The Meeting Of Chaos and Metal

Story by strieksolo1 on SoFurry

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The meeting of Tambriel and Enryous for the first time.

Tambriel = Me

Enryous = my fiance

Gem elf = my mate's character/

                She padded across the field her claws sinking into the wet

ground, her breath shallow her sides heaving with the exertion of walking just

a few feet. The morning light splitting through the fog shining down on the

furred dragons hide, Her wings curled inward protecting herself from the heat.

A twig snapped somewhere to her right, her muscles tightened claws digging in

to the mud. The dragon knew she was followed, she had known for miles back,

followed from the battle field.

          Enryous stared at her through the fog, the Elf standing

next to him, playing with a diamond, her finger forcing the gem to move between

her fingertips. She was an unusual creature in herself, a long pointed type

face pointed ears, a braid that stretched down to her lower back. She was

clothed in leather armor, something that was odd to see so close to the battle

field, even though she didn't need it. She was deadly in her own right.

                   "So , why did we follow her for this long. She's

bound to find out eventually, if she doesn't already know."

Enryous hummed low in his


                   "She's interesting"

The Elf looked at him,

                   "Interesting? That's it. I mean I'll give it to

you her markings are quite odd for a female dragon but other than that I don't

see anything special about her."

The great dragon swiveled his

head around looking at his friend. She didn't understand how she could, she

couldn't feel what he felt. He enjoyed her company but there were times where

she frustrated him.

                   "I hear you in there."

The white dragon's voice cut

through both of them. They were caught.

                   "Come out or I'll come in there and you really

don't want me to come in those woods to find you."

Enryous sighed and shot a look

at his companion, she shrugged and moved back into the shadows. The blue grey

dragon moved out into the sunlight, the white dragon growled at him bearing her

teeth. She had known someone was following him, she didn't thing that he was a


                   "What do you want?"

          Enryous took a step back he didn't think that she would be

so hostile.

                   "Nothing, but your name."

She growled beginning to

circle him, he was twice her size, as if that ever stopped her before. Enryous

sat down with the thud, cocking his head at her as if he was amused by her.

                   "What side to do you work for, both sides want me

dead so it doesn't matter either way."

Her fire beginning to churn in

her belly in case she needed it, her adrenaline, her fear fueled that. Enryous

watched her cautiously, maybe this wasn't the best idea.

                   "I'm not on any side, war is pointless in the end,

I live up in the mountains." He motioned with his claw "I mean you know harm"

The white dragon her mouth


                   "I don't believe you."

          With that she reared back letting a blast a blue flame loose,

directly at the male dragon, her claws coming down swiping through her flames

at Enryous. He backed up his wings opening propelling him.

                   "You're a fierce one."

The female grinned flipping

her hair out of her eyes.

                   "You haven't seen anything yet."

She reared back swiping her

claws down aiming for his belly, he dogged biting down gently on her back leg

flipping her off of her feet. The white dragon squawked her tail flipping out

bitch slapping the grey dragon with the furred tail.

          Enryous stepped back and burst at laughing. She scrambled

and sat down panting.

                   "What the hell is so fucking funny?"

                   "You bitch slapped me"

She burst out laughing. He

studied her for a moment, she wasn't a young dragon, but she wasn't ancient.

She was, well beautiful. But something alarmed him, he has never met a dragon

that could conger blue fire naturally, it was something that took him years to

master. She was dangerous and he liked it.

The elf looked on from the

forest, she laughed quietly. This is how dragons operated, it was odd. And she

was not going to get into the middle of it.

          The white dragon stopped laughing staring at him, growling


                   "You aren't going to attack me?"

The male dragon shrugged

                   "What's the point I'd win anyway,"

She roared back again sending

another bolt of fire at him suddenly she was her back his talons grazing her


                   "Stop that now,"

She roared, shaking the trees

, before suddenly shifting he moved his talons in surprise, before him stood an

anthropomorphic dragon clothed in armor with duel daggers sitting loosely in

her hands.

                   "Now, I'm going to leave, and you're not going to

do anything about it ok."

          The elf dropped her diamond her mouth flying open, never in

her long life had she seen a dragon shift as fast as that one just did. It was


Enryous took a step back.

                   "Alright look, I'm sorry, I'm not trying to hurt

you, I'm just playing really. Put those away ok?"

The anthro grinned.

                   "Fine by me"

She threw the daggers up into

the air, the sliver blades disappearing into thin air.

                   "What are you?"

The female dragon looked up at


                   "A Dragon, a metalmancer."

Enryous laid down next to her.

                   "That's rare. What's your name?"


                   "Thee Tambriel? The dragon that is feared across

the country. The dragon that single handily walked into France and demanded the

government to bow."

She laughed

                   "I don't honestly know what the fuss is about I'm

not that terrifying. OH and you can call me Tam. I would assume your Enryous,

the enemy of anyone who comes up into the mountains."

                   "I like my privacy. It is a pleasure to me you


Tambriel shifted again, it was

fluid, like melding metal together.

                   "If I hurt you I am terribly sorry. "

Enryous shook his head, he

admired her, she was beautiful. And dangerous.

                   "Do you need a place to sleep tonight?"

Tam nodded standing to her

feet, shaking the grass from her scales.

                   "Then I shall treat you to a meal and a place to


The male looked over at the

woods at the elf nodding. She knew to keep away, she bent gathered her dropped diaomond

and disappeared into the forest.

                   "Shall we?"

The two dragons opened their

wings launching into the air, the ground shaking under their might.

          They flew a small distance before they dropped down into

Enryous's large cave. Piles of jewels piled in the corners, books piled in

other places.

                   "Your companion makes these?"

Tam motioned to the jewels.

                   "Yes she is quite skilled."

That was all Enryous said

about the elf, it wasn't her who he was curious about. Tam sat and curled herself

inward, laying her head down onto the ground.

                   "What are you doing?"

                   "Sleeping, I'm sorry if I'm not supposed to sleep


Enryous smiled.

                   "Come Tam"

She pressed farther back into

the cave, into a bright room filled with jewels the moon shining in making them


                   "Its beautiful."

Enryous climbed onto the pile kneading

the jewels through his claws. He motioned for her to follow, she climbed upon

the jewels and ungracefully flopped down next to him. He laughed and wrapped a

paw around her middle, pulling her toward him. She growled slightly but didn't


          Heat, passion the feeling of her around him, his teeth

sinking into the thick flesh on her neck marking her as his.

          Enryous awoke suddenly, a cold sweat covering his body,

looked over, she was still a sleep. He rose quietly slipping out of the cave

flying down to the small grove right under the cave where he landed into the

water with a splash. What was that dream about, fuck. He felt his cock slide

from his sheath as he thought about it. Fuck fuck fuck, this was not good, he

couldn't get attached to her, she would leave and he would pine for her. He

slipped into the water submerging himself into it as best as he could. His cock

only throbbed harder in the cold water, the dragon snorted his frustration. He

was due for going into rut and sleep next to her might have done it to him.


Her voice cut through her like

a knife.


He couldn't look at her, he

couldn't, couldn't get attached.


She breathed her breath short,

he heard it , then smelt it. He triggered her heat. Fuck.

                   "Look Tambriel I'm sorry, I was due for a rut and

I didn't, I ... im sorry if you have mate I suggest you get in the air before

your heat takes over."

                   "Enry look at me."

He turned, His eyes bugging

out of his head, she was bowed her rump in the air , tail flipped up reveling

her heavily scented snatch. Enryous growled and resisted mounting her and

fucking her into next week,

                   "Tam, I can't do this, you're going to leave and

ill morn the mate that you could have been for me. "

She didn't move and it was so

hard for Enryous to resist her.

                   "Why did you follow me?"

                   "Because you were different and I was attracted to

you just like I am now, I have a connection with you one that I haven't had in

any other dragon before."

                   "Then why are you hesitating."

Enryous didn't know and

launched out of the water pinning her with his body his cock slipping into her

ready snatch, he roared pounding into her, into his mate. It scared him to

think that but he wanted her he wanted her in every way. He wanted her to be

his mate.

          He rutted her many times before they finally retired to

their bed of jewels. The elf grinned from the top of the tree where she had

been watching for the whole day. She Had known what the white dragon right when

she laid eyes on her. It only took her friend a little bit to figure it out

himself. She flipped the diamond in the air and caught it between two fingers.

It had been a long day.  

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