Becoming a prisoner.

Story by DeathAvenged on SoFurry

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#5 of Her Escape

Well like I have stated before most of this is off the top of my head. The Rp I based this off of didn't get that far due to real life shit happening so...yeah XD Anyway more will be coming. And again..Dale is an asshole.

The morning after Dale's attack on Crystal she was standing in Jason's shower, her head lowered and letting the hot water run over her fur. Jason stood at the bathroom door just watching her in silence, the steam from the water filling the water. He lowered his ears and got undressed before moving into the shower behind her. He reached around and turned the heat on the water down to warm. Crystal stood her ears up and lifted her head some, looking to his hands before turning her head and looking at him over her shoulder. Jason kept his ears down and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her back against his chest gently then simply holding her. Crystal looked a bit stunned but she relaxed and closed her eyes as she laid her head back against him. Jason gently kissed her neck a few times then pulled her out from under the water. He grabbed some body wash and began rubbing some through the fur along her back. Crystal blinked after opening her eyes and turned her head to glance at him again. " don-" Jason hushed her gently by nuzzling his nose to hers gently then continued, making it a point to massage his fingers into her back as he cleaned her fur.

Jason spent over an hour in the shower with Crystal just cleaning her fur and rubbing her back or along her shoulders and neck. When she was ready to get out he helped her after turning the water off. He grabbed a towel and began drying her fur off, being as gentle with her as he could. When he was done he wrapped a towel around his waist before leading her out to the bedroom, giving her a pair of his old shirts and a t-shirt. He got dressed and looked to her, watching her as she shifted her feet around some. Jason moved to her and gently lifted her head by her chin, kissing her lips softly before nuzzling his muzzle against her own and getting her to purr softly as she gently gripped his arm. "Jason...Thank you." Jason pulled his head back and looked at her with a small smile as he shook his head. He took her hands and kissed her fingers softly then walked with her downstairs to the gym. Crystal moved to a old leather couch against one of the walls and sat down, curling her tail around her legs as he went to unlocked the doors and turn the sign over to open. Jason moved and sat with her, gently pulling her legs into his lap and rubbing along them as they relaxed.

Crystal twitched her tail a bit and laid her head back a bit against the couch as Jason rubbed her legs for her, slowly moving up along her thigh then back down, making her give off little groans. After a few minutes a few of the gym members came in for their training. Jason kissed her forehead and gently moved her legs before standing up and heading over to them to do his job. Crystal shifted a bit as she watched him from the couch, smiling some as he took them to a wrestling mat. Crystal laid back on the couch and stretched out a bit with a soft yawn coming from her. One of the males was a coworker with Dale. Crystal hadn't met him and had no idea. This large tiger watched her from the corner of his eyes while he trained with Jason. Crystal had fallen asleep into a light nap by the time their session had ended. Jason watched them leave before looking to her and smiling some. He took a deep breathe and moved to join her, laying behind her on the couch and relaxing. As soon as the tiger was in his car he sent Dale a message, telling him where Crystal was and who she was with. Dale was in his home office when he got the message and folded his ears down, growling softly before standing up and heading out of the house.

By late afternoon Jason had gone out with the fox that was the bar tender for him to get some other supplies. He left Crystal a note on the fridge after taking her upstairs. Crystal had woken up soon after him and was walking around the apartment when she heard the gym doors open. She figured Jason had come back and decided to go downstairs to meet with him. She stopped right at the bottom of the stairs as her eyes widened to the sight of Dale standing there looking around. As soon as he spotted her he made his way towards her. Crystal hissed and turned to run up the stairs, hoping the lock the apartment door. She wasn't fast enough and soon felt Dale grab her tail and yank as hard as he could, pulling her down the stairs and against him. He slapped his hand over her mouth roughly as she kicked and gripped at him, one of her kicks knocking a magizine stand Jason had in the gym over and breaking part of it. She tried to bite at the inside of Dales hand as he drug her out of her the gym where his car was parked. He shoved ehr into the back seat and got into the drivers seat after closing the doors. Crystal moved to get out of the car but cursed when the child locks on the back door prevented her from escaping as he drove off from the gym.

Crystal growled as she kicked at the window of the door until he pulled into the garage attached to their house. He got out of the car and pulled the back door open. Dale rached in and grabbed Crystal by the hair, pulling her out of the car and dragging her into the house where he then took her upstairs to their room, shoving her to the floor once there and closing the door behind him. Crystal pulled herself back from him as he appraoched her. "Well now. My little slut of a wife decided to shack up with a half breed mutt? I don't so..." Crystal growled and kicked Dale in the left shin and moved to get up to try and escape. Dale hissed and grabbed her by the hair again as she went to go by him. He yanked hard and pulled her down to the floor, forcing her to her knees and keeping a firm grip on her hair as she hissed. "Let go of me! I have had enough of your shit Dale!" He folded his ears back and slapped her across the face, glaring down at her.

Crystal yelped out from the slap and dug her claws into his hand that had ahold of her hair. "Let go of me!" Dale slapped her again and hissed as he gripped her face tightly in his hand. "I don't think so...your still my wife and the only way your getting out of it is if one of us is dead." Crystal felt her heart drop as she looked up at him, tears beginning to fill her eyes as he pulled her up to her feet and pushed her to the bed. He grabbed a pair of hand cuffs from his bedside table and cuffed one of her hands to the head baord of the bed before taking a pair of scissors and cutting the clothing Jason had given her off of her body, leaving her naked. "Now...if you somehow get out of the cuffs and try to get away...your punishment will be worse then a slap...And if that mutt comes looking for you I will kill him and claim self defense..." Dale smacked her on the nose before leaving her there. Crystal lowered her ears and sobbed as she pulled on the cuff attached to her wrists before looking through the drawers of his bedside table knowing it was no real use. It wasn't like he was going to be stupid enough to actually leave the keys to the cuffs there.

Crystal tried for over an hour to get her hand free, the cuff ripping at her skin and leaving small scratches on her before she gave up and slumped against the head board with tears rolling down her cheeks. By then Jason had come back to the gym and was looking every where for her. He had seen the magazine rack she had kicked over when Dale grabbed her and was hoping she was hiding somewhere in his apartment or the gym. When he didn't see her he called Bonnie's cell telling her Crystal was gone. By evening time Bonnie was knocking on the front door of the house. Dale growled and moved to look in on Crystal. "Keep your mouth shut..." He closed the bedroom door and went downstairs. He opened the front door and looked at the mouse, blocking her way into the house. "Where is she Dale?! I swear to god if you have hurt her-" Dale hissed, making Bonnie jump back a bit before he growled with his words. "I don't know where my bitch wife is you little rat...but if you come back here you will regret leave." Dale slammed the door shut in Bonnie's face making her gasp in shock. Bonnie growled a bit and headed to the bar, meeting up with Jason to talk with him.

"He has her Jason...I just know he does. He wouldn't let me in. He told me he didn't know where she was, warned me not to come back then slammed the door in my face." Bonnie was ripping apart a paper towel in her hands as she spoke while sitting at the bar, tears rolling down her cheeks while Jason was on the other side of the bar, growling softly as he listened to her. He slammed his hands down on the bar and cursed. " Fucking hell! I should have taken her with me to get more supplies for this shit hole! She was asleep...I didn't want to wake her up...I didn't want her going out and him seeing her! How the fuck did he know she was there to begin with?!" Jason paced along the other side of the bar as he ran his fingers through his hair before looking to Bonnie. " Does he always work from home or just on certain days?" Bonnie looked at him and gave a bit of a shrug. "I don't know...I..I think he works from home sometimes but the only way to really know for sure if he is in his office is to call him during the day when he is supposed to be there." Jason leaned against the bar, rubbing his forehead a bit before snarling. " Then we will make sure he is at home and go in to get her back..." Bonnie stood her ears up again and looked at Jason before biting her bottom lip lightly. " Alright just...don't let him hurt her more Jason...he might kill her if it means he comes out on top." Jason looked at Bonnie before nodding a bit as he took a deep breathe knowing he was risking a lot for this feline.

Dales attack.

Crystal ended up falling asleep in Jasons bed after he laid back down with her, purring softly as he ran his hand along her side slowly with his fingers running through her fur, his finger tips feeling her scars from past fights with Dale. He didn't...

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Crystals risk.

Crystal folded her ears down as Jason rubbed more burn cream on her skin under her fur after she had taken a long shower and worked over board to get her fur clean from their fun in the bed. Crystal watched him in silence after he finished, pulling...

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The first time.

The next morning Crystal was indeed sore from Dale's forced sex on her. She laid in bed groaning faintly until her alarm on her phone began going off. She growled and quickly shut it off before it woke her husnband who was still sleeping beside her....

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