Rite of Passage

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#1 of Commissions

Maybe you've seen the announcement: I'm taking commissions now. This was my first one. It's about two teenagers raping Bear from the Franklin cartoons. Might be a bit rougher than what I've written so far and childhood-destroying too, so consider yourself warned. Also the story contains a small bit of watersports (just one paragraph).

It was a pleasant summer day, not too hot, just some clouds in the sky. Perfect weather to enjoy the summer vacation before school started again. Bear and his friends had decided to spend their day at the playground next to the basketball court. They played hide-and-seek or with a frisbee, built sand castles and had a really great time together. Two teenagers, a fox and a rabbit, had been playing basketball at the court but they didn't seem to care about the younger cubs. Now it was starting to get late though. While his friends started to leave Bear decided to stay back. He was still trying to build the perfect sand castle. At the beach that might have worked better but he was eager to do his best. He also still had two muffins left and didn't want to bring them back again because he'd rather have his mother bake him new ones for the coming day. So he sat there munching his blueberry muffins as the two teenagers stopped playing.

Bear hadn't paid them much attention but now they were coming over to him. And he realized that they both seemed to be pretty big. Even standing he'd only be at eye level with their bellies. And they clearly were fit athletes. The fox stood quite tall and was obviously a muscular powerhouse. His shorts and sleeveless shirt showed of his strong arms and legs, his nicely developed muscles quite obvious beneath his russet fur. The rabbit was about a head shorter but still much taller than Bear and seemed to be very slender. More of a runner while his companion seemed to be built for strength. Being plus-sized they made the ursine cub a bit uncomfortable. He wasn't really out of shape but as a bear he'd never sport a lithe frame, the members of his species just always tended to grow a gut and have a rounded figure.

Both of them were quite sweaty after their basketball session, their fur seemed to be wet and matted down. The fox rubbed some droplets of sweat from his brow as he and his friend looked down at the bear, who stared at them with a curious expression, some muffin crumbs still at the sides of his mouth. He shyly wiped them off.

"Hey there, lil guy", the fox spoke in a surprisingly deep voice. He wasn't fully grown yet but it was obvious that he'd have a baritone rumble as a grown-up. "My buddy'n me are headin' towards the showers. Wanna join us?"


"C'mon, you heard me. Seen ya and yer buddies spend the whole day here. As friggin' hot as it was today I'm sure yer drenched in sweat'n could use a nice shower."


"It's ok. Do you have some spare clothes you could change into?", the rabbit now spoke too. His voice not as deep as his buddy's but a rich tenor nevertheless.

"No." Bear shook his head. "I usually change at home."

Both teenagers nodded and smiled. "Why not make an exception taday' n shower with us? We even have a third towel ya could use, big guy."

"B-big guy?"

"Yer a bear. An' bear's are big."

"But I... I'm still little..."

"Yeah, maybe now", the rabbit nodded. "But you'll be huge in a few years. Lookin' down at us."

That made Bear beam with pride. "Do you really think I will be big?"

"Totally", the rabbit said.

The fox nodded. "Yup."

"Thank you." Bear blushed a bit.

"Yer welcome, buddy. If ya don' wanna shower with us ya could least use the towel to dry yer fur. It's so thick, bet there's like a ton of sweat in there."

"Have you ever been in a lockerroom before?", the rabbit asked.

"At school. With the other cubs."

"But never with big guys like us before?"


"Well, taday's yer chance. Come with us'n least getcha fur dried."

"Yeah. Wanna make your parents proud? If you get home and your fur's all freshly dried that'll show'em that you're a really big boy", the rabbit said. "We promise not to look." He smiled.

Now that he thought about it they might actually be right. His thick fur was indeed soaked with sweat. Franklin or Snail didn't even have any fur and Fox's or Beaver's wasn't nearly as dense as his. Toweling off a bit really seemed like a good idea and the two older kids were nice enough. "OK", he shyly said and nodded.

"Great! C'mon!", the fox said as he and the rabbit turned towards the lockerroom.

Bear still wasn't entirely convinced but he joined them anyway. Together the trio entered but the ursine cub didn't notice his new friends locking the door. The fox moved over to him and pushed his paw under Bear's shirt, lifting it up a bit. "Yeah, look at that. Yer soaked! With yer thick fur that's least like 20 pounds more ya hafta carry around."

"And there's enough weight you could shed already", the rabbit added.

"B-but..I... I'm a bear..."

"Sure you're not just an overgrown otter with a stubby tail?", the rabbit asked as his paw grabbed said tail.

"N-no... I'm a bear."

"That's pretty unspecific."

"Yeah! What kinda bear are ya even?"

"A... a brown bear."

"No Grizzly or Kodiak then but one of the smaller guys, hm?"

"B-but didn't you say I'd grow big?"

"Sure. But Grizzlies or Kodiaks are even bigger."

"Oh... OK."

"So, ya've never been in a lockerroom. Why's that?"

"Uhm... I've been in a lockerroom. At school."

"But never with big men like us."

Bear shook his head and then shyly lowered his ears and tried to look at the ground as both teens took off their shirts, revealing a stocky, muscular and a slender body. Both started to rub off the sweat from their fur.

"So, kid. How old are ya?"


"Oh? Thought ya'd be older. Ya look older. Bigger."


"Didn't you want to dry off?", the rabbit asked.

"Uhm... yeah..."

"Than get that shirt off", he started pulling at it. "Lemme help you."

Bear was a bit scared but lifted his arms up. Soon his pudgy body came into view and the rabbit just threw his shirt into a corner.

"There. Here's the towel", the muscular fox said and gave it to the bear. He gingerly started to dry himself off. And although they had promised not to he could clearly feel the two guys eyes on his body as they nonchalantly stared.

"So, you're a boy?"

"Yes." Bear shyly nodded.

"You sure?"


"Yeah. Really sure yer a boy'n not a girl, hm?"

"B-but I am a boy..." The 5-year old didn't know what the two wanted from him.

"Ever seen another boy naked? Maybe even a man, hm?"

"Uhm... a few of the other boys from my class. And my dad once or twice."

"Yer dad? He big?"

"I... I guess... I dunno..."

The fox pulled his jersey over his head, revealing his strong body, rippling with toned muscles. It was obvious that he worked out a lot. Especially for a fox he was quite beefy. Usually foxes were much leaner, this one almost looked more like a wolf, though with reddish fur. The rabbit on the other hand was slender but underneath his white fur there was strength, especially in his legs.

"Like whatcha see, kid?", the fox asked with a broad grin. He flexed his arms, showing off his bulging biceps. Both boys had by now started to strip off their baggy shorts. They pulled them down and stepped out of them. It was the first time Bear had seen this kind of underwear and it looked completely weird. Ridiculous. The bulges they sported were really big though. The rabbit even turned around and presented Bear with his tight butt beneath the cute bun that was his tail. As a runner his cheeks were quite muscular with almost no excess fat. The fox did the same. His backside was a lot bigger... broader than his companion's, reflecting their overall difference in size. The cub couldn't help but stare.

Then they pulled down their weird underwear and their fat sheaths and heavy balls flopped out. Both boys were hung quite large for their age. Though not fully grown yet, their equipment already was almost adult-sized. Bear gulped, clearly intimidated. Even from behind he could see their balls swinging between their legs. Again the fox was the biggest one of the duo. His balls hung down low and were covered with thick red fur. The rabbit's smaller pair was slightly furry too, though Bear could make out the skin underneath which made them almost look a bit pink.

They turned around. First the rabbit. His sheath didn't seem to have much hair on it and like his balls it was of a slightly pink colour. Surrounding it was a thick and dense forest of curly white fur. He had already seen something like that with his dad though his crotch fur was a dark brown and even denser than the rabbit's. The fox came close though. At first Bear almost couldn't make out his sheath among all the fur the teenager had down there. Then he found it and it was almost as big as he remembered his father's to be. Long and fat, covered in fur but much shorter and thinner than around it. The hefty size clearly meant the fox had a huge willy...

The fox grabbed his sheath, stroked it a bit and waved it at the bear. "Yanno that it's rude ta stare." The cub gulped as he was caught. "Don't mind though. If yer as big as me ya might as well flaunt. So stare all ya like, lil buddy."

"Yeah, you can check me out too. Not as overgrown as him but still big enough." Bear didn't want to but his head and his eyes seemed to move on their own until their gaze caught the rabbit's endowment too. He lifted his pinkish balls up. "These are really heavy", he smirked.

"So, kid. Still sure yer a boy?", the fox asked. Bear couldn't answer but he shyly nodded, his face all flustered and red. He looked down at the floor.

"Prove it", the rabbit demanded.

"Yeah, whip yer cock out'n show us that yer a real boy."

"C'mon, show us how big you are. I heard that bears can grow like really huge."

Bear stared at both teenagers. He was no longer just uncomfortable, he was downright scared. He hated being naked. It instantly showed everyone that he was fat. He couldn't help but compare himself to the other cubs and pups and they were all lean and thin. Bear was the only one who already sported a gut. At least that's what he thought - in fact he was easily as fit as the other kids and thanks to his size even stronger than them. In a few years he'd excel at shotput or weightlifting, right now all he saw was the other kids being better at running than him.

The fox suddenly appeared behind him and locked his arms, lifting him up off the floor. Bear began to whine and scream. "Please stop! I don't want this! Lemme go!"

"Buddy, just relax'n this'll be easy", the fox growled into his ear.

The rabbit was now in front of the bearcub and started rubbing his crotch. At first with just one finger, teasing him. Bear started squirming and kicking, trying to gt him to back off. The rabbit grabbed both of his legs. "Kiddo, I've tried to be nice so far. But if you kick me, you will regret it. Be nice to me and I'm nice to you. Got that?" Bear nodded and grew limp in the fox's strong grip. His feet were released once again but he didn't dare move them. "Attaboy."

The teenager's paw grabbed his crotch and rubbed the little cub through his pants. "Can't feel a thing." That was true. The thick fabric made it almost impossible to feel more than a slight bump. "Could be a cock and balls, could be a vag."

He hadn't noticed before but the rabbit's paw was huge. And right there on his crotch it seemed even bigger to the ursine cub. It didn't pull away but kept rubbing him and... and it felt kinda weird... Bear blushed. "Want me to pull them down?" Bear shook his head. "Wrong answer."

He took the black button between two fingers. "Y'know, I could just rip it off. Then you'd have to go home naked. But I'm feeling nice so I'll slowly open it." The rabbit deliberately drew it out. He played with the button for a bit, then finally opened it. Almost painfully slow he pulled down the zipper. He hooked his fingers into the cub's waistband, making sure not to grab his undies too, then once again moved like in slow-motion. More and more of the bear's legs, all covered in thick brown fur, were revealed. Then finally the cub felt his feet slip through the openings which meant that he was now left only in his underwear. He squirmed and tried to cover himself up. "Kid, what did I say about kicking and squirming? Keep your legs still and it'll be nice."

"B-but... I really don't wanna be naked... I don't like it."

"You've seen us naked. It's only fair that we get to see you naked too, buddy."

"But I didn't even wanna see you... I just wanted to go home..."

"Shouldn't have come with us then", the rabbit smirked. "Now you'll play with us big boys until we're satisfied. And you better play along." The rabbit chuckled as he recognized the colourful print on the cub's undies. "Cool, Captain Squirrel! He was always my hero too. But it seems like he's doing a really poor job of protecting you today." The superhero's masked face was right over the spot where the older boy suspected the younger one's sheath to be. "I heard that tickling is Captain Squirrel's only weakness." One finger tickled the image of the cartoon character. Then a second finger was added. Soon a third followed until the rabbit's whole paw rubbed Bear's cloth-covered little pouch. "Well, kid, the villains are winning today. No superhero will save you. And I'm definitely feeling a sheath here. Pretty sure there are some balls too. Almost seems like you were saying the truth, cubby. We have to make absolutely sure though."

Bear expected him to just pull his undies down. But the rabbit hooked one finger under each side of his underwear, pulled them forward, then let them snap back. It stung a bit and he kept repeating that a few times. "Stop! It hurts!"

"It does?", the rabbit acted surprised. "Sorry, guess I didn't notice. It's fun though. I could keep doing it." He left a long pause. "Or I could stop it and pull'em down." Another pause. "You're choice, buddy."

No answer. Snap! "Please..." Snap! Tears were rolling down the bear's face. Snap! "It really hurts..." Snap! "Please stop..." Snap! "I..." Snap! Muffled crying and more tears. Snap! "Y-you c-can..."

"Can do what, kiddo?"

"Y-you can pull my undies down", the cub sniveled, completely defeated.

"See, that was totally easy. But you had to play hard to get. And there's still no Captain Squirrel to save you." Once again his fingers teased the cub's sheath as it rubbed over the cartoon print right above the bear's hidden genitals. Then finally he pulled them down.

"Yup, seems like you're a boy." Both openly stared at his little sheath and nuggety balls. The rabbit's paw wasted no time and started feeling him up. The small orbs in their pouch and the tube slightly above them were both a bit leathery but covered with fur too.

"Yeah, he's a boy", the fox announced.

At first the rabbit was gentle. Then suddenly he groped Bear's sheath really hard. The older boy pushed his big paws up into the balls and sheath with a lot of force which made Bear wince in pain. As he opened his mouth to let out a loud groan he found himself muffled by the lapine's face over his and then the teenager even shoved his tongue into his mouth. The much bigger appendage started to wrestle with his own. Bear faintly tasted a bit of mint as he and the bigger boy moaned and grunted. This was weird... and gross too...

"My turn", the fox announced. He changed places with the rabbit and slammed the cub against the wall. He hit his head a bit and had the wind knocked out of him but before he could make a single sound another tongue invaded his mouth. The fox rubbed against him hard, Bear could even feel the older boy's sheath and balls brush his. The big tongue pushed deeper and deeper into him, hungrily tasting the boy's mouth, exploring every last bit as it almost entered his little throat.

He pulled out and chuckled. "Well, kid. Now yer standin' there, all naked. Jus' like us."

"Yeah, we've seen your little bits."

Bear blushed and tried to cover himself.

"Buddy, we've seen your weapon. Don't need to hide it now."

"Y-you're meanies..."

"Aw...", the fox smirked. "Maybe we are. Maybe we're openin' ya up fer new experiences." He grabbed the 5-year old boy and held both of his small paws with his big left one. With his right paw he grabbed the cub's sheath and started to stroke it. Sooner or later he'd get the cub hard.

"What are you doing? Leave my peepee alone!"

"Nope." His strong fingers kept stroking the cub's sheath, he forced it up and down hard, wanting to coax out the boy's cock. He'd never seen a bear's dick and was eager to see what the kid looked like even if since he was just a 5-year old it would most likely be pathetically small. After a while he indeed felt the cock react to his touch as a bit of purple began to show at the sheath's opening. He forcefully pulled the fuzzy, slightly leathery tube down and exposed the bearcub's penis. It was thinner than he would've expected but he guessed that it was of a decent length for a young boy. The shaft slimmed down towards the middle and then flared out into a tulip shaped head.The foreign shape left him staring for a bit as he wondered what the cock of an adult bear might look like. He started rubbing it and it even throbbed a bit between his fingers.

"Nice cock, buddy. Why'd you hide it?", the rabbit chuckled. It was his first beardick too but he already liked it.

"It's not supposed to do that..."

"Yeah it is." The fox was stroking him hard now, his paw flying up and down, making the cub squirm and grunt. Bear didn't understand what was happening, what the older boy was doing to him.

"Don't fight it, buddy. Jus' let it happen", the rabbit whispered into the 5-year old boy's ear as he reached around him from behind and roughly started squeezing his little nipples. The cub yelped in pain. "Almost a song", he smirked.

Again tears were streaming down the child's face as the duo had their way with him. Between sobs and whimpers he grunted and moaned, his nipples and his penis sending strong sensations through his body. After a while the cub's body grew tense. The teens looked at each other, grinned from ear to ear and nodded, acting even rougher now, giving the child not even a single second to rest. Then it happened. He moaned loudly and almost blacked out as his first orgasm ever overwhelmed him. His legs gave way and he fell onto the cold, tiled floor.

"Feelin' good?"

Bear couldn't answer. His chest was still heaving with laboured breaths, his penis and nipples feeling sore.

"Gonna feel that a lot today", the fox said. Bear sat on the floor. The teenager grabbed his right foot and dragged him across the floor towards the shower.

The cub cried and whimpered and kicked. "Please! No more! Stop! Please..."

But the boys didn't listen. They towered over him as he lay on the floor of the shower. They nodded towards each other, grabbed their sheaths and started releasing golden streams of hot, steaming piss all over him, matting down his fur. One stream hit his head, running all over him Bear closed his eyes but still got some in his nose which forced him to open his mouth and then a musky, rancid taste filled it. A second stream hit his chest, running all over his sore nipples and his aching penis. His thick fur soaked up the golden liquid and got heavy with wetness. After a while the two stopped and shook out the last drops over the sobbing cub.

"Now you'll definitely need our towel", the rabbit said as he picked him up. The fox turned one of the shower heads on, warm water rushed out of it. Bear soon found himself receiving an actual shower that rinsed all the piss out of his fur. As the rabbit put him down again he shook himself dry, at least a bit, which made his fur stand up all fluffy and made him look bigger than the cub actually was.

The bigger boys positioned themself on either side of the cub and soon Bear was sandwiched between them. If he turned left he stared at long, fat sheath covered and surrounded by red fur, if he turned right he stared at thinner, somewhat pinkish sheath.

"You'll suck us."


"Ya'll use yer mouth'n suck on us like our cocks were lollipops. Or ice-cream."

Bear wanted to protest but before he could do that his mouth was already filled by the rabbit's sheath. "Dibs on his mouth. Suck it, kid. And no teeth." Bear didn't really know what to do. He gingerly licked at the pointed tip as musky smells wafted up from the rabbit's crotch and filled his nose. "C'mon, suck on it like it was a lollipop. Put some effort in it." He forced himself deeper into the boy's muzzle and made him bob his head up and down. Bear coughed as the tip slowly entered his throat. "Yeah, boy. You'll take all of it. Every last inch."

The cub had no choice so he gave his best and tried to be brave. Even though he constantly gagged and coughed around the invading member that was far too big for his tiny little maw. The rabbit's pink cock soon expanded into the cub's mouth and down his throat. Bear surprised himself as he managed to take it deeper and deeper into his gullet. It was long. Really, really long. To him it almost seemed to be as long as his arm. Of course that wasn't true but to the poor cub it sure felt like it as the teenager kept invading his muzzle. It reflected the rabbit's body structure as it was lean and not too fat with a pointy tip.

After what seemed like an eternity his nose was finally buried in the rabbit's bushy crotch fur, his balls slapping heavily against his chin. His jaw and throat were spread far too wide and began to ache while tears ran down the whimpering cub's face. But the teenager didn't even think about stopping. He roughly grabbed the ursine's head and pulled out, giving the little boy just the slightest glimmer of hope before he rammed himself in again and again and again as he started to muzzlefuck the bearcub.

"Aw, crying won't help you, kiddo. Deep down you know that you want and need this, that you were born to just have males use you." His strong paws never let go as he roughly muzzlefucked the cub, slamming his snout and nose into his thick, musky crotchfur, his heavy balls slapping the child's chin. There was no finesse, no technique. The rabbit just wanted to use the small bear to get off, to drain his balls. He loved the power he had over the little boy. Taking advantage and fucking... raping a 5-year old boy. It was totally, completely awfully wrong - but fuckin' hell if it wasn't the goddamn best thing the teenaged rabbit had ever done or experienced.

"Yeah, boy. You like it, dontcha? You like being used by a big guy, hm? Admit it."

Bear nodded. He didn't like it at all. He could barely breathe, constantly had to swallow a slimy liquid the teenager's penis kept leaking and tears were running down his face from the lack of oxygen and the roughness with which he was handled.

Being a long-distance runner gave the white lapine quite a lot of stamina. No matter how long he kept abusing the cub's mouth, he never slowed down his thrusts. The rabbit had found his own perfect rhythm and he pounded the bear hard as each pelvic movement matched his inner beats. He pulled his pink dick almost completely out of the small bear's mouth, then drove it back in again. Sometimes he broke up the pattern and pulled it out just a bit.

"Balls. Now." Bear didn't dare say anything and complied, his ears folded back in fear and shame. The cub's tiny little tongue wandered all over the lightly furred orbs. "Lift them." He had to use one paw for each orb. Like the teenager had stated before his balls were really heavy. They looked solid but actually proved to be quite soft and even a bit squishy as the boy's paws explored them. He handled them carefully and gently, Bear did not want to anger any of the two guys. Without the rabbit having to tell him to he went back to licking them and even slightly nibbled a bit on their skin. Thick dollops of pre formed at the pointed tip of the rabbit's conical member and fell down onto the boys head once they got too heavy, soon his dense brown fur was all sticky.

"Damn, cub, you're really good. Gonna give you a creamy treat soon", the white rabbit grunted through gritted teeth as he slowly felt his inevitable climax approaching.

All the time the fox had just silently watched. Now his deep voice could be heard. "Yeah, fill'im up good!", he shouted to encourage his friend and put a paw on his shoulder, watching his buddy fuck the cub's mouth as he looked down over it. That touch sealed the deal. The rabbit threw his head back and moaned loudly as he started cumming.

Bear had heard the rabbit talk about a 'creamy treat' but he hadn't expected this. He hadn't even known that older boys could do this. But now one heavy blast after the other filled his mouth and shot down this throat. The thick liquid had a salty, maybe kinda nutty taste. It was gross but with the teenager's paws holding his head tightly against his crotch the cub had no other option but to swallow the sticky stuff. There was just so much! Some of it even ran down the sides of his mouth because Bear couldn't keep up with the copious flow. Every time the ursine cub thought the bigger boy was finally done another wad of gooey liquid filled his little muzzle. Thankfully the rabbit stopped after a while and he even released Bear from his iron grip. The cub used the opportunity to breathe in deep, coughing as he did so. He rubbed his sore throat and jaws. Then he heard a deep growl. "My turn."

"Please... sir... I can't... it hurts."

"Not a sir'n I don' care. Better open up wide."

Bear cried and sobbed but he knew that there was no other way out of this situation, so he bravely opened his mouth just to have it instantly filled with the fox's long and fat sheath. He started suckling on the furred tube, even pushing his tongue into it and finding out how leathery it felt inside but only for a while because then his tongue was forced out by the teenager's penis as it slowly filled with blood, lengthening and expanding as it did so.

Bear had thought the rabbit's penis was big but compared to the fox he now seemed only of a mediocre size - even if he was still far bigger than anything the 5-year old cub had. Bear had never really thought about how different dicks could look but seeing that each of them only bore passing resemblance to the others endowments made him wonder. His own penis was almost of a purple colour. It started out a bit thicker, then tapered down towards the middle and curved outwards as it formed a blunt head. The rabbit's pinkish member was more or less the same size the whole way through and had a thin, pointy head. The fox's cock now had what seemed like two bumps at its root and even if you didn't count them but just the shaft it was still very clearly the fattest piece in the room and it had a huge kind of 'head' to match, very blunt and just a bit pointier where its piss slit was. Angry, throbbing veins crisscrossed all over its surface.

A toothy grin formed on the red furred canine's face, spreading from ear to ear as the boys eyes first widened in awe, then in terror as his huge cock grew far bigger than the little child had imagined. "Told ya ta open wide. Wasn't even braggin'. Just statin' facts."

The enormous meat spread his jaws far wider than they had ever been. Not even the time he had tried to eat that gigantic burger over at Franklin's house came close. Afraid of what might happen if he accidentally hurt the strong fox with his teeth Bear instinctively wrapped his lips over them. He tried to breathe through his nose to get at least some oxygen but as the teenager roughly fucked his mouth the boy almost fainted several times because the air just didn't reach his windpipe. With an annoyed snarl the fox pulled out and allowed the cub some air even if he just didn't want the 5-year old child to lose consciousness. The boy should experience every last moment of his harsh treatment.

He muzzlefucked the boy hard. Rough. Deep. He jackhammered his fat cock into the bearcub with all the force his muscular body could muster. Sweat dripped down onto the child as he slammed his cock into the boy who was constantly on the verge of passing out. Bear didn't whimper or cry anymore because there was no energy left in his small body to even show these smallest signs of resistance and discomfort.

"Want my load?" Bear looked up at the fox. He didn't know what the fox meant. The teenager rolled his eyes. Course the kid wouldn't know all the slang. "My cream. My milk." The cub didn't want it but he eagerly nodded his head, hoping all of this would be over soon. "Yeah. Knew ya were a slut from the moment I saw ya. An' now I got a really big loada cream for ya." He slammed into the cub one last time and roared as he started shooting.

Once again Bear's muzzle was flooded with the musky, sticky liquid although this time it tasted just slightly different. but it was still weird... and gross... and icky... The boy tried to swallow and gulp down the thick 'cream'. It was too much. Far, far too much.. He gagged and coughed as he struggled to keep up with fhe continuous flow. Then the fox actually pulled out and shot the rest of his load all over the bearcub, painting his brown face with his white seed, thick droplets splattering everywhere, as the boy desperately gasped for air.

"Toldcha it was gonna be a big one", the fox smirked. Then he scooped up a bit of the cum with a finger and forced the boy to turn around. "Better relax." He said as his slimy finger slowly rubbed against the cub's entrance, watching as the hole clenched. "C'mon now, don' clench or it'll hurt."

"Owiiiie! It huuuurts!", Bear cried as he felt the finger enter him.

"Yer not relaxin' enuff." The fox slowly forced the winking rosebud open, sliding in deeper and deeper. First the tip, then one knuckle, then finally the whole finger until all of it was buried in the bear's rear. "Damn, so friggin' tight!" He wiggled it around, then pulled it out and pushed it back in, once again wiggling it a bit. He repeated that process several times, even though the cub kept loudly protesting.

Bear tried to relax but the strong, muscular fox's finger was just so big and his 5-year old body so much smaller. The rabbit once again lubed up with his cum, the slimy liquid now slowly getting cold as it dried on the cub's head. Now he pushed two fingers into the boy's tight anal passage. Bear tried to be strong as his hole was spread even wider but it just hurt too much. He cried and whimpered. "Please... Why are you so mean..."

The rabbit positioned himself in front of the little boy, his back and ass turned towards him. He grabbed the cub's head and pulled until his muzzle touched his hole. "Lick. Now." The cub was shocked and kept whimpering. "Do it, cub." Bear had no choice so he complied and started licking the teenager's tailhole. The furless pink skin tasted sweaty and musky. The bear had feared that it would be a lot worse. His tongue wandered all over the tender skin as he kept licking which made him feel the rabbit squirm a bit.

The red furred teenager meanwhile was now using three fingers to force the cub's hole to let him in. After letting the boy get used to it a bit he started fingerfucking him. His hand moved at an ever quickening pace as it pulled the trio of fingers out of the ursine's tight passage then pushed them in again. The fox almost drooled at the thought of having this incredible warmth and tightness wrapped around his meaty cock. The wet, slurping sounds his fingers made as they dove into the cub were music to his ears. He felt the cub's anus clench around his fingers which spurred him on to go even harder. He rammed them into the boy as hard as he could, making the little bear let out a scream that was muffled by the rabbit's ass. He kept going and going, never slowing down as his fingers prepared the child for something even bigger.

He stopped for a while and grabbed both buttcheeks with his big paws. Like the rest of the bear's body they were covered in thick, brown fur. He let his fingers run through the fur. It was soft and warm and just the slightest bit brizzly. He dug his fingers deeper into the cheeks and started kneading them. They were chubby and had a slight bit of give, they were perfect. He gently kissed and nibbled them, moving closer and closer towards the valley between them. He spread the cheeks, exposed the bear's hole that he had already spread a bit with his fingers and started lapping at it. It tasted a bit sweaty but not very strong, his tongue teased it, licking all over the cub's opening. Then his long canine tongue entered it and it almost seemed like the cub wanted to squeeze it off with how hard he clenched down. The tongue explored his insides as deep as it could, lubing the bear up with saliva. It made the cub squirm as he himself licked at the other teenager's tailhole.

When the fox was finally sure the cub was prepared enough he pulled away. "Let's change positions. Ya take'im firs'."

"Oh, suddenly feeling generous today?", the rabbit smirked.

"Nah. Jus' bein' practical. Kid needs ta be stretched'n lubed fore he can take me", the fox said matter-of-factly. "Sides, once we're tied yer outta the picture anyway."

"You bastard."

"Proud of it", the canine chuckled.

"That still doesn't make it better."

"Yeah, yeah... whatever... yer talkin ta much. Getcha fluffy butt over here'n ta work", the fox said and stepped away, making room for his friend.

The rabbit and the fox changed places. The lapine's cock was already throbbing and dripping in anticipation of what was finally to come. The cub noticed that the two were up to something but by now he was far to weak to comment on it. When he felt something hard, warm and wet rubbing over his butt he knew what it was. A whimpered "Please... don't..." escaped his lips even though he knew that it was in vain. The pointed tip of the rabbit's penis touched his hole and then began to pry it open. "Relax, buddy. You can do this."

Bear had thought the fingers were bad but the dick that slowly entered him was even worse. It spread and stretched him too far. He felt stuffed although just a fraction of the older boy's member had entered him. And he knew there was a lot more still left. The rabbit's paws grabbed his shoulders as the teenager moved his body over the cub's much smaller one and forced it down a bit. The rabbit constantly moved back and forth a bit, always forcing a bit more of his penis into the little kid. "Yeah, lil guy. You're a brave soldier. Almost halfway there."

This was amazing. The boy's mouth had already been pretty good. But the rabbit could never have imagined how fucking incredible the virgin tailhole of a 5-year old bearcub would feel like. It was so unbelievably tight and held his cock like a vice as he slid in deeper. And the boy's insides felt so warm, almost hot. He gave rough, hard thrusts and finally managed to bury all of his meat in the boy. "You did it! So proud of you!", he said and ruffled the young bear's head.

The rabbit pulled all of his meat out of the boy, just to slam it roughly back in again. And again. And again. Theiy bodies smacked against each other, his heavy balls slapping against the cub's body. The kid involuntarily let out a moan as the teenager's big cock hit his prostate and send new, overpowering sensations through his body. He felt his own penis throb between his legs. Every time the white-furred lapine plunged his cock deep into the young bears's cavity he hit his special spot. It felt so damn good. The rabbit enjoyed every single second. The tight grip of the young boy's tailhole felt like his hard cock was held by an anaconda choking its prey.

"Yes, buddy. So brave! You're a big, tough guy!" Bear didn't feel brave... or big... or tough... but still the rabbit's words made him blush a bit. "It's true, only a big guy like you could've taken my whole cock. Be. Proud. Of. Yourself!" Each of his words was followed by vigorous thrusts of his hips. His paws dug deeper and deeper into the boy's shoulders as he viciously fucked him into submission.

The rabbit desperately tried to hold back but it was just too much. Too tight. Too warm. He was dripping with sweat as his own and the cub's body were getting quite a workout. Every movement brought him closer towards the inevitable. Each pillaging thrust, each ravaging pound almost made his eyes roll back with pure bliss. He was panting and huffing, his chest heaving as his lungs barely managed to keep up with the speed at which the teenaged rabbit was tearing into the 5-year old bearcub. His hefty balls were slapping and smacking against the boy's butt with each foreward movement. Then he slowed down, drawing his thrusts deliberately out. Pulling out all the way and driving back in again. After a while it happened. The rabbit yelled loudly as his orgasm hit. Torrent after torrent of his hot cum shot deep into the cub's body, filling him with the rabbit's thick, fertile seed.

Spurt after spurt hit Bear's inner sanctuary, he felt the sticky substance splatter everywhere, sloshing around the teenager's penis. The flow soon proved to be too much and it flowed out of him, all over the rabbit's pink and just slightly furred balls and his own cheeks, covered in thick brown fur.

The rabbit felt his legs give way and almost collapsed on top of the cub but the strong arms of the chuckling fox caught him. "Did a good number on him. Hope ya stretched him enough fer me."

"Thanks, bastard", the lapine huffed. "I'm pretty sure he can take you. Not so sure about the knot though."

"He'll take all of me, dontcha worry." The fox said as the rabbit slowly stood up, his legs still a bit wobbly.

"Let's hope he prepared ya well enuff, kid", the fox growled as he unceremoniously plunged his cock into the cub's hole who screamed out in pain. He grabbed the cub's shoulders to get some leverage so he could shove his meaty member even deeper into the 5-year old bear's hole. Bit by bit the canine's massive cock inched inched forward, its fat girth stretching the ursine's hole even wider than the rabbit already had. After what seemed like an eternity his thick pubic fur was finally mashed against the boy's cheeks.

The fox bit down on the scruff of the bearcub's neck to show his complete dominance over the boy, which elicited a surprised yelp from him. He rutted the child like a wild beast in heat, mercilessly plunging his fat, throbbing meat into him hard and deep. He snarled and growled as his heated breath washed over the cub's neck. Slurping and squishing sounds filled the room as the cock pillaged the boy's rear, the fox's copious flow of precum mixing with the rabbit's seed, already deep in the cub's body. Soon he'd deposit his own load there too.

He let go of the cub's scruff. "Ya like it, boy, dontcha?", the fox growled. Bear didn't dare to disagree so he nodded. "Yeah, knew it. Little bearslut. Need a big cock deep in ya." Another nod. "Yer our little toy now." Bear nodded again. "Say it."

"I'm your toy now..."

"Attaboy", the fox grunted. "Gonna fuck ya every time we wan' it. Every single time. Yeah, we're yer new daddies now an' yer ours ta use. Say it!"

"I... I'm yours."

The friction the tight anal passage caused around his thick slab of canine meat almost made the muscular fox go feral. It caused exquisite sensations to course through his body as the tunnel clenched down around him. So fucking tight! It was milking his cock as the canine sodomized the much smaller boy. Their bodies slammed against each other, growing hot and sweaty as the russet teenager tore into the cub with all of his considerable strength.

Bear felt the fat base of the fox's cock prod at his entrance. The older boy didn't plan on putting that into him too? Or did he? With each hard thrust from the canine's loins it pushed him open further. Suddenly something was in his mouth. "Bite down on the belt", the rabbit said with a quiet voice, ruffling his head. The cub did so and just a few moments later a sharp pain seared through him as the fox finally tied with him. It knocked the breath out of his lungs and once again hot tears ran down the boy's face.

The fox again bit down on the bear's neckscruff and moved his meat back and forth, only just a bit though since his knot prevented him from pulling out again. He snarled and grunted around the cub's scruff it as he felt himself getting close. His thrusts were slow and deliberate now. Then suddenly he threw his head back, even pulling a few strands of fur out off the cub's neck, and let out a long, deep moan as his seed shot into the cub. He flooded the boy's tunnel with copious spurts of cum. More and more of the musky cream filled the 5-year old until the spray slowed down to a trickle and then ultimately stopped altogether.

Still knotted to the bear the fox panted. "Thanks, kid... gonna be stuck here fer a while. Hope ya don' mind." Bear sniveled and cried. "C'mon, kid. Don' be mad at us. This was a special rite of passage ta introduce ya ta the circle of the really big'n cool kids. Yer one of us now, big bear", the fox said with a surprising warmth in his voice. He even gently hugged the cub and kissed his neck.

"Yes, you're our special friend now. I'm Rodney."

"Hank", the fox rumbled.

"And don't ever call him Henry."

"Yeah, cause Rod knows that I hate it. And he'll pay for it tomorrow."

"Totally worth it", the rabbit smirked. "So, what's your name?"

"B-bear", the cub stammered.

"Cool name. Fittin' fer a big guy."

"Bear, the terror of the ring. You should try wrestling, Big B."

"B-Big B?"

"Yeah! Cool nickname, huh?"

"Uh... I guess..."

"C'mon, it's totally rad."

"Ok", Bear nodded.

"Let's take a shower, Big B. Could all use one. Should be able ta pull out soon, bud."

Rodney turned two of the showerheads on. Hank padded over until he was under the spray. Gently holding the cub, making sure not to completely submerge him in water. All three relaxed and sighed as the warm, steaming water washed off sweat, cum and exhaustion.

The rabbit grabbed some shower gel. He lathered himself up, then handed it over to Hank who did the same to himself and the bearcub still tied to his cock. He played with the boy's sheath. "Really diggin' yer cock, Big B. Would love to see what an adult bear's packin' down there." Bear could only blush, faintly thinking of his own dad, as the warm water rinsed the scented foam off the trio.

Hank finally felt his knot deflating enough and with a wet "Plop" pulled it out of the cub. As the fat cock finally left him thick cum ran out of his stretched tailhole and down his legs but the warm water took care of that and washed it away. Bear murred quietly as the pressure inside him wass relieved.

"Gonna be sore fer a bit. Might wanna use some lotion. An' this is a secret, that clear? Never happened, understand, cub?" The fox's usual roughness returned.

"Yes, Hank", he dutifully nodded.

"Attaboy. Don' wan' every kid joinin' our club, eh?", he smirked. "Hafta keep it sumthin special."

"C'mon, guys. Let's get dried up", Rodney called. They turned off the water, rubbed some of the water out of the fur with the towels, then stood under the fur dryers until all three of them were warm and toasty. They helped Bear get dressed again as they put their own clothes back on, unlocked the door and all three of them stepped out of the small building.

"Member, Big B. Never happened. Ya forgot the time'n ya fell over a treetrunk'n hurt yer ass. Got that?

"Yes, Hank. I promise not to tell anyone.

"Nice. Then we can be best buds. High five!"

They accompanied the cub until he was safely at his home again. "Nother round tomorrow? Same time?", Hank asked.

Bear blushed but felt himself nodding. "Yes", he whispered.

"Ha! Big B, yer the best!", the fox chuckled as the teenagers turned to leave and the cub opened the door to his parents house, already prepared to tell them the story Rodney and Hank had come up with. The rite of passage had been really rough but maybe this new club wasn't that bad after all.

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