The First Rider

Story by ReynartWrites on SoFurry

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A huntress unable to end the life of a Griffon finds herself becoming the first rider.

Peli was considered the best huntress not only in her town, but in the realm she resided in, unfortunately, on today's bounty she had finally met her match. The beast that had plagued a small mountain community had been captured. A beast with wings and head of a great avian and the body of a lion, it was a gryphon, and it was caught in her net, her trap she had laid for the creature and her axe was raised high to deal the finishing blow, but her arms were frozen, and not by magical means. Peli looked into the beast's eyes and swore she saw a tear, she felt there that the beast was more than a simple beast. She knew her reputation would be ruined if she didn't kill the beast there and then, but she couldn't bring her axe down, she had never seen something so majestic. With a sigh she lowered her axe to her side and knelt to undo the net that held the gryphon down. She expected either a mauling or for the beast to knock her senseless, but instead the gryphon stretched its wings before folding them in to push its beak against her cheek as a common house pet would. Her eyes wide, she put up a shaky hand to touch the gryphon's feathery cheek and as she did so she swore that the beast purred, but as it did it backed away and spread its wings taking flight to the gods know where. Peli stood there baffled, a hand touching her cheek that had received the nuzzle of what she now considered a rare and beautiful creature. Before she would have been appalled with herself, and a greater part of herself was, but she was overwhelmed with a sense of pride, she had freed such a beautiful thing and now she would return home, after all, she had enough money to last the winter and other more dangerous creatures accused of more than just stealing sheep would appear.

Peli had returned home to her mountain cottage hidden among trees and stone. Approaching the door she noticed that there was a large shadow cast over her, looking up she saw that the gryphon she had spared had come to not only follow her, but it now lounged upon her home as if it were its own nest and perch. She was about to shoo it off when she realized that perhaps she could tame the beast. If it had become attached to her in any way, she could maybe even ride it. The thought excited her and she bounded inside dropping her axe on the way to find a chunk of dried meat. Coming back out she saw that the lounging beast had moved to the front of her home. Curious eyes watched her as she offered up the large slice of meat. It let out a low rumble as it approached, nipping at the meat until it suddenly tossed it into the air and caught it in its beak swallowing it whole. The gryphon then leaned to nuzzle her cheek nearly knocking her over in the process. Peli rebalanced herself and placed a hand on the gryphon's cheek, she then noticed that the creature had lowered itself its back in a perfect position so she could climb. She stared for a moment before she felt a strong paw swat her rear. She yelped and looked behind her to see the gryphon watching her with a quirked brow as if it were urging her on. Taking the invite, she pulled herself up on to the beast's back and giggled like mad, she was actually going to ride a legendary beast, and not only that, it felt so soft! She was careful around the wings, feeling only the brown soft fur of the gryphon, but soon she had to grip tight as the gryphon suddenly took to the air causing her to yell for sweet mercy. The beast carried her down the mountain and around to a valley, lush with hills full of flowers and lakes. She watched her eyes sparkling as she witnessed the majesty of what she assumed was the gryphon's home, but her amazement was interrupted as her world turned upside down and she fell straight into one of the many lakes below.

The gryphon landed daintily at the shore of the lake Peli had fallen in, and it laid there, watching the water with what could only be seen as a grin on its beak. Peli emerged from the water, her raven hair stuck to her face as she sputtered and laughed. She had never felt such a thrill! To soar through the air and then suddenly be dropped, and while she was a bit miffed that the creature in question had dared to drop her from such a height, she was ecstatic. She clambered on to the shore still giggling like mad, resting her head against one of the gryphon's paws. Standing she realized that her leathers were wet and even her underwear was soaked, giving a shrug she stripped out of her clothes revealing a curvy form, a trail of scars touching her back. Seeing the scars, the gryphon pawed at her back causing Peli to arch and turn to the beast. Peli saw the concern in the gryphon's deep blue eyes and she replied to his invisible question, "I've fought many beasts much more vicious than yourself and I most likely will continue to do this. Don't worry, I have experience" but as she finished her sentence the gryphon curled around her a wing covering her, shielding her and giving her a surprising amount of warmth. She smiled and laid against the beast's side near its hind leg. She massaged around its hind leg gently in small circles giving small kisses to its side. Peli blushed as it lifted its leg to reveal a thick piece of meat covered in barbs. From the tip a small drop of pre slid down the shaft. Her immediate response was to give a light slap to the gryphon's side, but her hand slowly trailed down to its cock, gripping around the shaft gently while speaking, " this what it takes to tame a gryphon?" The gryphon responded in kind by nodding and giving her hand a gentle thrust, the thick member growing in size to full erection. Peli's cheeks flushed further as she saw the full size of the gryphon's cock, larger than her hand for sure, and much thicker. She leaned down, curious about the bestial member, after all she had never experienced such a thing and while she did so she yelped as she felt the warm thick tongue of the gryphon lap against her anus and pussy occasionally working itself inside both, encourage her to give him the same treatment. She flicked her tongue over the tip, tasting salty sweet pre, before licking lower to taste the shaft. The scent and taste reminded her of the sea, her tongue lapped lovingly at the shaft and occasionally she pushed her nose against it nuzzling softly to take in the warm scent. She breathed out against the barbed cock as she pulled away. Confused, the gryphon let a small chirp and moved to correct her position with its paw before it realized what she was doing. Peli was on her hands and knees her hips hiked high into the air and her head turning back one eye watching the gryphon, her lips curled into a smile and she wiggled her hips to tease the beast. Peli looked away as the gryphon approached, she expected to feel a piercing pain as the beast penetrated, but instead she felt his warm body over hers causing her to shiver, the tip of his cock twitching against her entrance until he carefully lowered his hips pushing inside of her gently, stretching her slowly. Still, it ached and she groaned gasping as the large girth entered her, but it felt as if she was loved, as if she was being taken by a passionate lover. She helped in the cause by pushing back towards the gryphon, wanting more of his thick member inside of her. She moaned as he finally finished his entrance, the barbs flaring and scrapping against her insides. As they stayed still, allowing her body to adjust, she shivered and struggled to hold herself up, but she then felt a strong paw under her chest hold her up. She smiled and moaned gleefully as the gryphon began rocking back and forth softly. Feeling him being so gentle, she spoke knowing now that he would understand her, "Please, harder." She moaned loud as his fur brushed against her legs his cock burying itself deep as he began thrusting in firmly and each time he entered she yelled for him to go faster to make her his bitch and indeed he did. Thrusting in hard the gryphon's grip on her body turned rough, claws scraping against her stomach leaving their mark as he continued stuffing her full of his cock. She groaned and shrieked and her body was allowed to collapse to the flowery ground below as suddenly her insides were filled with warm liquid, thick semen coating her insides, painting them with the gryphon's mark and seed. She painted shivering and arching her back, writhing on the floor as the gryphon leaned to nuzzle the back of her hair, she felt the concern in his nuzzling and the warmth of blood on her stomach and she chuckled speaking, her voice hoarse, "Its ok...I'm fine. I not only have a new ride to take into battle and fight alongside me...I have a lover and I swear I will never take another man, only you" with that said her eyes widened as a voice, smooth as silk spoke inside of her mind, //We are one, the contract has been made, you are the first human to make this connection, and you are the first true rider. I love you my dear Peli and I will never abandon you// With that said Peli turned on her back to look up at the gryphon with a small smile, allowing him to curl around her enveloping her in dreams as she closed her eyes to sleep.

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