A Feminine Experience Pt. 4

Story by Mosesj on SoFurry

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#4 of Transformation

So! This is the final part of this series ^^ It was a rather good enjoyment and experience. While this is the end of this series, it does not mean it is the end of Mark and Thoma- oh, pardon me, Sasha's adventures. I'm sure I'll return to these two again in the near future, probably when I feel like exploring bondage stories. Hope you enjoy! Tell me if you do in the comments

The fox remained silent the rest of the way. They continued down the sexually perverted part of the mall, Sasha deeply aware of the people staring at the fox and the stud of a stallion walking together. Sasha looked around nervously as the two made their way through the hall. Oh please, he begged to himself, please just be a normal clothing store, please be a normal clothing store. Sasha felt Mark suddenly shift and move to one of the stores. The fox's eyes widened in terror at the sight of the store, a girl's clothing store.

In the windows were photos of men in various builds posing sexily to the camera while strutting around in female clothing. Sasha looked in shock at the sight of several fem-boys liked him were tied up over the windows. They groaned and squirmed but couldn't move away from their positions as mannequins for the store.

The store's name was labeled 'A feminine Experience' Sasha definitly did not want to venture further and tried to dig in his heels in vain. Mark simply glared back at him

"Sasha, knock it off. You need proper clothing to fit your new life. If you don't co operate, you'll have to wear nothing at all until you behave. Besides, I doubt you'll find any male's clothing store will have your body shape in mind...'

Sasha steamed at that. He was about to raise another protest when Mark pushed his hand against the fox's exposed sheath underneath his shirt. "And there's no way you'll find panties to fit your sheath in a girl's store, so we'll have to go to a specialized store."

Sasha knocked his hand away, Mark simply laughed at the fox's humiliation. As they entered the store, Sasha felt much worse. Many of the store's costumers peeked at the fem-boy when they thought he wasn't looking. He clung tightly to Mark's muscular arm as if it would protect him from the crowd. A brilliantly looking peacock spotted the two of them and made her way to the pair. She was rather modestly endowed but more then made up for it in her vibrant feathers that gleamed a brilliant deep indigo blue ending in jade green tips. Her pink uniform only helped bring more attention to her.

"Hello there!" She said cheerily. "How may I help the two of you?"

Mark spoke in a friendly manner to her. "My new pet here" Sasha gritted his teeth at being called a pet. "Needs some new clothes. Since you look so good yourself, I was wondering if you pick out clothes for him? He needs 'encouragement' to dress his best. " The peacock nodded in understanding.

"Why of course! If the two of you would come this way..." With Mark standing behind Sasha and practically pushing him forward, the two followed the worker to a area deemed the "special help' it was blocked from the sight of the store by a giant red curtain. Sasha wondered with a sense of dread what was behind these curtains. The fox closed his eyes as the curtains drew near and he felt them brush aside to let Mark and Sasha in. He dared to open his eyes and what he saw stunned him.

There were rows of dressing rooms, many of them would have looked normal were it not for the straps in each one. The fox could see some fellow customers being 'helped', a few muffled gasps escaped from their gagged mouth, their arms were tied to small straps to keep their arms spread out and restraints tied to their ankles to stop them from moving. It seemed a worker worked with several at once, as many of the unwilling customers were left alone in front of a mirror, forced to look at the humiliating outfits of all shapes and sizes they were forced to wear. Sasha tried to drag his paws to the carpet, to try and stop Mark from moving forward. The stallion though, would not be easily dissuaded. He kept pushing forward, his hooves clopped quietly against the carpet.

"Now now Sasha, I know you're eager to start, but we can't look too eager now. Don't worry, the clerk has plenty of toys you can play with." Sasha was paralyzed with fear. He was pushed forward into the dressing room, the avian was there waiting for the both of them with a cheery smile on her face as if this was a normal experience. The fox couldn't fight off Mark, the stallion simply too strong. It didn't take long to latch Sasha into place. His protests were shut off by another gag, this time a pink ball. He screamed into his gag and tried hard break free of his restraints. They held firm to his struggles.

The clerk and Mark ignored Sasha. She looked up at him and asked

"So would you like to be here to decide on his outfits or do you want to leave it up to me?" "You seem capable... I'll let it be a surprise for me."

On the way out, Mark's hand came down and slapped Sasha's huge rear. The slap caused a loud smack and the fox to moan into his gag. "Don't try to have too much fun my pet!" The horse teased his ex room mate before leaving him alone with the avian. She waves him until he left. When he left, she turned back to Sasha, her warm smile still unsettled the fox.

"Now that we're alone, why don't you strip down? Oh right... you can't. Well you don't need this old thing anymore and it looks like it won't fit that hunk of horse you call a master..." She extends a talon and pierces the fabric with it. With a long rrrrrrip, her talon makes short work of Sasha's only decency. It soon fell down to the floor to reveal his new tattoo.

"Sasha, hm? A nice name for you. My name is Isabelle and I am a friend of Michelle..." Sasha's eyes alighted in alarm at the avian who came very close to the fox. She pushed her chest against his own and smiled a mischievous smile as she looked into his eyes.

"Yes, I can tell Michelle's handiwork anywhere. She certainly did a number to you, you must have caught her in a bad mood. "

With Sasha stuck there, Isabelle walked around his body and examined Michelle's handiwork. She whistled, "I see, you must have wanted her ass. You got a big squishy ass that looks just like hers. " Isabelle examined the tramp stamp embroided above his ass in greater detail. She giggled at the name "Cumcheeks huh? Looks like that stallion wants to make your relationship firmly established. Well, I should help him with that! "

With a few hmms and ahhs, the avian continued to look around his body with a deep look in her eyes. When she snapped her fingers together, she left Sasha exposed for all to see. With his ass exposed to the hallway, the fox was forced to look in the mirror and see his new body exposed out for all to see. He could see every customer who decided to stare at his ass as if he were a piece of eye candy. Sasha felt horrible, he tried to squirm free of his bondage, to do anything to break the intense humilation he felt as his body was out on display.

Yet... deep inside him he found pleasure. a deep part of his new mentality adored the attention he was getting. an invasive thought popped into his mind, him out in front of a large crowd getting pounded by Mark for all to see. The thought caused him to squirm and try as he might to ignore the fantasy, it caused his cock to stir in arousal. It wouldn't take long for him to spot a erection as the fantasy continued to torment him. Sasha was forced to look at himself in the mirror, his once muscular body now turned feminine and slutty, now tied up inside a sexual clothing store. Worse, the situation was making him horny! He had to try and get rid of his arousal before Isabelle came back, he had to do something!

Try as he might, his struggles were in vain. He screamed into his gag and tried to pull hard on the restraints but they held firm. After several desperate moments, Sasha stopped, he was breathing rather heavily into his gag while he looked up at the mirror. The fox dreaded to think what was going to happen to him, what this avian had in store and what she was going to dress him up in. He hoped against hope that it wouldn't be too bad.

They would be dashed however, when Isabelle came back with his new outfits. Sasha looked at them in stunned silence at the flamboyantly pink,purple,and rainbow clothing. He made some noises into his gag at the sight of such effeminate clothing "These? Of course they're for you! Come on, let's give them a try. Thankfully they have zips so I don't have to untie you."

Sasha screamed protests into his gag and attempted to struggle away from Isabelle, she simply ignored him and started to attach a deep lavender skirt onto him. It reached halfway to his knees and did nothing to conceal the bulge between his legs, still semi aroused. Sasha looked at the skirt in the mirror in horror.

"I see someone's excited to finally wear fitting clothes!" The avian grinned at his humiliated face. The cheery demeanor of Isabelle was starting to get to him. The girl hummed to herself as she put the folded clothes down on the table next to her and looked at Sasha with a trained eye. She went back to the girlish pile of clothes and picked out a rainbow coloured sleeveless tshirt that showed off his midriff. Sasha squirmed at the tight fitting clothing, something that helped remind him of just how skinny and girly his body now was. The fox was in for a surprise though, when she stepped back from him and revealed the shirt to the mirror. Sasha's eyes widened at the sight, his tattoo was fully on display. The skirt and shirt only helped to show off the bright coloured letters shown off in his midriff.

Sasha screamed into his gag, the sight of him was made all the more worse now that the image was completed, his silky and spunky hair matched well to the rainbow shirt and the skirt that left nothing to the imagination, his tattoo finished the image and showed everyone who's pet he was. Mark, the one who forced him to dress up like this and get a tattoo to permanently mark him. Isabelle clapped her feathered hands together in happiness and told him that it was just the first of many outfits.

Again and again, Sasha was treated to a wide range of perverted and effeminate clothing. Each one left him shamefully hard, his own body was working against his mind. It tormented the fox to watch his body in new outfits while his mind assaulted him with countless fantasies about how he looked in all the different outfits. It felt like his mind delighted in his humiliating outfits and relished the idea of more, something that Isabelle was all too eager to give him.

"Oh hoh! I love getting victims of Michelle, guys like you, all dressed up and a far cry from that masculinity you used to have... are why I love this job. "

She grabbed his aching cock from underneath the incredibly short pink skirt she slipped on and tormented him by teasingly playing with his cock. "Perhaps you'll be lucky and one day your master will let you fuck something... I doubt it though, it seems your days of fucking are over. You're the one receiving it now"

She smirked at him, her cheery demeanor had taken a sinister undertone. "And I know, despite how much you try to tell yourself you don't, you'll be loving it the whole time. I know exactly how Michelle's spells work after all."

Sasha looked at Isabelle in despair, she couldn't be serious! H,he wouldn't be enjoying it and in fact he was going to turn back any day now... right? The fox gulped, the fantasies he was getting were coming true before his eyes. He hated to admit it but Isabelle was right. As much he tried to deny it, his body greatly enjoyed being claimed. The thought of being rammed again by the stallion, the one who claimed him, left a tent that his skirt just barely contained. The avian got up to his ear and whispered. "That's right... you love it, and you'll always love it. It didn't just change your body, it warped your brain to a flamboyant slutty fem-boy. Even now while you try to fight it, you're horny as all hell." Isabelle reached underneath that skirt and rubbed his aching shaft. "I know how much you want to cum to the sight of your fantasies come true... but I doubt your master would want me to. Can't tick him off, you are his property after all!"

Sasha screamed into his gag and tried to pull himself free. He needed to get free, he needed to rip off that clothing, he needed to cum... The fox was in agony, the fem-boy tried as hard as he could to fight those foul impulses that grew stronger with every moment. Just as Sasha thought he couldn't stand anymore, he heard the soft ruffle of the curtains being parted followed by the sounds of hoofs stomping onto carpet. Mark entered the dressing room, his tall imposing stature stood over Sasha in the mirror. The stallion whistled at the sight of his pet's dress. "Wow, you sure know your stuff. " Isabelle nodded. 'Indeed I do, I'll have the clothes for him ready at the front. He can keep what he's wearing until you get home.' "Can I get a padlock to go with the clothes?" 'Of course, they all come with a slot on each side to lock the clothes together. It will make sure your pet won't slip your purchase off when you're not looking.' "Excellent. We'll meet you at the front, help me undo him please."

She bent down and undid Sasha's legs while Mark attended to his arms. The fox glared at Mark for this humiliation but Mark seemed to ignore him. The horse's eyes instead wandered down to the tent Sasha still sported. "Oh, I see you were enjoying your time playing dress up! Guess you wouldn't mind if we come back again." Mark nickered before he ruffled the fur atop of Sasha's head. Sasha made a muffled noise into his gag while the two set about freeing him. The fox's stiff muscles showed relief as they were allowed to move once more and before he could remove his gag, the stallion did so for him. Mark threw the gag in a basket of gags to be cleaned.

Isabelle left the two alone while she went to gather the clothes she selected. The ones the customers got did not include the zipper to attach clothing for it would have been far too easy for the pet to remove. Instead it was a normal attire save for a special padlock Sasha was about to find out soon.

As the two were left alone, Mark pushed the smaller fox against his muscular abs. He smirked and grind his own large and aroused bulge against the squirming fem-boy's stomach. "Fuck, you've gotten hot haven't you? To think of how sexy you look now that you have your tramp stamp and proper attire, I can't wait to fuck you... but we shouldn't keep her waiting, should we? If you act nice, perhaps I'll wait till we get home to fuck you." Sasha's eyes opened wide at the veiled threat, he immediately knew the implications behind it. "no... you wouldn't dare to do it in public!" "Misbehave you'll see... either way, I get a nice fox and a good hump to enjoy." Sasha grumbled to himself. He didn't want to take Mark up on his word and judging by that aroused cannon in his pants, the stallion didn't care where he fucked his slut. To save what was left of his dignity, he gave into Mark's demands and knew he'd have to act like a good pet.

So with that, Sasha tried to act pleasant to his 'master' and Isabelle. The avian was waiting for the two of them at the counter and handed Mark the bag. After naming the price, Mark pulled out Sasha' wallet and handed some of his hard earned bills to Isabelle. Sasha fumed with rage and opened his mouth to stop Mark when the stallion looked at him with a casual glance. Sasha froze with his mouth open, remembering what Mark just warned him about. With a huff, he conceded to the stallion and stayed quiet. 'have fun you two! See you around Sasha' The girl waved at the two of them as they departed the store. As before, the girly male was kept close to Mark as a sign of dominance over him. Sasha looked uncomfortably around, his flamboyant outfit only attracted more eyes to the couple and he saw many a fur attempt to peak underneath his skirt. Every draft he felt made him all too aware he was going commando underneath a skimpy skirt. He kept his tail nervously between his legs, a lot of his concentration was focused on making sure he didn't accidentally flash the mall behind him.

Mark seemed quite content with himself, he was humming one of his favourite songs while keeping his new toy near him. "So Cumcheeks, Did you enjoy your first day shopping?" Sasha fumed at the mention of his new name. He didn't want to admit it... but the day had left him horny and wanting. The thought he was soon to receive a deep fucking by his master left his cock throbbed. The fox blushed brightly and looked away.

Mark smirked, that was all the answer he needed. For all the fuss his slut gave, He knew Sasha enjoyed it. He could tell when he first plowed that ass that Sasha was the perfect cock sleeve. He'll come around in time to accept his new role in life.

Things stayed quiet with their shopping done for the day. Except for more and more stares at Sasha as they went through the normal parts of the mall, they got through unharessed until they got to the bus stop. The fox's heart was beating with intense relief, he thought he was going to get home without anymore trouble! There was even a free bench for Sasha to rest at. Just as he had, however, he heard a cough from Mark who said. "Sasha, why don't you keep my lap warm? "

Such an innocent question filled the fox with dread, it turned some heads from the ongoing crowd. He wanted to say no, he wanted to! But, Sasha knew he'd get punished if he didn't obey. Saying nothing, he got off the seat and pushed his large bubble butt against Mark's huge package. Mark sighed and enjoyed the feeling.

"Damn, I can't believe you want to get rid of an ass as fine as yours. I can't wait for the fucking I'll give you at home." That turned some heads! More from the crowd stared at Mark with disbelief at hearing such open talk. Sasha turned to Mark and spoke in a stressed whisper. "Mark, people heard that, why don't you keep it down!" "I told you to address me as Master.... I think it's time for a lesson. " "Wait, no! I didn't mean- what the hell are you doing?" Sasha was lifted off the stallion for just a moment and his heart stopped when he heard the Ziiiiip of a flyer being undone. 'No, you promised-'

"I promised if you remained good, Cumcheeks. You didn't refer to me as your master, now why don't we show these fine people a good show? "

Sasha felt that monster of a cock harden underneath him and was ashamed to feel his own cock throbbing at the thought of being fucked. He tried to break free out of his master's iron grip as he felt Mark aim the huge flared tip right at his plump and generous butt. "Wait, no, NO- Agh!" His attempts to protest were silence as Mark pushed his cock in deep into the fox. Sasha moaned in bliss, his body overwhelmed with pleasure at receiving the cock he now realized he was needy for all day. He felt his cock start to leak pre onto his pink skirt. "Ah don't worry my pet, the wash should get the stains out... you should be fine wearing my cum as a badge of honour till then though." Sasha was too far gone to say anything, all he knew was that there was a cock filling his ass and he desperately needed to get off. He squirmed and with all his inhibitions gone, began to clench and try to push the cock in deeper.

"Mmm, see, I knew you'd come around soon. " With that, Mark started to lift Sasha up by his waist before dropping him down further onto his cock. The horse nickered in satisfaction at the good fuck and quickened his pace. Within moments, he pushed Sasha up and down on his shaft, his cock pushing deeper and deeper with each go until his balls slapped the underside of Sasha's thighs.

The fox was made all too aware of the crowd, his face burned with humiliation as he heard people talking and the loud noises of cameras flashing. The public had drawn quite the crowd, some of the more open minded furs sported aroused tents of their own at the sight. No matter what embaressment he recieved, Sasha *needed* to be fucked. Ooooh ~ It was just too good!

Sasha cried out as again and again Mark plunged into his eager ass, the sounds of Mark's large balls slapping against his thighs only grew louder and wetter as the stallion filled his femmy ass full of his pre. It was well lubricated now and the cock throbbed inside him. Mark grunted as he enjoyed fucking his pet, he didn't care about the crowd that surrounded them.

"F,fuck, you're even better the second time..." Mark tormented him with that information. Sasha cried out, his own cock fully erect had blown its load over the front of his skirt and now was a dripping mess. The horse simply kept him down, the humps grew louder and faster until he finally hilted the fox. With a loud whinny, Mark shot his huge load into Sasha, filling him up with the warm cum that made him feel violated. While the two recovered from the afterglow of their magnificent fucking, the crowd around them cheered them on to Sasha's dismay, many of them asked for an encore. Mark waved them off, "sorry folks, our bus is coming, we have to make our way home." With some awws from the audience, Mark pulled out of the fox's ass before wiping his messy cock all over Sasha's generous rear. The fox tried to pull away but he was left coated and messy with both his and Mark's cum stains. His last name was quite apt now, his ass was coated in cum and every little moment made Sasha very much aware of it. The bus came to the stop and opened its doors for the pair.

With the little show over, the crowd began to disperse to leave the two alone. Mark once more kept Sasha close to him. The stallion knew his ex room mate would always make the perfect bitch and he was proven right. With a step onto the bus came the end of the first day of their new relationship.

Oh yeah, Mark loved his new sex toy, he perhaps wondered if he should ask Sasha what the lady looked like. After all, a good stud needed more then one toy...

The end! (for now)

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