A Dragon's Dream Adventure! Part Two

Story by Raevocrei on SoFurry

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#2 of A Dragon's Dream Adventure!

Originally meant to be a two part, 8k word story, this as turned into quite a little project! I am now planning on three parts, this one being the second.

This part only contains M/F explicit content. Want to skip to the sex? CTRL + F and search "guided".

Thanks for reading!

After some time, Sheiko left the two females to go clean himself off. They all agreed to meet back at the willow tree to spend one more night there and then tomorrow they would travel to Nary's den. Once the male had cleaned himself in the river, he knew better than to fly straight back to the willow. Yukei and Nary were most likely having a little fun before they met up with him, and he had to go see that again. How many opportunities would he get in his life to see something like that?

He flew back to that outcropping in the cliff, and sure enough they were still there. He couldn't yet make out what they were doing, but he saw Yukei on top of Nary, belly-to-belly. Stealthily and silently, he glided to a ledge obscured from their view by a large tree. It was higher than their outcropping, so he had the perfect view down at them... except for this damn tree between them.

Sheiko cursed to himself. He couldn't stay hidden from view unless he was behind this tree. It was a solid cliff to his left and open air to the right. There wasn't any brush he could hide in nor were there any rocks large enough. So, he carefully climbed up the tree and found a branch large enough to fit him. As slowly and quietly as possible, he crawled as far as he could until he saw the two dragonesses. But there were still leaves in his way! He pushed branches apart and hooked them behind other branches so they would stay in place. Soon, he had a good view of Nary and Yukei, an almost perfect one.

Yukei was pressed against Nary, her white-scaled underbelly against Nary's light-orange. Their tails were intertwined and their slits were touching. From what Sheiko could tell, they were just cuddling and kissing for now. He had a pleasant view of their rear ends, but their nethers were disappointingly hidden from view. He grumbled and eavesdropped on their conversation.

"What's wrong, Yukei?" Nary asked with concern. "You seem distant."

"It's nothing," she tersely replied.

They were silent for a moment before Nary continued, "Is it because of what I did with Sheiko?"

"... No."

"It didn't mean anything, Yukei. We're just friends."

Yukei turned her head away. "You warmed up to him awfully fast." A smug grin curled Sheiko's lips. Was Yukei jealous?

A yellow paw rubbed down Yukei's neck, seeming to be trying to comfort her. "He is your best-friend! If you trust him, then I trust him. He just wanted to have some fun, and I felt bad for him, since he wants so badly to be your mate."

Yukei's full attention returned to Nary. "How do you know this?"

"From what you've told me of him, all of the things he's done for you, and from meeting him, I think it's quite obvious. There aren't many dragons in the world that would put up with you." Nary grinned cheerfully, her paws beginning to rub Yukei sensually. "I think you should let him mate with you." Sheiko agreed!

"Nary... I..." Yukei fumbled for words.

"I don't care. He deserves you more than I do anyway. I think--"

"But I love you!" Yukei interrupted.

A warm, understanding smile curled at Nary's lips. "I know." She licked Yukei's snout lovingly while tenderly caressing the dragoness. "But I think you should choose him instead of me. We can still have our private time together when you visit. I can't return with you and you can't stay with me, but Sheiko will follow you anywhere. You're blind if you can't see the love he has for you."

"I know he loves me... I just can't return it. I don't love him the same way." Sheiko's heart dropped. "My heart yearns for you, Nary." He finally realized that Yukei would never be with him. It had always been an aching feeling he didn't want to admit or think about. Even when he found out she had a female partner, he thought he still had a chance. Now he realized how wrong he was. The dragoness he was waiting for would never be his mate.

"I... I'm thinking about staying here with you."

"You have your family to think about, Yukei," Nary reminded.

"They will understand. I won't be around forever."

Nary kissed Yukei affectionately. "It is your choice," she said. "I will gladly be your mate if you wish it, but--" Her words were soon inaudible as Sheiko refused to listen to anymore.

Sheiko had enough. He carefully backed away and quickly took off into the skies. He didn't care what else they would do or say. Yukei didn't want him; that was all there was to it. Tears welled in his eyes. He tried to blink them away but he couldn't keep himself from crying. With a somber roar, he cursed the sunny, evening sky that seemed to mock him in his darkest moment. He flew recklessly until he landed heavily next to the willow and stormed inside its leafy shelter, closing himself off from the uncaring world.

He lay down, sulking to himself as he waited for the females to return. Yukei loved Nary. His claws tore ruts in the ground. He whimpered and sniffled. Sheiko's heart was crushed. All of the time and love he spent trying to impress Yukei was wasted. What would he do now?

Yukei and Nary had no knowledge of his voyeurism, so he had to still pretend like he knew nothing. He had to act like nothing was wrong. Sheiko glumly sighed. What had he gotten himself into? If he had just been content with Nary's blowjob, he would have never had to have known. But wasn't it a good thing that he found out? He wouldn't have to waste his time anymore. He could start looking for other potential mates.

But he loved Yukei.

Sheiko hissed and grumbled to himself. Sometime later, he heard Yukei and Nary return. He wiped away his tears, trying to muster what happiness he had left. He stepped out of the tree and casually greeted them. "It's about time you got here!"

"We wanted to go play in the falls one more time," Yukei explained. Their scales had a cleanly gleam. They must have quickly washed off before returning to him.

Nary yawned, baring her sharp, white teeth. "It's getting late and the sun is nearly gone. I'm going to rest for the night." She said goodnight and retired promptly beneath the willow.

"You're not going with her?" Sheiko asked. He thought it was odd that Nary would go sleep by herself so early.

"I'm not tired yet, and I'd like to spend some time alone with you."

So that was their plan. Sheiko grit his teeth and avoided eye contact. But he still tried to act normal. "Why? So you can finally offer yourself to me?" He forced a smug grin.

Yukei began walking away, beckoning for him to follow. "Maybe!" she cooed teasingly. Sheiko watched her hind end swish back and forth as she walked with an alluring swagger. His heart beat heavily in his chest like a drum. He sighed and looked away and reluctantly followed her.

They walked a long distance together, both silent and thoughtful. They weaved between trees until they finally came to a clearing a long ways away from Nary.

"After watching you and Nary today, I realized that I've been too hard on you." Yukei brushed her body against Sheiko's, her light-blue scales rubbing sensually against his grey hide. Her sweet scent wafted into his nostrils. His chest felt like it would burst his heart was beating so fast.

"It is hard being hard all of the time..."

Yukei faintly grinned and nuzzled Sheiko affectionately. "What do you say we have a private moment together?" She stepped forward until her rear was in front of him. Her tail traced his body until it lifted into the air with the rest of her hind end. She presented herself to Sheiko, waiting to be mounted. Her intoxicating scent was powerful. Sheiko's mouth dropped as her exposed sex stared back at him. Even in the dying, evening light, he could see how beautiful it really was.

But Yukei didn't look eager nor did she look like she really wanted this. Sheiko imagined their first time would be a lot of foreplay and teasing before Yukei would finally let him mount her. It was all too sudden, and Yukei wasn't like that. Why would she do this? Was it because of what Nary said? Sheiko couldn't take her without her full-hearted consent. It wasn't right.


"What are you waiting for?" she impatiently asked, waving her rear.

Sheiko turned away and declined her offering. His head hung low, drooping as tears welled at the corners of his eyes.

"Sheiko?" Yukei lowered her tail and hesitantly walked up to him. "Sheiko... I thought you wanted this." She almost sounded disappointed, but it was faked.

Sheiko felt as if the whole world was dragging him down. "More than anything," he solemnly replied.

Yukei nudged him comfortingly, wrapping a wing over his back. She was concerned for him. "Then why didn't you take me?"

Sheiko's tear-filled eyes gazed into hers. "Because you didn't want me to."

Yukei was taken aback. She had never seen him like this before. Sheiko was always happy and cheerful and trying to get under her tail. Now he was... completely different. "How did you know that?"

"I could just tell..." he lied.

"No, Sheiko!" she growled. "I knew something was wrong before we walked back here. You were as silent as a rock! What's gotten into you?" It was rare to see Yukei genuinely concerned for him and it made his heart yearn even more for her. But they were not meant to be.

There was no point in holding out the truth anymore. "I know your relationship with Nary."

She caught her breath. "What do you mean?"

"You two love each other, and you love her more than me." Yukei was silent. "That's why I didn't mate with you. I want you to be happy being her mate."

"Sheiko... Did she tell you?"

"I was there."

Yukei grit her teeth and partially lifted a lip. "You perverted ass!"

Sheiko sniffled and lowered his head. "I'm sorry."

"I should kick your scaly ass..." A small smile replaced her snarl and tugged at her lips. "But I guess that's what I like about you."

He lifted his head and cocked in sideways. "What do you mean?" he asked, confused.

"You've always made me feel... wanted." Yukei smiled sweetly and genuinely. "Every time I am around you, I feel like I matter."

"And Nary treats you the same?"

"Yes, she does."

"How long were you going to wait before telling me about this!?" Sheiko growled, emotions seeping from him.

"I didn't mean to lead you on!" she growled back.

"I waited for you, Yukei..." he dismally replied.

Her expression softened almost immediately. "I... I just wasn't sure. I never was."

"Why didn't you just tell me?"

"I wasn't sure, Sheiko!" she hissed. "I still don't know. I love Nary with all of my heart, but you have always been there for me. You're more like a brother and a friend to me."

Sheiko finally understood. Despite all of his attempts at mating her, she didn't think of him as a mate. She thought of him as family. "You still never even mentioned Nary before the trip here."

"I wanted you to meet her first. I was going to tell you about us tonight... because, well..." Yukei turned her head away, trying to hide some embarrassment of sorts. "We agreed... we agreed that we would both... erhm... mate with you."

Sheiko's eyes grew wide. "Really?"

"I wanted to mate with you tonight because I do love you, Sheiko." Her eyes returned to his, suddenly becoming serious again. "And I want to love you with all of my heart like a mate... You have been such a good friend to me, but I'm terribly sorry that I can't return the same affection. Nary and I are just..."

For the first time in a very long time, Sheiko saw a tear stream down Yukei's cheek. "Yukei..."

"I want to return that feeling you've given me all this time. I want you to feel loved. So, please, Sheiko, mate with just me tonight." Yukei offered him a kiss, pressing the tip of her snout to his. Sheiko's heart lurched in his chest. He could feel and smell her breath washing over his snout. He gladly accepted and parted his maw. They kissed, mingling tongues and saliva lovingly. Sheiko had always dreamed of this moment and felt a renewed excitement filling his body. He felt anxious and eager.

When they finished, they both looked adoringly into each other's eyes. "I will only mate with you if you truly want it," he stated.

"I do want it." Yukei brushed her hide against his again and guided him to his back. Sheiko spread his legs open and watched her move her head between them. His tapered tip was just peeking out of his grey sheath. With no inhibitions, Yukei grinned and began using her tongue on his balls, coaxing his swelling length out. Sheiko moaned, feeling her warm, wet tongue slathering against the base of his soft orbs. It all felt surreal.

Yukei was soon licking at the base of his shaft as his length hardened. Sheiko clenched his toes and watched her with glee-filled eyes. "Oh, Yukei... that feels amazing!" She smiled in return and began pawing at his length, rubbing it between her flexible toes while her tongue continued to slather over his balls. A bit of pre oozed from his length.

Then, the dragoness turned her body around until her hind end was over Sheiko's face. "Don't think I'm going to let you have all the fun!"

Yukei's wet, glistening sex was soon in tongue's reach as she nearly sat on him. He inhaled deeply, taking in her intoxicating aroma. His length jumped and spurted more of his seed as his head grew light and foggy. Without hesitation, Sheiko eagerly lapped at her vent, tasting the dragoness' rich, earthy flavor. Sheiko groaned happily as he heard Yukei gasp and moan with pleasure.

Yukei's white underbelly scales were smoother and softer around her nethers. Her nether lips felt like the soft skin covering his genitals, delicate and sensitive. Sheiko lifted her tail and pressed his snout against her crotch, slathering his tongue all over her vent. Every lick spread her slit apart as he rubbed her pink flesh. He didn't even notice that Yukei had continued to pleasure him until she suddenly engulfed him in her maw.

Sheiko moaned into her rear, relishing in all of the arousing feelings coursing through him. His length slowly slid into her warm, moist maw. His smooth flesh rubbed against her tongue as she suckled on him while playing with his balls in her paws. She and Nary seemed to love them! Soon, the very back of her tongue brushed against his sensitive tip, making Sheiko moan with pleasure. Nary seemed to have had more experience than Yukei at blowjobs. Every now and again, he felt the sharp contours of her teeth poke into his flesh. It wasn't painful, but as she began to lightly bob her head it became of slight concern. But Sheiko was too enraptured to care.

Sheiko penetrated Yukei's tight entrance with his tongue, worming and forcing it into her sex. The tip of his nose brushed against her soft crotch as his tongue delved deep into her velvety folds. Arousal clung to his snout and covered his nostrils. At this rate, he would smell her scent for hours afterward! Yukei moaned and inhaled deeply. Her muscles pulsed around his invading tongue as he tasted her richest juices.

Yukei suddenly stopped and removed her body from him. A longing look of passionate lust filled her eyes as she looked back at him while licking her lips. She dropped her torso down, raising her hind end and presenting once again for him. This time the sight truly captivated him. Her perfectly plump rear was hoisted into the air with her tail raised, waiting to be mounted by him. Sheiko licked his chops clean and quickly rose to his feet, staring at her glistening, exposed vent. He could feel his needy length nearly throbbing with excitement as he climbed up onto her.

"Take me, Sheiko," she cooed to him as he pressed his hips to hers. His rear legs touched hers as his torso hugged her back. Sheiko grunted and prodded for her entrance. He quickly found it, feeling her warmth radiating against his tapered tip. This was it, the moment he had been dreaming of. Slowly and carefully, he penetrated her entrance. With Yukei's saliva coating his member, in addition to how wet she already was, it was easy to ease himself into her tight hole. Yukei moaned beneath him and clawed the ground. Her constricting, velvety folds caressed every inch that delved into her sex until he nearly hilted her.

Sheiko relished in his first mounting, moaning loudly. Yukei adjusted, spreading her legs a little more as her vent loosened around his cock. Then Sheiko withdrew, eliciting a pleasureful sigh from her. He pressed quickly back in, hearing a grunt from Yukei as he slid in. Her arousal coated his length in a slick lubricant, making it easy for him to repeat the movements, quickly gaining speed.

Sheiko humped Yukei roughly, giving into feral instincts. She took his thrusts with pleasureful moans and groans as he slapped his hips against hers. His balls smacked against her crotch and accumulated her slimy arousal. There was almost nothing holding him back now. As fast as he could, he rutted her, desperately trying to reach orgasm to fill her with his seed. Her body was jounced beneath his weight as she was pushed forward with every thrust. He could already feel his climax building up inside his loins. Pleasure quickly welled inside him, driving him towards a big finish.

"Oh! Oh, Sheiko!" Yukei cried. A loud moaning roar filled Sheiko's ears. Yukei's sex suddenly clamped down hard on his cock and began pulsating, milking him for his seed. Her orgasm sent him reeling. Sheiko bit the base of her neck, grabbed her underbelly with his forepaws, grabbed her hip with a hind paw, and pulled her into him with his last few, powerful thrusts. He held her down for his impending orgasm. Every fiber of his being had waited for this moment. An ear-shattering roar signaled the start of his climax as he hilted her, his balls smashing against her slit.

Yukei groaned lustfully as his weight shifted over her. As her sex loosened, his cock throbbed and ejaculated his seed. Their body's worked in sync while their orgasm's pleasurably burst through them. Thick rope after thick rope spewed into Yukei, filling her sex with his warm, sticky seed. Yukei trembled beneath him while they were connected at the hips. Sheiko tensed up, his muscles tightening. Her orgasm ended before his, but she still moaned her pleasure. She breathed deeply in and out and stood completely still while Sheiko continued to spill his seed inside of her.

Sheiko felt as if he were lost in an ecstatic, blissful dream. He came inside her hard. The seed that couldn't fit in her reproductive organs oozed out of her vent, coating his balls and her crotch. His length was succumbed to her warmth as the last squirts of his liquid spilled into her. He wasn't sure how long his orgasm lasted, but he enjoyed every last second.

When Sheiko finally came to, he climbed off of Yukei, withdrawing his softening length from her depths. A slosh of liquid plopped audibly to the ground and her sex squelched. Yukei sighed with contented relief as his weight lifted from her body. Before she lowered her tail, Sheiko saw her expanded, dripping sex, admiring it for a brief moment. It was his first time ever mating, and as far as he knew, it was Yukei's as well. His life goal had finally been accomplished, though not entirely how he wanted it. He didn't want it to just be a one-time thing.

Yukei turned around and looked at him with a peaceful look in her green-blue eyes, seeming to be lost in her own world. "That was amazing, Sheiko," she said happily.

Sheiko nuzzled her tenderly and touched his cheek to hers, feeling ready to tear up. He was so happy, but there was an empty feeling, a void, inside his heart. The conflicting emotions broiled inside him as he held his head against hers. "It was probably the greatest moment of my life." There was a somber tone in his voice that she quickly picked up on.

"This won't be the last time," she comforted. "We may not be mates, but we are still friends, right?"

Sheiko nodded and responded, "Yes." He wanted so much more than friendship, but he also wanted what was best for Yukei. If she wanted to be Nary's mate, then so be it. He would gladly support her. He would let her go.

"Will you stay here with Nary?" he asked.

Yukei laid herself down, finally resting her weak limbs. Sheiko curled up around her, covering her lovingly with a wing. He noticed that she was bleeding where his teeth and claws had cut through her scales. He carefully and lovingly licked the blood clean. She smiled softly at him. "I don't know, honestly."

"Why don't you? You obviously love her and want to be with her, so why don't you stay?"

"I have my family to worry about. I ... I don't want to leave them either."

Having spent most of his time around Yukei, Sheiko knew her family well. Her father and mother were both abrasive and always arguing. She wasn't concerned for them, but her little brother who was still under her parents' wings. Yukei almost grew up without a mother because she often left and spent time away from Yukei's father. Sheiko didn't know the extent of it all, but he knew that Yukei did her best to be a mother for her little brother. She didn't want to leave him like her mother did to her.

"You could bring him here."

"My parents would never let him go."

Sheiko paused and thought for a moment. "I'll take care of him."

A gleam of hope lit Yukei's eyes ever so faintly. "And how do you plan on doing that?"

"I don't know, but I will do it."

"You've already done so much for me, Sheiko. I can't ask you to do more."

"You didn't ask me. I said I will do it," Sheiko retorted.


"I'll teach him the secrets to wooing females, how to fight, how to hunt, and how to be a good mate."

"You're bad at all of those!" She paused and looked at him thoughtfully. "Except at being a good mate. You will make a dragoness very happy one day, Sheiko."

He smiled and nudged her. "You think so?"

"I know so."

Sheiko and Yukei lay together as the moon rose and stars sprawled over the sky. They talked for another hour or two, losing track of time as they happily chatted away. It was rare to see this side of Yukei. Sheiko's heart had never beaten so calmly before. As he lay there with her, he felt complete. It was as if everything in the world revolved around this moment. Yukei wasn't arguing with him, teasing him, or making fun of him. She was simply enjoying his presence as he enjoyed hers. It was the most peaceful moment they have ever had together. And Sheiko wished it could have last forever.

When they returned to the willow, Yukei nuzzled Sheiko and thanked him. She lay with the sleeping Nary, returning to her mate. Sheiko felt that emptiness in his heart grow. He would miss her greatly. He quickly fell asleep, his body feeling spent and satisfied.

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