Moonlight Waltz

Story by Kandrel on SoFurry

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Quick and dirty porn. Very dirty. The best kind of dirty. Enjoy! Or don't. Your choice.

Moonlight Waltz

By Kandrel

Lindsay had followed the directions to the letter. It was nine thirty. She was at eight-oh-eight High Pass Road--at least according to her phone's GPS. Of course, it could be a little off. She'd lost signal and data five minutes ago when she rode second gear down into the valley. As requested, she was dressed to dance. She'd picked out the red dress. It was a slim and silky number that gave her legs just enough room to walk. Little good that would do her, since the directions had led her to an undeveloped lot. No, this was right spot, alright. She knew it was the right place because of the developer's sign next to the little lay-by she'd stopped in. Eight-oh-eight High Pass Road: the future site of Valley Mills Estates, and currently a sparse, unblemished forest.

It'd been a cloudy day, and it was currently snowing. Shit. Her little Kawasaki was propped up at the road side as she stared off into the woods. No matter what she did, she was stuck out in this. The last town she'd passed that had a hotel was at least an hour away. Well, at least she was built to handle weather like this. A lynx like her just wasn't daunted by a cold night and a little snow. The problem was that she just wasn't dressed for the occasion. She stepped off the road and up onto the snow pack. Her heel dug into the snow, and her ankle and shin followed. Useless. After extricating her leg, she unlatched her fancy dancing shoes. With a rush of thick fur, her feet pulled free. There. If she was going to go wandering around in the snow, at least she'd use her natural gifts to her benefit.

This time, her foot spread out on top of the snow. It sank in only half an inch before she was sure it would support her weight. There. If Mike was expecting her to have trouble out here, then he was going to be sorely disappointed. She tossed her shoes next to her discarded helmet, and her leather riding jacket followed it. There was something rather pleasant about the evening. Sure, any other lady might be freezing her tail off out here, but it was actually a rather mild night if you had a dense fur coat like Lindsay's. The breeze felt nice across her fur, and her feline eyes had no trouble picking out the trees and branches in the dim, clouded night.

The snow trailed off, leaving the wooded lot stark. She felt crunching under her feet. The snow pack was dense, perfect for her. In fact, she thought, it would be Mike who was going to be at a disadvantage. Hah, the unlucky wolf. He wasn't made to trot across snow like this. His feet would sink straight into it. She'd be dancing on top of the crust, while he was busy trudging around in six inches of icy dreck. She laughed at the image in her head. Her feet performed a pirouette, and she lost herself into the woods.

The clouds started to clear. There was a certain way the starlight lit the snow that made the whole lot feel magical. She was going to have to thank Mike when he got here. This was a lot nicer than a stuffy club. Plus, out here she could dance. Most of what they did at the clubs Mike took her to was more just bouncing up and down, with a bit of side-to-side here and there just to 'spice it up'. That's not dancing. Dancing had steps. Dancing had a pattern. You should be able to tell one dance apart from another. She refused to have wasted all those years as a kitten learning to waltz and foxtrot from that old biddy Mrs. Vandertramp.

Step, step, turn, two, three, four. Step, step, side-step, avoid the tree, four. Oh, Mike, if only you were here. It's lovely out. The stars are shining, the moon is full, and you're missing the dance. It's so dark that colors are just a memory--no one will tease you about your gray fur. She smiled to herself. It's as if she could hear music. She spun and pranced, the snow snapping and crackling under her feet. This was the best of ballrooms. She hummed along with the tune. Dah dah dah dah da-ah. It was the Blue Danube. She loved dancing to this song that-

Hold on a second. She _could_hear music! She stopped. "Mike? Is that you?"

Dah dah, dah dah, the music went.

Slowly the clouds cleared from the sky. More stars streamed across the snow and glinted from the ice in the branches. It was magical. Lindsay laughed. Of course it was Mike. Who else would play music to an empty lot? She took a step and wrapped her hands around the trunk of a tree. "Come on, Mike. It's a gorgeous night. Come down and dance with me."

The last of the clouds fled the sky. A breeze blew through the magic snow-field. The glimmering beads of ice grew by a magnitude as the moon, bright and full, shed its light through the net of bare branches overhead. "Mike, this dance is meant for two. You going to-"

She stopped dead. She looked up. Dah dah, dah dah, the song carried on. It can't be tonight, can it? The moon was bright. Was it a perfect circle? Was it actually full? Oh, no no no.

Dah dah, dah dah. Then something howled. Mike, what were you thinking?

Something crunched through the thick snow pack. It was heavy--so heavy that nine inches of snow proved absolutely no impediment as it crashed through the forest towards her. Snaps of bending and shearing wood lit the air like fire crackers in counter-point to the song. She could see branches and twigs littering the air to the sides of the snow rush as Mike barreled towards her as she turned and ran.

Snow filled her vision. A breeze whipped up the surface of the pack and filled the air with specks that glimmered in the moon light. Her heart hammered in her chest. She could feel the crust of the snow break beneath her feet when she ran, blunting her speed and staggering her balance. An uprooted sapling pirouetted over her shoulder and shattered against a thick trunk as she ducked around it. Mike howled again behind her. For the first time that night, she felt the snowy chill as a shiver dripped down her spine.

She dodged and whirled. She climbed over a trunk, and swung from a low branch. Behind her, Mike crashed through the trunk. It only slowed him down. The tree she hung from shuddered as he collided bodily with it. Dah dah, dah dah, the music went. She lost her grip and crashed into the snow. Mike recovered faster than she did. Clawed hands gripped at her dress. Cloth ripped and shoulder straps snapped as she pulled away from him, leaving long claw-sized tears across her side.

Mike chased, and she ran. A fence appeared out of the snow, ten foot high woven steel. It shuddered and rang under the impact as she kick-boarded off of it to the side. Then it squealed in despair and individual strands snapped as Mike's bulk bowed it inward. She was already running the opposite direction. She had given up her demure sprint, and now her breath was coming ragged and her hands were wet as she propelled herself with all four limbs through the magical white drifts.

Dah dah, dah dah.

The howl sounded close this time. She could hear the thunder of Mike's footsteps, even muffled by the snow. Then as she jumped for another tree, his hand caught her. With a single span of fingers, he could wrap his hand completely around her. She squealed. He growled. The tree rocked as Mike slammed her up against it at his head height--with her feet still dangling over five feet of empty air.

"Mike, I know you're not yourself right now." She pleaded. He growled. His face leaned in closer, and she could see the red dots of his irises even with the feeble night lighting. "Please. Put me down. I don't want you to AUGH--"

She could feel his hot breath across her fur. His fingers squeezed around her midsection. His mouth was big enough to close over her whole head. His tongue traced her muzzle. Teeth dragged on her ears. Droplets of saliva dripped onto her whiskers. His breath smelled strongly of mint.

"No, please no." She whimpered. "Mike, please!"

The last came out in a rush as Mike's long snout leaned in. She felt teeth nip at her dress--her favorite red dress that now hung in clawed tatters--and pull. Across her back stitches popped. Fabric yanked at her arms and legs as the offending garment was pulled bodily off of her. Mike leaned in again, mouth open and teeth threatening at her face.

She could feel his hot breath across her fur. His fingers squeezed around her midsection. His mouth was big enough to close over her whole head. His tongue traced her muzzle. Teeth dragged on her ears. Droplets of saliva dripped onto her whiskers. His breath smelled strongly of mint.

Music crashed. Violins soared. The monstrous jaws closed around her neck, and claws dragged down her sides. Tree bark pushed painfully into the small of her back. Teeth teased at her throat. "Mike, you dumb brute. Put me down!" She balled her fists and brought it down on his nose. The teeth around her throat momentarily constricted. The claws on her side dug in. She felt blood sluggishly welling up through her pelt. Then he yelped, and the jaws holding her to the tree disappeared. She fell.

Her feet crashed through the crust. Mike sat back on his haunches in front of her, holding his nose. Oh, he was a beautiful dumb brute, she had to admit. She'd been lucky to snare him. Normally, she would have been excited for what he appeared to be for the rest of the month. Suave suits were his calling card. Fine wine whet his palate instead of water. He didn't drive a car--he piloted a luxury Mercedes land yacht. He was the wolf at the pinnacle of culture. She liked that about him. But recently, he'd revealed that he had another side entirely. He'd been so secretive about it. It was so adorable, watching him run out at that time of the month. It'd been a guess in her mind before he'd had the balls to come clean on his own.

Tonight instead of the beauty she'd got the beast. She'd never seen him like this, but what she saw she approved of. He was massive, twice as tall and, from the way the snow simply disappeared beneath his feet, probably four times as heavy. Instead of muscled, he looked lanky. Sitting back on his haunches with elbows at his knees, he resembled a disorganized jumble of gray-furred limbs rolled into a ball.

But while his arms were comically long and his knees shook, the position afforded her a particularly intimate view of the beast that, for the rest of the month, was her boyfriend. Oh hell, he was naked, and deliciously so. Normally his thick pelt would hide him even when he was naked. It's not that he was small, but... Well, okay, he was a bit small. He hadn't quite lived up to her expectations, but she made allowances. He was a nice guy. He treated her right. She could put up with being a little unfulfilled--or, more accurately, she could put up with pleasuring herself after she took care of him with her own collection of larger toys.

Now, though, his were-self was truly an impressive beast. His pelt was no longer than it had been when he was a half the size, so his sumptuous sheath dangled pleasantly from his belly. She swore it was no longer in proportion to the rest of his body. As small as he'd been as Mike, were-Mike was truly gifted. Even better, she could see some bit of his bestial excitement. It was poking a few inches out of the delightfully large sheath and dripping fitfully down into the snow. With her dress torn off, Lindsay was now as naked as he. The best she could hope to attempt was to squeeze her knees together and try to hide how damp the sight was making her.

Dress. Right. The bastard had torn it. "That was my favorite dress, you bastard!" She aimed another punch at his nose, and he jerked his head back. Then he sneezed like a gunshot. "Why did you have to rip it! If you'd told me, I would have-"

Have what? Not shown up? Not a chance. Hadn't she asked to see him at his 'best', as she called it? Acted differently? No. He was being the monster. He'd chased her, he'd caught her, and he'd done exactly as he promised, all those nights ago when she'd asked him to show his wild side. Some night when it might be a surprise. The first month, she'd watched that date come and go with anticipation, then disappointment. The second month she held a little vigil for the full moon that had passed uneventfully. The third she barely remembered to look at the calendar.

"I would have worn a different dress." She pouted.

The big beast rested on his haunches and whined at her. Aw, fuck. He was like a big puppy when he did that. His eyes opened wide. She could see the brilliant moonlight reflected in them. To be fair, the act would work better if her eyes didn't travel downwards every few seconds to those lewdly spread legs. It took an act of will to keep her gaze on his face, and a further demonstration of self control to stay angry with him.

"Oh, alright, you big lummox. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap at you." She reached out and cupped his snout. His muzzle was as long as her hand, and even sitting down his head was on level with hers. She leaned in for a kiss, and instead got a tongue to the face.

"Agh! Okay! Okay, I apologize!" She sputtered through the licks.

Apparently mollified, Mike lifted one paw. Her breath caught in her throat when it connected with her midsection and carried her down to the snow pack. A white flurry gusted out around her sides as the dusty layer of fresh powder evacuated the area beneath her. Mike's big face leaned down and gave her another lick. She fended that off with her hands.

Now that he wasn't rushing over the ground, Lindsay took a moment to admire the way his body worked. That hand holding her down to the snow--that was a genuine hand. It had long fingers and spindly knuckles, but the fingers had thick pads, just like a foot. Across the back, they were thickly pelted. She'd seen how he moved between he trees, on all fours rather than running on two. It was as if half of him was the wolf Mike, suave and cultured and ultimately bipedal, and half was just the Wolf, four legged and feral. Rather than awkward and ungainly, the fusion had left him sleek and deadly. He took her breath away--with the way that hand squeezed around her midsection, both literally and figuratively.

She reached up for him, but he ignored her hands. The Wolf stepped over her, and with the hand still pinning her to the snow pack, she watched the dangling sheath hover into view. She had no more than a moment of realization before a hot splash made her sputter. Liquid spilled over her face and upper body carelessly, then seeped into the snow beneath her. It steamed in the cold and painted both the snow and her snowy pelt yellow.

"You bastard!" She held her head up to avoid as much of the spray as she could, but with the hand holding her, there was no escape. Her nose filled with the smell of an excited canid. Her body responded and her thighs clenched, Even though the cold was a long ways from seeping through her fur, she still shivered. She reached up, and her hands and arms joined the rest of her front in getting soaked.

This was new. The civilized and cultured Mike had never done anything like this with her. They'd never even discussed it. Well, she'd asked for the wild half, and now she was getting it--every droplet of it. At some level, she wanted to be disgusted, but she wasn't. It was the smell of _Mike_surrounding her and drifting into her nose. It was aggressive Mike. Dominant Mike. She squirmed under the assault, then her whole body went rigid. It felt like every one of her muscles had locked up tight. It was an orgasm so thorough it was almost painful. She must have yelled, because the spray stopped, and Mike's big puppy face bent down towards her. His big squishy nose pulled in his own scent with a loud snuffle.

"Mmmm. That was unexpected." Lindsay reached up and pet his ears. His mouth opened and a whine that almost sounded like speech came out. The hand holding her down disappeared, and for the first time in minutes she was able to take a deep breath. The air was cold and thick with the scent of wolf. She looked down. Mike was a few paces away, hovering nearby on all fours as if he were nothing more than a dog. A massive dog as tall as she was, and with forelegs that bent slightly oddly and ended in fingers.

He was giving her a chance to recover. There was something touching there--even when he was the beast, he was still a considerate lover. Her heart melted. Of course this was all for her. She'd asked, and he'd delivered. But there was a hint of hesitation there. Of course! He'd tried something new, something wild and beastly, and he wasn't sure if he was about to get told off.

She laughed. Even though he'd just given her the most intense orgasm she'd had in years, he was afraid she'd be angry! "Oh, come here you big dumb puppy." She held her arms up from her impromptu bed of melting and stained snow. That was all the reassurance he needed. He trotted over, and wrapped her arms around his neck, hands barely meeting on the far side.

"Don't you dare look guilty. That was wonderful." She shivered a little--aftershocks of her intense high. "I didn't know you liked that kind of thing."

The saucer-plate eyes looked away. He was embarrassed now, too. She leaned in and kissed his nose. "Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

His eyes swung back and went wide. While he was still stuck gazing at her in stock, she swung her legs up and locked them over his neck. His fur was thick and wiry. When she ground her crotch against his adam's apple, she could feel the rough texture rubbing against her sensitive skin. This was familiar enough that the tender, loving Mike took over. It wasn't the first time she'd locked knees around his ears, even if this time she had a lot further for her legs to reach to meet. One of his hand-paws lifted to steady her as his snout snuffled between her thighs, and his rough tongue flipped out against her slit.

She'd never done this before. How should she do it? Should she warn him first? No. He hadn't warned her--turnabout was fair play. The rough tongue licked over her sensitive lips, dragging an involuntary snarl from her. God, that felt good. How was she supposed to relax like this? She tried to let her legs to slack, but then her hips slipped, and he had to hold on to her with his paw to keep her from thudding back down into the snow. She closed her eyes and tried to block it out--the crunchy snow beneath her, slowly steaming. The tongue repeatedly running up against her inner thighs and parting her lips and snagging against her clit. The omnipresent musk of _Wolf_that was so strong it was almost offensive. She blocked it all away, imagined a calm, smoothly running river (that danced a little jiggle every time that tongue caught her clit.) Then she relaxed and let go.

The first indication that it worked was a surprised bark from Mike. She opened her eyes and saw a yellow stain across his muzzle. With a laugh, she locked her knees to keep his head in place and relaxed again. This time, she watched as a hot spray coated his whiskers. Far from trying to pull away, Mike growled, and his tongue slicked up against her sex again. The sensation of rough texture against her smooth skin was punctuated by the lewd slurping of liquid as the wolf pulled it into his muzzle and swallowed. She could feel his throat bob against her tail. His expression clouded over. She could feel him shivering between her knees. In fact, his whole body was shaking. Holy shit--he was really into this stuff. The wolf took in a shaky breath, then inhaled.

Mike's hand caught her around the midsection again and his neck pulled away with a sudden jerk. She couldn't keep him trapped. His hand pinned her so tightly that she sank another six inches into the snow. He let out a growl that was all Wolf and stood up over her. This time, she could see the whole of that magnificent organ she'd been oogling the tip of earlier. It flopped down in between her legs and splatted against her wet and stained belly. The other hand--the one not holding her down--lifted one of her legs. He was lifting and moving her around as if she were no heavier than a doll. "Mike? Ow. Not so hard. That-"

She was interrupted as the wolf above her growled. She felt the floppy cock bounce off her thigh. Fuck, that thing was as thick around as her arm. Earlier, It'd looked appetizingly large, but now. Could she take that? Really?

"Hon? Go slow. I'm not-Ow! Mike!" She struggled, but the hand around her midsection squeezed. She felt her ribs complain. "Come on Mike. This isn't funny anymore. Just let me-"

The growl rose until she couldn't even hear herself talk. Then the massive mouth opened. Long, jagged teeth spread around her face. He leaned down until he could bite down around her neck--her entire neck. She gasped and stopped talking. The hand lifted her from the snow, and she felt that monster of a shaft slide against her sex. Mike's hips rocked, and it prodded around at her thigh, leaving cool wetness wherever it touched.

Shit. Has he lost control? For the first time since the first surprise, she was starting to feel genuine danger. Mike, oh please, Mike, still be you. Please. She begged and closed her eyes. The prodding hit her rump, then bounced off her stub of a tail. She could feel it pushing through her dense pelt, then the hand holding her leg pulled it further up. Her world shifted as she was twisted onto her side. The slick cocktip caught her sex, and without so much as a 'please', the thick wolf cock split her wide open.

She shouted. Did she scream? She thought she screamed. She didn't hear it over the ringing in her ears as the slick length pushed into her. The wolf wasn't gentle. He wasn't being kind. His hand pulled her back until she could feel the entire girth filling her more than any of her toys had ever been able to. She tried to push and kick, but the hand holding her was strong as a vice. It pulled, and she felt the cock slither out until just the tip kissed her sex, then slid back inside. Even though he was so thick--and she was so tight around him--his flesh was so slick that no amount of clenching would keep it from pushing back inside. She screamed again--this time she was sure she screamed--and hugged herself to the muscled arm holding her aloft.

The sensation of being filled was so intense that she must have blacked out for a moment. When she came to again, she was face-down in the snow. Her legs were bunched behind her, and the wolf was humping up into her raised ass. She felt a wet nose kiss her cheek. Mike's face leaned over her shoulder. She reached out and hugged his snout. "Not so hard, hon. Mmmm. That's almost too much for me."

It appeared he was himself again. She felt the gliding thrusts slow until she could feel every contour. Between her arms, a growl rumbled out of Mike's muzzle. She held tight as he fucked her deeper into the snow. He was throbbing wildly inside her. She was so caught up in the moment that she missed the cue. He whined against her cheek. Oh! Of course! She let herself flop down against the snow again and reached back with her hands. Wow, big boy. She couldn't even make her thumbs meet around the girth of his knot. She couldn't take that. It was just physically impossible. Still, for Mike... She let her fingers slide back further, and when they found the thin tube that connected his thick shaft to the rest of him, she wrapped her fingers around it and squeezed.

The response was immediate. Mike stopped moving entirely. She felt his pelt fluff out, and the growl hitched in his throat. His body shivered in a single whole-body shake that started at his nose and traveled down. Behind her hands, she could feel his balls jump. Then a hot rush filled her. She could feel it back-wash against her hands and dribble down her legs. Mike's growl descended into a whine as he throbbed and twitched in her grasp.

"Oh, honey, that was fantastic." She whispered to him, and one monstrous hand came down to caress her belly as he throbbed liquid into her, then out down her thighs.

Past the thumping of her heart in her ears, she could hear that the tune had changed. It was something electronic. She knew that song. He must have just played the song off of his phone's playlist, and it'd continued on to the next--or maybe it was random. The next one on the list, well, it was popular and a bit shit. "Katey Moseley, Mike? Really?" She laughed when he had the decency to look embarrassed. Lindsay squirmed and pulled herself off of his shaft. She could feel his juices dripping down her thigh. She stood and pushed against his side. Even though he was far too massive for her to shift, he got the idea and rolled for her. On his back, he held his hands in the air like a massive puppy begging for a petting.

"Look at you!" She crawled up onto his belly. "You're not a monster. You're just a puppy." She sat on her knees in the thick forest of his belly fur. Without any hint of shame, she lifted the thick cock that had been dribbling semen into his belly button. She aimed it up, squirmed her hips to match, and sat back until her rump met his knot. She felt him give a throb inside her. It was much more comfortable now that she was used to it--not to mention now that she was in control.

"Don't give me that look." She admonished him as he gave her a lewd grin, tongue hanging to one side. He rumbled as her hands scratched through his belly fur at the same time she rocked her hips on his dripping length. "So why didn't you tell me you liked that? You know I might have let you try it before tonight."

The broad lupine muzzle looked away again, but this time she reached out and pulled it back. She wanted him to watch. She sat back against his shaft and spread her legs. This part, this was a show. Just for his enjoyment. With the way she leaned back, she knew he could see every little feature of her anatomy as she rode his cock, then relaxed and painted his belly gold.

This time his reaction wasn't quite so feral. He was spent, so all she managed to get was a thick twitch and another hot spray of liquid that dribbled down from inside her. She smirked and used her hand to rub the liquid she was splashing him with into his thick fur. "And if you're a good puppy, I'll let you do it again."

Mike looked smitten. His eyes went wide, and the happy whine he gave her was so loud it almost drowned out the auto-tuned crooning. She lay herself forward across his belly and reached toward his head. He leaned forward to meet her, and she gave him a kiss on the nose. Then he yelped in pain as she grabbed his whiskers and looked into his eyes.

"But not until you buy me a new dress."

*** ---- ***

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