Her rescue.

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#6 of Her Escape

Not sure on how much sense the lock thing makes but eh it sounded good so went with it.

The next morning Dale walked into the bedroom where Crystal was still cuffed to the bed. He had been called into work that day to be in a meeting that couldn't be done through a video chat. He decided he would make Crystal suffer while he was gone. He had spent an hour changing the locks on a near by bedroom that stayed closed. He knew the reason and he knew it would cause Crystal a great deal of pain to spend the next few hours in there. Crystal looked tired and sore. She hadn't really slept much during the night so when he uncuffed her she gave him a angry but confused look. "What...are you doing?!" Dale smacked her in the back of the head to shut her up before grabbing her wrists, making her wince in pain from the scratches left by the cuff and her constant pulling on it from the night before. Dale forced her up and walked her out of the room. Crystal tried her best to get him to let go of her, wanting to run out of the house but his hold was firm. When she saw where he was taking her she began slapping his arm as hard as she could, even going so far as to claw his arm only for him to back hand her as hard as he could. "Your going to spend the day in this room Crystal...no amount of slapping I do will punish you as much as this will...The windows have been nailed shut and the door is rigged so only I can unlock it..." Crystal had tears rolling down her cheeks as she looked at him with her ears down against her head as she tried again to pull free, almost getting free untill he jerked her close to him. " Dale please don't! Please!" Dale ignored her as he turned the knob of the door and shoved her inside, not even looking at her as he closed the door and swiped a key card through the slot on the door that let out a loud beep to indicate it was locked. Crysatl slammed herself into the door as hard as she could a few times before sliding down to sit on the floor sobbing into her hands.

Dale went back to the bedroom and changed for his meeting before heading out without a single care towards his wife. At that moment the wolf that trained with Jason poked his head out of the bushes, watching as Dale drove off down the road. The wolf shook his head some and looked to the house before moving around to the side. At that moment Crystal was at the window of the room slamming her hands on it. She was pressing her head against the glass as she whined softly before spotting the wolf. "Kevin?" She stood her ears up, recognizing the boy instantly. She went wide eyed and banged her hands on the glass a bit more, getting Kevins attention and making him look up at her. Kevin folded his ears back when he saw the tear stains on her cheeks and the blood staining her wrist. Kevin bit his bottom lip lightly and took a deep breathe. He had to get in that house. He knew Jason would probably kick his ass but he couldn't just stand there and make a call. He moved off out of Crystals view. She whimpered and moved away from the window, going back to the door and pulling on the handle a few times. It was several minutes before she heard Kevin calling for her. Crystal banged on the door hard. " Kevin!" The wolf moved to the door when he heard her and tried to open it only to almost run face first into the door. He let out a soft grunt and growled some. "Crystal! What happened? Jason is about to lose his shit over you." Crystal took a deep breathe and growled softly. " Dale locked me in here...the window is nailed shut and he rigged the door with an electric lock so only he can open it. Please get out of here Kevin...if he remembered then the silent alarm on the house is going off right now and he will be getting a call....you need to get out of here before you get into major trouble! Just tell Jason I need his help." Kevin felt his heart drop to the mention of the alarm. "Fuck me...is there anything in that room you can use to break the window with?" Crystal stiffened her body up and sighed. Oh yeah there things that she could use but she didn't have the heart to. "Yes but...I can't Kevin...I just can't...please get out of here!" Kevin growled a bit and sighed. He pulled his phone from his pocket and with one split thought slid it under the door to the room. " Call Jason...tell him when Dale leaves again. Hide the phone when your done with it so your husband doesn't find it...Jason will come for you first chance he gets Crystal." Kevin turned and quickly left the house. Crystal picked up the phone and moved to the window, looking out to see Kevin hauling ass down the street as fast as he could. She looked down to his phone and quickly brought Jason's number up, calling him as she kept her eyes outside the window watching.

"Kevin? Where the fuck-"


"Crystal?! What the hell are you doing with Kevin's phone?!"

"He slid it under the door to the room Dale has me locked in! He got into my house after seeing me at the window...Jason please...I can't take this anymore..."

"Crystal...is Dale there now?"

"No but...chances are Kevin triggered the silent alarm...if he did then Dale will more then likely be on his way home now because of it."

"Fucking hell...look keep that phone Crystal. Hide it and the next time Dale leave the house call me first thing and I will come get you."

"Alright Jason...I..I will...just hurry when that call comes...Oh fuck here is a cop! And Dale pulling up behind him."

"Hang up and hide the phone Crystal!"

"I..alright Jason."

Crystal didn't give him a chance to answer as she ended the call and ran to the closet in the room before she could be seen at the window. She grabbed a small shoe box and stuffed the phone inside it, covering it with the little socks in the box before putting it back, marking the box with a small scratch before coming out of the closet and closing it. She heard Dale coming through the front door with the cop and moved to sit against one of the walls in the room, hiding beside a dresser as she listened, her body shaking hard as the cop went looking around the house until he came to that room, pulling on the lock a few times before he spoke to Dale. "I don't see anything and this room is locked Dale...probably a glitch in the alarm...call the company and have them check it over." Crystal could have easily yelled for help but she knew the voice and knew he wouldn't do anything. She slowly moved to the window after hearing the cop leave and looked outside before turning to the door when she heard the beep and the knob turning. Dale stepped in with his ears folded back against his head as he looked at her. "What the fuck is going on that the fucking cops call me about the alarm going off?"

Crystal lowered her ears and slowly backed into the same spot she had been in before as Dale came towards her. Crystal shook her head a bit and whimpered. " I don't know! I..I heard movement coming from the hall and then it ran out of the house...I saw the person running down the street! I moved out of the window when the cop and you pulled up! I swear!" Dale frowned as he glared at Crystal in silence, watching her shaking and cowering in the corner like that gave him some odd satisfaction that he couldn't explain. He was silent for a long time before leaving the room, locking the door behind him once more. Crystal took a deep breathe and slid down to the floor, laying her head back against the wall as she closed her eyes before looking around the room in silence now. Her ears flattened as she stood up and moved to a small bookshelf, pulling a book off that had 'Baby's first year' written across the bright yellow cover. Tears filled her eyes as she ran her fingers over the book before looking around the room. It was a nursery for a infant that she never had the chance to give birth to. She curled her tail around her legs and hugged the book to her chest as she whimpered softly. "You bastard..." She moved to a rocking chair by the crib and sat down, leaning back and rubbing her head with one of her hands, keeping her ears open for movements from Dale.

Crystal ended up falling asleep in that chair after a few minutes, her need for rest finally getting to her as she kept the book held against her. After an hour or so Dale came back to the room after it had fallen silent. He looked around the room for a moment, his tail twitching in an annoyed manner before he looked over to see her sleeping in the chair. He lowered his ears a bit and shook his head some before leaving a few bottles of water on the dresser then leaving again. Crystal jerked when the beep from the lock sounded. She groaned and rubbed her eyes some before looking around then getting up and putting the book down. She moved to the window and looked outside with her arms crossed lightly. She pressed her head against the glass and took a deep breathe while listening to the sounds coming from his office just down the hall. Crystal paced around the room for a while before Dale checked again, watching her from the door way before throwing a bag of chips at her. " I won't be back till later tonight...bachelor party down at a club tonight...enjoy your night Crystal...if things go smoothly with no calls from the cops I just MIGHT let you out when I come back." Dale pulled the door shut and Crystal snarled softly as she clenched her fists. Crystal quickly moved to the window and stared out, seeing Dale getting into his car and heading off down the street. She bit her bottom lip hard and waited almost half an hour before running to the closet and pulling the box down. She pulled Kevin's phone out and calling Jason again.


"He just left a half hour ago...a bachelor party at a club in town... I don't know if he set the alarm again or not but get your ass over here and get me out!"

"Alright I am on my way."

The call ended and Crystal moved back to the window, staring outside with her ears folded back against her head as she watched. She saw Bonnie's car pulling up and felt a wave of relief come over her. Bonnie knew the code for the alarm. Hell even Dale had no idea Crystal had given it to her friend when they had the alarm installed. She took a deep breathe when she saw Jason getting out of the car with her friend and moving to the house. She left the window and moved to the door before listening intently for their sounds. When she heard the front door close she slammed her hands on the bedroom door and yelled for them. Bonnie and Jason moved up the stairs and soon stood at the door. Bonnie bit her bottom lip and cursed softly. " Crystal...he...locked you in there?" Crystal took a deep breathe as she pressed her head against the door. " Yes...the door takes a key card to unlock...he has it with him." Bonnie cursed softly and looked at Jason who had his ears low. "Where are your tools Crystal?" The feline raised a brow and shifted some as she sighed. " Garage....Bonnie should know where they are." the mouse nodded and disappeared down the hall then downstairs. Jason shifted and pressed his head against the door. " I almost had a heart attack when you were gone Crystal...I would have thought you left willingly had you not knocked over the mag rack." Crystal laughed softly and closed her eyes before taking a deep breathe before shaking her head. " I have never been so happy to break something..." Jason laughed himself now and smiled some when Bonnie returned with a small bag of tools. Jason pulled out a hammer and a screwdriver. " If I had the know how I would over load the lock but that is Kevin's department and I kinda...kicked his ass for breaking in here earlier." Bonnie and Crystal both laughed before Jason proceeded to wedge the screwdriver into the edges of the lock and banging on it. He didn't stop until the door lock finally gave way. Crystal jerked the door open and jumped into Jason's arms, hugging him tightly and knocking him back into the other wall after he dropped the tools.

Jason didn't stop Crystal from hugging him. He held her tightly for a moment before kissing her lips deeply, hugging her a bit tighter then before. When they finally pulled apart he looked to the room and got a confused look on his face. He let go of her and poked his head into the room, seeing the baby items and the crib. He looked to Crystal who looked away with her arms crossed. Bonnie shook her head to him. "I'm going to get her dressed. She can take a few minutes to pack her bags. I suggest the two of you get out of town for a day or two." Crystal left with Bonnie to the bedroom while Jason stared in at the nursery with his ears going down. After a few minutes Bonnie and Jason were helping Crystal get a few bags into Bonnie's car before hauling ass away from the house. Bonnie dropped them off at the gym, Jason carrying all the bags but one into his apartment with Crystal following behind with the last one. Jason went back downstairs, putting a sign in the window that said he was going on vacation and the gym would be closed for a while before pulling some metal shutters down over the windows and the doors, locking them then heading back upstairs. Crystal was in the bed, sitting back against the head board with her eyes shut.

"Don't get comfortable Crystal...Bonnie is right. We need to get out of here before your husband gets home and find you have once more flown the coop." Crystal opened her eyes and looked to him with a small smile on her face then nodding a bit. " Waiting on you to pack your bags and we will go..." Jason looked to her and smiled, moving to her and kissing her deeply for a moment. " Give me a few minutes and we will leave." Crystal returned the kiss and nodded then watched him pulling out some old gym bags, beginning to stuff his clothing and other things into them with a small smile on her face wondering why he cared so much to risk his businesses and his freedom to help her. Jason glanced to her and looked a bit confused, looking around him for a moment before looking back to her. " What?" The feline shook her head with a small laugh to which Jason shrugged and finished packing before making a call. Soon they were packing their bags in a large jeep and leaving town for a while.

Becoming a prisoner.

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