Spring Break Chapter 7

Story by Rick Coona on SoFurry

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#7 of Spring Break

Chapter 7

17 pages,

WC: 6,248.

Whew! the 4 way was quite a session, lotsa heavy details in this one would have been more, but i ran out of steam!

I'm happy with what's here, Enjoy!


Chapter 7

The Pelican lounge was one of Ft. Lauderdale's oldest seafood havens. All three girls were decked out in their finest stepping out outfits. Tight in all the right places and like a good sermon, long enough to cover all the essentials, but short enough to be very interesting. Greg walked in wearing a pair of khaki slacks and a light blue Hawaiian shirt. Seeing the mice, he held his arms wide. "Hello ladies, thank you so much for another round, who's your friend?" The Skunk asked, grinning at the Lapine seated between them.

Anna stood, embracing him in a quick hug. "Greg, I'd like you to meet Manda; she's from Sydney Australia. We told her about you and she was so impressed she just had to meet you so we dragged her along, didn't think you'd mind."

"Not in the least, Manda, welcome. I look forward to getting to know all about you, shall we?" he asked as he drew her to her feet and into an embrace. The bunny leaned in whispering in his ear.

"And oy want ta kiss every bit of you mate, the girls told me all 'boutcha, and it got my tail in sucha twist." Pulling back, she gave him a dazzling grin.

"Pleased ta make yer acquaintance there Greg, really lookin forward ta spending time wit cha."

"Then fair lady I shall do my best not to disappoint." he replied with a rakish wink before greeting Sally.

"A pleasure to see you again Sally, hope you are up for an eventful evening?" he asked, wagging his eyebrows.

"Indeed good sir, always a pleasure to be in your company. I heard this place has the best seafood in Ft. Lauderdale, and i'm craving Shrimp Louie," she said hugging him close. "And a romp in the sack with you to work it all off!" she whispered into his ear before kissing his cheek. He nodded with a grin

"That's do-able" he chuckled with a wink

Stepping up to the waitress stand, he announced, "Kincaid, party of four." He smiled at the red vixen who glanced at the book and smiled. "Welcome to the Pelican lounge Mr. Kincaid, please come this way." she said, deftly snatching up the menus and leading them to their table with a swish of tail and hip.

"She 'as quite the hustle in her bustle." Manda whispered to Sally.

"Looks like dangerous curves, and soft shoulders." the mouse whispered back as they approached their table.

"My name is Kelly, I'll be serving you tonight. Our special tonight is a slow roasted arctic char with grilled asparagus and crispy potatoes. Our soups tonight are a File' Gumbo, that is really tasty, and the always classic New England clam chowder. I'll give you a few to peruse the menu, shall I get a round of drinks going to start you off?" she asked, pad in paw seeming very eager to please.

"Ladies, this is on me tonight, so order whatever you please." Greg said, enjoying their reaction. "I'll start off with a glass of white Zin if you please Kelly. Anna?" he asked handing the ordering to the mouse.

"Oh, a white wine spritzer if you please," Anna replied as she smiled at the vixen who nodded turning her attention to the bunny.

"Pint of yer nut brown ale would hit the spot iffin ya please," Manda nodded giving the fox femme an appreciative grin and wink. And she received one in return.

"Sure thing honey, we just tapped a fresh keg before we opened, it's real creamy." Kelly said with a nod. Manda licked her lips, giving a thumbs up.

Sally looked up. "I think I'll have a Tom Collins, something light and sparkly."

"Perfect, I'll be back with your drinks in a few." The waitress sashayed to the bar as the group turned their attention to the menus.

"So what looks good to everybody?" Greg asked with a chuckle.

"You know what I want, but tonight I'll order the Shrimp Louis" Sally trilled.

"Oh-ho, Got a good lookin' Fish-n-chips here," Manda noted.

"That special sounds tasty now that I think of it," Anna nodded.

"And I haven't had a good bowl of gumbo in far too long." Greg added.

Drinks delivered and orders taken, it was time to get down to the business of getting to know this thoroughly charming Australian import seated across from him.

"So Manda, how did you meet these lovely mice?"

Manda looked at Sally them at Anna, smiling at each before giving the Skunk a smoldering seductive grin.

"We met at the Crest View, a room party when a Rat chucked me inta the pool cause oy says I can't swim, mind you we waz on the second floor..." Manda paused nodding at the shocked expression on Greg's face.

"Yeah, Anna here was leavin ya a note when they heard me scream, then Sally here comes tearin' around the hedge, sees me going unda jumped in without as much as a by-your-leave and drags me out...Saved me loif, she did, on account of the not bein able ta swim and all..."

Greg reached across the table and takes the bunny's paws in his. "Oh my god, Manda..." he pauses, almost at a loss for words. "Well I think the girls might agree, that tonight should be your special night to celebrate the fact that you are alive..." Greg looked at his companions; each nodded with a smile.

"Oy think that's kinda why they dragged me along." Manda said blushing and taking a pull from her beer.

Anna and Sally each placed a hand on Greg's and one on Manda's shoulder.

"In the right place..." Anna said. "...at the right time." Sally finished, turning to face the skunk.

"All because of a chance meeting with _ you _, that she is with us tonight."

"Huh, circle of loife" Manda chuckled shaking her head. "Kinda amazin' how random events can draw strangers together and have a profound and lasting effect on 'em. If it wasn't fer you, they wouldn't have been there, and oy wouldn't be here. But cha know what? Oym glad oy am here with me mates enjoying loife. This Spring Break thing is top notch!"

"Then let's make the most of the night!" Greg said lifting his glass in toast Grinning at the ladies who raised their glasses "..And celebrate LIFE!"

"To life!" the girls said in unison.

"My God, that was the best meal I have ever had," Anna gushed. "I've never had arctic char before, but it was amazing!"

"Fish N Chips with nut brown ale, always a winnah in my book and this place nailed it..." Manda said, patting her belly before putting an arm around the handsome Skunk. "And speakin' of nailing it, hope you are up to nailing _ me _to tha bedsheets, mate."

"Manda m'dear, I shall do my best to make you glad to be alive." Greg said spinning her in his arms and planting a kiss on her muzzle that curled her toes, lifting one foot and melting into the handsome skunk's arms. Breaking the unexpected kiss a few moments later, the bunny blinked.

"Now_that_was a helluva kiss! Curled me toes it did! Yummy, thank ya mate, that was a lovely party favor." She gave him a quick hug. "Makes me tingly all ova."

"Do you girls feel like going clubbing, or... " Greg asked as they meandered down the promenade

"Oy'd rather save me energy for romping, meself." Manda chortled.

We could pick up some libations for later I suppose." Greg said with a nod. stopping by one of the convenience stores for Gatorade, wine coolers for the sexy mousey, some fosters or nut brown ale for our lady of the evening." Greg said with a wicked grin Manda took almost five seconds to catch.

"Oy!" she snarled swatting his shoulder. Everyone laughed.

"Well you are the star of the show tonight honey bunny." the skunk said tailing her in a one armed hug as they walked.

"Thanks...it means a lot ta me you all being so noice ta me and all.

Back at the Sand and Surf, Greg looked at Manda. "So, what would you like to do first?"

"Well, let's have a look at what you brought to the party." Manda grinned staring at Greg's crotch.

"So shall we all get comfortable?" Greg asked as he slowly and seductively stripped out of his clothes doing his best to make it entertaining to the ladies all of whom hooted and cheered. And soon Greg stood with his arms out in just his fur wearing only a grin watching the girls divest themselves out of their clothes.

Greg enjoyed watching the Mocha and cream bunny getting comfortable, her fur looked soft and she struck a pose that would stop traffic

"Loike whatcha see?" she asked running her paws seductively over her body.

"Oh indeed I doo, you have some very nice hips, 'child bearing hips' they call those, but your lovely rack balances them out nicely making the total package, delicious. Next time someone asks you what your sign is, just reply Dangerous Curves!" Greg said with a chuckle reaching for the curvy bunny and running his paws from shoulder to hip finishing off with four slow tugs on her spade shaped tail making the Aussy bunny shiver in delight hugging the skunk close.

"Oy, that feels right nice makes me tingly all ova. now let's see whatcha packin mate." she whispered into his ear planting a quick kiss on his muzzle as she dropped to her knees in front of him her paws exploring his crotch. "Hello hello hello- Oh me gawd!" Manda exclaimed as Greg's upstanding citizen stood at full attention under the bunny's ministrations.

"Now This,'ll be a challenge! betcha you'll be battering down the door of me kit locker with this monster." she said nuzzling his cock as she started delivering long slow licks from the base to the tip finding herself getting incredibly wet as his manly musk worked it's way into her brain. taking a firm grip on the rampant lovestick, shedrew in a deep lungfull of air and pressed the drizzling head to her muzzle and opened wide pressing him in, Murring at the taste of the slickness of the pre coated her tongue before reaching the back of her throat. Another quick breath and she slowly pressed him down her throat momentarily gagging, a quick adjustment and she slid him into her greedy maw, her nose to bump against his crotch.

"Oh gawds Manda! Th-that's amazing!" Greg gasped, reaching back to rest his hand between her ears as she rhythmically swallowed. Her throat muscles massaging the skunks shaft. Wrapping both hands around the back of the bunnies skull he slowly withdrew his shaft so she could breath after three deep breaths he looked down into her lovely blue eyes "Ready?" he asked Manda nodded Greg grinned and proceeded to muzzle fuck the lovely bunny with long deep thrusts pulling up every eight to ten thrusts so his lover could breath.

"God Damn, Manda I won't be able to hold out much longer." Greg announced breathing hard at the amazing oral talents this Aussy import was displaying. Manda pulled off with a juicy slurp a wide grin plastered across her muzzle.

"That's the idea, oy wants ta drink ya, feel ya pooling in me belly, can ya give me that mate?" she asked. Greg nodded his eyes glazed with arousal.

"I'm pretty keyed up, so make sure you grab a breath before I cum, or it's going to be shooting out your nose." he chuckled.

"Trust me, he cums in quarts!" Anna said sitting on the bed with Sally as they both enjoyed the show.

Manda got a wicked gleam in her eye at hearing that, took an exceptionally deep breath and rapidly hilted herself swallowing fast and hard as her paws fondled the Skunks sack.

"Oh fuck ME!" Greg squawked in surprise bucking his hips as he rapidly pistoned into the rabbits Muzzle on his shaft a few more minutes of this delicious torture had Greg close to the edge. Manda wrapped her fingers around his quivering sack tugging gently, kicking the skunk into delivery mode.

"Fuck...Fuck...Fuck! Grab a breath Manda!...cumming!" he Growled bucking his hips Manda managed a quick inhale in the upstroke as Greg ground his hips into her nose his hands wrapped around the base of her ears using them as handles as he made his first delivery. Feeling his shaft expand as he started pumping wave after wave of his thick roapy seed deep into the bunnys eager gullet. Manda wrapped her arms around his hips swatting his ass as her belly filled with a prodigious amount of the skunks love-sauce, pulling back to grab another breath her cheeks bulging as Greg finished his massive delivery. Panting he sat heavily on the bed Manda swallowed three or four times to clear her muzzle pulling off as the last twitch sent a rope of seed to land across her nose and cheek. as she landed on her butt with a thump.

"Fookin hell! Augh me belly! You weren't kiddin there, neva had a bloke blow such a heavy load into me. She huffed trying to catch her breath amazed at this unexpected oral pleasure session.

"Oy can't wait ta take in in me bunny box!" she said rubbing her slightly distended belly amazed at the feeling of his seed happily sliding around inside of her.

"That was Amazing Manda, now I've got to return the favor." Greg said patting the bed for her to take a seat. Manda scampered onto the bed, a wicked grin on her muzzle-splitting.

"oive herd you are good at this. Haven't had too many guys who know their way around a Sheila's Equatorial zone." she said laying back spreading her legs wide and drawing her knees up to her chest placing herself on full display watching intently as the skunk got himself into position.

"Oh my, this looks lovely!" he said lightly brushing the back of his fingers caressing the rabbits sex, exposing her dew dappled lips and parting the honey blond fur of her tuft._ 'Nice to know the carpet matches the drapes.' _he thought. Manda drew in a shuddering breath as Greg took both hands grabbing her rump-cheeks and dragging his claws through the fur from the base of her tail along her inner thighs to her knees Manda threw back her head and trilled at the sensation.

Greg repeated it five more times before planting his muzzle squarely on her lips and delivering half a dozen looong sloow licks coaxing her sex to open like a delicate flower.

Greg nestled the tip of his nose against Manda's clit and nudged it on every upstroke causing the bunny's belly to quiver, letting loose with a gasp as his very talented tongue worked it's way into her velvety depths.

"Oh me gaaawd that feels ... getting me all squishy.... such a lovely glow on..." Manda moaned rocking her hips as his tongue worked it's way deeper. flicking up he found that special rough patch and slowly flicked it, Manda reached down to grab the back of his head digging her claws into his scalp pushing his muzzle deeper into her sex bucking her hips.

"Ohhh right there mate...fooook...gaah!" she cried. Greg reached up latching onto her breasts rolling her rock hard Nipples between his thumbs and forefingers sending electric shocks to her bunny box. Bucking her hips as she exploded flooding Greg's muzzle with her liquid love.

Pulling free his muzzle drenched in her love, Greg smiled. "I love a nice Juicy wench." he said with a chuckle.

Anna came over hugging him from the back he looked up at her having a lovely view of her nubile breasts she leaned down to kiss him, licking Manda's juices from his muzzle in the process as she cradled his head between her lovely tan furred Tits As Sally attended to the blissed out bunny.

"Mmm you are a real treasure Greg, I am so glad I came up and introduced myself to you."

"Indeed, we really helped each other out that night." He sighed with pleasure casually rubbing Manda's thighs as she recovered from her torpor. "I want to thank you gals for tonight... I really, deeply appreciate the time we all spend together."

"I never would have dreamed it would have turned out like this I was so shy when I got here I could hardly stand the idea of doing anything intimate with others around, and now look at me!" Anna giggled "...in a four way love fest in our room. With my best friend, a handsome skunk and an incredibly seductive bunny freely sharing love." the tan mouse said as Greg drew her into his lap for some more intimate exploration. Her sex sliding against the Skunks stiffening shaft she rubbed her lips over the long turgid shaft, a playfully wicked grin dances across her muzzle. "Make sure you save some of this for me, I am almost tempted to ride you _ Bareback , you are _That good a lover, Greg. She purrs drawing him into along sensual kiss, rocking her hips teasingly riding his shaft.

"For you, sweet mousey, you severely tempt me here." Greg huffed loving the deliciously erotic feeling of her labia sliding along his rock hard cock coating it in her sweet feminine juices. It would be soo easy for him to wrap his paws around her hips and plow her fertile field planting his seed deep in her welcoming furrow. The image was making it hard not to give into his instinct. Looking into the mouseys eyes glazed with arousal bordering on unbridled lust, he wondered if it would be worth the risk?

"This feels incredible my dear Anna, but do you really want to gamble the next eighteen years of your life on a single uninhibited night of hedonistic passion? The only reason I ask is because if I don't ask now, that choice will be taken off the table the way you are taunting me." Greg asks gripping her hips fighting his instincts to breed this hot sexy mousey here and now. Anna shakes her head in an attempt to clear it from the fog of arousal.

"There is a part of me that really wants it, wants it very badly... you are the best lover I have ever had, Damn,the rational part of me is screaming 'Don't be stupid! be safe!' but the primal part of me says 'Take him, take him now! Consequences be damned, you will never have it this good again!' I...I, Grr. Thank you lover." She says hugging him close as he moves his hands from her hips slowly caressing her back as they both get their breathing under control cooling their pheromone flooded brains.

"Damn, that was close." Greg breathed into her neck fur. "because I really _ Really _want you Anna, our first night something just clicked, but the last thing I want is to saddle you with an unplanned pregnancy. That would be a hell of a payback for all your love and compassion." he looked into her eyes and saw such love reflected she gave him a winsome smile nodding and standing with legs wobblier than she expected. "We will have our time love, and we can discuss it then, okay?" she asked caressing his jaw lightly holding his chin as he looked up at her. Greg leaned in planting a smoldering kiss lick on her glistening labia as she stood before him.

Anna gripped his head as he licked her rocking her hips giving him better access.

"Oh Greg!" she moaned huffing at the unexpected attention.

"Lay 'er down and give er a good tongue lashin!" Manda giggled as she and Sally guided Anna to lay on the bed Greg not breaking contact as they did. The girls maneuvering to give the mouses breasts some loving attention as the Skunk draped her thighs over his shoulders nomming his way into paradise.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Anna bucked her hips cradling the heads of her friends as they suckled her perky stiff nipples. The combined stimulation proving to be too much for the shy mouse to resist as her orgasm broke over her like a tidal wave obliterating her senses with the intencity of a thousand suns gone nova! reducing the well loved mouse to a quivering mass of boneless bliss. Manda cuddled and caressed her as she recovered.

"I do love licking lovely ladies lusciously liquid love boxs." Greg chuckled licking Anna's juices off his muzzle savoring her sweet spiciness.

"Ooh, than I guess it's My turn!" Sally chirped with a delighted giggle. Greg looked over at her with a lecherously predatory grin. "Assume the position, Wench!" he ordered. Sally turned her back to him kneeling on all fours on the bed wiggling her backside in a saucy manor the tip of her tail pointing at her glistening lips as Greg moved into position taking a few moments to admire the lovely buffet on display before him.

"Now This, is a bountiful feast laid out before me." the Skunk declared taking hold of the firm globes of the mouse's rump working them in his hands like bread dough, Sally moaned in erotic pleasure at his opening gambit.

Greg proceeded parting her cheeks and planted a string of hot kisses from the base of her tail to the hood of her clit before retracing the path with a long slow lick Sally squeaked at the sensation of being licked in a whole new way. Greg chuckled to himself at being able to introduce something new to the very experienced nerdy mouse. This was a n all new sensation,incredably hot and primal! Sally quickly found herself rocking into the licks enjoying the unexpectedly primal emotions this was calling up from the depths of her subconscious Grunting in pleasure.

Greg delivered a playful swat to he mouse's left rump-cheek eliciting a growl of pleasure from her. Intensifying his oral barrage, he reached up gripping the base of Sally's flailing tail and started tugging and felt an answering quiver in her thighs. "Unhg, More..harder, oh god I want you to fuck me!" Sally cried feeling like she was in the throws of her heat once more.

Greg thought a moment and tucked his thumb into his palm wrapping his fingers around it bringing the knuckled of his first two fingers into contact with the mouses labia sliding them between them in a slow up and down motion along there length of her sex. Sally rocked her hips back encouragingly. groaning with an almost feral snarl "Yesssss!"

slowly, inexorably Greg worked his knuckled into his lover. Tow, then three fingers, then with a twist he had half his fist into her! spreading her lips wide as he sunk his fist into her. Sally howled in primal lust for more. Unexpectedly rocking back, swallowing his paw to the wrist!

This was a new sensation for the Skunk the feeling of her inner walls writhing and contracting around his paw was amazing, feeling her relax a but he slowly nudged forward Sally snarled for more increasing the tempo trying to keep pace with her demands. Bracing himself with one hand anchoring himself on the base of her tail gripping and tugging as he pumped his paw deeper into this feral sex machine he felt the knuckle of his thumb brush over the rough patch on the underside of her pelvic crest the response was electric! Sally shoved hard back against him driving his paw deeper into her hot liquid depths the mouse was howling into the pillows Anna and Manda were staring in wide eyed fascination at the erotic tablu playing out before them.

"Make me cum you Sonofabitch!" Sally snarled clawing at the bedsheets in her frantic need for release. Greg released her tail, smacked her hard across the ass. and rapidly rotated his wrist ... that sent Sally sailing over the edge. Her inner muscles contracting violently, arching her back she threw back her head in a silent scream of ecstasy as she fountained her release before her eyes rolled back and she collapsed forward, pulling free from the skunks fist with a pornographically wet sucking shlurp, to lay twitching on the bed out cold.

Greg just sat there unmoving staring at the collapsed mouse twitching like an epileptic his paw drenched to his forearm. Trying to take it all in.

"Oh me gawd, did ja kill her?" Manda asked Greg looked over at her a moment.

"...No, I think that was Orgasmic Synaptic Overload...she came and went. Also known as 'La Petite Mort'. Wow, that was amazing." he said with a chuckle as he mover to tend his overstimulated lover.

"Crikies, oive nevva seen anything loik that in me loife!" Manda exclaimed.

"It was intense. That's for sure. Well, how are you doing Manda?"

"Ready for more! Oy Wanna feel that hot love stick buried deep inta me bunny box."

"You got it sweet Bunny. I'd better double bag it just ta keep you safe, wouldn't want to send you home with a bun in the oven." Greg said opening the nightstand removing two foil squares...

Cuddling in the afterglow Manda lay atop Greg resting her head on her crossed arms across his broad chest clenching her inner muscles holding the deflating skunk's shaft in her as long as she could. Her whole body tingled, she felt the contentment of a deep mountain lake relaxed, serene and peaceful

"By all rights, oy should let cha put a baby in me belly ta thank ya fer being the catalyst in savin me loif. Not that it'd be that easy, what with cross breeding genetics be in what they are and all, but still, seems a noice idea, Ya-know? Gives me a warm fuzzy in me belly." Manda chuckled.

Greg smiled warmly placing a hand on her belly, lightly caressing the soft fur and contemplating her offer.

"Thank you my dear, but I wouldn't want to saddle you with the burden of being a single mother on my account, but I understand where that process is coming from and deeply thank you for contemplating it." Greg looked deep into Manda's eyes, leaned in and kissed her with a passion that she felt she would be burned to ashes from the intensity of it. For this was a kiss from his very soul. It told her in no uncertain terms the depths his passion and soul could reach.

"Surviving a near death experience kicks your body into survival mode, and the first thing you want to do is mate. Coming close to missing your chance to pass on your genetics to the next generation has a way of making you toss out any and all plans for the future, for here and now your body is telling you to make babies as fast as you can. It can be quite intense an experience." Greg said. It sounded to Manda that he was speaking from personal experience.

"Come close yerself a time or two I take it?" she asked, reaching up to caress his broad white-furred chest.

Greg nodded, "Was in a light plane crash a couple years ago. No one was seriously hurt but later that night I got hit with what I can only describe as a mating frenzy that almost got me in trouble with my sister." Greg chuckled at the slight look of shock on the bunny's face.

"Your sistah? Was she a hot little numbah?" Manda asked in a light teasing manor. Greg pulled a picture out of his wallet of a drop dead gorgeous busty skunkette in a micro mini bikini. Manda whistled.

"Hot damn mate I'd tap that and oim not really inta girls," Manda paused "Well, cant say that after those sexy cheese nibblers saved me loife now can oy?"

"That would be Kriss, a year younger and she loves wearing that dental floss every chance she gets. My sister has always been a bit of a hedonist, but when we walked away from that plane crash, things kinda got surreal, I could just about hear banjo music." Greg chuckled.

"Call me kinky but that's damn hot! I ken understand the urges seein oim in tha thick of it..." Manda paused, looking him deep in the eyes. "Oim proud of you mate, she was in need and you didn't disappoint, didja?" Manda asked in almost a whisper hugging him tight.

"It is not my habit to leave a lady in need, but it was still surreal. So that doesn't freak you out?" Greg asked caressing her cheek.

"Naah, got a new perspective on it all, before this, probably wodda called ya a nutter, but nao oy unda stand, damn she's a hotty, didn't come with ya did she?" Manda asks with a wink.

"Not this time, she is out on the west coast surfing. But knowing Bunny, she'd love to play with you." Greg chuckled.

"Bunny? She looks loik a Skunk ta me, mate." Manda said with a wide grin.

"Family nickname. My folks called her Bunny because when she was younger they couldn't keep her in clothes, she'd run around in her fur at the drop of a hat...anyone's hat. showing off her cute buns to the world. She's a little better about it now, but she still prefers to run around the house nude. She calls it a clothing-optional lifestyle."

"Crikies, oid love ta meet yer sistah!" Manda laughs.

"Well we can always give her a video call." Greg taunts.

"You are a bad boy-o, ya know that, wanting me ta make a bloody fool ov moyself in fronta your bombshell bunny of a sistah...but it would be fun wouldn't it?" she giggled.

"Heh, it probably would. This is your special night, what do you think girls? Should I ping my sister and you can all get flirty?"

"Hehe sounds like it could be fun, what will she think if you call her and you have three femmes in the room with you?" Sally asked.

"That I am boasting"

= = =

The Call

= = =

Opening up his laptop he scrolled through his contact list and highlighted his sister's tag on the VOIP program and hit connect...

An animated image of his sister danced on the screen, soon replaced by a slightly tousle haired topless video stream of Kriss.

"Hey Big Bro!" she yawned. "How is Ft. Lauderdale treating you? Find any hotties to hump?" she giggled absently fondling her left breast.

"Matter of fact I did, and they want to say hi!" He chuckled at her reaction

"_ They? _You got lucky more than once? It's only Monday!" The topless skunkette chirped.

"Oh yeah, it has been a wild weekend. Say hello to Manda." Greg said as the bunny slipped into view.

"'Allo Bunny greetins from Florida! Damn your picha don't do you justice!" Manda grinned.

"Wow hiya! Kris waves, "I'm Kriss! Greg's little sister. Where did ya meet my big bro?" the skunkette asked, bouncing in her seat.

"Allo Kriss, name's Manda and he's a friend of me mates Sally and Anna," the bunny said as the mice came into view behind Greg, smiling and waving.

"Oh my gawd Greg! You collecting a harem now? Hi everybody," the enthusiastic skunkette continued to bounce and wave on the computer screen.

"Nope, just worked out that way. I met Anna here when Bill kicked me out of the room Friday night telling me to find my own fun or sleep on the beach."

"Bill is such a dill-hole!" Kriss shot back.

"-Yeah, that much is a given, anyhow, I met Anna here," he paused to pull the mouse into his lap, "and we hit it off and she invited me back to her place."

"Way to go Anna! Bagged my handsome bro, hope he really rocked your world!" Kriss crowed, laughing musically.

"Oh he did!" the mouse blushed, "and helped me get over my shyness bigtime!" She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him on the cheek, much to the delight of his sister hooting on the screen

"And how did you hook up with my bro Manda?"

"Sally and Anna here saved me from drownin' and we all hooked up with yer bro. My gawd best lay in me loife, ya gotta great one here ya lucky Bunny" manda winked at the slight shocked look on the skunkette's face.

"'Old on a tick." Manda said shucking out of her top and giving her chest a shimmy. "At's betta, your twins are free so why not let moy blouse bunnies come out ta play?" Manda said causing Kriss to howl with laughter

"Yay! Free the Twins Manda!" Kriss stretched and gave her own chest a sensual shimmy.

"NoiceTits ya got there Kriss!" Manda commented and the Skunkette giggled "Right back atcha bunny! So my bro treating ya right?" she asked, leaning closer to the screen.

"Damn right he is! He nailed all three of us! Moy gawd he's got stamina...and a right noice willy ta boot!" the Aussie bunny winked.

"Hey Sis how is the west coast treating you?" Greg asked as he casually fondled Annas breast while she lounged in his lap

"Oh, it's okay, nothing special...but the guys are freakin morons. 'Hey duuudette, wanna catch some awesome waaaves and party till ya puke?'" she said in her best imitation of a surfer.

"Like totally!" Greg replied in kind. "Too bad you are not here, you could be having fun with all this." he said, spreading his arms and placing them around both Manda and Sally.

"You tempt me bro." Kriss said, giving everyone a smoldering gaze "Ya know, fuck it, i'll be on the next flight out, I gotta play with that awesome Aussie beach bunny--if ya think you can handle it, Manda?" Kriss vamped.

"Bring it sweet tits! I can 'andle anything you'd care to bring!" she howled with laughter.

"Sweet, See ya tonight, oh i'm gonna have to find a place..." Kriss mused.

"Hey ya can bivouac wit me, mate. If ya don't mind sharrin' a noice big bed?" Manda offered.

"Deal! As long as you can handle my clothing optional lifestyle in the room." the skunkette fired back.

"Sounds loik oy get a great view ta boot! No worries mate," Manda hooted. "oy get me own skunky ta cuddle with. Oym at the Blue Wotta!" Manda said, leaning in.

"Give me a call when you get in and we will pick you up. You won't believe how much fun these gals really are Bunny. I am really glad I came down here instead of heading west with you. But I can fill you in when you get here." Greg said.

"Awesome sauce!" Kriss cheered. "Hey Sally, you up to a bit of play, or is that a silly question?"

"Hey, I brought my best friend Anna down to spring break to get her over her shyness as Greg and Manda can tell ya, I'm up for most anything fun."

"Yuss! Mousey bookends for my boobies!" Greg's sister cheered cupping her ample breasts in her hands. "This is just the prescription I need to unwind from the pressure, Thanks guys you won't be disappointed. Thanks for the call bro you saved my down time!" she waved and the screen went black.

"What did she mean just the prescription she needed?" Anna asked enjoying the light fondle of her breasts.

"Oh, My sister is a pharmacy tech getting ready for her boards. A battery of tests to become a licensed and bonded pharmacist. It is almost worse than medical school." all three girls just stared.

"You're going to be a doctor?" they said in unison. Greg shrugged, "Beats sitting in a cube farm for forty years. Dad's an accountant, Bunny and me just want to help people. We spent three years in the Peace Corps out of high school to see the world and help where we could and then hit the studies... I am in a six-year program that bundles college and medical school into one concise package... What?" he said looking at the three slack-jawed femmes.

"You really A_re_a doctor of love." Anna said drawing him into a kiss.

"Well more like a good old fashioned Country Doctor. those are getting fewer and farther between. I may not be one of those high paid specialists who hang out on the golf course working on their putz. But I will be out in the trenches making a difference where it counts."

"What made you choose that rather than go with a traditional rout?" Anna asked.

"During my time with the peace corps I met a group of 'flying doctors' part of the 'doctors without borders program'. They really impressed me with just how much skilled practitioners could do in the world. And they told me about this accelerated program. So when I got back to the world I applied. One of them must have written a letter or something and I was accepted. Haven't looked back since. I like helping people where and when I can, Like helping you with your shyness." the skunk smiled.


End of chapter 7

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Spring Break Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Kriss Kincaid stepped out of the terminal and into the bright warm afternoon Florida sun. She pulled her sunglasses on, her snow white, shoulder length hair blowing in the breeze. After a moment she looked around and smiled waving at her...

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