The attack.

Story by DeathAvenged on SoFurry

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#5 of Secret Lovers.

I am pretty sure the fight was choppy on my part. DX Sorry for that. First time writing something like that. Anyway Nick finally gets his plan rolling in this one. I know I am posting these fast but I am doing it for fun. XD Writing these are relaxing me so I'm posting them to keep up with the story I am coming up with.

Jayce woke up late the morning after Joel had made his announcement to the tribe. He wasn't sure but he thought they all had some sort of celebration before going to bed. The wolf laid there in silence, listening to the sounds of the villagers stirring outside. He finally moved to sit up, running his hand through his hair with a yawn coming from him. He looked to see Isabelle had already gotten up and left. He smiled some and slowly stood, stretching out with a groan before leaving the hut and looking around after his eyes adjusted to the light of the morning. Isabelle was with the other females who were already working on the jewelry they had mentioned sometime before. Jayce smiled more and moved to them, kneeling behind Isabelle and putting his hands on her shoulders. The vixen murred and turned her head to look at him only to get a soft kiss on the lips. " Good morning Isabelle." The vixen smiled more after returning the kiss, gently nuzzling her muzzle against his own as she spoke softly. "Good morning Jayce...sleep well?" The wolf nodded as he sat down beside her, his tail wagging happily behind him. The two chuckled as they spoke softly about the night before along with the other excited females. Joel stepped out of his hut a while later with a large yawn, scratching the back of his ear for a moment before looking over at the group of them. He flicked his tail and moved over to them smiling as Isabelle looked up at him with a happy smile on her face."Good morning kit...and to you Jayce." The wolf nodded a good morning to him before some of the males came over and pulled Jayce away to talk. Isabelle chuckled and stood up, looking at her father after he kissed her forehead softly. "Thank you daddy..." Joel smiled and gently rubbed one of her ears before shaking his head some. "It is fine Isabelle. Everything will be alright. Your going to be with the male you love as mates tomorrow night...enjoy the time between now and then." Isabelle nodded and smiled as she left with some of the females. The medicine fox had asked Isabelle to gather more herbs that morning after she had woke up. Joel chewed on his bottom lip lightly. There was a feeling nagging him at the back of his mind. Something was off and he couldn't exactly place what it was that was bothering him. He sighed and shook his head to rid himself of the thoughts before moving to get something to eat.

Joel had every right to have that nagging feeling. At that moment Nick was in the feline tribes territory. This time he was with a large group of them, all different breed of feline ranging from leopards, panthers and lions to tigers and other in between. Nick snarled softly as he paced around. The lioness from before watched him while her chief, a large male lion with grey fur stepped forward, watching the fox in silence before he spoke. " What is this about? Why has my daughter brought me here to a scruffy little thing like you?" Nick stopped and looked at him before he spoke in return, anger seeping from his voice. " My chief is a fool...he is letting his daughter mate with the son of the wolf combine the hasn't been done for years and I don't want it happening...not while I am breathing. My chiefs daughter should be mating with me...not that wolf. It is I told your daughter and her hunting party the other night..attack my can kill the chief...rape a few of the females I honestly don't goal is for him and that wolf to die...In turn I mate with Isabelle and share our hunting lands with your tribe." The lion chief stood there listening to Nick in silence. He shifted, thinking on what was offered up to him. He looked to his daughter who only smiled and nodded some. The lion grinned and looked back at Nick. " when?" Then fox grinned and took a deep breathe. " In the morning...before dawn. Everyone will be asleep in the will be a total surprise to them..." The lion nodded then motioned to those around him to head back to their own village with him to prepare while Nick left back to his own tribe with a soft snicker coming from him.Back at the village the tribe was busy with their work, cleaning huts or working on the items for trade with other tribes. Isabelle was laying out in a patch of sunlight with a few other females that had returned from resetting traps. They were busy grooming their fur with combs and help from each other. Isabelle let out a yawn and stretched out a bit.

Nick was now standing near by, watching her intently. He knew he didn't have long to wait and he would take her as his. He turned and headed off to join the other males while Jayce finally pulled himself free from the others, panting lightly since they had been rough housing to test him. Jayce shook his fur a bit then made his way over to Isabelle. He grinned and laid down beside her on his stomach, his hand moving to pet over her ears gently and making her murr softly as she grinned. " You survived their wrestling contests I see." He laughed and nodded some as he let out a yawn of his own. " Just barely...they are rougher then they look even when playing." The females around them all giggled as they listened to him. Monica was among them and smiled as she looked at him. " They don't wrestle with us because we know how to make them whine." Jayce blinked and stared at her with a confused look before it hit him. He laughed and shook his head. " Playing dirty."

Jayce remained there with him until they decided to eat some lunch. Isabelle however was feeling odd by then. She stayed back, moving into the shade of the trees. She watched them enjoying each others company while eating and talking. The males scents were getting stronger to her. She shook her head a bit, running her fingers through her hair before getting up and slipping out of the village. Jayce had caught her movement from the corner of his eyes and looked to see her heading off. He stood his ears up wondering if something was wrong. Jayce stood up, excusing himself from the group before following Isabelle. When Jayce found her she was at the lake. She was under the shade of the trees panting and shifting around in her spot. Jayce kept his distance though when he heard a small moan coming from her. He stood his ears up and watched her a bit more intently then before when he noticed her hand was between her legs and her fingers were rubbing at her pussy hard. Jayce shifted a bit as he watched her. It took a moment before the breeze blew and he caught her scent. He sniffed a few times then went wide eyed. 'She's in heat...that is why she ran off like she did.' Jayce kept his distance, feeling his cock throbbing and stirring in his sheath. He decided to watch her for now as she leaned back against the tree she was under.

She pushed her fingers into her pussy harder and faster now, her fingers spreading apart while the wet sounds of her fingers stirring her juices up with each of their movements filled the air and hit his ears. He watched as she used her free hand to reach down and rub at her clit, rubbing it in quick little circles and making herself moan out. Isabelle was panting as she shifted around and whimpered between every other pant. Jayce looked down at himself to see his cock was becoming erect now as it poked out of his sheath, leaking precum. Isabelle's scent from her heat was starting to get to him more and he shook his head some. He finally let out a soft growl and moved over to her. Isabelle opened her eyes when she heard him approaching her. She stood her ears up and looked up at him while panting softly. She looked at his cock before pulling her fingers from her pussy and getting up on her knees in front of him.Isabelle brought her hands up and wrapped them around his cock, beginning to rub him as she smeared her own juices from her fingers along his cock and mixing it with his precum as she did. Jayce shuddered and let out a low moan as he watched her.

He blushed lightly as he did, smiling to her as she took the tip of his cock into her mouth, beginning to suck gently while her hands continued to move along the length of his shaft. Jayce reached down with his hand, running it through her hair before gripping it lightly and pushing her head to make her take more of his cock into her mouth. Isabelle let out a soft groan and let him, her hands moving to grip his hips as she began bobbing her head along the length of his cock, her tongue swirling around him as she closed her eyes. Jayce shivered some as he watched her the entire time, his tail wagging some before he let out a gasp as she took his cock into her throat while opening her eyes and locking them onto his. Her eyes were filled with a needy and lustful look. Jayce pulled back from her, watching as a string of her saliva mixed with his precum kept them connected until she moved onto all fours in front of him. she lifted her rear up with her breasts pressed into the ground under her. Jayce got onto his knees behind her, panting lightly from her scent and the attention he had gotten from her so far. He leaned down and pressed his muzzle into her pussy making the little vixen moan out. He got a nose full of her scent as his tongue darted out of his mouth and pushed into her opening, swirling and hitting against her inner walls while she wiggled and moaned out loudly.

Isabelle let out a whine and moan the more Jayce moved his tongue around in her pussy while hold her pussy lips open with his thumbs. She dug her claws into the ground under her lightly before finally letting out a snarl. "JAYCE Please! Fuck me..S..Stop teasing me and fuck me!" Jayce felt a shudder run down his spine from her words. He pulled his tongue from her pussy, licking her slit a few times before he licked his lips clean. He moved up and pressed the tip of his throbbing cock against her before pushing the tip in. He gripped a hold of the vixens hips roughly, keeping his grip firm. He suddenly slammed the entire length of his cock into her making her cry out in pleasure, her claws digging into the ground now as she shook from the pleasure. Her pussy was gripping and clenching his cock tightly as he held himself still with panting coming from him. " Fuck Isabelle..your tight.." He leaned over her, his right hand resting over her own as he began pounding his hips into her. He didn't bother being gentle with her since she was in heat and was starting to slam back into him, the soft thud sounds of his hips hitting against her ass filling the air as well as the wet sounds from his cock pushing into her pussy. Isabelle panted lightly at first as she pushed into his thrusts, her fingers lacing with his own as she gripped onto his hand. "F..Fuck...Faster Jayce please...fuck faster!" She panted a bit more before letting out a loud yip when he bit into the back of her neck, his bite firm against her as he began pounding his hips into her harder and faster then before. Isabelle couldn't keep her moans or yips and growls of pleasure down and only got louder when he increased his pace as much as he could while his eyes closed tightly. He felt her pussy practically sucking him in with each movement he made, feeling her clenching down on him as he pounded into her to the point his tip was hitting against her cervix each time until his knot began forming.

His cock throbbed as he let out a feral sounding growl against her neck. Isabelle was beginning to feel herself getting closer to cumming as she began getting frantic with her movements against him. Jayce let go of her hand and held her still with a tight grip on her hips. He let go of her neck and let out a snarl into her ear that made the vixen shiver in excitement. He dug his claws right into her hips, drawing blood from her as he did. Isabelle winced but ignored it as Jayce slammed into her as hard as he could, his knot stretching her pussy open and entering her with a loud wet pop. Isabelle let out one last cry as him knotting her sent her over her own edge. she orgasmed hard on his cock, her pussy clenching down on him as tightly as it could while she bucked into him as hard as she could to ride out her orgasm. Jayce kept his eyes shut tightly as he let out a long groan, the feeling of her juices washing over his cock and her pussy clenching him made his cock throb hard while he slammed against her one last time, his tip right against her cervix as he released, his cock throbbing with each spurt of his cum. He went still and panted, grinning at the fact she was more then likely going to be pregnant by the end of the night. He remained silent as he shifted them to lay on their sides as Isabelle laid there panting hard, the fur on her inner thighs matted down and soaked from her juices.

Jayce took sometime to get his breathing under control before he wrapped his arms around Isabelle and held her close to him, the vixen murring happily when she was breathing normally again. For now her need had been settled down but wouldn't last for long. She turned her head and kissed him softly a few times as his tail wagged hard behind him, the thumping sound of it hitting the ground could be heard and made Isabelle giggle. " I love you Jayce.." He grinned as he looked at her before kissing her deeply once more with a soft groan coming from the both of them. when he broke the kiss he nuzzled noses with her as he whispered. " I love you too Isabelle.." The two lovers laid there resting until he was able to free his cock from her. The two laid there longer until her heat began to get to her again and in response Jayce mounted her again. This happened for several hours before the two passed out to sleep and rest.

When Isabelle woke it was close to the next morning. She felt sore from the rough mating with Jayce while her heat had been going on. The fox sat up and stretched a bit before moving to the lake, cleaning herself off in the water. The sounds of her movement woke Jayce and he watched her with a small smile before getting up and joining her. By the time the two were done Isabelle's head shot up. she sniffed at the air a few times then turned to look towards the village to see the light from a large fire. " Jayce....The village!" Jayce looked and growled. Isabelle didn't wait for him as she got out of the water and ran as fast as she could back to the village. The closer she got she could hear the screams and panic from the others, the sounds of cubs crying and yelling for their mothers. Isabelle ran into the village without really thinking as Jayce ran in behind her. The village was a blaze and the foxes were running to get cubs out. Jayce and Isabelle looked around before spotting the felines attacking some of the females. Jayce moved quickly and knocked one lion off of Monica. He grabbed her and pulled her up. " Get out of here and run to my tribe! Now get the cubs and others on your way!" Monica nodded as tears rolled down ehr cheeks. She ran off from Jayce, gather up the others as she did. Isabelle had been knocked to the ground by accident and was shaking her head some. she got up and ran off to find her father, calling out for him as she dodged some of the foxes fighting off the felines. " Daddy!! " Isabelle folded her ears down to the sounds of the roars from the felines as one or two fox warriors lost their fight. Isabelle finally spotted her father fighting with the feline chief. Joel was already bleeding from his left thigh and a large claw mark across his chest. Isabelle went wide eyed and started to run for him when one of the wolves that had been in the village with Jayce grabbed her around the waist to stop her. "LET GO OF ME! DADDY!" she slapped the wolfs arms hard as she watched with tears coming to her eyes as the lion over powered her father after punching Joel in the face hard.

Joel stumbled back and landed on the ground with a grunt coming from him. Joel shook his head some and looked over at Isabelle when he heard her. The lion had heard her as well and was making his way towards her as the wolf started to pull her back with her struggling as hard as she could, kicking and screaming for him to let her go. Joel jumped up and charged at the lion, grabbing an arrow off the ground as he did. He tackled the lion who grunted and stumbled back some before letting out a roar of pain when Joel stabbed the arrow into the lions side. Joel pushed the lion back knowing that wasn't the end of it. He moved to Isabelle and kissed her forehead quickly. "Get out of here Isabelle. Now. Do not linger and let them get you or the others. Head for the wolf village with Jayce. get the others and save them. Tell Koren the felines attacked us." Isabelle whimpered and shook her head hard as the wolf kept her held firmly. Joel gripped her head in his hands while his ears lowered. " Go Isabelle..I love you kit. Get her out of here now!" Isabelle held onto her fathers arms as tears flowed down her cheeks. " I love you too daddy." Isabelle looked at him as he let her go then stepped back while the wolf turned with her and headed off to get out of the village.

By the time Joel turned back to keep fighting the lion grabbed him by the neck with a snarl, looking at the fox while Nick ran up and looked at him. Joel looked at Nick as the fox spoke to the lion chief. " Kill him...the plan stays the same...I'm going after that damned wolf." Joel went wide eyed and tried fighting against the lion. The chief grinned to Joel before snapping his neck, ending him quickly. By then the village was engulfed in flames with smoke blowing from the wind. Jayce was frantically looking for Isabelle when he came upon Joel's body. Jayce lowered his ears and snarled a bit, keeping his distance from the body in case one of the felines was waiting. Nick moved in quickly and attacked Jayce, knocking the wolf onto the ground as he let out a snarl. Nick raked his claws over Jayces face while his other hand held a dagger he had made out of bone a few days before. Nick stabbed the dagger into Jayces left shoulder making him cry out in pain. Jayce snarled and glared up at the fox with one eye open before knocking Nick off of him. Jayce jumped up, feeling blood running from over his right eye while he pulled the dagger from his shoulder. " You little shit! Have you lost your fucking mind?! Your supposed to be fighting these cats not me!" Nick paced from side to side, looking angry and agitated as he watched Jayce, the sounds of howls hitting his ears as he cursed softly. " No I haven't...I'm here to kill you and take what is mine." Nick lunged at Jayce, the two hitting the ground and rolling around as Nick tried taking the dagger back from Jayce, gripping his throat with one hand. Jayce growled as his own hand gripped Nick's neck, his grip slowly tightening as they fought with dust kicking up from their struggling. Nick wouldn't have time to kill the wolf when he finally got the dagger back. Koren came running up and grabbed Nick, throwing him off of Jayce. Nick hit the ground, rolling head over heels a few times before he got up, shaking his head. He looked at Jayce and growled. " This isn't over..." The fox turned tail and ran off out of the village before Koren could go after him.

Jayce rolled over coughing hard a few times before he got to his feet with the help of a wolf warrior. Jayce looked at him before his mother. " G..Get Joel's body..." Koren lowered her ears and nodded as she signaled to the others to get the foxes body and bring it back to their own village. She helped Jayce get out of the village, checking for anyone left behind on the way out. They didn't stop moving until they hit a large clearing with Korens own hut right in the middle of it with the rest of the huts spreading out to the edge of the clearing. The foxes from the village were all gathered together in one large area in front of the main hut sobbing and coughing. Isabelle was among them, sitting on the ground shaking as she stared down at her hands. Koren and the others soon appeared as her own people were getting water and healing herbs for the injured. Isabelle looked up when she heard Koren then jumped to her feet when she spotted Jayce. She ran to him and hugged him tightly, her face buried against his chest as she ignored the blood. Jayce lowered his ears and held onto her. He tried to stop her from lifting her head when the other wolves brought Joels body up to rest near by so the foxes could mourn. When she saw his body her eyes went wide in shock. " no no." She pulled free from Jayce and went over to her father, kneeling down as she started crying hard. She reached down, gently petting over her fathers head as her ears lowered. The other foxes went still as they watched before most started crying as well, others going into painful silence. The cubs were taken by the mother wolves of the tribe to get cleaned up and checked over while the tribes healer went around to those injured, cleaning their wounds and applying the healing herbs to the wounds. When he got to Jayce he shoved him away. " Leave me be! Go tend to the others." The wolf looked at him and sighed before nodding a bit. Koren frowned and sat down with Jayce to clean his wounds. Jayce started to pull back but stopped when he looked at her then sighed and went still letting his mother clean his wounds.

By the time the sun had fully rose Jayce's wounds were cleaned and the herbs rubbed in to prevent infection. He was lucky to have not lost his eye but would have two large scars over it. Jayce slowly moved to Isabelle who was still by her fathers body. She had stopped crying and was just staring until Jayce put his hand on her shoulder. She looked at him for a moment before she spoke softly. " Jayce...what happened? Why did the felines attack us?" The others all looked to him, even his mother and the other wolves were looking. Jayce lowered his ears and stood up with her, gently pulling her away from her fathers body and handing her a wooden cup with water as he spoke loud enough for them all to hear him. " It was Nicks doing...He must have went to the felines and told them about what was going on...he was so desperate to have you he turned his back on his own tribe...Your father had already been killed by the time I came upon his body while I was looking for you...Nick attacked me soon after...told me he was going to get what was rightfully his. Mother stepped in soon after and Nick ran off." The foxes all let out angry cries as the warriors stood up, their fur standing on end for a few seconds. Isabelle looked at Jayce in shock, unable to find the words to speak and only pressing her head into his chest as she gripped him tightly. One of the warroirs stepped forward and looked at Jayce. "What are we going to do? Our chief is dead....and our village..our lands are gone...all of us are homeless now!" Jayce looked at him and was about to speak when Koren stood and gently put her hands on the foxes shoulder before looking to them all. " Joel had sent word to me of his decision for Isabelle and Jayce to mate...They will still become mates...and the two tribes will be joined...your not homeless. Your all welcome to live here in our village...there are plenty of huts for you all. We will work on expanding the clearing to make even more room for more cubs that will come over time. And we will work on getting Nick captured...and skinned alive for the pain he has caused you all." Isabelle lifted her head and looked to Koren as the female turned to her. Isabelle slowly moved to her and hugged her tightly as she began sobbing against her. The foxes all nodded and settled back down as the wolves of the tribe began to help them get sorted out and settled down.

At the time Nick had retreated with the waiting felines back into their lands and into the village itself. He was fuming in anger at his failed attempt to kill Jayce. The lion chief laughed at the fox before calming him down. " Relax fluff will have another chance..normally I would kill you for failing to keep your end of the offer...but your twisted...So desperate to have this one female...that you woudl turn your back on your tribe like we will let you stay here and plan your next move." Nick looked to the lion and nodded a bit. He knew he would have to wait a while before trying again. For now he moved off to a vacant hut to rest and plan it all out.

Joel's announcement and Nicks plan.

Jayce chuckled softly as he stood back with a few of the male foxes. He had been up since dawn with them teaching them how to use the bows. The females soon showed up to watch in silence so they could learn as well. Jayce looked to them and smiled some...

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Jayces first real day.

The birds chirpping outside the hut woke Jayce who groaned and rubbed his head some. He stretched out a bit, feeling the warmth from Isabelle's body next to his own. He smiled, remembering where he was. He had no problem with the foxes. In fact he was...

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A Slight Compromise.

Back at the fox village the old fox was dragging Isabelle back. The vixen pulled hard to try and get free from her fathers grasp with tears rolling down her cheeks. " Daddy please let go! Your hurting my arm!" He ignored her and drug her to the center...

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