The Impacts of Anti-hypers on Our Prey

Story by Kaizer Ryu on SoFurry

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Here's the quasi-scientific study I posted to Patreon a few weeks ago. This gives some insight on anti-hyper abilities from their perspective, as well as some insight into the social dynamics they live with.

There's a bit of intrigue going along with this that feeds into the future of Lapine Lessons. It was quite a lot of fun to write :3

First off I would like to thank everyone who contributed to make this study possible. As was expected this study has raised more questions than it answered, but such is the way of science. The next crowdfunding project will be announced once this is cross referenced with the alarming but perhaps not unexpected research on us being conducted by hyper-controlled companies.

The full paper is, as per usual, accessible with an appropriate passcode. The following is a summary of the major points for the layman. Though the most dangerous knowledge has been expunged or redacted, I must remind everyone that anything new the hypers learn of us is something they may be able to use to their advantage. Consider deleting once it has been put to memory via one of the more thorough methods.

Precious little is known about why we have such a pronounced effect upon hypers. In many ways what we do to hypers is even more extreme than they do to the normal fur. We know it happens. Those of us that have encountered hypers know the rush of Alertness. We also know how readily we bow to the typical non-hyper, as if we were part of some cosmic rock-paper-scissors and the Goddess was having a good laugh. This study seeks to build upon the small foundation already formed by the hypers in their paranoia, filling in the gaps as only we can. In the interest of ethical integrity but with an eye to security, the few hypers already fully bonded to their anti-hyper mates serve as the focus of determining the changes wrought by our impact upon their biology. These results were compared to medical records prior to their encounters. Volunteer anti-hypers provided samples both inside and outside the presence of hyper pheromones for comparative study as well.

Hormonal : While not the ultimate cause of the impact upon hypers, hormonal influences were strongly associated with preparing a hyper for alteration. As was suspected, our influence on hypers is superficially reminiscent of their influence on normal furs. The inducement of debilitating arousal, impairment of higher functions, a sense of euphoria, and enforced docility are all common results of hypers influencing normal furs and Alert anti-hypers influencing hypers. Both are overwhelmed by the force and potency encountered. The method is where they differ. Where a hyper must merely overcome normal biological functions, effectively dominating normal functions with their own and with some means of reinforcement resulting in a persistent alteration, an anti-hyper actively subverts and repurposes a hyper's own biology for their own ends to add to rather than compete with an anti-hyper's hormones.

The changes to a hyper's hormonal production are subtle in the bonded state. Their production remains sky high and aggressive, easily enough to leave a normal fur drooling in need, but at the same time it has calmed their legendary sex drive. They remain nymphomaniacs in comparison to normal furs, yet it is more in line with an Alert anti-hyper than that of their own kind until exposed to their mate. Lack of sex has the counterintuitive result of making a hyper far more hyper-like around their Resting mates, eagerly seeking out the Alert attentions their body craves. Once the Alert state is achieved, they slip into their submissive, blissful state, though a bonded hyper's reaction is less severe and debilitating than the one they had when first bonded. It is highly likely that unbonded but altered hypers would have similar reactions, but such a question remains unanswered due to ethical concerns with forcing an unwilling subject not actively trying to do so to another.

The most pronounced hormonal differences were between a Resting and Alert anti-hyper. There is some speculation that a similar difference occurs between a Sleeping and Resting anti-hyper, perhaps mediated by the Lucid state, but, due to our own rarity and natural detection defenses, this has not yet been tested. A Resting anti-hyper's hormones are covert, triggering subconscious impressions of harmlessness, weakness, and submission. An assistant likened it to baiting an irresistible hyper trap. An Alert anti-hyper's are aggressive, flipping the typically dominant hyper's reactions on their head and making them malleable, submissive, obedient, passive, or some combination of the above depending on factors we have yet to pin down. \ **REDACTED* * As we have yet to find a bonded pair with an originally submissive hyper we are unsure of the effect on this subset as of now. There is cause for caution as outlined in the Social section. \ **REDACTED* *

The transition from Resting to Alert is rapid. We are considering this as the next study simply to unravel the complex change in attitude both internally and projected. As such we could only reliably compare the full Resting and full Alert state with the resources at hand. The change appears to be a reaction of our own hormones to that of hypers. As we absorb them through the lungs or the skin it causes an identifiable series of chemical reactions that, to the best of our understanding, is the 'switch' we feel being flipped when we go Alert. This cascade influences more than just behavior. Sperm and egg production, sex drive, physical ability, mental clarity and processing, and more all appear to be accelerated to equivalently hyper levels. \ **REDACTED* * An anti-hyper that has experienced the Alert state may, with practice, learn to mimic the personality changes associated with it. The result is intuitively indistinguishable from a normal adept at resisting hyper pheromones, though we must caution that very few are known to have achieved this state for any significant length of time. Do not rely on it to hide your presence. \ **REDACTED* *

Sexual Characteristics : It is no secret that, in comparison to normal furs, anti-hypers almost universally occupy the higher end of the spectrum for organ size, sensitivity, and production while remaining nothing close to the typical ranges for hypers. The difference grows more apparent after the first exposure to hypers that results in Alertness. This may be a potential means of detection by hypers, as physical ability and sexual desirability increases significantly within months once the Alert state is first achieved. Those who first became Alert during puberty appear to have the most pronounced effect.

Perhaps the most striking difference between an anti-hyper and a normal fur is semen behavior. While not the gallons hypers can make, our sperm counts exceed theirs by orders of magnitude. Where a typical hyper will produce somewhere around ten to twenty trillion sperm per gallon in a single dozen gallon ejaculation, an Alert anti-hyper exposed to one such scent produced an estimated 110 trillion from a single gallon. More than quadruple this number was recorded for one subject when prolonged exposure to multiple hyper scents was performed. We are still not sure how we are capable of such production, such counts resulting in something more akin to a mobile solid than a liquid, but according to the research we could access from the hypers they have found that our genetic code is overtly a match for a hyper's with some unusual variances on the genetic and epigenetic level they have yet to decipher.

Save for a very small and powerful subset of hypers, hyper sperm appears to be essentially normal sperm but More in every way. As a contrast anti-hyper sperm appears to possess a basic form of problem solving ability. How they detect and seek out sources of hyper hormones is also unknown, but this behavior was seen without fail in trial after trial with two dozen test subjects both Resting and Alert. Sperm provided by Alert subjects was significantly more aggressive, but even sperm provided by Resting subjects resulted in complete destruction of hyper sperm in any sample.

The aforementioned subset is a source of concern. All data on them past a certain point in time appears to have been expunged from the record, with previous data on them being redacted from records previously accessed. We believe something was discovered about them they either feel must not be revealed to us, or more worryingly must not be revealed to their fellow hypers. The research team believes uncovering the reason for this should be top priority for the community.

Retroviral properties : The primary means of changing a hyper, and currently appearing to be permanent. How we acquired such an effect is unknown, as we are still trying to pin down which mutation or mutations may be associated with it. If by some miracle we find a hyper willing to allow themselves to be altered while under observation, the process of how our sperm completely override their own production should prove most enlightening. Until then we are left with the results we can determine from the bonded subjects.

A common problem for anti-hypers is that, due to the magnitude of our sperm's aggressiveness and, conversely, the toughness of our ova, pairings with normal furs rarely produce children on their own. In fact, there is only one known normal/anti-hyper pair that has resulted in a child among the triple digits of pairs we are now aware of. The workaround through hypers was originally discovered by accident and through impulse, one of the first known of our kind altering an aggressive and sociopathic hyper that had bred their mate, discovering later in the resulting pregnancy that shi had overwritten the already fertilized eggs inside her mate into hir own hyper sized litter. Full disclosure, the lead researcher of this project is one of hir daughters.

When a hyper's sperm production is altered, it does not produce exact copies of the altering anti-hyper's genes. Consistently across bonded subjects the result was sperm that contained an approximately 99% DNA match, with specific locations of the genome remaining the host hyper's own. The hypers have discovered this as well, with a great deal of angry arguing over it. It is apparently what led to the almost epithet 'failed hyper' being used to describe us. Apparently during alteration our sperm's genetics rewire testicular tissue at the DNA level to encode the father anti-hyper's genes on any resulting children, with minor variances taken from hypers to allow the successful bonding of sperm and egg that hypers excel at.

The most obvious sign of an anti-hyper/hyper pairing, and one we feel is the greatest risk for exposing such pairs, tends to be the apparent species of the young. Where under most circumstances the young take after the mother as hormonal activation favors the expression of their genes, the potency of anti-hyper genes seems to override this. This has led to some troublesome results when the pairings are between a father species with larger offspring than the mother's species, but care and medical science is enough to overcome such issues. \ **REDACTED* * The hypers appear to have a means of causing this as well through more active hormonal influence. Persistent breeding through pregnancy has been shown to provide enough of the father's hormonal influence to cause the litters to emerge as the father's species. We recommend any questioning regarding young species be played off as this. \ **REDACTED* *

While a hyper inseminated by an anti-hyper producing few or many offspring appears to be up to a mix of chance and species involved, the result is effectively constant pregnancy for the hyper female or herm. So far we are only aware of back to back to back pregnancies, but given some hypers' tendency to carry multiple litters at different stages a possibility that we might cause the same is not outside the realm of possibility. Even without mating with the anti-hyper again, a hyper's ovaries are permanently altered in a similar but distinct fashion to their testicles. Ovum are still produced as normal, but as they are expelled they are consistently fertilized by the anti-hyper's genes. Initial results suggest this is a combination of live sperm remaining inside the womb, fallopian tubes, and ovaries of the hyper and a bonding of anti-hyper sperm cells to the ovaries in question. This seems almost like a failsafe against potential removal under some means, though with hyper sperm so far unable to put up a fight we are unsure why this would have developed. More information may be forthcoming if we can find an altered but unbonded hyper willing to submit to study.

Social This final category is the most nebulous and open to interpretation, though as with all such interactions it should be expected. By observing the behavior of bonded pairs, interviewing hypers via proxies, and careful exposure of anti-hypers to hypers in everyday settings, we have a preliminary analysis of how we fly under the radar.

All anti-hyper subjects had achieved Alterness. It is possible a Sleeping or even Lucid anti-hyper may react differently as they become Alert, but finding out was beyond the scope of our research at this time. While hypers are famously less averse to flirting openly or at least showing interest in any setting, their effort to do so towards our kind was unexpectedly lackluster under most conditions. \ **REDACTED* * There is a very pronounced difference between casual flirting and active searching reactions that the hypers likely do not even consciously recognize. This may be hormonal in nature, but we could not investigate while maintaining security measures. \ **REDACTED* *

Under circumstances that result in casual flirting, such as professional interactions or typical public encounters, their reaction to us was little more than that towards submissively inclined normals. Physical encounters were brief, a slap on the butt or a grope here or there, but never went further than that and only with the more aggressively sexual hypers. \ **REDACTED* * To all male endowed anti-hypers: DO NOT under any circumstances approach a submissive female endowed hyper alone. Our test was aborted after our anti-hyper subjects found themselves forced from Rested to Alert without warning and had to be rescued from their own urges by the normals we recruited as assistants. Discovering why this happened and what it means for us are considered high priority for our continued security. We did not want to risk anything further with male endowed submissive hypers effect on female endowed anti-hypers, but it is strongly recommended they be avoided as well. \ **REDACTED* *

The following is expunged from all non-hard copy versions, distributed only to very select anti-hypers.

The primary lesson from our research was that infiltration is possible, even when working with hypers in relatively close proximity. Our natural paranoia and ability to go unnoticed are not eliminated by our attractiveness to our 'prey' so long as care is taken to avoid certain situations. What positions are workable to infiltrate with relative safety are still being determined, but Busty Bunny, Co. and its affiliates are being evaluated as they appear to be the primary threats at this time. Any agents MUST have mastered maintaining faux Alertness outside of hyper influence, and must have demonstrated control enough to not act on their Alert instincts when within. Worst case scenario, they must be willing and able to be impregnated by interested hypers so as not to jeopardize their undercover status.

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