Simple Beginnings: Four Months Later

Story by Simplified on SoFurry

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Four Months Later

Four months had passed since the tragic death of his beloved, Hannah. Jacob had since separated himself from his old life in Corpus. He had found himself living in a shitty second floor apartment in Waco, TX. His personal health had deteriorated gradually since that night; his dark hair had been allowed to grow all the way to his shoulder blades. His father's old black leather jacket, which Jacob had once worn with pride, was now a dusty reminder of his past, having lost its shine long ago. His shirts were increasingly becoming more tattered and sticky from spilled alcohol. The only thing he had which made him sort of half-smile was the picture showing him and his beloved in happier times. He kept it along with her rosary on his dresser by his bed. He had never even looked at another girl since. Little did he know, was that things were about to make a dramatic and extraordinary change very soon.

Jacob's day truthfully began with a dream. In this dream, he was out somewhere in the middle of a huge wasteland. He was wearing some type of black armor. A shadowy battalion approached him at a furious speed. His hand went to his side for some type of weapon and instead, he pulled out the ring he had given Hannah before she died. It proceeded to melt in his hand, causing him to recoil in shock. He looked up to see an entire army of Hannahs covered from head to toe in grotesque burns. A sudden flash of light forced him to turn away to face the blue sedan that had taken the life of his beloved. He tried to move out of the way, but couldn't. He could only watch as the vehicle exploded mere inches away from him, engulfing his entire body in flames. CRASH!!!

He woke up in a cold sweat. He looked to his left where the crash came from but saw nothing... until he got out of bed.

"Ahh! FUCK!!"

He'd cut his foot on some broken glass. Upon closer inspection, he found that it was the picture frame holding Hannah's photo. It had fallen and shattered on the floor; he remembered that he had been drinking the night before and he probably fell asleep while still holding it.

"Jesus H. Christ!"

He muttered as he picked the pieces from his foot and dropped them in a trashcan by his bed. He placed the picture in a drawer for safekeeping. He got out of the right side of the bed to avoid any further mishaps with the glass. He found the first aid kit in his bathroom, he put on a rather crude bandage and then, went about his daily routine.

Some time later, Jacob was dressed, fed, and out the door. He got in his truck and drove off. He pulled up in a parking lot by a small bar. Jacob figured it would be close enough to working at a nightclub. The difference was more drunken fights, less buxom femmes.


Meanwhile, in a hotel overlooking Corpus Christi Bay, a pretty female meerkat stepped out onto the balcony.  Her emerald-green eyes peered calmly over the shimmering blue waters below.  Her petite muzzle curled up in a cute smirk. Her red hair, still wet from showering, blew in the wind.  Around her body, with the little hint of her bosom showing through, was a white towel.  Her alert eyes focused on a yacht moored to the pier.  She tapped quietly on the railing as she looked upon the people gathering around the boat.

The meerkat glanced behind herself, then scoffed, "Well, he's sure taking his sweet time."

Just as she'd said that, the glass door slid open and a tall, buff otter stepped out onto the balcony.  She looked at him, "And you say I take too long." then turned away to try to rile him up.

The otter laughed, "Excuse me if I've got more to wash than you, darling."

Hidaya stuck her tongue at him.

Her otter boyfriend hugged her from behind and without any words, he began to nibble on her soft neck.  She could feel as he pulled her to his body that he was wet as well, having just finished his own shower.  She did not feel a towel on him, though.

She grinned, "Sam, this isn't your house, you can't just walk out here with your dick out."

Sam ground his hips into hers while his paws ventured under her towel.  "I know not all of you is complaining, Hidaya."

She gasped when his fingers invaded her warmth.  "S-sam, not now.  We have a party to prepare for, remember?"

He turned her head back and kissed her lips while he felt her up for about a minute or two.  He spoke into her cute, round ear, "I remember, I just want a quick little kiss before we get dressed."  He laughed then kissed her again before letting her go.  He let her see him lick his fingers clean before he stepped back inside.

Hidaya shook her head after her mate gave her some peace.  "I'm taking a vacation after this."


Elsewhere, at a bookstore on South Padre, it was business as usual for one ram, Mick. He was standing at the counter reading The Caller Times when a pretty vixen in a cute dress walked up. He could smell her perfume without having to look.

"Excuse me..."

He put down the newspaper, briefly.

"Where do you keep your little romance novels?"

He looked at her oddly and nonchalantly pointed to the back. As she left, he heard footsteps coming from behind. A lanky, tall vampire bat took the young sheep by the waist and kissed him directly on the lips, letting his long tongue tickle until the ram relented and opened his mouth.

The vixen watched as their tongues danced wetly between bat and ram. When the kiss ended, the bat looked right at her with his eerie scarlet red eyes and licked his lips before winking. She blushed wildly and quickly vacated the store.

The bat chuckled evilly, "Well, she was cute, wasn't she?"

He kissed Mick again as he casually unbuckled the sheep's pants. He held the ram's "rammer" once it had been unleashed, playfully milked the long, smooth, pink muscle. The bat spoke softly, "I woke up this mornin', Mickey, and you were gone. I understand last night was our first time, but, I usually like a little protein-enriched pick-me-up after a good night. But, I will thank ya nonetheless; I can assure you, after last night, I'll be rememberin' your sweet body for nights to come."

The ram let the lecherous bat have his fun as he spoke "So, you'll be talkin' to your boss about my current situation, Jimmy?"

The bat paused in mid-stroke, his face a mixture of disappointment and disgust before he faked a smile. He reassured him with a grin, "I told you, sheep-boy! I got this. We'll all be up and out o' your wool before you know it. I just gotta go talk with my people back at the office."

He kissed him one last time then somersaulted over the counter landing neatly on all fours. He turned and winked at Mick as he put his hand on the door handle.

"Don't worry, Mickey! Ol' Jimmy's got your back; you can count on it." He gave a corny thumbs up to the sheep before pushing on the door.

The bell on the door jingled as he walked out.

Mick shook his head and sighed before stuffing himself back in his pants.

A black van awaited Jimmy as he left the bookstore; in the driver's seat sat a badger smoking a joint.

The badger spoke like a stereotypical Irish gangster, "Well, Mister Darrell? Ye got the money?"

Jimmy looked back at the badger with disdain then smiled. He crawled through the driver's side window deliberately causing the badger to drop his blunt. Jimmy picked it off the floor as he made himself comfortable in the passenger side and helped himself to the green. He blew smoke in the badger's face and he finally answered his colleague, "No."

"Well then, what the fuck are ye smilin' about ye bat-tard?"

Jimmy answered with a wicked grin plastered on his muzzle, "I got me some last night."

The badger immediately knew what he was talking about. He laughed, "You're shittin' me right?"

Jimmy chuckled and passed the joint back to his companion, "Matt, if I were shittin' you, I woulda come up with somethin' betta." He reclined into his seat, "But yeah... Mick didn't have our money again, third month in a row." His mind flashed back to the previous night, to the ram leading him up to the little apartment above the bookstore.

"So the little asshole strips nekkid, says I can have 'im in place of his pay." His mind flashed to the young, nerdy ram taking off his clothes in his bedroom, exposing himself to the bat.

"And of course, you knowin' me, I just had ta take him up on it." Next the ram was on his knees, gulping the bat's lengthy, thick cock to the root while he cradled the sweating danglers beneath. Jimmy kept that going until he shot a full, hot load down the pitiful, but quite handsome, ram's throat.

"And I rode that little motherfucka all night!" He grinned as he remembered himself crouched behind the ram, buried to the groin in the sheep's tight ass, pounding him slow and hard until he came, then riding him more until he added a couple more batches to that ram's colon.

Jimmy sat up to adjust his pants as those memories had caused quite a reaction. "Now, if I'd known he swung that way before, after sharin' so many beers with the guy, I'd have nailed him and his sweet ass long ago. I mean," He put his right hand to his chest, "even I've got a reputation to keep up, Matt."

The badger shouted, "You fucked the sheep!?"

Jimmy put a finger to his short muzzle, "Shush, Matthew. Not everyone wants to hear about our dirty little details, you feel me?"

Matt rolled his eyes, "Yeah, I feel you. So, what are you saying to the Marks?"

The bat scoffed, looking out his window "Oh, he's The Marks now is he? Prick." He looked back at Matt. "We'll just tell him the truth. The miserable little shit was unable to keep up his protection pay for the third month in a row so, he must be taught that even though your boss is miles away from where you live, doesn't mean he can't just lean over and beat your ass. We just happen to be the assbeaters to do that. Besides, I promised Mickey I'd be back by tonight with his 'answer' and Jimmy Lee Darrell never breaks a promise."

Matt understood and turned on the ignition. He paused momentarily before stepping on the gas pedal. He looked at Jimmy and said in a taunting voice "You know she's gonna be pissed at you, right?"

Jimmy laughed, "For what? I've seen the way she looks at other girls when they pass us. Mostly because, I've looked at 'em too."


At noon during his break, Jacob was standing outside smoking a cigarette when he noticed something glowing in the alley behind him.  It was a rock; a strange glowing rock, no bigger than a blade of grass, it looked like a star fallen from the sky.  Jacob bent over to get a closer look.  The stone reacted when it sensed a carbon lifeform nearby.  It jumped, tore through Jacob's shirt and pierced him directly over his heart.  

"Fuck!" He cursed in pain before the force of the jump sent him flying out of the alley to where he collided with some garbage bags in the roadside.  He got up dazed.  After seeing that he was alone, he dusted himself off, got back in his truck and hurried home.

Jacob made it back to his apartment; he began to feel a terrible sensation in his left side as he went up the stairs.  He was doubled over in pain on all fours by the time he got in.  He reached for his phone to dial 911 when, suddenly, his shadow grabbed it for him... or at least that's what it looked like had happened.

To his utter surprise, Jacob's whole right arm had turned into a dark shadowy form of itself.  When he tried to stand up, his legs and lower body sank into the floor and he realized his whole body seemed to have taken on shadow-like capabilities.  He ripped open his shirt to see a glowing tattoo where the stone had pierced him.  It looked like the head of some kind of bird over his heart.

"Oh shit..." He muttered before he fell through the floor.  

Jacob fell into the room directly beneath his own.  An old stoat lady had been sleeping on her armchair when the 5'8 tall black rat crashed through her coffee table.

"Aaah!" The stoat screamed and held her chest when she saw the bloodied body laying on her floor.  When the rat didn't seem to move, she got up, her walking stick held like a club.  "Mister?"  She looked up and saw no hole in her ceiling.  "Where the hell did you come from?"  She picked up her phone to call an ambulance when Jacob suddenly coughed up blood.

The rat rolled off the broken glass and he tried to get up.  His body was all cut up.  The tattoo on his chest began to glow again.  His many wounds began closing, pushing out what small fragments of glass clung to him before regenerating flesh and skin.  Jacob held his gut as inside, what injuries he incurred healed almost instantaneously.   He looked at himself, watched every cut vanish.  He noticed around bigger pieces the healing process halted.  He pulled them out and those wounds closed up as well.  He tried to get up but cursed under his breath when he tried to put weight on his right arm.  He saw it had been bent backwards.  He bit his lip then painfully he set the bone back in place.  He cried out as the bone mended and flesh grew back.  

The stoat still held her phone as she watched the display.  "Oh my god..."

Jacob heard her that time.  He looked up, healed but now in torn clothes.  "Um... Mrs. Davis?"

The stoat recognized her neighbor now.  "Mr. Marshall..."

"You have a clean shirt I can borrow?"  He grinned nervously.

She nodded.  "My husband's clothes may fit you."

He cleaned up, got dressed then without a word he stepped out leaving a bewildered old widow behind.


Jacob racked his brain on what had just happened.  He knew it had to do with that stone he picked up.  What did it do to him?  His thoughts were interrupted as he was grabbed from behind and hurled into a dark alley.

The next thing he knew, he had a gun pointed in his face.

A male wolf, flanked by two pack members held up the rat, not caring the rodent was slightly bigger.  Some rat in as nice a jacket as this, he must have some cash on him.  "Ya know the drill... cash now!"

Jacob held up his hands, "Look... I don't carry that much, I work at a fucking bar for Christ's sake!"  

The wolf growled, "I don't care worth a shit 'bout yer life story, asshole.  Just give us all you got."

Jacob growled under his breath, "Fine."  He took his wallet, took what money he had inside then gave it to the wolf.  "There.  That's it."

The wolf snarled at the pitiful 5$ sum he'd gotten.  "Is this it?  Fuck!"  He stuffed the money in his pocket while his pack members fidgeted with the weapons they had.  Their leader growled, "Give me your jacket!"

Jacob backed away, this was his father's jacket; it was all he had to remember him by.  "I can't do that."

The wolf pushed Jacob, "I'll fuckin' rip it off you then."

Jacob caught the wolf's wrist then smashed his right elbow in the canine's gut.

One of the wolf's brothers panicked when he saw the other get hurt and charged the rat with a knife drawn.

Jacob saw and caught him just as the blade went through his palm.  "Ah! Goddamn!"  It was at that moment his tattoo started glowing again and suddenly Jacob's full body turned black and sank into the shadows taking the knife-wielding wolf with him.  

His two brothers watched with their mouths open, "Where'd they go?"

Jacob reappeared and he dropped their brother before them.  The young wolf stumbled, bruised but still alive.  Jacob threw the knife down at his feet.

The three wolves backed off; one asked "What the fuck are you?"

Jacob looked at himself, he saw how his body had returned to solid form.  "I don't know what this is.  But-"

The one wolf who had a gun on him fired.

Jacob flinched and his body turned to shadow again.  The bullet passed through him, and pierced the neck of the brother who'd been standing behind him.

The wolf croaked, holding his neck as it bled.

The oldest of the three wolves took the gun from his brother and fired at Jacob again, still the bullets passed through his shadow body into the other wolf.

Jacob's other arm swept forth and tripped the leader; it narrowed to a single solid point then gored the wolf through, tearing his guts out.

The youngest of the three ran, leaving his dead brothers behind.  

Jacob's tattoo stopped glowing then he fell.  He regained his senses then nearly threw up when he saw what he'd just done.  "No... What have I done?"  He shook his head, looking around to see if anyone had seen him.  He saw it was already getting to be night.  "I better go..."  He got up then walked away from the corpses.


Meanwhile, on a yacht in Corpus Christi Bay, Hidaya and Sam both got into the party that night.  Each had separate invitations so it would appear that they did not come together.  Afterward, they split up.  The otter went off to search the ship for a safe location away from the crowd while the meerkat went into the banquet hall to keep an eye on their target.

The suisine captain stood with his bodyguards, two GSD dogs who kept a vigilant eye out for any danger.

She spotted Sam.  She took her cue then approached the bar where the bartender served her a strawberry daiquiri.  As she took a sip, her otter beau approached her like a college boy trolling for easy tail.  She saw him and allowed one strap of her dress to fall.  

The otter sniffed the kat's thin neck as he traced a finger along one single brown stripe on her back before he rolled the strap back to her shoulder.  He made small talk with her, as they'd rehearsed so vigorously in their hotel room before.  She played coy, let him feel her up in public, especially in front of the lecherous pig captain who had most certainly taken notice.

Hidaya let Sam lead her away from the bar and out onto the deck.  "I've got a nice quiet little spot where we can... talk some more."

Hida stifled a laugh, "As if you ever just wanna talk."

Sam grabbed her ass as they made it to the door.  "How long do you think before he comes for us?"

"I'm not betting on him being a polite piggy."  She quipped as they stepped in, leaving the door unlocked.  It was the furthest room away from the crowd.  It was a quaint, peaceful guest room.

Sam was on Hidaya as soon as the door closed.  She kissed him back, letting his tongue pry her mouth open as he pulled her dress down.

In record time, both lovers were naked and Hidaya was on her back as Sam, dispensing with any notion of foreplay, drove his length between her clinching folds.  Not before she made him put on a condom, however.  "We can't leave evidence, and we both know how much evidence you tend to make, Sam dear."  

He chuckled, "And they can't trace your pussy juice back to you, dear?  Remind me how many mongooses or meerkats we've seen since arriving in Texas?"

She scoffed, "Good point."  She put the condom on for him, then laid back.  "Come on."

Sam didn't need to be told twice.  He took his position over her and then with a strong, firm thrust, he was inside.

Meanwhile, as Hidaya had suspected, the yacht's captain, the fat, sweaty hog stood outside, his ear to the door as he listened to their hushed conversation before it quickly turned to passion.  He laughed evilly as he jiggled the knob carefully, pleased to find they'd forgotten to lock the damn door.  Too easy, he grinned.  He signaled for his canine bodyguards to wait outside as he crept in.

The swine could feel his pants grow increasingly more uncomfortable as he saw that tight otter ass flexing as Sam pumped his thrusts into that tasty morsel beneath him.  The hog couldn't believe his luck, these two were so engrossed they hadn't even noticed him.  He licked his slobbering jowls as he undressed.  Naked, he crawled across the floor, grinding his pork curl against that shag carpet as he neared them, his snout twitching like crazy from the sex in the air, his judgment perfectly dulled by the boner he dragged against the floor.  

Of course, Sam and Hida knew he was there, they'd have to be brainless not to realize there was a big fat pig in the room with them.  She nodded for Sam and the otter picked up speed, tickling his lover's clit while they kissed.

The naked pig heard the meerkat moan through her orgasm and looked up just in time to see the otter's veiny cock pulsing as it filled the condom, turning the latex wrapper white while Hidaya's juices squirted around his length.

Hidaya kissed Sam as he quivered slightly from the climax then whispered in his ear, "Get ready."

Sam nodded then before the pig could make a move, the otter withdrew his still hard cock from his partner then turned and sat on the bed, helping Hidaya up so that she could also see the pig.  She giggled, "So you liked the show, dear?"

The pig sat there, caught red-handed, sweat pouring from his forehead, "Y-ya knew ah was hea'?"

She got out of bed then crawled up to him, putting on quite a show for the fat porker.  "Well, we left the door open for you; the way you were looking at me, I figured you wanted to play too."  She dominantly placed her right palm on his snout and pushed him onto his back.  She looked down at his erect cock, dripping pre like a faucet.  "You look like you're fit to burst, Captain."  

The normally chauvinistic pig found himself entranced and trapped by this small female who held his face with such sharp claws.  "Who are you?"

She crawled over him and looked him straight in the eyes, "You don't need to know."  She started to grind herself against his cock without ever letting him in.

He groaned from this, feeling her moist pussy, still wet but clean since her mate had worn the condom.  The pig whined,  "You're gonna make me cum if ya keep doin' that."

Hidaya never broke her gaze, "I know.  Go on, you don't have to be the macho male with me, let yourself go."

Sam held in the laughs as he watched his girl enticing their target, while he also kept an eye out for the pig's security.

The captain continued to whine, more like a child than an authority figure, "But I don' wanna, I wan' tha pussy."

She narrowed her eyes at him, dug in with her claws around his nose.  "Are you refusing me?"

He groaned harder from the pain, "Ow, ya bitch!"  He rolled his eyes  back, not wanting to feel anymore pain and he let it go.  His cock swelled and spurt ropes of his seed all over his fat belly.  Being a pig, his large balls had plenty of reserves so he kept shooting for quite a while.  

She laughed, "Wow, you never give this much, Sam!  At least not in one sitting."

The otter laughed back as he pulled off his condom, "Yeah, but at least I'm not fat."

Hidaya leaned in closer and whispered into the pig's ear, "So, Don, how much did you pay the judge?"

He was still dazed from cumming so much.  "What?"

Hidaya dug deeper and made him bleed with her claws.  "That's what this whole party is for isn't it?  Your acquittal.  You were on trial for... what was it again, Sam?"

The otter stood, now in pants, a silenced 1911 in his right hand.  "Rape,  five counts for the rape of five underaged females.  You should be getting buttfucked in prison by now, but then all of a sudden, evidence was conveniently misplaced and they had to let you go.  So how much did you pay?"

He growled under his breath before shouting,  "Benji!  Quaid!"

The two dogs ran in as soon as they heard their names.  Each had their pistols on the otter while the pig overpowered the female on top of him.  He held her in front of him so Sam couldn't make a move.  

Hidaya was smiling though, just what she wanted...  her eyes glowed as did the tattoo on her back.  She put her free paw against the pig's chest and then, there was a bright flash.

The pig dropped to the floor with a gaping, steaming hole through his body.

The two bodyguards panicked, one fired at her, she dodged.  Light energy gathered in her claws on her right paw and she threw another blast blowing off Benji's head while Sam got Quaid between the eyes with his gun.

Sam held her and they kissed among the carnage.  Hida heard the pig cough and turned.

The pig coughed up blood as his life faded from him.  "Who the hell are ya?"

Hidaya looked down at him, "Like I said, you don't need to know.  We've just killed you, so please die."

The swine's head rolled back one last time and blood bubbled out of his mouth as he croaked his last breath.

Hida groaned,  "That's two more than we were supposed to kill."

Sam sighed, "No one said this job would be easy."

Both took the time to get dressed.  Hidaya reached under the bed then pulled out her laptop.  The laptop had the pig's picture, name and profile.  She typed in mission complete, turned off her computer, then passed it to Sam.  

"Come on, let's go."  She said before leaving.

As she walked out, the laptop beeped.  She didn't hear, but Sam did.  "Another mission already?"  He turned it back on then looked inside.  He saw his next target then nodded.  "It will be done."

Hidaya had gone ahead of Sam.  She was lowering a lifeboat when she sensed someone behind her.  The swanhead tattoo on her shoulder glowed, as did her claws as she produced light energy.  She turned to attack.  A webbed paw took her out with a single strong punch to the head.  Sam picked her up.

"I'm sorry."  He spoke as he lifted her over the rail.  "But you brought this on yourself."  He dropped his mate into the cold waters below.


Mick was closing up the bookshop and setting the alarm when he heard a knock at the door. Suspicious, he took his revolver out of the drawer beneath the cash register, just in case. He looked through a side window, but only saw a tattered old derelict in raggy towels and coats. He unlocked the door to let in the old man when, suddenly, the rags were blown off by a freak wind revealing the derelict to be Jimmy Lee Darrell!

Before Mick could shut the door, the wind blew it off its hinges, sending him sliding on his back across the floor and knocking over some of the bookshelves. One of the larger books hit Mick square in the face breaking his glasses and smashing his nose.

The vampire bat entered in through the doorway. He clicked his tongue, "Mickey, Mickey, Mickey; you should've known better than to open doors for strangers. Didn't your ol' mama tell you that back in--what was it? Scotland?"


Mick pointed his gun and fired.

Jimmy reeled back in pain as he held his gut. He picked the bullet from his wound. He then threw it on the floor as he glowered at the sheep. The bullet wound healed. He opened a suitcase he had been holding and took out a large black leather glove. This was no normal glove for at the tip of each finger, there were these blades 10-12 inches long at least and razor sharp. With his non-gloved hand he picked up the sheep and held him up close.

"Now that was uncalled for, Sheepie." He spoke with a calm fury, "I've been your friend how long, and you just shoot me like that?"

Mick gulped, "Y-you're not my friend, I'm just a fence, I know how this shit goes."

"Mickey..." Jimmy tried to calm himself, "We drank beer together, smoked pot together. I know that don't mean shit to no one else, but that's friend shit for me." He put the ram down, "I'm supposed to teach you a lesson about not payin' what you're owed, but I like you too much." He petted the sheep, "I can give you options, you can leave and I'll say you'd gone and left before I got here or... you stay, on my dime. That keeps you safe from Jerry, safe from anybody. The downside to that is though you'll keep your business, you answer to me from now on."

Mick gulped, "What would your boss say?"

"He'd be pissed, but, as a high-ranking captain, I'm untouchable."

The ram stuttered, "A-and your girl?"

Jimmy laughed, "That's an ass whoopin' I'll take for you."

Mick gulped, "And what would I have to do?"

The bat delicately placed his bladed glove on the sheep's head then guided him to his knees, "Need I say more?" He taunted the ram.

In mere minutes, the bat's pants were down to his feet while the ram's head bobbed in his lap.

Jimmy laughed inwardly, sometimes it paid well to be on top.


Jacob got home.  The stoat lady saw him.  She watched him go up to his apartment.  Jacob started packing his clothes, and other belongings into a suitcase.  He found some of the money he'd been saving up for his next rent.  He took some for himself, put the rest in an envelope.  Then he stepped out, locking the door.  

The stoat watched him come back down.  "Where are you going, Mr. Marshall?"

Jacob stopped,  "I'm going back to Corpus.  This new thing I have, I don't think it belongs in a place like this.  I don't wanna hurt anyone."

She nodded,  "You're a good person.  I hadn't gotten the chance to know you so well, but I can see you have a good heart."

He sighed,  "Thank you, Mrs. Davis."  He gave the envelope and the key to his apartment to her.  "Can you make sure the landlord gets these?"

She smiled,  "I will.  Good luck to you, wherever you go from here."

Jacob gave her no more than an awkward smile before walking to his truck.  He got in, he put his suitcase in the back then drove off.

To be continued...

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