Raichu's Birthweek Surprise: Beginning

Said raichu. froakie nodded his head. "be downstairs if you need me." froakie said walking out. "alright." said raichu. raichu sat down and began working on his homework. after working on his homework, raichu laid back in his chair. "finally! i'm done."

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Electric Touch: Chapter 21 (mPikachu x fRaichu)

Said raichu. "don't worry, raichu!" answered eevee. then, raichu darted off to search for pikachu. it wasn't long before raichu found pikachu as he was resting on the grass, his head against a nearby tree.

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Electric Touch: Chapter 7 (mPikachu x fRaichu)

raichu's eyes got big as she nodded to mrs. millers, as she smiled back at raichu. soon after, the paperwork was done, and raichu officially became a member of the team.

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Catcher in the Rai(chu)

Miles snapped, charging towards the raichu. he wasn't about to let a raichu taunt him, even after it beat all his pokemon. the raichu grinned and pounced in the bushes, running on all fours as the blond human chased after him.

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?19-Year-Old-Fievel In, Dimensional Happenings In The Pokemon World.

Asked raichu. "yeah, unless you don't want to raichu." said pikachu. "actually, it kind of sounds like fun." said raichu. raichu laid flat on his back, and then opened his mouth wide. "okay you two, do your worse." said raichu.

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Electric Touch: Chapter 15 (mPikachu x fRaichu)

Eevee then asked "and do you know who raichu is? pikachu and raichu are my best friends". the pikachu then replied again "i don't know raichu, as there are also many raichu in the world! i've never met one though.

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Electric Touch: Chapter 24 (mPikachu x fRaichu)

Asked raichu, as she looked at him in the eyes. "uh... i...uh...well, i was going to see what you were doing ...but i got a bit scared" he answered, as raichu noticed he was shaking. raichu nodded "and why are you scared?

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Mark and Luke: Tales of Love Ch.1

Before the raichu could answer, luke notices the raichu looking at him differently. the pikachu looks down in embarrassment and notices that he was becoming erect from seeing the raichu's sheath.

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Electric Touch: Chapter 23 (mPikachu x fRaichu)

raichu quickly ran to the door the nurse told her, and saw pikachu laying in the bed. "pikachu!" said raichu. "raichu!" said pikachu, but then he turned to raichu in shock, his body completely silent.

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Electric Touch: Chapter 9 (mPikachu x fRaichu)

raichu asked . pikachu was then again really uncomfortable with raichu 's request to help. pikachu then turned to raichu and started to shake. "y...y.." he whispered. raichu was starting to get nervous, as if something might go wrong.

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Electric Touch: Chapter 33 (mPikachu x fRaichu)

"everything is going fine", the female replied as he was surprised that raichu heard him, "do you want to come and watch a movie?" said raichu as she gave pikachu a warm smile. "that would be great", he said, and he joined raichu in the bed.

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