Massage Therapy

Story by davsionnach on SoFurry

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"Dav, honey, do you mind if I leave you to clean up? It was a long day at work and I have this terrible kink in my neck and really just need to head up to bed." Dav pulled Inci towards him and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Oooo. That is really tight. You go ahead, love. I'll take care of this and be up in a few minutes." Inci gave him a kiss back as she left the kitchen. It only took him about ten minutes to get everything cleaned up. Dinner had been a quick shrimp risotto with a salad, so it was just a knife and a pan to wash and put away then loading the rest of the dishes in the dishwasher. Taking one last look around to make sure everything was dealt with, Dav turned out the light then padded upstairs to the bedroom. Inci was lying on the bed face down. He got undressed and climbed into bed next to her. Once he settled in he could hear her panting slightly. "Oh, sweetie, you must really be hurting. Would you like me to try massaging it out for you?" "Yes, please," came the whimpered reply. Dav edged over on the bed so he could reach her better. He put a paw on the back of her neck and started kneading the tightness. "You are so tense. I know you've got deadlines at work right now and need to work the long days. But you still need to get up and move around once in a while. Don't stay hunched over at your desk all day." "This from the fox that works in restaurant and forgets to eat all day so he eats everything in sight when he gets home?""Shhh. Just relax." Dav whispered in her ear as he massaged her neck. Inci gave a satisfied sigh as her muscles gave way to his paw. He kissed her on the shoulder then shifted and sat up so he could reach both of her shoulders and concentrated his attention on them. She wriggled a little bit as she settled deeper into her pillow. He bent down, kissed the back of her neck and nibbled on her ear. Moving his paws down Inci's back Dav nipped gently at her shoulder. He swung a leg over her, sitting lightly on her hips. He worked his paws up and down her back for several minutes until she gave a satisfied moan of pleasure. Once he had worked his back down near her tail he leaned down and kissed the nape of her neck again. As he worked his paws back up towards her shoulders, he kissed and nipped his way down her spine. Dav spent a minute massaging her shoulders while he nuzzled the small of her back. "Ohhhh..." Inci gave another satisfied moan.Dav kneaded his way down her back one more and when he reached her tail, he paused to turn around. Knees on either side of her waist, he placed his toes on her shoulder blades. He bent down and started nibbling the back of her right thigh while he worked is right paw down her left. Using his toes to knead the muscles in her upper back he continued to work his way down her calves until he reached her ankles. Then he

switched legs so he was kissing and nuzzling his way up her left leg while he left paw worked the muscles in her right. Dav continued for several minutes until Inci was giving an almost constant stream of contented moans and whines. He made one more trip down and up her legs with just a paw on each then turned around again. This time he kneeled between her legs and pulled her hips up. Dav took his stiff shaft and slid it into her hot, wet hole. He started thrusting slowly and gently as he went back to working his paws up and down her back. She started pushing back against him as her whines grew louder. Dav's knot started to swell as he began thrusting harder and faster. Finally he grabbed her shoulders and thrust hard and deep so his knot locked inside of her. He kept bucking his hips against her, and Inci kept pushing back against him until they both came to an intense climax together. Dav collapsed on top of her and they rolled onto their side with him still locked in place. After a minute, Dav nibbled at her ear then huskily whispered in it."So, anything else that needs massaging?"

Morning Run

The sun had technically been up for over an hour, but was still hidden behind a wall of clouds as Dav knocked on the door. After a few seconds it popped open to reveal a sandy colored dingo. "Hey, mate. Come on in. Got some coffee ready in the kitchen...

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New neighbors

"There's a moving truck down at the Jensen's old place." Inci was just coming in from work. "Huh? What was that?" Dav pulled a couple steaks out of the refrigerator and set them on the counter. "Someone is moving into the Jensen's old house."...

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Remember to Call

"You're telling me you didn't even have two minutes to call me to tell me you were going to be late? We had plans!"After having been married over twenty five years, this was close to the only subject Dav and Inci would ever argue over."I'm sorry. I...

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