Commission: Uninvited Tournament Part 7

Story by dracologist on SoFurry

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The second to the last match of this tournament is underway, but can the fast and nimble acrobatic fighting style of the lioness overcome the brick wall durability of the Zinogre race? Read and find out!

This is the second to the last match of this round and it takes place between Kiadra and Tiffa. These two ladies are pretty tough, and very strong. Their skills have been shown in many ways before, but now they must face one another.

Kiadra (c) dracologist

Tiffa (c) Cattaras

Uninvited Tournament 7

The day had passed it's highest point and was starting it's declined, they had officially broken through to the hottest part of the day on this nearly entirely tropical landscape on the second day of their tournament. Only two matches remained to be shoved into this day and then they would be able to break for the night, giving them time to recharge their batteries, recall their victories and defeats, and even open a few easily placed grudge matches that so many of them would be eager to get at the throat of. Those that had lost searching to test their skills to hold onto the final shreds of pride that might be able to come about from a second match. They wouldn't be able to fight the ladies that beat them, at least not yet, that was within the rules of this tournament that those winners would not be touched, it kept the girls pure, ready, and without excuse for why they might fall in a fight. The only question that came to the hostess's mind right now was exactly where this next match should take place. Spreading out the fighting locations kept the matches fresh, kept them entertaining, but it also showed off her precious island. Having an island alone was a status symbol like no other, but this queen was also in charge of an island that inhabited people constantly trying to take her position away from her and that gave her an very large extra boost. Was she boastful about it? Maybe a little shallow? Perhaps, but she was the queen and there was no point in her having nice things if others didn't get to enjoy them as well. If this island ruler was going to show them the next nice place to hold a battle then it would need to be in a location where others could gather, but just as importantly, a place that hadn't been used as much. A smirk rolling across her face as she realized just the location for such a thing.

Harley had lost her match, it put a bit of a damper on the tournament for this girl only because it meant that she wouldn't be able to face that half scaled beauty as long as she was still part of these matches. Did that mean she would forfeit, though? Absolutely not. It wasn't within her nature to simply give up just because things hadn't happened the way that she'd wanted them to, no, this girl, this other half scaled bitch would do just as well to make up for the space that her sister had left unfilled. The zinogre, a rare monster bred creature as she was, really had no place in such a tournament, but with the loss of Harley it proved that their kind could be beaten, and that those furred ladies that had come here were plenty strong to do it. She'd have to be careful, less overconfident compared to her sibling, and push on in her stead, making up for that weakness that was left unanswered for. These ladies needed to learn their place, needed to understand what their kind could do, and needed to remember why the monster races were creatures to be feared. Tiffa didn't carry the same color scheme as her sister, though, her father was a slightly brighter color and that gave her a nice display of blue fur that covered her body with bright yellow scales to run about her in comparison to her sister's darker tones. It set them apart, gave them diversity, a diversity that has left them in many sexual struggles to find out which between them could be considered the more dominant. As she turned to follow Sumethil she knew that her time was coming up, her chance to shine was going to be announced either in this match or the next one as their number of fighters had dwindled greatly in the last couple days and there were only two matches left before the next round would be announced.

Also following along was the feline who was kept her focus on the blue hostess with her golden shining eyes. The sight of the match before her, the chance to be put into the fray finally closing in. There just weren't that many fighters left to pick from and she had had grown tired of waiting her turn. Among all of them were professionals, people that made a living off of their fighting skills, had gone to train for years, sometimes decades in order to become an expert in their craft, but this girl wasn't just an expert, this feline wasn't some professional, she was a master of her art and while the tenants of Fu promoted patience hers had grown thin. She didn't want to be the final match to take place, she didn't want to be the last among the faces that they saw and knew that if she didn't get selected for this match that was exactly what was going to happen. Not just a rarity in skill to be participating in a tournament, but a rarity in design itself. Many of the ladies here could boast their large breasts, and this lioness was no different, but she was among one of the very few pure blooded lions who sported black stripes along her arms, legs, and tail. Her body covered in a tan fur with a lighter tan making up her front in order to wrap around her largely busty chest, setting her smaller height with something different to draw attention while she walked along with this blue dragoness, the raven black hair that dressed her head ran down the length of her back flipping and swaying in motion when she stepped forward, her perfectly heart shaped rear swaying while she walked, void of clothing for lack of reason to wear it as she turned that gaze towards the zinogre that walked beside her, judging this girl quickly and noticing the similarity in figure despite that larger size that this half canine creature had on her, Tiffa would be someone that Kiadra would need to look out for.

* * *

As they all moved up the length of the hill with no word at all by the person that guided them many grew a bit agitated, beginning to call out in question as to where they were going, but even without an answer they all followed the same. Their path bringing them eventually to a cliff top that overlooked a line of forest down below. Most of the island was covered in such a forest, but this was a perfect place to be able to look down at it from above, able to see through the trees from their branches instead of trying to bend their eyes around trunks. It made for a perfect area to watch a fight happening down below and while many turned their scowling faces into easy grins the hostess that stood before them, the large chested blue dragoness that spread her arms wide and happy, turned to her visitors of fur and scale to announce to them the next match.

"Ladies, this next match will take place down below, giving us a perfect view of your fight as you dodge and weave between trees. This is a lush area of the island and I expect you ladies to use all of it to your advantage to put on a good fight, but who remaining would use such a thing?" The hostess asked with an easy smirk across her lips looking to the two that were closest to her. In a way Kiadra was only five foot six inches, and that gave Tiffa the advantage, but at the same time the trees would help to balance that out considering the smaller and more agile shape. With an easy grin growing across those dragon lips she'd nod easily. "With her sister out of the fight there is only one other monster in this tournament, a monster who's strength and skill have overtaken Harley a few times now in their history. Can that skill translate here in this forest? Ladies I present to you, Tiffa the Zinogre. An opponent of this talent though needs a fight worthy of that skill, a master of Kung Fu, and a fighter known for her brutality and inability to hold back once a match has started. If there was anyone better to match up against this monster then it would have to be another monster. Ladies, I give you Kiadra."

Technically this match had started the second their names were announced, but they were still on the cliff top. Both turned to look at one another the golden glare shining well while she moved to jump away from the display of the beautiful and busty half canine looking creature. If Kiadra was going to fight Tiffa then it wouldn't be up here, their gracious host had asked them to fight I the woods so that's where they were going to hold this match. Kiadra clearly didn't have much in way of muscular strength, with her body on full display the sight of her lack of muscles set her apart from the others, but she did have pretty strong legs regardless and as she jumped from the cliff side her feet landed on a tree branch just enough for it to bow under her leaving her to lean backwards easily into a falling black flip before her hands reached for the trunk to drag their way down it, slowing her descent just enough so that when she landed her figure could twist, her body could turn and meet that strong and powerful blue zinogre figure that had simply jumped off and landed with no harm. It showed a very clear difference between them, Kiadra with her ability and nimbleness, and Tiffa housing her clear power and durability. If anything it was going to be a very difficult fight, but one that the striped lioness was going to start off the second her feet touched the ground by charging in quickly.

Kiadra wasn't the kind to wait on an attack, she didn't like being a victim, and while others usually approached her for a fight it was usually this lion that threw the first punch, liking to throw the person off by attacking hard and fast from the start when they were still mustering their trash talk. It gave her the element of surprise, but this wasn't a ringside brawl, this wasn't some regulated or unregulated match, this was a tournament and they were both already expecting to take on one another. Her movement was swift, fast, coming in low with a quickly rising hit, the force of that blow connected right into the side of that blue furred creature's thigh forcing a hard gasp of breath from the stinging and almost club like force of the hard kick. It wasn't enough to break a leg, but it was enough to bruise it and this left the Zinogre moving to lift her guard, it was only Tiffa's misfortune that the speed of the lioness brought her figure up must faster, wrapping a hand around the backside of that skull and with a fast and hard pull of the forward a knee lifted directly into the scaled stomach forcing a deep grunt from that large chested monster. The follow up planted a well placed elbow directly into the side of that skull, that knocked the fast to the side, but as Kiadra stepped back she could see that the bleeding lip of that creature was all the damaged that she seemed to manage, the turning of that blue face back towards her and the grin that grew across it drove a display of desperation across that striped lion, her figure tensing up to go right back in.

Kiadra wasn't physically strong, her fighting style required a large amount of movement so that she could use her speed to make up the lack of strength. As she jumped up her leg swung in a quick lift in order to try and impact a nicely delivered strike directly into the scaled stomach, it was like hitting armor and left her foot stinging from the force as she landed, but that wasn't the end of her attack. As a master the lion's favored style had always been bits and pieces from an adjustable technique that changes straight on hard style that she could quickly change off with a circular soft style. Her motion of her landing leg came down in front of her bringing her stance sideways to the half-canine looking creature in front of her, this left her to pivot on her foot, twisting herself easily to lean in towards Tiffa's body so that the lioness could circle around her, delivering a well placed elbow into the fur covered side right below the ribs and as she swayed back her figure would come in back towards the monster-girl, watching her turn to face this lioness while Kiadra leaned towards her once again, aiming a hard strike directly into the scale covered forearm that had been lifted to protect the face, but blocking her own view to the other hand that had delivered a powerful crushing punch into that stomach once again forcing the blue furred beast to step back. Still she didn't go down, the monster stood tall, and the ears of the lioness folded back on her head while her panting breath crushed through her figure while golden eyes looked on.

Tiffa had to smirk at the lioness, she was pretty skilled, and to most she might seem like quite the fighter, but that monster body of hers was large, the fur was thick, the scales were stiff, and while every hit could be felt, it didn't have the overall punch that was needed to take her down. Even the power hits that landed didn't have the knock down results that the feline was clearly looking for. Even by listening to the snarl that rolled over her lips she could hear the frustration that was pulled from Kiadra, and that only made Tiffa chuckle all the more, using her size for protection, and her natural defenses to stop those blows in their tracks. If was a fun game that they were playing, one that she might even repeat with her sister sometime very soon in the future, but for now it was time to put this little kitty to bed. Up until now the half-canine looking monster hadn't really done too much, hadn't even thrown an attack, but the look between them showed her with shuffled blue fur and covered in bruises and the tan lioness looking like she had just been put through the ringer. It was a good display of the importance of being able to take hits as well as the higher importance of having sting behind those hits instead of attacking with some gimmick. Now that this little kitty was thoroughly worn down, though, it was time to finally push some damage back on her, see if she could take as well as she could give.

Normally Kiadra moved out of the range of attacks, she ducked and dodged, moving to counter attack when people went after her, but now her panting prevented her from being able to, the sight of that blood dripping from that yellow scaled chin left her in a position for a hand to reach out immediately and grip hold of her. Her body tried to react, tried to move away, but the fatigue had slowed her down, delayed her enough that when the fingers came around her, and the claws moved to sink into those large tan tits they'd force a loud cry where her breasts were squeezed and crushed under the force of that strong hand. Her fist raising up, trying for a hard blow into those ribs again, but it was no use, not while this taller and stronger fighter could pick her clearly up off of her feet and then slam her down on the leaf covered forest ground and then move to descend on her, the elbow that dropped there on that spot impacted that light tan belly, forcing the lion to bow her body against the dropping weight of the impact that drove her to roll to her side, slowly trying to get away just before that arm wrapped around her neck, forcing her back, forcing her to her knees, and forcing a hand once again to play on her large juicy tit. The feeling of milk running over those knuckles while her nipple was being pinched made her cry out easily, but still she struggled, tried to fight back, worked to break free from this.

The elbow came back again, trying for another hard strike into that stomach only to feel the harsh impact of the scaled belly stopping her blow, her hand even gripping the other wrist to add more strength to the blow didn't do her any good while that arm tightened around her throat pulling her back more against that knee that lifted just for the purpose of pressing between her shoulders. There was nothing she could do. The feeling of frustration wrapping over her again while she felt her large tit continue to be fondled there with her on her knees, the air to her lungs being cut off while she was thoroughly molested in what had to be one of the most professional manners she'd felt in some time. Her body shivering her, large tit quaking against that hand while more of that white kitty cream ran from her tortured nipples, and the shattering breath that filled her leaving her far from finally give up her struggles. Her hand moved to grip around that blue furred fingers, trying to peal them away, another lost and failed attempt that left her with nothing to show for it while she kept fighting back.

* * *

It had been a fun match, an interesting test of durability for the zinogre, but as it stood in the end this kitty was done, she couldn't fight back, she couldn't cry out, she couldn't even struggle anymore. All that Kiadra was left able to do was moan at the feeling of her large breast being felt up, being fingered, being rolled in those stronger, more powerful, hands. When Tiffa released the neck of the lioness, allowing her to once again breath, the girl would try to shake the daze rushing back to her head, the spots of light the filled her eyes suddenly allowing her to grow the sight back once again while those legs moved to wrap around those hips, the heel even starting to dig into her undefended slit and leaving her moving that hand down to try and pull the foot away but only so that this lion could feel that arm also tied up by the the stronger arm wrapping around the backside of her head. This tan lioness squirmed, shook, tried to break free, but the more she moved the more she realized that she simply wasn't making any progress. That hand still gripped her dribbling tit, still crushed it down and forced a loud cry of pleasure and pain from her figure and this alone drove those hips forward into the still rubbing heel that was grinding down against her. Her other hand could only grip the backside of Tiffa's and but she didn't have the strength to pull that hand away, locking this smaller feline in place while her legs kicked, her tail flicked, and she'd try and get away only to drive that heel into herself deeper, to push that chest down further against the hand that held it. Kiadra wasn't the type to give up, she wasn't the type to surrender, but even while she turned her head to the side, looking directly into that smiling blue face all she could do was growl up at her in between panting moans.

Tiffa could feel the shivering of that feline captive starting to shake against her assault, the easy smile that she washed across those blue and yellow lips showed easily that she knew this was going to be over soon, even if Kiadra hadn't yet realized it. This kitten had put up a nice little attempt at a fight, but when it came to the zinogre race they where known for being tough, and this girl just wasn't enough. With those eyes turning from the lioness she'd look up the length of that cliff, her large breasts crushed down against the back of this girl while she'd look up at her sister, giving her an eye, a look, a challenge that this little kitten was going to be her the next time she was able to get her hands on her. Kiadra's helpless body nothing more than a warning to others now, her figure gyrating, grinding, her breath calling out deeply in loud moans that soon left her hips gushing hard with a thick and deep creamy white cum to splash over that foot which was soon removed. This girl would be left easily with those deep shattered pants, trying to catch her own breath and feeling her dripping slit leaking down hard against the forest floor to drench the space below her just as that body was released, allowed to fall, and the body of the drop down into the ground while that blue beast stepped back away from her. Kiadra would be fine once she recovered, but a devastating defeat like this from such a strong opponent continued to linger, to show off, and those eyes still looked on at Harley who only narrowed her own eyes back to her, ready to take on this bitch the second she was able to get the chance.

"Well.." The blue scaled beautiful spoke out, calling down to them while the golden eyed girl worked to try and pick herself back up to her still shaking feet, "That victory was more unexpected than I thought. Well done Tiffa. You might want to watch yourself Harley, it seems that she has eyes just for you."

The dragoness would step away, having to plan the next match before the sun got too low in the sky. There was only two fighters left and that match alone was going to be a thrill, but as the others turned to follow, and even Kiadra managed to slip away in order to try and find her route back to the road again to catch up with them, those two zinogre continued to look over one another, continued to lock their eyes, dark hands gripping down harshly in her own grip. This open challenge was almost embarrassing and while she'd have no problem taking on her sister right here and now on this very spot, there were rules to this tournament and she was going to have to abide by them. That didn't mean that Harley would never face Tiffa, only that it would be delayed for a while, and if that delay ended early then she was going to happily be there to scoop up what was left of her sister, to show her why such a challenge simply wasn't wise, and was even less in her best interest. These two fought, it was what they did, built into their DNA and their instincts to tear one another down and in time they would, but for now they were separated by the thin vale of permission, a vale that would drop eventually leaving these two with no protection to stop them from demonstrating which sister was truly the more powerful, which zinogre had the better breeding, and more important which had the better breeding skills. Tiffa was her sister, she loved her as such, maybe more than such, but only by challenging one another did they maintain their abilities, their skills, and their talents that let Tiffa dominate that poor lioness.

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