Away from the Pride

Story by DireWulfAlpha on SoFurry

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Nothing like some raw, animalistic fucking after a long day of work doing lion stuff. Hope you like it! I appreciate all faves, votes, and comments :3

The savannah never truly slept - at least, not entirely.

On this particular evening, it would seem to an onlooker that the excitement of another scorching African day was winding down as the sun set. Most animals had settled down into their resting places for the night; well, those who weren't among the night-hunters of the grasslands. One particular pride of lions that dominated this area had already started snoozing, preparing to get up before the sunrise for the daily hunt to get as much accomplished as possible before the day grew hot and tiresome.

Roughly half a mile away, another lion was all by himself, away from the pride that he called family. A leader of the pride, and one of the most feared and respected among the lions, he slipped away when none of the others were paying attention, something he had been doing frequently as of late. Trotting across the land as the dusk turned to night, his thick and full mane flowing over his golden fur, he was truly a magnificent sight. Muscled legs allowed him to glide quickly and easily through the night even after a full day with the pride. He wasn't getting a head-start on the next day's hunting - most of that was done by the females, anyway - no, this lion had something else in mind that made his tail twitch eagerly behind him.


As one of the strongest males of the pride, he had no problems with lionesses. Every animal in the savannah knew just how... "active" female lions became when they were in heat. Yes, this lion in particular was definitely no stranger to fucking his fair share of lionesses, giving it to them rough, hard, however they wanted it. It was necessary, of course, for reproduction. He had given many lionesses cubs, and while emptying his sac in a willing female was always satisfying, he had found a new pleasure not long ago that was incomparable.

It had started on a night similar to this, while the lion was out away from the pride. On that particular night, he had been moving along with less purpose, unsure of what he was to find. He had come across an animal his pride usually took as prey, a zebra to be specific. An expert at moving stealthily, he hadn't aroused the zebra's attention... but something else had aroused the zebra. That night, as the lion peered on and saw, for the first time, the massive length of zebra meat that hung between his so-called prey's hind legs, something came over him. Something submissive and damn near shameful. It was definitely not unheard of for lions to engage in male-on-male intercourse, and this lion could remember mounting a male or two in his time, but to be attracted to a lesser species like this, to have the desire to submit to a zebra - THAT was unheard of.

He could remember how he crept up on the zebra, how he was drawn to him and that magnificent pole that had sent his own barbed cock to throbbing. He could remember, upon the zebra noticing him, the look of stark terror only a true predator knows when it comes across a defenseless prey. Instead of leaping at the beast and starting the chase, the lion had done something the zebra surely had never expected: he turned around. Then, he laid down on the grass, rump poking up at the zebra, hiked his tail up high, and well, the rest is history.

That was the lion's first taste of cock - well, not so much a taste, as a feel. The feel of being spread open in places he had never received attention before, the feel of being the prey instead of the predator, and the feel of being used like the subby bitch deep inside him craved while the zebra had his way with him. By the end of it, he had spurted two loads of cum into the grass and he was panting, stretched, and dripping zebra spunk out of a gaping tailhole.

He had gotten a taste of cock on nights after that, though. After being fucked for the first time, he had gone back to the same spot at the same time on the next night, hoping to find the zebra. He hadn't been there, but not one to be deterred, he tried again the following night and got lucky; that, or the zebra craved a repeat of the experience as much as he did. The encounters became more frequent, both males knowing what they wanted and no longer afraid to take it. For the zebra, this was the opportunity to bury a giant, foot-long cock into a tight bottom. For the lion, it was the pleasure from such a taboo act - not just taboo because he was with another male, but because he, such a dominant lion, was bottoming, and for a zebra. But hell, he couldn't help it; the zebra had, by far, the largest cock he had ever seen, dwarfing his own completely. Nothing compared to feeling it deep within his guts, throbbing and spurting as the beast atop him pounded away, and then dripping cum for hours afterward. He knew, with each encounter, that his kind would hunt the zebra's kind day in and day out, and while neither party could ever be seen engaging in these acts by their own kind, neither cared. The zebra would play the part of the careful prey the next day, and the lion would simply direct his pride to some other animals like gazelles if they were around, on the off chance he was helping with the hunt. Sometimes, the act of running through the fields with his fellow lions would force an extra bit of zebra cum that had been shot particularly deep from his rear, and this would make him smirk with the knowledge that while he may be the hunter during the day, he was something else entirely at night.

The lion thought on these things fondly as he made his way to the assumed meeting spot for their carnal hookups. He hoped tonight would be one of those nights that left him an exhausted, dripping mess. It had been a few days since their last encounter, with either the lion or the zebra being otherwise preoccupied, and he was most definitely pent-up. With any luck, the zebra would be, too... low-hanging, full balls ready to pump him full of thick cum... mmmm...

His hole twitched at the thought of it and he couldn't help but trot just a little faster.

A little over a mile and a half from the current resting place of his pride, the lion discovered that he was indeed in luck. A zebra came into view as he trotted closer to the tree that served to mark the meeting place. Not just any zebra - his zebra. Actually, would he be the zebra's lion, since he was the one submitting? It didn't matter, he decided.

Pleasantries were kept to a minimum. This was essentially a business meeting, if a hard rutting was the currency.

The lion trotted up, letting out a soft growl to alert the zebra of his presence. It had been facing the other way, giving him a good view of zebra butt and those deliciously full-looking balls. At this point, the zebra knew what to expect and knew he wasn't in any sort of danger. If anything, the lion was more likely to be harmed by the massive, semi-hard erection the equine was sporting.

The zebra turned around and gave the lion a knowing look, and the lion could have sworn the zebra's package was already swelling in anticipation. The lion's was already fully hard and unsheathed, barbed cock throbbing lightly as he huffed and turned around, giving the zebra an eyeful of lion ass. Looking over his shoulder at the equine, he then assumed the usual position, letting his muscled torso make contact with the cool earth and lifting his tail high over his haunches.

It must have been quite a sight, him like that. One few animals could say they'd ever seen, to be sure; a magnificent specimen of a lion, usually so proud and powerful, bent fully over and revealing his most intimate regions. A golden-brown sac, full of potent seed, was instead churning in anticipation of making a mess all over the ground as the hole a few inches above it received the kind of attention only a massive pole of zebra flesh could give it. Light pink and nestled between two powerful, muscular ass cheeks, it gave the zebra a wink as those cheeks spread and the cooling night air tickled the bare flesh.

The lion damn near purred in lustful anticipation as he heard the zebra make his way up to the lion's rear. As was typical in their encounters, the zebra was about to get the feline ready to take his impressive package; the lion could only breathe deeply and try to keep from clenching as he felt hot breath wash over his opening, followed by the zebra's eager tongue stroking repeatedly, soaking him. The equine was quickly becoming a pro from all the practice his lion companion was giving him; he circled around the puckered opening, eager to loosen it back up after a few days without a good stretching. Hot, wet huffs sent shivers up the lion's spine as his hole was worked over and prodded by that skilled appendage. Saliva matted down the pristine fur surrounding his hole and dripped down, cooling on his sensitive balls and making him push back against the zebra's hungry muzzle.

...And boy, was that muzzle hungry. It licked and slurped and simply covered the lion's hole in spit. A few times, it even dug down into the musky hole itself, working into it as it loosened the lion for what was to come and getting a taste of his inner walls. In no time, the lion was growling with lust and his cock was dripping almost as much as his backside, but when that eager tongue left his hole for the final time and left it twitching and gaping, the lion knew far greater pleasures were ahead.

The lion couldn't help but lift his ass even higher into the night air, that moistened, puckered hole begging to be plowed. The zebra was not one to disappoint, and his shaft was now at full mast. Having a face full of ass and burying one's tongue into a tight lion hole tends to do that, after all. The zebra walked forward to put himself in position, not having to walk up too far since his shaft measured just over a foot in length when he was this worked up. Before long, the flared equine cockhead came into contact with the soft, puckered, split-slickened rim of the lion's anus. The lion purred and pushed back, rubbing himself against the impressive length and dying to be bred, but it would take more than that to get such a tight fit to work. The zebra didn't mind, though, and the friction from the lion's coat made him bray lightly and squirt the first of many ropes of pre into the lion's teasing crack. The meaty appendage rubbing between the cheeks smeared the clear fluid, soaking into the fur while acting as a makeshift lube for both hole and shaft. Regardless, this was going to hurt; lion butts were not made to accommodate equine cocks. The pain was an accepted part of the experience for this particular lion - one could say it added to the pleasure in a way, reminding him that he had given up control and was being used as a sex toy by the massive male inside him.

That pain didn't wait long in coming, the zebra getting tired of the mutual tease and shoving in roughly as soon as the flared head had nudged itself back against the lion's opening. The lion growled and dug his claws into the dirt but remained firmly planted while the flare forced itself past the tight entrance. The lion's hole immediately clenched around the other side, keeping the zebra firmly lodged inside him. While this reduced the strain of having his hole painfully stretched open, that massive flared tip was about to unleash hell on his insides. But it was a good kind of hell, the kind that made him shove his ass backwards and shudder in pleasure while the pounding milked him of every drop of cum he had.

The zebra, however, was not content to just let his head sit in the tight ass in front of him. A few more inches worked their way into the lion's twitching hole, never letting it get a break. The real pleasure for the lion was coming from the friction of that meaty cockhead bludgeoning into his guts. He murred and groaned while the zebra huffed hotly and let inch after thick inch spear him where he lay. The spit and precum that was now shooting more frequently up his rump did only so much to prepare him for the experience, but honestly, nothing can fully prepare one for a raw equine fuck.

An inch left the lion's depths while the zebra re-positioned himself, but was quickly inserted again as the zebra gave the lion his first powerful thrust of the night, immediately spreading him open with more than half of his dick. The lion would have yelped if he hadn't known instinctually to keep it quiet; no other animals could be alerted to the forbidden fucking that was occurring. This was shortly followed by a follow-up thrust that lodged the vast majority of the thick member deep into the lion's backside. The pain was still there, but the feeling of that meaty pole grazing over his prostate and through the walls of his ass forced a spurt from the lion's dick. The zebra was content to keep a constant pressure on the lion's abused hole and let the last three or so inches sink slowly in - almost teasingly slow, from the lion's perspective - until the zebra's full balls came to a rest against the lion's own smaller pair.

Both animals stopped moving for a minute, taking in the sensations. For the zebra, there was nothing better than feeling the lion's hot depths squeeze around his impressive girth, and he pulsed and squirted more slick fluid deep into the feline's bowels. For the lion, this was the eye of the storm; he felt thoroughly used already with a foot of equine dick deep in his body, but he knew the ride was just starting.

The zebra initiated this by slowly pulling out almost all of his member, leaving the lion's passage gaping and attempting to close back on itself, before lurching forward and slamming their hips together once again. All the lion could do was mewl pitifully as he was fucked hard. If the thrust hadn't caught him by surprise, he might have came right then and there as his balls and ass were smacked hard. The zebra, by now, was caught up in his own lust and the lion's pleasure was not his primary concern; he pulled out without warning and slammed home yet again. Luckily, his feline companion got off pretty hard on being rutted like a bitch in heat...

Soon, the sounds of feral fucking filled both animals' ears. The slam of hips on hips, the huffs and grunts and growls of two animals who were concentrating with every fiber of their being on reaching orgasm, the lion pushing back to meet the zebra's thrusts. His hole was stretched to its limit and was continually abused by the zebra's medial ring and the massive flared tip, when it would tug on the spasming opening and threaten to pop out on particularly long thrusts. It squelched loudly as the lion's insides were forced to accommodate the zebra's powerful thrusts again and again, all while more hot, sticky fluid aided the zebra and allowed him to go faster.

Quickly approaching the pinnacle of pleasure, the zebra thrust in earnest. He bore down on the magnificent lion-turned-cock sleeve beneath him and delivered a pounding that shook the lion's whole body. Each thrust forced more pre from the lion's cock, and the lion knew it would only take a little longer before the pre was replaced with ropes of cum. The zebra relished in the feeling of the lion's guts massaging his shaft, his thrusts now only letting a few inches of cock at a time outside the slick warmth of his bottom. Tails flicked and paws dug harder into the ground as both males inched closer to release with every thrust - they were starting to sting the lion, but the pleasure made the pain go almost unnoticed. All the lion cared about was sweet, sweet release, accompanied by the most satisfying feeling of fullness he could imagine.

He didn't have to wait long. With a final slam and the loudest huff from the zebra yet, he felt that giant cock hilt him yet again and throb madly inside him. He couldn't feel the cum, but the lion could feel the way that equine dick was pulsing in his loose entrance and knew the balls attached to it were working in overtime to fill his slutty hole with a more-than-generous amount of thick, creamy cum. The hot pressure he immediately felt spreading into his guts even deeper than the zebra's own dick was what did it; as the zebra kept cumming and cumming deep inside his rump, the lion exploded. The first blast of cum hit the ground with such force that it sounded as if the lion were peeing, though the lion could feel the zebra cumming much harder than he was able to. And all of that cum was going deep inside him, filling him up and making his insides expand to accommodate it... he clenched hard around the shaft at the base, four more ropes of lion spunk spraying the ground as he was filled.

The zebra came for the better part of a minute. By the end of it, the lion felt fuller than he could remember being even after a huge meal, the creamy zebra cum having shot deep enough inside him to make his stomach expand. It felt like he'd be oozing cum for quite some time, a thought that was far from unappealing to the feline... it would serve as a reminder of what was to come the next time the two animals had a get-together.

Though the lion would have been content to stay like that forever, a foot of cock inside him and most definitely the zebra's bitch, the zebra had to pull out some time. When he did, it was accompanied by the loudest squelch yet, cum being forced around inside the lion, before a pop roughly forced the head of the cock from the lion's thoroughly used tailhole. A hot flood of fluid oozed out along with it, running down the lion's crack and pooling under his balls before the feline could even close his ass. When he did, it still wouldn't close entirely, having been thoroughly gaped by the fucking, but it did lessen the flow of spunk. Leaking was inevitable, the lion knew. Luckily, there was still more than enough zebra seed sloshing around inside him to keep him full.

As was customary, nothing further was communicated between the two animals. Both had gotten what they wanted; the zebra got a nice hole to fuck, and the lion got to be used and filled like the sub he secretly was. He heard the zebra start to trot away and decided to lie in the grass for a few moments longer before he began the trek back to his pride. Creamy fluid still leaked profusely from his backside, and he could feel his own cum matting his fur. He may have been completely spent after that rut, but he knew the next day, he would be ready to go for it all again.

Being one of the most feared and respected creatures around had its perks, but nothing could hold a candle to being that zebra's cum dump.

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