pikachu!" pikachu nodded, putting a hand on owen's leg. he looked over, seeing the concerned smile on the pokemon's face. pikachu mimed, pointing to his groin, giving a thumbs up.

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love begins furry style.rtf

Ash hesitantly poked his tongue against pikachu's lips. pikachu's pov pikachu moaned as he felt ash take charge.

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PTC #02: Pikachu's Training

Malcolm led pikachu to a small pikachu-sized treadmill. "all right, pikachu. step up in front of you, onto the treadmill." pikachu felt in front of him, feeling the treadmill, and climbed up onto it. "good.

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Pikachu's Secret! Encounter with Snivy!

Snivy asked as she blushed, looking back at pikachu. "oh...i can't keep this up anymore! pikachu, i'll tell you the truth...". pikachu can tell that snivy has kept a secret, just like pikachu. "i know..." pikachu replied. "wait, you do?"

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PTC #04: The Unexpected Attack!

Scyther faced pikachu again; his face was beginning to show obvious annoyance at pikachu's agility. scyther charged at pikachu once more, not even noticing the ball behind pikachu, and malcolm told pikachu to dodge right again. "pikachu, roll!"

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Electric Touch: Chapter 23 (mPikachu x fRaichu)

"pikachu?" then, as she turned around, a pale and injured pikachu was lying on the grund. "pikachu! it's you!" raichu quickly picked up pikachu in her paws, "pikachu! where have you been all this time?

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My one true mate

pikachu: "ash... does this mean?" ash: "i love you pikachu." pikachu couldn't believe what he heard, thinking that this is too good to be real. pikachu: (if this is a dream please don't wake me up.)

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PTC #08: The Pokemon Tournament, Part 4

As paul began to navigate charmander towards pikachu, malcolm was less than happy with pikachu. "pikachu, what on earth are you thinking?" malcolm shouted. "you cannot win battles yourself, pikachu!

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Saving, then Playing! Pikachu and Snivy: Part 2!

She moaned, "pikachu....please..." again pikachu ignored her. "oh yeah.... here it comes..." then, snivy and pikachu both reached orgasm at the same time. "oh arceus! i'm cumming!"

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Pikachu Libre's Contest Reward

"my little pikachu libre ... my little contest star." brendan said, moving his hand from pikachu's pussy to her head, scratching her ears. "you're my pride and joy." "pikachu." pikachu replied, nuzzling brendan's bare chest.

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PTC #03: Pikachu's First Battle

Paul and malcolm came out of their booths, and malcolm ran over to pikachu, kneeling down beside him. "pikachu! pikachu, are you all right?" pikachu couldn't answer, still coughing, but nodded affirmatively.

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