folded together, a perfectly relaxed pose that allowed him to flop his tail over the bed in a way that exposed his rear as much as it had been before, though this time viewed from such a sideways angle. A paw soon appeared to grip the right ass cheek, the one on the up side so that once the paw groped and gripped onto this half of the lion's rump, his snug butthole appeared into full sight once anew. The hypnotizing, sublime pulsing of the lion's hole renewed, now, giving little glimpses on the dark hint of red inside the cat's rectal passage, whenever the masterfully controlled muscle blinked out into its full circular form.

"Nghhhh..." the King let out.

The black panther was starting to get antsy. The sight of the lion's thick finger stroking the thick protrusion of his taint, above his balls and below the playful hole, and approaching towards the pucker lined with the softest hair the King knew would brush his own groin ever so pleasantly should he decide to fuck that particular ass silly. The lion seemed unconcerned about the possibility for buggery, at least as of yet, and was content to just playing with his rear by rubbing his fingerpad in circles around his tailhole. His purrs were deep and rumbling and easily audible for the small audience of three watching this fascinating performance.

There was the King on his chair, playing with himself, the fox on his knees so that his head almost rested on the black panther's knee, and then there was the Chamberlain, too, in his silk robes and with his own considerable erection hidden by his many hems. The tiger managed to stay calm, however, and appeared unperturbed by the blatant sexuality of the show he had arranged as a special surprise to delight his King with. He had a big smile on his muzzle, both from the performance and seeing his King so happy with it. He was a loyal servant, and drew his own satisfaction from seeing his monarch's whims fulfilled. Surely a well happy King would be more generous when it came to nominations for high honors, prizes, gifts and even higher government positions depending on the King's favor.

It appeared that the direct route into the King's best grace was through an ass, at least for the moment, with the King staring at the lion playing with his pucker. Spreading his cheeks, tugging at his hole, raising his tail, letting the hole open a third of an inch to propose just how lovely it would be to pillage such an opening, before closing well shut once again into another cute dimple of delights.

"Nhhghhhh...Nisabu..." groaned the King.

"Yes, my Lord?" the fox rose to his knees and looked up to the King, paws resting upon his thighs.

"Release me," Smaragdos ordered.

"Oh, yes, my Lord!" whispered the fox. Nisabu moved forward on the carpeted floor and tugged on the silken belt and the hems of the robe to reveal the black panther's angry-looking cock from its covers. The King let out an approving hiss and made his cock bounce against his toned belly.

"Climb up," the King breathed roughly.

His eyes remained on the show of the lion fingering his hole in earnest, but now his body could enjoy another sensual pleasure, of smooth, silky vulpine thighs brushing on his own legs. Smaragdos did not even have to use his own paws to manipulate the fox's motion, nor posture, instead the fox simply climbed onto his lap and pressed his rump, complete with its raised tail, onto the King's groin.


"Oh, King..." said Nisabu, rocking his butt against the King's erect flesh.

The King continued to watch his butt show over the fox's perky ears. It took a little more effort than before, considering now his cock was being subjected to pleasure that was much beyond the simple joy of stroking himself through his robe. Having his cock sandwiched in the fox's butt cheeks was an exquisite joy. It encouraged the tip of his member to ooze pre-cum over to the base of Nisabu's raised tail. The King rumbled with delight, and clasped the armrests of his high-backed chair with his strong paws.

"Such a perfect little slut," the King mumbled, somewhat oblique on whether he meant the lion showing off his stuff on the bed or the submissive fox grinding eagerly against the royal cat's erection in the hopes that it would slip inside of him already and fill his rear with thick meat.

Nisabu moaned and yipped, feeling the cocktip graze against his pucker, but not penetrating just yet. The King seemed content to just watch for now, how the lion had raised one leg to fondle at his big, loose balls even while he continued the obviously skilfull winking action of his hole. Nothing else mattered for the lion but the fact that he could play with himself, being watched by the very ruler of the lands, uninterrupted and unhurried in his lustful exploration of his very own asshole.

"Such a beautiful show, my Lord," Danir whispered. The tiger did not want to be obtrusive, but considered it to be his duty to speak at least as much as that, to bring attention to the good deed he had performed for his King by providing him with such a sexy display.

"Hmmmprprh," said the King. He had other concerns for the moment, such as the fact he was just about to fuck a foxbutt with the full barbed length of his shaft.

Nisabu moaned and whimpered when the King split open his copiously lubed opening, and sunk down, mostly by the willing push of the fox pressing himself onto Smaragdos' stalk. The kingly black panther let out a voluminous hiss when he pierced the fox's hole and slid inside him, his cock jerking and twitching along the trip into the foxboy's anal passage.


He began to ram himself in and out, in rhythm to the leisurely poke and pump of the lion's finger nudging into the leonine's own pucker. Such a simultaneous activity made it seem even more lusty and taboo than usual, with their synchronised pumping into a pair of holes all in the full sight of the King's servants. The fox moans and yips continued unabated, and became even more lusty with the cock starting to properly pound into his prostate, something that made the fox's own member leak thoroughly onto his belly furs.

A gaping hole in his eyes, another tugging at his cock, the King happily slipped away into his own world of carnal pleasure. He might have had several orgasm already during the day, but this particularly intense surprise session was proving itself to be most satisfying. He could just sit back and let the fox ride cock to his heart's and ass' content, pleasuring the droopy-eyed King. Smaragdos only had to hunch occasionally to bottom out in the fox's tunnel, and then simply enjoyed the contractions this particularly deep invasion caused in the fox's insides.

"Hmmmm...sweet slut..." the King drawled.

The lion used his thumb to pump into his hole, making it clench so hard.

Nisabu put his paws against the King's knees and began to buck himself up and down evne harder.

"Ohhhhh K-king..." the fox moaned.

Slippery, raunchy noises, coming from the hole that captured the King's attention.


A few moments later, and it was over, the King biting on Nisabu's shoulder as he spent himself within the fox's rump. The young servant moaned and whimpered and blasted away his own load over his belly, while the King's thick member pulsated under his tail, in his sore hole.

The lion laid panting on the bed, too, his hole pulsating still with pent up desire.

"So..." the King asked from his Chamberlain once he had regained his breath, "Is there a second act to this show?"

"I shall ask him to take out the golden phallus," the tiger replied in a pleasing rumble.

Smaragdos' cock renewed its throbbing within the fox's ass, and the King cracked a smile.

"I can hardly wait to see what that is all about," the monarch mused.


Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed the story, and I look forward to hearing your feedback! Remember that all votes, faves and watches will help others to find these stories to enjoy as well!


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