FF: Her name is Buck...

Story by RaiRaijinn on SoFurry

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Something I have been long neglecting to post and finish

Anyway, this came from idea raffle i wanted to do but i just decided to write it myself

Allison = StrangeBreed and had his blessing for this little fanfic

Late in the afternoon amongst the hustle and bustle of hordes of students rushing to get home, Rociel forgotten her satchel in her environmental science classroom. She retraced her steps through the southwing, accidentally discovering one of her classmates on the teacher's desk with her hands betweenst her thighs, "What the fuck are you doing?" the crossbred Hyena asked. She had unfortunately caught the ewe in a compromising position, "Please don't tell anyone I do this..." Allison begged, her cheeks flush with embarrassment and excitement.

Rociel glared at her, unimpressed by her ignorance of her surroundings, "Uh, Dumb-ass, there is a camera in here. They probably seen you by now." she stated, blatantly pointing to the security camera in the corner of the room on the ceiling. The sheer trouble shocked her classmate, causing her to freeze in fear as if her spirit left her body, "...I never saw that before..." she said, unable to recall any of the classrooms being monitored. Her classmate giggled in her sadistic delight, "Now you gonna get expelled...unless you are willing to make a deal in exchange for something I want that only I'll tell you what is after you accept. I can always make things go a little... 'haywire' so the security recordings go kablooey." she bargained, grinning with evil contoured into her twisted smile.

Allison's heart sank at the ultimatum of a Faustian deal or expulsion from school, her mind focused on the social consequences of everyone discovering her deviant behavior, "As much as I'd hate to take that deal, I'll accept..." she answered. Rociel clapped her hands together in her malignant joy, psychokinetically interfacing with the schools electrical system, sending a power surge to the security office's Recorder, causing the tape to melt inside it and destroying the evidence before cutting the classroom camera's cord with her mental ability. Her gut-wrenching grin was a sign that she somehow completed her task without budging an inch, "It's done, the tape is busted and now time to honor your part of the bargain." she said.

The ewe was in disbelief, "No way, you didn't do anything yet" she cried out, apprehensive towards the Hyena and her deceptive attitude. Rociel chattered akin to madman in an asylum, enjoying every minute of her naivety, "Are you calling me a liar? 'cause I don't like being called a liar. If you'd like, I can always tell everyone what you did unless you don't honor your end of our deal." she threatened, staring at her fiercely. Allision furled her brow and bit down her lip, jared by her classmate's malice, "...Fine, What do you want from me?" she questioned, nervous about what her response may be.

Rociel scanned her potential prey from top to toe, licking her lips at the stark naked ewe presented before her, "Hop on the desk, get the down on your elbows and knees, and don't bloody fucking move a muscle. I'll be with your shortly in a minute." She commanded, lowering the shutters on both the door and windows. Allison, despite her lingering fear, followed the domineering hyena's orders, "w-What are you doin-" she asked, before her classmate grabbed the fresh apple on the teacher's desk then shoved it in her mouth, silencing her. She pulled a roll of duct tape out from the storage drawers, wrapping it around the ewe's wrists and ankes, "You and Moi are going to have a lot of fun together!" she said, finally applying the sticky strips to the apple for an improvised gag.

Considerably to Allision's embarassment, she looked like she belong on silver platter than desk, as her tormenter manage to find a thin wooden pointer that was oddly flexible. Rociel flicked quickly through the air to test its pliancy, "Ooo! This will do nicely!" she cooed, climbing up on the desk with the unlucky goat. She gave a firm smack on the cheek, leaving a sharp imprint in her classmate's hindfur, "Nice and Juicy! Fortunately, I like my meat rare!" she stated, hinting towards her well-hidden psychopathic nature.

Rociel slipped down her thong, hiking up her skirt to reveal her 'exotic' configuration, her girthy phallic 8-inch clitoris dangling over her delicate passage, pressing the flat headed tip of her pseudopenis against Allison's vulnerable lips. She turned her head around in a panic, severely panicked in her bondage until she felt something soft yet fleshy pierce into her, realizing the hyena was some sort of Hermaphrodite, albeit in reality not a true one. Her classmate savored the soft supple texture of her folds on her leathery appendage, leaning over to properly mount her, "Now squeal like a pig!" she whispered.

The ewe was at the mercy of the crossbreed, as she felt the point lash her hips with powerful sting, triggering her to buck back. Rociel intended to milk every minute of it, thrusting her pelvis against her companion's mound, probing her tunnel with her throbbing fem-mast. Her hips began gyrating with every thrust, gaining momentum and a pattern, akin to a steam locomotive.

All Allison could was reciprocate her advance, bouncing back on the clitoral mass that struck anterior wall, the tip's rough texture grinding closer to her sweet spot until she pressed right on it. Rociel quickly responded to her joyful moan with a swift lash to her cheeks, "You don't cum until I do, understand me!" she commanded. She pulled her member back, angling herself up a few degrees before violently plunging it back in, her walls spread apart by the pillar of developing muscle.

Rociel guided her arms underneath the ewe, her palms caressing her flat chest in a search for her teats til she started pinching and tugging on them, "Too bad you aren't lactating, I'd milk you like the bitch you are!" she teased. The initial fear of the encounter was replaced by a sense of novelty as Allison began twerking her hips on her classmate's shaft, wiggling her butt against the Hyena. She could feel the rhythm reverberate through her body, her member greeted by the walls seizing a hold of her and contorting to the motions, "Hey keep doing that! I really like that!" she cheered.

Allison rolled her hips around, mashing her backside against the hyena's hips, swirling her rod around in her sheath. Rociel leaned back upright, grabbing a hold of the ewe's shins, spinning her around on her back, pivoting her on her thick member. She seized her bound ankles, pushing them towards her chest, using them to brace herself before she kicked it into high gear.

Her new tantric-esqued position was somewhat strenuous as her classmate pounded away deep into her slit, her entire body writhing and wriggling akin to a belly dance, her appendage scooping away on her anterior sheath, managing to find its way to her A-spot below her cervix. Allison desperately gasped for breath at the sudden strike, her lower mouth salivating from it, "Looks like I hit something sensitive!" her top bragged. Rociel contracted her clitoral muscle, aligning it adjacent along the Ewe's frontal wall, providing a short burst of rapid long thrusts,ramming her mound against her vulva.

The tiny spines on the tip of her leathery mast only adding onto the torment of her vulnerable folds, repeatedly punching Allison's sensitive protrusion while ravaging the depths of her abyss. She desperately tried to breath for air until reprieved of her improvised gag, her mind slipping into subspace with the aerobic ecstasy combined with the intensity of climax, spurred by the sheer exertion. Her netherlips gushed forth a powerful torrent of fluids from the intensive stimulation, the ewe's entire body throbbed from the orgasmic bliss with every nerve alive in the pleasure of agony.

Rociel smiled in egotistical pride, "Well thank you...but I still haven't came." she said,complimented by her 'honesty'. She grabbed a pair of scissors from the desk, cutting her ankle restraints, letting her legs fall free apart before releasing her arms, peeling off the tape. The Hyena pecked a kiss on her cheek, "Now lick my clit clean..." she instructed, propping herself atop of Allison's chest, presenting her glistening wet femshaft soaked with her juices.

The ewe, in her rapture, gently glided her tongue along the rugged pseudophallus, kissing the tip with soft lips. Rociel reversed herself around, pressing her abdomen against the young doe, fortunately able to return the favor due to her taller height. Her giggle echoed through the room, amused by the sight of her victim's puffy engorged lips, "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were in Rut, but you're just turned on." she commented.

Allison blushed before noticing on particularly unique feature to stripe-spotted crossbreed's fur pattern, pair of spots on the nigh side of her right cheek that entwined to form a small heart. She giggled, the unique heart shaped that blessed Rociel's hide reminded her of her favorite TV show with animated ponies that had a surprisingly complex plot for a kid's show. Her fingers traced it accordingly then delivered a Hyena a taste of her own medicine...

Miss Hentzel felt a sharp smack on her hindquarters, "Ooo! So thats the type of girl you are!..." she cooed, attacking the lamb's loins with gentle nips to her lips. Allison bucked at the sensation until her beau started suckling away at her titilated button and its hood, lapping it with her roughly textured tongue inside her mouth. She gasped at sheer pleasure of it, though couldn't help to notice Rociel's own clitoral shaft throbbed desperately for stimulation.

She wrapped both her fuzzy hands around the pulsating lady rod, squeezing it softly then tugged along her length with her teeth akin to a corn cob. The crossbreed's hips thrusted as her bushy tail swayed, her biostatic shooting up her spinal column in delight. The ewe continued her ministrations, grinding her oral appendage on the nerve riddled flesh before she slipped the head into the warm wet embrace of her cavity.

Rociel finally relinquished control, her body surging with the sweet relief of orgasm, pulling her clitshaft out of the doe's mouth. She unleashed a torrent of clear prostatic fluid onto Allison's chest, fervently sucking harder on the alabaster ewe's swollen bead, arching her back downward as she quivered from the spasms. The metal desk frames quaked and trembled from the Technopathic hyena's climax, accidentally exhibiting her mental prowess before she warped the rebar in the foundation, causing the tiling to crack. She wasn't too far behind her partner, gushing out a spurt of crystal clear fluid across the room, marking the wall adjacent to the door before they both fell over on the floor...

A few minutes later, one of lady teachers came by to check on the two from the sheer force that rattled the entire school building. She saw a fully dressed Rociel sharing her snacks with the ewe in uniform, feeding her an apple and a bottle of grape juice, "Are you two okay in here? I felt the earth shake a minute ago." worried for her students safety. The young crossbreed smiled and giggled, "Oh, I never noticed it, but I think we should call our folks and go home. The building might fall down..." she said with supposedly innocent tone, considering she compromised the structural integrity in the first place.

Their teacher paused for a second, "Yeah, that sounds like a good idea, we might need to get the fire department just in case." she said, leading them out into the hallways. Allison followed Rociel behind their concerned overseer, before the flirty hyena spin around, seizing the goat by the waist then leaning her backwards. She fiercely locked lips with her prey, uttering "La plus sanglante des épines a toujours la plus noire fleur." in a wisp, until a steel girder from the roof fell down behind them.

Rociel quickly spinned her around out of the way, "Let's get the hell out of this screaming death trap of a school, its already filled with pedofreak instructors." she said, commenting on some of the male teachers. Their Afternoon tutor paused for a minute, trying to comprehend her statement. The Hyena booked it down the hallway, seeing a man in a vest with short black hair, a pair of glasses and a bowtie, "You might wanna get out of here..." she said, forewarning them.

Allison was baffled as well, "Who was she?" she questioned, considering she'd never seen her before til today. Her teacher obliged her with an answer and question, "Oh Rociel,she's normally in special ed during the day. By the way, what did she mean by that... Because she tends to be rather blunt." she asked, curious to the reasoning why. The doe shrugged, "I dunno, I just met her..." evading a response to the hyena's queer statement...

...Later that day in Allison's home, around 10:00 PM, she was preparing for bed in her bathroom, brushing her teeth until she notice something in the door mirror reflecting from the vanity. On her Right hindcheek was a phone number and the phrase, "Her name is buck and she likes to fuck!" in permanent marker on her alabaster white fur. Her left eye twitched in irritation, "Son of!..." she said, slightly annoyed by the booty call that stain her fur.

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