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Want to be involved in a story? Want to get your fursona or oc involved in something hot and a little bit naughty? Well, you have come to the right place. I'm opening up a writing YCH soon enough but am also open for short story commissions as well. Multi characters, varied kinks and plots. Domme/sub, AB/DL, vanilla sex..I'm open to most things and ideas so feel free to hit me with them . I offer reasonable prices for a excellent level of writing and customer service. Want a complex idea..no problem. Need help developing an idea? Also no problem. Dont have an idea at all? I can do that as well. I'm always bubbling with ideas and would love to help you realize yours. Creating characters and fursonas with detailed backstories and plots is also a specialty of mine and something I love to play around with as well.

If you want to discuss ideas or ask questions feel free to reply here or send me a note.

Shower Time

Eth slipped his head around the locker room door. Hesitantly, pushing it open to stare through the crack. It looked empty. Sounded empty too. No sounds of running water or voices. Cold too. Well, cool. Cool enough to make his fur ripple. But empty. He...

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Rocky Start

'You got her tuned right this time?' Ari didn't have to turn or look up to recognise the figure behind her. To see the Fire Squirrel standing across the hanger, one hand resting on the saddle of the bike. The bike that had been causing her so much...

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The Warring World

It was in this age, barely 100 years after the awakening of the Goddesses, the area that would be called Crystal Dell was home to the Ardenta Clan, the most powerful of the feline clans as well as the strongest clan in that area. They forged their home...

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