Encounter in the Stacks

Story by Klauser_A_Bateson on SoFurry

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I started this story 2 or 3 years ago when I attended college. Another random encounter story, this time in the college library.

Gareth walked out of psychology class grumbling. He sat through a dreadfully boring lecture about nothing yet again. He regretted ever signing up for that class with that horrible old owl.

Old bastard needs to fuckin' retire, the rabbit thought to himself.

He thought about going home, but stopped himself as he headed for the garage. He remembered that he had a group project meeting for a communications class. The so-called "leader" decided that everybody should meet at 5 pm today, and whoever didn't show apparently didn't care about the project. He wished he could run that weasel (well, the guy was a fox, and he'd heard all the stereotypes about foxes, but Gareth believed he had weasel in his family, because this guy was worse than a regular fox) over with his car, then shook the thought out of his head. The rabbit headed to the library. Once there, he made his way to the fourth floor stacks.

Gareth loved the stacks. It was a great place to study when he wanted complete silence and not a bad place to take a nap when he had long gaps in between classes. Gareth had also heard from friends and other classmates that a few furs, male in particular, liked to get their rocks off in the stacks. The rabbit never believed any of it, but he had been taught to expect the unexpected...

Gareth got off the elevator and went through some doors to get to the stacks, where rows and rows of journals and periodicals, some dating back to before he was even born, stood before him. Except for the loud humming of their air conditioner, it was quiet. He headed to the back corner where a few desks were sitting in a line. The rabbit pulled out his iPad, plugged in some headphones and started watching movies on Netflix. He was surprised that he was still able to hear it despite the noisy air conditioner. Thank the gods for noise-cancelling headphones.

Around half an hour later, Gareth looked up and saw a coyote sitting at the desk at the end, typing on his laptop. He looks pretty cute, thought Gareth as he went back to his movie. The coyote looked over at Gareth, thinking the rabbit was cute as well. Gareth thought the movie he was watching was pretty dull, so he began sneaking peeks at the other fur sitting at the end desk while pretending to watch the movie. The coyote began doing the same. They kept sneaking peeks at each other while the other wasn't looking, though Gareth almost got caught when he started undressing the stranger with his eyes and his gaze lingered a little too long. He never noticed the canid yank his pants and underwear down to his knees and began playing with his dick.

After the movie was over, Gareth closed Netflix and closed the cover to his iPad. As he takes off his headphones, he sees the coyote playing with his cock and balls. Peeking his head over, he could see a wolf getting fucked by a dragon while sucking off another on the screen. Although it was the stacks, Gareth never imagined anyone being brave enough to watch porn in the library, but he found himself getting hard.

The canid looked at Gareth and saw his bulge. Smiling, he says, "Do you want to have some fun?"

Gareth looked around a bit. He knew he shouldn't take his offer for fear of being caught, but he found himself struggling to resist the temptation. Eventually the rabbit gave into his desire and went over to the coyote, looking down at him, the canid looking back up at him and grinning.

Gareth was a bit surprised when the coyote reached for his pants, undoing the button and zipper and pulling them down, the rabbit dick fully hard. The stranger licked up and down Gareth's shaft, the rabbit sucking in breaths whenever the coyote's tongue came in contact with his dick. The coyote did this for a bit, then takes the cock head into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it and catching any pre that leaked out before taking more inches into his warm orifice and begins sucking.

"Ah, fuck yeah, what a mouth, Gareth groaned.

The coyote spits out Gareth's dick to take a short break. "I take it you're enjoying yourself?" the canid asked, his paw jerking the rabbit penis.

"Hell yeah man," said Gareth as he took his shirt off. The coyote followed suit and removed his shirt as well. They both stood there admiring the other's body.

"Shit, you're fuckin' hot," the coyote said.

"Heh, same to you," Gareth replied. "You gonna suck my cock some more?"

Nodding, the coyote gets back on his knees and takes the rabbit cock in his mouth again, taking more of it this time. Gareth gasped, a bit too loudly then he wanted to. He was enjoying getting sucked off in a public place and didn't want the moment to be ruined by someone discovering them. The rabbit bit his lip and looked down at the coyote happily blowing him while jerking groping his own crotch. Gareth had to admit, this guy was fucking amazing.

The coyote went faster, taking all of Gareth. They both heard a door open, then close again. Gareth turned to the direction of the sound, then back to the coyote who gave him a "do you want to stop" kind of look. The rabbit shook his head and put a paw on the back of the canid's head and started thrusting in his mouth, his big balls hitting the coyote in the chin. Gareth was gritting his teeth, he could feel himself ready to blow his wad.

"Fuck man, I'm getting close," moaned the rabbit. That's when the coyote wrapped his paw around Gareth's cock and pulled away.

"Don't want you to cum yet," he said. "I want you to fuck me."

The rabbit blinked a couple times. He thought this was just going to be a blowjob and never expected the guy would ask for anal. He was about to say no until the coyote pulled his pants down, revealing a red and gray jockstrap. Gareth smirked, if it was one thing that turned the rabbit on the most, it was jockstraps. The coyote turned around and wiggled his butt around for Gareth.

"What do you say?"

"Nice ass," Gareth said, reaching to grope the coyote. "So you'll actually lift that tail for me if I say yes?"

"I'm a man of my word."

"Well then, lift that tail, and let me fuck your sexy ass."

The coyote does just that, allowing Gareth access to the tight hole. Gareth got behind the coyote, pushing his cock up and down between the furry mounds. Both of them groaned at the contact.

"You feel warm already, and I haven't even entered you yet," said Gareth. The coyote chuckled.

"Go on, put that dick in me," groaned the canid.

The rabbit pushed his spit-lubed dick up the coyote's hole, shivering when most of his length was inside. The coyote was so warm and tight, Gareth just wanted to press his chest against the canid's back and hold him tightly. But alas, there was that fear of being caught in the back of his mind, and he had a group meeting to get to.

The rabbit started thrusting in and out of the coyote's ass, while the canid holds onto the bookshelves.

"Oh-ho yeah...fuck," the coyote muttered.

"Shit, what a tight hole," Gareth moaned. He reached around and groped the coyote's bulge. The canid pulled his jock down a bit so Gareth can jerk him off. They heard the door open and close again. Gareth and the coyote peeked over a saw a male dog walking down the corridor to the other end of the stacks.

"Good thing he didn't walk this way, huh?" whispered the coyote. He let out a long, soft moan when the rabbit, but to fuck him harder, going deep as he possibly could.

"I dunno, I think I would've liked to see what would happen if we got caught," Gareth said between breaths. "Maybe he would've joined in. Maybe some other guys would come and we could have an orgy in the stacks." The two chuckle together. Gareth then groans again. "Shit, I'm getting close."

The rabbit pulled out of the canid and stands next to him and started jerking off. The coyote took hold of his dick and jerked off along with Gareth. Both furs let out short pants and gasps while their paws rapidly went up and down on their cocks. After a while, the coyote's body stiffened up and he leaned forward, holding on to the bookshelves again while semen erupts from his cock, splattering the floor and books on the lower shelves. It wasn't long until Gareth shot off a load of his own, his orgasm a bit more powerful.

"Wow dude, your load totally puts mine to shame," the coyote said, examining both loads. The rabbit cream definitely looked thicker than his. Gareth just blushed and rubbed the back of his head.

The two furs fix themselves and put everything inside their backpacks. The rabbit noticed the coyote writing on a sheet of paper. The canid then hands the paper to Gareth.

"My name's Jamieson. This was really fun. We should do it again sometime."

"I agree. By the way, my name's Gareth."

Gareth glances at the clock on the wall. It was 10 minutes past five."

"Shit, I'm late for a group meeting! It was nice meeting you, though!"

Gareth hurried out of the stacks, rushing over to the student center. Once there, he noticed one of his group members sitting at a sofa doing homework.

"Hey, where's everybody?" Gareth asked.

"Our 'leader' decided to cancel last minute, so no group meeting. He was just here a few minutes ago, and I'm just hanging around until my evening class. So I'm kinda like the messenger. Don't kill me please."

Gareth laughed. "I won't. See you in class."

Gareth and his classmate waved to each other as Gareth heads back into the direction of the garage. He started thinking about Jamieson. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to text him, test the number out, the rabbit thought.

Gareth took out his phone and the piece of paper and sent a text to the number.

"Jamieson, Gareth here"

He was at his car when his phone started buzzing. The coyote replied. So it wasn't a fake number. Gareth felt somewhat...ecstatic that the number was legit.

"Wow, you texted me faster than I thought"

"Meeting was canceled. I was thinking about you"

"You want another round?"

"That, or maybe I could just hang out with you"

"Sounds good. I am feeling a bit lonely"

"You live on campus?"

"No I live in an apartment. 237 Commonwealth Ave. If you come over, bring some pizza. I'm starving lol"

Gareth laughed as he started up his car and left the campus to find the nearest pizza place.

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