Guilty Pleasure

Story by Lukas Kawika on SoFurry

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cheating is one of the taboos I haven't written about (unless you count the part in 'Clean Up On Aisle...' near the end), so hey! here you go.

I threw in some foreskin stuff too 'cause that's always fun. considered watersports, too, but naaah. that'd be too hard to clean up, unless Mark is just a good boy and swallows everything all the time.

"Yeah. Yeah, I know... yeah, I think I'm gonna stop off at the store on the way back, d'ya need anything?... You sure?... Alright. Yeah. Yeah, I'll see you then. Love you. Bye."

The mink slid his phone back into his pocket after tapping the 'end call' button with his thumb. That was his girlfriend, a lynx, with whom he currently lived and had been living for the past... oh, two or three years now. Theirs was a fairly balanced relationship, where both went to school - him for computer science and her for mathematics - and held a job as well in their free time. For the past two years, though, neither of their schedules had lined up with one another, so Mark - this mink - hardly ever got to see Janine outside of five guaranteed hours at night when they were both free. Those five hours were between twelve and five AM, though; Mark got off his job at seven PM every day but had school at six every morning, while Janine finished her classes at eleven PM and had her first shift usually at nine AM. It was tough but they made it work, usually making up their lost time with special outings on weekends or extravagant meals that it took the course of a week to eat.

Things weren't like this when they'd first started dating. Mark found himself thinking about that whenever he came this route from his classes, down through the iffy part of town with five gas stations and three dollar stores in view were one to stand on the corner and turn around in a full circle, towards a nice-ish apartment complex about half a mile away. When they'd started dating, they were in high school: she had just gotten out of a relationship with no real idea of what love really was, while he was at the end of one of his own relationships that often left him with a sore tailhole (he was experimenting back then; now he knew exactly what he wanted, which every now and then was similar to a sore tailhole but not quite; Janine had gotten a few various sizes of strap-ons to please that want of his - while the rest of the time, what he wanted was for her to be the one doing the riding)... well. They started dating because they both did something, with each other, together, in the same bed, that caused each of their original relationships to end.

They were each given the same reason, too: "I can't believe you fucked another guy, you whore!"

Remembering that always made Mark smile, though today he had to quickly smother that smile, because he'd looked over and saw a big angry wolf growling at him from the next car over because the mink hadn't noticed the light change. At the time he was all upset and insulted that his ex had called him a whore, and Janine probably felt the same way; Mark certainly poured that anger into sexual fervency the next time she came over to 'study', and it felt like she did, too, so maybe that was why he remembered their second time better than their first. Either way, their first time, he remembered flopping over off of her and having to wait a minute before he could speak coherently; the second time, she had ridden him, and by the end of it he had both his own load spattered over his belly, chest, neck, and face, with juices from the lynx herself soaking into his chestfur as well - and even after twenty minutes his legs were still wobbly on standing up...

He pulled up on the streetlight marking the intersection of 68th and Knotts, an intersection that made the preteen in him giggle. Straight to head to the apartments, turn left to go home. He and Janine now lived in a comfy one-story house that they rented from a little old tigress lady who was going through her late-life crisis and departed on a worldwide tourist spree, likely never to return. She'd left a year ago and used to update them monthly with a cheery message beginning "I'm still alive!" followed by her exploits of the previous month, but she'd since stopped doing that, but... well, the young couple had yet to hear anything from anyone else, so they still paid their rent and every now and then threw in what extra they could spare. Once this light turned green, Mark looked left, looked right, and pulled right through, counting the number of streets he passed on the right - one... two... he'd want to turn right on the fifth.

So, yeah. Four years total with the lynx: they'd first gotten together as juniors in high school, and now they were juniors in college. 'High school relationships never last' he'd heard from multiple sources, and at one point things did get pretty dicey with her, though they were both fair and intelligent people and had it worked out after one week, where each was allowed to fuck whoever they wanted for that period of one week. Janine said she'd only done two other guys, while Mark suspected she'd been railed by four; he told her he'd had three other partners, but really it was more like four or five. The two agreed that they just needed a little break from each other to cool off and get whatever sex from an outside source they wanted, and then would devote to each other again. Mark was all for it, especially afterwards because he'd never realized how good sex with her was in comparison to the others... three... four... the apartment complex came into view on the corner of the next street, so he slowed and turned right, then turned left almost instantly to get into the parking lot.

Janine had always been nice enough of a partner. Mark reflected on this as he pulled into a spot, turned his car off, and felt around in his pockets to be sure that he had everything. The two of them had their fights, and neither was exactly perfect for the other, but that was inevitable in a relationship. If he wanted a perfect one, well... he'd be better off not being in a relationship at all, because wanting one sort of thing while you have another isn't very healthy. Of course, neither was what he was about to do healthy, but... it had become a habit of sorts, coming here to this pleasant-enough apartment complex on this pleasant-enough side of town, at this pleasant-enough time of night following his classes.

He checked his phone again on the way up the exterior stairway: no voicemails, no missed calls, 7:48 PM, one unread text from... Alex. Are you here yet? Well, one more floor up and then after he got to the third door on the left, he'd be there. Might as well keep that a bit of a surprise. He slid his phone back into his pocket again.

So. It was Janine who provided everything anyone would need from a good relationship - a warm bed, comfort, someone to talk to, love, a helpful hand when he needed it, good sex if he felt to be in excess of either lust or love while around her, a hundred other things. This Alex, though... Mark rapped his knuckle three times against the door of room 413, as he always did whenever he visited. Alex gave him... oh, he gave him everything he could want outside of a good relationship -

  • everything he could want even after she'd gotten a few different sizes of strap-ons. After all, those just weren't the same to press his nose against, just weren't the same to go down on and bury his nose in her pubic fur - the scent was different, still pleasing, still arousing, but different. No living pulse when it pressed against the back of his throat or when he sank down onto it and stayed there with it under his tail, and... after that one week of theirs where they were allowed to fuck whoever they wanted, Mark realized just how much he missed having both the weight of an actual cock on his tongue as well the warmth of a load from that cock on his tongue as well. So, what could he do?

An idea came to him, though, when that door creaked open and a tall, broad-shouldered, graphite-furred, exceedingly male wolf smiled at him from within the apartment - and it was the same of usually two or three ideas that always came to him when he found himself in this position, and that idea was to get himself into a somewhat different position within the next ten minutes or so. He smiled. "Hi Alex."

"Hey, Mark..." The wolf stepped to the side and ushered him in; he gladly followed the direction, and felt a weight lift off his shoulders at hearing the door close and lock behind himself. "I was just wondering if there was a change of plans or something."

"Yeah - hit a bit of traffic leaving work. It's cool, though. I still got here, right?" He checked his phone. "And at... 7:50. The girlfriend doesn't expect me back until probably 8:30 - I told her I was going to the store."

"Isn't that the excuse you used last time?"

"Yesterday I told her I had to stay behind and help clean up the office."

"You're a programmer."

"So is everyone else there. We gotta get our hand-work in sometimes, you know." The mink, after kicking off his shoes and dropping his keys and phone on the counter, turned around: Alex knew what he was here for. He sat down on the edge of the couch unbuttoning his shirt already.

"Hah." The canid let his paws fall away when Mark stepped over and took over the unbuttoning, pressing the backs of his paws into the warm, firm chest beneath that shirt. "I'd say something about you work enough with your paws when you're with me or something, but... hell. I work in construction, and there's a reason for that. I don't have the kind of wit that's required of quick jokes."

"I like you no less for it." Some little part of Mark flared up in excitement as he descended along the wolf's chest, watching the grey fur he was revealing steadily turn from light stone-grey to a deeper stormcloud color, and becoming bushier and more unkempt as it approached his belly button, passed it, then descended beneath the waistband of his jeans... the mink let his paws rest there, idly tapping his claws on the metal belt buckle for a moment before straightening back up. Alex looked up at him with amused golden eyes. "I get enough wit from that cat back home. Wit and tongue as well, and not always the good kind. You, though... I like you 'cause you have something she doesn't."

"A stable, reliable income? What is she - a teacher's assistant?"

Mark tugged off his own shirt. "Okay, more than one thing she doesn't."

"My God. D'ya just want me to say it?"

"I'd like that."

"Fine." Alex straightened his back, spread his legs apart, pushed the table behind the standing Mark a short distance away. Then, he licked his lips, nodded towards the ground in front of him...

"Blow me."

Mark didn't have to be told twice. He never did. Hell, sometimes he didn't even have to be told once: last time - yesterday - he'd done exactly what he was doing now, lowering himself to his knees, bringing his paws back up to free the wolf's belt buckle and loosen the belt itself, and he'd done that without first being told. He'd simply walked in through the door, pulled Alex over to this same couch by his beltloops, and went down on him, quick and simple.

"Lookit you..." murred the wolf, dropping a paw to cup the mink's ear. He moved his hips to the side while Mark fiddled with the button and zipper of his pants. "Does that lynx of yours ever do this to you?"

"Sometimes..." Mark tugged those jeans down to reveal the blue-and-white striped boxers that Alex wore, the same pair that he'd had on yesterday... and the day before... and the day before. The thin fabric did little to hide both what Mark wanted beneath as well as the scent, the musk of a few days' hard work... he leaned in, nosed up into the warm, warm bulge, pulled in a slow breath. "Remember, though..." he purred, dragging his nose first down along the bulge and then back up, "...she wouldn't start blowing me until I began going down on her. Y'know she's... one of those... get-what-you-give sorts..."

"I can't remember the last time you let me suck you off... is it 'cause I'm bad at giving blowjobs?"

"No..." God, no. Mark could remember that last time: it ended with Alex leaning back on the bed with the mink up above him, paws against the wall, thrusting in and out of his muzzle until he burst out over his waiting tongue and muzzle, sharp wolfclaws on his rump holding him in as far as possible while he did so. That's something he'd like to do to Alex. "...I just like giving oral more than receiving it..."

And that was entirely true. Today Alex smelled richly of work, sweat, musk, wolf, male; a shiver ran down Mark's back, and then again when he managed to wiggle his nose into the hole in the front of the wolf's boxers, feeling a warm-furred sack press against that nose. He just had to tilt his muzzle up and press in a little deeper to find the just-as-warm flesh of a semi-soft shaft, waiting for the touch of his tongue and lips - there, the scent of arousal and desire was sharper, heavier, and that was what made him draw briefly back so he could tug the boxers down.

"Whoa, easy..." Alex lifted his hips up to let Mark pull both his underwear and pants down his legs and off one foot, so he could wiggle closer to the wolf. Sometimes he liked to have him move forward to the edge of the couch so that his heavy sack draped over the edge, and then Mark could nuzzle up beneath it and breathe nothing but his musk... "Little eager, huh? What're you gonna do when you get home and she wants to swallow your cum, but you only have a thimbleful to give her?"

"She never swallows anyway, she... ah..." Mark trailed off when he came back up from removing Alex's pants. There, lying half-awakened in his lap, waited his shaft - five and a half inches soft, thick as well, uncut just short of having overhang... it looked exactly like it did in maybe twenty or thirty of the two hundred-something pictures that the mink had saved to a secret folder on his phone. He wished he had more soft pics and often asked for them, but really, he could just come over here whenever he wanted to see it - though, with him it never stayed soft for long. Even now, even as he leaned in again so he could lift it up with his nose, it stirred and throbbed a little before he'd made any contact - and then did so again when he nuzzled against it, when he flicked his tongue out through parted lips to taste it.

"...I said 'blow me'," growled Alex, lifting his cock with a paw and pressing it down against the side of Mark's short muzzle. This gave him quite a bit of warmth and scent, and caused another sweet shiver to ripple through his body. "Not 'shovel your nose into my balls'. Get to work, mink."

"Yes, sir..." Mark brought his tongue up along the underside of the wolf's shaft, swirled it around the rim of his foreskin, gradually moved that swirling to the interior against his sensitive head. This of course resulted in a little exhalation of breath from Alex as well as a further hardening in the shaft that Mark held in his paw and under his tongue. He shifted down, closed his lips on that shaft as well while still keeping his tongue moving - gently; he knew that if he did so too energetically, Alex would say something or bop him lightly - and then moved his paw down along as well, feeling how the wolf's foreskin rolled back under his lips, giving him more room for his tongue... with his other paw, Mark reached down and unbuttoned his own pants, at the same time slowly bobbing up and down along the first inch and a half or so of this wolf.

Being a construction worker, a few days in the same underwear, a few days without a shower - oh, that only strengthened his scent and taste, the same aroma and flavor that Mark often pawed off remembering on the days where he found himself to be horny and unable to wait for Janine to get home, especially with the help of those pictures on his phone or a quick text 'conversation' with the wolf whom he now pleasure with his lips and tongue, slowly descending further, keeping his paw moving (because, God, did he love the feeling of a foreskin rolling back and forth between his tongue and the roof of his mouth) and eyes closed. Alex's five and a half inches soft lengthened into a good seven and a half inches hard, but... with practice, Mark had gotten to the point where, after a little bit of trying, he could fit all of those inches into his maw and throat and bury his nose in the wolf's thick pubic fur, where his scent lingered the sharpest and strongest. Hell - one time after having a few ropes of wolf cum shot down his throat, a paw on the back of his head held him there with his nose pressed into that fur until Alex got hard again and had the mink suck him off a second time.

It wasn't always oral, though; Mark enjoyed having seven inches of wolf under his tail about his much as he enjoyed having it in his muzzle - they just hardly had the time for that, since the mink still had to come up with a sensible excuse to feed his girlfriend and couldn't come over as often as he'd like to, to avoid suspicion. This whole thing with Alex had started during their one week of fuck-whoever-you-want, and Mark just... couldn't stop. He came over and got the wolf off with either his muzzle, tail, or paw four times on the last day, then told him he wouldn't be able to 'play' anymore... and then showed up and did the same thing the following Tuesday, after Janine said she had to stay late after class. From then, it just became a regular once- or twice-a-week thing, for Mark to show up here, sometimes unannounced, and leave with a hot load either under his tail or in his belly - usually the latter, since if Janine wanted to fuck him with one of her toys that night, too...

A heavy paw on the back of his head monitored his movements along the wolf's length, keeping him at the same rhythm, the same speed, but still at the same time urging him on to move a little faster, to bob a little harder. He hardly ever felt like Alex owed him: after all, usually Mark came over just because he wanted to suck a thick cock, and - that was something they both benefited from. Usually the big wolf offered a swift paw and a waiting tongue if Mark wanted to sit back on his length, though, so there was that; and they used to lie sideways on the bed and suck each other off, but their difference in height - with Alex at least six-three, while Mark stood at a good five-six - made that difficult. Both were content with the current situation: wolf sitting back on the couch, lower body angled forward and legs apart, while the mink moved his muzzle up and down along his length, lips tight, one paw following that same motion. Alex, too, loved the feeling of the movement of his foreskin when he was balls-deep in the mink's muzzle, and Mark knew that. That was part of why he enjoyed sucking him off - so rarely otherwise could he make such a big wolf wiggle, writhe, moan, pant, yip, as well as a whole array of other noises and movements.

He also loved the scent - all the scents: Alex's natural scent when he drew him in for a hug, different from the heavy, musky scent that Mark got when he drew his tongue down along the front of the wolf's body; his actual musk itself, rich in the fur of his sack; the slightly different smell of his shaft, and then, his favorite, the full, heady aroma of his head when he put his lips to the underside and rolled the foreskin back, slowly - and the taste of it, from when he cupped one of Alex's balls on his tongue to when he dragged that tongue up the side of his shaft, to when he swirled it around beneath his foreskin, or had that shaft halfway in his muzzle, and then the heat of everything, too. Nothing pleased him more than moving his paw from a lukewarm steering wheel, to the cold metal of a doorknob, to the sweet, rich heat that remained confined between Alex's pants (or underwear) and his body.

Mark was also fairly glad that his visits had gotten regular enough these past few weeks that the wolf held off on pawing for some days, especially if he knew or figured that Mark would be showing up that afternoon; that made both his orgasm during the mink's visit quite a bit stronger, and pleased Mark himself due to the considerably heavier load that he got as a reward. He was well on his way to that reward today, as Alex had started to lift up into his muzzle each time he descended on him, and Mark could also feel the slight tensing of the muscles in his leg and the throbbing of his shaft. Not only that, but he'd swallowed down a few thick drips of salty pre, as well, and - Mark usually never had any pre to give him unless he was either really turned on (which could be true) or starting to get close (which was likely true).

Mark, however... he pawed off slowly, wanting to save it until he had hot cum coating his tongue, though - God - how he wanted to stand up and then sit back down in this wolf's lap, to feel that cum shoot out under his tail for the first time in at least a month. Maybe they'd have to save that for next time, or whenever Janine said that she'd have to stay late after class again... for now, sucking Alex off would have to satisfy him just fine, and it really did.

Eventually the paw on the back of his head took over his movements for him, dictating when he was to come back up and how far - he could tell that Alex loved it when he rolled his foreskin back over his head only with his lips and tongue - as well as how deep he was to go down on the wolf. Mark adjusted his lips, moved his tongue a little, closed his eyes, lowered his other paw to his own leg for balance while he straightened up; Alex's breath picked up a little and then steadily more, changing from in and out through his nose to open panting from his parted lips, and he also lifted his hips up again and again so that his rough pubic fur grinded against the mink's nose each time he was pulled down onto him - meanwhile Mark also picked up his own pace, feeling the drip of pre from the end of his own cock, using that to slicken up his fingers as he pawed off.

Sometimes he wouldn't tell Janine when his first class was cancelled, just so he could come over here in the mornings, climb under the kitchen table, and suck Alex off while he ate his breakfast - or, sometimes the wolf wouldn't even be awake at such an early time in the morning. Mark had been given a spare key to the apartment a while back, so what he did on those occasions was quietly come in, nuzzle and lick at the sleeping wolf until he got hard, and then settled down onto him and rode him until he woke up...

...however, if were he to stop what he was doing now and then move to have Alex fuck him, though, he wouldn't get very far, as he just now felt the tightening of claws behind his ear that signalled the wolf's fast-approaching orgasm. In response to this, Mark moved forward a little further and tried to get as deep a breath as he could before the next (and probably) final time he'd be pulled down onto Alex's length, as he had a habit of holding him down there until well after he'd finished cumming... and then, he squeezed his eyes shut as he felt the first heavy throbs of Alex's shaft and then thick ropes of seed as they spurted out against the back of his tongue and throat, taking him almost by surprise.

As he had expected, Alex held him down with his nose in his pubes and chin on his sack until he had finished unloading into his throat - and only then did he let him up for a chance at air. Mark remained about halfway down on his length, keeping his seed on his tongue along with the head of his cock until the mink bucked into his own paw and shot his own cum out against the front of the couch. Then, panting as well but nowhere near as hard as the wolf, he moved back, swallowed the rest of the load on his tongue, licked his lips, smiled up at Alex.

"...Well?" breathed the wolf, with a limp wave of his paw. "You can go now..." He chuckled. "Thanks, Mark. I needed that."

"I did too." The mink wiped his mouth as he stood up and zipped his pants back up. "I might not be able to come over again this week. Will you hold off 'til I can?"

"Hell no." Alex lifted his slowly-softening cock with a paw, rolled the foreskin back, peered at the head, rolled it back forward. "...Eh. We'll see. I'll try, but... don't keep your hopes up, yeah?"

Mark swiped his keys off of the counter where he'd dropped them. "Yeah. Y'know, Alex, I'd love to stay and chat, but..."

"Gotta get home to the girlfriend, I know, I know. See ya later. Thanks again..."

...and then the door closed behind him again. Mark glanced down at his shirt on his way down the stairs, worried that some of the wolf's cum - since he usually had a heavy load in those balls of his - had dripped down onto his shirt, but he found nothing. Far more relaxed than when he had first arrived, he stepped into his car, turned it on, flicked the radio to the classical station, and headed home.

Janine's car was in the driveway when he arrived, which surprised him a little but wasn't necessarily upsetting; that just meant he might be able to get a second orgasm in today. She was in the kitchen washing dishes when he stepped through the front door, judging by the direction from which her voice came and the soft clinking of silverware and plates in the sink.

"You're home early," he said after kicking his shoes off; the lynx turned and grinned at him.

"Yeah." She waited for him to come over and then kissed his cheek. "My last class was cancelled. What'd you get at a store?"

Shit. "Oh - I couldn't find anything, actually. I made a list but left it here."

"Ah. Hey, your breath smells funny. Did you brush your teeth this morning?"

Shit... "I... found a piece of gum under the seat of my car after I left work. Um... you can probably tell how old it is by the way it smells, huh? I spat it out after, like, three seconds..."

"I tried calling you to let you know I was home early, but you didn't pick up."

"Oh, my phone..." Mark felt around in his pockets. I must have left it at Alex's... "...yeah, I think I saw that when I was at the store, but couldn't pick up in time. I figured if it was important you would've called again or something." Did she? "Sorry."

"Oh, yeah, don't worry about it, dear... I was thinking we could have beef for dinner tonight - what do you think?..."

Well. All that meant was that Mark would have to pay the wolf another visit soon.

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