A Touch Of Heat

Story by AstroSecant on SoFurry

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I ended up making this a bit shorter than originally conceived, but I think it works better than way. Sometimes I have a bit too much impulse to try to put it more and more, when less will work fine. Learning to be able to do slightly simpler stories at the right time will definitely help me write more.

OBLIGATORY CONTENT WARNING: This story contains sexual acts between two males, non-consensual sex, heat, and improbable physical responses.

The setting sun cast a brilliant splash of color over the sky. Rick could see it shading the mountains, creating a masterpiece of visual beauty that few artists could ever hope to come close to replicating. It was one of the reasons he loved to be out on his own, observing the spectacular sights of nature. Few things kept him feeling so alive as the prospect of what other wonders he could see or hear.

Not that that was the only thing. He was a born wanderer, and had been on the move since he was a pre-teen trying to escape from abusive parents, taking refuge in the world of nature to avoid them. Now seventeen, he had learned from others and from his own experiences, and could avoid civilization for months on end if he so desired. And frequently he did desire; rarely were his needs such that he would have to venture into town, or heaven forbid a city. He'd never felt comfortable there.

He traveled light, only keeping enough on him to aid his survival. To him, things such as a tent were superfluous, something to waste time with and block out the things that made being outside worth it. Food, cleaning, shelter, it was all provided by nature, and he partook. His supplies mostly consisted of small things to aid his survival, for first aid or for making things for hunting or fishing. It wouldn't do for a wanderer to overload himself with that which was unnecessary.

He'd met people who thought he must be a master Pokémon trainer, to be able to survive without aid so well. In fact, he rejected the very idea - they were his fellows in natural freedom, keeping them caged up at his side was anathema to him. The wild ones didn't bother him - there was a understanding, a recognition to them that he wasn't that different from they were, and a bit of mutual respect kept him safe and them peaceful.

Today he found himself in very unfamiliar territory. Well, that wasn't that unusual, he liked to wander around and rarely revisited places. After all, the world was so big that there one couldn't possibly see it all even if they never revisited anything. But it was an area that clearly hadn't seen much human activity, far away from any sort of civilization, away even from any attempts to force civilization upon it. It was so natural and peaceful, almost like a paradise for him.

Although, one thing was unusual...he felt quite hot. It was strange, the weather didn't feel that warm, but he had a good sweat going, his head and body dripping for no clear reason. He felt a bit strange, not ill but definitely not normal. He wasn't that concerned, it was likely to pass and if it didn't he'd just rest and recover for a while. There would be plenty of food around, he wasn't that far from running water, he could handle a bit of a rest.

As the sun finally set and darkness set in, he built a fire and settled in. The fire didn't help his feeling of heat, leaving him sticky and uncomfortable as he finished eating and prepared to sleep. He didn't want to abandon his only source of light, but as he stripped down and laid and the ground, it was still almost too much for him, the temptation to get up and snuff it nearly overcoming him several times before he finally trailed off.

When Rick woke up, it was still dark. And something was over him.

At first he thought his eyes were playing a trick on him. The creature looked like a Pokémon, like a Charmeleon...but it looked almost like a Charmeleon stretched onto a human frame, a rather sizable one at that. His head was right above Rick's, glittering eyes staring down at him, almost as if he'd been waiting for him to awaken. That stare almost pierced into him, making his heart race...in fear, for sure, but that wasn't all that was there.

The Charmeleon morph's body was over him entirely, not holding him down but he could feel some contact from its skin. The hear radiating off of him was only compounding what Rick was already feeling, making him squirm a bit. In the haze of his sleepiness and the heat, it didn't occur to him what might be going on.

He didn't realize he had been spreading his legs unconsciously until he felt something hot poking at his hole. The was no chance for him to get away before he felt a hot hand grip his shoulder and then a burning in his ass as it was spread open hard by what felt like a giant of a cock. It was such a shock that he didn't even cry out, letting out nothing but a breathy moan as he was filled, a sensation he had never felt before. The heat he'd been feeling all day was radically strengthened as now it was fed to him from the inside as well as the outside, almost making him feel like him was burning up...yet, there was also a bizarre feeling of lust and need, one he'd felt before but never like this, almost freezing him in place to allow the Charmeleon morph to do as he wished.

Which he did, rather rapidly. When he sensed that his target wasn't fighting, the flaming creature quickly got to work, dragging himself out and then slamming in hard and quick, sending a jolt up Rick's spine and making his back arch, almost pushing himself into the thrust. From there it was a wild ride, a vicious, almost animal pace that failed to let up even briefly, showering him and driving into him heat, pleasure, need. His own dick was the hardest it had ever been, the most desperate for the bolts he was getting as that large beast opened him up, liquid drops of heat touching places inside him that he'd never known about before.

It felt like an instant and an eternity at the same time before his body went over the edge. Rick now let out a proper cry of pleasure as his seed fired out of him, hard enough to splatter and hiss against the Charmeleon's body at first. He was soon painting himself with the rest of it, stomach stained with white as he clamped down around the invader inside him...but this only made it feel hotter, more intense as that cock kept pounding into him, heedless of the peak of his pleasure.

It was a couple minutes more, a relentless assault of pleasure that got him back to full mast, writhing more actively under him, before the reptile blew, letting out a soft hiss as he buried himself in fully, shooting a large load of molten cum deep into Rick. The wanderer felt like he was going to boil from the inside, heat pulsing inside him as he felt the liquid flood deep, burying itself inside him. There was so much of it, he didn't know how he could hold it all, or at least it felt that way to his inexperienced body...yet it felt so good in another way, he could hardly imagine how he'd gone without it for so long.

And then he pulled out, and Rick suddenly felt an emptiness inside him, an almost longing as he felt the heat and pressure vacate, the warmth of his fluids mostly staying inside but a bit of hot trickle flowing through him. The Charmeleon stood up and stepped away, leaving Rick's sight from his prone position on the ground. Slowly he sat up, watching in awe as the creature stepped over to a tree, flaming tail swaying behind him almost hypnotically.

The Charmeleon morph sat back against the tree, his legs spread slightly, showing off his long, hot rod, looking directly at Rick with an odd, smug grin, almost as if taunting him. Rick couldn't believe that thing was still hard, or that it had gone inside him without giving him incredible pain, as big and hot as it was. Part of him wanted to yell at the morph, chew him out, make him pay for what had essentially been rape, strike him and make him feel pain and shame...


He wasn't able to work up any anger. Nor did he seem to be able to raise his voice, or say much at all. In fact, looking at the creature sitting in front of him, he was drawn to that red cock...that thing that had just ravaged him, opened him like some fuck toy...

He wanted it in his mouth.

The heat that was flooding him hadn't gone away, but now he felt it feeding into his groin, keeping him aching for release, for more contact...the ride that he'd been given had set something off inside him, a craving he couldn't ignore. He slowly crawled over to the Charmeleon; he grinned at Rick, not moving away, as if he expected Rick to be complacent. Soon he was right up next to him, his head right near the fiery organ...it was almost as if something else was moving him, as he leaned down, and licked at the tip of it, earning a contented purr from the lizard.

In a few seconds he was actively working that shaft, wrapping his mouth around the tip and running his tongue all along it. It was very hot, but not so much that he couldn't tolerate it; in fact, the heat was actually making him want it more, giving him more reason to lick and suck. He felt a bit weak in the knees as he went a little deeper, taking him down a couple of inches before he needed to pull off to regroup. Panting, he looked up at the Charmeleon, who looked rather pleased with him. Then, unexpectedly, he spoke.


It took a moment for Rick to pick up on it. "R...rick. H-how...?"

The Charmeleon's voice was a bit deeper than he expected, very smooth, quiet but in control. "Some humans...when exposed to us Pokémorphs for the first time, are overwhelmed by our scents...scents they can't detect, which trigger primal parts of their brains...you're one of them, I could tell by your response to me. And most of us quite enjoy giving these humans what they desire...if you can't fight it, you might as well enjoy it."

Part of Rick's brain was suspicious of this motto, but another part thought it was just right, and that one was in control at the moment. "And...how long..."

"Some adjust in hours. Others...it takes weeks." Cavis grinned and leaned his head down to hiss into Rick's ear. "Personally...I hope you're one that takes a long time...I plan to take you back to our village and share you, it'd be a shame to let you go to waste, such a hot young thing..."

It was hard for Rick to respond to that, but the buzz in his head was very much enjoying the idea.

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