Of Dogs and Men vol. 3

Story by StallionHound on SoFurry

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Alfie Green and his brother Dan have recently had their dirtiest secret found out. Now it's spreading all over school, and the brothers struggle to regain control over their lives.

It's Monday. Alfie Green and his brother Dan recently join forces to play with their pet dog Harvey, but when Alfie's best friend Tom found out, he spread it all over the school. Some friend. Yesterday was hell for the boys. After Tom found them lying exhausted in the bedroom, he immediately took pictures of them and ran away with the evidence. That was on Saturday after the athletics tournament, but on Sunday the news had spread like wildfire and all day they were dreading returning to school. They couldn't tell their parents about it, because they were the last people they wanted finding it out. So roll on Monday, and Alfie and Dan soldiered on, heads bowed as they pulled up their hoods to silently creep into school.

"Nice work with your brother," snickered one of Alfie's classmates. The rest of the class heard him and laughed along.

"Look at me! I'm Alfie Green! I want that dog's dick now!" Shouted another boy. The whole class burst out laughing.

Alfie just sat there at the desk for the hour and kept quite for the rest of the school day. It wasn't much different from Dan's perspective either. Luckily, Dan was only at that school for another few weeks and then he graduated. Alfie wasn't so lucky. He still had another year there. After school, the brothers took a different route home than their usual path. Usually, they'd walk down the roads, surrounded by everyone else. But today Dan had the idea of walking through the woods; that way no-one would see them. So off they went, right into the heart of the woods. Alfie never really appreciated how dark the woods were until today, and he kept close to his older brother for safety.

"Alfie, you do realise that there's nothing we can do now," Dan starts.

"Yeah, I know. I just wish I hadn't invited Tom round," replies Alfie.

"Hey, look," Dan says, stopping and putting his hands on Alfie's shoulders, "it wasn't your fault, OK? I shouldn't have come onto you like that. If anything, it was my fault. Don't blame yourself."

Alfie just nods in sorrow agreement, but his sulking is interrupted by a howl in the woods. Then a series of snaps followed by footsteps. Footsteps of running feet. Getting closer. It sounds like a stampede. Dan and Alfie just freeze and cling onto each-other. The noises get louder and louder, closer and closer. Until finally they stop, and Dan can feel the hot breath on his neck. The boys jump at the sound of a voice directly behind them.

"Hey," says the voice.

They turn around and see it is Tom.

"What the heck do you want?" Snarls Dan.

"Well, first of all I wanted to apologise for what happened. Secondly..."

"Fuck you!" Screams Alfie.

"Woah now! It wasn't my fault!" Claims Tom. "I took the pictures for my own pleasure, and then my phone was stolen and broken. See." He pulls out his smashed phone.

"How did you get it back?" Questions Dan.

"They threw it at me."

"Who did?"

"The cyber nerds. You know, the guys that hacked the school's network once just to get a free sandwich."

Dan and Alfie look at each-other and their mindset changes.

"So, you're saying that if you hadn't been mugged, then those pictures would be safe?" Asks Dan.

"Exactly," replies Tom.

"Then why did you run away with them?" Asks Alfie.

"I thought you'd try and take my phone, but I wanted to keep the pictures because... well... because..." He sighs and closes his eyes as he says the rest of his sentence. "I've had a crush on you for 4 years, Alfie."

Alfie's eyes widen and stay fixated on Tom's in shock.

"Then why didn't you just ask me?" Says Alfie, after a while.

Tom smiles and says: "I was afraid this wasn't big enough." He tears off his bottoms and it is revealed that he's not wearing any underwear. His penis dangles from his crotch, accompanied by his balls, almost as big as Alfie's.

"Wow," says Alfie. "It's nice."

"Th... thanks," says Tom.

It's at this point that Alfie and Dan notice Tom's pet dog Ash standing to the side of him. Ash is a German Sheppard crossed with a wild wolf, so he is a very large dog, even bigger than Harvey. He stands 3 feet tall and has grey and white hair, in the formation of a gradient starting grey on his back, and fading to white on his belly. His tail and ears are also tipped with almost black hair, looking as if he'd been singed.

"You brought your dog with you," notes Dan.

"Uh, yep," Tom replies nervously.

After a few moments of awkward silence, Alfie finally sorts out the situation.

"Look, Tom. I believe what you say, and I forgive you. Put your bottoms back on and come round my house and we'll just chill, yeah?"

"Cool, thanks," says Tom. He pulls his bottoms back up.

"OK, listen fellas. You two get back home. Now we know Tom didn't do it, I'm gonna find out who actually spread the message," announces Dan, "I'll be home for dinner. See you later."

Dan bolts off in the direction of the school and Tom and Alfie head home. Once they arrive, Alfie notices his parents' car isn't home, which usually means they are either out or Dan is taking his driving lessons in it. Being as Dan is at school, Alfie comes to the conclusion that his parents are out. They don't really spend much time with the boys, which is why Alfie's bond with his brother has grown so strong. His parents both work in the same corporation up in town. Sometimes they are called out to make big business moves and decisions, so the brothers are left to entertain themselves.

Alfie pushes the door open and is greeted by Harvey, who then jumps up on Tom and licks his face. Finally, he goes behind him and licks Ash's face too. Tom and Alfie head upstairs and into Alfie's room and the dogs follow.

"Sorry about the carpet," says Alfie, "we kind of ruined it, but I guess you were there for that bit."

The carpet fibres had stuck together and no longer provided the soft underfoot comfort they were designed for. Alfie flops down on the bed, and Tom does the same.

"You know, I have to say I kinda had a crush on you too." Alfie confesses.

"Really?" Tom's excitement builds.

"Yeah. And by the way, your package isn't that bad. I mean, I've seen bigger but..."

"Hey!" Tom jokingly thumps him on the arm.

"Just kidding. I haven't seen your body though." He looks at Tom and winks. Tom raises one of his eyebrows and gets up. He stumbles as he nearly trips over Ash. Harvey comes round the bed and jumps up onto it, laying down next to Alfie.

"OK," says Tom. He takes off his sweatshirt, and reveals his toned arms. He's not that muscular, but the definition is there. He then pulls off his shirt and shows off his abs and chest. He's thin, but sexy no doubt.

"Nice. I like it," announces Alfie.

"Thanks," says Tom.

"Well, I think we'd better get to work."

"Erm, before we do that, there's something I need to tell you."


"Ash is a morpher. He turns anthro when he get's excited."

"Oh wow." Alfie is slightly taken aback. "Can we try it out?"


Alfie stands up and gazes into Tom's brown eyes. They are almost like his brother's, but a different shape, and on a much more beautiful face. Alfie grabs Tom's head and pushes his lips against Tom's, embracing in an extremely passionate kiss. They seem to be making out forever, as is the way with Alfie's kiss, but Tom doesn't complain. Keeping their mouths locked in lust, Tom takes Alfie's shirt off, and then they both pull off their lower clothes, leaving them both stark naked. Tom grabs Alfie's hips and pulls him in. Their bare flesh makes contact, and Alfie feels Tom's hardon poke at his nutsack. Alfie too has a boner stiffer than he's ever had before. With Dan it was excitement, with Harvey it was curiosity, but with Tom it is love. Tom grabs Alfie's dick and begins to jerk him off. Alfie grabs Tom's hand and pulls it away.

"No," he says, gasping for air after releasing Tom's lips. "You're forgetting our furry friends.

They look round and see Ash standing in full anthro form, his pink dick standing tall from its sheath. He's smiling with pleasure as precum drips from the tip, which Harvey is licking off as it dribbles out. The boys look at each-other lustfully and Alfie tells Tom to fuck him. He looks down at Tom's 7 inch dick and his balls hanhing there, waiting to be emptied. Tom obliges and shots of pleasure rocket through his nervous system, making him shiver. Alfie gets down all fours and awaits Tom's member. He accepts and grabs Alfie's body. He lines his cock up with Alfie's hole and puts his head against it.

"It's so hot!" Alfie gasps in a quivering whisper.

Tom pushes and his head slides inside Alfie's hole. His eyes roll back and he almost goes blind with pleasure. Meanwhile, Ash is mirroring his actions on Harvey. Tom begins to push his length inside Alfie, his cock sliding through the gap in his firm buttocks. When Tom is all the way inside, he bends down and kisses Alfie's neck. He's so horny that he begins to sink his teeth into his young, tanned flesh. Alfie doesn't care about the piercing pain from Tom's teeth; he's almost reaching climax just feeling Tom's dick inside him. He's been dreaming of this moment for years.

Tom begins to move his hips. He gets even more pleasure from moving inside Alfie, sliding his shaft in and out, stopping just at the head so Alfie's rectum stretches a little before he pushes back in. On the other side of the room, Ash is doing the same, but growling at the same time, and reaching underneath Harvey, jacking off the monster of a cock the Husky has. The house is filled with moaning and groaning, growling and howling, until one very high pitched harmony deafens the room and everyone reaches climax. Tom releases and spray's Alfie's insides with his fresh semen: warm, thick with sperm and flowing like water. Alfie pulls Tom's cock out of his asshole and drinks the remaining cum which shoots down his throat.

After they both recover, they turn to the dogs and smile with rock hard cocks twitching. Alfie has an idea, and makes Harvey lie on his back, showing the true length of the dog's massive 10" canine dick. Tom gets on top of the dog and slides his monster cock into his ass. He's never had a cock inside him before, so a ten inch dog dick is a hell of a way to start. Alfie and Ash stand on each side of Tom, and he grabs their cocks and shoves them in his mouth, getting high on the taste of their previous ejaculations. He sucks them and slobbers all over them, making Alfie's legs weak.

Harvey then forcefully pushes his dick into Tom hard, making his coil and let Alfie and Ash's dick slip out of his mouth. Harvey begins to growl and picks up the pace, thrusting in and out of the boy's ass faster and faster. Tom's rectum begins to burn and he screams out in pleasure and pain, but allows the dog to do as he pleases. The dog grunts as he reaches terminal velocity and his dick shoots that extra 2 inches into Tom's body as his knot pops out of its sheath and his giant testicles explode. Jets of dog cum stream out of his shaft and drown Tom's insides in canine semen.

Alfie gets behind Tom and as Harvey begins to push his knot inside him, Alfie lines his dick up with Tom's asshole. The dog makes one final effort to go fully inside, and Tom screams as he clenches the duvet and the dog's knot pops inside. Alfie then pushes his dick into Tom's ass too, and stretches it beyond belief. Alfie then ejaculates inside Tom too, and the sheer pressure generated by the volume of semen in Tom's ass makes it spew jets of cum through the cracks not filled with throbbing flesh. Ash goes behind and begins lapping up the cum that sprays from Tom's violated asshole, and begins to swallow it as he himself cums all over Alfie's bed.

After 5 minutes of non-stop ejaculation, Ash morphs back to his dog form, Alfie pulls his dick from Tom's ass, and finally Harvey does the same, his penis now beginning to deflate. Tom's eyes water, and his asshole drips cum. He just stays with an entranced expression on his face, panting. Alfie climbs over him and makes out with him, sucking his tongue and exchanging saliva as they do so.

Once the dogs leave the room, the boys get in the shower together, washing each-other with soapy gel, and fingering their assholes, trying to clean them out. But they both know the unwritten rule of dirty sex: once you do it, you'll never feel clean again.


Next time: Find out who spread the message about Dan and Alfie, and what happens when the school finally open their gates to furries and scalies.

This is the third instalment of the fictional series 'Of Dogs and Men' written and created by StallionHound.

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