Just a Small Drink

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#9 of How Royalty Works

I'm a little bit late than I promised with this one, but I've been through some rough stuff last week. Should be good now, though, so hey, here it is!

This one has a little more plot than the others and, while it does stand for itself and has a fair amount of smut too, the plot probably won't make too much sense for who isn't following at least some of my previous stories. If you're here and only interested in the sex, I suppose you could CTRL+F your way to... "Be a good kitty and go lock the door, will you?". Fitting, isn't it?

Anyways, this one is also a tad lighter than the rest, so I hope everyone enjoys it! Comments, feedback and whatever is always GREATLY appreciated too!

Ah, one more thing. Ren is a character that belongs to SkyWing

Zeke tapped his foot on the floor while he waited. The gray wolf was leaning against the wall of one of the upper hallways, glancing at the door leading to the royal meeting room every now and then while also adjusting his slave loincloth all the time. The one he was using was way too short, especially for a wolf like him, even if he wasn't as tall as most wolves were. He sighed. He was walking pretty much naked. The underside of his gray-furred balls hanging and at full display. Still, the fact that he was a pleasure slave was already obvious enough for his lack of any other piece of clothing and he had been one long enough to learn to ignore the weird glances and shameful stares he got from the other servants going through the hallway. He did have other clothes. A small set of old, ragged things he wore when he was not doing his "job", but today, he was. It was still morning and the upper halls, where most of the royalty-related stuff happened, was never too crowded.

The wait gave Zeke time to reflect upon the events of the previous night. When the small, common husky wearing a slave collar was assigned to his room he thought he'd just have to walk yet another new guy through the hard life of a pleasure slave, but as it turned out, that dog in particular had turned out to be different from anything he'd ever seen before. For starters, he claimed to be fifth prince Raenn transformed into a common dog by some sort of magic and forced into slavery while someone else took his place. It seemed like utter madness. Some story a pup that really, really didn't want to be a pleasure slave (and who did?) would make up, even if it was a very lousy one. He'd seen that sort of stuff before, though not in that scale. What was really weird about the dog was that... he acted like a prince. Zeke wasn't old, but he wasn't as young as he once were. Having been a slave for his whole life, he knew all kinds of slaves that had come and gone through the castle and that dog... that dog wasn't like any of them. Zeke wasn't a fool. He couldn't claim he believed the dog's story even after they had sat through the night and, after calming down his "pride", the dog had told him the whole story about how some dog that apparently looked just like he did and the big bull, who was the slave master himself, had betrayed and tricked him into some kind of transformation that allowed them to switch places. Yeah, Zeke couldn't say he believed it, but he did smell something weird in the whole thing.

Still, even as he thought about the whole situation for the tenth time that morning he still sighed. Was going after that really worth all the trouble? He pitied the dog, but just as much as he pitied any new slave that got thrown head-first into that life. Perhaps just ignoring his delusions and helping him through it like he had done so many times before would be better... But no, it was already too late. He had shifted his usual daily chore duties with a few of his fellow slaves. He'd owe quite a couple of favors for this later, and if the slave master caught him out of place... But alas, it was already done. All he had to do now was follow up with his plan of finding out more about the whole story and hope everything would work out as he intended.

Zeke's ears perked up and he lifted his head, letting his thoughts slip away as the door to the meeting room opened. From inside, stepped out second prince Rael first. Zeke lowered his head, avoiding eye contact as the elegantly dressed brown wolf walked in his direction. He kept his head and ears well low in an obvious display of submission while prince Rael passed by him, but much to his relief, he didn't catch even a glance from the prince towards him. Prince Rael never cared about slaves anyways. As the prince turned a corner to the next hallway, Zeke moved closer to the room. The door was still open and he could hear voices inside. He waited. Soon after the second prince, a commonly dressed husky came out of the room walking fast and proceeding to run right after he was outside. He too didn't mind the wolf at all. After that, he saw prince Regnar coming out. The big, black wolf was quickly followed by another commonly dressed canine, but this time it seemed to be a coyote. At least from what Zeke could tell from afar. They both turned to walk together to the other side. The coyote holding a whole lot of parchments under both his arms and Regnar with nothing but his tail wagging happily behind him. As they too turned a corner in the far end of the hallway, Zeke slowly got closer again.

With a small peek inside he could see fourth prince Rowell still sitting in a table while fifth prince Raenn stood close to it, leaning towards his brother while they talked. Zeke couldn't make out their words from so far away, but he could see Raenn's tail swishing happily behind him. The prince seemed as cheerful as he ever was. Zeke didn't know prince Raenn too well, even though he'd been at the castle since Raenn was just a puppy. He knew his fame very well, but not the prince himself, so as far as he could tell there was nothing wrong with the wolf prince that would be an impostor if the dog slave's words were to be believed. Just another small proof that it was nothing.

The white wolf prince seemed done with prince Rowell and nodded a 'thanks' before heading his way towards the door. Zeke quickly stepped back. When prince Raenn walked by him, he lowered his head like he knew he should and made a small bow. They exchanged a glance for a moment and it was done.

Finally, Zeke had the opportunity he was waiting for. Peeking inside the meeting room again, fourth prince Rowell was alone. The gray-furred wolf was gathering his parchments over the table while humming. The big, long robes he wore gave him quite a majestic look, but also seemed to increase his age. Prince Rowell wasn't too young, but he certainly wasn't old either. Zeke entered the room mustering up his most charming smile.

"My lord," the wolf said. That made Rowell's ears perk up before he turned to see him. A smile lit up the prince's muzzle and Zeke could see his tail wagging behind him as the prince made no attempt to hide his satisfaction. The prince's head, however, leaned slightly, with his ears still high up.

"Zeke? What are you doing here?"

It was very sweet of prince Rowell to call him by name. Most of the nobility didn't even bother to learn a slave's (specially a pleasure slave's) name, but prince Rowell actually remembered it. True that they had spent many nights together, but it was still very sweet for Zeke. It meant a lot.

"I had free time today and there were a few things I wanted to know, so I thought I would come up and ask," Zeke answered, widening his smile. He let his tail swish lazily behind him, enough to let the prince pick up on his pleasure on seeing him, but not enough for him to seem too eager. Corporal language was one of the few things Zeke could claim he was good at. He caught the prince's eyes shifting down to his undersized loincloth and hanging balls. For once maybe switching his loincloth for that ridiculously small thing the slave master had given the new dog slave for some reason was a good thing.

"Ask? Well, uhh, I have a lot of things to do, Zeke. You wouldn't believe how many things Rael needs me to take care of and then Raenn also asked me for a small gadget..."

The wolf prince finished gathering his things while he spoke. Zeke saw the small glances he kept stealing towards his sheath. He was confident he had already won this battle, but the pleasantries were something both him and Rowell enjoyed. He let his ears drop back and stopped his tail, faking big disappointment.

"Awww... I see. I would never want to get in the way of your work. Unless... perhaps I could come with you, my lord? I assure you I can at least make your work lighter. Please?"

Zeke walked closer to the wolf prince, putting up his best set of "puppy eyes". The prince just chuckled and nodded.

"I suppose that's alright. If Regnar does it, why can't I? And it's not like we've never had... fun in my lab before and in there I have... C'mon then. You wouldn't believe what Regnar was doing during the meeting..."

Zeke let his contentment show and offered to carry some of Rowell's burden, which he gladly accepted. They both walked towards the castle's library while Rowell told him about what happened during the meeting. For anyone that walked by it would almost seem like they were just two friends talking to each other casually. That showed a lot about prince Rowell. It was probably due to the fact that the fourth prince had left the castle, still very young, to study magic in the largest and most prestigious academy in the free lands after he was found to have good aptitude for it. Growing up in there, for what Rowell had told him, meant that he had to work hard, even being a prince, and also that many of his peers and sometimes even superiors were common, regular people. They had slaves in the academy, Rowell had said, but even they weren't treated like the slaves were in the wolf or in some other kingdoms.

Finally getting to the library, they crossed the hallways to the scribe's main offices and went through a few of the giant halls filled with more books than anyone can count. Up in the library's second floor they went in another hallway that led to Rowell's personal laboratory. Zeke opened the door for the prince, also giving him a small bow, which brought another chuckle from the wolf. Zeke couldn't help but feel a small tingle of awe every time he entered Rowell's lab. The place was well-lit with many high, wide windows that allowed little of the sun inside, but provided a well-crafted ambient illumination. It had a huge desk filled with parchments and books in a corner, a big table at the center where many weird-shaped glass vials filled with various liquid stood arranged neatly over metal structures made specially for them. Against the walls, more bookcases filled with even more books could be seen. Some tomes were so thick he wondered if Rowell shouldn't have more muscles than he did if he had to lift those on a regular basis.

"You're back!"

Zeke's ears perked up as a voice came from deeper within the laboratory. A small feline came running towards them. A kit? No, he was just relatively small and probably still pretty young. Zeke saw Rowell smile but he stayed alert. The cat stopped midway in his rush to meet them when he apparently noticed Zeke and halted for a moment, eyeing him. The cat's tail raised higher for a second before dropping along with his ears and eyes. His gaze moved between Zeke and Rowell a few times and then fixated on him, even though he walked towards Rowell. He seemed... nervous. Reaching Rowell, the wolf prince set an arm over his shoulders and that seemed to comfort the cat, even if just a little bit.

"Hey Ren. C'mon, no need to be shy. This is Zeke. He's a friend and a slave, kinda like you."

The cat, apparently named Ren, nodded but didn't say anything. Zeke's smile grew. A shy slave. He'd seen that type before too, though maybe not to that extent. He walked closer to the cat, who seemed to hug Rowell's robes tighter, and looked down at him.

"Hey little cat. Pleased to meet you."

The closer the wolf got, the more tense the cat seemed to be. He saw his big whiskers move as if he was going to say something, and it took a while until he did.

"I'm... I'm nut a cat... I'm a margay..." the cat spoke without eye contact. He really was a cute little thing.

"Aww. I'm sorry. Pleased to meet you, little margay. I'm Zeke." Zeke smiled and extended his paw for the small feline to shake. The cat, or margay, just stared at it, until Rowell gave him a few pats in his back.

"Come on Ren, be nice, there's nothing to be nervous about. What would your master tell you to do?"

Zeke saw the cat's ears flickering. That seemed to get to him, and then he slowly raised his paw to meet the wolf's, grabbing it and shaking it while opening a small smile.

"Pleased to meet you too, sir. I'm Ren!"

Zeke had to laugh this time. Finishing his handshake he looked up at Rowell, who also had a smile in his muzzle.

"Might just be the first time in my whole life I've been called 'sir'! What is he doing here? I've never seen him between the castle's slaves before."

That brought a laugh from both of them and even a small chuckle from Ren. "He's a guest. I'm 'taking care' of him for a friend and that's all I can say about the matter. He prefers to stay with me all the time, as you can see." Prince Rowell disentangled himself from the cat's embrace and went to his bookcases. He quickly went through some of them only to find a moderately sized book, which he picked up and brought to the main table, making some space around it. The cat went on to stay close to him.

"So, how come you're not working today, Zeke? Usually I only see you at night when we... you know." The prince talked while he worked, now opening the book and going through it's pages apparently looking for something.

"I had a lot of work at night so I've been replaced for the day. Will probably have to make up for it at night again today."

The prince just nodded, not taking his eyes off his book. Zeke hated having to lie to him. Rowell didn't deserve it. But it was better this way. At least for now. He needed to know a few things without the influence of anything else.

"And you decided to spend your day off with me? I'm flattered. Here it is!" The wolf had his claw over his book, apparently finding what he was looking for. Zeke could see his tail wagging fast behind him as his claw moved through the book's words while he read them. Rowell wasn't easy to deceive at all, but Zeke had his own techniques. He walked closer to the fully concentrated wolf, who apparently didn't even notice it.

"I missed you. You haven't asked for me in days," he lied again. At least to a certain extent.

The prince, lost in his reading, looked surprised when Zeke's hand enveloped his chest in a hug him from behind. The wolf's paws feeling the prince's lean chest over his robes and clothes underneath it. The wolf's muzzle nibbled the prince's neck, also giving it a very soft lick. Rowell's ears folded back for a moment, but his tail never stopped wagging, now brushing against Zeke's legs.

"I'm working here, Zeke." The prince's protest was weak. Zeke could see a smile in his muzzle as his hands caressed his chest.

"I know. That's what makes it fun," Zeke replied, which in turn brought a chuckle from Rowell.

"Since I'm a little bit stuck here, would you mind grabbing me a small collar I think I have in the bottom of that drawer, Ren?" The wolf pointed at his desk and the cat was quick to nod, running to get on with his task.

"Since when do you keep collars here, my lord?" Zeke asked giving the prince another lick just behind his ear, while one of his paws found the prince's nipple over his clothes. He couldn't see from behind, but he could swear he saw a hint of a blush in the prince's muzzle.

"Oh, that's nothing. Just the remnants of... something else."

Zeke didn't press the subject and the cat was already returning with a thin collar in his paws, which he dropped over the table in front of Rowell. The prince gave him a small ruffle over his headfur and he seemed extremely content with it. Rowell then asked the cat to pickup an ink container and a fancy looking quiver with a golden feather instead of a regular one and each time the small cat seemed very satisfied for helping.

"What are you going to do with these, my lord?" Zeke asked. His muzzle now digging into Rowell's neck fur, nuzzling it and giving it's side small licks that made the prince groan.

"I'm gonna get Raenn's thingy done first," the prince answered, this time wriggling himself free of Zeke's embrace while glancing back at him with an apologetic look. "I need to focus for this one. But it won't take long. Then we can resume our arrangements." The prince gave him a small wink and Zeke stepped back, going around the table to stand directly across Rowell to be able to see him with his smile growing. That was as good an opportunity as any.

"So... Those magical wards you and lord Rael were talking about. They are always active, aren't they? Won't they pick up this magic you're going to do, my lord?"

Zeke tried to sound casually curious, but he still got a glance and a raised eyebrow from Rowell anyways. The prince opened the collar flat over the table and dipped his quiver in ink. The point shimmered with a faint light and he bent over the table, getting closer to the collar and taking a good look at his book before he brought his quiver down to apparently write over the leash. In a very, very slow pace.

"Mhm. They get everything, register it and I go over all of it every day. It's picking this up now, yeah, but of course I'm not going to concern myself with this one." The prince spoke while he copied whatever was in the book into the collar. Whatever his quill touched, the light seemed to pass on to the leash, while Rowell drew what could only be described as runes into the collar.

Zeke scratched his head. Another negative point to the dog. If they'd changed him with magic how could prince Rowell not see it happening? Maybe all of that was indeed a big waste of time over a slave's delusions...

"Unless, of course, the magic is brought up by enchanted items or potions. Then the wards can't catch it. Unless the enchantment or potion is created within the castle's walls like I'm doing right now. We can't be flaring the wards up every time someone uses a heating stone in their bath or every time a slave gets punished by a slave collar."

The prince had the tip of his tongue at the side of his muzzle as he focused on copying the runes. His words made Zeke's ears perk up. The dog did mention it was done with tea! So it could have been a potion! That was how potions worked, right?

"Couldn't someone bring a potion or enchanted item into the castle and use magic through them, then?"

Once again, that made Rowell stop for a second and glance up at Zeke. He soon resumed his work, but his raised tail and attentive ears proved he was feeling suspicious.

"Everything that comes into the castle is thoroughly inspected, in case you forgot. Wouldn't worry about that, though. Potions and enchanted things have very limited and specific uses. None of them are as powerful as actual casted magic. Unless you'd use magic to boost them, but then the wards would pick THAT up. If someone really wanted to cause harm they'd probably be better off sneaking in poison or weapons instead of magical stuff."

That made Zeke bite his lip again. Rowell was right. He'd have to be a bit more specific, even if he was already pushing too far.

"Well it's just that I've been hearing some amazing stories. Stories about potions that could make you look like someone else entirely. Would that be possible, my lord? Would it?"

Rowell sighed. He stopped to scratch his head, seemingly thinking.

"Ehh... I suppose it could. I've seen studies about such things, but never seen anything like it. Seems like very hard stuff. You'd need some very, very strong essence from a person for that to work, I suppose. Something like blood. And using blood in magic is extremely unethical and forbidden by the official academy."

The prince was already halfway through the collar. He sighed, stretching his claws before bending over and continuing again. Blood... The dog didn't have any wounds on him. And he hadn't said anything about blood. He did, however, mention...

"And wouldn't cum serve as 'essence', my lord?"

That made Rowell stop to laugh. He looked up at Zeke with a wicked smile.

"Only you would think of such a dirty thing! I suppose it could serve, yes, but that would be unethical for a whole different set of reasons. Plus both would have to be very fresh. I imagine it'd be hard to get such a thing." Rowell chuckled to himself, continuing his work.

Zeke scratched his head. So it seemed the dog's story did add up after all. It still didn't mean it was true. He could just be a slave that knew a thing or two about magic, but that seemed unlikely as well. The wolf wondered if he should tell the prince about it. Would he believe it? Probably not. Maybe, but probably not. Rowell was a good guy and Zeke sensed he trusted him, but that would be a strain on that trust. If all of that turned out to be true then this would be a very serious matter. He had a different idea instead.

"Uhh... would it be possible to break the effects of a potion or magical item with something, my lord?"

That brought him a look from prince Rowell again, but this time he didn't look very pleased. "What's up with this sudden interest in magic, Zeke? You're not trying to do something stupid, are you?"

"Of course not, my lord. Seeing your work place always picks my interest. Can't an old wolf learn new tricks? I also have to find something to keep my mind off you while you do your boring work," the wolf reasoned, bringing up his most sincere smile. Rowell kept his gaze on him for a few more moments, studying him, but then just grunted and went back to finish his work. He didn't seem convinced.

"You could break magical items with a well focused burst or, preferably, carefully disentangling the enchantments if you know how they are made. I'd pick up both in the castle's wards, though." The wolf gave him a single, warning glance. "Potions are harder. Depends on what they're made of. You could scramble a potion's effect with a heavy Zanderbane solution. Heh, it's the first thing they teach us how to make in potions, but the formula needs slight alterations depending on the potion it's cancelling, else you might end up with weird results," that brought a chuckle from Rowell that made him pause his work again for a few seconds. "You should have seen this fox that studied with me. Once we were practicing making potions that changed your fur color, but his ended up a red so light it was almost pink! Some guys switched up his Zanderbane with more of his screwed up potion and after three days of constantly drinking it trying to reverse his effect he was pink from his muzzle all the way to the tip of his tail! I felt sorry for the guy, but he was kind of a jerk so he pretty much had it coming."

The small story brought a laugh from all three of them. Rowell was doing his scribing at the very end of the leash and then, finally, he stood up straight, stretching his back and putting his quill down over the table. The open collar glowed bright with all the runes scribed over it, and then Rowell gave it a few taps, all of them faded into the leather. The small cat leaned over the table looking at it wide-eyed, in awe.

Zeke smiled. He had almost everything he needed.

"I imagine you keep that... Zander... bane? That thing around here too in case something goes wrong?" he asked innocently, glancing around. Rowell looked at him, straight in the eyes, and shook his head.

"Yes, I do. But Zeke... I care about you. Just as I care about everyone I consider a friend. I don't know what's on your mind and, out of respect, I won't ask, but please... don't do anything you will end up regretting, alright?"

Zeke's eyes studied the prince. He really meant what he said. The wolf's ears were slightly leaned back. That was another thing he liked about Rowell. The wolf had never been good at hiding his emotions in his body language. He felt another urge to just tell prince Rowell the whole story and trust that that would be enough for the prince to see his concern, but once again, he fought it. He had to make sure of it himself first, and then he would come straight to Rowell in case everything turned out to be true.

"You don't have to worry, my lord. I'm starting to get old to keep pulling off reckless tricks," he said going around the table to stand in front of the prince once again. "How about we get back to our real business here?"

That brought a smile back to Rowell's muzzle. He turned to ruffle Ren's headfur, nodding towards the door.

"Be a good kitty and go lock the door, will you?"

The margay smiled and nodded quickly, darting off to do as he was ordered. Zeke stepped closer to the prince, standing but inches from him.

"Is he going to join in the fun?"

Rowell chuckled. "You'll see he's not that different from you in some aspects, but in others..."

The prince's eyes went down to his short loincloth again. Zeke grinned, his paw reaching for his waist as he slowly and teasingly undid the small knot keeping it together and let it fall, exposing himself completely to the prince. He could see a hint of a blush in Rowell's muzzle as the wolf stared at his sheath and balls. After so long, that small tint still remained.

The cat came running back, excited, but he too stopped and blushed when he got next to Rowell and turned to see Zeke's fully naked body. He hid behind Rowell, who chuckled and started to take off his heavy robes.

"What's wrong, Ren? It's not like you've never seen a wolf naked before."

The prince's words made the cat blush harder and both wolves laughed. Rowell finally slipped out of his robes, revealing his usual, elegant set of normal clothes he wore underneath them. His well embroidered jerkin and trousers were always a great contrast to his usual, well-cared for gray fur. His lean frame was clear without the robes to get in the way. Zeke had always liked him way better without them. Setting his robe down neatly over a chair, he smiled again towards Zeke, who could pick up a small hint of malice in it this time.

"There's another reason I brought you down here to my lab today. I've been meaning to do this for quite a while, but... you know." The prince turned towards Ren again, giving the cat's back a few pats. "Fetch me that special potion we've been working on now, eh?"

That brought a giggle from the cat, who once again rushed to do his bidding. Zeke raised an eyebrow towards the prince.

"What is it that you're planning, my lord?"

The prince's wicked smile grew. He brought a paw up to pass over Zeke's bare chest tenderly.

"You'll see. I promise it'll be fun."

Prince Rowell had just started undoing his jerkin when the eager cat returned. In his paws he held a flask containing transparent liquid. It looked like water, but then again almost everything in the big variety of tubes, vials and glasses around the lab looked like that. Rowell thanked him and took the flask from his paws, bringing it up to Zeke.

"You do trust me, don't you? Take a sip from this and we can have a whole afternoon of fun!"

Zeke could see the prince's tail wagging behind him. His expression almost pleading for him to take it. He wasn't sure he wanted to. He didn't really trust magic at all. But he couldn't refuse Rowell even if he wanted to. Specially after prince Rowell had showed trust in him by not inquiring any further about his questions. He grabbed the flask and sniffed it. He did trust Rowell.

"So I'm the only one taking it, my lord? How come?"

Rowell chuckled again. "It only fits your role in this. You'll see."

Zeke shrugged. He really didn't have much of a choice, so he just brought the flask to his muzzle and took a good sip of it. It tasted salty and awful. He set the flask down at the table by his side and looked at the now grinning wolf prince with a questioning look. Rowell looked like an excited puppy with that expression combined with his furiously wagging tail. He proceeded to continue taking off his jerkin.

"Now we wait."

Zeke shook his head with a smile. He knew Rowell wouldn't hurt him. He stepped forward to help the prince with his jerkin, undoing the last part of it and sliding it off the prince's chest. He placed his hand over it and looked up just in time to see Rowell's blushing increase like it always did before the main act. Both wolves were almost the same size, so it was easy for Zeke to advance towards Rowell's exposed neck and stick his muzzle into it, starting to lick it with long, warm laps of his tongue. That made Rowell raise his head with a small groan of pleasure. He knew Rowell well enough to know what got him going. His arms embraced the wolf prince, pulling him closer, while his muzzle pressed on stronger on his neck. His hands followed up to start undoing the prince's trousers. He was skilled enough at that to do it blindly and, before he finished it, he took a moment to grope and feel the erection he knew would be there through the wolf prince's pants, which brought a small moan from the wolf.

When he was done, he withdrew, stepping back to yank down Rowell's pants. The prince let out a cute small yelp and had an adorable reflex to cover himself up with his paws as he was left only in his bulging underwear. Ren, who was still behind the prince, stepped back blushing even more and Zeke moved forward again, but this time with one of his paws gripping Rowell's bulge shamelessly and toying with his hardening cock and balls through the fabric. His muzzle getting teasingly close to Rowell's again, whispering in his ear.

"How would you like to do it today, my lord?"

He retreated to look straight into Rowell's eyes, who in turn looked away with his bright red muzzle.

"I would... like to... you know."

Zeke's smile grew. He knew what role he'd have to take and honestly, he quite enjoyed it. He brought his muzzle closer to the prince's again while his paw that wasn't toying with the wolf prince's now very much bulging erection moved to take hold of his muzzle and force the prince to look at him. Rowell's ears folded back against his head.

"I wanna hear you say it."

Zeke felt the tip of Rowell's tail touching his leg as it was tucked between his. The prince's blushing increased ten times, but his cock throbbed in his paw at the same time. He hesitated, but finally took courage to speak.

"I... I want you... to fuck me."

There it was. Zeke's smile grew even more and he let go of the prince's muzzle with a few pats to its side.

"That's right. Good boy."

Zeke was no topping slave, or whatever slaves who usually were sent to fuck nobles with a bottom preference were called, but with Rowell these events weren't very uncommon. He had served the prince dozens of time before the wolf had the courage to ask him to be on top. It wasn't something that was expected from powerful nobles and specially not from a prince, so it was imperative that the rumors about it didn't spread. That was something Rowell knew he could count on Zeke for, and Zeke welcomed the change of pace and opportunity to actually fuck someone instead of being fucked himself all the time.

Still, it was only then, as his paw stopped teasing Rowell's cock through his underwear and slipped inside it to feel it that he noticed how hot he was. Zeke opened his muzzle to pant, the room feeling hot like a hot summer day even with him completely naked. It took him a few moments to realize it must've been whatever it was he drank.

"It's hot in here, puppy. Very hot. What did you do to me, after all?"

Zeke saw how being called 'puppy' made Rowell's ears lean back just a little more and, at the same time brought a sticky drop of pre to Zeke's paw inside Rowell's undergarments. This time, however, he was the one in control and he could use that to his advantage. He moved his paw down to grab hold of Rowell's furry balls and squeezed them lightly, bringing up a grunt from the wolf prince.

"Tell me." The look of submission the prince gave him was priceless.

"It was an enhancing potion! It'll warm up your body and drastically increase your... well... let's say production. It'll also make you a little more sensitive and..."

The prince looked down and Zeke followed his eyes to see his own cock growing out of his sheath. Fast. His red, canine cock seemed... bulkier and now that he focused on it he could feel his balls feeling hotter than the rest of his body. He felt aroused, but not so much as to bring up his boner so fast. In a matter of seconds his cock was standing in full hardness and even his knot was already starting to develop. His arousal also grew, though, and he found himself panting harder. He let go of Rowell's cock to touch his own, surprised, and as his paw passed along his length he felt his cock jump and a small bead of pre to already show up at its tip. His touch felt good, very good. It must've been what Rowell meant by 'increased sensitivity'. He saw the prince chuckling at his surprised look.

"Don't worry. It'll keep you hard and eager, but I promise there's no harm. Here, I'll show you..." This time it was the prince who stepped forward, taking a grip of Zeke's rock hard cock and stroking it gently. It made Zeke curl his toes to the feeling and more pre to push out of his cock, as if he'd been pent up for days. The string of pre fell down slowly and, with only a sly smile, Rowell got down on one knee and moved to cut the thin line of pre with his tongue, which then moved up slowly until it reached the tip of his cock. Zeke groaned when he felt the warm, smooth tongue of the wolf prince give the underside of his cock a slow, thorough lick. The increased sensitivity made it incredibly pleasurable and, once again, his cock let out more pre, which Rowell was happy to grab with his tongue again. Zeke looked down at the prince, who had a wide, sly smile on his muzzle while he went back to give his cock another painfully slow lick.

"M.. my lord.. You really don't have to..." he started to say, but Rowell made him stop by moving his muzzle forward and taking about a quarter of the wolf's length in his muzzle. He moaned this time. The prince's tongue came out of his slowly suckling muzzle to reach down all the way to his now engorged and sensitive knot.

"I know, but I need to make sure you're not going to fuck me dry, don't I?" The very vibrations and hot breath of the prince while he spoke made Zeke's wolfhood twitch. It wasn't the first time the prince gave HIM a blowjob instead of the other way around, but he always felt a little insecure. He was a slave himself and he didn't mind giving blowjobs at all, but mostly because he was used to it. The fact that Rowell enjoyed doing it... well, it said a little more about the prince, but he wasn't one to judge. Specially not at that moment. Zeke could count on his claws how many blowjobs he got from others every year.

He placed his paw over Rowell's head in what was almost a reflex. The prince sure was taking his time teasing him with his tongue, going deeper onto his cock inch by small inch, suckling and licking it... He could feel an unusual amount of pre leaking from himself, but the prince was always happy to lap everything up. Slowly but surely, Rowell's muzzle enveloped his whole length up until his knot and by then Zeke already had his muzzle wide open, panting hard between grunts and moans and holding himself back more than he ever remembered doing not to hump inside the prince's muzzle. It was amazing the prince could even take so much of his length inside without gagging. It had taken him months of practice to learn that. Zeke felt the heat in him rising. It hadn't been too long, but he felt too close. Far too close. It took a lot of willpower from him, but he used his paw to push Rowell's head away from his throbbing, leaking cock. The prince looked up at him licking his lips.

"Your potion is too strong, my lord. I'm... I'm too close. Gonna cum too early..."

Rowell's smile just grew and he saw the prince's tail wagging behind him, as if he was proud of that. "I know," was all he had to say. Then he turned his head and signalled for the cat, Ren, to step closer. The small margay's muzzle was completely red. The cat was so quiet that Zeke had honestly forgotten he was there watching the whole thing.

"Y.. yes, my lord?"

"Would you do to Zeke that thing you did to me yesterday? I'm sure he'd be very pleased with your skills."

The cat opened a smile to that, nodding very fast. "Yes, my lord! It'll be a pleasure to serve!"

Zeke raised an eyebrow. The cat stepped forward and went behind him. The wolf turned his head to look where Ren was going, but he stopped when he felt Rowell's muzzle back at his cock, around his whole length and resuming right where it stopped. He looked down at the prince, who had a very playful expression on his muzzle and then gripped Zeke's thighs to give himself better support as he started bobbing his muzzle up and down the big wolf's cock. That brought a higher moan from Zeke. He staggered for a moment, the feeling of Rowell's warm muzzle going at it too pleasurable and he felt it pulse. He was far too close! He gritted his teeth, trying to hold himself back, but then he felt what the prince had meant with the cat. Ren's rough tongue lapped at his pucker. It felt warm, and the cat tongue's texture, which usually didn't feel as good as a smooth tongue over a cock, didn't seem bad at all when it pressed against his tailhole. The cat's cold nose pressed just beneath his tail as he was assaulted with tongues from both sides. It was far too much for him. He gripped Rowell's head, closing his eyes and growling in instinct as he felt the rush of orgasm hitting him. The prince obviously felt it too through his cock, as he stopped his movement to go deep onto his cock. His tongue still swirling around it, licking the sensitive flesh of his member while he let out what felt like a LOT of wolf seed into the prince's muzzle, who gulped several times to swallow everything.

When his climax finally died down, Rowell retreated and Ren stopped behind him, both chuckling. The prince stood up, licking his lips and passing the back of his paw over his muzzle to clean some cum that he'd let out while he got closer to Zeke, embracing him in a hug. Zeke still panted hard. His legs trembling after the force of his climax and he let his ears go down as Rowell embraced him in a hug. The prince's obvious bulge still tucked inside his underwear could be felt pressing against his thigh while Rowell gave his neck a lick. He smiled, giving the prince's muzzle a lick too.

"You shouldn't have made me cum so early, my lord. I... I can give you a blowjob too if yo-" he started saying, but the wolf prince's paw came to clamp his muzzle shut gently. Rowell kept it like that for a few more seconds, while he gave Zeke's neck another lick and rubbed his muzzle tenderly against the wolf's shoulder. He was still smiling wide.

"Give it a few more moments."

His paw let go of Zeke's muzzle, who was still confused, and moved down to his chest, playing with his nipple a little bit before going down again. Down to reach Zeke's cock, who still stood hard as ever. Zeke looked down as well with surprise. Surprise to feel that Rowell's paw lightly stroking it didn't feel very uncomfortable on what should have been hypersensitive flesh like it normally would after he cummed. That it felt quite like it did before they had even started. His whole body still felt very hot and yet another small spurt of pre showed up at his tip. As if he'd been pent-up this whole time.

"I told you it increased everything. Some would argue even too much, but I'm fine with this rate."

The prince looked at him with the same sly smile from before. Zeke smiled too. He was already feeling aroused from the light stroking again. It was amazing what those potions could do. He knew what Rowell wanted and this time he was going to give it to him.

He grabbed the prince's shoulders, who seemed confused for a moment, and pushed him back, guiding him towards the table's side. The prince bumped his back against the table, shaking everything on it, and Zeke held himself very close. Rowell's ears went down, his smile fading into a slight blush. Zeke grabbed the prince's underwear and, even though in his mind he knew that even that was of fine, expensive clothing, he used his claws to rip it's side with one strong tug to leave the prince naked. Rowell's moderate wolfhood stood up, still as hard as before, pressed between both wolves against his belly fur.

"Zeke, I...!"

Zeke smiled, not giving time for Rowell to speak or think. He grabbed one of the prince's legs and lifted it, forcing the prince's back to be slightly over the table. One of his paws held the prince's leg high up, keeping them spread and leaving the prince's pink tailhole fully exposed for him. Without any ceremony, his other paw grabbed his perpetually hard cock and lined it up with it before he thrust forward. His cock easily beating the prince's natural resistance and slipping inside his tailhole while bringing a considerable moan from Rowell.

The prince had both his hands supporting himself over the table and he seemed to be doing his part in keeping his leg up as well, though Zeke still helped hold it high. His other paw moved to Rowell's hip for better support as he pushed his cock further in, delighting in the feeling of the prince's walls tightening around his length. He could tell Rowell was relaxing. Or at least trying to. But his natural instinct to keep an intruder out still made his tailhole constrict in a delightful manner against Zeke's cock. The wolf could feel his pre coating the prince's inside. Slowly, he pushed himself further in, inch by inch, giving the prince time to adapt to his big length before going deeper. It was Rowell's turn to pant hard. The prince had his eyes closed and his muzzle twisted in a big variety of cute expressions for the plethora of feelings he was getting from having Zeke's cock deep into himself.

Zeke kept going until there was nothing but his knot outside of Rowell, and then he felt it was safe enough to start. He pushed himself back and then in again, bringing a moan both from him, as he felt Rowell's warm and tight tailhole around his sensitive cock, and from Rowell himself. He picked up a steady rhythm for fucking, observing from Rowell's pants and moans how deep he should go to press against every sensitive spot he could find inside the prince's ass. After a little while, he moved his paw to the prince's throbbing cock as well. It was time for a little revenge. Zeke's smile grew when he felt the prince giving him very slight hump movements against his paw as he slowly traced his claws over the prince's throbbing length, teasing it. The prince's wolfhood let out its own pre, which glistened against his bellyfur.

Even only through teasing alone, he soon could feel the prince's cock throbbing harder against his paw. He knew the prince wouldn't last too long and honestly, neither would he. Fucking wasn't something he usually did and it felt really wonderful. No wonder so many people wanted at go at his tailhole. He let himself indulge in that pleasure, increasing his pace and fucking the prince harder. His knot pressed against the prince's entrance with every thrust and he felt an incredible urge to push it inside. An instinct every canine shared, but even through all of his lust, he held himself back. It meant it would take a little bit longer for him to cum, but he couldn't tie with the prince like that. Even if Rowell probably wanted it at that moment.

He started stroking Rowell's cock as well, which brought another loud moan of pleasure from the prince. He felt himself getting close again. As close as Rowell probably was and he stroked the prince faster. He wanted the wolf prince to go first. He moved his paw down to squeeze at the wolf's knot between every stroke, timing it with his own humps against his ass. It wouldn't take long now. Rowell's expression showed pure bliss. But then, without him expecting, he felt the rough tongue pressing against his own tailhole again. He felt both small paws of the cat against the back of his thighs as the cat held himself against his ass even through his thrusting inside Rowell. Zeke couldn't help but lift his tail in reflex. The cat's muzzle pressed stronger against his pucker this time. His tongue more eager, not only lapping at his hole, but also forcing it's way inside it with expertise. He moaned loud. His paw stroked Rowell's cock faster, but with both strong stimulations it was him who gave in first. He thrusted deep, his knot almost slipping inside as he moaned loud, cumming inside the prince. The complete bliss of his climax rushed through his blood, the cat not stopping at all even as it happened and he barely felt Rowell's cock pulsing in his paw that still stroked it as well. The prince's seed splattering over his chest and belly as he too moaned high. The jets of cum almost reaching his chin, marking his grey fur while some of Zeke's cum dripped down his tailhole as well. Zeke grunted, feeling the wolf prince's ass pressing hard against his length in that automatic reflex while he cummed. It felt even better, managing to milk every single drop of his orgasm from him before it finally started winding down. He went limp, letting go of Rowell's leg, who grunted from the movement as his own orgasm was starting to fade as well.

Both wolves stood there panting hard for a moment. Ren knew Zeke had cummed and stopped, stepping to his side with a big, proud smile on his muzzle. Zeke withdrew from Rowell, both wolves grunting as he slid out of Rowell's tailhole and caused his cum to gush out and drip down Rowell's legs. The prince stood up as well. He was a big mess covered in cum, but he still showed a wide smile that matched his slightly downed ears in an adorable way.

"That... was amazing. Thanks Zeke, you're the best," he said, blushing. He moved to grab his clothes, but gave Ren a small ruffle in his headfur as well. "And you were amazing too. Your master would be proud."

The margay's chest swelled with pride along with a wide smile and a slight blush. Zeke reached to the floor to grab his short loincloth, but when he looked down he saw his erection still going as strong as before. He moved his paw to touch it and, sure enough, it was pleasurable. Almost arousing. Rowell noticed it while he used his ripped underwear to dry some of the cum on his fur before putting his clothes back on.

"Sorry about that, Zeke. It won't go away so easily, but don't worry," he said, pausing his drying session to go for a table near the wall, where he grabbed a small, simple leather flask and tossed it to Zeke. "That's zanderbane for that. Drink about half of it now and keep taking a sip every hour or so. In about three or four hours the effect should be completely worn off. That much should be enough."

Zeke stared at the small flask for a little while. Then he opened it and brought it up to his muzzle for a big gulp.

"Thank you, my lord. It was lots of fun indeed."

He closed the flask again. Rowell had a disgusted expression in his muzzle as he finished putting on his clothes even over the mess in his fur. "I always regret being so messy after I'm done. I really, really need a bath now! I'm sorry to leave you like this, Zeke, but I trust you can find your way around, right?"

"Of course, my lord." Zeke smiled and nodded. What noble had any concern about leaving a slave after sex? Rowell really was one of a kind. The prince gave him a sincere smile while heading for the door and Ren was quick to follow. They left arguing about the cat's clinginess, leaving Zeke alone in the lab.

It was almost an honor that Rowell trusted him enough to do that, and he once again felt bad for not telling the prince everything that was going on with him. He looked at the flask in his paw again and sighed. He hadn't drunk a single drop from it. It would probably be a long day for him. He felt hot and a distinct need to paw himself off, but in the end, it was for the best. He had a big hunch about that dog and he needed to know the truth. As soon as he confirmed it, the first thing he'd do was going to be telling Rowell, but until then, as he held the small loincloth helplessly against his raging erection, he had a shameful walk back to his quarters and a whole day of frequent releases to go through before he had the chance to do it.

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