The pool.

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#5 of F pokemon on M human, femdom.

Hey guys, welcome back! So this will deal with the first female in the series, making the title of the folder a little bit misleading. Whatever, it's still femdom. Also, I hope you guys like Pikachu, cuz I love me some Pikachu.

By the way, is this the first story on this site with cosplay Pikachu in it? Happy to contribute! For this story, it's actually recommended to read my earlier stories first, but not necessarily! Enjoy, grab a drink or something, cuz this piece is 10k words long.


Caroline just didn't understand, the twenty year old girl looked with disbelief at her group of friends, her only pokemon, a male Pikachu, silently resting on her shoulder. The auburn haired and slightly tanned girl, who grew up on a ranch, definitely had seen a lot of weird shit, but this was beyond her comprehension.

Some of the boys in the group were acting very unusual, almost creepily different from how they would normally act, and it gave the girl a headache. Firstly, there was Mark, who suddenly had turned his entire mansion into a pokemon shelter for abused and sick pokemon right after his epic birthday party. Granted, it was rudely blown off by the police, but it was epic nonetheless, and ever since, he wasn't seen without his Vulpix and Flareon anywhere.

Secondly was Max, who after his vacation -which was mind boggling- had returned with two new pokemon: a Vaporeon and Milotic, the latter to which he affectionately referred to as Amy. He also had his Gardevoir -which he'd used for getting eggs and selling them- suddenly out of the breeding center and at his side all the time. Not only that, but Max quit smoking pod and was going to school. He currently was working as a store clerk to get some money.

While Gardevoir and the water pokemon had their own ways for getting a little income to help Max, Jiggs cleaned up the little apartment as usual. But now, Max had her on his shoulder everywhere he went as well. Caroline gagged at how soft and affectionate Mark and Max so suddenly had become with their pokemon, especially Max, who always had some kind of phobia for them, now almost looked ready to jump his pokemon, and it scared the auburn haired girl shitless.

But nothing in the world could prepare Caroline for what Josh was about to say. ''Guys, I have to tell you something. I made my girlfriend pregnant.'' The way how he spoke those words radiated excitement, which was absolutely the opposite way how he should've reacted. This was Josh, rudeless pokemon trainer who did everything in becoming a pokemon master, even if he had to bring down Arceus himself.

She had almost spit out her drink when she'd heard the news, and when Josh announced he was going to keep it, she had walked away, a hand holding her head in contemplation. ''This isn't Josh. What the fuck has happened to him?'' She muttered absentmindedly, shaking her head in disbelief. It was already a shock when the blonde boy told the group he had found a girlfriend just three months ago, because Joshua wasn't the one for relationships at all.

In fact, Caroline had asked him herself not so long ago when they had a good night of sex, but he declined, stating it wasn't her, it was him. He didn't like having a girlfriend, he just preferred one night stands, but for him to have a girl so suddenly took the cake for Caroline. She did feel a little bit jealous of this new girl, even though the sex with Josh was great, it always gave her this empty feeling right after, and it bothered her to no end.

That changed when the country girl met her, she was a very shy girl, and a mute at that. Her red hair and pretty face screamed 'rich kid', but her amber eyes had a twinkle of mischief in them, and soon Caroline found out she liked to prank people. Needless to say, they became the best of friends very quick.

Adia was her name. A little bit of an odd name in Caroline's opinion, but then again it fit, because the redhead was plenty of odd herself. Now though, she was pregnant, and getting a baby from Josh no less. The same guy who admitted he really did release his pokemon team in that forest, and only had a Delcatty right now, who just as Mark and Max's pokemon, never left his side.

''Arceus, is the world going to end? What the fuck is going on?'' She almost cried out, but bit her tongue at the last second. It was like she was the only one in the group who noticed it too. Derek was as oblivious as ever, stating he didn't see anything weird at all, Steve jokingly said they were on their period, and left it at that, Paul stayed silent as usual and Hope was too busy with her mascara to give a crap.

Caroline sighed again, she still couldn't believe this was happening, and turned to the oldest member and possibly the one with the most common sense in the group, Henry Brown. The young man gave the country girl a flashing smile as she approached him awkwardly. Honestly, she felt so small under Henry's gaze, he always talked like a gentleman, completely the opposite of what she was, and that made her a little bit uncomfortable at times.

''Ah, if it isn't Miss Adams, what can I do for you, my lady?'' He politely asked her, giving a formal little bow. Caroline cleared her throat roughly, before responding. ''Yeah, uhm... Henry, have you noticed how some of the guys have been acting... Strange?'' The young man chuckled at her question, giving her a warm smile. ''Caroline, there's nothing to worry about, I can assure you. Some of the boys just went through a... Metamorphosis, so to speak. You're just a little uncomfortable with their sudden change, which is completely understandable.''

Henry continued. ''You know what you should do? Take those boys to the local pool for a day, you'll see that in the long run, nothing has changed, and maybe it will relieve you as well.'' The young man's suggestion was met with a contemplated look from the girl. Indeed, it certainly was some time ago that she went to a swimming pool, now she could finally try out her new swimming suit, as well as work on her tan a little.

The young man saw her hesitant look, and pointed at the sleeping form of her electric rodent. ''If you're afraid that they won't accept your Pikachu, don't worry, I know for a fact this pool is pokemon friendly.'' He gave her a sly smile, knowing she would take his bait for sure right now. ''You know what? You're right. A day at the pool with those boys will clear my head for sure. In fact, why don't you join us Henry?'' The happy girl suggested to him.

His answer was coy, and he gave a little bow again to the charming country girl. ''I wouldn't love anything less, Miss Adams.'' She gave him a friendly push at his response, smiling slightly. ''Could you stop being so formal Henry? I'm your friend for crying out loud!'' She jokingly spoke to him, the young man snickering lightly. ''Sorry Caroline, I just like messing with you. So, shall we tell the other guys then?''

The other boys were quick to agree, even more so when they heard they could bring their pokemon. Max responded the most enthusiastic at the news, almost bouncing up and down in excitement. ''Great, that means I can meet some new cute po- OW!'' Henry's elbow in his rib shut him right up quite forcefully. The former stoner was about to retaliate, when he remembered Caroline was looking at him like he grew an extra head.

''Uh... What I meant to say was, I can meet some new cute chicks. I haven't busted my nuts in ages!'' He almost yelled victoriously. This got a giggle out of Caroline, finally seeing something of the old Max back. The others just smiled awkwardly, but Caroline paid it no mind, beckoning the boys in the direction of the swimming pool. Her Pikachu was just as happy to relax and swim a little too; life on a ranch was pretty tiresome.

''Dude, what the fuck?'' Joshua hissed to Max, Latias in her human form already at Caroline's side to keep her occupied. ''You almost blew it! I understand you're the biggest pokephile in all of existence after your trip, but you should learn to keep your mouth shut every once and a while.'' The blonde boy warned him, Mark just shaking his head at Max's antics.

''It's ok Joshy, just leave Max to me, alright?'' The sweet voice of Gardevoir reassured him, putting an arm around her trainer to drag him away from the agitated boy. Max instantly blushed at her touch, a shiver of pleasure already going through his spine. ''Guys I'm telling you, she has to be putting some kind of aphrodisiac in my food. Honestly, she's only touching me and I'm already getting excited.'' Max whispered to his friends with an idiotic smile on his face.

Josh huffed in annoyance at Max, while Mark kept on shaking his head, his Vulpix and Flareon loyally following him, nuzzling his legs every once in a while. ''It's all your doing dude, you're just crazy. Maybe Henry went a little far with sending you away on a trip for an entire week, because you're almost worse when you just were disgusted by pokemon.'' Mark stated while smiling slightly at the former stoner.

''Don't care. Need more pokemon to fuck.'' He responded, giving his Jigglypuff a seductive look, who blushed shyly. ''Say Josh, about that promise for your Delcatty-'' The blonde boy cut him off immediately. ''Yeah, how about no Max? It's a miracle she's not freaked out by our group and feels at ease here. I'm not going to give her to your horny ass, you'll be way too rough with her.'' Josh concluded, his statement final.

''Aw come on, dude! I already told you I will be completely submissive to her. Gardevoir even threatened to 'kill' me if I harm her in any way, pretty please?'' His voice sounded whiny and desperate, while Mark kept on shaking his head. ''We'll talk about this another time, but right now I'm not changing my mind.'' Joshua ended the discussion then and there, but Max was more than happy, it was a maybe at least.

''Thank you man! You're the best friend ever.'' He thanked Joshua profusely, Mark now chuckling at Max's response. Henry though, was silent the entire time, going over his plan to teach Caroline a little lesson. This time, he asked the already converted boys in the group for help, who agreed immediately. The country girl was a special case, she didn't particularly abuse her pokemon, no, she actually loved her rodent with all of her heart.

So, what had she done wrong then? Working on a ranch, she was one of the only businesses who slaughtered, and made meat from pokemon in all of Hoenn. It was a cruel job, but one that had to be done, she'd told Henry one day. He disagreed; she needed a good reality check, and as soon as possible. Hence why he had asked the help of the other boys.

Finally, the group reached the pool, Caroline and Adia in front, while the other boys and pokemon were close behind, and lastly, Henry all the way in the back. Luckily, it wasn't crowded at the ticket booth, and after everybody had paid and changed, the group met at the opening of the main pool. ''Alright, I'll secure some nice spots for us outside to lie down, you guys coming?'' Caroline asked them.

The group nodded, and soon, they all had their towels spread on the warm grass, people who either were sunbathing or getting ready to hit the water filled the area. Sounds of laughter and splashing water were evident as human and pokemon alike enjoyed themselves. ''Who's going from the high diving board with me?'' Mark yelled, already running towards it, his pokemon hot in pursuit. While they didn't like water that much, a little bit of swimming didn't hurt them. Afterwards, they could just go in the sauna.

The others smirked, and followed Mark without much of an objection. After the group had swam for a while, the girls decided to tan a little, while the boys were going to play a game of soccer with their pokemon. Adia gave them a wink, dragging Caroline with her as the boys waved at them with fake smiles on their faces. When the girls were out of sight, their faces turned serious again and they huddled close, setting their plan in motion.

''Alright, did everybody bring what I asked them to bring?'' Henry opened the conversation, looking at human and pokemon alike. Joshua was the first to speak up, giving him a wide smirk. ''Of course. Where Latias gets them I don't know, but they work splendidly. Plus, they're tasty too.'' He showed the bag of Rainbow berries to Henry and the group. The colorful sexual stimulators indeed, looked very appetizing, and Henry gave a satisfied nod.

''You mean they're tasty after they went in Latias' hot cunt, don't you, Joshy?'' Max teased the blonde boy, who blushed furiously at his remark. ''Yeah, makes them even better.'' He muttered. ''But that's beside the point, how about you? Did you bring your item Max?'' He asked to change the subject. The former stoner snorted, twirling the thunderstone between his fingers. ''Easy peasy, I even got it for free. Joe still owed me one.''

This only left Mark, as all eyes were on him expectantly. He rolled his own in exasperation at the stares he got. ''Really guys? I run the biggest pokemon shelter in all of Hoenn? Of course I have what Henry requested.'' He grabbed two pokeballs from his belt, and released them in the air. Out of them came two female Pikachu, but not ordinary ones, these were cosplay Pikachu. They took a spot on both of the shoulders of Mark, greeting themselves to the group cutely.

''These two cuties were porn stars, until the director became a little bit too abusive, and they ended up with me. The one dressed in blue is named Belle and the one dressed in pink is named Nikki.'' Mark explained, the two Pikachu already giving seductive glances to the group. Nikki, the bolder one of the two, ran her hot tongue already over Mark's cheek, her eyes locked on the group for their reaction. The rich boy gave a slight shudder at her electrifying touch, while Josh swallowed audibly.

Max though, had trouble keeping silent, as he slowly stretched one of his hands to pet Belle. She winked at him seductively, and when his hand was in range, put one of his fingers in her mouth hotly, sucking on it like a needy slut. Saliva dripped from her mouth, and Max couldn't help but let out a moan. ''Shit, they're good. I already want to fuck one so bad.'' He almost cried, Henry smiling in satisfaction.

Mark had trouble keeping silent himself, Nikki nibbling at his ear heatedly. ''You should visit me more often. There are plenty of pokemon in my shelter that desperately need some attention, and you know you're always welcome.'' Mark casually said to him. Max removed his finger from Belle's mouth hesitantly, ignoring the weird stares he got from people who walked by, before responding to his friend.

''Dude, why didn't you tell me sooner?'' He asked in bewilderment, smiling like an idiot at the prospect. He pointed at Belle and looked at Henry. ''You wouldn't mind if I gave her a little kiss right?'' He asked excitedly. Henry chuckled, shaking his head. ''Go for it, while they're for Caroline first and foremost, you can fuck them silly afterwards, they certainly wouldn't mind, I'd imagine.'' He responded simply.

''Awesome!'' He exclaimed. Not caring that anyone saw him, he scooped Belle up, the Pikachu giving him a heated look all the way, before kissing her hotly. Their lips connected, hers way smaller than his, but Belle didn't let this bother her. Grabbing his cheeks with her paws, she let some electricity run through his body, giving her the advantage over his movements.

He let out a moan of surprise, and felt the little Pikachu overpower him, pushing her tongue forcefully in his mouth, exploring it excitedly. Max moaned again, enjoying Belle's rough tongue, it sent little tingles of electricity all through his body, and she moved it over his much bigger tongue dominantly, getting a very positive reaction out of the boy. ''Want to try it too Josh?'' Henry wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, Nikki stopping her feverish licking of Mark to give the blonde boy her full attention.

Josh swallowed again, he was a little hesitant, but Nikki had that covered easily. Jumping from Mark's shoulder to his, she gave him a sultry smile, before quite forcefully, capturing the boy's lips with her own. The boy let out a muffled cry of surprise, before melting in Nikki's electrifying kiss. She didn't need to use her electric moves to overpower him; her kiss did that for him quite spectacularly.

Her tongue was sweet over his, and before he had any idea what was going on, he felt his knees buckle and fell down on his back, the Pikachu still kissing him dominantly with a blush on her face. She held him close, her hot tongue going over Joshua's again and again. The two boys weren't very silent, and the curious glances they got from other people turned into serious shock when they saw what was going on.

While not illegal in Hoenn, pokephilia was still heavily frowned upon, and here were two boys, kissing their Pikachu in a public place like it was completely normal. Some people looked on with disgust, while others were actually somewhat interested, not able to pry their eyes off the scene in front of them. Finally, both Pikachu broke their heated kiss, a trail of saliva connecting their mouths. Max was almost paralyzed to the bone, and Josh was completely spent.

The two Pikachu gave the boys another wink, Belle raising her skirt just enough to give Max a glimpse of her cute and wet pussy, while Nikki didn't even need to bother raising her skirt. Joshua saw her needy cunt just fine when she was standing upright, and decided to spread it for the boy's viewing pleasure. Her inside was such a soft pink, it sent a shiver through Josh's spine, and a string of her pussy juice connected her inner lips cutely. Giving him a long drawn out moan as she opened her hot cunt with her paws for him as wide as possible, the boy's dick spurred with pleasure at the sight.

Josh whimpered, he couldn't move, he was too weak, and Nikki closed her wet snatch teasingly again, before taking her spot on Mark's shoulder. Max too, was unable to move for the time being, and Belle lowered her skirt, just like Nikki taking her spot on Mark's shoulder. ''Well, at least we know how both Pikachu work right now. Belle uses thunder wave to paralyze her catch, while Nikki uses draining kiss to get her way. Nice. Alrighty then, everything is set, Latias will move Caroline to her destination. Let's get ready guys'' Henry stated happily.

Nikki however, who saw Mark's nervous face, wasn't quite done. She had placed a paw inside her hot pokemon snatch and was slicking it with her fluids silently. Belle had seen her silent masturbating, and caught what Nikki was about to do. She bit her lip, unable to keep herself in check, before pawing at her damp pussy herself. ''Oh look, seems Belle and Nikki don't want to leave you out of the fun Mark.'' Henry said coolly. Before Mark could inquire what he meant, two damp paws were forcefully put in his mouth.

The two pikachu smirked, and moved their paws in and out of his mouth seductively. Mark quickly getting over his surprise, lapped the pussy juice from their paws sluttily, moaning and enjoying the exotic taste. Once he had lapped their paws clean, they removed it from his mouth, and at that time, both Josh and Max felt energized enough to stand up and move again. Their little Pikachu foreplay had excited the boys tremendously, and they all couldn't wait for what was about to come.

''What did you want to show me again Adia?'' Caroline asked her pregnant friend. The disguised Latias just gave her a smile, and led her to the girls changing room. The pool had the luxury option to choose from a small booth, or a big room more often seen in training gyms, the latter is where Adia brought the country girl. Luckily, the room was empty, and once Latias had silently closed the door behind her, she grinned cutely.

''Okay, what are we doing here? And why is there camera equipment in the back?'' She asked confusedly, pointing to the expensive looking device. Adia's smile became mischievous, and before Caroline could ask any further, the door opened behind the red haired girl again. ''Henry?'' Caroline asked bewildered, her Pikachu, who was on her shoulder the entire time, narrowed his eyes. Something was off, and he didn't like it.

Sparks of electricity danced from Pikachu's cheeks threatingly, Henry and Adia both seemingly unfazed by the yellow rodent. ''This is the girls changing room Henry. Get out!'' She yelled at the young man, however, he did the exact opposite, and instead approached the country girl, who became a little uneasy. ''Now now, Miss Adams. I do believe I'm in the right room. You see, I'm here to prepare my camera.'' He spoke coolly.

This confused Caroline a lot, why would Henry need to prepare his camera? ''What do you mean? Can't you do that in the boys changing room? Adia do something!'' She desperately called for her friend's help, but she shook her head slowly as Henry chuckled. ''No need my dear, she's my assistant in regulating the sound. We want to make the best live video as possible; surely you don't want the content to be garbage because you moan too loud? The whole swimming pool has to enjoy this piece of art!''

Caroline's eyes widened in terror, and her breath quickened. Was Henry going to rape her? No, he just said he was the cameraman, then who...? Her answer came as the door was opened again, and three familiar boys stepped into the room. ''Ah, look at that. A lost Pidgey. A lost Pidgey who forgot to fly.'' Max grinned excitedly as Caroline's Pikachu had heard enough, jumping from her shoulder, he released a tremendous thunderbolt at the group angrily.

The boys didn't do anything; it wasn't necessary as Nikki jumped from Mark's shoulder and took the attack head on. Because of her ability, lightning rod, the attack was completely nullified, and it even raised her special attack. Pikachu widened his eyes in shock, and he was too slow to dodge Nikki's retaliation, who promptly kissed him on the lips. ''No Pikachu!'' Caroline yelled in terror, the draining kiss sapping away her Pikachu's health rather quickly, and before she knew it, he was down, Nikki grinning victoriously.

''Well that was easy.'' Mark commented off handedly, before Caroline's face turned that into absolute fear. ''No please guys, don't do this. We're friends! Please let me go.'' She begged pathetically, tears already forming in her eyes. Henry sighed. ''Way too loud, Belle?'' He didn't need to ask twice, the Pikachu quickly paralyzed the terrified girl, leaving her completely immobile. She sobbed quietly as they bound her Pikachu, and put a gag in her mouth.

''Listen Caroline, you've been a bad girl, and you need to be taught a lesson. I got three horny boys and in a moment, three horny Pikachu all ready for you to pleasure them. You better leave them all satisfied in the end, otherwise I'll make sure this will be only the beginning.'' Henry reassured her, getting his camera ready. Latias held the mike, making sure everything worked, the two prepared to give the pool some action.

''Now, I'll be filming the entire thing live to the big screen inside the pool. No doubt it'll cause an uproar, but Adia made sure to lock every exit. Nobody's getting out, and the police is definitely not getting in, at least, not for quite some time. Enough time for us the fill all your tight little holes up to the brink.'' He said seductively, zooming the camera in on her bound Pikachu, Nikki and Belle. Caroline cried softly, already feeling humiliated.

Why did they do this? If it's sex what they wanted, they could've just asked! She had no problem in fucking every boy in her group of friends. They were all cute in their own way, some more muscular, other had a little more endurance, but it all came down to the fact that she liked them all. Honestly, she wouldn't have minded that one bit, but getting raped, and she had to please pokemon too while it was filmed for a live audience? No, she couldn't handle that.

''Aww, it isn't that bad. Sure, the beginning is very uncomfortable, but we all had to go through it as well. I mean, look at us, we definitely changed for the better, and now, it's your turn Caroline.'' Joshua spoke to the country girl, who kept on sobbing quietly. ''Alright guys, everybody in position? Filming in five, four.'' Henry put three fingers in the air, and counted back to one, after that, a red dot on the front of the camera began to shine, indicating they were rolling.

At the same time, in the pool, the big screen that constantly played annoying commercials was rudely interrupted, as it turned to black for a while, before it showed the paralyzed form of Caroline, as well as three Pikachu, one bound, and the other two looming over the first one dominantly. Immediately after, all people in the main pool stopped what they were doing, and looked at the screen curiously. Murmuring to each other what was going on, a voice of a young man spoke up.

''Good day ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the afternoon special, brought to you life from the girls changing room! I'm your cameraman, as well as your host, Henry Brown! The beautiful ladies over there are Belle and Nikki, and we'll be making sure to give you some afternoon pleasure. This little slut here desperately needs to be taught a lesson, and we'll be giving her a lesson in Pikachu anatomy very quickly. It'll be... Electrifying.''

The desperate gagged pleas from Caroline, as well as Henry's introduction sent a huge uproar through the pool, a lot of people grabbing their pokemon angrily, and storming the general direction of the girls changing room. Turning off the mike, Henry chuckled awkwardly at the three boys who eagerly awaited their turn, not afraid in the slightest. ''Welp, guess I've set the tone immediately, Max?'' The former stoner nodded, and released his Gardevoir. Josh and Mark addressed their pokemon as well.

''Could you be dearies and take over for Latias?'' The boys asked them. The Delcatty, Flareon and Vulpix nodded and changed places with Adia. Caroline looked confused, tears still rolling from her cheeks when she saw Adia transform back in her real form. She let out a surprised squeak, the legendary giving her an apologetic smile, before concentrating at the task at hand. ''I'm strong enough to keep these guys from coming in with my psychic alone; you focus on the dark type pokemon with your fairy attacks.'' Latias suggested to Gardevoir.

The two powerful psychics went to work, effectively holding the angry mob outside. ''Fuck, they've thought about everything, and Adia was a legendary all along? That fucking means Josh has impregnated a pokemon, what the fuck!?'' She thought in bewilderment. Surprisingly, a lot of people stayed in the main pool as well, eagerly waiting for what was about to come. Seeing that the disturbance was dealt with, Henry started to commentate again. ''The bitch over here, Caroline Adams, secretly likes to see how her Pikachu gets dominated and fucked by two females, watch closely.''

The country girl tried to close her eyes, or to avert them, but it was no use. Her Pikachu grunted, desperately trying to be strong for his trainer, but that was a little hard with two horny females practically dry fucking him. Belle had raised her skirt, the camera immediately zooming in on her wet slit. She gave the Pikachu a seductive wink, before promptly smothering his face with her pussy, letting out a heated moan in the process. In the meantime, Nikki had found Pikachu's red cock, and was licking it sensually, enjoying the squirming the male did under her.

Caroline's heartbeat rose, she was forced to watch how her Pikachu got fucked, and it did manage to get a small reaction out of her. She shuddered a little, the smell of sex rose in the air, and the cute squeaks the two cosplay Pikachu made didn't help the girl's cause at all. She couldn't help but watch intently, her Pikachu letting out a little moan as well. His tongue was buried deeply in Belle's hot cunt, juices streaming out freely, as Nikki was rubbing her pussy over his dick slowly, almost agonizingly, a dominant smirk on her face.

''Look at how the cum slut is eyeing this scene, she desperately wished she was in her Pikachu's place, and soon she will.'' Henry boomed to his audience, some people who were watching already having a hard time not jerking it off themselves. Caroline reeled back mentally at what Henry said, but deep down the thought had crossed her mind sometimes; what would it be like fucking her own Pikachu? Of course, she banned those thoughts immediately after, but now, she didn't have much of a choice.

A loud moan brought her attention back to her Pikachu. Nikki, who was done teasing the male, had taken him to the hilt in one go, and the effect was immediate. The horny cosplay Pikachu bounced her hot pussy on his dick as fast as she could go; taking him to the hilt every time she moved her body up and down. Lewd moans came from Nikki, her tongue lolling out of her mouth and a blush apparent on her face as she took the Pikachu's dick as deep as possible.

Caroline bit her lip, the angle she was laying in gave her a perfect view of Nikki's ass, as well as her Pikachu's throbbing cock that went in and out of her snatch in a steady rhythm. Henry of course, zoomed in on this scene as best as he could, a big grin on his face. Meanwhile, Belle was abusing Pikachu's face however she liked, moaning and making sure her wet cunt was tightly secured around his mouth. Commanding him to suck her clit, she began to hump him in pure ecstasy.

''Look at this, it seems this needy whore is really getting into it, she's totally getting wet!'' Henry stated, opening Caroline's legs and tracing a finger over the outlines of her slightly damp cunt through her swimming suit. He made sure to make a good shot of her nice ass, the country girl blushing furiously at his words, and she let out a cute squeak in embarrassment when he felt his finger trace her pussy. She would never admit it, but the scene in front of her did make her a little bit horny, and Henry's slight touch sent a shiver of pleasure trough her spine.

''So soft.'' The young man commented, showing his damp finger to the camera afterwards. ''Such a slut, she needs to get all her holes filled!'' He dominantly exclaimed, returning the scene towards the Pikachu trio that was happening right now. ''Awesome.'' One guy in the pool muttered a little too loud, a Lucario who also was watching giving him a low smirk. ''I like the way how you think.'' She winked at him seductively, before he gave a mischievous smile in return. ''Fuck it!'' He said to no one in particular, before promptly kissing the Lucario, who eagerly kissed him back.

''Lucario!'' Her female trainer yelled in embarrassment, heat rising to her cheeks, but the fighting and steel type just pulled her in. ''Loosen up Angel, why not have a nice trio with this guy?'' She couldn't even react to her pokemon's statement, the guy had her lips locked in an instant, and she quite easily went along with it. This spurred on even more people, a teenage guy who was silently watching on a sun chair with his Umbreon, swallowed audibly as the pokemon gave him a sultry look.

''Umbre-?'' She had him in a heated kiss before he could even end his sentence, and she moaned quite loudly, the teenage guy not expecting this at all. Nonetheless, he kissed her back with a huge blush on his face, and more people followed this example very eagerly. Soon, the main pool was turned in one big orgy, and not a single lifeguard was in sight, all trying to calm down the angry mob or trying to free Caroline as well, without much result. Latias and Gardevoir were too strong, and kept the mob outside, albeit with some effort on their part.

''Oh yeah, look at those Pikachu go, it seems our little bitchy male here is getting close.'' Henry continued to commentate, the loud moans of Nikki and Belle echoing all the way through the pool. Caroline let out a little moan herself, her Pikachu's dick throbbing like crazy, indicating that he indeed was very close. Suddenly, without warning, the Pikachu let out a satisfied grunt, and shot his load deep inside Nikki, who kept on bouncing and moaning in pure ecstasy.

It leaked out of her needy cunt like a faucet, and Henry filmed every glorious moment of it. Needles to say, some of the people in the pool saw this as their cue to start fucking their own pokemon, and moans began to fill the air. ''Look at that load Caroline, buckets of Pikachu cum, wouldn't you like that inside your own hot snatch? Pikachu cumming inside you, claiming you, filling you up? He's going to do so and much more, hmmm oh yes.'' Henry moaned to keep his crowd entertained, with quite the result.

While Nikki was climbing off Pikachu's dick, Belle was still humping his mouth erratically, his face an absolute mess, and a blush very apparent on his cheeks. Belle's cunt was twitching, she was getting close as well, while Nikki showed off her stuffed love tunnel to the camera, spreading her pussy wide and letting the contents slowly ooze out of her to the ground below. ''Look at that filled up Pikachu cunt, all yours in a moment Caroline.'' Henry stated heatedly, the country girl muffled something incomprehensible, her eyes widening again.

They couldn't be serious, but apparently, Henry was not kidding in the slightest. Nikki winked at her, showing her filled up pokemon snatch in all its glory, but for the time being, that's all she did as she waited for Belle to finish her face fucking. She didn't have to wait long, the camera switching to Belle after her high pitched squeal, holding the Pikachu in place as her walls clamped down, her cum squirting out of her opening straight into Pikachu's awaiting mouth.

He desperately tried to swallow it all, but the rodent was way too slow, Belle keeping him in place as it dribbled down his chin to the floor below. He coughed quite violently after that, Belle smirking dominantly at the pathetic form of the male Pikachu, as she rubbed the excess fluids off of his left cheek before smacking him in the face with her tail. ''Oooh it seems Belle was not happy with Pikachu's performance, who was unable to keep her tasty treat down in his throat, pretty pathetic.'' Henry concluded to his audience.

The Pikachu was spend, never in his life had he been treated so roughly by two females of his own species, or just two females in general. But whatever Henry said, he was not going to fuck his own master, not like he had any energy left to do so, the draining kiss plus that frantic fucking had left him tired as hell. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately for his trainer, they ignored him, and instead focused on Caroline for the time being, the girl getting very anxious.

''This cum slut is hungry people, hungry for some of her Pikachu's own hot and sticky semen.'' When Henry said this, Max showed his face to the camera, grinning like an idiot to the immobile girl. ''Ah, seems Max wants a little piece of you as well, you're such a dirty slut!'' Caroline began to quitely sob again, but this didn't stop the former stoner at all, as the camera turned towards him. Switching Caroline from her belly to her back, Henry zoomed in on her nice tits, her nipples undeniably hard through the soft fabric of her bikini, as Max slowly removed the upper piece of it.

Some people were surprised to see another male there, but cheered loudly when the main act was about to start as Max started to undress her. ''Such a nice pair of tits, it would be a shame not to show them off a little.'' Max whispered in her ear seductively, and removed the soft layer of fabric from her boobs, showing them off to the whole pool. The cheers became only louder when the crowd finally saw her tits, and the former stoner began to squeeze them ever so lightly, enjoying the humiliated face of the girl, as well as how soft they felt.

This was the cue for Mark and Josh to step in as well, their dicks already hard as a rock through their swimming trunks. ''She really is a whore! Thinking she can please three men and two pokemon at the same time, what a needy bitch.'' Henry shouted, the room they were in getting hotter and hotter. The two boys advanced her last piece of remaining swimming clothing, and teasingly began to strip it slowly, giving the viewers little glimpses of her hot slit, before putting the clothing in its place again.

The crowd was chanting, whether they were fucking their own pokemon at the moment or not didn't matter to them, they wanted to see some pussy. ''Show us that slutty cunt!'' A young man yelled at the top of his lungs, to which a lot of people agreed instantly. ''Show, show, show, show!'' They all screamed in union, horny from the video, as well as everything that was happening around them. Mark winked at the camera, and in one fell swoop, removed the bottom of her bikini, leaving her as naked as the day she was born.

The reaction was immediate, the crowd's roar of approval was even heard all the way in the girls changing room, and Henry had difficulties not breaking out in laughter. He zoomed in on Caroline's nice and slightly damp pussy, the girl blushing furiously out of embarrassment. Soft pleading murmurs was all that she could produce through her gag, but it was all for naught. ''Look at that! But we need to spread them so we can look deep inside your slutty pussy Caroline!'' Henry suggested and just like that, Joshua spread her slit as wide as possible, leaving her most sacred place bare for all to see.

The country girl felt like she could die of shame, but produced a silent moan as well, the touch of Joshua's fingers on her slit felt pretty nice. Once everybody had seen deep into her love tunnel, the real fun could begin. Nikki had already climbed on top of the naked girl, and had her snatch placed in front of Caroline's gagged mouth, her Pikachu's cum still dripping out of it. The smell was intoxicating, the male musk glaringly obvious, but she could smell Nikki too, albeit vaguely. It was a mixture of sweet and salt, only someone had used a little too much of the latter.

At the same time, while Caroline's nostrils filled themselves with the smell of sex, Belle had moved between her legs, and lay down on her back as well, dress raised, and their pussies only an inch apart of each other. Max now stopped his soft squeezing, leaving Caroline a little disappointed, but she wouldn't admit this, and instead moved to where Belle was located. Mark soon took Max's place, his swimming trunks already removed as he placed his hard dick between her soft boobs, grunting at the pleasurable sensation it brought.

Finally, Joshua loomed over Caroline's face just like Nikki, his cock already twitching and ready for some mouth fucking. Really, Caroline truly felt like a slut, but deep down, she also felt excitement built. Three boys and two female Pikachu were going to fuck her at the same time, while it got filmed to a live audience! The lewdness and the pleasure she got from that thought made her relax just a little. That was until her gag was finally removed, and her mouth was instantly filled with Nikki's overflowing and hot cunt.

Nikki let out a load moan, not yet having came herself, she started to hump Caroline's face in earnestness, the cum from her Pikachu already invading her mouth, making it the only thing she could taste. It was thick and salty, and Nikki left her no room but to swallow it all. The female Pikachu herself was leaking decently as well, making her mouth fill up with the sex juices from Nikki too; some of the excess fluids rolling down her chin. At the same time, Caroline let out a pleasure filled moan when Belle rubbed their pussies together, the electrifying touch sending shivers through her body.

''Let me help you girls out with that a little.'' Max commented, bringing his tongue in between the two wet snatches, doubling the pleasure for both females. He moved his tongue over their pussies heatedly, Belle humping her body against Caroline again and again, getting cute, pleasure filled squeaks out of the girl. Finally, Mark started to move his dick between her tits, adding even more pleasure in the mix. Caroline couldn't deny it anymore, her body had betrayed her, pleasure and sex were the only two things on her mind, and she moaned like a slut at all the stimulation she got.

''She's louder than an Exploud, holy shit people!'' Henry commented, trying to film the whole thing as best as he could. Caroline had her tongue buried in Nikki right now, and she didn't know why, but the taste was even more intoxicating than the smell. While she didn't particularly like it, she swallowed her Pikachu's cum like a good girl. After a while, Nikki removed her snatch, and Joshua's dick was rudely shoved into her mouth in its place, who was moaning quite contently. She tried to keep him out of her throat, but Joshua had none of that, and moved his throbbing cock all the way in.

Caroline was sure she was about to gag, but Josh was merciful and moved out again, only for him to ram it back in forcefully. Caroline's eyes widened as the blonde boy throat fucked her wildly, but somehow, she was able to take him. Lewd and loud moans filled the air of human and pokemon alike. Belle was blushing; Caroline's pussy felt heavenly on her own wet snatch, and Max was the cherry on top, his tongue giving her continued pleasure. The former stoner was in heaven himself, pussy heaven to be exact. The two exotic tastes left his taste buds longing for more, and he quite eagerly tried to lap up as much as possible.

Mark had difficulties not ravaging Caroline's tits on the spot; he instead opted for the nice and slow approach, getting himself maximum pleasure in the process. And then there was Josh, Caroline's tight throat was a new experience for him, and it almost send him over the edge as soon as he entered it. The little gags, and the vibrations her throat made were indescribable, and he was fucking her throat with all his might. But, he was a gentleman, and at Nikki's plea, removed his throbbing dick from her throat, the Pikachu placing her hot snatch over Caroline's slutty mouth again instead.

''I don't know about you guys, but if you haven't grabbed a pokemon to fuck already, you're definitely missing out. Don't be a loser and jerk yourself off! Let a nice and hot pokemon do that for you!'' Henry yelled over the mike quite loudly. The maybe three or four people who were too shy to do it already, but still were interested, quickly got scooped up by a couple of hot and horny female pokemon, leaving absolutely nobody unsatisfied. Well, except the angry mob and the ones who were disgusted by it, but who gave a fuck about them?

Caroline felt numb, the pleasure she felt went through the roof, and it was a miracle she hadn't cum yet, but that was about to change. Nikki's humping became faster, while Josh was jerking off furiously, his throbbing and twitching dick a sign he was getting close too. The country girl felt like she was drowning in all the hot and sticky sex juices, and without warning, Nikki grabbed her head forcefully, as she let out a cry of pleasure, finally cumming herself. The hot Pikachu cum filled her mouth to the brink, and at the same time, she felt Josh cumming too, who shot his hot load all over her face.

She couldn't hold it back anymore, so much pleasure rocketed through her body, it brought her to a state of euphoria as she came hard, her pussy twitching wildly against Belle's snatch. Max doubled his effort, trying to catch as much of her cum as possible, while Belle after feeling this new sensation quickly went over the edge as well. Maxs' surprise soon turned into more lewd moans, making slurping noises as he fingered both females for maximum pleasure. That only left Mark, who didn't hold back anymore, his trusting making her soft but firm boobs bounce up and down wildly.

A loud grunt was his only warning, shooting his hot load all over Caroline's face, neck and some even over Nikki, who only gave a hot moan of approval. ''Look at the slut, almost completely covered in cum. Are you guys not entertained? But wait, we're not done yet, one hole still needs to be stuffed!'' Henry grinned eagerly. Caroline knew exactly what he was talking about, but she didn't care anymore. They humiliated her to the brink, fucked her and her pokemon without her consent, and made her swallow her own Pikachu's cum. Honestly, if they wanted to have her anal virginity, they could have it.

The only question was, who was going to take it? ''Oh Pikachu, what do you say? In for some hot fucking with your trainer?'' Henry asked the rodent, who had just enough energy to glare at the cameramen venomously. Caroline gave a sigh of relief, at least her Pikachu stayed loyal to her, even with all the pheromones in the air. ''Tsk, always the difficult one, you guys want to see Pikachu take this slut's anal virginity, right? Luckily, we got a solution for that!'' Henry stated in a chipper tone.

Gardevoir came back in at Henry's cue, seeing as Latias had everything under control. She looked the Pikachu deep into his eyes, and his pupils dilated, completely under hypnosis. Next, she grabbed some of the rainbow berries, and fed them to the Pikachu, who swallowed obediently. Immediately after, he felt his strength return, and he became horny as fuck. Seeing that her work was done, Gardevoir went back in assisting Latias again. ''I'm going to have to ask again. Are you in for some hot fucking with you trainer Pikachu?'' The rodent nodded his head eagerly, Caroline's eyes widening in terror again.

''P-pikachu?'' She muttered in disbelief, these guys had prepared for everything. His red cock was standing up proudly, and the guys showed off Caroline's asshole to the camera and Pikachu teasingly, ushering him to take her. The electric type didn't have second thoughts, as he lined up his throbbing dick with her puckered star, Caroline anxiously waiting for the inevitable. Swallowing audibly, she felt his dick entering her ass, slowly, but after some was in, he rammed the remaining part inside of her in one go.

Caroline grunted in pain, not accustomed in getting something in her ass, even though Pikachu was a lot smaller than any of the boys. What he didn't have in length, he made up in speed though, as he drilled her with all his might, claiming her virgin ass as his own. To Caroline's surprise, the pain changed into a weird way of pleasure, Pikachu's cock sending tiny bits of electricity through her body, making her moan silently again. The boys watched intently, but Max had soon enough and let his eyes roam over Belle.

''I told you I was going to fuck you.'' He said hotly, Belle already raising her ass high in the air, beckoning him over seductively. Nikki wasn't about to be left out, and gave Mark a seductive look of her own, who grinned at her. ''Why the fuck not?'' He placed Nikki on his lap, and lined his cock up with her quivering vent, both parties moaning out loudly as he entered her. ''I've a kink for pokemon with dresses or something.'' Max muttered to himself, raising Belle's blue dress to give himself a nice view of her soaked cunt.

Much like Mark, he didn't waste any time, and trusted his cock inside of her quite vigorously, the two panting in pleasure. Josh however, wasn't quite done with Caroline's mouth yet. ''I still have to cum inside of that tight throat of yours.'' He spoke out excitedly, already poking his dick inside her abused mouth again. Caroline only let out a moan, completely in pleasure as her Pikachu rocketed her body forwards, Joshua grabbing her face and ramming his dick as far inside her milking throat as possible.

''It's getting steamy inside of here people, I don't know about you guys, but the lens is fogging up.'' Henry joked, enjoying the pleasure ridden faces of his friends. Max and Mark were moving in and out of Belle and Nikki like crazy, their combined moans spurring the other people in the room on even more. Caroline was sure her throat would be raw in the morning, but she didn't care. Her Pikachu was making her feel good, and Joshua's hot and twitching dick in her throat only augmented that pleasure.

Max bit his lip, looking at Pikachu while his cock was buried deep inside Belle, before producing the thunderstone out of nowhere. ''Time for you to grow a little, big boy.'' He said to Pikachu, tossing the stone towards Henry. ''Have you guys ever seen a pokemon evolve while fucking someone in the ass? No? Well, this is your lucky day! This slut is going to feel every inch of growth in her tight back door, and let me tell you, that's a lot.'' Henry stated, aiming the stone at the Pikachu who was frantically fucking Caroline's ass.

With a graceful loop, the stone landed exactly on Pikachu's back, who began to shine brightly. His evolution didn't stop the rodent, who just kept on trusting in and out of his trainer's asshole, all the while growing in width and length. Caroline cried out in surprise, her hole getting stretched and feeling absolute full. It was at that time, that Joshua decided to keep his dick all the while in her throat, not letting her go, his cock spurting as he let out a satisfied grunt, coating her throat a nice white as she desperately tried to swallow it all.

Finally, he let her face go, his cock still spurting, making her mouth and face even a bigger mess. Her just evolved Pikachu, now a Raichu, was able to make her whole body rock back and forth, his impressive cock shoved deep inside of her virgin butthole, making incomprehensible grunts and moans as he felt his own orgasm getting close. Wet slaps echoed through the room, not only from Caroline and Raichu, but the Pikachu duo as well, their little pokemon snatches filled to the brink with cock. It was a tight fit, but their eager and hungry slits weren't about to let the hot intruders go before they had milked them for all what they were worth.

Caroline only concentrated on her Raichu, his big dick going faster even, as she just could imagine him busting his balls in her asshole. With one last big shove, he buried his shaft to the hilt, his dick throbbing as he came buckets of his spunk, her ass overflowing with his cum, as he moaned out in pleasure. ''Hnnngg, fuck, ah~'' The girl sputtered on cloud nine, muttering nonsense afterwards. The two guys followed quickly after, their combined howls sending the Pikachu duo over the edge as well, the four riding out their orgasm in after pleasure.

''Wow! Did my eyes deceive me? Five orgasms at the same time, I can tell you guys we're having a great time in here.'' Henry commented, zooming in on Raichu and Caroline, the latter so close to her own orgasm again. The boys and the Pikachu were spent, but the Raichu had other plans, the berries keeping him pretty hard. Lining his cock up with his trainer's steamy cunt, he was about to ram in forcefully before Belle and Nikki hold him back. ''Hold up big boy, we're getting ready for the last act.'' Henry exclaimed, showing a particular toy to his crowd.

''Are you guys ready for the grand finale?'' He yelled cheerfully, slapping Caroline's ass, who squeaked at the contact. The vibrator Henry was holding was obviously inspired off of a Zebstrika, it was long, its cockhead very big, and multiple rings adorned the black phallus, making it one intimidating looking sex toy. ''Raichu is going to cram this entire thing up this slut's ass, while simultaneously shooting his hot cum deep inside her womb!'' The young man stated, handing over the toy to Raichu, who smirked in agreement.

The thing was easily as big as Raichu himself, and before Caroline could even beg to her pokemon to not do it, he had already rammed himself home inside her cunt. The girl let out a heated moan, finally getting something in her pussy, before she felt the cockhead of the toy enter her backdoor slowly. She cried out, the toy was way bigger than Raichu ever was, and she began to beg for him to stop. Her pokemon didn't listen, grunting, he trusted in and out of her wildly, slapping her ass, and continued to shove the vibrator further up her asshole.

The pain was mostly overshadowed by Raichu's eager rutting, bringing her enormous pleasure, but when she thought she could take no more, her pokemon kept on pushing, the first ring actually disappearing into her depts. ''She almost has half of it up into her ass. What do you guys say? Will she be able to take all of it?'' Henry questioned, the horny crowd roaring loudly, cheering for Caroline to take it all. Like Raichu was going to stop anyway, the resistance was getting bigger, but Raichu just kept on pushing, destroying his trainer's pussy and ass at the same time.

''Please, no more.'' Caroline begged between moans, it felt like her ass was splitting apart, but in Raichu's lust driven state, there was no room for argument. Slapping her ass even harder, he pounded her into the ground, almost losing himself in her hot tunnel. Then, when the whole thing was almost buried in her ass, it suddenly came to a halt. Annoyed, Raichu pressed both his paws at the last couple of inches, using all his might to get it all the way in. ''Raichu please, sto-AHHHH.'' The resistance gave away, and the whole thing was crammed up her anal cavity.

Tears started to form into the country girl's eyes again, feeling incredibly full, she tried to lay as still as possible, which was denied by the fact Raichu was shaking her whole body back and forth, his hot and electrifying dick getting him close. ''Wow, she really took that whole thing! Now Raichu, turn it on, give her the most pleasure possible!'' Henry coaxed the pokemon, and as soon as he held the device in his paws, he turned the vibrator on max, making Caroline quite literally scream to the heavens. It was so painful, but so pleasurable at the same time, combine that with her Raichu's humping, she instantly went over the edge.

Shivering like a log, her walls clamped down like a vice on Raichu, milking him for what he was worth, and he let out a howl of pleasure in union with his trainer, pumping her womb full with his cum. Caroline's orgasm kept on going, the vibrator giving her all the pleasure in the world. Honestly, after a while, she had no idea where she was, she may even lost conscious for a short moment of time, but she didn't care. She never wanted this to end, and even long after Raichu had filled her up, she still was spazzing wildly, tongue lolling out of her mouth, and her body absolutely covered in spunk.

Unfortunately, every good thing had to come to an end, and when she finally came back from cloud nine, she felt she could move again, and boy did she fell sore. Her body was wrecked to the core, and when the vibrator was removed from her ass, a pool of Raichu's cum followed in turn, leaving her feeling absolutely dirty. Henry filmed her from every angle, closing his little homemade porn video with one last comment. ''Look at her! Did you guys enjoy your afternoon special? We hope you had a great time, we certainly did! Ladies and gentlemen, this was Henry Brown, on behalf of me and my crew, we wish you a nice day!''

The screen went black again, and the people in the pool who either still were fucking, or just enjoying the show, began clapping and cheering loudly. Back inn the changing room, Henry got back to business again. ''So Miss Adams, how did it feel to get treated like a piece of meat?'' He asked her, to which she couldn't respond, her throat hurt too much thanks to Joshua, so she just lay there, panting her ass off. ''You know, this is just a fraction of what would happen to you daily if you don't listen very closely.''

The country girl was all ears; she already had a growing suspicion what this was about, and grunted when Henry confirmed it. ''Not only me, but we all want you to stop your senseless killing of pokemon for meat. Pokemon are intelligent beings and our friends, not something to slaughter and eat. So we're giving you a simple option: you stop this right now, and we'll make sure nobody has to see this film other than us. As for the people in the pool, we have two very powerful psychic users, easily capable of wiping people's minds.''

Henry went on. ''Or you can refuse, and we will do this daily, each day going a little further, posting all the videos we made of you online for the entire world to see. So what's your choice, Miss Adams?'' Caroline looked incredulous at Henry, couldn't they just have brought this up in a different manner? But then again, she probably wouldn't have listened, and while the treatment she got was rough, and left her dignity non-existent, she did enjoy it as well. Sighing, she weakly opened her mouth and gave her answer.

''You're all a bunch of dicks.'' She stated, before giving them a weak smile. ''I'll take the first option.'' She added afterwards, coughing loudly, getting some cum out of her throat. ''Honestly guys, you almost killed me, and that vibrator was absolutely unnecessary, dickheads that you are.'' She insulted them, now grinning slightly. ''And you!'' She addressed to Joshua. ''You fucking impregnated a legendary pokemon, are you fucking out of your mind?'' She asked him, Joshua grinning with her and just shrugging his shoulders.

Max held up his hand, getting her off the ground. ''Welcome back sister, you've gone through your own little metamorphosis. One of us, one of us, one of us, one of us!'' He began to chant, the group soon joining in, even Henry couldn't help but chant with them. Giggling slightly, she raised her voice. ''Oh shut up you guys! So this is why you guys were acting so weird? You all got fucked by pokemon too?'' The blushing faces of the boys answered her question and she gave Henry a sharp glare. ''You're behind this don't you?''

Henry simply nodded, packing up his stuff in the process. Caroline continued. ''And you're planning to do this to Hope and the other boys too?'' another nod, making the country girl grin. ''I can't wait to see Hope's pathetic face as she screams for mercy.'' She admitted, Henry chuckling slightly. ''Hypocrite.'' He retorted, to which Caroline gave him a friendly push. ''So, how do we avoid the mob?'' She asked after a while, the guys cleaning themselves off and getting dressed in their swimming gear again. Mark had called back the Pikachu duo already, before Max answered that question.

''Oh Gardevoir!'' He called, the psychic and fairy type reacting immediately after his call. ''She will teleport all of us out, while Latias deals with the mob and the rest of the people, making sure nobody remembers any of our faces, only the pleasure.'' While he explained this, Gardevoir prepared the teleportation, sending the whole group in a grassy field nearby. After getting fully clothed, her Raichu on her shoulder, she asked the question which was on everybody's mind.

''So, who's next?''

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